they could do with some more mundane things like shower scenes

Bts react to you being sick

Yes this is my personal imagine, as i have explained here im starting off with it because ive been sick for fifteen hundread years and i just wanna be taken care off, lollolol,so here’s my debut i guess. i hope it offers you a scope of my writing and how i would portray each member please tell me if you like it, or if you have any comments (IT WOULD MEAM THE WORLD TO ME) and hit me up for more Requestsss im readyyy!! Thanks in advance for all the support, i am literally s excited to wriTE IT ALLLLL

  • Seokjin

Low-key freak out, does a bad job of hiding it, starts  nervously Pickering with you instead. ‘I TOLD you to take a jacket!’ *huffs* Tries not to hover, but cant help it, starts on that chicken broth IMMINENTLY, has to feed you himself. Scary mama bear. Loses his shit whenever one of the guys teases you, ‘Jungkook if you don’t put her down this instant…’*glare* although he himself cant stop the teasing ‘You just want a kiss to make you feel better, don’t you? *smooches you as you laugh and try to push him away* ‘I am sick, you dork!’

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  • Rapmon:

Monie wouldn’t really know what to d He’d pull you against his chest while simultaneously reaching for his phone. “Do you have a fever? are you feeling dizzy?” Instantly cancels all daily activities to be with you. Insist on dragging you along when you refuse to go so you won’t get in the way. Wouldn’t stop trying to self-diagnose you. Unsatisfied when you tell him you just need some rest. “just get in the car babe, for me? i know a really good doctor close by” keeps your hand his at all times.

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  • Suga:

Being the most observant member, he would probably notice that you are tired before you do. Instantly picking-up on your depleted energy levels. "Are you feeling okay baby?” He’d ask while running a palm along your side. You’d sigh, realizing that you are leaning at little heavily on him, you borrow closer into his warmth. That would be all he needed to see before he pulls you to a couch and runs for some Aspirin. He’d keep-up a quiet light discussion to intimately keep tabs on you without making a big deal out of it. Keeps a hand on your hip, a few fingers just under the hem of your shirt to measure your body temp. Takes you to a pharmacy before you even realize where you’re going, insists you at least drape his jacket on your solders when the cold air hits you, cuts off any protests with a kiss. 

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  • JHope:

Hobi would f r e a k out. He would baby you with everything. Asks Jin hyung what to do, unconsciously gets super quiet and sulky without realizing it, chin on your shoulder. Scandalized once you call him out snaps instantly out of it, jumping up and exploding into a silly dance to make you feel better, not stopping until you crack a smile. *100 watt smile on*  He would calm down at the sound of your laughter, keeping up a light overly dramatic attitude acting like a kid until you’re clutching your sides from laughing. Gets super clingy and touchy, starts off any conversation with ‘Y/N is sick, BTW’. Won’t stop no matter how embarrassed you get. Pats your back as you hide your face in his shirt.‘Laughter is the best medicine after all’. *Nodes *

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  • Jimin:

Next to Suga, this mochi will be the most aware of it and definitely the most attentive. He won’t be softer than usual because he’s Park Jimin and it doesn’t get softer than that. He’d know how to take good care of you, being the caretaker of Bangtan, it comes naturally to him. I also feel like he’d be the one of the most mature about it, Calmly tucking you to bed and putting the kettle on. He’d keep an overall serene and healing air, that would calm you down like palms on a burn. Already big on PDA this sneaky fluff ball would abuse the situation to the extreme, caging you in his arms and clinging to your waist. He’d let you pat him and spoon him more willingly though, knowing that it makes you feel better. Shamelessly nuzzling up to your chest and neck, leaving sloppy kisses as you giggle ‘Sweetheart, you smell just so good!’ 

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  • Taehyung:

Tae would be a lost puppy i’m afraid. He is very sensitive though, so i feel like he might mistake your sudden calm for distance. Consequently getting hurt. He’d try to get a read on you discreetly, reaching for stuff around you or stretching to test whether you flinch or pull away. He would keep dancing around it, pulling on your shirtsleeve, gaze unable to meet yours , until he can’t stand it and has to know. ‘What’s wrong?’ he’d ask roughly, voice dropping. once you throw your arms around him though, he would instantly know, despite your muffled "nothing". Melting into your touch, he’d wrap your thighs around, as he heads for the bathroom. ‘Let’s find a thermometer yeah?’ Get ready to be showered with affection once everything settles down tho.

