they definitely have

I’m catching up on my neglected inbox and I gotta say two things.

1. you people are wonderful and I love you

2. I am incensed every time I search for a horse gif because that danged naked chick on a horse gif pops up. Now I’m not anti naked (far from it) but for basic practical reasons we all gotta be careful what we straddle while naked and HORSES ARE HAIRY AND SHED AND WITHERS ARE A THING AND I JUST CAN’T WITH THAT. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

If the world ever leaves you feeling hopeless, remember that Star Trek was cancelled twice and deemed an utter failure; then rose from the ashes to become the flagship for all of science fiction, spawning six spin-offs, fourteen movies, and enough novels to keep the fires burning through the Long Night. Oh, and inspired new technology, popularized fan fiction, created slash, forged the foundation for modern fan culture, and pushed young people to the sciences. A show that was fucking cancelled. CANCELLED!

So. When it gets bad out there, just… be Star Trek.



BTS Pantones: Sailor Moon 🌙


its inktober binch!!! these first seven are just random thoughts/fluff to catch up… (yes the panels count as four days doNT @ ME) 

inktober 8


Kelley’s End of 2017 moodboard… tag yourself 😂


part 1/?

Listening to this song from In The Heights never fails to make me think of these two. (Click the image for better resolution!)