they could've had it all man


TMK 3x09 spoilers:

-regent Treville 😍
-wow Anne, petty much. It’s not that they hate you, it’s what’s best for France.
-fucking Aramis and Anne
-Treville would’ve been a brilliant regent
-Can we please talk about that last Porthos and Treville scene where Porthos realizes he’s going to lose Treville and Treville being the man of honour that he is just nods his head in acknowledgement and does his duty. 

-moral of the story: listen to fucking Treville

-will someone please point me in the way of Treville centric fic. I need something to wash out the bad taste of this episode.

Imagine, though, if Tony had recruited Kamala Khan instead of Peter Parker.

Taking selfies with everyone on both sides, asking Cap for his autograph in the middle of the fight, asking Rhody if he knows Captain Marvel because Air Force, right?

And then, when Ant-Man goes giant, she says “I can do that too!”

So you get giant-size Ant-Man and giant-size Ms. Marvel, like, swinging airplanes at each other while geeking out about the fact that they can both embiggen.