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  • Jungkook:

Jungkook would unconsciously pick up on it, offering his physical support more than often but it might take him a bit to realize. Being one to value personal space. He’d chalk up your quietness to something mundane, and try not to get in your way instead. It wouldn’t really hit him, until later in the day when you wont’t finish your food and stay silent through dinner discussions, thinking back to how out of it you seemed the entire day, his worry takes root. He would stew in silent turmoil, stamping out his uneasiness as best he could. He’d think carefully about what to do, opting out of teasing you. He’d gently rub your thigh, knowingly. You’d hold out as long you could before giving in and slumping down against him, with a heavy sigh. He ducks down catching your eyes before you think to look away. Understanding glints in his , and your sigh turns into a groan. You could never keep anything from those doe eyes. He leans in pressing his lips to ur forehead and a twin pair of callused palms descend on your neck and upper arms eliciting a myriad of emotions, not stopping until you’re halfway sat on his lap. He run his fingers at the nape of ur neck “Is your throat acting up again? Im pretty sure we still have some medicine left from last time”. Mmmm is all you can muster in an effort not to moan under his heavenly menstruation. 

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You’re body’s so loosed up that you barely register the effortless lift, his arms and he’s suddenly skipping from room to room, asking the hyungs and collecting things. ‘Remember what was it called? Something that sounds like a Pokemon?’ Finally at he end of the impromptu treasure hunt, he’d sit you in his lap, back to his chest, as you two sort out the mess his haul. Where did a fully functional hot water bag come from? And why does it feel so good against the back of your neck. After a bit of experimentation. And Jk’s protective instinct you would end up more burrito than human, sort of cocoon filled with all manners comforting gadgets with kookie holding it together. Cuddles Cuddles Cuddlesssssss

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lmao sorry i couldnt wit the laundry mountain on the last one


Chapter 4: Jealousy and Sin


Making up his mind, he made his way across the room and, out of nowhere, bumped into someone by accident.

“Ah, I’m so sorry!” Hinata quickly apologized.

“Oh, it’s alright, I usually forget to keep my eyes up while walking…uhm, I believe we haven’t met before.”

Hinata’s eyes widened as he set his eyes upon the girl before him. She was beautiful and dressed in a lovely peachy dress that matched her hair, her waist tied in an elegant black bow. He must have not caught sight of her in previous gatherings before.

Hinata blushed at his late response and stammered, “I-I believe so too. My name is Hinata Hajime, and you must be…”

“Nanami Chiaki.”

Chiaki… she seemed cute.

Looking back at Komaeda and then to Nanami, he decided it was best to spend a bit of his time with someone other than Komaeda. Maybe if he did, he would prove to himself that his infatuation with Komaeda was, simply as the word implied, just an infatuation and nothing more. Besides, he should mingle more with the rest of the elites.

Sharing drinks and even small talk with Nanami, he learned that her talent was her ability to invent all sorts of wild ideas for games. An elite in the entertainment business, a game inventor.

When he mentioned that he’d played some of the games she invented, she smiled all shy and happy, and somehow her personality made him feel comfortable enough to confide his concerns to, admittedly mentioning he was talentless, only an elite wannabe.

Expecting some sort of criticism afterwards, he was shocked when it never came. Instead, she quietly expressed that what mattered the most was being one’s self. That he didn’t need a talent. Her words consoled him and made him smile, somewhat relieved to hear her say that.

Soft music played and many of the elites were heading to the center of the ball for a dance. Gathering courage, Hinata got up to ask her for a dance and she shyly accepted.

Out of all the girls in the room, Hinata found Nanami to be the most charming and actually enjoyed her company to the extent that he wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the night with her. She was delightful and sweet, he thought, but somehow thinking of her in that way nudged him with a bit of a twinge in his heart. Namely, he presumed, because his mind was trying to find excuses.

Nanami and Hinata spent their time sometime later playing different forms of games, from using matchsticks to table napkins, but Hinata practically failed all of them. Nonetheless, they shared smiles and laughs, thinking to himself, and here he thought all the elite girls were too much for him but Nanami was not all that bad. He found that he can actually get along with her quite smoothly. If his mother were here, she’d definitely be cheering for him.

He sighed at the very thought and Nanami turned her head to him, “Do you find this game to be boring, Hinata-kun? We can play something else.”

“Haha, not at all. I’m actually feeling confident that I might have a chance at winning this thing.”

Nanami smiled.

Sitting so close on the table, with their shoulders touching almost intimately, Hinata couldn’t help but blush innocently especially when Nanami had leaned forward towards him showing just a bit of her chest. Hinata gulped and looked away quickly, trying hard not to be rude to her. However, he just couldn’t help but look. Especially when she laughed, and her soft shy blush would accent her so well. When she smiled, her soft and glossy lips would look so enticing and her warm eyes would glow and look so very welcoming. Everything she did just made him feel so nervous inside.

