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It's a Date (Grayson Dolan)

warning: sad in the beginning :( also some hateful comments

“Grayson I love you!” “Grayson marry me.” “Grayson please notice me!” “Grayson over here!“  

The girls continued to scream things at my boyfriend and his twin brother Ethan. I guess I can expect that dating one half of the famous Dolan Twins. His fans weren’t exactly accepting either. I opened instagram and looked at the recent photo I posted a week ago.

I started to read all the comments underneath.

username: you’re so ugly

username 1: leave Grayson alone.

username 2: I love Grayson but why did he choose you?

username 3: I don’t ship this at all, sorry not sorry.

username 4: please go kys

username 5: you don’t deserve Grayson, you’re just using him for fame.

username 6: stop rubbing it in our faces bitch.

Not all the comments were horrible, but a majority of them were. They made me feel horrible about myself, telling me how much I didn’t deserve to be with Grayson. This was why I was currently at home watching the Teen Choice Awards instead of attending with him. All the hate was tearing us apart.

"perfect.” I said feeling a tear fall down my cheek.

Grayson and Ethan had just won choice male web star. I was happy for them, I really was but that meant they were about to get even more popular and with more popularity came more mean girls. I turned the tv off, curling up into a ball and letting out all the tears i’d been holding back. My phone started ringing, Grayson’s name appearing on the caller ID. I wiped the tears before answering.

“hey babe.” I said trying my best to sound happy.

Grayson knew me better than that though.

“were you crying?” He asked his voiced laced with concern.  

“just really happy for you guys.” I said covering my hurt voice.

“thanks babe.” Grayson said thankfully dropping it.

Whenever Grayson and I talked about all the hate we always ended up fighting with each other. 

“so after the show, how about I drop by and we can cuddle and watch a movie?” Grayson said.

I took a deep breath knowing very well I wasn’t prepared to see him tonight.

“Isn’t there some after party you famous people go to?” I said not meaning for it to sound as rude as it did.

“well yeah there are after parties but i’d rather spend time with my girlfriend, who doesn’t sound like she wants to spend time with me at all.” Grayson said his voice getting lower.

I could tell that he was mad, but so was I. I was mad that he knew about the hate and did nothing about it. What could he do though? These were his fans he worked hard to gain them and he didn’t want to lose them by telling them off.

“tonight isn’t a good night that’s all.” I said in between shaky breaths.

I could feel tears swirling in my eyes.

“you’re being ridiculous y/n.” Grayson huffed.

“I’m being ridiculous? Grayson I just don’t want to hang out tonight okay.” I said raising my voice a little bit now.

I feel like we aren’t even together anymore. We don’t hang out much anymore and when we do, all we do is fight. I’m tired of it.” Grayson says slowly like he was afraid too.

His words broke my heart but I knew he was right.

“then maybe we shouldn’t be together.” I said letting the tears fall.

don’t say that y/n.” Grayson said his voice cracking.

I knew that Grayson and I could not keep going on like this. I knew what I needed to do and it killed me. I loved Grayson. I loved him so much but I was hurting us both by staying with him.

“Grayson I love you so much, but we can’t keep going on like this. I need time, you need to focus on your videos it would be easier if I just stayed away. Goodbye Grayson.” I said hanging up before he could protest.

I knew this was the right thing to do. Or was it? I threw my phone across the room breaking down even more now. I got up and started trashing my room, letting out all the anger and frustration I’ve been holding back. My mom ran in taking me in her arms.

“it hurts so bad.” I told my mom crying in her arms.

“I know sweetheart I know.” My mom said stroking my hair.

I cried in her arms for about a good hour and a half. There was a knock on our door, breaking me from my crying. My mom ran downstairs and soon a somber looking Grayson was standing in my doorway.

“what are you doing here? Your supposed to be at the award show." I said standing up.

"I don’t care about some stupid award, I care about you.” Grayson said a tear falling down his cheek.

“Grayson.” I started but he quickly cut me off.

“no you’re going to let me talk now. You’re right it would be easier if you stayed away but I don’t want you too. I love you. Nothing you or anybody else says is going to change that. Tell me how to fix this.” Grayson said coming over.

He took my hands in his and made me look at him.

“I want to fix this.” Grayson begged.

I didn’t know if it could be fixed and that scared me more than anything.

“Grayson you can’t make your fans not hate me.” I said crying a little more.

Grayson took a deep breath and looked at me. Then he left. He just left me there. I sat back down on the floor continuing my cry. About two hours later my phone lit up telling me the Dolan Twins had posted a video. It was probably a thank you video but I couldn’t fight this urge to see him even if it was behind a computer screen. I clicked on the video it was simply titled "we need to talk”

“you should watch that.” A voice said from the doorway.

I looked up and Grayson was standing there with a tear stained face. I clicked play and the video started playing. It was Grayson and Ethan just sitting there. Grayson had a few tears rolling down his cheeks. Ethan starts talking.

“hey guys Grayson is a little upset right now and so am I. We love you guys more than anything and we will NEVER be able to thank you guys enough for all you have done for us but we need to talk.”

Grayson starts talking now.

we can’t stay single forever guys and I was really happy with my girlfriend but the hate that some of you were sending her way caused her to pull away from our relationship. It hurts alot that my fans can’t love someone that I love. I want you guys to understand that we are against bullying and it isn’t okay for our fans to go against something we believe so strongly in. I just needed you guys to hear me out. If you did hate on her and are feeling guilty I’m sure she’d accept an apology. No matter what we will always love you guys but right now I need you guys to love and support me.”

The video ended just like that and I had tears in my eyes. I looked up at Grayson who was just standing there biting his lip nervously. I went on instagram and pulled up a random selfie.

