they cry not knowing that people did indeed get married at that age

4 years // For you || part two Dan Howell

A/N: Sorry for the late update, I’m still on vacation and an hour ago I really thought I wouldn’t be able to update at all. Thank you for the incredible response to this story!! It means a lot xx

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


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Hot tears streamed down Dan’s pain struck face while the tea in front of me started getting cold.

Although my throat was dry and I could have needed at least some warmth, my hands were shaking way too hard to pick up the cup.

I could hardly look at Dan, the person I thought I would spend my whole life with when I was 18 and naïve.

I never allowed myself to cry when I was with Luke, nobody should have to witness their mother cry especially not at the age of 4. I wanted my son to be happy. I wanted him to be full of hope.

But Luke wasn’t here right now, so my eyes were red and puffy and my cheeks were stained with tears that raced down to my chin and dripped onto my shirt.

Luke was waiting for me. He was waiting for us back in Leeds.

“He can’t wait to see you” I croaked, raising my head to look directly at Dan.

His lips twitched and for the split of a second they formed a small smile.

“Will he be alright again?” He wanted to know and his face was full of concern.

I was scared to say anything at first. The world is full of empty promises and fake hopes already anyway.

Suffocating silence hung in the air and with every silent second that elapsed Dan seemed to suffer more.  

“I was wrong.” I simply said, my words were quiet but so powerful that they could have made the walls shake.

He looked at me and knitted his eyebrows in confusion.

“He does need you, Dan.”

Dan closed his eyes and took a deep shaky breath as those heavy words sunk in.  

“Will you donate some of your stem cells?” I asked him, my heart was beating so hard that I could hear it as loud as the words that left my mouth.

For some people the question ‘Will you marry me’ is the most important one they have ever asked in their lives. But for me it was this exact question, because the answer could save the life of my little son.

“Ask me anything and I will do it, if it can only help him.” Dan answered without hesitation and determination sparkled in his eyes.

I felt the weight of the world fall off my shoulders. I had spent every second of every day praying for my son to get better. Now there was an actual chance instead of blind hope. It was like the sky was clearing after years of rain.

It was all because of him.

I stared into Dan’s reddened eyes. They were still brown, just like sweet chocolate. When we were dating just this shade of brown could make my heart beat faster or calm me down.

It was because of him. The person who was glad that I didn’t need him 4 years ago and who would have left me even if I did.

“That means a lot to us.” I assured him and tried to shoot him a small smile that looked more like a painful grimace.

Somehow I couldn’t get myself to say ‘thank you’, not after everything that happened. He hadn’t spent months next to Luke in the hospital, he didn’t even know about his existence an hour ago. I was still incredibly thankful although those words wouldn’t leave my lips.  

“I’m s-“ Dan started but didn’t get to finish his sentence.

The door to the lounge squeaked open. The black haired boy with the clear blue eyes walked in quietly but not before he mustered Dan and I as if he was scared to disturb us.

I liked Phil, he seemed kind and understanding. I also enjoyed his videos back when Dan showed them to me for the first time. They were funny and unique and Dan had a smile on his face whenever he watched them.  

“Hey Dan, have you checked the time? You are going to be late for your date.” Phil reminded his best friend and shot me an apologetic smile.

I felt my insides tighten, his words were like repeated hits in the stomach. Full force.

Only now I realized that it was stupid of me to assume that Dan hadn’t moved on with his life. I was a single mum, Luke was my number one priority, I had never even thought about getting into a new relationship.

I swallowed hard, mainly to repress my gag reflex. I avoided his chocolate brown eyes.  

Dan was a successful and indeed very attractive Youtuber in the prime of his life. It would have been stupid to not move on and find somebody new…

Somehow that realization affected me more than it should have. Suddenly I felt a weird sense of emptiness and hurt inside of me.

It felt like losing him all over again. Although a piece of my heavy heart broke off I didn’t want anyone to see that. I just smiled back at Phil and tried to stifle my emotions and the grudge I held against my ex-boyfriend.

“I’ll have to cancel that date.” Dan informed his raven haired friend, firmness in his voice.

Phil and I’s eyes widened in surprise as we both faced Dan.  

“But you have been trying to make her agree to go on a date with you for more than half a year. And now that she said yes, you don’t want to anymore?” Phil asked, utter confusion was prominent in his deep voice.

He walked over to the table we were sitting at and with every step that he took his expression darkened and he got more worried and concerned.

When he sat down at the table he was close enough to see our wet eyes and our tearstained cheeks.

“Are you guys okay?” he wanted to know caringly. His blue eyes examined both of us carefully.

Were we okay? I didn’t know, probably not. It was sweet of Phil to care for the both of us even though he had just met me.

Since we didn’t know what to answer we stayed silent and somehow the silence answered for us.

Phil looked incredibly concerned now.

“What happened?” he asked.

By now I was sure that Dan had never even mentioned my existence let alone the fact that he was the father of a child.

He had completely erased me and Luke from his life. He was the only one who knew that I got pregnant and he had taken that secret with him everywhere he went for the past 4 years.

It wasn’t my secret to tell, so I didn’t explain what happened.

“Can I borrow your car?” Dan asked his best friend instead. He wasn’t hiding his face, he didn’t look down. He stared directly in Phil’s eyes as if he were saying ‘this is important, this is serious’.

“Where do you want to go?” Phil raised his eyebrows. This conversation must have been incredibly confusing for him. So many questions, but no answers.

“Leeds” Dan said firmly and now I understood where this was going.


“Right now”

“Dan, I have no idea what’s going on. Your date is going to arrive in five minutes. Why do you suddenly need to go to Leeds so urgently?” Phil seemed frustrated and probably questioned the sanity of his friend by now.

“I need to go to Leeds because I need to help my son. And we have to go right now because if we go later it could be too late. And I would never be able to forgive myself for that. I have already been the worst possible father, heck I wasn’t a father at all. But I’m going to change that now, for him.”

Phil’s mouth hung open but he nodded understandingly. Tears found their way back to my dried eyes.

It was because of him.  

The same person who wanted to drive me to the hospital to get an abortion 4 years ago and who was now going to drive me to a hospital 4 hours away to save the life of my son.

And somehow saying my son didn’t feel entirely right anymore.

Faye - What Could’ve Been

Oh, Faye. When she first appeared on Alm’s cipher card, in the background, many people were pleased, but skeptical; While it was great that the idea of having more girls in Shadows Of Valentia (especially in a cast as short in women as fe2′s), many thought that her characterization wouldn’t be that great, and that she would be reduced to another female character with less personality than a piece of cardboard (at most, she would be another childhood friend stereotype). I myself got hopeful due to loving her design to death, and I thought that maybe, just maybe, she would become a very fun character.

…Well, at least she still has a very cute design. Let’s try to make her better, shall we?