Thinking about Nanami and spending time with her, it made more sense that he should overlook his apparent ‘fancy’ towards a certain white-haired boy. Especially because it was inappropriate and unacceptable to have that sort of fascination towards another man to begin with. Besides, being with Nanami proved not to be bad either. If he could get closer to her, he might even fall in love. Maybe.

He paused and thought it over some more. This is probably for the best, for his own sake as well as for Komaeda’s.

Hinata calmly took the night to stride. However, he did catch himself checking Komaeda out of the corner of his eyes. Whenever he could get away with it, he would turn his head and watch him for probably the hundredth time that night.

Feeling hungry, the two head over the various colorful delicacies presented beautifully on tables by the walls. Hinata turned around just in time to see Nanami trip over herself when she had accidentally stepped on her dress. As she was about to fall, Hinata approached quickly and with one swift motion, caught her before she made contact to the ground. Nanami held onto him and blushed while Hinata’s cheeks mirrored the same bright red.

“I’m sorry.” She shyly apologized.

“Don’t mention it.” He said quickly as he bashfully pulled his arms back from her waist.

A quick sense of deja vu hit Hinata, as he remembered the same particular incident with Komaeda. He willed the memories away as he joined Nanami to the table.

Across the room, keen pale-green eyes watched the whole ordeal, staring straight into the scene as he watched in wonder, thinking, if perhaps Hinata has found a more fitting companion to associate with. If Hinata were to get closer to Nanami, it would undoubtedly bring about a more hopeful outcome than if he were to stay with him and lay his time in waste with someone so mundane, he thought.

Komaeda watched as Hinata conversed with her and how they looked to be having fun. Just when Komaeda was about to leave the room, he noticed another elite close to him who didn’t seem to have company. She kept to herself and looked incredibly nervous.

Komaeda was about to ignore her as well and proceed outside, but he was stopped from taking the first step out when the elite who had been nervously fidgeting at the corner earlier approached him.

“I’m, I’m sorry if I bothered you but…uhm…, is it alright i-if I stand here with you?” Mikan had said with a stammer.

Komaeda guessed that she probably found him to be the least intimidating out of the bunch. Nonetheless, he flashed out his welcoming smile, “Not at all. If you don’t mind spending your valuable time with trash like me, nothing could make me happier to stand along a beautiful and hopeful elite such as yourself.”

Mikan’s face showered with shades of red and happy tears at the words.

It was when he noticed how Nanami seemed to have dozed off several times while playing that got Hinata to smile warmly at her before pulling his gaze from her to where Komaeda was again, out of simple curiosity of course, and his eyes widened when he saw how Mikan approached Komaeda nervously.

Hinata didn’t know why his heart skipped a beat, his surprise and fear suddenly overwhelming him. But why though? There was nothing wrong with Komaeda spending time with other elites. He was doing the same with Nanami. Shouldn’t he feel at ease that someone else was willing to spend time with Komaeda instead of being alone? But still he couldn’t help but wonder out of curiosity.

What were they talking about?

Hinata become gradually perturbed and unsettled, agitated even, as he found himself keeping eye on their every move.

‘Calm down, Hajime. You’re with Chiaki, remember? Just… ignore those two!’ he mentally scolded himself.

He tried his best to ignore them but seeing the two together, he suddenly felt downcast, like for some unexplainable reason he felt like Komaeda could easily slip away from him. He hasn’t thought about his leaving though, nor was he prepared for it. He felt an even stranger emotion wrap around his heart when he watched Komaeda offering his hand to Mikan for a dance.

Holding her close, they danced as Mikan smiled shyly at Komaeda and when he smiled back with exactly the same smile he usually gave Hinata, it bothered him to a great degree. Hinata shook his head hard, trying to dismiss the riled up emotions swirling, burning, inside his chest.

Burning stronger with every passing moment.

The more he watched, the more he drank, glass after the other, feeling the burn down to that strange ache in his chest.

It was incomprehensible! Seeing Komaeda dance with someone else disturbed him, to say the least. He didn’t like the feeling he got seeing them together. It was just so foolishly selfish of him. He disdainfully knew that yet he couldn’t help how he was feeling.

Hinata placed his hand on his chest, eyes perplexed in thought at putting a definition to what it was. Watching them, he gasped softly at the realization, eyes widening in considerate proportions.

T-This… This disturbing feeling was…

It was… jealousy.

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy!