I started to read all the comments.

username: you are so beautiful!

username1: we had no right to hate you I’m so sorry!

username2: please get back with Grayson you deserve him!

username3: I should have never said hurtful things to you. I guess I can’t really call myself a Dolan Twin fan if I was bullying you.

username4: I’m so happy for you I love you so much!

username5: I hope you can forgive us and go back with Grayson, he looks so sad without you ):

username6: we don’t deserve you, you’re such a goddess!

I couldn’t help the smile that spread to my cheeks. Grayson took a couple steps forward taking my phone out of my hands. I don’t look at him right away. He cups my cheek with his hand making me look at him.

“did I fix it?” He asks biting his lip again.

I don’t know how I got so incredibly lucky to have the sweetest boy on earth.

“well you fixed that issue, but.” I started holding in a laugh.

“but what? I will do anything.” Grayson says panicking.

“but my lips kind of hurt alittle bit, do you think you can fix that too?” I asked smirking.

Grayson leans down and gives me a long kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer if that was even possible. He pulls away and I see his beautiful smile again. He pulls out his phone taking a picture of us.

“what are you doing?” I asked him laughing.

“well I have to tell my fans that there apologies worked.” Grayson says laughing.

I kissed his cheek looking in his eyes.

“I really do love you Grayson and I’m sorry I ruined the Teen Choice Awards for you. I’m so proud of you guys though you deserve it.” I said feeling ashamed of myself.

“you didn’t ruin anything, but next time I’d like you to be my date.” He smiles cheekily.

“it’s a date then.” I said smiling.

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I think it comes from how bad they are at dealing with criticism. Apparently everyone who doesn't like their ship is a homophobe, and bragging about writing it certainly doesn't look good. I want to have sympathy for them, and nobody deserves harassment, but it's hard when they're that assuming about a mostly lgbt fandom.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that Lauren’s way to deal with this has been the best.

The fact that I’m low-key on Lauren’s side is not because of the way they’re reacting about this, it’s because this whole mess was, literally, uncalled for.

Keep in mind that SU is not only big, IS HUGE in fandom right now, even the “cr/iti/cs” count as a part of the fandom, if I am not bad, this is Lauren’s first work as a boarder, and they used to writte comics. 

The thing is that… if my info is correct, Lauren is not Rebecca, or Ian, or Joseph D. Johnston, Lauren has no experience in this thing, and the bad time that they had was enough to make their first or one of their first experiences a really bad one.

How do you react to something that huge? how would WE react, its hard to tell because we haven’t been there. They got harassed to the point of closing twitter, HELL, i once got shouted out by a cringe channel tumblr blog and I got a p big amount of hate I didn’t knew how to react to, I freaking cried that day, I can’t imagine the stress that may happened to Lauren once this whole hell was at them.

And keep in mind ton of the time they are not hating Zuke’s work or way to write or react against the criticism, like ton of cartoon critics do, they are hating DIRECTLY at Zuke, for what? for screwing like… 3 maximum 4 episodes.

Imagine that you’re o the peek and people LOVE you but you fuck up an episode of your cartoon/the one you’re working in and people AFTER A YEAR are still after you, spreading lies and misinformation and trying to turn people against you.

Dude, I think is a simple act of empathy, don’t play it dumb, this was an issue before they even said their first post against criticism, sometimes people find mistakes to back up their bad actions. 

1.  When Benton Fraser wears his Stetson and his red serge uniform, he is basically Superman.  Or Captain Canada (since calling him Captain America would be something like blasphemy, either way you look at it).

2.  When Benton Fraser wears his Stetson and the RCMP brown uniform, he’s a Badass Cop.

3.  When Benton Fraser wears his Stetson and Civilian Clothes, he’s a BAMF who will still be unfailingly polite and thank you kindly.

4.  The Stetson effectively renders Fraser invulnerable.  Or it’s like a magical amulet that confers super powers. 

5.  It is totally okay to ship Fraser with Vecchio, ship Fraser with Kowalski or ship them as an OT3.   There are no Ray Wars allowed in the Blanket Fort.  (Personally, I designate Vecchio as Fraser’s Bro and Kowalski as the Boyfriend but that’s just me.) 

6.  Because Diefenbaker.  Also Dief is the Most Adorable Fluffy Puppy Ever and he is a Half Wolf Who Totally Deserves ALL THE TREATS.

7.  One has not lived until one has seen Benton Fraser on a horse, literally charging in to save the day with the legendary Buck Frobisher (who bears an Amazing Resemblance to Famous Canadian Actor Leslie Nielsen™ ** ahem ** ) and the rest of the RCMP backing him up.  “Here comes the cavalry” takes on a whole new meaning.

8.  The Dead Mountie Peanut Gallery is composed of only one member but is terribly entertaining nonetheless.

9.  It only takes a second to be courteous.

10.  When taking your boyfriend on your romantic Arctic getaway to find the Hand of Franklin, one must be prepared to find frozen American super soldiers instead.  Also, somebody should have warned Stanley Raymond Kowalski that Benton Fraser and Steve Rogers were never meant to meet. 

11.  ….. Evil beware, for Captain Canada and Captain America are on the trail.


The Things I Have Learned from Due South (so far) with Bonus Plot Bunny

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Warning! anti grUvia

rant time. If you’re a fan of Juvia and grUvia and dont want to read abt negative stuff abt her or this ship, then i advice you to stop reading this.

Okay, so:

I believe that grUvia is pro-juvia and anti-gray. Its focus is solely centered on Juvia and on what she wants and on what people think she deserves and apparently Gray has no say in this. (which is why im typing grUvia this way, bc Juvia is the sole focus of this ship, just juvia)

Which is why things like “She like him” “she loves him so much, why can’t he just lover her back” “he should just stop trying to turn her down and love her back” “she’s beautiful and badass, why shouldn’t Gray love her?” Is what i see and hear mostly about this ship and it further justifies my statement.

