they could have done that a long time ago

the signs as dragon age quotes

Aries: (After hearing terrible pickup lines) “Can I kill him yet? He’s hurting me.”

Taurus: “I see what must be done, and I do it! I see no point in running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail.”

Gemini: “Loyalty is an interesting concept. If you wish and if you are done interrogating me, we can discuss it further.”

Cancer: “Could we, perhaps, do battle with a pack of pretty flowers or soft bunnies next time? I’d do much better.”

Leo: (in response to ‘you’re not as handsome as you think’) “I must be, or you wouldn’t have been thinking about it all this time.”

Virgo: “My people had a saying long ago - “The healer has the bloodiest hands."”

Libra: “Freedom was interesting while it lasted.”

Scorpio: “I have faith in my friends well enough. Faith that they will one day stab me in the back.” 

Sagittarius: “I shall endeavor to exist with less offense.”

Capricorn: “Just once, we should enter a cave and see normal-sized spiders.”

Aquarius: “Magic can kill. Knives can kill. Even small children launched at great speed could kill.”

Pisces: “Demons can’t hear you. It hurts too much. Nothing here makes sense to them.”


Put a little work in to totally update and remodel this house that I have had the same family living in for quite some time. It was decorated originally years ago and my style has changed quite a lot since then, plus it was kind of thrown together anyways, so it badly needed a makeover. I did the exterior and landscaping as well but it was nothing amazing, so no pics. I still have the bedrooms and bathrooms to do as well but decorating takes soooooo long so this small space took me forever and I was done for the night. A project for another time!

Pinterest and IKEA’s catalogue heavily inspired these rooms! I honestly could barely do anything without inspiration source images guys. I actually have astonishingly little imagination LOL… I’m just good at the execution and need that starting point to get me going. If you’re feeling stuck on decorating or don’t know where to begin, search Pinterest, search other Simmer’s blogs, look at catalogues online for furniture stores (like IKEA) as they often show fully styled rooms, pick up one of those home and garden magazines at the grocery store, is another great resource. Inspiration source images are your friend!!

EDIT - Thought it would be fun to actually show the inspiration images I used. I stayed a lot closer with the kitchen, the living room was more of a general starting point and colour palette, but I basically took it from there myself. The bookshelves were also obviously inspired by that image, which was from the IKEA catalogue, the other I found while searching “kitchen” on Pinterest.

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Drunk malec :)

Send me all the Malec prompts

If Magnus had known before that getting Alec shit faced drunk would make him turn into a Celine Dion wanna-be, he would have done so a long time ago. Alec was putting bit a too much effort into singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ for it to be any good. Despite that, Magnus could tell Alec was having a blast and he loved watching Alec be so carefree.

Tomorrow morning, when Alec would be questioning his own judgement and ability to drink, Magnus would happily be there to ease the hangover. As well as gently tease him with the video he was currently taking of him. Alec might not remember this moment after all, so Magnus made it his self appointed duty to make sure there was prove of Alec being so adorable.

Once Alec finally finished his song and sat back down next to him, face red from both alcohol and singing, Magnus gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Alec wrapped an arm around his neck and nuzzled at Magnus’s shoulder. It was endearing beyond words his buzzed mind could supply. Magnus kissed the top of Alec’s hair, wrapping his hand around his waist to enjoy the closeness they were sharing.

Alec soon started whispering in his ear about how Magnus had the most amazing hair he’d ever seen. Part of Magnus wanted them stay together in that little corner of of the bar they stumbled upon while shopping for supplies in London all night. If only because Magnus was enjoying Alec showering him with compliments; but when Alec started to drift in and out of sleep he knew it was time for them to go home.

With a surprising amount of resistance from Alec, who suddenly found the worn out booth to be very comfortable, Magnus walked them somewhere void of mundanes. After that it was a quick portal trip back to his loft where Alec tried to claim Magnus’s entire bed for his own.

