they cray


The first pic is drawn by Shiru! I drew the rest…

This world is run by meters… There was a feels meter… :) EGAO

navanikholin asked:

help one of my friends just started the way of kings and she says szeth is her fave how do i take care of her

Whoa that’s a new niche. My suggestion? When she’s about halfway through the book, go up to her and solemnly give her a rock without saying a word. If she asks a question just look really haunted and scurry away.

(alternatively the old ‘pile of blankets and homemade cookies’ is probably going to be necessary at some point)

ashipsguidingstar asked:

Annnn, what do you think are the chances that Zelena isn't even really pregnant?

A solid 50/50 rn.

I mean, one one hand, she is totally the cray-cray type to fake a pregnancy to trap a man.

On the other hand, this is Once Upon a Time, the show that is never happier than when giving some poor child the worst parentage/start to life possible.

(Though if spoiler pics are any indication, which they aren’t necessarily, OQ is together through the remaining eps so that kinda tips me towards faking.)

why was everyone so mad at Annie in the plane scene of bridesmaids its that fucking Hellen who gave her the pills that got her all cray

anonymous asked:

Jesus, I don't even know what to make of this show and these fucking twists anymore. I'm not an OQ shipper and even I'm enraged by this pregnancy crap. I've never been this worked up over hating the direction of a show I love, especially if the speculation about Emma going dark and the show leaving the season on a cliffhanger is true. Ugh :(

My only thought is maybe she’s making it up? Zelena is a lying liar who lies. But yeah. I’m was stunned to say the least. Did OQ need any ANOTHER obstcle? Isn’t cray cray Zelena enough? I feel bad for the OQ shippers. :(