they could've had it all man

  • Damian Wayne: Why have I got this blanket? The-They keep putting this blanket on me.
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Yeah, it's for shock.
  • Damian Wayne: I'm not in shock.
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Yeah, but some of the guys want to take photographs.
  • Damian Wayne: So, the shooter, no sign?
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Cleared off before we got here. But a guy like that would have had enemies, I suppose. One of them could've been following him, but... Got nothing to go on.
  • Damian Wayne: Oh, I wouldn't say that.
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Okay. Give me.
  • Damian Wayne: The bullet they just dug out of the wall's from a handgun. A kill shot over that distance, from that kind of a weapon, that's a crack shot you're looking for. But not just a marksman, a fighter. His hands couldn't have shaken at all, so clearly he's acclimatised to violence. He didn't fire until I was in immediate danger, though, so strong moral principle. You're looking for a man probably with a history of military service and- [spots Jason Todd] Nerves of steel... [pauses] Actually, do you know what? Ignore me.
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Sorry?
  • Damian Wayne: Ignore all of that. It's just the, er... The shock talking. [gets up and starts walking away]
  • Commissioner James Gordon: Where are you going?
  • Damian Wayne: I just need to... Talk about the- The rent.
  • Commissioner James Gordon: I've still got questions...
  • Damian Wayne: Oh, what now? I- I'm in shock, look, I've got a blanket.
Nuka World: Companions We Could've Had
  • Oswald: the glowing ghoul magician
  • Cito: the wild man raised by gorillas
  • Dixie: the bloodthirsty girl from the Disciples
  • Lizzie: the mastermind inventor from the Operators
  • Who we got: Eyepatch McMohawk Porter Gage who saw his family got hurt and thought it was a good idea to be a raider at age 12

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also like... was it really attempted murder? tony has missiles. He could've ended that fight in less than two seconds, and he didn't. the mk3 had guided bullet things. he was in like the mk 56 or something. forgive me if i'm wrong but the only real major damage he did to either of them was blow off the arm and that was after bucky tried to take the reactor? so?????????

I fucking love you anon because for some reason the majority of people on all sides of the fandom don’t seem to…understand…words…so I’m just going to give my side on things.

It’s a fact that the coordinator for that fight for Iron Man said that he specifically made it so that Iron Man was going easy on them, because, uh, yeah there is no contest Iron Man wins every time. But at the same time the directors said that Tony was trying to kill Bucky (but, uh, that’s just so people don’t hate Steve for straddling tony and breaking the arc reactor after he lied.) So what, using all our critical analysis skills, can we deduce what happened? 

Tony Stark suffered a psychotic break. 

He didn’t consider the vast array of weapons that he has in his arsenal because he didn’t consider anything. This is why people piss me off when they say “cold-blooded murder” when talking about this incident because, well, holy shit dude read this:

No, not every murder is called a ‘cold blooded murder’. There is a difference.

When you kill someone in the heat of moment, or in a fit of rage, or when you’re out of your mind, or when your emotions are all blazing up inside and you explode in a murderous outburst, you won’t be called a cold blooded murderer. It was impulsive. Probably, you were not fully conscious about your actions and it’s consequences at that moment. Probably, you might regret later and feel sorry for the person you killed.

Such an act would be called a Crime of Passion. There is no phrase as a 'hot blooded murder’.

On the other hand, when you deliberately kill someone by carefully plotting the murder, and are not driven by any sudden impulse or outbursts at the time of committing it, such a murder would be called a 'cold blooded murder’. It was premeditated. You have thoroughly calculated the act and have carried it out in a completely unfeeling manner,while fully aware of the nature of your actions and it’s consequences. It was calmly deliberate rather than ruthlessly impulsive, and you are highly unlikely to feel any remorse later on.

See, the thing is Tony is clearly the first type described, and, uh, Bucky when he killed the Starks? He’s the second. The only cold-blooded murderer here is Bucky. The thing is though, that Bucky is not naturally a cold-blooded murderer, he was tortured into it. When Bucky said “I remember all of them”? The directors (or sebastian Stan I can’t remember) confirmed he’s lying, there is no way he remembers them after all the mind + blender bullshit he’s had to go through. So, a more accurate statement would the the winter soldier is a cold-blooded murderer. 

And that is who Tony attacked. The winter soldier. A cold. Blooded. Murderer.

“Tony knew Bucky was brainwashed!”