Juvia as an individual is both powerful and beautiful, but her obsession over Gray is what makes me dislike her. Her sole purpose is to devote herself only to Gray and make sure that she’s there wherever Gray is and that no other female character is able to get Gray’s attention than hers.

She’s blinded by her love for Gray and no matter how much bentos she makes for him, how many Gray plushies, and Gray-anything she has or makes, Gray still treats her like that of a comrade.

Why is that? Its because Juvia only focuses on her feelings towards Gray and not his. She wants to be with him, she shows up whenever Gray is and doesn’t think for a second if Gray is comfortable with it. She just doesn’t find it necessary to value Gray’s opinion over her own and that’s what i dont like about Juvia and grUvia for the matter.

Her love for Gray, for me, is too shallow and unhealthy. She stalks him but she knows so little about him. She solely focuses on what she wants to happen and fantasizes about Gray and her love for him, without trying to think about what Gray wants and needs.

I dont think ive seen her think about things like “this is what Gray-sama (seriously sama?) would want” but only “im doing this thing for Gray-sama, i hope he likes me now.”

And what sets me off here is the fact that people dont find this unhealthy or problematic. grUvia shippers (not all of them i hope) are totally A-ok with this and even find this beautiful and cute. How is stalking someone you claim to love and not valuing their opinion and not accepting the fact that they dont like you that way something worth admiring or calling cute? Its beyond me.

Gray is a wonderfully developed character and one of my favorites in this anime and it saddens me whenever i see him deduced to Juvia’s love interest and even her price.

Not once has Gray showed any interest for Juvia in a romantic way and i just don’t understand why others cant understand this. Gray doesn’t like Juvia that way and has shown annoyance, disinterest whenever Juvia clings onto him or does something for him she demands worthy of getting his attention.

“Juvia’s hot, Gray will love her eventually” “She loves him so much, Gray should love her back” “She deserves Gray”

Those reasons are what frustrates me about this ship. Gray is not shallow enough to fall in love with someone just because of their looks. Just because Juvia loves Gray doesn’t mean that Gray has to reciprocate her feelings. And the famous “Juvia DESERVES Gray” phrase is what annoys me the most. Love isnt about who deserves who, if you love someone, you prove it. Juvia has shown none of it, she cant even value Gray’s feelings, what makes you so sure that Juvia deserves Gray’s love?

Honestly, I’d rather Gray ended up (with Erza, okay i ship grayza, but that’s not the point here) alone in the end. Alone and peaceful with his nakamas there for him, having a never ending adventure and memories of happiness.

grUvia is one of the most popular ship in this fandom and while i can accept that fact, i just dont understand why. Sure, they’re ice and water, their powers have chemistry, but that’s about it. Their personalities clash, Gray’s laid back and independent with a very developed and emotionally stable character and personality while Juvia’s clingy, obsessive with unstable emotions.

Her love for Gray is, as ive said before, is shallow, selfish, and unhealthy and i just dont find it cute or wonderful no matter how many photos of her you have with her clinging onto a Gray plushie. Let’s look at this ship on a different perspective, let’s switch their genders or their personality: what if it was Gray who was being forceful and borderline stalkerish, what if Juvia was the one who’s constantly showing disinterest or annoyance towards Gray but Gray still kept clinging onto her, wouldn’t you feel bad and a bit afraid for Juvia and would want Gray to stop his actions of “self proclaimed love” for her? THE DOUBLE STANDARDS ISTG

You might ask me why im this mad or frustrated about a ship and a fictional character “its just a show”, and youre right. But this is a show and real people watch it. Real people find this ship and character acceptable and real people might start thinking “Oh, well if i love them them, doing what Juvia does should be okay.” “The person i like should love me back if i keep stalking them enough, right?” “being clingy and wanting to spend as much time with the person i love is okay even if they’re showing disinterest and annoyance.” Its a possibility and im here to tell you that this way of thinking and loving is DEFINITELY NOT OKAY OR RIGHT.

Look, Im not telling you to stop whatever youre shipping or to hate on juvia, she’s a strong and beautiful character who ive also come to respect at some degree. But what i am telling you here is that when it comes to love and shipping, i dont fancy her way of showing interest and love nor the idea of her and Gray becoming a romantic pair. For me, it just seems so forced and pro-Juvia and anti-Gray. It’s “value Juvia’s feeling and forget and ignore Gray’s opinion and emotions” for me. I just dont see the appeal of this ship.

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yayra do u think katadena are gonna be mkre famous than emison? (just when it comes to freeform's most known wlw ships)

i think so imo! i mean they’re already better written than emison and the fact they’re an interracial wlw couple with 0 whites? ITS ABOUT TO BE LEGENDARY WOOOO I LOVE THE QUEENS OF FREEFORM 😍😍😍

Approve [NCT U Taeyong Oneshot]

REQUESTED: Taeyong scenario where you think you don’t deserve his perfect self because you have a lot of flaws thank you so much!!!!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“This is very risky,” I said. “It might ruin your entire career. Imagine what your fans would say.”

“Yes, but I don’t want to keep it a secret anymore,” Taeyong said. “I’m already busy with the schedules and we have to go on dates in secret. I don’t want that. I rather have the whole world know that I love you than tire myself out and worry you.”

“If going on dates for you is too tiring, we can always just take a break until you’re really ready,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind waiting.”

“No, I don’t want that,” Taeyong said with a shook. “I want you, and only you.”

I sigh and looked out at the city. “Taeyong, I hope you know what you’re doing,” I said to him with an uneasy feeling in my heart.


After SM Entertainment confirmed Taeyong’s relationship with me, many NCT fans were talking about it - especially in social medias.

