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Klaus x Reader

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Klaus watched as you crashed into Kol and he almost devoured you in a kiss. Anger and jealousy coursed through the hybrid as he watched the two of you, your kiss with Kol deepening before he pulled away and clutched you to his chest, a hand playing through your hair as he leant his chin on your head, looking over to where he knew Klaus was stood.

“Nice to see the two of you getting along.” Klaus snapped and you jumped, slowly turning to face Klaus.

“Please don’t do anything…” you started but he tutted and pointed a dagger at you.

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Travelin’ Soldier Part Seven

Summary: Reader is currently deployed in the army to an undisclosed combat area. She has been deployed for nearly two years. Anxiously awaiting her return is her husband and brother as they film for Supernatural. Letter comes informing the family that she may not be heard from for awhile and soon devastating news comes. In italic bold in the story is lyrics.

Characters: husband!Jensen x reader, Jared x Reader (twins), Dr. Maria Halstead (OC), and Dr. Jason Xavier

Words: 2041

Disclaimer: I do not own the title of the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks at all even with the minor change of lyrics to fit the story. I simply thought it could be a little fighting. Not hate towards Danneel either, as this is simply fiction and not real. I do not own any songs in this either.

Warnings: Possible swearing, memory of torture, angst, hospital, anger, death, and crying Jensen.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging a few at the end. Send an ask to be tagged, or request something.

A/N: Well this is a little bit intense…I haven’t updated because I’ve avoiding it since it’s now I have to delve into PTSD and that’s intimidating. I’ve been researching but I’m not expert in this field nor have I actually met someone with it.

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You slowly woke to see that someone was sleeping in the armchair next to your bed. For the first time since you were taken you weren’t scared, this person wasn’t frightening. You could trust him. You could trust his kind green eyes and the smile you fell in love with. You could trust the man you vowed to love forever wearing a white dress in front of everyone.

“J-Jensen.” Your voice broke as he slowly woke to see your eyes on him.

“Y/N.” Jensen breathed slowly wrapping his arms around you in order to not scare you.

You could have never been so happy to see a face you knew and trusted to everyone in the hours since you were rescued. Jensen had always had that calming aura around him since you were first introduced, he could never harm you in anyway.

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Unconventional (Asa x reader)

Summary: you go to a convention in your hometown, where there just happens to be a Miss Peregrine’s panel.

Warning (s): I guess it’s slightly sexual near the end, but nothing super explicit. Not like smut or anything. Just mention of it, that’s all. There shouldn’t be that much swearing either.

Enjoy! x

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Requested: no

Summary: She thought the boy with the floppy hair was just fascinated with serial killers, she never actually thought he was one, nor did she realize the man with the green eyes wouldn’t let her leave. 

Warnings: blood, gore, Stockholm syndrome, evil! Sam and Dean, canon typical violence 

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Cold. The frigid concrete walls was the first sensation that could be felt by the small girl in the corner of the dungeon. Darkness was the second; it overwhelmed her, swallowed her whole cutting her off from the outside world. Fragmented pieces of memories flooded back quickly until it was completed and she held in a scream for so long her lips bled.

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Always Here

Pairing/s: Thorin x (human!wife)reader

Setting/Timeline: A few years after BoTFA, Halloween/All Hollows’ Eve, Durins live!AU

Warning(s)/Genre(s): Fluff, a little bit of angst

Word Count: 1,487

The Hobbit, the Durins, and Any of the Company © J.R.R. Tolkien
Context © me

A/N: This is an entry for @sdavid09‘s Tale Teller’s Fright Night 2017 and I’ve chosen no.3 on the Halloween “Things” List - “Ghosts”, and no.9 on the Quotes List - “He said he was your brother, and he wanted me to give you this.”

And it seems I outdid myself, again.

The Hobbit tag list: @sdavid09, @igotanaddixon, @fizzy-custard, @life-is-righteous@fromthedeskoftheraven, @deepestfirefun, @dreamsofrivendell, @kittenwritesstuff

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“It’s that time of the year, again.”

You whisper to no one in particular as you make your way to one of Erebor’s libraries as music and laughter could be heard from the mighty kingdom’s Great Hall.

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A Strange Announcement.

((ALL DRAWINGS SUPPLIED BY @pastelmoon101. THANK YOU SO MUCH THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. If you haven’t checked out their artistry, I urge you to do so))

Dark rubbed his lips together indecisively, his eyes wandering carefully among the others as he did his best to make sense of how to properly go about what he was about to say.

“Ahem… well, I suppose there is no roundabout way to bring this in, so I shall be blunt. I have taken it upon myself to supply children. Four children. This new… way of life for me, this new change, urged me to develop a purpose beyond paperwork and self loathing. I needed something more for me, something I knew would bring my pride in my work and a development to the new emotions I have been forced with. So I have kids. I wish to… introduce them, to you all.”

He seemed out of place, nervous and awkward as he cast his eyes towards the gloom.

“To begin, they are born old enough to walk. Barely, however. They can mumble a few words, but their features are defined.”

He exhaled slowly, before his eyes turned towards the shadows.

“Come then. Feoria first, darling.”

He spoke lowly, and there was a long train of silence. Finally, the tiny sound of shuffling could be heard. The first who came into the light was the tallest of the four, long black hair, bright evergreen eyes, and a smile on her face as she boldly arrived. She wobbled slightly, her steps were unsteady, she wiggled her arms about but seemed to be experiencing a joy like no other in the presence of others.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

“Stand by daddy, love.”

He spoke surprisingly softly to the toddler, and she popped a squat at his shoes, entranced by her own hands. His eyes moved towards the gloom again, and gave a tiny whistle towards the next.

“Della, come on.”

He beckoned, and a silvery haired saint came striding out with the same uneven steps, eyes fixed in concentration. Her bright maroon eyes watched her steps, seeming eager to show off, wanting to be given pride, wanting to do well. She moved to her sisters side.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

He grinned towards Della as she remained standing, and his eyes flickered back to the curling shadows.


He spoke boldly, this time, and another black haired girl came out. Her darker red eyes were fixated proudly, her walking held almost no stumbling, and she seemed particularly advanced in comparison to the others. Her straight lined face held a ghost of a grin every so often, but she seemed determined, straight forward, and took her place.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

Namya did not need much coaxing, so he did not wait for her to move to his side. His eyes lifted up, and in a much sweeter, quieter tone, he whispered out

“Tove… cmere honey. It’s alright.”

But there was only silence, looming darkness the only thing to be left over. Dark was patient, his eyes glued to things unseen, and he offered a reassuring smile and a nod as if he knew their reaction.

“Come on honey. It’s ok.”

There was a nervous whimper, before another black haired girl stepped into the light. Her short black hair, falling just bellow her ears, messily curling, bounced as she walked with uncertainty. Nervous bright crimson eyes warily glanced at the others, hands clutched to her chest, twiddling her fingers as she nervously moved very close to Namya’s side.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

“These are my children. I expect them to be respected, as they will respect in return when they grow older.”

James is an incubus and he’s been in love with Q, but thinks himself too much of a monster to say anything. When he’s injured he ‘feeds’ off of Q while he’s asleep to heal himself. Q is exhausted the next day. NSFW possibly. Maybe Q knows about James, maybe he doesn’t. It’s up to you. – anon

Hope you enjoy, my dear. Jen.

Q let out a vague moaning sound, blood pulsing in his temples: something felt weird, wrong. Like a hangover without the dry mouth, and a strange stinging in his throat that meant that – oddly – Q could work out precisely what had happened instantly. The symptoms all added up. A lot of pamphlets and posters and adverts warned about the incubus, the secret monsters that drank your blood and stole your soul, the dangerous infected nightmares that existed on preying on the lives of others, yada yada yada…

… and Q just couldn’t give a flying fuck. The media enjoyed lambasting all incubi, but they weren’t intrinsically evil and most were known to be responsible about not transferring blood nor polluting those they fed off.

The only thing that annoyed Q was that Bond hadn’t asked him first.

“I don’t mind,” he said immediately, as a preface. Bond stared at him, looking unusually panicked. “Genuinely, I don’t. It’s not an issue, I know you take care of yourself, and I trust that you’ve not been stupid about the quantity you’ve taken, and that you haven’t introduced any alternate blood types.”

Bond nodded. Speaking was apparently a little beyond him.

“But for the love of god, you could have warned me first.”

“I wasn’t really… in a talking mood, shall we say,” Bond managed, slowly. “As in… I was dying, in quite a major way.”

“I didn’t know dying could be minor.”

Bond shrugged. “Incubus. Dying can be any number of things, quite often minor as it happens. Sometimes needing a top-up, sometimes a more substantial drain.”

Q’s eyes narrowed. “How substantial?”