First, let’s see what we’ve got:

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Hope Part II

Previous Parts: Part I  

Genre: Drama; Smut [The Vampire Diaries AU! Part II] 

Word Count: 4300ish 

I hope you all like this chapter as much as you loved the first one!

@nomoreghostie-anon, there are gonna be a lot more parts for this~ Be prepared!

You stayed in your bed, not moving an inch, not showing any signs of waking up, since Jungkook still had his arms around you. You stared out of the window aimlessly as the sunrays fell on your face, pondering over how long you’d be able to stay like this, your patience already running thin.

After a while you felt Jungkook stir and you shut your eyes immediately in case he woke up, but he only took his hands off you and turned to the side.

Thinking that you were free, you walked into the bathroom and carried out your morning routine as usual but instead of thinking about what you were going to make Jungkook for breakfast, you thought of how you were going to talk to him, what you were going to ask him and most importantly, what was going to happen to your relationship afterwards. Your hands fiddled with the ring on your finger as you continued to ponder over the future…your future.

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Learn to Love

Title: Learn to Love

Pairing: Joffrey Baratheon x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1.6k

Warnings: none I can think of

Summary: The story of how you fall in love with your king, despite his arrogance and every other flaw you have to rub in his face.

(A/n: I suck at summaries.J)

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“Do you like the cross bow, my lady?” Joffrey asked you. You were to spent time with the young king, it was obvious that your family wanted him to take a liking in you. May the gods damn those power hungry idiots! Not even in a million years would you marry that blonde fool, he was nothing more than a stupid, spoiled child. Bad enough that someone like him was king, but your husband? No way!

“No.” You answered putting effort into sounding bored. It wasn’t hard after all across bow wasn’t the most impressive weapon.

“And why would that be?” The king hissed already angered. The boy had the worst temper, you decided.

“I believe cross bows are made for man to slow for sword fighting and too weak to pull a real bow.” You declared challenge in your eyes. Of course you knew how much the king loved his cross bow. And it wasn’t beyond you to play that against him. If you wanted to get to know someone for real, anger him and see his true self then.

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The Marks of Running Ink pt.1

Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]
Pairing: Negan x ofc (Tory Miller)

In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving.

Word count: 1,181.

Warnings: lots of cursing, so much drama, so much angst, zombies? I’m going with just this for now.

Author’s note: I’m finally inspired enough to come back to writing, never did I imagine myself writing for this fandom or writing in English. I want to thank the awesome @jeffreydeanneganstrash ​ for help beta-ing this story and her support, she is amazing and I don’t deserve her.
Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.



Negan had never given much credit to the notion of soulmates. Soulmates were a part of fairy tales that old ladies told little girls who didn’t know better, taught to believe in some sort of unconditional love that was certainly impossible. He made his disdain known whenever the topic was brought up for him to share his opinion.

“That’s bullshit.” He’d spit out with a smirk.

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Daycare - CEO!Luke:

singledaddy!ceo!luke AU:

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requested: lol no, this came to me in a daydream hehe

Plotline: Single dad CEO!luke running into problems with his ex-wife.

A/N: this was supposed to be short haha, it’s kinda long. I just got this idea while studying and couldn’t stop thinking about it until I wrote it :3

feedback is very much welcomed lovelies :)


Jumping out of the black tinted BMW in a scurry, Luke dashed into the daycare center, only sparing his driver a little nod of his head. His legs led him through the all too familiar corridors, eyes frantically glancing at every classroom, his beating heart only calming down as he spotted an anxious figure at the end of the hall.

“Hey” he breathed out, his lungs still recovering from his previous run. “You called, what’s wrong?” Luke had received an urgent call during a meeting, his body bolting out of the building the minute he read the caller ID, before he could even comprehend what was going on.

“Yeah I did. Luke, it’s about your ex-wife.” you carefully informed him, your eyes gauging his reaction to the spoken words. Luke’s whole demeanor changed at the mention of the word ‘ex’, the usually composed and poised CEO coming baffled.

 You had known, of course; everyone knew. It was no secret to the rest of the globe how two of the most successful CEO’s in the business world turned their divorce into an all out war. It was a sickening scene really; how she had fought to get as much profit as she could from the separation, pursuing alimony and attempting to get a precentage of the financial shares of his own company, hiring a team of lawyers in the process as if it were her only purpose in life. She had fought for the financial outcome of the divorce much harder than the custody of Jace, their one year old son. 

Luke was well aware as soon as she had filed for divorce that she was coldly aiming at tearing his company down; the company he had worked hard for, the company he had started from scratch as he first began as a simple employee who was barely making the minimal wage.

 Unlike his previous spouse, Hemmings.Inc wasn’t handed to him on a golden plate from his father. He had gotten where he was through hard work and restless labor, making his name known to every businessman out there. It was given that the divorce and the following lawsuits filed by his ex could severely damage everything he had worked hard to uphold; and it nearly did. But his enterprise had made it through, and he was able to bring everything back where it was, maybe even more successful than before.

 You had known about everything; how he had struggled to bring his business back to life all while juggling the new single-parent life he found himself thrown into; how he had suffered through the first few months, breaking down every now and then as the weight he was bearing became agonizingly heavy for him to hold up by himself. The single parent life wasn’t something he chose, nor was it something he wished for his child. Although it was notable that if anything, the divorce had at least been beneficial for Jace, as he no longer had to live in the poisonous atmosphere caused by the conflicts his parents faced.

 You had known all of that; but unlike the rest, it wasn’t through gossip sites or boldly printed headlines; it was through a candle-lit dinner with Luke, the composure in which he spoke making you wonder if he had anticipated the question. 

Meeting you had been the epitome of hapiness and alleviation, not only because the Daycare you maintained had been delightfully indulgent when it came to his tight –and not always suitable- schedule, but mainly because of the relief you had brought into his life.

 Luke couldn’t possibly deny how much of a mess he had been, completely clueless on what to do or how to even start. He had been more than ecstatic to have gained full custody over Jace, however the sleepless nights he had been through as the little toddler cried out for his mother had brought him over the edge. He often found himself crying along with his son in the early morning hours, fully aware that a hard day of work was awaiting him yet unable to stop the heartbroken sobs that rocked his body, not even after the crying child had fallen asleep. And when you came along, he had already fallen deeply into a perpetual cycle that almost tore him apart.

 Maybe it was the support you had offered him as he broke down one early morning whilst dropping Jace, looking like an absolute mess, that lead him into trusting you.

 Indeed, you had been expecting some kind of turbulence once you had realised that the new enrolled toddler’s last name was Hemmings. What you hadn’t predicted, though, was a 6’4 businessman breaking down in a miniature child chair; his longs legs tugged uncomfortably as he furiously wiped his tear-stained face. 