Most of the fans were supportive - of course:

Oh, my god, I’m so happy that they’re together. I ship them so much!

I’m a little upset, but as long as Taeyong is happy, then I’m happy.


I’m so happy that Taeyong found someone that loves him just as much as we do.

They both look so good together <3

Another SM idol in a relationship, this year is definitely the year of love.

I ship TAETEN, but it they both look so good too.

But, of course, there are always people that did not approve of us together:

NO! Taeyong is mine! Go away you b*tch.

NOOOOO! Why did Taeyong choose her? She’s so ugly.

She’s ugly, untalented and fat. She doesn’t deserve him.

I bet she only loves him because he’s famous.

I thought he would have at least choose someone prettier than her.  

Does he like naturally like girls that are ugly? Eww…

Taeyong has been telling me not to read any hate comments on my social media - or any comments, but it’s hard not too.

First, I can barely go out right now because the paparazzi are constantly trying to take photos of me and an angry mob of fans probably called some kind of ninja assassin to assassinate me in my sleep. Which means I’m stuck indoors with nothing to do. I can’t even go out at night!

I don’t blame Taeyong for this, but I wish he didn’t tell everyone yet. Luckily, his fans didn’t affect him much - just me…

I’ll be honest, the comments have been affecting me a lot but I don’t show it in front of Taeyong because I don’t want him to worry about me. I’m already a burden to him anyway.

“Y/N-ah,” Taeyong said as he got dressed. “Let’s go on a date tonight after my practice, okay?”

“But won’t you be tired?” I asked and helped him touch up his hair.

“When I’m with you - never,” Taeyong said and kissed my cheeks - making me blush. “Are you going to go anywhere later?”

“Umm, I don’t think so,” I replied. “I’m a little too tired to go anywhere.”

“Oh, then never mind. I was about to ask you to help me do the groceries because we’re running out of food at home,” Taeyong said. “But, never mind.”

“I’ll go then, don’t worry. I’ll only take a while,” I said with a gentle smile and gave him his bottle. “Do your best in your practice, okay?”

“Okay,” Taeyong replied and gave a quick kiss on my lips before leaving. “Take care.”

“You too,” I replied and looked out the window with a sigh.

“The supermarket is only a few blocks away, what’s the worst that can happen right?” I said to myself and went to change.


“Stay away from our Taeyong!”

“You don’t deserve him!”

“He’s too perfect for you!”

“You have too many flaws to be with our perfect Taeyong!”

“Go and get some plastic surgery! I don’t want Taeyong to kiss an ugly face like you!”

“Your so fat, go and lose some weight!”

“She’s a slut!”

“She’s probably cheating on him with another NCT member!”

“She’s so stupid!”

“Why is she even here!?”

“Fake! Fake! Fake!”

“I don’t usually hate people, but people like you are worth hating on!”

As I entered the apartment, I collapsed onto the floor with tears following in my eyes. I can’t believe that I thought that nothing will happen. How much more stupid can I be?

I didn’t even bother to keep to groceries that I managed to buy before the fans saw me. I just laid on the floor of my apartment thinking about my life choices and the fans comments. They all keep following on my mine and they’re right - except for the slut part, though. I’ve never slept with any NCT member, not even Taeyong.

Taeyong is so precious and his heart has gotten fragile. His heart has already been torn apart by the netizens who keep commenting on his past, and with this…I feel like a burden for him. I don’t deserve to be with someone like him. He needs to be with someone that’s beautiful, smart, funny…someone perfect.

I’m not any of that. I’m ugly, stupid, not funny and not perfect. Even if I try to be, I’ll be nowhere near him. Taeyong’s the closest thing to perfection and I’m the closest thing to trash.

Why did he choose me? Why am I even dating him? Why did he even love me? Does he even love me? Why do I love him? Why did he have to be an idol? Why did I have to be with someone like him? Why is my life like this? I’ve been a good person all my life…even if I did steal my mother’s cupcakes when I was younger - I was still young! You can’t blame me for wanting to eat my mother’s cupcakes…they’re good. Actually, I kind of wish I can have them right now…

What am I thinking? Urgh! I need to stop crying - if Taeyong sees me like this…

“Y/N-ah! I’m home!” Taeyong said happily as he entered.

I looked up and saw his expressions changed drastically.

“W-what happened?” Taeyong asked and ran to hug me on the floor. “Who made my Y/N cry?”

“N-n-no one,” I struggled to say but tried to smile. “I-it’s n-nothing. I-I just miss my parents.”

I sat up straight, wiped my tears away and looked at Taeyong - who didn’t seem convinced. He stood up and walked out the window to see some NCT fans outside the apartment block and immediately understood why I was like this.

He sighed heavily and cuddled me as if I was a teddy bear. “I’m so sorry,” Taeyong said softly. “If I wasn’t so selfish, this wouldn’t happen. I’m sorry.”

“No, no, it’s not my fault,” I said immediately.

“It is, if I didn’t tell SM to confirm our relationship, this would have never happened,” Taeyong said.

“Maybe if I was prettier then maybe the fans would approve of me. Or maybe if I was smarter, or maybe if I was skinner, or maybe if I had no flaws - they would approve of me,” I said.

“No,” Taeyong said immediately.

“Yes, that’s what they all say,” I said. “They said that I’m not perfect enough for you.”

“Y/N, my dear, you’re not pretty, smart and definitely not skinny,” Taeyong said.

“What!?” I exclaimed in shock.

“Wait, wait, here me out first,” Taeyong said and I let him continue.

“You’re not pretty because you’re beautiful. You’re not smart because you’re a freaking genius. You’re not skinny because you’re just the right size for me to cuddle,” Taeyong said. “You’re the most perfect thing I have ever had in my entire life.”

