they couldn't even end up as best friends

...and Always

Alright part to of “Forever…” is here! I couldn’t help myself, I’m so sorry. Here goes. 

Words: 1344

Triggers: Character Death


“Alright here ya go. All the boxes are in the house, now you just have to unpack,” Aaron told me, dropping the keys into my hands. “Good luck.”

“Thanks for everything Aaron!” I called as he got into his car and drove away. I waved and then walked up and unlocked my new front door.

All of the sudden I was picked up bridal style.

“Thomas! What are you doing?” I shrieked as I heard his deep laugh.

“We’re moving into our new home so I have to carry my future wife across the threshold!”


You and Thomas had met two years after you moved to Spain. You had come back for the summer and had decided to move to Paris in the fall. You wanted to start as a world history major, so all of the traveling was good for you.

You two first meet here in the states, just briefly before you moved. Then you bumped into each other again in Paris.

You became friends, started dating, and then the two of you were engaged to be married in November after you return home.

Everything had gotten easier in your life. There was still some pain in your heart after leaving, but meeting Thomas had eased your heart.

Now the two of you were getting your new start. You were getting married in three months and you had never been happier.


“Excuse me is anyone here? I have an appointment with a tailor for a wedding dress?” you called into the seemingly empty stores.

“Yes just a minute!” you heard a voice call. Heavy footsteps came running down the stairs.


“Hello Hercules,” you said as you turned to him.

“Oh my gosh. You’re back,” he told you. He had a sad look on his face. “How are you?”

“I’m good. I’m great actually. How are you?” you asked him genuinely wanting know.

“I’m good. It’s really great to see you. I just want to say, before you stop me, that I’m really sorry about everything that happened. I know that we really hurt you. I guess I didn’t see it coming until it was too late. And then you were gone. Could you ever forgive me?”

He looked like he was going to cry. You felt like you were. You nodded.

“Of course Herc the Merc.” He laughed at the old nickname and wrapped you in a hug.

“Thank you so much Y/N. It means a lot. I’ve missed you. I know everyone else has too. Would you like to see them?”

You broke from the hug.

“Yeah that sounds… really nice. Can you get away?” you asked. He nodded and whipped out his phone and texted everyone.

“Alright let’s get you ready. Today we are tailoring… a wedding dress?” He exclaimed, fairly shocked. You blushed.

“Uh yes. I am getting married.”

“To whom?”


“JEFFERSON! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED TO JEFFERSON?” Alexander shouted. You flinched.

You told your entire story to Hercules as he was taking your measurements. He told you how Alexander and Thomas didn’t get along, so you were expecting this. You had all made up, hugs passed around, tears being shed.

“Yes Alexander I am. I don’t know why this is such a big deal to you,” you stated calmly. You accepted congratulations from John and the sisters.

Alex sat back down with a pout, grumbling a slight sorry.

“Congratulations Y/N. May I share some news as well?” Lafayette asked.

“Thank you Laf. And yes go right ahead,” you told him smiling. You didn’t have any feeling for him anymore, so you were hoping that he had moved on to someone who wasn’t Jo.

“Well since you announced your engagement, I’m going to announce mine. I asked Adrienne to marry me. She said yes,” He told you. Everyone started cheering and a huge grin broke out on your face.

You gave him a big hug.

“Congrats Laf! I’m so happy for you!”

Everyone passed around their congratulations and warm wishes. Alexander was still fuming in the corner, but Eliza got him to sit up at least.

Your heart felt warmer than ever. You had your friends back, even though there was still a bit of tension in the air, and a wonderful man to wake up next to for the rest of your life.


“I’m glad that you made up with everyone my sweet. Although I did meet that Alexander Hamilton guy. He isn’t my type,” Thomas told you. You laughed and kissed him on his check.

“Well don’t worry about him. Now what did James say about being your best man?” You asked him with a giant grin on your face.

“He said yes.”

You squealed. “Oh that’s so great! Dolley said yes to becoming my maid of honor as well!”

