they deserve a crown

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last monday, but I figured  Arin would be a good one next for yall, and as a bonus, as per the grump, heres the rest of his tweet aahaha

if you don’t think that jumin and v are the kind of childhood best friends that totally held hands, leant on one another when they were tired, hugged really tight, like legitametly CLUNG before saying good bye and practically communicated with one another with a series of simple gestures and glances and spent their free time contemplating their shared lonliness because of their absent parents while making clumsy flower crowns in jumin’s large ass family garden then I’m inviting you to join me because I don’t want to die of this headcanon a l o n e.

stars pool in the puddles left at her feet
as she walks, and skips, and runs through the world’s broken streets

and the sky laughs in clouds
as she runs her gentle hands through slippery blades of grass, maps the cracks in aging trees

this goddess of kindness and sweet smiles
makes the flowers and trees strain after her fingertips 
even when she has moved on to the next and the next

she walks and she runs 
down abandoned country lanes
in that fine balance between the world sleeping and awakening 

down abandoned beaches 
where the sand kisses the grey ocean kisses the grey sky 
where the world stops and holds its breath 
as her luminescent footsteps press their mark into its skin
i am here

and the sky laughs in breezes
ruffling the pages of her books, trying to get more than a bright muffled laugh
and the sun shines in doses 
trying to emulate the warmth she wears like a cloak 

and the moon, she smiles
as the girl laughs, and lives, and breaks, and grows 

and the world
it holds its breath
as this goddess walks though its broken streets and reminds it of humanity


the goddess of warmth wears a crown of stars | s.a.s. | wild goddesses #2

I’m late but a little piece for @eunoiaschaos for her birthday–never stop shining bb <333

I love how people are bitching that Sasha won. She never was in the bottom and brought it every week. I loved her since episode one. She’s so intelligent, articulate and original. She’s politically aware and knows her LGBTQ history. She spoke out on so many important issues this season and was not afraid to be herself. She represents a type of drag that is often looked down on but her looks were so put together and meaningful. So many queens hide behind wigs and dresses but Sasha is challenging conventional drag. She deserves to win and she validates those out there who don’t fit in. 

Drag for the longest time wasn’t accepted by society (and still isn’t in some places) but there are queens who don’t even fit into the ‘drag world’. So sorry your fav didn’t win but don’t pretend like Sasha isn’t an amazing queen who deserved that crown. And don’t pretend that this isn’t a huge step forward in getting more diversity in drag. Drag is an art and Sasha is an artist. 

hey just a reminder to everyone that the queens had no control over how ru was going to choose the winner and I think everyone deserved to win the crown for different reasons, so please don’t send any hate to Sasha and let her enjoy her win