I became speechless after hearing him say those words. Sure, Taeyong says that at some point, but this one feels a little bit more special.

“I made her speechless,” Taeyong said and blushed a little.

“Yah!” I said and hit him lightly - making him laugh.

“So, don’t ever think for a second that you’re not perfect for me, okay?” Taeyong said and I nod.

“But, the fans. Some of them won’t approve of me,” I said. “When you’re an idol, your fans’ opinions do matter too.”

“Yes, but it’s not all of them,” Taeyong said. “Besides, my members all approve of you and I definitely approve of you.”


Thank you for requesting a Taeyong scenario! <3 Finally, not a Jaehyun scenario xD But I do love writing about Jaehyun.  I hope you love reading this and don’t ever feel insecure about yourself or anything. <3 I decided to post two because I didn’t post anything yesterday and I feel so bad T-T Mianhae~

Jeremy Jordan made a joke about two characters being just friends (which as of now is canon, and may forever be canon) and people are actually sending him hate because of it and treating him as homophobic for not agreeing that they should be together. Not everything is about your ship, not everyone in every type of media is gay just because you want them to be, and a human being doesn’t deserve hateful messages because he inadvertently hurt your feelings. Being upset is one thing, letting someone know they upset you is one thing, but being hateful and cruel with your words and intentionally trying to ruin someone is completely unacceptable behavior. Jeremy Jordan will move on from this. He is famous and successful and seems for the most part to be a good guy, but the people sending him hate will never be happy with anything in their lives because they look for reasons to be angry.

Let's talk about some stuff.

Nate (in regards to his snapchat with Ana):
•If they are sleeping together or dating oh well. I don’t really care as long as they’re both happy.
•No I don’t know anything about Ana so if she was apart of a prostitution ring or not, I don’t know and frankly don’t care. Who am I to judge her? If y'all wanna talk shit please block me.
•Even if she was, you have no place to talk shit about that.

Sam & Stassie:
•I don’t ‘ship’ them but if they are happy so be it.
•I feel bad for Stassie because I don’t think Sammy is with her because he cares about her. She’s famous he’s gained fame from being friends with her. Stassie deserves someone who’s as into her as she is to them.
•I’m not really a big fan of Sammy anymore cause I’ve seen how much he’s changed.
•Sammy isn’t as genuinely passionate to the music as like Skate and Derek are.
•He seems like he’s only in it for the fame.

G and Madison:
•If they are still together that’s more than great.
•If they aren’t that’s sad but i want them to be happy.
•I’m waiting for one of them to publicly acknowledge it and keep up that statement.
•If G is really gay I support him.
• If G is straight I support him.
•As for the ‘pictures’ they are very photoshopped and you can figure that out for yourself.
•Madison smoking doesn’t bother me. Yes smoking isn’t good for you but she could be doing worse. Many people smoke. As for the whole 'she’s underage’ those same people arguing that are the same teenagers drinking hard liquor every other night until they are passed out.
•You’re not Madison’s parents so keep your comments about her health to yourself.
•As for the ig page people are using as a reference, stop being dumb that’s run by a 13 year old who shames anyone they can.

I’m sick of people slamming Ana and Madison. I’m sick of people supporting others who are totally okay with slut shaming Ana and Mad but post about how wrong it is to slut shame other girls. Ana and Madison are other girls. Just cause they’re in the spotlight doesn’t make them any different.


So who remembers their first anime obsession? Like that one show that you read fics for and shipped characters and like cried over and bought merch for and oh god

it’s all coming back to me. 

Anyway. That was Fullmetal Alchemist for me. Not like, Brotherhood, but the original Bones animation one. 

I blame this anime for my hellish decent into Weebdom. And so, in honor of this bullshit anime ruining my life, I am going to make Gracia’s (and Winry’s i guess) famous Apple Pie (with a little twist). 


Apple Surprise Pie
(serves: just eat the entire 9 inch pie you piece of trash you deserve it)


Ingredients for Crust-

  • 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 2 sticks cold, unsalted butter, sliced into chunks and chilled
  • ¼ cup milk
  • ¼ cup (2 ounces) ice water, more as needed


Ingredients for Fillings-

  • 2 Japanese Yams
  • 2 cups Tart Apples (approx 3)*
  • 2 Tbsp Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Light Brown Sugar
  • ¼ tsp ground cardammom
  • ¼ tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 5 Tbsp Butter
  • ¼ cup Heavy cream
  • ½ tsp Vanilla Extract


Procedure for Crust-

  • Sacrifice your siblings body and some of your limbs to ensure a perfectly flaky crust. 
  • In a large bowl stir together the flours, sugar and salt to combine. Scatter the butter slices over the flour, and mix it in with your fingertips until the mixture looks hella crumbly and it looks more like dirt than flour in consistency.
  • Stir together the milk and ice water. Drizzle this mixture over the flour mixture gradually until the dough will hold together when you give it a squeeze, adding more ice water by the teaspoon directly to the dry bits as needed.
  • Wrap the dough in some saran wrap and chill until all the filling are ready.


Procedure for Bottom Potato filling-

  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Peel and cut the sweet potato into thin slices and layer them onto a grease baking sheet. Bake until soft, so like 10 minutes. 
  • Using a blender or a food processor, puree the soft potatoes, and then place the puree into a medium sized bowl. Mix in the egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, the regular sugar, the vanilla extract, 3 Tbsp butter, and the heavy cream. The batter should be thick. 
  • For the apples, core, peel and thinly slice the apples. Place them onto a pan and add the remaining butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and cardamom. Mix it for a minute or two, and then cover and let it sweat over a low heat for approximately 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, these lil nerds should be done.