“No contact sports and I’d advise upping your calorie intake for a few days, but otherwise fine.”

“What a pity,” Q smirked. “I get to eat more and do less. Now, moving on from here – I’m right in saying you’ll be keen on my blood? Craving-wise?”

Bond, once again, looked extremely uncomfortable. “Well. Yes.”

Q sighed. “That’s annoying. So are you planning on making this a regular thing, and does this finally mean we can sleep together?”

“What do you mean, 'finally’? This was never discussed!”

“Not for lack of trying,” Q pointed out. “I’ve been coming onto you for what feels like most of my life. I’m not very good at flirting. But either way…”

Bond was kissing him before Q could even vaguely finish his sentence, and smirked against Bond’s lips, satisfied in (finally!) having success.

kremlin annihilation week
Day Seven: Free Choice

Well here we are, at the end, and I’ve gotta say I feel a strange mixture of satisfaction in knowing that I’m not delusional, because this is here and it’s awful, but also frustration and sadness knowing that despite all the problems discussed this week, this shit is still canon.

So, free choice. I’ve decided I really really want to talk about Kara. Supergirl, Kara Danvers, Kara Zor-El. Our hero, our main character, the woman we’ve seen grow from “just” an assistant (something we later learned meant so much more to her and offered her so much more than one would expect) to, after not questioning anything else but saving the life of her sister, a hero and a stronger woman in her own right. As she grew and learned as Supergirl, she discovered more about who she wanted to be as Kara Danvers, and discovered more about who Kara Zor-El is, what legacy she’s living up to, and what she wants to do with what her Krypton origin has given her. We’ve seen her struggle with her career, her adoptive family, her biological family, her love life, and trying to find some balance with all these aspects of her life. We’ve seen her be upbeat and optimistic no matter what the situation, only to then realise how much she struggles on the inside, with sadness, loneliness, anger, and a desire to fit in yet still be someone important, but not just because of Supergirl.

In season 1, the ever-aware Cat Grant figured out Kara was Supergirl, and Kara nearly lost her job at CatCo because of it. After having her identity and job saved by J’onn, she says “I can’t leave this place. It’s not just a secret identity to me.” 

Her job gives her another purpose as Kara, the one where she gets to grow as someone beyond Supergirl, with her own human strengths and weaknesses. This is later emphasised when Kara is fighting the Black Mercy, and as Alex is trying to save her sister’s life, she’s also trying to make sure she has her life beyond Supergirl to come back to. “CatCo is more than a job to Kara. It’s where she gets to live a normal life.”

Then in season 2, we had the long-hyped up arrival of Superman ha, remember when we were worried he was going to take over Supergirl’s show, good times… and we got some great scenes between the two of them, but of important note was getting the Supergirl and Superman scenes as well as the Kara and Kal-El/Clark scenes. They worked together and learned from each other as superheroes, and learned from each other as their other human selves. And Kara, with some encouragement from other significant women in her life, seems to now be following in his reporter footsteps. Of a more important note that episode though, I think, was “all I know is that being Kara is just as important as being Supergirl.” Kara already knew it, of course, but having the reminder that she could focus on who she was, but not as Supergirl, was so crucial, and dedicating her time to figuring out her career and her love life and everything else still needed to be a priority.

And then later in that season premiere episode, the one that gave us some misplaced hope in this show on a new network, we got Cat’s announcement she was leaving, and her reminder to Kara: “You are smart and talented and astonishing.” Yet another significant figure in Kara’s life reminding her that Kara was important, Kara needed to be valued, and she was so much more than just Supergirl, and that she was allowed to, and needed to, give just as much to her human persona as she did to her superhero one.

Melissa herself was so excited to explore Kara in season 2, and I think a lot of the viewers were too. Season 1 was about her becoming Supergirl, and figuring out all the challenges that came along with that. Season 2 was going to be about Kara growing as Kara. She’d figured out a lot about Supergirl and everything that life entailed. The DEO, the missions, and sacrifices, and how to use the powers she had to try and make the world a better place as a superhero. But beyond that, the other side of her life, was Kara, and getting to grow as that person as she juggled changing a career and losing her work mentor. Seeing Kara grow in that role and adjust to her new CatCo position and what it meant for her was something that could have been so significant this season. And yet…

We got Mon-El. And we got karamel. And then everything that could have been about Kara growing slowly got destroyed bit by bit.

In 2x15, Kara, after posting her article on her blog, was fired from CatCo. And in turning to someone for support, she talked about how being a reporter was her calling, it was how she helped people. And she was told that Supergirl also helped people. And of course she does, we’ve known that since the start! But then Kara emphasised that she doesn’t need a yellow sun to save people as Kara, it’s just her. “Supergirl is what I can do, Kara is who I am.” Supergirl is so important, but more important is the woman who has to be completely herself and fight to learn and fight to find the truth and report it. That was her calling, she observed it and realised that that was something she could do and had a passion to do.

I will never forget the feeling of defeat and loss, when instead of understanding what Kara was saying, and reminding her that Kara was important and Kara is important and that she needed to fight for Kara too, he agreed and smiled when Kara uttered the most un-Kara words she’s ever said in the entire series: “Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough.” Because it’s not and it never will be and Supergirl is just as important as the independent Kara in the career that helps her fight for the things she is most passionate about. And no, this isn’t about Kara staying single in order to do that, but rather it’s about her having the people in her life who allow her to grow in all aspects, and encourage her to be her best and support her when she needs it, not to only support them with the things that align with what they want and abuse her when she does the opposite.

This is Supergirl. This is the mixture of Kara Zor-El and Kara Danvers and Supergirl. She’s a hero in more ways than one and despite having powers, she’s incredible even in the areas of her life where those things don’t come into play. She was an amazing assistant and is going to be an incredible reporter. She’s a loyal friend and loving sister and she’s so many things even before what the sun gives her the ability to do. And that right there is why she is important as a character, long before her superhero status comes into it. So when a character comes along who does something to restrict her to the thing that from the outside seems to be the most important and most impressive, that isn’t a good thing! And that’s exactly what Mon-El has done. And yet somehow, in some awful twist of the knife the network/writers stabbed into the backs of the season 1 viewers, he’s managed to reduce her to just the physical strength of Supergirl whilst also condemning her actions as Supergirl when it doesn’t suit him.

Season 2 had all the potential to grow Kara as well as Supergirl. To grow the human-appearing side, the one who fights with things beyond her physical abilities. And in introducing Mon-El, the show has focused less on Kara and managed to reduce what we have gotten on her. In the beginning of season 2, however, we had all the potential for Kara to be Mon-El’s mentor, in the way she was supposed to be for her cousin (and in some way, possibly, a way for her to move on from losing Cat as a mentor?). But in that ending and karamel starting, every way that Kara could have grown due to the introduction of a new character, she’s slowly been whittled away to everything she never wanted in becoming Supergirl.

TL;DR (oh my god this got long, I really miss everything this show was and could still be!): Kara is the main character, Kara is the woman we watched grow as Supergirl and almost got to see grow as Kara Danvers the reporter. Instead, we got Mon-El and karamel, and now the woman who wanted to fight to report the truth, no matter how hard it was to find, is okay with settling for everything she never wanted for herself, and it breaks my heart to know that a show with such potential has become this. I miss you Kara, please come back.

blue night radio ♡ 140205
translation: bluenight0524

(opening message) jonghyun: have you, by any chance, heard of (in english) white noise? a white noise? the sounds that are familiar to our ears. for example: the sound of rain, the sound of waves, the sound of the wind. i mean, these kind of sounds. this white noise, of course …, a noise is a noise, but because it’s adequately noisy, it’s psychologically comfortable and gives stability. it’s adequately noisy but provides comfort. somehow …, it’s similar to the image i’d had of blue night. not too noisy, but not too quiet. like that, the turning on of the radio would become like knowing that you’ll fall asleep soon. adequately noisy: the more you listen it gets comfortable and, before you know it, it becomes familiar. the 4th of february, between today and tomorrow, this is blue night.


(closing message) jonghyun: yeah. it’s the second day. it was a bit exciting and i think it was a second day where time went by much faster than yesterday! like i introduced on the aside corner (*): i should walk and walk towards you, everyone, right? slowly getting closer. although this road that me and blue night’s family are taking together may seem like it has a lot of branches to it, i think, eventually, it’s one single road. you may feel exhausted and could fall down too. you could also wander along the road. however, like blue night’s shining star, if you could hold onto me and give me strength i think i can be able to reach everyone in our family in one single roundabout way. yeah. a lot of people have been wondering about what the closing mnet would be. however, i still haven’t decided on it yet. i thought it’d be good to not think of it impatiently but to do it slowly …, that’s why i’m still worrying about it. to be honest, i slept yesterday at around 6 or 7am. i couldn’t sleep ‘til that late, thinking about the closing mnet. i will worry about it a bit more and slowly introduce it to you, everyone. we will listen to today’s ending song (now): michael learns to rock’s “blue night”. until now, this has been blue night, jonghyun. 