“Never knew you could be so greedy, Alexander.” Magnus spoke more to himself than the now sleeping shadowhunter on his bed. Luckily, sleeping Alec didn’t need any convincing and with a light push of his shoulder rolled over so Magnus could lay down beside him. It wasn’t until he was already half asleep himself, his wrapped loosely around Alec from behind, did Magnus notice they were both still fully dressed. He knew he should at least take off their outer wear, but now he was too comfortable to really care. That was just another one of tomorrow’s problems; right now it was just about getting enough sleep to deal with problems. And if that meant having to deal with Alec’s drunk sleep talking, then that was something Magus would happily do.

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as long as ot4 doesn't go the full beatles route of being a studio band (i would miss them too much). once every 5-10 years, a band comes along who gets called "the next beatles" (oasis, the stone roses, etc) but never pans out. i think paul mccartney called it the kiss of death, but he also made the beatles comparison to 1d a couple years ago, and as far as i know it's the first time he's done that. tbh the impact of zayn leaving showed that the global reach they have is on par w the beatles

I like to cherry pick the parts of the Beatles legacy I’d like them to emulate. Obviously, not the whole thing. Leave out the breakup and assassination please. 

I also could just as easily say Heir Apparent to the Rolling Stones. I think the Harry as Baby Mick comparison is apt. 

The Beatles and Rolling Stones got big because of teenage girls but have also achieved a certain amount of longevity. The Rolling Stones STILL sell out tours. That’s the direction I’d like to see our boys take. That they’re still relevant 30-40 years later. And I think it’s absolutely possible.

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The idea of Lena doesn't know Kara is Supergirl hence Kara's guilty face is plausible, but I wish they won't go that way because I think it's a disservice to her genius character not figuring out that her only two friends are to same person :/

I agree completely anon. I mean Lena is so incredibly smart and I truly do think she figured it out a long time ago. I think she is just waiting for Kara to come clean because she trusts her and probably trusts her reasoning for keeping it a secret.

However, the idea of Kara looking guilty because of a lack of revelation could still be a possibility due to the fact that Kara doesn’t know that Lena knows (if that is the case). So if something did go wrong with Jack, Lena could be understanding because she knows Kara. She knows that Kara would have done everything that she could have and would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. So once again, Lena could be sad but is also approaching the situation from a place of love, respect, and understanding toward Kara because she knows how hard making these types of decisions can be. Sometimes when you want to see justice done, people may get hurt in the process.

So whether Lena knows or not, Kara’s face would remain the same because Lena could also be keeping a secret to protect her and their relationship.

“This is what the LORD says—Israel’s King and Redeemer, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies: “I am the First and the Last; there is no other God. Who is like me? Let him step forward and prove to you his power. Let him do as I have done since ancient times when I established a people and explained its future. Do not tremble; do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim my purposes for you long ago? You are my witnesses—is there any other God? No! There is no other Rock—not one!””
Isaiah 44:6-8 NLT

To place longings and hopes into a thing verses God who made all things is a promise for disappointment, shame, and loss. It could be depending on a job for security, or a college degree for a future, or a relationship to not let us down, or a marriage partner for love, or letting our feelings determine right and wrong. Really anything except God. The Bible calls this an idol, and it will always lead us astray from God’s will and his great plans for our life.

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I'm in the Netherlands, Amersfoort. It's 12.51 and I thinking about how I fucked up a test I did seconds ago

Hey anon. It’s ok. It’s ok to fuck up. It will be ok. Perhaps not in the short term, and I can’t guarantee in the long term. It may get worse before it gets better. But with time, things will change. Regardless of whether you fucked up or not, regardless of whether you’re happy or not, whether you think you could have done better or not. 

Things will change and with change, comes opportunity. 

So do what you need to do to get through “now”. Whether that be resting, mindlessly purusing youtube, tumblr, baking, speaking to a friend. Shower, grab your favourite warm drink and snuggle up for an hour of “fuck the world, i’m putting myself first” time. Push study to one side - it can wait. Exams and studying have been a staple of academic life for decades - taking an hour’s break won’t do any harm. 

If you’ve received your results, I hope there’s something here or here that can help.