Hinata snapped himself out of his thoughts with a slap on both cheeks, snatching his eyes away from the dancing couple. Angrily, he questioned himself; Why was he feeling jealous in the first place? He had no right. Besides, there was no prospect that he could actually hope to have him, or ever dream to. His desires were foolish enough to consider the possibility that he could have Komaeda in the first place! Yes, they shared few kisses but there could be nothing more. He shouldn’t dream of anything more because he could not have that sort of relationship with him. He wasn’t allowed to! It was unheard of, scornful even!

Hinata honestly tried to turn a blind eye to his feelings yet his eyes kept averting back to them.

Another glass, more burn.

As he watched the two dance, for a brief moment, his mind flashed an image of him dancing with Komaeda; his pale green eyes locked with his own with no one else surrounding them. Just them in the room, swaying to the music. Foreheads lean toward each other, crossing the dance floor in smooth steps and circular motions. Dipping him down, pulling him back up then holding him close. And ever so slowly, their lips close the distance for a-

Wrong, wrong, wrong! No… stop.

A girl. It should be a girl. Her hair swaying as he twirled her around, her dress fluttering with the motion. Then, he would pull her in his arms and give her a chaste kiss on the lips like in many romantic classics he read growing up. But when Hinata opened his eyes to that girl, he only saw sharp eyes, black suit, Adam apple dancing with the laughter of a boy that was so beautiful, it made his heart skip a beat. His lovely voice echoing in his mind, saying his name in affection and warmth through an adoring smile, “Hinata-kun.”

Putting his glass down, Hinata inhaled a shaky breath and thickly swallowed the emotions bottling up in his throat.

Being with Nanami and avoiding Komaeda really proved to him one solid and undeniable truth.

Pulling up a shaky hand to cover his flustered face, he gritted his teeth in shame and contempt as he peered through the spaces of his fingers at Komaeda.

I tried, I really tried. I’m sorry mother, father. I-I… I really do have feelings for him. I might have… f-fallen… in love with him!

Upon waking up from her brief slumber, Nanami opened her sleepy eyes up and saw Hinata fixated on something with a strange expression on his face, so she called out in concern “Hinata-kun?”

Hinata gasped softly and looked over Nanami, his face pale and eyes trembling.

“Are you okay?” she said, tilting her head with worry evident in her eyes.

Hinata’s lips form a thin line, quivering slightly. With hesitance, he whispered, “I… don’t know.”


Mikan kept apologizing as she repeatedly stepped on Komaeda’s foot more than they could count but Komaeda did nothing but laugh warmly.

Leaning on her forehead, he said in his most charming voice, of how he didn’t mind being a stepping stone for her. Her cheeks flushed as she held onto him more firmly. He pressed his hand on her lower back and pulled her closer as he glided her around the room. Her hair swirled, covering the blush burning on her cheeks as she gazed upon his warm smile. She smiled back as she moved her hand that was resting on his shoulder to move closer to cup the nook of his neck and pulled his face slightly closer, their lips barely apart.

As the music ended, Komaeda and Mikan pulled away from each other and retrieved back to their place. Suddenly, Mikan tripped, grabbing onto Komaeda, bumping and causing them to be pushed against the wall.

Wincing softly from the throb, Komaeda held onto her arms and asked in concern, “Are you okay?”

Mikan jerked her teary eyes up and apologized profusely. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Komaeda quickly smiled, “As long as you’re okay, there is nothing to worry about.”

Mikan smiled shyly but when she stepped back, noticing the patchwork of her dress had entangled around Komaeda’s suit button, she gasped in dread.

“W-w-w-w-what s-should I d-do? My mother would s-scold me i-if I ruined this d-dress!”

As she panicked, Komaeda tried to give her a helping hand but his body suddenly trembled when Mikan accidentally grinded against him. She tried to free her dress without ruining it, all through her heavy sobbing and hysteria which made the task difficult.


Mikan pressed herself against Komaeda’s chest because pulling back any further will tear the fabric. Her wobbling and trembling causing further grinding against a very sensitive part of him.

“Tsumiki-san, if y-you may please stop… moving?”

She wept and apologized some more, pressing harder , causing Komaeda to throw his head back against the wall, giving light gasps.

Across the room, Hinata’s eyes were round as plates at the scene before him and jealousy burned at his heart hotter than iron on fire. He gripped on his fists, his heart trembling with dread at the sight.

Komaeda distracted her when he placed his hands on her cheeks to stop her from panicking. She broke through her hysteria and, just like that, Komaeda loosened the dress from his button. However, Mikan continued crying, and Komaeda comforted her by placing his fingers on her cheek, wiping the soft tears away. His kind words and genuine smile made her smile through her tears.