  • Preheat the oven to 375 F.
  • Roll out the dough and fold it into itself before rolling it out again. You don’t want the dough to look crumbly and flaky, it should look like legit dough. 
  • Separate the dough into two portions, flatten one out and place it into your greased pie pan. Cut out any flapping out edge thingies and press down onto the crust so that it’s not loose.
  • Add a layer of the potato puree, enough so that it fills up like half the pie. Add the apples as a final filling layer, cover the potatoes entirely. 
  • With the second portion of dough, roll it out hella flat and give your pie an adorable lil weave thing. It’s pretty hard to do but if you suck at it, that’s totally a-ok, because I probably suck at it more lmao.
  • pinch on the edges so that none of the edges are loose, then, use another egg yolk and a splash of heavy cream and use a pastry brush to brush a coating of that over the pie.
  • Throw that nonsense into the oven for approximately 30 minutes, or until it’s hella browned and pretty. Take it out of the oven and let it cool for like an hour, then serve it with some ice cream and some  nostalgic weeb memories (aka all the fanfiction you wrote in middle school.)


Damn. You just made some real special lookin apple pie friend. I hope you’re proud of yourself, because you just accomplished some really magical things today.

Enjoy your pie, try and block out the gross weeb memories from back in the day, and appreciate the perfection that is FMA and FMA:B. 


also sign up for this contest ahh

All The Right Reasons | A Scenechart Mix [listen]

1. Fixer Upper - Disney’s Frozen | 2. Good Morning Sunshine - Alex Day | 3. Counting Stars - One Republic | 4. I Am Not Alone - Steam Powered Giraffe | 5. Girls Like You - The Naked And Famous | 6. Alone Together - Fall Out Boy | 7. Flaws - Bastille | 8. All Those Friendly People - Funeral Suits | 9. Young Blood - The Naked And Famous | 10. Heartlines - Florence and The Machine

Look, I think people need to be careful with what they’re saying on social media.
Lexa was going to die because of Alycia’s role on Fear The Walking Dead. I agree 100% that her death was completely out of character, as Heda she deserved a great, heroic death, which she didn’t get. But DO NOT SEND DEATH THREATS to anyone, no one! DO NOT BELITTLE ANYONE! you can express your upset and disappointment in the death of such a great character, because it was god damn disappointing and I whole heartedly agree it was done terribly. But all I’m saying is even if these people are famous or well known, they’re still people and being told to die, or they don’t deserve their job is pretty heart breaking.

And boycotting the show is also petty, we’re all here for the show, more than one character. I know I’m a bellarke shipper and my ship wasn’t ripped apart, but if it was Bellamy, I would still want to see what happened with the show and I would still want more seasons because I am here for more than just the ships. I am here for the story of The 100, the characters, actors, I am here for the show.

anonymous asked:

You said lots of Sam/Steve and Sam/Bucky fics are anti-Sam, I was wondering if you could elaborate? I hope that doesn't sound confrontational, I haven't read enough to argue either way but it seems counterintuitive to me.

You are 10000000000% correct Anon. It IS counterintuitive. 

{If you don’t want to drag through the long version, just read the bold} 

That’s because the frame of mind is that a Person1/Person2 fic will be about a relationship between Person1 and Person2, hence why it’s tagged by that ship.

Unfortunately that’s not true in the case of rarepairs, such as nearly any POC ship or female/het ship. Many fics on AO3 aren’t tagged with one single ship, especially not in the MCU. I can usually trust a fic when it’s only tagged as ‘Sam/Steve’ or ‘Sam/Bucky’ but if it has Sam/Steve AND Steve/Bucky in the tag, I don’t know if I’m going to actually get my SamSteve fix. 

More often than not it’s just SteveBucky. This wouldn’t bother me except the SamSteve tag only has 1060 fics. The SteveBucky tag has 15518 fics. If you only read the SamSteve fics that are all about Sam and Steve, you probably end up with around 650. Considering the average length of about 1-4000 words, you can easily read each and every one, write a few of your own, and run out in a couple of months. I know this because I’ve done it. Then, when the rare update happens, you have to hope that it’s actually a fic about your OTP. 

To be fair, this isn’t the harmful part of the whole situation. The harmful part comes in the multi-tagged fics where Sam/Steve is not endgame, but is mentioned as a plot point.

In order to get to the endgame ship, Sam and Steve or Bucky’s established relationship gets conveniently explained away with no real care for Sam as a character, just an angst puppet to enhance the feelings of the endgame ship. 

Often it manifests in a variety of tropes:

  • 5 MINUTE HOT THREESOME ™ who then leaves the relationship so the popular ship can have an ETERNAL HOT TWOSOME ™
  • the Dating Matchmaker (I know we’re dating but isn’t that dude exactly your type)
  • the Sudden Unexplained and Unexplored Asexual/Aromantic
  • the “You deserve him more than me”
  • the Where did Sam Even Go?
  • the Secretly A Bad Guy
  • the not even secretly Bad Guy

When I and fellow Sam stans click into a ship tag, we just want to see our ship sail, not being torn down and used to beef up an already big, popular, and famous ship. 

This is why I’ve started using this blog to recommend fics that I personally have read, because there’s nothing worse than getting really invested in a fic because it seems to be about your OTP but when you read it it’s about your OTP breaking up so your NOTP can happen. In the popular ships you can count on finding something else that tickles your fancy in a short amount of time. In tiny rarepair ships like Sam/Anyone, it’s really disheartening. 

I hope you understand Nonny. We’re just trying to protect our ship. I do actually like the idea of SteveBucky, I just don’t want to read fic about it when I’d rather read about Sam. 

~mod cr0w

Let’s be real for a sec.

It really doesn’t matter who the boys date, there will always be someone who sends them hate. There will always be someone who doesn’t ship, whoever is with the boys.

Everyone wants the boys to date someone curvy, or a ordinary girl. That girl would get hate, she would be called fat, chubby. Etc. she’d be told she wasn’t good enough, she didn’t deserve him, etc.