 You had been the one to carefully listen to his heartbreaking struggles, providing him with the support he –oh so desperately- needed, helping him see the light at the end of the tunnel. The mutual attraction was not hard to miss; even your co-workers and his employees could tell. And although you had both agreed that no relationship could be pursued between the two of you until Jace was no longer in your care, you were both eager to know more about each other, the unspoken care you two held for the other growing deeper with every passing day. And as Jace was nearing three years old, he would soon be out of your Daycare, moving into Kindergarten.

 In the end of the day, Luke was finally able to get his mind back into work, feeling at ease that you of all people were taking care of his son.

 And now, a year and half after the most aggravating event in Luke’s life, she was back once again. The woman that had broken his heart and tore apart his family and business, disturbing the peaceful harmony he had managed to sustain. 

“What about her?” Luke asked, trying to get a grip and understand furthermore.

 “She came in almost an hour ago –I don’t even know how she got the address. She wants to take Jace with her, but I tried to explain that since there was no information regarding her in the registration papers, it’s against policy to let her take him.” 

There had been no mention of Jace’s mother in the papers Luke had filled; he had listed his parents and even hers, yet her space had been left blank. You had been considerate, fully aware of his difficult situation, so you didn’t try and push it any further.

 “I wouldn’t have called, I shouldn’t have called. But she wouldn’t stop screaming and the kids were getting scared… I-I wanted to call your secretary first but I didn’t have your office number-”

“Hey” Luke shushed you, raising his hands to rest them over your shoulders, his thumbs soothingly rubbing your shoulder blades. “You did the right thing by calling me.” He knew for a fact that it was near impossible for anyone else to convince his ex, him being entirely conscious of her character. For a second, he even started doubting if he could handle the situation at hand. 

“Come on, lead the way.” Luke instucted, his eyes reassuring you that he was already planning what to do.

 As requested, you lead him into the back office, warily opening the door for him to come in. There she stood, right in front of him, in all of her fanciness and smugness, shouting at the receptionnist who was trying to keep her cool. 

Luke’s mind lead him back into their first encounter, recalling the star-struck feeling he got as he laid his eyes on her. He had been charmed by her beauty and grace, instantly forming an ideal perception of her. It was his first time falling in love, his first time handing over his heart completely to someone else; his first time having his entire being shattered like broken glass. 

He had been blind, totally ignoring everyone else’s concern about getting married at a young age. He wasn’t worried about any of that, he was in love with her and they both could understand each other as they made money the same way; working in their respective companies. And not even the unplanned pregnancy could change his mind; a child with the woman he loved seemed so delightful at the time. 

That being until he realised how much of a fool he had been to not understand that the whole marriage was nothing but a business deal for his spouse, all in the purpose of merging the companies and increasing the profit. Their marriage had already been condemned to fail by the time he had finally opened his eyes to see that the love was one-sided, and that the angelic idea he had of his wife was no where near true. 

 “Ma’am, I am not allowed to let someone pick up a child without the consent of his legal guardian.” The receptionist explained once again, growing very tired as the shouting hadn’t stopped for an entire hour.

 “For the hundred’th time; I am not ‘someone’, I am his mother!” Jane, Jace’s mother, screamed the words venomously at the worker, her manicured and red tinted forefinger pointing at her. 

The receptionist’s relieved eyes met yours as you sent her away with a nod towards the door. It was very clear that the situation needed privacy, even you were thinking about leaving the two alone. As if reading your mind; Luke turned his head to face you, shooting you a reassuring smile before turning back to face Jane.

“Ah! Finally the legal guardian arrives! Now would you please tell them that I’m allowed to pick up my damned child if I wished? Honestly, what kind of place is this?” she huffed angrily, her eyes staring at her ex-husband.

 “Jane, you are allowed to pick up Jace; but on the visiting hours the court decided. The visiting hours you have completely disregarded for the past 10 months, may I remind you?” Luke’s hand uncousciously moved to loosen his tie, the unplanned encounter with his ex turning out to be far stressful than anticipated.

 “Look, I am in no way trying to take your son away from you; I could never. But you’re not giving me much to work with, and barging into his daycare to take him without a court order is definitely not helping!”

Luke leaned back on the desk behind him, his right hand sliding into the pocket of his dress pants as the other rubbed his eyes in frustration. Business he could do, parenting he could handle, but fighting with her wasn’t something he could take. It only brought up old memories that had poisoned his mind for a long while, memories that had only stopped tormenting him after meeting you. 

Before Jane could shoot her comeback, the door cracked open revealing a crying Jace. He had been shaken up the entire morning due to the screaming, instantly seeking the comfort of his father as soon as he had heard his voice. 

An incoherent babble of words escaped his pouty lips, the two and half year old still struggling with his words. At the mention of the word “ma ma”, a proud smile appeared on Jane’s face, feeling victorious in a way. 

The proud smile instantly dropped into a nasty scowl upon realizing that Jace was running into your arms intead of hers. You picked up the toddler, rocking him in your arms to sooth him. 

It wasn’t unusual for him to call you ‘mama’ or ‘m’my’; you were the one taking care of him whilst his daddy was at work. More so, you were the one Luke would call late at night when Jace wouldn’t stop crying or when his tempature was worryingly high; you were the one to dress him in that spare hoodie you always had when Luke hadn’t predicted the sudden change in the weather; you were the one taking him back to your place when his father would stay in his office until unholy hours. You weren’t complaining though, your actions were driven by the love you beared for the two boys.

“So that’s what this is about?” Jane let out a wicked, dry laugh, “You didn’t want to hand me my son because you somehow believe you could ever replace me? Honey, don’t get too caught up in your dreams!”

 You stood right in your place, arms still holding up Jace who was fisting your shirt, his burning forehead resting in the crook of your neck, feeling intimidated with every click of her designer heels as she stepped closer to you. 

Luke however, didn’t seem to lose his composure, his eyes not leaving her as he adressed you; “Why don’t you take Jace out to the playground for a while?”

“Come on muffin, let’s go play!” You cooed at Jace, stepping out of the tense atmosphere. Setting the child down so he could play, you took a step back as you watched him. As much as you tried to drown out the nervous feeling welling up in your stomach, you couldn’t. Your mind was caught up in the discussion happening back in the room, wondering where it would leave not only her and Luke, but also you and him.

 It was past your closing time, and all the workers and kids had already left, leaving only you and Jace in the playground. Your ears picked up the sound of foot steps coming closer to where you stood.

“Hey” Luke breathed out, sitting down on the bench to join you. 

“Is she gone..?” you trailed off, watching as Luke bobbed his head as a yes. Nodding your head along, you looked back to Jace, not knowing if you should ask more questions or just leave it be.

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t create more trouble in the future.” Luke affirmed, making you direct your attention towards him again. His appearance was much different than it was when he first came in; his gelled hair was pushed back from running his anxious hands through it, his suit no longer neatly ironed as usual, his eyes looking tired as ever.