Thomas smiled and pulled you into a giant hug, giving you a warm kiss on the lips.

“I love you so much Thomas.”

“I love you too my angel. Always.”

“Forever and always,” you replied.

You paused.

“Can we invite Hercules and the others to the wedding?”



Everything was going nicely. Hercules had tailored you a beautiful wedding dress and everyone decided that they would come to your wedding.

Eliza was forcing Alexander to show up.

When you were finally able to meet Adrienne she was one of the nicest people that you had ever meet. The two of you stayed up for hours talking, and she was also going to be one of your bridesmaids.

“Adrienne I have to confess to you that I was once in love with Laf, before I moved to Spain. I just thought that you should know, just in case this changes something about our friendship,” you told her as the two of you were having lunch together.

“I suspected. I know that Lafayette was once in love with you too. But I know that neither of you have feelings for the other anymore. I can see the way that you look at Thomas, like he’s the only one in the room. He looks at you the same way,” she told you, giving you one of her best smiles.

“Yeah. I can see that in the way that Lafayette looks at you.”

The two of you smiled, and continued chatting. After a while you left to go meet the boys in the park. You threw away all of your trash and walked out of the small coffee shop.

You started to cross the street, lost in your thoughts about everything that had just happened and will be happening.

You heard Adrienne scream.


Then darkness.

“Today we are here to honor the memory of Miss Y/N who was killed three days ago in a hit and run. We have two men here who would like to say something in her memory. Mr. Jefferson would you like to start?”

The entire audience was silent except for the soft sounds of crying. Thomas wiped his tears away and walked up to the podium.

“Y/N was the love of my life. I loved her more than anything in the entire world. We went through a lot of problems together, and I will never forget her, never move on. She was one of the nicest people and sacrificed a lot for others. But she was also one of the strongest. She went through a lot of stuff but she fought through it. She was my rock and I’m always going to love her. Always.”

“Mr. Lafayette?”

Tears were falling even faster now.

“Y/N was my best friend. I hate to say that there was a time that we stopped being best friends, because I ended up pushing her to the side. I regret everything about that year, and I wish that I could go back and make it all better. Because if I didn’t push her away that year, maybe she wouldn’t have left and we wouldn’t be sitting here today. Y/N you will always be my best friend. Always.”


“Yeah, forever and always.”

How to win Matteo Balsano over

I both blame and thank @ac-ars for this fic, because she gave me the idea and really, it’s all her fault. This is for the squad! (Please don’t kill me when you finished reading.)

In this moment, Luna hated three things and she found it impossible to decide which one she blamed more for her current miserable situation. The universe for not giving her a rest at least once in her life, Nina for dragging her along into the school’s magazine team or herself for agreeing to do this.

By this, she meant talking to Matteo Balsano. Voluntarily, and writing an article about it afterwards. The topic all the other girls longed for: what a boy like Matteo looked for in a girl. Seriously, what did they even think? That passing a simple checklist would immediately get them into a relationship with him?

As if having a normal conversation with him wasn’t bad enough, where he was so full of himself and never stopped calling her chica delivery and sometimes he turned out to be not much of a chico fresa anymore and then his smile did weird things to her stomach. No, she had to endure what with no doubt would become the most embarrassing interview of her life.

After thinking this over for the fifth time now, Luna gathered the courage to walk into the Jam&Roller, knowing he’d be sitting there with Gastón. Interviewing him outside of school hopefully saved her from all those curious classmates – in case she managed to walk up to his table. Before she could change her mind one last time, however, he discovered her. Within seconds, his special smirk showed up. “Well, look at you, chica delivery! Are you stalking me again?” Was it too early to spill his milkshake over his shirt?

“Matteo, just so you know, I am not stalking you. In fact, I’d rather be drowning in a pool instead.” The grin faded while he clasped his hands in front of his chest, looking somewhat hurt. “Ouch, so harsh today, chica delivery. But still, you’re here. And I hate to disappoint you, but I’m about to be interviewed. That’s just how famous the king of the rink is. If you want, I can sign your notebook afterwards, though?”