Leaning towards his touch, Mikan’s voice dipped to a seductive tone, “As a reward for your kindness, maybe there is something I can do for you to return the favor.”

Offering herself and nudging her breasts against Komaeda’s chest, she said, “I can do anything you ask for since you were so nice to me.”

She moved her fingers to dance in a suggestive manner on Komaeda’s chest, while the other ran down his arm, entangling her fingers with his, insinuating what she meant.

Komaeda blinked, and he thinks he might have blushed as well at the notion. He felt so honored and moved that an elite would bequeath garbage like him with such an offer. However, he simply closed his eyes and smiled brightly at her, respectfully pulling her back. “There is no need. You’ve already paid me with your delightful company.”

Mikan blinked before her eyes got teary again. Wiping her tears away, she whispered a thank you before planting a soft chaste kiss on his cheek to show her appreciation.

The moment where her lips lingered, Komaeda stared in shock, mouth open and eyes wide.

Across the room, eyes trembled.

“…Hinata-kun?” Nanami tilted her head in confusion at the facial expression Hinata was giving. Her confusion rose when she followed his line of focus at the couple across the room, adding more question marks.

“Nanami-san, it was nice meeting you but… I have to go now.” Hinata’s voice was curt and calm. She nodded hesitantly. Hinata lifted his eyes toward her and gave a courteous smile before it quickly disappeared as he turned and headed for the couple across the room.

He charged in and pulled the two apart, not caring about who was watching. Mikan cowered in fear as Hinata pulled Komaeda away and stomped out of the hall, earning few gasps and stares.

When Hinata pulled him outside, Komaeda could do nothing but feel confused. He asked if there was anything Hinata wanted to tell him.

But Hinata was quiet. He even started wondering to himself as to why he did what he just did. Then, Hinata let go of his hand and apologized.

He felt so angry and jealous but it was wrong to take it out on Komaeda. He wanted to tell him how much it bothered him to see him with that girl, how jealous it made him feel, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t his place. He didn’t have any right.

Hinata must have drunk too many that his emotions were all over the place.

“It’s… nothing. I’m sorry for dragging you out here. If you want to go back inside… it’s fine.”


Hinata didn’t know if Komaeda noticed his subtly trembling shoulders, gripping his fists because he couldn’t act upon his feelings.

Komaeda took one step toward Hinata and Hinata lifted his dejected gaze to meet his.

Komaeda tilted his head with what seemed like an affectionate look with a slight blush on his pale cheeks. A smile and eyes so warm that Hinata’s heart skipped a beat. Komaeda took one step closer and swiped his finger on Hinata’s lower lip, causing Hinata’s eyes to lock with his in shock. Komaeda slightly tilted his head in thought, slit eyes conveying wonder, but his lips pursed like he was undeserving.

“Goodnight, Hinata-kun.”

As Komaeda turned away, Hinata felt his heart panging so strongly, his throat becoming stiff, his mind screaming to hold onto his wrist and pull him back for a kiss.

But he just stood there, watching his figure walk away.


anonymous asked:

Do you know any gods or goddesses who are alright with few offerings? I'm a minor so I can't have an altar or do daily offerings, but I'm anxious to be called towards a god or goddess but find out that they require a lot of offerings... help?

Intro: Redefining What’s Possible

Hello, Anon! <3 First of all, I have some good news for you. If you aim to practice as a solitary pagan outside any rigid traditions, you will find that many a god(dess) is perfectly content to receive offerings with no frills. Your sincerity and intent is what really counts, so take a deep breath and prepare to redefine your understanding of what an offering “should be.”

Second, before we get into a list of examples and ideas, it is important to note that quality beats quantity when it comes to offerings and devotion in general. I know the ideal is to have both, but let’s face it, that’s just not possible sometimes. So, that begs the question, what can you do to hide in plain sight and keep within a budget that won’t raise any eyebrows?

The answer to that is there is a lot you can do. I promise, once you refuse to limit yourself to rigid, elitist standards of what counts as a worthy offering, you are going to have a whole world of possibility open up to you. Not only that, but you’ll find it isn’t half as difficult to find the time or energy for offerings when you’ve integrated devotion with your “everyday rituals.” Let me show you!

How to Hide in Plain Sight: Everyday Offerings

For the creative and expressive spirits:

GENERAL. Ask your deity to function as your muse! Whatever your medium of creativity and/or self-expression, request inspiration in exchange for art, music, writing (etc) created in their honor. Read on for specific examples/ideas.

MUSIC. If you play an instrument, try composing songs for your deity or dedicating your practice time to them. Just like to sing in the shower? That’s fine! Sing for your deity or sing songs that remind you of them.