Welcome to the most childish thing ever. Tony knew vaguely that Bucky Barnes was coerced into being the winter soldier. But how the fuck is he supposed to know that the man he’s facing off right then is Bucky? How the fuck is he supposed to trust that the man who murdered his family (the winter soldier) shares the same mind as the war hero (bucky). HIS ONLY interaction with Bucky was when Bucky was triggered and went on a murder spree to get out of the UN. So he knows for a fact that the winter soldier is still in there. The only evidence that Bucky is there too, and it’s not just the winter soldier? Steve’s word. And as we find out, Steve’s word is worth shit.

Sam himself said “I don’t think he’s the kind you save. I think he’s the kind you stop.”

Hey, you know who had the same amount of knowledge of Bucky’s brainwashing as Tony had? T’Challa. And what did T’Challa do? Hunh. Weird.

To me it’s very clear that Tony suffered a psychotic break because Tony Stark, Tony fucking Stark, is thinking thirty steps ahead from everyone else. That’s what Ultron was, that’s what the accords were. He was doing everything he possibly could to keep the avengers together, to get Steve to sign the accords. He was anxious and driven and wanted it so bad. That’s what they reference when they say that Tony was acting irrational in civil war, his need to get people to agree with the accords.

So tell me, why, the ever-loving fuck would Tony jeopardize the one thing he was fighting for the entire movie? Tony would sacrifice anything to keep the avengers together and then he just throws it all away for a “petty” reason? Uh, it’s because he didn’t have a fucking choice. It’s because he had a psychotic break.

If Tony had “controlled” himself he could have had Steve and Bucky on his side. He could have Steve explain himself to the UN. He could have all the proof and evidence and “just cause” he could want, and yet! he still fights them.

Because he had no control over himself.

And, um, it wasn’t because of his fucking PTSD(this is my huge pet peeve with tony fans, thinking his PTSD is the reason he reacted that way instead of basic common sense holy fuck guys c’mon). Perfectly mentally healthy individuals who are exposed to trauma can suffer psychotic breaks. And watching your family get murdered? Is fucking traumatic. I can’t- how fucked up is this fandom?

Tony suffered a psychotic break and lashed out at a cold-blooded murderer. The only other reaction that makes sense is if he broke down into sobs, and considering that would mean the mcu letting their super manly men cry that was never going to happen.

Tony shouldn’t have tried to kill Bucky but Bucky shouldn’t have killed Tony’s fucking family. But there were extenuating circumstances. You have to prove mens rea for a reason assholes oh my god. 

Anyways! There is no version of events where Tony could “control himself” you sick freaks. The sheer scope of the lack of compassion it takes for a person to think that is fucking disgusting and this fandom continues to prove itself to be fucking awful.

tldr does hearing me call bucky a cold blooded murderer offend you? Get over it you babies. Oh, and also, welcome to my fucking world.

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look I love Jake I feel he got so much undeserved hate, but then i think about how we could've 17 year old Hayden playing Anakin since TPM and i feel all kinds of stuff lmao

oh man…………that really would’ve been something

tpm filmed in 1997 and you know what hayden was doing in 1997? being in two episodes of goosebumps and looking like a 12 year old they really could’ve had anakin be 12 and have 1997 hayden play him even tho he was actually 16/17

Robin!Steph: Enough


Bruce narrowed his eyes at Stephanie. It was their fifth night out together, and they still couldn’t figure out how to work with each other. But… this was new. This was the first time she refused him like this. Like he was wrong, and she had statistics to back it up.


“No. You walk through that door and I’m not gunna be here waitin’ for you to come back out. I will not be left behind because you think I’ll hold you back-”

“You aren’t yet skilled enou-”

“Stop.” She cut him off, took a deep breath.

“I get that I’m not Tim,” he held back a wince, and Stephanie pushed on, eyeing him like she knew he’d done it. “But you don’t get to devalue me ‘cause I’m not someone else. Because it’s never been like that. I’m not meant to be my predecessor, right? Because Robins aren’t replaceable. I’m not supposed to be Tim’s Robin. I’m meant to change Robin to fit me.”

Stephanie was staring at him now. Intensely, straight on, like she was putting every ounce of emotion she had into her words. All of the pain, the anger, the longing and the the insecurity, but mostly the limitless determination.

Bruce thought she probably was.

“I’m not Tim’s replacement. I’m me. And you can’t leave me out here. Got that, Bats?”