Helpless, Luna glanced at Gastón, who in turn smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. “Actually”, Luna replied, “I am the unlucky one to interview you.” As soon as the words left her mouth, Gastón jumped up, patting Matteo’s arm: “Then I’ll leave you two alone. There’s this documentation about the moon I still need to watch. See you later!”

“A documentation about the moon?”, she repeated, sitting down opposite to Matteo. “Don’t listen to him, he’s in his funny mood again. But since you’re the reporter now… Tell me, what do my beloved fans want to know?”

Promptly, her cheeks turned bright red and returning his look became out of the question. Maybe the air conditioning stopped working? In any case, she was sure her body temperature sky-rocketed. “Hey, Luna.” Matteo brought her back to reality, softly touching her hand, “We don’t need to do this if you don’t want to.”

“I’m good”, she spilled out way too fast to be convincing. Him being nice out of a sudden just made it worse. This whole article was humiliating and she hated everyone and everything and… “Okay. I promise, you can ask me anything. I won’t laugh.”

Luna searched his eyes for a sign he didn’t mean it, a sign he was joking as usual. All she found was warmth and a depth in this brown she never noticed before.

“They want to know what you like in girls.” The words stumbled out of her mouth too quickly, so Matteo leaned forwards and tried to process the pieces he understood. Next thing, it clicked and his eyes widened in surprise. The corners of his lips twitched, indicating how hard he held back a laugh. “Wow, now I see why you’re so nervous. Seriously, that’s why you’re supposed to interview me?” Unsure how to react, Luna focused on the scratches on the table.

“Well, this is an interesting question… you know, I’ve been to Mexico once and there must be something in the air cause the girls are so short, but they’re kinda my type. Oh, and if they will deliver everything I want, I won’t be disappointed either. What else? I want to be swept off my feet when we meet for the first time.”

Of course he turned this into a huge joke. She felt too mad to be blinded by the 100-watt-smile he gave her. “Really, Matteo? I need to somehow form this into a decent article and I can’t when you don’t even try… Please.” With a look that rested on her for a little too long, he sighed. After a minute without an attempt to finally answer her question, she let out a single “What?”, loaded with frustration.

At once, he smiled again. “Shouldn’t you open your notebook to, like, take notes or something?” Without a comment, she took her pen and glimpsed in his direction. “Let’s get that over with.”

Matteo got closer, so the smell of his perfume lingered in her nose. Focus, Luna. “Alright. This might surprise you, but there’s not a lot to say. I want someone who is kind, who will be a best friend for me and who doesn’t always put her needs before others. I want to laugh with her and talk for hours. And I love it when she fights for what she wants.” For a moment, he got lost in his own thoughts, Luna figured. A little smile brightened up his face. “Skating too. I mean, it’s awesome to skate with someone you like.”

Did he wink at her? Or was she hallucinating? In no way could she tell, too busy with scribbling down his every word.

When she finished, and he remained silent, she lifted her head. “So, that’s it?” He nodded, still not letting his gaze leave her. “You know these answers are pretty vague, right?”

Another grin. Something must have been in his shake. “That’s not my problem. Anyway, I’m not interested in any of the girls who will read that article. Or boys. Wait, why are you packing your bag? Don’t you want to take some pictures of me?”

Luna paused for a second. Then it was her who giggled. “No need to. The girls already have way too many of you.” Seeing the way his jaw dropped, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter. For the first time around her, he was speechless. To be honest, it felt satisfying. “What? Still want to make a joke about how you have fans? Or how I’m the one stalking you?”

Nervous, he ran his fingers through his hair. “I think this might not have been a good idea.” “That makes us two”, Luna commented, grabbing her bag.

“Hey, you’re really already leaving?”, Matteo wanted to know. A hint of desperation filled his voice that Luna couldn’t quite understand. Hastily, he added, “I thought we could have a milkshake, it’d be on me, of course?”