On an unrelated note, your city looks stunning (I get excited when I find out where anon’s are from, so I couldn’t help but google and 2hrs later the Netherlands has suddenly hit the top of my holiday destination list) 

From: Australia, too frickin’ early on a Saturday morning 

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why did bonnie have to break the spell? wasn't elena already awake? did elena wake up in the school and stefan went to meet her there, or did he go into her head? was stefan dead or was he still alive and aging?

yeah it’s a little confusing. Elena wasn’t awake, she was spelled into that classroom in her coma state so after Stefan found her, he left to die so when they have their goodbye he’s already dead so he goes into her head or she goes into his for their final meeting although how they do that is still a mystery to me since Elena isn’t actually dead and both of them are human. Also Bonnie breaking the spell was also never clarified. If it was that easy they could’ve done it a long time ago.

CD 13

I’m so frustrated.
Spider-Man agreed to trying every other day, yes? Yes. We tried “to try” on CD 11 and today, CD 13.

CD 11: “I’m dehydrated, I can’t finish”
CD 13: “I have a headache, I can’t finish”.

This isn’t a low T thing. I think this is a self sabotage thing. And honestly, I’m frustrated and almost fed up with trying just two days in! I can’t get myself pregnant. If I could, I would have done that a long time ago. I know I get scared off easily and want to quit due to rejecting something / the process before it rejects me, but seriously?!

We are running out of time.

Even being a little hopeful was pointless. What’s the point if he can’t finish.

Why Not?

* Alexander Hamilton × Reader
* 63: His ego is so visible, I can almost watch it grow.
* 119: I love you, asshole
* Hamiltime
* Requested by anon

A/N: one request done! Loved this one and it was loads of fun! I hope you like this one anon and it’s what you wanted. I’ll try to have the other one done tonight.


“He’s super sweet.”

“I don’t know John.” Your friend John Laurens was currently trying to hook you up with his best friend. Your parents constantly urged you to find a husband, claiming you should’ve had on a long time ago. You just hadn’t found a man you were willing to spend your whole life with, men could be so small minded at times. Now John tried to get you to court his friend, a politician no less. The country was just beginning and these politicians had so much responsibility, how could they juggle a relationship too?

“Look, one meal with him. That’s it. If you don’t want to speak to him again you don’t have to.” John bargined.

You debated it. One meal couldn’t hurt right? You sighed. “Fine.”

“You won’t regret it, Alexander is a great guy.” You sincerely hoped so.

So a few days later you were putting on a nice dress and putting on the barest amount of makeup. You paced the length of your parlor waiting for a knock at the door. You stomach was tight with nerves and you couldn’t stay still. Finally there were three short raps on the door and you froze. You took and deep breath before pulling the door open.

“Y/N?” The young man standing there asked. He was shorter then you expected, he had dark hair hanging down to his shoulders. He had neatly trimmed facial hair and eyes bright with intelligence. He was very attractive.

“Yes. You must be Alexander?”

“Yes, that’d be correct. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He offered you a hand. Once you placed your hand in his he raised it to his lips to kiss the back of it. “And may I just say, you look beautiful.” You felt your cheeks heat with a blush.

“Thank you.” You told him. “You look rather nice as well.” He had on an olive green suit, a color that you were sure no one else could pull off.

“Thank you. Shall we go?” He asked gesturing to his carriage.

“Yes we shall.”

He opened the carriage door for you and offered his hand to help you climb in. The two of you slipped into easy conversation the whole way there.

Maybe this wasn’t a horrible idea after all.

After what may have been the greatest dinner you had in some time, Alexander walked you to your front door.

“I can’t think of any night that could rival this one.” He told you.

“Nor I.”

“Y/N, may I court you? Properly I mean.” He asked.

“Yes. Of course!” You smiled and pulled him into a hug. “Goodnight Alexander.” You said, still being held in his arms.

“Goodnight Y/N.” He pulled back and you offered a shy small wave as you walked back inside.

You and Alexander had been courting for a few months. You were insanely happy. You had already thanked John multiple times. Alexander had meet your parents and they were thrilled with your choice. He was well mannered and the Treasury Secretary as well.

He had asked you to meet him at the Cabinet meeting so you could get dinner afterwards. You were sitting on a bench outside that actual room, as women weren’t allowed to take part in government processes, and just waiting. When the door opened and people filed out, you saw Alexander talking to President Washington. You decided to wait until he was done.