Look at Eleanor for example. She’s a girl who goes to uni, she’s not famous, she’s not a model, she’s just a girl dating Louis, but she’s called a beard, a whore, she’s told she isn’t good enough, she gets hate on a daily basis. She hasn’t done anything to us to make us dislike her.

A lot of us don’t like Sophia, because her social network profiles are private, she has a right to have them private, why would she want people who she didn’t know, or people who don’t know her, commenting on her pictures, telling her how ugly she is, or how fat she is, or even telling her she isn’t good enough for Liam. You can’t compare Sophia, and Danielle. They are two different people. Danielle and Liam were in the past, Liam and Sophia are the present. Why can’t we respect that?

There will always be someone who believes the boys are dating another boy in the band, etc. it’s pretty sad. What if it was you, dating one of the boys, and there were cameras in your face, and fans screaming at you, being disrespectful, would you like it? No you wouldn’t.

It’s ok not to ship Liam and Sophia.
It’s ok not to ship zayn and Perrie.
It’s ok not to ship Louis and Eleanor.
It’s ok if you don’t ship Larry, or any of the bromances.

It’s ok if you do ship Liam and Sophia.
It’s ok if you do ship zayn and Perrie.
It’s ok if you do ship Louis and Eleanor.
It’s ok if you do ship Larry or any of the bromances.

It’s NOT ok to send the girls, the boys, the families, or each other hate.

We all have opinions, we all have people we ship, but sending others hate is in NO way, shape or form ok. This hate, shit needs to stop.

anonymous asked:

I absolutely hate this drama between people on Twitter and troye today. What that girl (Teresa?) said was so incredibly unfair; implying that he only got popular because of tyler is cruel and degrading. He had every right to stand up to her and defend himself but now everyone's saying he doesn't care about his fans despite apologising to her so nicely on DMs. Of course he's going to find shipping awkward especially after what happened with troylr. Now everyone's hating on him & I can't stand it

i know im late on this but i need to get my opinion out. this whole thing is ridiculous. i can’t believe people are actually mad at troye for sticking up for himself. he has every right to be pissed of at what she said, he has an opinion on shipping and now realizes how detrimental it is to the people involved and he has every right to speak his mind about it. and how dare people bash troye for his opinion and say ‘he would be nowhere without shipping’. im disgusted. why are they belittling all of troye’s talents and accomplishments into something where he should just be known for becoming famous for being shipped (with tyler)? he deserves to be recognized for being a creator, having amazing music ability and singing talent, and being an amazing actor, etc. etc. as fans we’re always talking about “is there anything troye can’t do?” yet suddenly now it’s all about his ship? (mind you im going off what ive seen on twitter). it’s disheartening and im very dissapointed in the people saying these things. 

 the thought that people think it’s okay to suddenly ‘unstan’ troye for replying to this girl on twitter and defending himself makes me sick. no one can judge troye for his opinion on shipping, we have no right to criticize or say he’s being hypocritical because we do not understand how insane being in a famous ship actually is, you don’t understand the constant monitoring and pestering of a huge shipping fanbase, and we never will. you can’t blame him for having the feelings he does, he is 19 years old and is a real boy with real emotions and real life relationships, yet he has to deal with this kind of shit and opinions from others who don’t know him or his life. it annoys me that people are quick to hate on him for having an opinion and for wanting to be recognized for his individual talents and accomplishments. 

he literally explained and apologized to the girl on twitter because he was at his moment of weakness (rightfully so with all the drama that happens on twitter) yet for some reason no one seemed to accept that apology and they’re still upset about it? i honestly don’t understand how they can’t picture themselves in troye’s shoes. imagine what he has gone through being as young as he is. yes he did ‘sign up for it’ with the whole troylr thing, but he explained how he went along with it at first and then it got too much for him once it actually started affecting his normal life- which is really sad it turned into that and totally justifies him to have this switch of opinions bc it’s not okay once it gets taken too far like that. opinions and thoughts on things can change, and troye definitely has a right to have a change on opinion for shipping, he has lived it first hand and no one can judge him for his strong feelings against it now bc you don’t know how hard it is. 

now im sure people will be like “wait, you’re a shipping blog who are you to talk” etc. etc. but just because we ship troye (in my case with connor) it doesn’t mean that troye hates me, or us, at all. troye loves all of us, trust me, he loves everyone who respects him and he loves all of his fans regardless tbh, he may just not like what we do sometimes but we’re a family with him and you may get mad at each other sometimes but you always love them. troye has so much admiration for us and how we support him, and that will not change, how can people say he doesn’t care about us anymore? as long as the people who are still going to ship troye in the future do it respectfully, which is what we have been doing/trying to do (here on tumblr at least) then we are fine. although troye doesn’t understand why we ship him it doesn’t mean he will hate us for shipping if we do it respectfully and dont put it in their faces, keep it to ourselves and we’re good. 

now this was a fucking essay but im just so pissed at the drama that is so unnecessary bc troye is allowed to have an opinion how fucking dare you respect him as human being with real opinions and emotions. i don’t know if anyone agrees with this but honestly im so done with the drama and i hope this showed how troye is done with it all too and snaps people into being more respectful and back off in the future. 

(shit this was literally a 5 paragraph essay no one will read this oh well my way of venting i love troye a lot bye <333333)

Intentional SQ: 12. Designated Love interest

Boyfriends Edition: Hood

“A character in a story who, despite being presented as the One True Love of a central character, doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with said character at all. The catalyst for the relationship appeared off-screen before the series began, and save for maybe an occasional over-the-top gesture, never really appears to manifest. This isn’t a matter of their love being subtle — it’s more like they just kind of know each other but since he’s a dude and she’s a chick, they must have some sort of romantic attachment to each other because it’s a law of the universe that opposite-sex-characters are always involved in romantic entanglements. Ultimately, this is a romance of necessity, not in the literal sense, but because of the assumption that the story needs a romantic plot or sub-plot to move forward.”

