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I dare you to tell me Dean only cared about Jo as a little sister

look at his face and just try to tell me he didn’t love Jo

I freakin dare you

years down the line, when they’ve both been forcibly dragged into adulthood, and the rush of “i love you i want you i want to stare into your eyes forever” calms down a bit, maintaining the romance gets harder. in many ways, their relationship is better now than it’s ever been - now that isak is more aware of even’s boundaries, now that even has more of a grasp on isak’s relationship with his parents and the internalized homophobia he dealt with for years. they’ve fallen into a routine, and it’s not bad exactly, but a part of even misses when it would take him a few minutes in the morning to remember that’s isak lying next to him, when he’d still get butterflies in his stomach every time isak let himself fully look at him.

still, he’s surprised on their anniversary when isak throws down his fancy napkin at this fancy restaurant and asks, “do you remember our first kiss? fuck it, do you think it’d be less awkward a second time?” his eyes are shining. “let’s recreate it?”

and, well, isak’s not the spontaneous one in their relationship. even’s the one who fell in love with epic dramas at nine and made that his life calling. but after all these years, there are still layers of isak left for him to uncover.

“uh…we may be pushing our luck with breaking and entering a second time,” even says, and since when has even been the responsible one? it’s not a good look on him, but he’d already been chewed out by his assistant for blaming too many of his antics on artistic license. sooner or later, someone would call him out on his bullshit. 

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That is how Steroline ended...

8x15 is when TVD ended. They got married, they were happy, in love and together. They got what they deserved and they lived for 60 years together. Stefan grew old alongside Caroline, he passed away of old age and she was there until his very last moments. He made her promise that she would live as long as she could and that one day in a very, very far future he would be waiting for her when she was ready. He was surrounded by her child, their friends, and their adoptive child (yes, they adopted. First, because they are Caroline and Stefan and that would totally be in their nature and second because the twins begged so much for a little brother that both Steroline just kind of gave in). After her children passed away Caroline decided to go on her own for a little while, find herself before returning to Mystic Falls and the school that the both of them had started together. She lived for a few more centuries. Having a happy and full-filling life. Eventually, Caroline passed away and Stefan was there as he promised waiting for her. They were ready to start their new lives together on the other side. As Stefan had wanted it was perfect. They were reunited and happy. And now I’m happy :)

things i never knew i needed till now:

- dan and mamrie ydad collab
- phil and hannah mdk collab
- dan and phil on grace’s podcast


I like them, they deserved better, I feel like, with hindsight, I can say that about every mgs character and it pains me

also I didn’t feel like looking at refs for the sneaking suits yah

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If Emma Swan is half of your OTP

Then fucking support her!

She is not a plot device. She is the plot.

When you find the one, you hold on tight
    You weather every storm ‘till the sun shines