“About what she said before,” Luke began, his eyes glancing at his son instead of yours, “You’re in no way a replacement for her. You’re nothing like her; if anything, you’re more of a mother figure to Jace than she ever was.” 

The last words were spitten angrily, the collected personna he had managed to keep in front of his ex wearing down for he knew that he could strip himself in front of you, the composed façade no longer needed. As strong as Luke pried himself to be, you could tell that the encounter had brought back the doubts that had surrounded him during the first lonely months. That pained you. Why does he have to torment himself for things she caused?

 “You’re doing an amazing job” You mumbled, leaning your head on his shoulder, your arms wrapping around his waist in an attempt to shield him from his demons that had resurfaced. “Jace is by far the loveliest kid I have ever encountered; he’s really sweet and well-mannered.” 

You lifted your head from where it rested, bringing your hand to his cup his face and turning it gently so he faced you, speaking every word clearly for him to hear; “He has an amazing, hardworking, and ridiculously handsome father. He takes so much after him, and I couldn’t be any prouder,”

 A fond smile adorned Luke’s face at your words, his hands wrapping around you to bring you into a warm hug, his lips tenderly pecking your temple. You found yourself curling your arms around him, enjoying his warmth and the scent of his cologne. 

“Wait! Shouldn’t you be back to work?” your head shot up at the thought, Luke chuckling at your behavior. 

“I actually cleared the whole day. So what do you say the three of us go somewhere no one knows us?” 

His proposal was quickly met with your excited smile, your head vigorously nodding.

 “Come my little prince” you called out for Jace, who shot his head up from the sea of toys he was playing with, finally noticing the presence of his father. 

“Daddy” he squealed, jumping into his father’s open arms; giggling as Luke kissed him and playfully rubbed his scruffy jawline against his cheek. Jace was –predictabely- such a daddy’s boy, and the joy adorning his face was an incredible sight to witness.

 From afar, the three of you looked like the perfect family. And you truly were, albeit there was no blood tie connecting you.

Xenoblade reference: obscure facts hidden in heart-to-hearts

There’s a lot of canon stuff hidden away in heart-to-hearts that many people never see. I suspect some of it’s really cool, or can confirm/deny some specific headcanons, or can just be inspiration for more fanfictions. So I’m going to go through the entire list of H2H’s from the wikia, assume it’s all correct enough, and compile the whole deal right here.

Note that this is “obscure” stuff only, i.e.: you’d never hear of it anywhere else. (That doesn’t mean I’ll ignore something that takes up the entirety of a H2H, or is part of an almost-unmissable one.) It’s sorted by character, mostly. And hopefully I don’t miss anything that I accidentally think is common knowledge or is too easily assumable (poke me if you think I have).

Obviously, there be spoilers, but to be honest once you have Seven in the party you’re golden. The H2Hs themselves are full of spoilers (so maybe don’t look them up yourself), but since I’m ignoring them in favour of the tiny tidbits, there really isn’t much in the way of story relevations.

Well except for the section just after Riki’s, with a single item in the list. Avoid that one, it’s got a much later spoiler.

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OQ Smut Week, First Curse Sex

A day late and more than a few dollars short.

Thanks so much to Allison ( @somewhereapart ), Brooke ( @brookeap3 ), Hollie, ( @outlawqueenbey ) ,  Hannah ( @the-alpha-incipiens ) and now bea ( @repellomuggletum15  )I would be nothing without you guys. <3

She’s five years older today.

She’s five years older today, yet her body has not aged. The people around her have not changed.  Seasons change, the budget meetings vary from day to day, but everything’s all the same.  People let her win every argument.  She always wins.  

She’s lonely.  

She has Graham, but he doesn’t notice that time passes.  He doesn’t remember the secrets she tells him, and in some ways that’s comforting.  She can open up to him and cry, cry about her vindictive mother, her cowardly, stupid, loving, too-trusting father.  She can avoid the details that are damning and just open her soul up to him, and he’ll hold her and cradle her head and tell her that she’s not alone, that he’s with her.

And she can sometimes believe it, but within days the memory of what they shared fades.  That’s part of the curse.  It erases his mind.  Resets him.

And the distance grows.

She’s calculated it. It’s five days before the clock in Graham’s head resets, five days until his memories slip away, lost to the curse forever.  

There is no relationship that can be formed in this curse.  Nothing can grow when the lifespan is only five days.  Oh, it’s a dark curse, and she paid a dark price, all for the dark sense of loneliness she is doomed to live for…all eternity?  Is this her own special version of hell?

Her only consolation is that as miserable as she is, Snow White is even more miserable.  Miserable and alone, and pathetic.  

But it’s been five years.  Five years of seeing Snow sad and alone.

And it really isn’t that satisfying after all.

Today she takes the afternoon off, leaves her elegant office in favor of her favorite place in the woods, where a fallen log makes the perfect bench.  It’s beautiful here, just the beginning of autumn; crisp, radiant leaves surround her, frame the beautiful view of the sunset in front of her.  She has her travel coffee mug - a coffee mug she’s filled with hot chocolate and laced with a generous pour of whiskey.  Oh hell, who is she kidding.  It’s whiskey with a generous pour of hot chocolate.  Still, it’s warm, and delicious, and it dulls the pain a bit.  The pain of knowing this is an anniversary not only of the curse’s birth, but of her father’s death.  

God, she misses him.  But if there’s one thing she knows, she knows a man as kindly as him is in a place far better than this hell. Better than the life of a man who was married to an evil woman and fathered an even more evil, ungrateful daughter.

Five years he’s been free.

“To five years,” she says, toasting to the setting sun before taking a long sip and swallowing hard, fighting the tears in her eyes and willing them to settle, not to fall.

“Five years of what?” says a voice behind her, and she jumps, her mug dropping to the ground, spilling the contents.

She curses and scowls at the stealthy intruder.  Locksley. God, he is insufferable.  It seems every time she wanted to be alone he’d show up.  

“Apologies, m’lady.  I didn’t expect to find anyone here.”

“Yes, well, this log is occupied,” she says tightly.  “Be on your way.”

“Well, I can’t do that,” he says, sitting down next to her. “You see, I am the park ranger.”

“I’m aware,” she says, before adding, “I hired you.”

That’s not… exactly true.  She did cast The Dark Curse and she had a say over the lives of many over whom it was cast but… the curse itself filled in where she had not set up a specific plan.  She did not know this man from the Land of Magic.  Didn’t know his past, who he was before…this.  But the curse had made him a park ranger, so he must have had some connection to the woods.

So technically, The Dark Curse hired him.  But he doesn’t need to know that.

“Indeed you did,” Locksley agrees, taking out a flask and helping himself to a generous sip.  “And I believe I am to enforce rules.  And one very important one” —he points to her coffee mug, a devilish smile on his face— “is no alcoholic beverages on park grounds.”

Why that little—!