(translator’s note: (*) the aside corner was a short corner right before the closing message at the start of jonghyun’s stint as dj where he introduced a poem each day. the poem for this day was blue night by ra hee duk. the translation can be found below:

the numerous paths that i was mad to walk
in to not go to you,
were actually going towards you.

even when i walked in the distant dark road
at night alone,
the stars that flew at my head
would have shined above your head.
at my sighing and my breath,
the flowers would have leaned to you and flattered.

from love to shame,
again from shame to love,
the bucket’s that tipped against you
several times in a day.

however, the thing that always rose
was tens of thousnads of path
the galaxy’s one star going to another star,
those tens of thousnads paths, i’m walking
in them.

my life was going around all shortcuts,
a one roundabout way that was only going
to you.)

Ribbon + Dash: Chapter 1

Ribbon sighed and dragged her eyes away from the dance floor. Caleb was nice enough, if a little weird, and Pebble seemed to really like him, so Ribbon was happy they’d found each other but she couldn’t help the tiny pang of jealousy that shot through her whenever she saw them together.

Resting her elbows on the bar she buried her face in her hands and rubbed at her temples with her thumbs. She’d hoped getting some water would help the headache but it hadn’t really done much at all. Nothing would probably help except leaving, but Pebble and Caleb didn’t look like they were going to want to leave any time soon.

“Are you alright?”

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So. Ever since I saw the masked man, Krogan, in “Midnight Scrum,” I noticed something about him…

Whenever Krogan throws Hiccup’s leg at Ryker, he’s no longer wearing a cloak, and it shows that he’s wearing a red toga, as well as 1) tanned skin, 2) black hair, with beard. So, what I believe part of S5 of RTTE will be about, is…


Yes, true true, this could be a far fetched guess, but there are some things to back this crazy idea up:

1. Krogan attended the dragon auction in Season 3 of RTTE, and it showed that he had plenty of money with him. But why would he need a dragon if he had money? Well, in the HTTYD book series (which I highly recommend, by the way), the Romans were introduced there. And they kept dragons as slaves. So, Krogan could have been in search of some more dragons for work, as the Roman society required them to function.

2. When Krogan tried to fulfill Hiccup’s bounty, he obviously wanted gold. Who’s to say that he didn’t NEED it? For whatever reason, Krogan needed/wanted gold, which leads back to the first theory. If the Romans didn’t have dragons, then slowly their entire empire would fall apart, because dragons are the building blocks of their ways- and their ways of making money. So that could explain why Krogan needed the gold, because Rome was running out of dragons.


ANYWAYS, this is just my guess that I’m throwing out there. Lemme know what ya’ll think. (Yep, I know. I’m crazy for this idea :D)

Let’s make sweet music

a ‘you’re my neighbor and every single night at 2AM you decide to practice your trombone well joke’s on you because I bought a trumpet and you’re about to get owned’ AU 

For @hiriahb love ya, girl x 
(follower milestone thing, send me rebelcaptain + an au/trope

Jyn gasped as he pushed her up against the wall. The kiss was biting, a little too much teeth and a little too rough, but it did the job as she shook right down to her toes. She hastily yanked at buttons, his arm splaying out to anchor itself to something and a lamp crashed to the floor. Jyn sucked his tongue into her mouth, lips curling up as she finally got his shirt open. Sliding her arms around the skin of his back, she heard him whine a little, but the boy could fucking wait. This was her night, she wanted to be the one who fucked him senseless until he couldn’t walk straight, he was gonna –


He wrenched himself away from her lips within seconds.

“What the FUCK is that?” Scott asked, staring at the wall in utter disgust. 

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Meeting Nine: 

A man in a leather jacket with a smile too big for your small hometown stood next to you. “There’s an entire universe out there with more parallel universes than you humans can count and my TARDIS led me to you. You, one human out of trillions that have ever lived.”

You turned to face him. “Excuse me?”

“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor waved. “Hello!” 

“Y/N,” You said warily, unsure if you should be giving out your name to someone like him. “And what’s a TARDIS?”

The Doctor held his hand out for you to take. “Would you like to see?” 

Slowly, you put your hand in his and the Doctor pulled you off to his little blue box. 

Meeting Ten:

“So you’re a fan of Hemingway then?” You dropped The Old Man and the Sea and spun around, coming face to face with a man in a suit. “He’s great, really quite a brilliant man.” 

“Right,” You nodded and slowly began to step away from the crazed man. After all, Hemingway had been dead for years and he was much too young to have met him. 

“I could introduce you if you’d like,” the man continued. “There’s a whole universe out there. A great, big, wide universe and your planet in this time isn’t even one millionth of what’s out there.” 

“Are you crazy?” You blurted out.

“No! I’m the Doctor!” The Doctor dismissed you with the wave of his hand. “Now, are you ready to to see Paris in the 1920′s?” 

You laughed, amused at the little man. “Sure, why not?”

The Doctor grabbed your hand and led you over to a small, dated police box. What you saw inside, however, changed your life forever.

Meeting Eleven:

“Yes, good, okay, you’re here,” A man in a bowtie sat down next to you in your favorite restaurant. “Quickly, we need to lock Hitler in the cupboard.” 

“What-” You began, but the man cut you off.

“Right yes, I understand how crazy this all sounds but you’re going to have to trust me. Hitler is out there and mean and we need to lock him in a cupboard.” The man took a deep breath and continued, “I’m the Doctor and you’re Y/N and I’ve been looking across the entire universe for you.” 

“Excuse me?” You moved away from the mad man. 

“It sounds weird but it’s not, well not really. I’m a time lord you’re a human and I have a little blue box out front that can take us anywhere in the universe. So what do you say?” 

“Say about what?” You asked. 

“About locking Hitler in a cupboard and then seeing the universe.” The Doctor stood up and held his hand out. 

You took his hand and the Doctor placed a kiss on your forehead, before pulling you out of your small town and into a box that could take you anywhere in the entire universe.

Meeting Twelve: 

“Have you any idea what that’s like?” A man asked you.

“What what’s like?” You asked, confused. 

“Traveling the universe alone,” He sighed. “You save people, planets, races, but you have no one to share it with.” 

“I can’t say that I’ve ever ran into that problem,” You told him honestly. 

“Sometimes I forget that you humans only care about themselves,” The man began to walk away.

“Only care about ourselves?” You stopped the stranger in his tracks. “Are you seriously getting mad at me for never leaving the planet Earth?” 

“For not helping people,” he clarified. “You humans just don’t help each other.” 

“I think you mean ‘us humans,’” you corrected the man. “And some humans do help others.” 

“I’m not human I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor told you. 

“Yes because that makes so much sense,” You rolled your eyes.

The Doctor smiled. “Are you one of those humans that likes to help people?” 

“If I say yes you won’t believe me, and if I say no I’ll you’ll believe me but it’ll be a lie.” You answered. 

The Doctor grabbed your hand and pulled you towards a blue box. “I’m the Doctor, that’s my TARDIS, and we have a universe to see.” 


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 936

Warnings: swearing and violence


It was my fault. I caused this.

It happened on New Years eve where almost everyone was drunk or tipsy, except for me. Why? I just don’t like the thought of being in an altered state of conscious around a whole heap of people, that’s all. If I hadn’t gone to talk to the only other sober person at the party then everything would have been so different. We wouldn’t be in this position.

New Years Eve

I was sitting in a circle of drunks. Sure, now is the time you let loose and celebrate (or mourn) the year that just passed but I just don’t think it’s really necessary to go all out. It’s only 8pm and someone has already passed out on a hammock. I look to my left to see Shawn, smiling widely between his deep, loud chuckles that everyone finds infectious. He has that effect on people. I intertwine our fingers, still watching his face. I’m rewarded with a beautiful smile and a soft kiss on my cheek. He’s still a gentleman, even when he’s intoxicated.

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@notbrogues This is what I worked on instead of my KBB

Her hair is tied back into a bun coiled at the back of her neck. Bright white latex gloves are snapped over her shiny red nails. The tools are sterilized and polished to a gleaming silver shine. The door is firmly shut and will never open unless it hears her voice.

Everything is ready.

“Poor darling,” Poppy coos, “poor, poor darling. They left you out there in this hot Kentucky sun, hm? Flies buzzing, brains baking out on the concrete, blood trickling onto your nice suit? Not very nice. Not very nice at all.”

The scalpel slices cleanly through—a nice, neat cut. The machines buzz and hum, and occasionally, Poppy glances at the heart monitor beeping steadily. All is well. All is going well. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking when the patient is first put under. Why, her first few attempts had been disasters, poor things. But she’d studied and trained and worked harder than she ever did in her life, and look at what she’s accomplished!