She forced him to meet her eyes, and neither of them spoke for a minute.

“Got it?”

He looked at her, took everything in, and nodded. “Come on, Robin.”

Spider-Man Homecoming AU where it's the same but instead of a movie, it's a Netflix Marvel series
  • Peter: *gets bit by the spider*
  • /
  • /
  • Burglar: Come on, man, it wasn't like that! He had the gun on me! I was protecting myself!
  • Peter: Liar-
  • Burglar: I was just trying to protect my friend! He was the one trying to rob us! Come on, dude, I have kids to feed!
  • Peter: *has a moral crisis when he realizes that criminals aren't clear-cut and that everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do*
  • /
  • /
  • Michelle: Peter, I know you have to track down the Vulture but I need your help with something.
  • Peter: it really that important?
  • Michelle: YES! The fate of New York City depends on us now!
  • Peter: Alright, alright, what's this about?
  • Michelle: Okay...have you heard of an organization known as the Hand?
  • /
  • /
  • Peter: Will you go to Homecoming with me?
  • Liz: Um...yeah. Definitely.
  • Peter: Oh...awesome!
  • Liz: But you know, we don't have to wait until Homecoming to hang out?
  • Peter: What do you mean by that?
  • Liz: *smiles*
  • *cut to Peter's bedroom where Liz and Pete are doing it, Jessica Jones-Luke Cage style*
  • /
  • /
  • *May finds out about Peter's secret identity*
  • May: You're the Spider-Man! I can't believe this! All this time, you've lied to me-
  • Peter: I did it to protect you and everyone around me-
  • May: All this time, you could've died! And I wouldn't have known about it! You should've just told me from the start!
  • Peter: ...I'm sorry, May. But I need to keep doing this. My city needs me.
  • /
  • /
  • Vulture: *goes into deep backstory that helps the audience sympathize with him*
  • Vulture: *does something incredibly awful five minutes later, making the audience lose any sympathy we may have had for him*
  • /
  • /
  • *Episode 13, season finale*
  • Happy: Peter, before you go out, Tony said you should use this.
  • *reveals the Spider-Man suit for the first time in the show*
  • Peter: more rags then.
  • Happy: Hey, you're NYC's newest defender. You're gonna need this.

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What if Optimus stayed all evil and brainwashed and took Cade away? Think of all the saucy and little dark stuff that could've happened with a possessive Optimus and a Cade that's willing to do ANYTHING to try and get him back to normal.

Originally posted by reviewreactions

Not gonna lie, earlier today I thought to myself, “Man…I sure would like to see a fic or something in which Quintessa succeeds and the humans die/become slaves and she rewards Prime with a pet…”

Of course that pet is Cade, and of course she allows Prime to become his normal self just long enough for him to see all the “good” work that he had done before switching him back into Nemesis mode again…

SHIT. I’m sorry guys don’t worry I’ll give myself a timeout and a spanking for that terrible thing I just wrote HAHAHA

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okay but when lotor did the math and killed narti, do you think he knew she was being used by haggar or he just straight out assumed she was willingly spying on them and thus became extra mad? I mean, he did l o s e it then, didn't he? but does it make a difference, because he could've handled it better... it's all so rushed. it's just so problematic. and then cova is just there next to narti and i died??? oh man, i wish i had it in me to hate lotor

he did lose it and i,, can’t be sure whether that was because of narti’s “betrayal” or the sole fact that he was being spied on. we did see him lose his composture and lash out at haggar in season 3. either way he was clearly emotional, but lotor isn’t the type to act first and think later. he wouldn’t have outright killed one of his most trusted people if there was a chance they could be saved, and there’s even a possibility he picked narti to come with him in order to confirm his suspicions. 

i’m just. im. very emo about lotor

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Im a waitress and just had the worst table i've ever had. like i was crying bad. can you write bartender Hanzo getting rudely yelled at by a customer for stupid minuscule mistakes the bar owner jesse coming to the rescue and ripping the customer a new one before kicking him out, and of course Hanzo is all like i could've handled it then Jesse asks him on a date

I aim to please.