(#ship and let ship   #my take on Hood+Reg)

That paragraph sums it up. I believe OQ to be a “romance of necessity”  which side-effects include having it come off as  Shallow   to the viewers. They “needed” Regina to grasp once again her “happy ending” only to take it from her. (that’s what inspired this show: the long-life struggle/idea/conflict that:  No matter what an evil queen does, she can’t obtain happiness.)
That’s Robin’s only function in the Grand Scheme of the show! To sort of dangle this embodied idea of happiness in front of her, in a physical form; An obtainable form, and see her squirm.  Sadly, that doesn’t make this relationship any more real or palpable to the audience. It doesn’t have dimensions. They just met.  I can only see the relationship through the eyes of Regina, since she’s the character I know.

While i do want her to be happy and any scene of Regina kissing AnyThing is “A-okay-fine-by-me-keep-it-coming-two-thumbs-up” a “Good”scene! 
As a swen i have a better contender for Regina’s heart in mind. 
I have a better relationship in mind, one with: ups and downs and breath taking moments: 
with triumphs.  And battles.  
With a devotion, i’ve personally experienced, watching them
a teamwork they’ve struggled with
with sacrifices
A “contender” who Validated regina, when they weren’t even in friendly terms
Who both have been selfless
who have formed a familiar bond
and have developed a support system, within each other.
Who Found in each other something they both thought they’d never have:  A companion.
In a person they initially despised, they found someone to trust.  
(Im so gay!!!! i feel so many butterflies writing fluff)
While I Was THERE, right along with them, sheering them on.
And all because, a little boy, brought them together, and so both their journeys began….
And the list goes on and on and on and on
(It’s hard to compete with that. No matter how many penises you have)

The most “famous/engaging/developed” story in Ouat is Regina’s happiness/redemption arc. People are meticulously looking out the outcome of this 4-season-long story. (Some Reg fans ship OQ cuz a happy reg = content fans)  (Others actually like robin.) (Others opposed robin cuz he’s not good enough. “Regina deserves better”)

A Shallow Designated Love Interest for regina presents a problem, to the show as a whole. Since it might not satisfy the audiences long stretched anticipation of reg’s resolution. 

(Now, that i think about it I’d hate for them to dangle emma back and forth as reg’s idea of happiness, as they have with robin. I’m really exited to have lived their journey. And savour every moment and subtle changes/stepping stones in their relationship. i admit i enjoy the slow burn, i’d prefer a canon slow burn but thats off topic.)

To see her lay all her hopes of happiness in the “oh, so happy life” she is to live with a Stranger, it’s kind of insulting. Tho, i understand her desperation; I’d much rather see her discover that the happiness she strives for, she already has, as she continues to forge her love with emma and have the consequential familial unison/bliss their love will extend to with their son. Im smiling like a fool

Ouat, have Reg be happy off the fruit of her labors, off something she actively worked for, not pixie dust.

Hook and Hood (or as i like to call them “the penis” and “the other penis”) make it very easy for SQ to find reasons against them, cuz they are minor characters. While their window-display version of “love” comes off as flat and sterile. Swen, as an audience, sees a bigger picture within the story, one without the limitations of heteronormativity. One where this “i have a penis, please love me” justification for true love, just doesn’t cut it anymore…

Not after “You’ve worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed” is what emma gives her life for.

anonymous asked:

After seeing how rude you are to some pretty innocent asks, I'm gonna have to unfollow. You're not 'famous' enough to think you're so much better than everyone and that they don't deserve your time or a kind answer. There is a polite way to not give an answer, rather than "you are fucking creepy" or some list of why someone making a joke shouldn't. You're young but not too young to know how to be kind. That could really hurt someone.

no man here’s the thing tho like I’m not famous at all, I don’t think I’m better than anyone, but there’s a difference between being nice and being honest. you can’t go into peoples asks and be like “OMFG ARE YOU BOYFRIEND CAN WE SHIP YOU” like nah man that’s actually super duper not okay and it makes me feel really uncomfortable like sometimes I’ll open up to you guys and tell you something about my life but if shit like that happens, it’s not okay. unfollow me all you want, but at least take my feelings into perspective too dawg.

I swear if there is a gigantic break in time in which we don’t see Touka again in :re, like there was in tg, I am going to lose my fuckin mind. I mean for one thing, it’s very obvious how important Touka is as a person in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. But at the same time, she has almost no physical bearing or presence in the series itself. That’s where all the Touka-haters get their ammunition, from her absence, particularly in the original TG manga. 

Like that giant chunk of time we just never saw her or heard from her. Ishida still made it clear, based off of Kaneki thinking of her from time to time or random splices of Touka thinking about him, that she was a deeply important character. Not to mention the entire manga actually ended with a giant color of her face, and her own famous words.

But I don’t just want Touka in the series because of how important she is to Kaneki. I mean fuck me sideways, lord knows I ship the two of them to the moon and back but Touka is such a wonderful character who deserves time and presence in the series based on her own merit. I want to know more about her past. I want to know what it was that really drove her family apart, I want to know why she is only one-winged (which I’m sure would destroy me), I want to know the extent of her power. I want the Touka back we were introduced to in th beginning, the Touka who we saw as a total badass, but since then we haven’t seen fight a single time after Aogiri. 

I have faith in Ishida that he will bring her back in huge and important ways in :re. But I just really need that. She deserves that. I don’t want to go another 50 chapters before seeing her again, just to build up suspense. ANyways, here’s to hoping I guess.