They’d be sorry. They’d all be sorry. They didn’t think she was good enough? They didn’t think any of them were? Well, she’d show them.

“Such interesting things that Hesketh boy told me,” she continues, sweet as her world famous maltshakes. “Your babblings made a bit more sense after that. Modern knights, suits, gadgets. You Brits are eccentric, aren’t you?” She pauses, considering, then reaches for one of the pieces on the table. “But now I know your name. Alliterative. Dashing.”

Poppy begins to build—tiny, almost invisible wires and deceptively fragile bits of metal—and hums “American Girl” as she works. She peels the skin, slices and cauterizes organs, inserts more and more into the body, chest rising and falling softly. This will be her greatest work. Invulnerability and immortality, all in a nice, controlled package. Pity she can’t do this with herself, but she doesn’t trust anyone else to do this correctly.

“I’ve been developing this for years,” Poppy says, allowing herself a boast. “Years and years. You’re my first…final draft, as it were. The perfect specimen. I have such plans for you. Such marvelous plans.”  

Blood sluggishly slips down her gloves when she pulls away, briefly studying the tablet attached to the bed, a painstakingly-sketched diagram on the screen.

“Not bad yet,” Poppy murmurs. “We still have a few hours to go, don’t we? Don’t go dying on me now,” she continues, then begins folding the skin back into place, reaching for another one of her clever tools, one that will seal everything together with precision. “It was very inconvenient the last time. But I think I’ll add some insurance. Something that will prevent…outright rebellion. I don’t expect you to be completely obedient. I do want you to be able to think for yourself, analyze new situations, draw on your experiences. What use is a lobotomized robot?”

Finishing, she changes into new gloves, then traces the shaven area, pale and vulnerable. His eyes are closed, and he looks peaceful when Poppy cuts into his skull.

“This is the tricky part,” she warns. “Hang in there. After this, you can rest. I have such a lovely room prepared for you. Very homey.”

It’s like slicing into Jell-o, but with more irregular texture. It hadn’t swelled too much, and she was able to save him before those cowboy spies—or death—snatched him up. He’d been kept in recovery, Poppy planning and praying, and she’d waited until she was a hundred percent sure before preparing for the operation. She had high hopes for him—maybe too high—but this was perfect.

Oh, V-Day had been tragic, so tragic. But this time, she can show the world what she can do—build. Fix the broken—not the same as ever, of course—but close enough. It hadn’t been her original plan, but what’s just a simple revenge plot? Might as well try to fix the world while she’s at it. They’ll love her for this, love her forever.

Her hands move fast, and before she knows it, everything’s in place, wired and coded. Poppy finishes the last touches, then nods in approval. He won’t be woken up right away; it will have to be in degrees, then slowly introduce the physical therapy, the training, the conditioning. Hesketh may be impatient, but Poppy’s learned to wait for the right moment to strike. What’s a few more months for perfection?

Poppy steps back, gloves on her hips. Her apron is securely tied around her waist, and in one of the pockets is a special device. Valentine might have been clever, but there was so much more you could do with emotions more than a searing, brainless rage. It was subtler, yes, and had human error, but it was so much more precise and effective, especially with the help of her biochemical cocktails. A vial, in fact, was tucked neatly into a bomb with a certain organization’s name written on it.

And it will all begin. But first…

“My Lazurus,” she sings, then activates the body lying on the cold, steel table. “Wake up.”

Hephaestion - Companion

A/N. Probably the whole historical information is wrong and the language isn’t time accurate and blah blah. Honestly this whole plot sounded better in my mind but still… I hope you like it

Your name: submit What is this?

“I said no. You are not going to force me to do that!” I yelled at my parents.

“It’s settled, honey. I really don’t understand why are you reacting like this.” My father told me.

“You just told me that I am going to marry a complete stranger! What did you think I would say?” I shouted.

“It’s how things work honey. Your father met him. He is a charming man. He is also the army general and a close friend to the king. It’s the perfect marriage.” My mother explained.

“For you, maybe. Why can’t I marry someone I love?” I asked softly, wiping my eyes.

“It’s better this way. It’s a parent duty to find a husband for his daughter. You are too young to take such an important decision. And besides, love comes from living together.” She said.

“What do you know about love?” I huffed and went to my room, closing the door with a loud thud. I threw myself on the bed and let the tears flow. I knew that this moment will come but I always hoped that I will be able to convince my parents to let me marry someone I chose. I heard steps approaching my room.

“Please leave me alone.” I sobbed when my mother appeared on the door.

“Give him a chance. You might like him.” He said.

“No.” I breathed between tears.

“Well… you’ll have to calm yourself because he will pay us a visit this afternoon to meet you. I will come in a hour to help you prepare.” She said.

“GET OUT!” I yelled and threw a pillow in that direction. I got up and sat on the window frame. I used to stay there because I had a marvelous view of the sea. Whenever I felt nervous or sad, that was the place where I found the calmness and the serenity I needed. I didn’t even notice how quick the hour pass. My mother arrived with her make-ups.

“Don’t worry. Just a little eye-liner.”  She smiled. After applying it, she looked at my hair “I think the hair is good. I thought that it should be a little more curly but it’s beautiful this way.” She said combing it.

“Whatever.” I answered.

She sighed. “Please put a smile on your pretty face, Y/N. You should be happy. Not every girl has the luck you have.” She said and hugged me.

“Is this how my life is going to be? Faking a smile everyday, pretending that I have a happy life? Is this luck?” I asked.

“I’ll send a servant here when he arrives.” She said and went downstairs in the living room to make the last preparations.

I did nothing the whole time. I just paced my room, replaying various scenarios in my mind until Olympia, my servant knocked on my door.

“Lady Y/N. You should go downstairs. And please don’t be sad.”  She said.

“My life is planned right now and I have no word in it.” I said, looking one last time in the mirror. I was wearing a white long dress, with a belt around my waist and a silver bracelet on my upper arm.

I was slowly advancing towards the main room of the house. Loud laughs and voices echoed through the chamber. The moment I entered, silence fell. There were my parents and a stranger, who I supposed was my future husband.

“Oh, perfect timing honey.” They got up to greet me and I could see him more clearly. He had long brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I couldn’t deny that he was attractive. Every girl’s dream. Maybe it would have been mine too if I wasn’t forced to marry.

“Hephaestion…she’s my daughter.” My father introduced me. The man smiled and took my hand to kiss it. “It’s a pleasure, my lady.”


I was lost in my thoughts when I felt my mother kicking my leg.

“What?” I snapped.

“Hephaestion asked you a question.” She said, a little angry.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry.” I said getting up and running towards my room.

When I was between the familiar walls of my chamber I took a deep breath to calm myself. I heard someone following me.

“I’ll be down in a minute, mom. Please don’t…yell at me.” I turned around only to be met by those perfect blue eyes. “Sorry, I thought-” I tried to explain but he cut me off.

“I know. You don’t have to be sorry. Can I come in?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

“You are not really excited about this, are you?” Hephaestion asked, sitting on the edge of my bed.

I sighed and sat next to him. “Look… It’s not because of you. You seem a nice man it’s just… I don’t know you. This noon I just received the news that I am promised to someone.” I said.

“I understand. I am sure it is hard for you to accept it, but maybe I can help.” He said.

I let out a sad laugh. “How?”

“You want to marry out of love. Give me two months to show you that I can make you happy. I can talk to your father and postpone the wedding for a short period of time. How does it sound?” He asked.

“Post pone? You already set the date?” I asked shocked.

“In two weeks.” He said.

“And you would agree to move it a bit later?” I asked.

“Whatever makes you comfortable. Honestly, I am not keen on marrying a stranger either. Even though this stranger has some eyes in which you could get lost for hours.” He said.

“Nice start. Fine then. You have two months to conquer my heart.” I said.

“It will be the hardest but the most enjoying quest I had in my life. Can I see you again tomorrow?” He asked. I slowly nodded.

“And don’t cry. Everything will be alright, you’ll see”. He wiped one tear from my cheek.

“Have a good night, my lady.” He said bringing my hand to his lips.

That night it was hard for me to sleep. After being scolded by my parents for my behavior I have spent the whole night thinking about the following day. I couldn’t lie and say that I wasn’t excited. After actually talking to him and learning that he didn’t want to rush me into this marriage, I felt as if a huge stone was lifted from my heart. Even thought I didn’t completely come to terms with this idea I decided I will give it a try.


“What do you have in mind for today?”

“I am going to take you to the theater.” Hephaestion said, grabbing my hand and guiding me towards it.

“But women are not allowed there.” I said.