She could just—

But it’s a joke, he’s made that clear, especially with the flask he’s holding now.  He’s playing with her.  Trying to engage her.  And for what purpose?

He’s so… He makes her so mad, has this way of pressing her buttons and bothering her.  That’s not supposed to happen in the curse, she’s always supposed to win, and yet…

She should just get up from this log and leave, make a comment about drinking on the job being a fireable offense, and let that be that.

But the sunset is beautiful, and it’s unseasonably warm, and he’s holding out a flask to her, and he’s sitting right next to her, their legs are touching, and the physical contact is just… oddly soothing.

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Surprise at Christmas (Q x reader one-shot)

Hi people!! Here is a Q one-shot for you, requested by @thepjofanqueen and the plot is provided by @zainabisnotonfire!!! Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!! <3

Sorry Y/N, still not done down here, please go without me. I’ll be home ASAP.

That’s fine :)

It took a great deal to type that smiley face. Really, you weren’t smiling at all. That’s fine…that’s fine…that’s fine…No, obviously everything was NOT fine. It was nearly Christmas, but Q had never been home. Busy this, busy that.

Slowly, you shut down the computer and gathered your things, ready to leave. This Christmas wasn’t festive at all, in fact it was by far the worst one you’d had in your life. Your closest friend Eve was on leave to spend time with her family…even Q practically stayed at his Branch overnight, fiddling with all the gadgets and writing up reports and whatnot.

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Everybody* Loves Baldur

We are going to take a DETOUR from Arthurian mythos and Robin “Psychopath In The” Hood stories to explore the bizarre and extravagant lands of Old Norse mythos. Now, I know I say this about lots of different mythos, but, boy oh boy, Norse mythos, wild stuff, you’ll see. Today, we’ll talk about the supposed owner of a gate a lot of people who like classic Western RPGs are familiar with: Baldur.

Now, before even getting into Old Norse mythos, you need to understand something: No one is fully sure what Old Norse mythos is. A lot of scholars are not sure what the hell some characters are supposed to even be, but at least, unlike Irish mythos, we have mostly accurate ways to pronounce their names, so at least we can refer to them by name properly while we wonder what the fuck is going on instead of being stuck at “Dfk… Dufil… Dukfil… THAT DUDE went and asked Medb something”. But the thing is, Norse mythos is mostly preserved in its general gist, since a lot of the writings dealing with the itty gritty details are often damaged so there’s lotsa personal conjecture. 

BUT TODAY YOU MUSTN’T WORRY ABOUT ANY OF THAT BECAUSE BALDUR’S STORY IS ONE OF THEM WELL PRESERVED ONES, HAHA, PSYCHE, I BET I HAD YER KNICKERS IN A TWISTER. Aaalright, so, Baldur, Baldur’s the god of Light, or maybe Love, possibly Peace, no one is sure because he is never explicitly mentioned as being a “god of this thing”, but it’s mostly assumed he is the God of Light because of something I’ll mention later, and the thing with Baldur is that EVERYONE loves him. Baldur’s super hot and super nice, and he knows it, but he isn’t stuck up about it, he’s honestly the ideal person, Norse people back then would often beg for Baldur’s blessings on their newborn babies so they would be hot and cool like him. Practically everyone likes Baldur. Hell, it gets to such a point that, in another story not entirely relevant to today’s, the giantess Skadi, who is the first recorded person in history and lore to have a raging foot fetish, saw these GORGEOUS toes and immediately assumed “THOSE GOTTA BE BALDUR’S, ONLY BALDUR CAN HAVE FEET THIS GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL, I AM GONNA SUCK THOSE TOES” and asked for marriage immediately, except, the feet weren’t Baldur’s, they were Njord’s (another god), and Skadi was like “aw fuck” and they got married because Njord happened to be a macrophile and liked his women big, but as with all marriages shotgunned into place by fetishes and a lack of contact, they ended up divorcing. BUT THAT is another story (and a good one, Skadi’s a fun lady). The point is, Baldur is so widely god damn loved that shit like this apparently happened a couple of times. You know you are a Pussy Destroyer when someone gets Schrodinger’s Married because it could possibly be you.

So Baldur was basically living the life, being nice, hot, and beloved, when one day, he starts having bad dreams. In these dreams, Baldur dies. Now, this is the part where you say “uh ok”, and this is the part where I explain “DREAMS WERE ALWAYS PROPHETIC IN NORSE MYTHOS” and now you say “oh”. So yeah, Baldur was going to die. Which made zero sense, because he is a god, and thus, biologically immortal (as in, [Shirou voice] only dies if he’s killed, won’t die of old age), so if he was going to die, it meant that someone was plotting to kill him. So Baldur goes to his daddy, Odin, and he’s crying and holding onto his blanket so Odin gets worried, as any father does, and asks “SON, DID YOU GET A BOO BOO, WHAT IS WRONG”, and Baldur explains he’s been dreaming he’s gonna die, and Frigg (his mother, Odin’s wife, the goddess also known as Frea, not to be confused with Freya) is also really sad because she’s also been dreaming that Baldur’s gonna kick the bucket, and in Norse mythos, when TWO whole people have the same dream, that’s basically something that WILL happen. Also, it makes no sense, because everybody loves Baldur, so who the fuck would want him dead? You know what else makes no sense? That Odin seems to forget his piece of shit son Loki exists. WAU.

So, shit, alright, fuck, we gotta deal with this, pronto, and Powermom is here to help. Frigg gets on her soccer mom van and drives at full speed across the Norse world and makes everything promise that they will not harm nor kill Baldur, ever. Notice I said everyTHING and not everyONE. That’s right, fellas, Frigging Frigg talked to absolutely everything in the world and made them promise to not kill Baldur, which was actually pretty easy, because everyone was like “yeah sure man we love Baldur, why would we harm him in the first place, we just want his autograph and his babies”, because if you are hot and nice, the world is yours. So now the whole world promised to not harm Baldur under any circumstance. The whole world, except the mistletoe, because the mistletoe was too young to make promises, so Frigg didn’t make it swear anything aND YOU NO DOUBT KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING. It’s like when I tell you “So SIegfried is invulnerable EXCEPT for a leaf shaped spot on his back” or “Achilles is impervious to all damage EXCEPT in his tendon”, old literature was kinda UNCOUTH AND HEAVY on the foreshadowing, as reading mythology will often tell you.

So Baldur is now literally impervious to all forms of damage, because the world promised not to harm him. So what do you do when you are undamageable? Why, you get shit thrown at you for kicks and giggles! The god damn gods, with Baldur also into it, straight developed this hobby of having B-Boy stand in the middle of the hall while everyone threw spears and arrows and axes and rockets and chairs at him just for a laugh and watch as they all missed or failed to injury him in the slightest because, hey, promises are promises. This is the part where I tell you that Humans Have Always Been Humans, even gods, because if we have the opportunity to do something incredibly stupid like lugging javelins at a dude just to see what happens if we know it won’t hurt him, you damn right know we will. So they gods are getting shitfaced and rowdy with this whole Put The Spear On Baldur game they made up, when Loki, using his Robbie Rotten powers to disguise into an old lady, approaches Fregg, who was having a laugh watching at literally everyone throw sharp shit at her invincible son.