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👏🏽go off👏🏽 rant about Lance - Sokka comparisons. 👏🏽 point out the parallels for Lance - Korra 👏🏽

*cracks knuckles* man if i had the patience i would like rewatch all of these shows and make like a 500-slide power point but i guess i’ll just settle for disorganized rambling. (this is gonna be long i’m sorry)

first of all, re: lance and sokka comparisons … i don’t think they’re Bad, per se, but i think the way the fandom goes about comparing them is eehhhh not great.

like i get people making comparisons between vld characters and atla/tlok characters since you know, same writers and all, but i get a lil tired of like “[vld character] is space [atla/tlok character]” because i feel like it tends to kinda reduce one/both character to just like One Personality Trait.

with lance and sokka in particular, i feel like when people compare them, they tend to reduce them both to the Funny Guy which, in my opinion, isn’t giving either of them the credit they deserve––since they’re both characters with a lot more to them than that.

and the thing is, there are interesting parallels between lance and sokka!! for example, they both go through that “i’m not an important part of the team phase”. i also think of them as being very good strategists; sokka is usually the one with a plan, pulling out maps and battle plans and whatnot … and from what we’ve seen (especially in that one balmera ep) lance is good at that kinda thing too! 

and yes they are both often there to provide comic relief but i think of their humor being quite different?? the thing about sokka is, i feel like he’s often funny without meaning to be––he’s often kinda … grumpy?? since he’s the oldest in the gaang (up until zuko joins them anyway) he’s often trying to be the Leader and remind everyone that This Is Serious. and a lot of his humor comes out of sarcasm and kinda deadpan/snarky comments. whereas, lance is kinda the complete opposite in that regard, in that usually his humor comes from trying to make light of serious situations, a sort of whistling-in-the-dark kinda thing. 

tl;dr i do think there are cool parallels between them but people kinda overlook that and sort of reduce it to “they are both funny™” 

as for lance and korra well!!! it’s a bit tricky since there’s Something about them that i find very similar but i have difficulty putting it into words. and i feel like i don’t often see people comparing them, but there’s some cool stuff to explore there.

korra may tend to be a lot more serious than lance generally is, but there’s something about their attitudes/personalities that i find comparable. i think the main thing for me is that they’re both very determined to prove themselves.

building off that, both of them really dislike being underestimated and/or one-upped. we see from the way lance is treated at the garrison that iverson (and probably other authority figures) have made a point of telling him he’s only in fighter class because keith dropped out (instead of, you know, based on all the hard work he must have done). similarly, we see korra go through a TON of people questioning her ability, saying she’s a “half-baked avatar” and the like. 

as a result, both of them have a kind of competitive, up-in-arms attitude when it comes to people doubting them. they both have a lot of confidence, and deservingly so, but they both deal with a lot of insecurity as well––i.e. lance doubting his essentiality to team voltron (as mentioned earlier), korra worrying she’s not a good enough avatar, etc. … and those both seem to stem from others underestimating them. 

anyway, all three of them are bisexual. 



protection | john shelby

john is protective over his wife and kids, one day they get threatened and john beats the guy up

send requests here and prompt list is here

Originally posted by thepeakywalkers

“I don’t need following everywhere.” I said as John followed quickly behind me and the kids. “I’m only taking them to the park.”

“Y/N I told you, there are people after us,” He muttered in your ear, not wanting the kids to overhear. 

“No John, there after you, Arthur and Tommy. Nothing to do with me,” You stopped in the middle of the street and turned to him. “Look, we will be okay. You need to get back to work." 

"I can’t just leave - " 

"Yes you can.” You interrupted. You grabbed his shirt gently and rubbed your hand up and down. “Nothing will happen, stop fretting." 

John’s protectiveness was a curse and blessing. He took it to a new level, like today, and worried about you even going to the shop. You could understand this, they were in a dangerous business and the men they had dealt with in the past often used you as a way to make John weak. They never physically touched you, but people around Small Heath knew that the way to get to John was to bring me and the kids into it. 

"If you feel like anyone is watching you then leave. Come to the betting shop straight away, all right?”

 "Yes, I promise.“ You lean up and gave John a quick kiss, ignoring the gagging noises that were coming from the kids. "I’ll be back before dark." 

John nodded, gave the kids a hug and a kiss before walking back to betting shop. 

"Come on then, maybe you’ll get ice cream later if the weather stays nice.” You smiled.  

You were sat on the swing, swaying slightly, watching the kids run around. Going to the park was one of your favourite things to do, mainly because it tired them out. Katie sat down next to you, her happy mood had changed to upset. 

“What’s wrong Katie?” You asked, turning your full attention to her. 

“What did dad mean when he said that there are people after us?” She asked. 