“Stop worrying. You’re with me. I’m Alexander’s best friend. No one will stop us, trust me.” He reassured me.

(A/N: First date ideas: Breaking the ancient greek laws with bae.)-Sorry I had to

He was right. Some people looked strange at me but no one dared to question my presence there. It was the first time in my life when I saw a play. The actors, the masks, the music, everything was exquisite. From time to time I could feel Hephaestion’s eyes on me, carefully studying my expressions. The way back home was mostly silent.

“You liked it. I could see it in your eyes.” He smiled.

“I have to admit, it was something different.” I answered.

“I will be away for a few days with some work to do so I won’t be able to take you anywhere.” He said.

“Don’t worry. If the next meetings are as amazing as this was, I am looking forward to them.” I laughed.

“I’m glad I could bring a smile on your face. I will see you in a week.“ He said.


I was impatient and really curious to see what he planned next. So that was his way to win my heart. Letting me think, anticipating so he never leaves my mind. I started to feel a little ashamed for not even giving him a chance at first. When I saw how good he treated me I felt a pang of guilt in my heart. He was really trying to ease me into this marriage stuff. The days passed agonizingly slow. I only met him once and I started wondering what did I use to do before that. One day I was combing my hair when I heard a voice coming from the door.

“Are you ready?” I turned around and saw Hephaestion leaning against the frame of the door.

“Of course.” I said throwing the comb away.

We were walking down the streets when i finally asked what are we going to do today.

“I will take you to the palace. I want to show you something I am sure you’ll like.” He said.

After we entered the palace I couldn’t help but stare in aw. Everything was so beautiful. I think I was here just once or twice in my whole life and that was in my early years of childhood.

“Wow.” I said.

“I know, right?” Hephaestion said. “Look it’s Alexander.” He gestured towards the end of the hall.

I started to feel nervous. After all, he was the king. Without realizing it I grabbed Hephaestion’s hand and hold it tightly. I could see a small smile forming on his lips. “Don’t worry. He is friendly.” He reassured me.

He saw us and waved at Hephaestion. We went to him and I tried to be as unnoticeable as I could.

“Who is your little guest?” He asked, looking at me while smiling.

“She’s my fiancée.” Hephaestion answered and wrapped one arm around my waist.

“You must be special. He refused every woman he was ever introduced to.” Alexander laughed.

“I want to show her something. Maybe we will meet later.” Hephaestion said to the king and guided me towards another room. The room was a library, with giant shelves full of books.

“How did you know that I like books?” I asked watching the room carefully.

“I saw them in your house. You can come here anytime you want and take whatever book your heart desires.”

I turned around so I could look at him. “Thank you.”

He smiled and encouraged me to search through the shelves.

I think we have spent a few hours in the library. I was flipping the pages of countless books, while Hephaestion looked at me. We discussed different stories and authors. I didn’t even felt how the time passed.

On our way back home curiosity was killing me.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure” he answered.

“The king said that you refused the women who wanted to marry you. I was wondering…why did you choose me.” I said.

“I’m going to tell day.” He said smiling.

“This is your way to keep me intrigued?” I laughed.

“It might be.” He winked.


The promised months passed fastest than I thought they would. I’ve spent so many beautiful moments with him and I couldn’t be more grateful. The wedding was in three days and everyone in my family was preoccupied with the last details. I was watching outside the window when I saw Hephaestion near my house. He was waving, gesturing for me to come outside. I didn’t take a moment to think and I left the house.

I hugged him and then said.

“Everyone is so busy that they didn’t saw the bride sneaking out.”

He laughed.”I have one last surprise for you before the big day.”

He grabbed my hand and together, we went towards the sea. After climbing over some rocks we arrived on a patch of beach surrounded by rocks. It looked as if no one has ever set foot on it.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. I’ve found this place a week ago. It reminded me of you.” He kissed my cheek.

I laughed. “Why?”

“I think the sea is the perfect description of you. Beautiful but so wild. Nothing can tame you.” He said.

“I’m not that reckless.” I said.

“Trust me… You are. One month ago you asked me why I chose you to be my wife.” I left his embrace so I could look at him.

“What would you say if I tell you that we have met before?” He said.


“One year ago I was in a tavern, drinking with some friends. Things happened and I ended up fighting with a man. I just come from a mission with Alexander and I was really tired. That man had a sword and he hit me multiple times.I had cuts on my chest, legs, hands. I’ve lost so much blood. Of course the others weren’t sober enough to help me so I left that place and wondered around the city. I was feeling how I am losing my strength and collapsed in front of a house.” He said.

“It was you.” I whispered slowly remembering the past events.

He nodded. “You saved me. You ran outside with some bandages and tended my wounds. And then you stayed with me until I could stand up on my legs.” He placed his palm on my cheek.

“I was so scared that night. I thought that you will die but then you could go home on your own. It was incredible. Now I know why your face seemed so familiar when I first saw you. I had a feeling that I recognize you but I ignored it.” I admitted.

“I knew that your father was a soldier because of the area where your house was, so the only thing I had to do was to found out which one.” He laughed. “Then, I’ve met him. He told me that he has a daughter ready for marriage. I knew how other men treat women. The truth is, it’s not easy to be a woman in our society. You have to stay home and do all the chores while the man has all the privileges. I wanted a better life for you. You saved me once so I wanted you to have all the good things in world. That’s why I’ve told him that I am looking for a wife.” He said.

“The thing is… I’m not searching for a wife. I am looking for a life companion not just someone who washes my clothes and cooks. I want you to be my greatest confident. I want you to trust me. I want to find love home and not go seeking it in other places like most men do. So what do you say? Are you ready to start a new life with me?” He asked, putting his hands on my hips, lips inches away from my own.

“Well…. The wedding is already planned and it would be a shame to waste that cake.” I teased him.

“It would be a shame to waste this moment.” He whispered and gently pressed his lips against mine. And there, with the warm breeze blowing between us and the sound of the waves crushing against the shore; with my hands tangled in his hair and him keeping me as close to him as possible, I knew that this marriage duty ended exactly the way I wanted.


Request: Hi! Can you write Lin x prenant, single!reader, who is his neihbor, and they are friends and he is helping her, and goes with her to hospital. And they got together? Also 87? She’s an artist, and she came from europe and was alredy pregnant. Thank!

Words: 2236

Prompt: 87- I just tell myself things will get better

Pairing: Lin x Reader

When you walked into your apartment complex and saw the lift was broken, you wanted to cry. This was just your luck. You went out to a local flea market to see if you could get any art supplies for cheap and you thought your luck was taking a turn when you found a plethora of supplies for dirt cheap. But of course luck couldn’t stay on your side for long. There you were, a box full or art supplies in your arms, a very pregnant stomach, and feet so swollen your socks were practically cutting of circulation.

“Well, nothing’s gonna happen by just standing around, isn’t that right little one?” You asked, looking down at your stomach. A small fluttering in your stomach caused you to smile. Your smile faltered, however, when you began walking to the stairs. Waking up five flights wouldn’t be fun in the slightest.

“Ma'am! Hold on!” A male voice came from behind you and you turned your head, surprised at the sudden exclamation. It was the guy who lived in one of the apartments next to yours, you’d seen him around and often heard him playing the piano and singing. It never bothered you though, it was always strangely comforting, it had become a constant in your whirlwind of a life. Everything had been such a storm since you came to America, but you could always count on your neighbor to let his musical genius flow. “Let me carry that for you, we’re going to the same floor anyway." 

"Thank you so much.” You said gratefully, letting him take the box from your hands. “My name is (Y/N), I don’t think we have been properly introduced.”

“I’m Lin-Manuel, you can just call me Lin though!” He said, a hundred watt smile illuminating his tan face. He was cute.

“It’s funny, we’ve lived next to each other for two months now but we’ve never talked.” You commented, making small talk as you slowly made your way up the stairs.

“That’s New York for you.” Lin laughed. “So where are you from?”

“London, my accent makes it obvious does it?” 

“Just a bit, I feel like I’m talking to the Queen.” You both laughed but you immediately winced when your baby gave you a harsh kick. “Are you okay?”

The concern in Lin’s voice warmed your heart. He was so nice, it was so refreshing. People in New York were so cold, so uncaring. Not all of them, of course, but it seemed like the majority. “Yes, she’s a fighter this one.”

“So you’re having a little girl?”

“I am.” You replied with a smile, placing a hand affectionately on your stomach. “Won’t be long until she makes her debut, three months left.”

“Wow, she’ll be here in no time.”

“It’s nerve wracking, I feel like there’s a million things to do before she gets here but every day it gets closer and closer and I’m not getting anything done.” You confessed, feeling that you could tell the man next to you anything. It had been so long since you felt that way with another person. You didn’t exactly have any friends in America, you had coworkers who were nice enough to you, but the relationship didn’t extend pass business hours.