DANCE. Alright, so maybe you’re self-conscious. Maybe you’re not a graceful dancer. I get that. But next time you’re home alone, try shutting the blinds and blasting the music. Just be free. Move your body as best you can and offer up your energy, your ecstasy, your passion as an offering.

PHOTOGRAPHY. Start a photo project! Maybe you want to photograph things that are sacred to your deity. Maybe you want to get really creative and dress up your friends to have them reenact scenes from your deity’s myth. But wait a minute, have you considered dedicating selfies to your deity? Yes, I’m serious, and I’m looking right at those of you who could use a little boost in the “self-love” department. Don’t be afraid to dedicate a photo journey in self-appreciation to your deity. It’s alright if you never share a single photo with the world. Just keep at it.

MAKE-UP/FASHION. Speaking of self-love, have you considered your make-up and fashion habits as offerings to your deity? Play around with it while you’re home alone, if you’re shy. No need to rush out of your shell. On the other hand, if you’re already feeling pretty confident, you might want to start dedicating your make-up and fashion choices to your deity.

WRITING. Write about your deity! You don’t have to be obvious about it. Give them a “secret identity” and write a story about that character. Want to write poetry? Do it! Again, you don’t have to be obvious about it. I promise you, your deities appreciate more than formal hymns. Write about them like you would a crush from afar. That is, all the passion without a whisper of a name. And hey, who says you have to be a creative writer? If you like to journal or blog, dedicate that daily or weekly practice to your deity.

ARTS/CRAFTS. Draw your deity or craft things dedicated to/associated with them. They won’t be critiquing your skill level, so don’t let that stop you! Think about that look of pride in a parent’s eye when their two year old runs up to them with a crayon drawing of the whole family and the dog. Think about how that drawing ends up on the fridge like a masterpiece in a gallery. Just think about that. And what about that macaroni art project from school? The one that’s allegedly an ornament, so it gets hung on the tree with a huge smile because, hey, it’s the thought that counts. Don’t approach your work with an attitude of “this isn’t good enough,” just do your best by your deity.

THEATRE. Whether you’re on Broadway or performing at a school play, this is another potential part of your life you can easily dedicate to your deity! Offer up the energy and passion you put in your practice time and performance. Don’t be afraid to petition them for inspiration and motivation if you’re feeling anxious or uncertain, either. As always, do your best. That’s enough.

For the busy and low-energy folks:

GENERAL. There are plenty of responsibilities in your day to day life that you won’t be escaping any time soon. So, maybe you’re really busy and struggling to find the time for offerings? Or maybe you’re just so tired all the time that you struggle to fit spirituality into your life the way you fantasize about? It may be time to start thinking about how to make the mundane into an offering!

TEA/COFFEE. Do you have a hot drink to get you going in the morning? Chances are you set it down to cool before you take the first sip. Take a few moments to invite your deity to share in the energy of that drink with you. Adding milk or sugar? Offer a share of that to them, too, and then dwell on it as you stir the additions in. 

COOKING/MEALS. Invite your deity to share in your meals with you. If you are able, try cooking a meal in their honor using ingredients you associate with them (for example, you might want to acquire venison for Artemis or pomegranates for Persephone). Hosting a dinner party? Dedicate the preparations to your deity and ask for them to be present in spirit or even to bless the gathering (especially if your deity is associated with home and hearth). On a diet? Reach out to your deity to help you abstain from what you cannot/do not want to eat, and dedicate the energy of your resistance to them.

BLOGGING. Literally what I am doing right now is an offering. I am not doing this “just to be nice.” This is an offering. I am putting my time and energy into writing out extensive advice that, ideally, will benefit the gods I am devoted to. But it doesn’t stop there! Do you like to relax on Tumblr after work? Great! Your blog is full of potential for virtual offerings. Start using those tags! You don’t have to create a separate e-shrine. Next time you see a photo or text post and think, “Hey, that reminds me of my deity,” reblog it with that in mind and slap a tag “for X” on there.

CHORES/EXERCISE. The stuff many of us love to hate! Well, guess what? There’s offering potential here. Dedicate your routine cleaning and decluttering to your deity. Think of your home as their temple, if it helps. Make it a more pleasant place to be for both of you! As for exercise, try committing to a basic routine every morning and dedicate it to your deity. Instead of focusing on your muscles straining, use the time to meditate on your deity. Going to the gym regularly? Same deal. If you need a little extra kick, don’t be afraid to ask them to hold you to your word and be that aggressive life coach you secretly need.

