they could have made a wonderful dynamic

Analysis of Hak’s character and his relationship with Yona or something

I feel almost alone when saying this, but I find Hak a kinda fascinating character with the way he was written. I have no idea if Kusanagi did it on purpose, but he was written almost to resemble a deconstruction of your average wish-fullfilling love interest character. Before his character development, he started off embodying a lot of common love interest tropes; overprotective, seemingly untouchable by emotional trauma (and therefore, someone who will always serve as walking emotional support, meanwhile needing nothing of the same in return), prone to physical advances… but as the series went on, those traits became something of flaws and/or were revealed to have deeper influencers than originally thought. 

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Love letter to those who write Cophine (& more)

I’m not a writer; I’m a reader. But I want to thank every person who’s written a fic about Cophine. It’s hard to put into words how incredible this ship is, and what their dynamic means.

As much as I love the show (faults and all), it’s through writing that you all have made two incredibly wonderful and complex characters whole, and that means so damn much it brings me to tears. I am in awe of your creativity and tenacity in making these characters reach the potential they deserve to reach.

Special thanks to those writers who wrote Shay in a way that I could fall in love with her also — I hope you know who you are and how grateful I am to you.

Thank you, writers, for adding to my life, and if you continue to write Cophine (or Delphine/Shay) fics, I will still be reading what you write and thanking you for it.

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*raises hand* Um, hi. I just wanted you to know that since there's -283% butch/femme representation in this world and you're like, the "only" author/artist in existence that portrays the dynamic, I just wanted to thank you because OH MY GOD finally drawings of relationships that make sense to me. Just, THANK YOU. Oh dear fxcking g*d FINALLY. Um, I hope you have a nice day.

Thank you so much for this comment. Truly.

When I was coming up with The Widow & The Wolf I wasn’t really sure how it would be received. All I knew was a I wanted to write a story that made sense to me, with characters I could relate to.

Creating Fen was equal parts wonderful and terrifying… but I love her. And by making her I have started, in small ways, to understand myself better.

I feel like that’s what good stories do… they help us understand aspects of ourselves, maybe ones we used to be ashamed of.

I am so glad you enjoy my work. Thank you for the support. It means the world.

So… Normally when I make a long text post like this, it’s like a really sweet description of how much I love Shamy and what I think about them and their progress, but this one’s gonna be more like “I don’t know how to feel about this, what do you guys think?” And it’s a bunch of thoughts not rooted on any evidence/proof/spoilers, it’s just.. a lot of guessing, as always, after the break.

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Trick-Or-Treat (Reader x 40s!Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1164

Summary: Reader is handing out candy on Halloween night with Bucky and Steve. Simple, kind of fluffy, a lot of fun.

A/N: Happy Halloween everyone! This was a lot of fun to write, and it’s fairly cheery and simple so I hope that you enjoy that. I hope to have an imagine that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile (A Supernatural Halloween imagine…. eep!) up tomorrow, So if you’re not into SPN, that won’t be your thing but I hope that you’ll at least give it a shot. For now, enjoy this lil number! Have fun and be safe tonight!!

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P!ATD Features in Teen Magazines, c. 2006-2008

Today we’re gonna focus on something very near and dear to my heart: Panic and teenage girls (and by extension, Panic and women and the repercussions on their teenage girl listeners.)

It’s a curious thing to look back at mid-2000′s emo/pop-punk, as someone who grew as a girl in it. What strikes me most is how absolutely hostile those scenes were to young women, how hostile this environment in which I began to sexually situate myself was to me as a person and the thousands of other girls in the same position. Emo hated girls.

It’s got to be a funny thing, to be a musician who hates girls so much whose fanbase is primarily made up of girls, who is typed by Serious Music Men as A Band Girls Like and therefore not worth thinking about seriously. I wonder how much fuel that dynamic added to the already-intense misogyny that permeated those scenes.

I could go on and on about what I remember of being a teenage Panic/MCR/FOB fan, but–look, other people have written and written well on this. I don’t want to use this platform to talk about things I should be saying in therapy and I don’t want to present One Way Panic’s teenage girl fans internalized gender messaging from the band and from fan circles as The Real Way by virtue of having the mic. A lot of what bugs me when people write about fan communities is the tendency to present “fans” of a thing as a hivemind of sorts, not disparate and diaphanous communities tethered by a band primarily but also by all kinds of other things, by creation and shared interest and time, made up of individuals with whole selves and lives. 

