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Yaoi literally opened my eyes to the world of gay people, how can you say that's homophobic? Liking gay people is homophobic? Thinking gay couples are cute or hot is homophobic? Trying to police the media people like is so pathetic, and might I say in the case of yaoi, racist. You're shooting yourselves in the foot here, I'd still be against same sex marriage if it wasn't for yaoi. You antis are ridiculous.

imagine being so homophobic that you still would be against gay marriage if you didn’t have access to fetishizing gay men and their lives 

Meeting someone from the internet

Tips for proving someones identity:
The internet can be a dangerous place. Do not feel bad for asking someone to prove their identity. If they get mad, this means they are probably a fake or are unreasonably angry and you’re better off not talking to them!!

Ask them to send you a picture of them holding up a certain number of fingers. Or a toothbrush. Or a spoon. or a piece of paper with your name on it. Anything that they should be able to access easily. If they are a fake and are using someone else’s pictures, this could catch them out.

If they always take a long time in getting back to you, they might be editing images to fool you. You might feel paranoid but that is ok! If they are real, then they should have the same concerns.

Before meeting someone in real life:
Talk to them on facetime or another video chat before meeting them!!! If you do meet up with someone, NEVER GO ALONE. If you cannot arrange for a friend to go along, meet them in a busy, public place. Get a friend to call you after an hour so you can use this as an excuse to leave if you feel uncomfortable. If you cannot arrange this, set an alarm on your phone and pretend it is a phone call. If things are going well, dismiss it. But if you feel uneasy, pretend it is an emergency and get out of there ASAP!

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I'm late to the irl Yuri train but my bank teller's name is Yuri and before yoi I was like "ah, that's a cute name". And now, I need to stop myself from giggling everytime i need to go drop off my paycheck lol. Ironically enough, the branch manager's name is Victor

Okay, now I need to read a bank teller/branch manager AU!!

Can you imagine if they were dating irl omg

This needs to stop

So I saw on Twitter someone sharing an instagram dm to Harry. It was a cute one, until the last one.

“Malec is so cute I wish you and Matt could date IRL”

Harry apparently saw it and also responded with “Well, I do not.”

Okay first off, props to Harry for responding in a calm way, but firmly letting know this isn’t okay.

Second of all, You can ship Shumdario all you want. As a BROtp. Not an OTP. Harry is happily married and Matt’s happily dating Esther.

Matt and Harry are close friends and the love they have for each other is purely plactonic and on a brother like level.

Third if all, don’t tweet the boys and their significant others you ship the two of them together. No. Just no.

angelfairy24 said: Hello. I would like to ask do you think that kook/min are in a relationship or close to being in one? What does k-army think about all their sketchy behavior? I think they like each other in a romantic way but don’t know how to deal with it.

oreocookie308 said: A) I love love love LOVE your blog. Ji/kook/kook/min trash here and I literally first joined tumblr just to follow you!
B) Obviously none of us will have the truth behind their relationship but are there any times you think they couldn’t possibly be “fo realz”? I imagine, int'l ARMY style, that their relationship has become super deep and more than just work friends or forced kpop bonding, but if hypothetically they were dating irl I figure they themselves would go out of their way to hide it right? I mean the new years eve butt rub/spank/giggle is AMAZEBALLS but from what (very) little I know of hetero coupledom in Korea that would be a crazy thing to do in public so I can’t imagine a gay couple getting away with it. Then again the so translated by Mnet V/Jin “bromance” at MAMA makes me think maybe the societal denial is so big maybe they just… get away with it?
3) I’m sorry this is like a fanfic length question! Educate me! Educate us all! Also, this ship will sail even if you tell me you met them in person and they spent 30 minutes punching each other in the face so be honest hahahahaha!

First of all, I get so overwhelmed whenever somebody tells me they’ve joined tumblr because of me. Thank you so much for liking this blog. I had no idea that there would be people out there who’d come to like it.. It’s always humbling ;__;

Now, Kook/min tho..

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mlm ritual

to find a boyfriend, perform this ritual:
go into a ten story building, then enter the elevator alone and
1. press the 5 floor button
2. press the 3 floor button
3. press the 8 floor button
4. press the 1 floor button, but you will ascend the the 10th floor instead
the lights in the elevator will go out, and the doors will open. you will step into a hallway that looks very much like the one you came from, but this is not the same building you were in before. it is silent, dark, and empty except for a red glowing light in the distance. keep walking and you will find that the hallway never ends. if you re-enter the elevator, you will find a mysterious man who appeared out of nowhere. ask for his number, he’s pretty cute.