“Well, I’m always around if you need help with anything or if you just want someone to talk to.” He offered and sparing a glance at him you saw his cheeks tinted a shade of red.

“I think I’ll take you up on that Lin-Manuel.” You said with a bright smile.

And so you did. If he wasn’t at your apartment you were at his, the two of you could talk for hours about anything and everything under the sun. He was so intelligent it blew you away. You learned that he wrote an entire musical and it was currently running off-broadway. He learned that you worked in a small coffee shop but dreamed of being an artist.

The one thing you didn’t talk about was the subject of your baby’s father. He didn’t ask and you were grateful for it, it wasn’t something you wanted to talk about. It was still too painful despite it being half a year since he left you for another woman, left you alone and pregnant in a new country.

“You should come see the show.” Lin finally offered one night, grabbing your attention from the canvas in front of you. 

“It took you long enough, I thought you would never offer.” You replied with a sly smile, leaning back in your chair and wincing at the pain in your back. Being pregnant wasn’t all cute maternity pictures and rainbows.

“Hey, just the thought of you watching from the audience makes me nervous. I feel as if I talked the show up so much you’ll be disappointed when you see the real thing.” He said sheepishly and you rolled your eyes.

“I’m fairly certain it will live up to my expectations. I’m already in love with it.” You waddled over to your couch and took a seat next to Lin, propping your swollen feet onto the small coffee table.

“Do you want me to rub your feet?” Lin offered sincerely and a blush spread across you face.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Nonsense. You have a child growing inside of you, the least I can do is rub your feet.” Sure enough, he jumped up from the couch and went grab a bottle of lotion. Lin was too good. You couldn’t believe someone so sweet and considerate actually existed. He had been constantly at your side the past two months, at your doctor’s appointments, stopping by the cafe you worked at, buying baby supplies with you, running to the store to satisfy your weird cravings. He even introduced you to his mom and Mrs. Miranda had been a godsend, helping quell your fears and giving you all sorts of advice.

“How are you so perfect Lin-Manuel?” You asked when he came back and began giving your feet a heavenly foot rub. “You should be out there charming girls, not rubbing some pregnant woman’s feet.”

“Do you want me to stop rubbing your feet?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow at you.

“Well of course not, but I feel guilty keeping you all to myself.”

“Don’t feel guilty, I’m here because I want to be.”

“Fair enough. So when am I coming see your show?”

“Whenever you like. Considering I wrote it and I’m the star I think I can get you a relatively good seat, I might even be able to sneak you backstage.”

“Lin-Manuel, I’m eight months pregnant, you are not sneaking me anywhere. I’m the size of a parade balloon.” And it was true, you long ago lost the ability to even see your toes. It was just plain uncomfortable.

“We’ll be careful.”

“The last time I heard that phrase uttered I ended up pregnant.” You said, laughing so hard you had tears in your eyes. The laughter turned into sobs before you could stop them. Whether it was the pregnancy hormones or just the stress you didn’t know. 

You’re baby girl was almost here and you weren’t ready. You weren’t ready to be a mother, especially a single mother. Things weren’t supposed to be like this. You ended up spilling everything to Lin. How your boyfriend of three years landed a job in America and you decided to go with him. How you accidentally got pregnant. How when you told your boyfriend the news he confessed to be sleeping with one of his coworkers. How he told you he wasn’t ready for a family and left you, alone and pregnant in New York. How you didn’t have any family left. How you were scared.

“I just tell myself things will get better in hopes that they will but she’s going to be here in a month and I’m scared Lin-Manuel. I don’t know how to be a mother.” At this point Lin had moved to sit beside you and had an arm wrapped around your shoulder in comfort.

“(Y/N), you are going to be a wonderful mother, and you know how I know that? Because you’re scared. It means you care about your child, it means you want your little girl to have the moon and more. You are the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met and it’s why I love you. Your child is going to be so loved and cherished, and at the end of the day that’s what matters.” Lin’s speech helped calm you, but once particular phrase kept repeating in your mind; ‘and it’s why I love you.’ Lin loved you? 

You didn’t get a chance to elaborate on the phrase long though because a wetness in between your legs made your blood run cold. It wasn’t possible, it was too early, your due date wasn’t for another month.

“Lin-Manuel, I-I think my water just broke.” You whispered, your wide frightened eyes looking up into his equally wide brown eyes.

“A-Are you sure?”

“I’m quite positive.”

“Okay, don’t panic.”

“I’m not panicking.”

“I was talking to myself.”


“Okay, no problem. I’ll get the delivery bag, wait here.” He said and jumped up, running to your room. Mrs. Miranda told you to have a hospital bag pre-packed, she said you would be too panicked to think of the things you needed when the time actually came. She was certainly right. Lin ran back into the living room looking a frazzled mess.

“Breathe Lin-Manuel.” You said despite the fact you were on the verge of a breakdown.

“Right, okay, breathe. We have to get you to the hospital.” You nodded and grabbed your purse, your hands shaking. It was a month too early. So much development happens in a month, you had been reading everything you could get your hands on.

The ride to the hospital passed in a blur. Lin almost wrecked when you screamed out in pain, the first of many contractions passing through. He called his parents despite your protests. 

“My mom would kill me if she missed the birth of this child.”

When you arrived at the hospital and you were ushered into a room and put into a hospital gown. From there it was a waiting game, the nurse told you it could take hours before you were dilated enough to start the actual birthing process.

“I can’t believe this is happening now. It’s too early.” You said before grabbing the railing of your bed as you doubled over in pain. Lin jumped up from the hospital chair he was nervously fidgeting in but you waved him away. 

“You’ll be fine, she’ll be fine.” He said with such confidence you couldn’t help but believe him.

“Ahh, there she is! The soon-to-be mamá.” A familiar female voice exclaimed and you sighed in relief when you turned to see Lin’s mom rushing into your hospital room.

“Mrs. Miranda, I’m so relieved to see you.” You said as she embraced you.

“What have I told you niña? Call me mamá. 

“Leave the poor girl be querido.” Lin’s father chided as he walked in behind his wife. “Look at you, so it seems the bebita is finally ready to make an appearance.”

“It’s too early though right? I’m not due for another month.” You questioned worriedly, Lin’s mom putting an arm around your shoulder affectionately.

“The bebé come when the bebé is ready to come. You and your bebita are muy fuerte, you will be fine.” The Puerto Rico woman’s words comforted you immensely. The whole family had a way of doing that to you.

“Lin-Manuel, you seem more nervous than the mother-to-be.” Luis teased, causing Lin to blush a bright red.

“Ah, stop teasing him Luis.” Luz said with a laugh. A cozy warmth filled you and you felt calm in that moment before another contraction hit and you remembered where you were. It was going to be a long night.

Seven hours later you were sweaty and exhausted, but you had an armful of healthy daughter and that made it all worthwhile. 

“Wow.” Lin whispered, staring at your baby in awe. He didn’t leave you side once during the entire seven hours. He was there, holding your hand through it all.

“Do you want to hold her” You asked and he looked at you in shock.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive Lin-Manuel.” With a smile, you gently handed over the newborn. He was awkward at first, not knowing how he should hold such a delicate thing, but once he settled in the sight was heartwarming. How did you not notice sooner how in love you were with the man standing in front of you?

“What are you going to name her?” He asked quietly, not wanting to disturb her.

“I fancy the name Elizabeth, Eliza for short.”

“A name fit for a princess.” He said with a smile. 

“She already loves you.” You commented as your daughter slept peacefully in his arms.

“What about her mom?” His eyes met yours, hopeful, nervous. The answer was simple.

“She loves you too.”

Díos mio! Look at la bebita, ella es muy precioso!” Luz exclaimed, rushing into the room, Luis trailing behind her. The warmth from before filled you again as you looked at the family, your family. Maybe luck was on your side.

A/N: Lin with a baby makes me feel various emotions. Hope you enjoyed!

Christmas on Mars

A/N: For @happy-snape-week 2017
I realize this is a little late for Christmas, and ALMOST late for Sev’s birthday (it’s not quite midnight where I live). I meant to get this done sooner, but I’ve been in the middle of traveling halfway across my country and haven’t had much time for writing. Also, I stand by this story as being happy, technically, although it’s the kind of happy that makes you cry, for parts of it. At any rate, it’s done, so enjoy!