“And who might you be?” A voice asked. You looked to see a tall man with a magenta suit and a head full of wild curls.

You stood, so you didn’t feel as short, and faced him. “Who wants to know?” You asked.

“Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson at your service.” He said, you could hear the smugness in his voice.

“I’m Y/N.” You offered politely. “And should I be impressed by your title Sir?”

“Please, just Thomas. And I supposed I was hoping you would be.” Man, he was a flirt.

“Well my courter happens to be the Secretary Treasury.” You told him with your own smug smile.

“Hamilton?” He spat out, clearly disgusted at the thought of him.

“Yes, Alexander. Why? What do you have against him?” You asked defensively.

“Nothing. Well besides the fact that his ego is so visible, I can almost watch it grow.” He shot back. “The man is so self assured, he thinks it’s impossible for him to be wrong.”

“Some people find confidence attractive.”

“Confidence, yes. Ego, not so much.” He said.

“Y/N, you ready to go?” Alexander asked, coming up being you.

“Oh yes.” You told him and smiled at him.

“Jefferson.” Alexander greeted politely but you could sense the hostility.

“Hamilton.” The other man said, however, he put as much venom into it as he could muster. Alexander offered you his arm and walked you out.

“Who was that?” You asked. “And I mean to you. I know he’s Thomas Jefferson.”

“He my political opponent basically. He goes against me on every issue.” He sighed. “And pardon my language, but he’s a dick too.”

It’s moments like that when you remember Alexander was soldier and had his own battalion, he truly had the language of a soldier. “Is he truly as bad as you make him to be? You two seem to hate each other.”

“Hate is such a strong word Y/N, and it doesn’t even come close to describing how much I detest that man.” Alexander growled. You discovered that this may be a sensitive topic and let it drop.

You two had another amazing dinner. You always enjoyed your time with Alexander. Unlike the simple minded men of this era, he was pleased that you were strong willed and educated. You had in-depth conversations and he talked to you about Cabinet business. You enjoyed those conversations as no one else would fill you in on such things. You also felt an amount of trust that Alexander would tell you such things.

Alexander and you walked, arm in arm, back to your home. You had fallen into a comfortable silence. He walked you up the steps to your house. “When are you free next?” You asked him.

“No clue. I have to work on my debt plan so I can get it passed. If only Jefferson wasn’t so dense then it would’ve passed by now.” He grumbled.

“Maybe Jefferson was right about that ego.” You teased. When you saw his reaction you instantly regretted it.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked, eyes narrowed.

“Nothing it was a joke.” You You said with a shrug.

“A joke? Do you think I have a problem with my ego?” He asked, still angry.

“No I was only teasing Alexander.” You tried to calm him down.

“By saying Jefferson’s opinion of me is correct?! He doesn’t even know me and here I thought you did!”

“Huh. I thought I did too. Maybe not if you get this worked up over a joke.”

“I do when the woman I care for is agreeing with a man I despise!”

“Alexander I wasn’t agreeing with him! You are being irrational!” You argued.

“Then maybe you should just leave me! Wouldn’t want you to deal with my irrationality!” He shouted at you.

“Like hell I’m leaving! I refuse!” You yelled.

“Well why not? I’m irrational and egotistical.” He said with an exaggerated shrug.

“Because I love you, asshole!” You froze as you realized what you just said. Alexander stepped back in shock. “Uh…I mean…what I meant was-” Alexander cut you off as he pressed his lips to yours. He pulled back after a second with a large smile on his face.

“I love you too Y/N!” He said happily. You registered what he said and a smile broke across your face. You leaned in and kissed him soundly.


I could crush his windpipe and sever all oxygen from his brain.
I could push his ribs right through his lungs and rupture his heart.
I could pound his skull into the pavement until it fractured into so many pieces his brain would spill out.

It is what should have been done a long time ago.

Believing that the Joker shot and killed his close childhood friend Tommy Elliot, Batman flies into a blind range and starts to savagely beat him up.

While doing so, images of all his loved ones that have fallen victim to the Joker flash through his mind:

> He shot Barbara Gordon in her spine and left her to die
> He shot and killed Sarrah EsserCommissioner Jim Gordon’s wife
> He beat a child -Jason Todd- to death and blew his up
> And now, he killed his close friend, Tommy Elliot

At this point, Batman decides that he is going to end Joker’s life once and for all.