“That’s nice and all, but I really want to get that article done. Thanks for letting me interview you though. See you in school, I guess?” With that, she left, not noticing the sadness darkening his expressions.

Only later, when she sat down at her desk and skimmed her notes, Luna wondered if she missed a crucial piece of information. If, after all, he said those things about Mexico and what sounded like their first meeting for a reason.

But in no parallel universe was he possibly describing her as everything he looked for in a girlfriend? Right?


From start to finish.
“I seriously recommend falling in love with your best friend.”

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in the trash family AU, do Anakin and Padme have a second wedding/vow renewal thing after the Empire's been taken care of? to make up for their first secret ceremony that their friends & family couldn't attend. What I'm getting at is: does Padme smash cake in Anakin's face? Does Obi-Wan give a best man speech filled with embarrassing stories about Anakin? And most importantly, does Han somehow and completely on accident end up catching the bouquet?


I’d never thought about this before but it’s actually wonderful and needs to happen and and and

OKAY. It’s not an official wedding, with assigned seating and guests and cake and pretty dresses. It’s not even semi-planned as a wedding, and Padme scoops up wildflowers from one of the big bushes surrounding the Ewoks’ treehouses and they never had rings to begin with but at one point they made rings from old scrap during their Rebellion Days, in secret, just for kicks, and Ankin’s like NOW WE CAN OFFICIALLY EXCHANGE RINGS! even though “officially” means “with Obi-Wan and our kids and a bunch of half-drunk Rebels and Ahsoka and we don’t even care that there are Ewoks everywhere because we’re so happy, and Anakin’s still recovering from their stint on the death star and Leia’s arm is wrapped in a bandage and it is so impromptu, but they get down on their knees and perform the ceremony the way they would on Tatooine, by putting their hands over each others’ and tying the sash from around Padme’s waist over their wrists and literally they don’t even have an officiator they just renew their vows and have Luke and Leia tie the sash around their wrists and there is lots and lots of dancing.

I’m not sure what traditions there are in the sw verse re: bouquets and weddings in general and I’ve not had enough time to think about specific tatooine vs naboo wedding rituals yet, (or, hell, even alderaanian vs corellian wedding rituals, I just took the easy way out and had them elope) but I can imagine there being lots of dancing and at one point Padme shoves the wildflowers into Han’s hands because he’s standing there conveniently and she needs to put them somewhere so she has full use of her hands, and he’s really exhausted so he just accepts this and stands there watching everyone dancing without realizing that he’s holding Padme’s bouquet until Leia pops up at his side like “getting married, flyboy?” and he’s like “wha’?” and she laughs and plucks the bouquet out of his hands without a second thought and tells him he looks utterly ridiculous and would he like to dance, yes, I know we’re both about to fall over from exhaustion but I’d rather fall over together in the middle of everything than fall over here in the corner, wouldn’t you? And Han’s just sort of like “yeah, sure, I -” and then it fully really registers what she said and what he was holding and he’s kind of like oh okay. And can’t stop thinking about the possibility for the rest of the night.

(also Anakin and Padme totally go from dancing to cheerfully necking behind one of the trees to celebrate their “official” marriage because they’re apparently still teenagers and Luke’s like NO, MOM AND DAD, and Leia laughs and laughs and laughs and then winks at Luke and drags Han away with her and Luke’s like “this is literally ridiculous, my entire family is made of randy jerks, Wedge please give me another drink”)

(this is so incoherent but I can’t write anything eloquent today so yeah)

Oh, and yeah, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka defintely tell 934573094 embarassing “your secret marriage was like the least secret thing in the universe” stories

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Pre-serum Steve was so in love with his best (only) friend, but homosexuality wasn't really accepted to Bucky (regretfully) told Steve he could never like him like that (even though it's a lie, but /someone/ has to take care of Steve). So Steve eventually learned to bury those feelings and ended up crushing on Peggy, which only made Bucky hate himself even more. When he finally got those memories of being in love wiped, Bucky felt so much relief - but he couldn't figure why he felt so relieved.