Christmas Eve had once again arrived at the Burrow, and it smelled like cinnamon and ginger and rosemary and sage. Snow, which had begun to fall gently in the outside night, was already sticking in a soft, clean layer, but inside, a fire was blazing cheerily, and familiar faces buzzed about, talking, laughing, embracing each other, hands and hearts thawing in the warmth of it all. Dinner had been prepared and enthusiastically devoured, and even the grownups had indulged in far too many of Molly Weasley’s sweets. When even the latest arriving guests had been served a plate, everyone had settled in for the lovely holiday evening. The children had sat in front of the hearth, playing boisterous games of Gobstones and Exploding Snap, until they were sent upstairs when they got too loud, while the adults had gathered in armchairs and sofas and at the kitchen table with steaming mugs in hand, smiling, remembering, and enjoying each other’s company.

Molly was in an old, patchy brown recliner, cooing at her newest grandson. Arther stood behind her shoulder, his elbows on the chair back, chatting with a smiling Hermione Granger, whose happy brown eyes kept darting between him and the baby. She and Ronald Weasley sat comfortably together on a settee, a navy blue knitted blanket across their laps. The longest sofa had been claimed by the Potters, and a small boy was slumped between Harry Potter and a very pregnant Ginny. She had her legs in her husband’s lap, and his hands rested on the tops of her feet. Other Weasley boys, extended family, and friends were scattered around the house. Conversation was carried about in the typical, noisy, Weasley fashion, and continued to be so until a very unexpected guest walked through the front door.

In an instant, the whole house became silent. Judging by everyone’s faces, Molly and Arthur were the only ones who knew of his possible arrival, and, Severus would assume, Molly was the only one who expected him to show up. The others wore looks of shock and horror so vast that Severus immediately regretted his decision to come. For what seemed an infinitely long time, he stood there, fingers still terribly cold, blood rushing in his ears, stray snowflakes melting in his hair, feeling the appalled stares burn into him while completely unable to meet anyone’s eyes.

Then Molly was rising from her seat, and then the baby was in Arthur’s arms, and Molly was right in front of Severus, who was still frozen, and then… and then…

Before Severus had time to process what was happening, Molly had pulled him into a tight, warm hug.

“I had hoped you’d show up,” she said loudly, still with a hand on Severus’ shoulder. “You go sit yourself down and I’ll fix you up a plate.” Giving his shoulder a last affectionate squeeze, she turned to do exactly that.

After one brief, uncomfortable second, the silence ended, and hushed but urgent conversation broke out.

Arthur, who had deposited the infant, who had a rather thick mop of brown curls, on Hermione’s lap, hurriedly stepped forward and guided Severus to the recently vacated brown chair.

“I didn’t think you’d actually come,” Arthur admitted, and Severus resisted the urge to snort. Obviously. And then, as if realizing how that statement could be interpreted, Arther hastened to add, “But I’m glad you’re here.”

It wasn’t the words, so much, that caused such a foreign, and almost uncomfortable pang of something in Severus’ chest, but the sincerity with which they were said. Arther had really meant that, and so had Molly.

Severus inclined his head.

“I thank you, and your wife, for the invitation,” he said, his voice stiff with formality.

“Nonsense,” said Arthur. “You know you’re welcome here, any time. You’re family now.” Strangely, he darted a glance at his daughter and son-in-law before giving Severus a half smile that was equal parts nervous and honest. “Well, I’ll go see if Molly needs a hand, now,” he said awkwardly, and almost fled to the kitchen to ‘help’ Molly, leaving Severus to wonder what that bit about family had meant, as he hardly felt welcome at the moment.

It took only a moment for the realization to set in that he was now in the dubious company of four former students and their progeny, all of whom were still mutely starting at him. Severus then became acutely aware that he had not seen any of them for over a decade, and as his dark eyes roamed over all of them in turn, seeing their faces - so much older, more mature- it occurred to him just how much time that really was, and how much had changed without him being a part of it. It wasn’t as if he’d missed it, exactly, but, to be fair, he had never imagined that he would willingly attend a Weasley Christmas.

Surprisingly enough, it was Weasley who seemed to come to his senses first. He leaned forward in his seat, blanket shifting from his lap, to extend his hand to Severus.

“Professor,” he greeted in a voice that was not the least bit hostile, and if it was strained, it was only from surprise.

Severus accepted the handshake, halfway wondering what alternate dimension he’d managed to step into. And then he saw Granger surreptitiously wipe her eyes, and the look of utter devastation on Potter’s face. It hit him, suddenly, that the silence and tension of earlier wasn’t because of disappointment at seeing a hated face, but because at least some of them -Granger, Potter, and the two youngest Weasleys included - hadn’t known he was alive.

Still, apart from the shock, their actions confused him. Why the tears? Why the sadness? He’d understand it if it had been Potter’s beloved Godfather, or even Lupin that had walked back from the dead, but him? All four faces were looking at him, eyes shiny with wonder and… something. And he didn’t understand. They hadn’t… mourned him, had they? It was impossible. If anything, they should have been glad that he was gone. Or indifferent. But this? And yet, the grief on their faces was undeniable. They truly had missed him while he was gone.

The pang in his heart was so strong that time that he reached his hand up to rub at his chest. Why? Why would they miss him? Why would they care?

Silence fell once more, all of them stunned, until a soft, gentle voice began to speak.

“Mum told us that someone would be here tonight. A special guest, she said. None of us imagined it would be you.”

It was Ginevra who had spoken, and she smiled, despite the tears running down her cheeks. She gave a shaky, overwhelmed sort of laugh, and then she was sobbing. Potter had his arm around her in an instant, his hand running soothingly across her back, but he had yet to take his eyes off of Severus.

Granger seemed to have recovered by then, and she tenderly placed her son in Ronald’s arms before standing and gently pulling Severus to stand as well. And then she hugged him, tightly, her head against his shoulder as if they were the best of friends, as if she were truly glad to see him. And then Severus, despite trying desperately not to, began to believe that she - that all of them - really were.

It was a long moment before Hermione pulled away, both of them blinking fiercely.

“Don’t you dare leave again, don’t you dare,” she said vehemently, but quietly. She sat back down, and Ronald took her hand. There was a respectful kind of silence as everyone waited for Severus to pull himself together.

“Mummy? Who’s that?” a small voice whispered loudly.

Everyone’s attention was then drawn to the little boy who was rubbing his eyes with one hand and tugging on Ginny’s sleeve with the other. It was Potter’s boy, it had to be, with the same messy black hair that seemed doomed to run in the family. And then the little brat turned to point at Severus, and Severus drew in a sharp breath as he was once again looking into achingly familiar bright green eyes, which also must have been genetic. He looked at Potter for a fraction of a second, but he could not keep himself from staring at the boy, who couldn’t have been more than two, maybe three years old.

“Alby,” said Potter slowly, and Severus realized that his voice was different than he’d last heard, deeper, and rough with emotion, “Why don’t you go and introduce yourself.”

Severus once again looked at Potter, but was confused to see that he was looking at Ginevra with an intensity that didn’t seem to make sense.

Slowly, and a bit shyly, the little boy walked to Severus and stopped by his knees, raising his arms as if asking to be picked up. Severus darted a glance to Ginny for reassurance before setting the child gently on his lap and giving him his full attention.

The boy, who Potter had called Alby, surprised Severus by giving him a blinding smile, all shyness forgotten, and once again, he was looking into those eyes.

“I’m Albus. Albus Sev'us Potter,” the boy said with a slight lisp, but evident pride in his voice. “What’s you’re name?”

But Severus didn’t respond immediately. He couldn’t. He looked up in shock, eyes flicking between Ginevra and Potter, mouth open and unable to fully take in the entirety of it. And then Arther’s words were ringing in his ears: “You’re family now.”

It was like a dam had broken inside. He was horrified to find tears came to his eyes, but there was nothing he could do. He was completely helpless against the emotion that overwhelmed him. Maybe they hadn’t been as happy as he’d have imagined by his death, but this was simply too much. It had to be too much.

“Severus,” he told the child distractedly. “Severus Snape.”

Alby, of course, was too young to realize the significance of what had just occurred, and contented himself by leaning against Severus and closing his eyes, seeming happy enough to just be held by a perfect stranger, albeit one with the same name as him. Severus’ hand, without conscience decision on his part, came to rest against the child’s dark hair, as he pulled the boy just a bit closer to himself. And finally, he looked at Potter and spoke.

“He looks just like his father,” he said softly, his voice coming out altered and thick. “But he has-”

“My mother’s eyes,” Potter finished for him with a grin.

Severus nodded helplessly. It wasn’t the first time he had seen the boy - man, now, he realized - smile, but it was the first time he had smiled at him, and, at some point, due to his face maturing into that of an adult, his grin had stopped looking like a carbon copy of James Potter’s. And with that came the realization that Potter was now older than his father had ever been.

This time, the silence that followed wasn’t weird, but comfortable, and even pleasant. Severus wasn’t used to being around this many people, especially not this many people who seemed to like him, and he certainly wasn’t used to having children on his lap, but as it was, the child’s warm weight was rather soothing, and his hair was very, very soft.