He ignores the Joker that keeps muttering “Stop” and “I’m innocent” and fights off Harley Quinn and even Catwoman that try to stop him.

James Gordon arrives at the scene when Batman is contemplating on how he is going to end Joker’s life, and is horrified to realize that Batman has thought this through.

Batman: Hush - by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee

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Valentine’s Heartbreak | Open

Valerie wasn’t even sure what she was doing anymore. She had destroyed some of the training dummies already - the only way to deal with the swelling anger inside, seeing she was no one who would hit or hurt other people on purpose. Her knuckles were throbbing. But it was still not enough to kill… whatever was raging there inside her.

It wasn’t the fact that a guy had left her. Hell, that wouldn’t have been the first time. It was the fact that said guy dropped off the face of earth just like Carter had done not too long ago, leaving her with a beloved sister that had almost lost the will to live. It was the fact that Valerie could not help to feel like people were just… leaving her without a cause. Or with a cause. But still. Trent and Caleb somewhat planned to go on a quest. Not to talk about everything else that seemed to go on. Just nothing seemed to be… steady anymore.

Tears dwelled up in her eyes, and the daughter of Hades sat down for a moment. Watching other campers passing by in the distance. She could see pink balloons and glitter flaoting around, and everywhere was chocolate and kissing and cheesy stuff and she was just… sitting there. Feeling alone in a way she had never felt before. Wishing her brother would be there.

“That is for sure how I imagined Valentine’s day to be,” Valerie muttered darkly, not exactly caring if someone would hear her, or not. It was not that she wanted to ruin the day for others… but right now, everything just felt unfair and that she could do nothing but suffer because of it.

I’ve always been tempted to write just a little something, a wee drabble, in homage to my glorious fanged murder babies. But honestly I’ve never been brave enough. I’m uncertain I could lend credible voice to the characters I love so much. However, nearly being done with the 12th book in the series, I’ve decided to maybe start dabbling. Originally, given Louis is my favorite character and I squee every time he shows up, I wanted to make a Louis centric fic, but I’m thinking, given I’m growing in appreciation rather than awkwardness and fear of Armand…perhaps I shall write a few drabbles concerning him. Here is what I have thus far.

The past was the past. It was off of the ashes of that long ago age that this new world had been constructed. No longer were they the lost children of the night wandering alone in their blood lust and sorrow. With the books, Lestat’s fearless musical career, and the terrors that plagued their kind, they were united in their desire for cause and in their fears of death. Not to mention, Benji’s podcast and Armand and Louis being the pillars of Trinity Gate giving means of communication and means of safety for years before the Court of De Lioncourt had been truly established.

The old hurts were never right, they were forgiven. In order to survive this new world order, they have to forgive. Marius was evil, Armand was evil, Lestat, Louis, etc. All of them despite the strive for goodness, often fell backwards. And that is what was being striven for now.

A glorious court of unity. Of trust and acceptance. Ancient and young alike coming together to share in their eternity. One that was ever growing brighter.

It was with these hopes in mind that Armand pushed forward. He didn’t fade, he wouldn’t fade, and he would thrive. He was the strict coven master always, but in the last decades, he’d been awakened to more love and compassion than he allowed himself to openly show.

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i was just thinking ab this, but is this your only blog ??? or do you have another one ??? - ๐Ÿ

Right now, yes it is my only blog :/ I used to have an art blog a long time ago, but I haven’t updated it in forever and I made a new account for this blog so that I could have it as my main. I’d like to start up another kpop art blog as a side to this one, but I haven’t had time lately to get a lot of material done. I’ve got some stuff for it, but not a lot. I’ll probably wait until I have enough art to get a nice queue going for a head start


The Asian Unicorn, Saola

Although very shy at first, it has become quite docile and does not show any fear of us. It came very close to the spot where we were staring at him, being more curious than afraid. We had the opportunity to touch it and even feed it but we preferred not to do so, as we had agreed before this adventure not to interfere in any way with the life and equilibrium that surrounds us.”

-Clement Van Burden diaries.