MEDS/HEALTH. If you take medicine everyday, dedicate that act to your deity. Why, you ask? Well, you can’t very well devote yourself to the best of your ability if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Honestly, if you don’t think that your deity cares about your health, you may need to reconsider that relationship. Whatever it is you do to keep yourself healthy, it’s sacred. Don’t think of it as unworthy offering because it isn’t in the eyes of a deity who cares about you.

WORKPLACE. Whether you love or hate your job, there is potential for offerings there. Let’s assume you love it first. Think of how you might dedicate the time and energy you put into your work everyday to your deity. Need a reminder to do so? Think of something associated with them and get a representation of it for your desk (if you have one). Worship Athena? Great! Get yourself an owl statue and set it next to the computer, for example. Okay, but what if you hate your job? Similar deal. Offer up your strength of mind and spirit as you struggle through every day like a warrior. Give them your tears. Give them your frustration. Entrust them with your hope for a new opportunity.

For the energetic and adventurous folks:

GENERAL. Hyper? Bored? Love new experiences? Well, what’s something really wild you want to do? What’s something you’ve been seeking motivation to get out and try? There’s an opportunity for an offering to your deity right in front of your nose with these kinds of desires, so seize the moment!

VOLUNTEERING. Whether you’re volunteering at the animal shelter or serving in a soup kitchen, there is definitely something to be said about offering these acts of service to your deity. Bonus points if you can find an organization that aligns with your deity’s interests, but don’t limit yourself to that! There are many deities who would take great pleasure in a selfless offering like this one.

MARATHONS. For those who want to go above and beyond the average person’s exercise routine, marathon running is a great example of something “extra” you could do as an offering to a deity. Whether you’re running for a cause or just for pleasure, there is plenty opportunity to offer up the time and energy you put in to your deity.

TRAVEL. Want to go somewhere? Dedicate your travel savings to your deity. If you wish, have them hold you accountable for being responsible enough not to dip into the savings on a whim. Already got a trip planned and funded? Dedicate the experience to your deity, whether it be through visiting a landmark sacred to your deity (directly or indirectly), putting time into learning a new language, culture, and history, or simply planning out a photo journalism project.

A Final Tip: The “Invisible Altar”

Now then, I could expand the list above forever, but I think by now, you should have a pretty solid idea of how to create something sacred and worthy of offering out of mundane pieces of your everyday life. So, that leaves us with just one very common problem to discuss: “How can I have an altar hidden in plain sight?” Good news! It’s actually remarkably simple.

First, you’re going to want to research into your deity’s sacred animals and symbols. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly acceptable to associate them with things that aren’t mentioned in the books. For example, I personally associate Loki with hares and rabbits. It’s not common. That’s just my UPG. Guess what adorns my altar in his honor? That’s right. Little bunny rabbit statues. As far as anyone out of the loop knows, I just really love bunnies. To give you another example, I also worship Cernunnos. I trust it will come as no surprise if I tell you that there is a ton of deer-related imagery on my altars.

Second, thrift and dollar stores are your new best friend. There’s really no need to break the bank to have a pretty and discreet altar. Here’s a few ideas for things you could pick up that have low-key altar potential: candle holders, old books, nice little boxes, photo frames, colorful bottles, snow globes, clocks, figurines, wind chimes, bells, vases, etc.

Third, forgo any explicitly religious imagery/symbolism. Yes, I know it can be tempting to have that altar. The one with the $200 deity statues, maybe a giant pentacle, or whatever else it might be that has you thinking nervously “maybe they won’t notice.” Word of advice? Don’t do it. Don’t take that chance if you’re honestly worried about someone calling you out on having an altar. I promise, you will learn to love what you’re able to work with.

Fourth, scatter your altar pieces to draw less attention. Maybe you’re a known history buff so you can get away with having that Anubis statue, but think twice before you put that figure on a shelf surrounded by candles and incense. Your best bet is to space things out. So, put that skull for Hades and that goat for Thor on two different levels of your bookshelf. Hang up that “Birth of Venus” print, but don’t put seashells and candles in front of it. Get the idea?

That’s about all I have the energy to write for the moment, but I hope that helps! Good luck on your path, Anon, and everyone else who find themselves practicing in the shadows. Don’t think for a moment you can’t have a rich spiritual experience and an excellent relationship with your deities just because you have to keep it all quiet. <3




  1. jerk or jolt (someone or something) suddenly, typically so as to cause injury.

Chapter Two

It has been over a week since I met Niall. Nine days to be exact. But after day five I gave up. I’ve let the whole notion that he is actually going to call me and that something might happen between us fall to the wayside. I can’t spend time pining over a guy I barely know no matter who he is. Lily on the other hand is a little more perturbed than me. She walks into my apartment nearly every evening, flops down on my couch, and asks one question. It’s the same question every day and today is no different.