I’m not going to generalize about Teenage Panic! At The Disco Fans Who Are Girls, because I remember how that felt when I was one of the girls in question and how irritated I was at the whole thing, especially once I realized I was gay (while looking at a picture of Brendon Urie, oddly enough, coming to the realization, wow, I am just not in any way attracted to men) and was alienated by the presumption that I imagined myself with the band members. There’s no one way the virulent misogyny in this scene affected us, and there’s no one way we reproduced it–rather a multiplicity that I want to honor. 

However, from the perspective of the editors of J-14, Tiger Beat, etc. Panic were definitely a band teenage girls liked and it was definitely because they were cute. I love Teenybopper Magazines as a cultural institution, and I’m pretty sure I had all of these issues. I definitely did that Tiger Beat quiz on the top right.

So: today we’re going to look more intensely at the gendered messaging, gendered performance, and gendered spaces around Panic! At The Disco. If you are or have ever been a teenage girl in Panic fandom, please feel free to share any of your experiences on any of these posts. I would love to hear from you.

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What is most important to you with storytelling? Do you have a "goal"? Also, do u ever get discouraged with comics? How do you keep it up? Absolutely wonderful comic by the way!! :y

for me nothing beats being sincere and honest… be true to the humanity in your characters. be true to yourself. don’t get caught up in pretension; there’s nothing wrong with wanting to do something fun and action based, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to write about romance, just be authentic when you do those things and you won’t fall into stereotypes and create a boring story. write what you want to read, i can guarantee there’ll be others that want to read it as well. My initial desire to create witchy came out of writing a shonen story with better female representation. 

i mean, my goal is to finish witchy with like, a modicum of the depth a world like hyalin is owed. i want to be able to grapple with its complex power dynamics and spiritual aspects and class issues while still maintaining a strong narrative and strong characters (and fun action) until the end.

sometimes I get tired… some weeks i wish i could just relax and not do a page, and sleep for eternity, but i keep going because i love the story and i want to see it finished eventually!! if it werent for witchy i would not have improved so much, and i wouldnt have made so many wonderful fans and friends.

I think one of the sadist thing we learned from last episode was this:

Stan, when he was kicked out, yelled that he ‘didn’t need anyone’ he went off on his own to fulfill the dreams he had originally set out to accomplish with Ford: “it’s gonna be beaches, babes, and international treasure hunting for us.”

We saw in ATOTS that the treasure hunting fell through, and the whole 'international’ thing involved a lot of jail. And in this last episode we saw that the 'babes’ thing fell through too (this is what happens when you use relationships with people to try to get over being abandoned by your brother Stan. People don’t like it)

Stan builds his self worth on all of these things above, and his ability to succeed in them. He saw himself as only worth something if he could get money, get women, and make a name for himself. No wonder, at the end of the day, he was blind to his true amazing accomplishments and the relationships that truly made him a wonderful person. No wonder he thought of himself as 'half of a dynamic duo’.

I need Stan to realize that his failure with women did not mean a failure in all his relationships. I need Stan to realize that just because he didn’t become wealthy doesn’t mean he didn’t have a rich life. And most importantly I need him to realize that he’s not half of anything! He is a full person on his own and an amazing one at that!!

Just…Stan realizing his self worth doesn’t rely on his ability to accomplish old dreams please? Yes?

Last rant i promise:

When shippers say things like “I wish i had a relationship as Harley and J”” in the Harley Quinn fandom thy dont mean “I wish i had an abusive relationship with a massive murderer” they mean “I wish i have a dynamic as exciting and thrilling as them, i wish i could feel so in sync with someone” because to be honest thats what made those two so popular among the fans. That feeling of “anything could happen” of blissful joy fans could see in Harley when J was around

like…thats something people want, freedom or someone that could make them feel free and capable of doing anything without consequences thats a feeling humans have…its completly unpractical and hedonistic but its there and sometimes we let our minds wonder around it?

not a crime maybe?

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do you ship bamon? bc if you do then then how can you say stefan would never love caroline because of elena and believe that damon could love bonnie more than elena? by that logic none of the brothers should move on from elena

Well, I don’t really ship them, as in, I don’t go crazy over their scenes and I don’t anxiously wait for them to kiss, but I do like them a lot. I think they have a very interesting, refreshing dynamic and their scenes are very entertaining. Also, Ian and Kat seriously bring out the best in each other. It’s like they make the other one a better actor, their chemistry is so wonderful. (I still prefer Dobsley’s chemistry, but Ian and Kat… Yep, loving it.)