We all know the Saola, The Asian Unicorn was claimed to be discovered in 1993. It was a big discovery. It surprised many biologist how an animal such as big as the Saola ( like a regular deer) could be hidden from humans for such a long time. My Great Grand Father have the illustration above, done in 1821, which resembles the Saola discovered a few decades ago.

Follow my project here.

It was pointed out to me that there was a Maximum Ride movie on Netflix. I haven’t been in the fandom since I was about seventeen, and was actually kind of surprised a movie existed since I was under the impression the entire thing was scrapped long ago. A movie gets proposed in 2007 and doesn’t see the light of day, kind of assume it’s a no-go. The old fan in me was curious, and is now hurting, because after 9.5 years, they really could have done a much better job… I have so many issues with it, and though I (and may others in the fandom at the time of its original announcement) didn’t have exceptionally high hopes for it, it didn’t even match my relatively low standards. Kind of disappointing.

Oikawa, pregnant girlfriend - part 5

You can read the other parts here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

“Text me when the two of you are done talking, okay?” Daichi leaned in to give you a quick kiss on the mouth before lifting up Kou and carrying him outside. Everyone agreed without talking about it that Kou shouldn’t be there when Oikawa and you would have the talk you should have had a long time ago.

Oikawa was standing on the opposite side of the room, his arms crossed and a frown on his face. He had been frowning like that ever since he walked in. Perhaps ever since his friends had pulled him away from your friends and you before a fight could start. They had come looking for him and it had taken Iwaizumi only one look at Kou to understand the situation. It was then decided that they should take in a private place. It had ended up being your home. The home you lived in with Kou. Your son. Also more and more often Daichi would stay over, so often Kou wouldn’t even question it anymore. It was your place, the place where you felt safe and you had never imagined Oikawa would ever stand in front of you here.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” he was the one who broke the silence. “Don’t you think it is finally time for you to say something? I mean, you’ve had what, three years for it?”

Your eyes met his. He was angry if it hadn’t been clear in the way he spat out the accusations then it was clear by the look in his eyes. Well, if he thought he could just do that then he was in for a surprise. He might be angry, but you were furious. You had been for three years.

“Don’t start with that, Tooru. Do you know how many times I tried to contact you? How many times I heard your voicemail tell me to leave a message? You can’t blame me when you were the one who didn’t want to know.”

He seemed surprised by your anger. Maybe it was because he had never seen you angry before. You had always been happily smiling next to him. You had been so naive all those years ago. It felt far longer than three years. You had changed a lot in this time. Tooru, however, appeared to be the exact same person as the one you had last seen when he told you to get rid of your baby.

“Then you should have tried other ways, I had every right to know I had a son,” he threw his hands in the air. “I’ve had a son for three years and I didn’t know.”

You started shaking, you couldn’t help it. Before he had arrived you had tried to prepare yourself for this talk. You were going to deal with it as adults. You were going to calmly talk everything over, it wouldn’t become a yelling match. But no matter what you had promised yourself beforehand, it all flew out of the window after you heard his words.

“Your son? Don’t you dare call him that. Kou isn’t your son! You talk about a right you have? You don’t have any rights when it comes to him. You threw those away the day you told me to get rid of him! When you tried to pressure me into a choice I didn’t want to make. Or did you forget all of that? Because I didn’t!”

“You’re being unfair,” he said, a lot quieter than before. “I was younger, I didn’t know what to do.”

“I’m being unfair? Are you serious, Tooru?” your voice started shaking. “Life isn’t fair. I found that out the day I told you I was pregnant and was left all by myself. Do you think  I knew what to do? The only thing I needed you to do that day was to tell me you would be there for me. That you would support me, no matter what happened. You left me. You left and you never tried to contact me at all.”

“So you just found yourself someone else? You and Sawamura seem to like each other very much,” Tooru didn’t look you in the eyes when he said it.

You sighed and bit on your lip, suddenly feeling very tired, “Daichi has nothing to do with this, Tooru. We’re not here to talk about him, we’re talking about Kou.”

