they dated :*

Rogue meets Warrior

Have a bit of me-art time after finishing a commission :D I think it’s been a while since I sit and do a proper art of these two ( proper I mean still learning how to art) A bit bummer that I have to crop out a bit cause Tumblr just cannot handle long image. or is it me who just don’t know how? XD

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DADS REACTING TO DADSONA RISKING HIS LIFE FOR THEIR KID (Like pulling Carmensita out of the way of a car and getting hit himself etc etc...), plus the kids reactions and how they comfort their father?

I chose to go with car accident, as you suggested. The accident itself isn’t described in detail, nor the injuries, but there is ‘talk’ of broken bones and blood, so proceed with caution. - Mod Mare

It all happens so quickly and yet, time seems to stand still as you see a car turn the corner with screeching tires, heading straight for [kid(s)]. Before your brain can even register the situation, you’re on the road and push them aside, bringing yourself in the path of the car. You barely have the time to wonder why the driver ignored the red light when they hit you and send you flying through the air. Mercifully, you black out before you land again and before the pain can reach your brain.

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Third wheel Yurio tho

AKA my favourite trend in Yuri on Ice official art