“Oh, you know, the world promised not to harm Baldur, see, so now we are just throwing shit at him, it’s ok”

“Everything promised not to harm him?”

“Well, yeah, everything except the mistletoe, because it’s too young to make promises, but it’ll be alright”


So Loki fucks off and goes to find a mistletoe, naturally. And this one isn’t for kissing, no sir, because Loki somehow sharpens the mistletoe and makes it into a mistlefoe, and fashions a god damn spear out of the mistlefoe because Fuck You He’s Loki And He Can Do That. Now, we all know a good trickster doesn’t get his own hands dirty, so he’s going around with his mistlefoe spear, looking for someone to Do The Deed, when he finds Hod (also known as Hodur), the blind twin brother of Baldur, crying in a corner. 

“Sup B, why you crying”

“Well, everyone is having fun throwing miscellaneous war paraphernalia at my bro and they won’t let me in ‘cause I’m blind as a bat and they are afraid I might hit someone else”

“How Unreasonable Of Them To Not Let The Blind Dude Throw Killthings! I have just the thing for you! I will lend you my spear, so go have a swing at B-Boy”


So Hod, armed with the Mistlefoe Spear, takes a running start and throws that sucker with a smile on his face, rolls a natural 20, and deals the Criticalest of fucking Hits on Baldur, landing the spear SQUARE on his heart. Why were they even AFRAID of this dude missing, the guy was clearly a marksman. Except, this was the mistletoe, so it pierced Baldur’s gorgeous, well oiled pectorals easily, stabbed his heart, and killed him dead. Oops.

Odin was like “??????” and was SO PISSED that he went, had mega sex with the giantess Rindr, gave birth to Vali as soon as they were done, and Vali grew into adulthood after a single day and then killed Hod. Do you ever get SO ANGRY that you go have sex with a giantess just to spawn a kid that immediately becomes a warrior JUST to kill a dude that pissed you off? Odin, you could’ve just HIT HIM yourself, what the fuck.

Well, anyways, so everyone was pretty sad because Cool Guy Had Bad Day and died. Messengers everywhere we doling out the news, women wept, men cried, it was a bad day. It was such a bad day that Hel, ruler of, uh, Hell, was like “aw shucks that kinda sucks?”, and as much as she liked the guy, Hel had a job to do as the rule of the underworld, but she decided to make an exception this one time, but only if the world earned it. Hel grabbed her megaphone and yelled “ALRIGHT KIDS, so I know you are all very sad Baldur’s dead and you want him back, so I am going to make a ONE TIME EXCEPTION, I will let him out of the underworld and revive, only, and ONLY, if everyone in the world cries and weeps for him”.

And everyone was like pffff no biggie, we love that dude, let’s CRY, so they did. Hel’s doing the checklist, like some sort of twisted Santa Klaus, checking who’s crying, and the list is almost full, but then she burrows her brow and drops the list. “Well, I guess Baldur is not coming back to life, that one girl didn’t cry” and everyone was like “WHAT WHO”

So Hel points at the giantess Thokk, whose name literally means “thanks”, ironically enough, and says “she ain’t crying, deal’s off” and she closes the Underworld, presumably to fangirl out to Baldur who lived there now. So everyone’s naturally like “THOKK WHAT THE FUCK” but then Freddy from Scooby Doo is like “Wait, there’s something fishy about this” and removes her face and, What Do You Know, It Was Loki In Disguise. He went and ruined EVERYTHING for EVERYONE again. And I don’t simply mean “he made sure someone everyone loved died and stayed dead”, I mean “Loki got Baldur killed and kickstarted the Ragnarok” because Baldur’s death robbed the world of light, hence why he’s assumed to be the God of Light.

So uh

Good job buddy.

Also, Loki literally had nothing to gain from this. Ragnarok’s also a really bad deal for him. He just… Did it. Because.

So the real message of the Story of Baldur is that one very dedicated asshole can and will ruin things for everyone and everything if left to his own devices.

Stone Cold - Part Eleven

A/N: So this really is just a filler to help transition better to the next part and where I’m going to be heading with this story, So I’m sorry it sucks, but more will be explained in the next few chapters i promise to when those will be out I’m not sure, I’m still really sick and in and out of hospitals, so please bare with me! Enjoy xx

Characters: Jensen, Jared, Reader


Flashbacks are in italics 

March 3rd

Pain, was all you could feel both physically and emotionally. You kept trying to peel your eyes open, but they wouldn’t budge. You could hear lots of beeing, murmured voices, but you just couldn’t move, or see all you could do was listen. Trying to focus all your strength on listening to your surroundings wasn’t work so well, everything sounded distant and muffled.

You could feel people poking and prodding you, liquid running through your veins every now and then. Finally after what felt like forever you felt someone lifting your hand up and take it in there’s, warmth and comfort was all you felt. It was quiet for a long time, you could still feel your hand in theirs, before they raised it, kissing it you assume and let go, leaving you behind.

March 12th

You felt yourself coming back from whatever blackness you were in for a while, a deep sleep you assumed, it must of only been like a day or so since whoever was in your room was there. But you could feel your heart pick up when they came back, this time there was two people on each side of you, both holding your hands.

This time you could hear them speaking “Please, please wake up” You heard the one on your right sob, while the one on your left just kept mumbling “I’m so sorry, this is all my fault” before silence fell again.

They were still there when the person who poked and prodded at you last time came in, doing the same thing as before. Feeling a wave of tiredness rush over you letting the eternal darkness take over again.