“Well, he was the one who just took Kou with him, wasn’t he? I guess that makes him part of this as well. So how long did I take for the two of you to get together? A month? I really hadn’t thought Sawamura was the type to go for a pregnant girl but hey, I’ve had to deal with a lot of surprises today already, one more doesn’t matter.”

“He was there for me when you weren’t! Where were you when I had to quit university because I was pregnant and could never manage both? Where were you the days I could fall asleep standing because I was so exhausted from trying to make Kou stop crying the whole night before? Where were you the day he asked me why he didn’t have a daddy? You. Were. Never. There,” your voice broke during the last words and the tears starting falling down your cheeks.

Oikawa was staring at you, his eyes wide in shock. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. In the meantime, you tried to get control over your breathing again, but it was an impossible task. These emotions that had been building up for three years had all gotten out at once.  You tried to concentrate on your breathing and shut Oikawa out for a while.

When you felt like you were able to speak whole sentences again you faced him. He looked at you like you were a completely different person than before. He looked down before looking into your eyes again and finally saying something.

“I’m sorry.”

He seemed to look for words after that, perhaps he hoped you would start talking, but you had said everything you wanted to say and more. It was his turn to talk now and just those three words weren’t enough.

“I… I screwed up. You’re right. I should have supported you. And you were also right about me having no claim to Kou. I don’t have any. It’s just… I mean.. it does not matter what I was going through because you were in a much worse place because of me. And I didn’t realize that until you just yelled it in my face.” His laugh disappeared as quickly as it came. “I never did anything. I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

The mask he usually wore when he was around other people was down. This was the real Tooru and he meant everything he said. He looked at you, waiting for your answer. You didn’t know what he wanted to hear, nothing was ever that simple you had found out. In the end, you decided, he wanted you to just be honest.

“I don’t know what to say, Tooru.”

“That’s understandable,” he seemed just as shaken as you were. He waited a few seconds before continuing. “I know I don’t have any right and if you tell me ‘no’ I will respect that answer but now I know Kou is here and I would just like… I don’t know, get to know him? I would just like to be able to see him. But only if you will let me.”

This was the Tooru you had felt in love with. Not the always smiling, friendly Tooru, but the serious, honest, and even a little vulnerable Tooru. You could see he was serious if you would tell him 'no’ he wouldn’t ask again and he wouldn’t try to talk to Kou. It would hurt him, but he would respect your decision.

There was only one answer you could give him.

“You weren’t there the first few years, but maybe you can try making up for it starting now.”

I am seriously wondering how much of the Iron Fist reviews are really because its that bad or because people are pissed off about the casting? I mean I get that they could have righted a wrong done a long time ago when they wrote Iron Fist in the white savior troupe, but I really didn’t hold out much hope that they would do that from the start. Also, to me that sin is slightly less grievous than taking a role that WAS originally meant for a poc and giving it to a white person. I’m not ready to dump on Iron Fist for that mistake on its own. I was really hoping that they would be able to make this show more than just white dude-bro is spiritually awakened via Asian culture. I will wait until I see it, but I am less excited about this than I was before. 

@gcmbolshroud continued from [ X ]

『🔥🚬』→ ❝Looks like some things never change, Kitty Cat.❞ He spoke with a light chuckle in hopes of easing the tension, but Roman knew well enough that a simple charm would not be able to calm a girl with so many internal problems. A part of him wanted to ask ‘why so tense?’ the other part wanted him to roll his eyes and be done with this nonsense, except neither of those would be a wise decision especially after suddenly deciding to show his face after being on the down low for so long, thus, he took a different approach. 

Taking a quick glance around, the criminal put two and two together. Giving his classic sinister grin before continuing. ❝You know, I could have asked the same a long while ago when you were at my rally, or I suppose it was more oriented for the group rather myself. Last time I checked, I didn’t exactly throw a hissy fit about it.❞ Not like it was very hard to get in, at least for someone who is an expert at crime and being able to understand guard patterns definitely helped his case. 

❝Now, your probably wondering,❞ Roman twirled his cane a few times as per usual when explaining something and quite frankly when he was undoubtedly bored, ❝why would I be encouraging an enemy? More or less a former enemy, now. To which I will simply ask again in return….❞

❝Am I not wrong? Is this what you’ve been waiting for?❞