they deserve more than a personal post

do people honestly not remember Wells? seriously though because I keep seeing all these post about how Clarke will be forever changed and she’ll never love again and this death will effect her more than the others and I’m like: ????
bc honestly I think I would be a lot more effected by the death of my best friend (since they were children mind you) than a person who I’ve known for 2 weeks regardless of whether or not I was interested in them…but maybe that’s just me
so seriously does no one remember Wells?

ive never seen a positivity post for tourettes kids on here with more than 100 notes so..

shout out to tourettes kids who have violent tics. who have painful, unpleasant and awkward tics. who feel ashamed of their tics. who love their tics. shout out to tourettes kids who are looked down on for doing and saying things that they cant control. no matter what people say about you, you are not a bad person or something to be hidden and kept away. you are wonderful, beautiful, and strong people who deserve everything good in the world and im on your side.

every single time I see posts saying straight boys are ugly or terrible or stupid I die a little more inside like why would you say stuff like that. why hate on straight boys. straight boys are wonderful just like boys who are not straight. boys are wonderful no matter what sexual orientation and they deserve love and respect and recognition. So to all the straight boys: keep doing you and be that wonderful person you are and don’t believe all that shit Tumblr preaches about you

The amount of photos being posted of fans being WAY TOO CLOSE and crowding iKON really makes me sad. Imagine being exhausted and just wanting to get to your hotel room but people are shoving phones in your face the whole time. Like you have more of a right to their personal space than they do themselves.

They are idols not property.
The are humans that deserve safe space to walk.
Give idols space.

Hamilton Characters on Social Media
  • Hamilton: Replies to every single hate comment with a full on essay.
  • Burr: Doesn't post much b/c he's super scared of offending people.
  • Laurens: Famous for being REALLY cute. Tons of fangirls.
  • Laffyete: Does every single challenge because someone said he couldn't.
  • Mullagan: Shirtless selfies galore. No one's complaining though.
  • Angelica: Social justice x1000000.
  • Eliza: Aesthetics. Pretty things. Inspirational quotes.
  • Peggy: 2 accounts: One is personal (2 followers), the other is and anonymous fangirl account (300 followers).
  • Washington: Gives really good advice. Not frequently active.
  • King George: Subtweets 24/7.
  • Jefferson: Has more followers than he deserves. Thinks people care a lot more than they really do. Lots of Selfies.
  • Madison: Quit because he couldn't figure out how to use Tumblr.

If you have twitter, I am definitely more vocal and reachable there! I’m @ kohichapps  

But I’m going to give posting on both platforms a shot! Wish me luck! For those who have stuck around for my art, you have no idea how much it means to me so many of you haven’t given up! I love you guys and you all deserve so much more than life can offer but hey you know what– even if that’s the case, have fun! Do what makes you happy, do what fulfills you and I’m there in spirit to support as you have supported me! Be Positive & Productive!

In other news, I’m back!!!

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Just read the post about the person who didn't trust you because you're a Gemini. Completely unprofessional and it puts a bad name to astrology witches, like ??? That's utterly foolish and you deserve more respect than that

I know right! It’s just really stupid. Plus, I own a shop….do you know how bad it’d be if I just straight up lied to people?
Thank you starling! -f

Opinion piece: FREE SPEECH

Seeing all the CommunismKills posts and I think it’s a valuable time to discuss free speech a little bit.

To update:
A twitter/tumblr user with the handle CommunismKills recently tweeted her opinions on men wearing chokers and dresses. It was stated in short simple sentences, without profanity, but also clearly not pulling punches. She was met with an extreme backlash labelling her a bigot, a homophobe, and saying that her tweets constituted a hate crime against gay people.

Let’s put aside emotion for a second and break this down. As far as I am aware, this particular individual is not an elected official, she is not representing a company, and she has not threatened violence. She is a private individual expressing a personal opinion on social media.

While I personally disagree with her opinion, she is no more deserving of hate than anyone else. I posted repeatedly that Trump is a bigot. It was my opinion and because you guys agree with it, I escaped without death threats.