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Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Live Reaction *spoilers*
  • “It was always difficult being Harry Potter, and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and a father of three school-age children.”
    • Like honestly so accurate. Free Harry from the MoM 2k16

  • Give me more pain in the ass older brother James Potter please
  • Lily Potter and her favorite Uncle Ron my heart
  • I’m also dying imagining Ron driving a muggle car. “Where’s the invisibility button?” “You don’t want to be invisible on the road, Ron”
  • Lol @ Rose “We’re popular because of our parents, we have the pick of any friends we could want, and now we have to rate everyone before we pick” Albus: *Walks into the first one and sees Scorpius* “I want that one.”
  • *flashbacks to Madam Malkin’s Robe shop where another Potter Malfoy duo met for the first time*
  • Who comes up with that sort of rumor about Draco Malfoy’s son??? No one thinks about Time Turners like the people in this book do is2g.
    • JK Rowling fucking forgot about the Time Turner after book 3 why is it back
  • And like??? Astoria letting such a rumor go on?????? Draco letting people just think that??? What is this
  • Scorpius has Draco’s nose. And his hair. And his name.
    • Kill me
  • “Father-son issues, I have them” I’m dead
  • “Scorpius and Albus look at each other and something passes between them”
    • ITS LOVE
    • Or father issues
  • Omg Albus. Did he never get the broom to work? Is James the qudditch player of the siblings?
    • Also all the kids are like OMG A POTTER and its like Bruh you already had one calm down
    • James Potter’s story is MIA
  • “Draco Malfoy, his robes perfect, his blond ponytail precisely placed”
    • Does Harry roll his eyes at the ponytail at  first then become stupidly attracted to it
    • U know it
    • I’m irrationally angry at this book for killing her
    • DRACO
  • Are Albus and Rose not friends anymore? What?
    • Pushing away from your dad and your cousin what is this Albus
  • “We hate Quidditch” lololol
  • *sighs at the heterosexuality*
  • Polly is a bitch
  • ))))): Albus hating Hogwarts
  • 20 plus years later…and Amos Diggory wants his son back?
    • This plot is so random
    • Maybe I’m just the only person who didn’t care that much about Cedric
    • Like of all people to bring back
    • Cedric?
  • Delphi….is the dumbest character
  • I’ll give you 1 guess as to who made James Potter’s hair pink
    • *cough* Teddy Lupin
    • Edit: apparently it was Ron but it would have been better if it was Teddy, amiright?
  • Ron Weasley would never give anyone a love potion THE END
  • I’m honestly so sad at these interactions between Albus and Harry
  • “The poor orphan who went on to save us all. So may I say– on behalf of wizarding kind– how grateful we are for your heroism. Should we bow now or will a curtsy do?” ALBUS IS SO SASSY AND BITCHY
  • Okay. I will never like that interaction where Harry wishes Albus weren’t his son. It’s wrong and I don’t think Harry would have ever said it in the first place. But I suppose it was a tense moment and it’s not like their relationship was perfect.
    • It’s sort of that stereotypical plot device. Where someone says they hate you and you shout it back even though you don’t mean it.
    • It’s still dumb. Harry Potter would never wish he didn’t have his kids.
  • Also a+ for Ginny for knowing his scar is hurting without him saying it
  • “Have we hugged before? Do we hug?” MY CHILD
    • We need Hug Time. Daily. Hourly.
  • I still don’t know why Albus gives a shit about Cedric Diggory
  • “Look, I am as excited as you are to be a rebel for the first time in my life—yay—train roof—fun”
    • I love Scorpius so much
  • Draco is just trying to protect his son. The fruit of his loins. Who is not Voldemort’s son.
  • Everyone saying Draco is obsessed…like….duh…. People are saying he’s Voldemort’s kid?? I’d be upset too
  • “Nothing scares me. Apart from Mum.” Spiders, Ron Weasley. Spiders.
  • Albus calling Scorpius an ubergeek.
    • Ubergeek
    • Ubergeek
    • Is that what the kids are saying now
  • “Fish doesn’t agree with me”
  • Put Scorpius in a drama program in whatever AUs come of this plz
  • “DRACO (lip curling, every inch his father)”
    • NO
  • “You are a constant curse on my family, Harry Potter”
    • I’m dead
  • Albus kissing his aunt….firmly…………
  • “How to distract Scorpius from difficult emotional issues. Take him to a library.”
    • He means daddy issues
  • “there’s a reason we’re friends, Albus—a reason we found each other”
    • AAAH
  • Harry wetting the bed because he was scared )))))))))))))))):
  • “Scorpius appears at the back of the stage. He looks at his friend talking to a girl—and part of him likes it and part of him doesn’t.”
    • UR WRONG
    • HE’S GAY (OR BI)
  • Albus. Delphi is a 20-something year old. This insistence on liking her is gross.
  • Delphi “They won’t let damage happen to any of the champions” well I mean. Cedric did die. So.
  • We’re okay with making a character Delphi’s age and letting her kiss Albus but god forbid Albus and Scorpius like each other
  • “All I ever wanted to do was go to Hogwarts and have a mate to get up to mayhem with….And I got his son…You’re better. You’re my best friend, Albus.”
    • CRY
    • DUMBLEDORE: See your son for who he is
    • HARRY: *completely ignores anything he knows about his son and decides to just take away his only friend*
    • Harry thinks Scorpius is the bad influence and it’s like totally the opposite way around???
    • The black cloud is your relationship with your son, Harry
  • “Albus looks up at Scorpius and his heart breaks”
  • “Scorpius is left looking up after him. Heartbroken”
    • ME TOO
  • Fuck Harry Potter and his ass in this dimension
  • How does not marrying Ron somehow make Hermione the new Snape?
    • Like doesn’t that really diminish her character
    • And she would not be the DADA professor
    • She’d be history of magic obv
  • “I am his father and so I am here to ask why you would keep apart two good friends”
  • “Keep up, old man” U KNOW EVERYONE LOVES THIS LINE
  • Scorpius being jealous of Delphi OH MAN
  • Scorpius and his imaginary best friend Flurry
  • “You two—you belong together”
    • AHEM
  • Draco calling Ginny by her first name
  • Harry does most of the cooking
  • “I envied you those friendships more than anything else”
    • Draco admitting he envied the Golden Trio
    • Also is there a typo there? I copied it from my book lmao
    • “you those”
    • Fuck
    • Me
    • Up
  • So in this universe did Rita Skeeter essentially write the HP books? Lololololol
  • Scorbus = Two Losers (in Love)
  • “Albus finally gets the upper hand and pins Scorpius to the ground”
    • So does that mean Albus is a top
    • I’m just kidding but still
  • “Because you can’t see beyond the end of your nose.”
  • “I’m still a child of Voldemort, without a mother, giving sympathy to the boy who doesn’t ever give anything back.”
    • Scorpius could probably admit to loving him and Albus would be like “lol love u too bro” smh
    • I’m not crying you’re crying
  • “you’re starting to talk more about you than me again, so probably better to quit while you’re ahead”
    • Scorpius is the character we all deserve
  • Friends?
  • Always.
  • And then Ron and Hermione have sneaky talk about friendships themselves
    • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    • Friendship. Friendship.
    • Friends. It’s a funny word indeed. *eye emoji*
  • “I always did have a soft spot for the Potters. And I was moderately partial to a Malfoy too”
    • Same Myrtle
  • Myrtle: I do like brave boys
    • I desperately wanted Scorpius to reply “Me too”
  • “Hello Harry. Hello Draco. Have you been bad boys again?”
    • Do you think they’re all remembering the duel from HBP because I AM
  • …..I’m really not cool with “Mudblood death camps”
    • Like…………….that’s so insensitive.
    • ://////////////////////////////
  • Lucius opposed Astoria omg
    • That’s like the opposite of every fic ever lmao
  • So there’s a hatch in the back of Snape’s classroom to the Shrieking Shack……..
    • Hmmm
  • “She is full warrior now and it rather suits her” hell yeah
  • “Well, at least I’m not married to him” Snape is savage
  • “Think about those you love, think of why you’re doing this…Think about Albus. You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right?”
    • I’m crying
  • Well Snape is a bit ooc, isn’t he?
    • I imagine people aren’t too happy with the “every inch a hero” description…..
    • I mean I guess it is an AU of its own….hm
  • Casually watches Hermione, Ron, and Snape get their souls sucked out and die 
    • Nbd
    • What the fuck.
  • “And dad. My Dad. Hi. Dad.”
  • “Hello, Scorpius”
    • I love them so much
  • “I thought Harry Potter wasn’t afraid of anything?”
    • Why does this scene remind me of The Lion King
      • Mufasa: “I’m only brave when I have to be. Simba, being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble”
      • Simba: “But you’re not scared of anything”
      • Mufasa: “I was today. I thought I might lose you.”
    • Harry and Albus are Mufasa and Simba and I love it
  • Albus wants to destroy it in a new fun way
    • He really is Harry Potter’s son
  • I love that Ron and Hermione want to get married again but the drunk Ron part is…. Weird
  • Draco and Harry out to find their sons yesss
  • I can’t believe how upset I am that she killed Craig? I love Craig.
  • His weakness is the same as his father’s: friendship
    • Ok but Albus is gay so
  • Scorpius logicing prophesies I am in love
  • Harry not being able to speak Parsletongue after Voldemort’s death always saddened me so I’m glad it made an appearance
  • “Draco walks up to the stage beside Ginny. This is almost a Spartacus moment. There are gasps”
    • Ginny Draco Harry Dream Team
    • Can that be a thing from now on
    • Awkwardly bringing Draco into the Family Fold and him fitting in surprisingly well
  • “Hello Mr. Muggle”
    • Have I told you Scorpius is my favorite yet
  • “Not to question your taste in women, but you fancied…well…”
  • Why does Scorpius know more about Harry Potter than Albus Potter
  • What an important conversation between Harry and Dumbledore
  • Draco wanted to be a quidditch player
    • And Harry beat him there, too
    • I’m so sad
  • Draco isn’t good at small talk, we all know
  • “It is exceptionally lonely, being Draco Malfoy”
  • “Draco looks up at Harry and for the first time…they look at each other as friends”
  • Draco giving up the chance to see Astoria again for his son and Harry’s son!!!!!!!!
    • And the future of the world
    • I’m
  • “As pleasurable as it will be to hide in a hole with you for forty years…”
  • “Still, if I had to choose a companion to be at the return of eternal darkness with, I’d choose you.”
  • “No offense, but I’d choose someone massive and really good at magic”
  • “Malfoy, you may be all chummy chummy with Harry”
    • You bet your ass he is
  • Awkward Malfoy Hugs
    • They need Practice
  • This book made me ship Ginny and Harry and that’s an accomplishment
    • I’m not happy with Harry being Voldemort
    • But he asked Ginny’s permission and wouldn’t have if she hadn’t approved!!
    • Because he realizes how traumatic it will be for her to see Harry as Voldemort
  • Draco Malfoy enjoys being bossed around by Hermione Granger spread the word
    • Scorpius like Dad plz no
  • Everyone watching Voldemort kill James and Lily….. ))))):
  • All that and we get back to the present….and more heterosexuality……. :/
    • It’s like they forgot Rose existed and had to remind everyone that her only reason for existing was for Scorpius to be Straight, too
  • Harry Potter knowing what he said was unforgettable but willing to work on their relationship from them on out
  • Harry Potter being scared of the dark, and small spaces and pigeons
    • Me too