Eventually, Molly came in and set a plate of food on the table beside him, and Severus realized vaguely that her waiting for the tension to ease before interrupting was thoughtful, but then, Molly usually was.

Knowing from experience that he’d get a thoroughly embarrassing scolding, even at his age, if he were to not eat, he picked up his plate, careful not to disturb the sleeping boy in his lap. The plate was piled high with turkey, served with stuffing, gravy, and current jelly, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and Yorkshire pudding. There was even a smaller dessert saucer of sherry trifle, and Severus wondered if it was a coincidence that it was one of the few puddings he was fond of. He made a valiant effort to eat as much as he could, but still didn’t even manage half of it before he had to set it aside.

There were a few quiet minutes where the only sound was the deep, steady breathing of the - currently - youngest Potter. Then Ginevra stood and walked, or rather waddled, over to take Alby to bed.

Severus looked at the young, obviously pregnant woman, and then at the stairs, and hesitated. To Severus’ amazement, she rolled her eyes at him and huffed.

“This is the third one,” she said dryly, hand over her belly to indicate the child within. “I assure you, I know my limits.”

Severus spent the next second patently horrified at how very much Ginevra resembled her mother, and the openly fond smile she gave him as she picked up her son didn’t help at all.

“You should see the way she scolds James when he misbehaves. It’s like Molly all over again,” said Potter, rightly interpreting the look on Severus’ face. He was clearly amused, by the way the sides of his lips had curled up, and the way his eyes sparkled, just a bit.

It then clicked that James must be the third child Ginevra mentioned, and the oldest by the sound of it.

“It’s a redhead thing, I assure you,” said Severus after a moment. “Your mother could be the same way. She could be downright lethal with a wooden spoon.”

Talking about Lily was less painful than he had imagined it would be, and Potter’s face immediately brightened, making him look younger, so much so that couldn’t help but remember the years he had spent as the boy’s teacher.

Harry smiled at him, a genuine, happy smile that was apparently contagious, because, after a second of hesitation, Severus felt himself smiling back.

At that moment, George Weasley walked into the room and promptly froze at the scene before him.

“Woah,” he exclaimed, eyebrows shooting up in pure surprise. “We must be on a different planet, right?” He looked between Harry and Snape in amazement.

“Never imagined you’d see Professor Snape smile, eh?” Ronald joked lightly. “And at Harry, no less.”

“No indeed,” replied George mildly.

“Oh, but it is Christmas,” said Hermione, joining in on the teasing.

“Yeah,“ said George with a grin. “Christmas on Mars.”

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Oh i am so sorry :O I apologize :) Ok ^^ Can you write a fluff scenario about jungkook (bts) and his girlfriend is also an idol (main vocalist) in a 5 member group and everyone knows they are a dating (like for 2 years already) and both groups are invited in weekly idol ^^ What would happen there and afterwards? ^^

”Today we have finally managed to get the two most mentioned groups on SNS this year to appear on Weekly Idol!” Defconn announces noisily and makes gestures with his hands that  made you dizzy from where you’re standing behind the cameras.

”Yes, we all know that it’s forbidden for the majority of idols to date,” Hyeongdon continues and nods. ”But today we eventually got the chance to meet two groups who’s currently having a relationship”

They mention other three current pairs in the kpop world, and you did recognise them but because of nervousness the words he says just goes into one ear and out from the other. This is the first time after you and Jungkook started dating that you both appear on a variety show. It’s been around two years already since your relationship came out in public, but because of the fear of ruining it for both your own band and then Jungkook’s band your relationship have been a little kept in the dark.

You know by your band mates that everyone knows that you’re dating, but going public with it in more ways than just saying that you’re dating is risky. Therefore; when you first were invited to Weekly Idol with BTS you had been a little startled. Even though both your fans and the BTS fans had taken your relationship well (according to Jungkook) and are used to it now, there will always be some fans that can’t stand their idol dating.

After a long introduction, the two hosts finally presents both bands. Before the broadcast in the backstage room you’d all agreed with the hosts that they are not allowed to take advantage of your relationship and embarrass you. Jungkook have never been especially intrusive in public, but he still gave you a light peck on your cheek when no one was looking and told you to have fun.

Now; only a few seconds before you’re going on camera, you glance a little a Jungkook. He notices and catch your gaze, then gives you that cute little smile of his. He doesn’t have to speak to make you understand what he is saying. You should calm down, you’re the only one who is stressed about this, even the leader of your group told you to not overreact.

When Hyeongdon gives the signal both bands run in and stands on each side of the hosts. Of course they are biased towards your band, but it’s always like this when there’s a girl band and a boy band in the room at the same time.

Your band starts with the greeting, and BTS greets the viewers afterwards. During the chatting and leaders introducing their new albums you slowly calm down. It’s nothing to worry about.

After the introduction and all Hyeongdon announces the Random Dance Play. They’re going to randomise your songs and BTS’ songs. You just have to listen and then run out and dance if it’s your song playing.

It was harder than you remember it. You had been on Weekly Idol once before, when you had newly debuted; even then the random dance didn’t go well. You could dance to the newly released one, and BTS succeeded the first song flawlessly. But then when they played your debut song, not a single member of your band recognised the song.

The hosts stops the music and confronts you with a disappointed face.

”Why,” they simply ask.

”I thought it was their song!” the maknae of your group exclaims and points at BTS who’re laughing hysterically. 

Hyeongdon also points at BTS. ”Well Jungkook seemed to know the dance better than you!” he shouts accusingly. Jungkook must have danced the choreography or something similar. You know very well that he can dance your dances. The shorter host then points at you. ”How come he can dance your dances better than you?”

”I’m a main vocal, I don’t need to know how to dance,” you explain jokingly and once again laughing occurs. 

Defconn suddenly goes to Jungkook. ”Since you’re so good with the songs; why don’t you dance them?”

Without even arguing or being ashamed Jungkook steps forward and your songs start playing.

Like if the songs were his own he started dancing, not hesitating for a second. It’s almost unfair how well he dances. He finishes the dance play quickly and the MCs both agree that Jungkook should switch from BTS to a girl group.

”How come you know the dances so well?” Hyeongdon says and give your boyfriend a suspicious look.

”Um.. Well, I may have watched the videos quite a lot?” he admits and gives you a shy but a half discreet smile, making your heart skip a beat. 

”You did?” the shorter host says. ”Supporting boyfriend?”

”Yeah, kind of,” Jungkook answers and scratch his neck while laughing. ”And their music is good too.”

”I see…” Hyeongdon looks over his shoulder to meet your gaze. He wiggles his eyebrows and you and your band once again breaks out in laughter.

After the random dance play (with the not so surprising results that BTS won) you just begin with rewriting your profiles casually. The MCs usually fools around, but they’ve been told by both your company and Big Hit to not give you any troubles. 

They did force a member of your band to send a video message to an actor that she likes and made a fool out of Jimin not only once just like usual, but they didn’t really pay much attention to you and Jungkook dating.

Of course, they did point out that you’re dating. They asked for how long you’ve been dating and such, Jungkook answered most of the questions. He seems so proud, too. Then they asked if you’d kissed and such a simple question made everyone flustered and that part is definitely getting edited out. Luckily.

The profile writing continues for everyone. You catch Jungkook lovingly smiling at you at times, and of course you smile equally lovingly back to him.

You filmed for around an hour or two. You had been worried for nothing. Nothing happened, everything went just fine and the MCs has been just as offending as if with any band.

Because you respect the fans, knowing that some of them might get sad or upset with the fact that the two of you are dating, you and Jungkook didn’t interact much. You sent small, small signals to each other, and when you showed your talents his whole face screamed that he thought you were adorable.

After the filming you all go backstage again, getting praised by the staffs and MCs for behaving well.

”See?” Jungkook says and gently brush the back of your hand with his fingertips. ”It went well, there was no need to get so stressed”

”I wasn’t stressed,” you pout. ”Only before the filming…”

”Yeah yeah,” he chuckles and takes your hand. ”Did you have fun?”

”Yeah,” you answer and smile brightly.

”Good, then how about you and I catch up later? Can you?” he suggests and squeeze your hand a little extra.

You nod. ”That’ll be perfect.”

When you and Jungkook then later that night managed to meet each other at home Jungkook are checking his phone in the couch while you’re choosing a movie from the shelf.

”Look here,” Jungkook says and turns the screen towards you. ”The fans are all excited about you and me being in a variety show together, no one is against it”

You take his phone from his hands and notice a lot of messages that says that they’re eager to watch the episode.

You moan. ”Now I got insecure, they’re maybe expecting too much?”

Jungkook laughs at you and stands up to take back his phone. He takes it, and then bends down and gives you a sweet kiss on the lips. He laughs at you. ”Stop stressing up yourself”