“You weren’t meant to here that,” You answered. “But, your dad has a dangerous job and sometimes people can be mean. Don’t worry though, those nasty people are never gonna hurt you." 

"Do you promise?" 

"I promise.” You said. “Now go and play with your brother." 

You looked at the left of you and saw a man staring. He didn’t move as your eyes fell on him. He was a good distance away but you could still make out his face. 

You stood up as quick as you could and shouted all the kids over. Grabbing your bag and the pushchair, you ushered the kids out of the park. 

"Fuck,” You shouted, realising you had to walk down the jitty. The kids all stared in confusion but you continued to slightly push them while praying you’d make it back to the betting shop without bumping into the man. 

You were making judgements, the man at the side of the park could've been an innocent man but you weren’t ready to take the risk, especially with five kids around. 

“OI, pretty woman. Where’s John?” A loud, rough voice shouted.  

You turned around and saw the man who was at the park, “I don’t know.” You mumbled before turning around and speeding off. 

“Don’t walk away from me sweetheart, you best tell me where the hell John is otherwise I might have to do something I don’t wanna do.” He walked over, getting to close to your youngest for your liking. 

“Get the hell away from my kids,” You shouted as your pushed them behind you. “I don’t know what business you have with John, but it’s nothing to do with me. Just leave us alone." 

"I can’t do that though can I.” He smiled however it soon dropped when he saw John stood at the other end of the jitty.

“Y/N, take the kids.” He lent down and smiled at who had tears running down her face. “Don’t worry.” He said to her as he wiped away tears. 

I grabbed her hand and started to walk away. We stood at the end of the jitty and for the next five minutes, all could be heard was the sound of the man being hit, shouting and screaming. 

“Don’t come near my family again. Do you get that?” You heard John ask the man. 

A string of mumbles could be made out before the man came running out of the jitty, covered in the blood. John followed soon after with a bust lip and some cuts, nothing compared to the man who had threatened us. 

“Are you alright?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“No,” You answered honestly. “I’m so sorry, I should've listened to you." 

"Ain’t your fault, I shouldn’t have let you go off on your own. I had a bad feeling so I decided to leave early and come down, good job I did ay?” He chuckled, moving away from you as he picked your youngest boy up. 

 "Isn’t it, I love you so much.“ You said as you wrapped your arms around John again, holding him and your little boy as close as you could. 

"I love you too and don’t any of ya worry again, I ain’t gonna let no one treat you like shit.” He smiled. 

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"did gates know about thomas?" I bet he didn't. He had no idea who the man on Maria Aleyne was. That could've saved them a lot of trouble, i.e. tell him it was Thomas's asshole dad and Gates would not judge you. The fact that he didn't say who it was points to Gates not knowing about Thomas at all. I guess while Miranda was alive Flint had no need to share his story with anyone.

!!! agreed

i dont think flint was ever comfortable enough to share that piece of his past with gates, no matter how much he trusted gates not to judge him and to keep the secret. and yeah, with miranda there, no one else needed to know

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sad and disappointing as it is, kaneki did say she is his "best friend". it's like ishida is trying to turn what hide was/is to kaneki into what touka never was/never will be tbh. love is something that can't 1. be forced, 2. grow overnight, or 3. be utterly selfish. every time i look at kaneki now all i see is the face of a broken man who could've had it all with hide but ishida wanted the $ so he turned his story into a badly written fanservice fanfic lol.

That’s true to be honest. I am so disappointed, the fact that now Ka//neki wants to live just to protect Tou//ka it’s pretty much annoying and makes no sense. I mean, there’s a lot of important people for him, why just her? Hide was and will always be the reason why Ka//neki wants to keep living. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tou//ka but she still needs a character development. And of course, her relationship with Ka//neki, where’s the romantic development?? They just had sex, that’s all. They’re going so fast, it’s just been eight/nine chapters since they did the do. I was so disappointed too with chapter 121/122 because i was expecting a different conversation between the two of them, but no, she had to ask him if he was a virgin. It’s good if he wants to live for her, but it’s just such a sudden change. Exactly, I feel like Ishida is forcing everything. Well, everyone knew touken was going to be canon, it was so obvious. I don’t want to be that kind of person, but it’s the “straight” ship, what do you expect. And let’s not talk about how much fame Tokyo Ghoul has, he would never make Hidekane canon, because he’s scared as fuck. In this fandom are a lot of homophobes, so…