Things I’m most annoyed with:

  • The entire Delphi plot
    • To make up a character just seems…strange since the rest of the play is dealing with characters that are otherwise existent
    • And making her that ~silver haired older woman~ is just weird OC shit
    • also no one cares that much about Cedric Diggory I’m sorry
      • like the only person I’d believe is Cho Chang or Harry 
  • The Heterosexuality
    • Two boys (11-14 years old) grow closer and profess their loyalty and have some seriously confession-style conversations only for it to get harshly interrupted by gross jokes about Albus liking older women and Scorpius liking a girl who has never given him the time of day
    • The queerbaiting in the subtext and the queerbaiting by JK Rowling liking Scorbus tweets………I’m Over It
    • 3 generations of Straights (no, Dumbledore doesn’t count, fuck that) can u believe it
  • Rose Granger-Weasley
    • Turns her back on Albus because…..popularity????????????
    • I thought she’d be way more involved and friends with the boys in a Golden Trio part 2 sort of way but she was barely there
    • I guess they could have made up for it in that last year when she tried to make nice with Albus but he denied her
    • But I don’t really blame him
    • Again, her only existence was to make Scorpius straight
    • She had no other purpose
    • I thought she’d be the fun third in their trio and set them right when they were being dumb but no
    • Delphi was for some damn reason

Overall rating: 6/10

Fun while it existed in its own bubble, still very annoyed w/ the above listed things. I think the characters were handled surprisingly well, but they of course had their moments when it felt OOC (it’s 19+ years later and it’s not written by JK, so.) The plot is over-dramatic and could have been avoided entirely but I imagine it’s better on stage than written down, though I think the dialogue is great. I quoted it many times. Still don’t think of it as canon but I’m sure there will be certain aspects that I see sneaking into fanfiction from here on out that includes CC stuff because some of it was p good.

Conclusion: someone go re-write this. Re-write it better. Send me a link. Make it Scorbus. Thank you and goodnight.

A Christmas House - Tree


Thank you to @loveinpanem for Hosting this event. Thank you to my beta @dandelion-sunset this is the chapter that needed the most TLC and because of your dedication, it came together. Lastly to @akai-echo this morning I awoke to find Santa brought the most delicious banner! I ❤U!!

Ch11 Tree

-2016, Age 24, Saturday, February 13th -

Valentines weekend was like a nail in the coffin. Katniss sat at her desk, her forehead pasted to her desk. She looked and felt like hell.

“Catnip, I’m going to that resort.” Gale stubbornly stood in front of her.

“What are you going to do, those two deserve each other.” Katniss sat back in her chair, exhausted.

It was her first day back at work. She was getting over bronchitis. All she wanted to do was get the conference call, Finnick demanded she be in the office for, over so that she could go home and forget people existed.

Katniss was in no mood to deal with Peeta or Madge and their delusional relationship. It was plain and simple by the way Peeta ran out of her office during Christmas that he didn’t want her. He wanted Madge. Apparently so did Gale. Madge was the girl Gale was shtupping.

“And you’re going to come with me.” Gale grabbed her hand and hauled her over his shoulders.

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