If you want to remove this woman’s ability to make a nonviolent, nonprofane statement of opinion, then you set yourself up for your own voice to be silenced. Threatening violence or even forced silence based on a nonviolent opinion is not the way to go.

As always, you have the choice of who to listen to. You can block anyone you want. You can even advise your followers to block anyone. Hell Nyle Dimarco exercised his right to this by blocking the afore mentioned twitter account.

You do not have the right to remove someone’s voice simply because they disagree with you. Until there opinion threatens the safety of themselves or other people, we must protect their ability to express it.

The price of free speech is having to hear things you absolutely hate. The benefit is getting to say anything you want yourself.

Forever this time.

Im so pissed right now… I mean you bring Robin back you make Regina has a little of hope that this may work for her this time but them it doesnt again. It isnt fair she deserves more than that. Im happy for Emma and Hook but its so unfair that Regina, despite all the harm that she has caused, she still doesnt have her happy ending and its so sad she has changed so much if we compare Regina back in S1 is whole journey she has grown as the other characters as well. So why dont you give her happy ending instead of playing with her feelings? 

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chyba bym się porzygała gdybym miała je używać do simsów

translation: I think I would throw up if I had to use them on sims
(my guess they’re talking about my bangs acc)

First off: I’m gonna answer you in english because I don’t think you deserve more attention than any other hate spreading person.
So yeah, at first I though you were being funny, but now it’s starting to get boring and making me feel uncomfortable. I don’t mind criticism, but CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not the things you’ve been saying. I don’t want plain hate on my blog. So from now on, I won’t be posting your asks. I won’t be giving you the attention you desperatly seek. If you want to talk to me, do it off anon and we will talk in private. This whole situation is just starting to get really weird.


I want to cry so badly, but I can’t.

I’m thinking about stop posting art for a while until I got better.

I can’t work on a drawing for 3-5 hours and not getting what I deserve.

It disappoints me everytime I post art here. And I have to deal with myself being jealous as fuck.

Sure, my art is not the best in the world but I deserve at least something more than such little attention.

Other people’s art always seem better. And I hate that I’m jealous of people around me. They get a lot of attention and support, people love their work, asking for trades and requests.

My askbox has been empty since last year. I barely gets compliments by people who doesn’t know me. Only one person(who doesn’t knew me at first) came up to me and said:

“Hey! I think your art is great keep it up!”

One person. One user.

While people around me gets more than that. I hate that some people doesn’t even put as much effort as I do into their work and gets much more attention than me.

Is my art really that ‘bad’(ugly colour palettes|thick line art|not detailed enough|just doesn’t look right) or is it just difficult to notice it?

I used to dislike my own art, but since I got better. So I think my art is kind of okay now. But I do think that I deserve more attention with my artstyle.

types / turn-ons / turn-offs

ok here is probably the most requested post i have ever had!! i will try to be as accurate as possible but everyone makes mistakes so feel free to kindly let me know if any information is incorrect that you know of and pleaaase let me know if i should add anything! 

disclaimer: i am in no way trying to tell anyone to do these things nor change their personalities for a man. be yourself and if they don’t like you, then they don’t deserve to get with you. this post is just talking about their types and what they typically go for, not a guide.

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So I’ve decided I’m going to share my Sha Ka Ree playlist sooner rather than later after all. Figured if y’all can figure out what happens based on my song choices then a) you deserve to know what happens and b) it’ll hopefully just give you more emotions once you get there. XD

I’ll probably post the link to it sometime tonight! <3 I just love sharing music so much and this playlist is so important to me. :)))

All I want is one person who loves me more than anyone else. I want to be a first choice–maybe for a significant other, maybe for a close friend… I just really, really need that.
—  Posted by Anonymous

I try so hard to not post hate on some of the Clexa fandom…but this is so wrong on another level. This person bought The 100 book and rewrote Bellamy’s parts to Lexa’s. I’m planning to be a writer someday and for this to happen and letting Kass Morgan see it, I know this hurts more than she’s letting on. She put so much time and effort into making these books. I feel extremely bad for her and her handling this in a mature way, we don’t deserve this angel. We DO appreciate her and this show wouldn’t have started without her.