And I think they could work as a couple, as opposed to Steroline. What you need to keep in mind, is that Stelena and Delena are far from the same relationship. Stefan and Elena made each other better people, they brought each other back to life, they were each other’s safe place. Elena found safety in his arms, Stefan didn’t feel like a monster when she looked at him. They connected on a very deep, intimate level. And that was visible to the world around them. That’s why Caroline has called them “epic” on more than one occasion. That’s why Klaus said “that kind of love never dies”. That’s why Katherine said “you would never look at me the way you look at Elena”. That’s why Rebekah said “I envy that, you and Elena, I envy the love that you have”. (And they still have that connection, which is why Liam assumed they were a couple.) Stefan and Elena shared a love so deep and so wonderfully heartbreakingly beautiful that anyone who laid eyes on them couldn’t help but be moved by it. And that’s exactly why Stefan’s romantic endgame either has to be with Elena, or with a girl who has never seen Stefan in love with Elena. Because anyone who has seen him in love with her, would unevitably realize that she would never be able to top that love.

Damon and Elena never had any of that. They didn’t make each other better people (Elena alienated her friends and brother and Damon continued to murder people left and right), he made her feel miserable after she turned (no matter how times she says “you made me feel alive”, I will never forget her rocking herself on the floor, saying she despised the person Damon encouraged her to be), they don’t have any connection at all when they’re not having sex. Every time they reach a more or less intimate level, it freaks them out and they have sex instead. Damon and Elena are unable to talk about their relationship and nobody even buys them loving each other. “You see, what I don’t get, is why she likes you.” Literally no one has said something positive about their relationship. Well, except for Stefan the Delena cheerleader, but even he can’t give actual examples. Hell, even the writers can’t give examples. When Elena thanked him for giving her adventure, the scene they showed was them blowing themselves up. There’s nothing deep or meaningful about what they had. They didn’t have a single scene that made me go “oh, so THAT is why they are a couple”. They couldn’t fight compulsion for each other, they couldn’t fight bloodlust for each other and Damon was never actually a better person, he only pretended to be so she would continue to have sex with him. I have never seen love between them, only a very, very unhealthy obsession with each other. Damon told her he killed her friend and her reaction was “I can’t stop loving you”. It’s like he’s a drug and she just HAS to have her next fix. There’s nothing epic or romantic about that. Their relationship had nothing substantial. Nothing to be jealous of. It’s not a relationship to be envied.

So if Damon were to fall in love with Bonnie, who has NOT excused his horrible actions, who has NOT blamed someone else for said actions, who has only ever encouraged him to be better for HIMSELF, not for her and not so he could have sex with her, then why would Bonnie ever feel like “second best”? Damon is obsessed with Elena, but he could love Bonnie. Damon has never looked at Elena like she’s the most precious thing in the world, but he could look at Bonnie like she is. Caroline doesn’t have that. Caroline was actually jealous of how cute Stefan and Elena looked together, Caroline would forever be threatened by what Elena meant to Stefan. Bonnie wouldn’t have to feel that way, because Damon and Elena never had a relationship one could be jealous of. Bonnie could be Damon’s home, his safety. (And let’s not forget that Bonnie has never looked at Stefan in a romantic way, she and Stefan have always just been friends. That’s another point for the Bamon relationship, because Damon is so, so, so threatened by the relationship Stefan and Elena had. It made him incredibly insecure in his own relationship with Elena.)

So I was thinking today about Amethyst and how she fits into the Crystal Gems. Watching the show gives me the impression that her frustration and friction with Garnet and Pearl seems to be on the rise, that new issues keep arising. It made me wonder how their team dynamic had survived for hundreds of years without coming to actual violence, given what almost happened in Tiger Millionaire. How could Amethyst have survived on a team where everyone was so hostile to the way she chose to do everything?

And then one quote came to mind: “Rose saw the beauty in everything.”

Rose Quartz would have looked at Amethyst and seen all the best in her. She wouldn’t have seen an obnoxious problem to be dealt with, she would have seen a Gem with boundless energy and spirit and her own, unique, off-the-wall method of solving problems. She would have understood Amethyst’s need for an outlet and a place and people that would let her be herself.

