they date ;)

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is dev fond of dallas or is he ;) fond ;)) ;))));) of dallas

Dallas has this.. strange effect on people where he’s?? He looks Brooding and his Melancholy Eyes can charm people into being infatuated with him. Haha. What I MEAN is have you ever seen someone so pitiful you just want to make them the object of your adoration, just to let them know, that hey, ur loved, so maybe you should stop hating yourself so much?? Dallas has that effect on people. THE DALLAS EFFECT. 

but. Dev isn’t looking right now :) He’s for someone else.

okay americans i’m sorry to dissuade you of this belief that seems hella prevalent but i can’t hold it back anymore:

as a brit, who has lived the nearly 19 years of her life in london, I have never heard a guy say ‘love’ unless he’s being casual/creepy. For example:

‘allright love?’ shouted across the street, or muttered in passing

but used as a term of endearment, to a girlfriend, boyfriend? nope. maybe one of your grandparents would use it, but literally no teens/young people do unless they’re guys being creepy. 

(@otherbrits, feel free to add things/correct me if your experience is different or you have other thoughts, but this is what i’ve noticed)