I can see Rose sparring with her teammate, rather than leaving her to go through routines and katas herself like Pearl seems to prefer. I can picture the two of them teaming up to pull pranks or relaxing together after missions, encouraging Amethyst to unwind without getting yelled at for being lazy. I see Rose sitting patiently through Amethyst’s outbursts, listening to the real frustration beneath the childishness and then helping her find constructive ways to cope.

“My mom saw the beauty in everything! Even in jerks like you!”

In short, Rose would have done what her son does, only with hundreds of years of experience and wisdom behind it. She loved, unconditionally and boundlessly, just like he does. She kept the harmony between her teammates.

I have no doubts that all of the Gems badly miss Rose and feel her absence. But it wouldn’t surprise me to know that in her own way, Amethyst was the most hurt by her loss. Maybe their shared immaturity isn’t the only reason she and Steven seem to hang out together the most.

Foster care: A pep talk on the introduction of Adam Foster

So, I’m still thinking about this (hi @karas-adorable-smile) and this (hi @icantevenchooseafreakingname) and I think I’ve seen other similar sentiment in the tag as well. I’ll admit outright that I’m not crazy about the idea of this little plot detour either, and I personally don’t like when spouses act together, and that goes for anything - straight or gay, movies or TV, etc. 

But as I’m rolling it over in my head, I think Adam Foster could have some good juicy story stuff to bring us.

If Adam and Cat mend their relationship, Adam’s return potentially frees Cat from her guilt. And we want that, right? It’s a curious thing to think about. What Cat would look like as a character if she didn’t wonder anymore whether she’d made the biggest mistake of her life by sending him away? If that was relieved somehow, it might result in interesting changes to her dynamic with Kara.

Adam as a big brother to Carter. Because we all love that little cinnamon roll. If Adam’s not a total dick (which I don’t think he will be, because Kara would never be attracted to someone who was a bad dude) then he and Carter’s relationship has loads of adorable possibilities.

Kara’s little crush on Adam could lead to some insanely hilarious moments from Cat that could be read as jealousy. Maybe this gets into weird territory for some people, but I love it. Cat is not going to like this situation between Kara and Adam, but whether it’ll be because she thinks Adam’s not good enough for Kara or vice versa, we don’t know. But either way… jealous Kitty is jealous.

Of course the writers of this show continually surprise me, so I can’t wait to see what they do. But don’t despair, kittens. Cat’s got her claws in Kara, Adam Foster or not. ;)

Back in Black

This is hardly anything that hasn’t been said elsewhere a tons of time already :), but I have to admit the more pictures I see with Jensen as Dean in a black leather jacket, the more intrigued I get.

It definitely lends Dean a different vibe than the usual blue or green jacket he sported the past seasons. It feels more self assured, more of a statement. And this new leather jacket also just is evoking a totally different look than Dean’s late S7 brown leather jacket. And that one was already very telling and interesting as it was the first leather jacket Dean wore, I think, after putting John’s old leather jacket away.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of John’s jacket Dean wore in the early seasons and I won’t go into why again - been there, done that ;) - but it is actually interesting to look back on those jackets and see the evolution of Dean alongside his wardrobe.

And this new black leather jacket certainly leaves room for a lot of allusion. Especially considering how much Supernatural likes to play with shades of grey - morally speaking. So pitch black jackets in the prospects of S12 and their run-in with the British Men of Letters, I think could be seen as possibly rather telling.

But even if not, that jacket suits him damn fine. :) Let’s hope it sticks around longer than the S7 one.

And also as a sort of afterthought. Did we ever see Sam wear a leather jacket before btw? Cause I don’t think I can remember that being the case. So could one maybe wonder if both brother wearing leather is a sign of them having grown up some and due to similar clothing also seeing one another more as equals?

I’d find that in so far also fitting as Mary is back and shakes up the entire dynamic. Dean, who was made to feel he needed to be Sam’s brother/friend/parent now has his mother back and in this regard the parent role is directed back to Mary - though certainly Dean will feel just as protective over his mother as over Sam and Cas. Cause that’s just Dean, he cares, he worries. And that’s what makes him vulnerable but also such a wonderful character.

So in any case I hope dearly that this change of outfit will also reflect in the narrative and personal development of the characters in S12.