“Did he call?”

I give an exasperated groan from beside her. “You know good and well that he hasn’t. You would’ve been the first and only person I told.” I give her a disgruntled look. “Honestly woman, who do you take me for?”

She twirls her hair absent-mindedly around her finger, slipping it into a knot then pulling it free. “Hmm, I was hoping today would be the day. I can’t decide if I think he will or won’t.”

I stand up and walk across the small room to the kitchen. “Well, I booked my ticket on the train to It Aint Gonna Happen. You should probably get yours soon. It’s filling up fast.” I grab a drink from the fridge and hold it up, wiggling it in the air. “You want one too?”

She nods and I grab a second bottle as she continues. “I don’t think you should get on that train too soon. I’ve still got some hope for the boy. He’s a busy pop star we’ve got to give him some leeway.”

I laugh as I sit down, handing her her beer. “Busy little pop star?”

“He is!” She says incredulously. “Have you seen all the shit that those boys do? I mean really…” She pauses mid sentence and shakes her head. “What am I saying? Look at who I’m talking to. You probably already know what they’re doing and have been doing for the past week.”

I huff out. “Excuse me! I do not! Just because I follow them on twitter does not make me a crazy stalker. Millions of people do that.” I throw my hands up emphasizing my point. “Millions!”

Lily bursts out laughing beside me. “Don’t get your panties in a twist! Damn! I know you aren’t stalking them. In fact, I know you so well that I would guess that you haven’t even looked to see if Niall’s tweeted anything lately.”

I sit chewing on my pinky nail a little before I answer with a resigned sigh. “You’re right. I haven’t looked. But mainly because it kinda felt strange. Like knowing that he is out there and doing stuff and that my number is in his phone. Just like hanging out. Waiting to be used. Which probably isn’t going to happen.” I shake my head and put my hands up. “Yeah. I don’t want to think about this.”

Lily looks over at me with an exaggerated head shake. “It’s kinda weird that I’m paying more attention to the guy you made out with than you are.” She sits back, thinking for a moment. “Honestly though, why ask for a number if you’re not going to use it? My gut says he’s going to call you and I’m not usually wrong about these things.”

I roll my eyes. “You are your damn gut. Sometimes I feel like that’s the only thing you use to make decisions. You’re like a man and his penis. Always using the little head instead of the big head.” That one earns a loud laugh from my friend. “Right now all I want is for your gut and my gut to drink and watch terrible television. Can we do that? Please?” I gestured around the small space that is my lounge. “I mean it’s Friday night! Let’s put on our comfy pants and be fat and drunk together.” I turn to her and look serious for a moment. “And it’s not weird. I’ve just spent way too much time already thinking about it. So now I’ve let it go. I got to have my fun and even though I wanted more fun…” I shrug my shoulders and pat her leg. “It’s just not in the cards, sweetie.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll drop it. But just for tonight. Besides, who can say no to a night of terrible television, cuddled up on a couch with their best friend?” She pauses and then adds with a laugh, “Not exactly what I envisioned my fun Friday nights to be when I was younger though.”

“My teenage self certainly wasn’t picturing pints of Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix marathons. Which is just sad really because those things are awesome. But seriously, who wants to go out to club?” I make a disgusted face and stick my tongue out. “Blech. Ugh. No. Dirty men trying to touch you and buy you drinks that you don’t want. Yeah, I’ll pass.” I stand up and grab my empty bottle. Glancing down at Lily’s, I ask,  "You want another one or no?“

"I totally agree. I’m so over the bar scene.” She shakes her head. “ And no, I’m good. Keeping my eye on my girlish figure. Have to look good for the day I get papped standing beside Niall Horan’s new girlfriend.” She says with a cheeky smile aimed at me.

I laugh loudly as I grab myself another beer. I call out from the kitchen. “Let me know when you find her. I’d like to hang out with her too.” While I am searching through my cupboards for a snack, I hear my phone buzz from the couch. I ignore it and keep looking, but call out to Lily instead. “Will you see who that is?”

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Coming up with a Good First Sentence

One of my followers asked me:

Do you have any tips for coming up with a good first sentence for a novel?

So today, I’m answering that question.

Coming up with a Good First Line for a Novel

Method 1
For some people, it’s easiest to just start writing and come back and look through what’s been written to see if any of it would work as a good first sentence. Then the writer rearranges the first few pages to accommodate that. He finds his first sentence by writing.

Method 2
This is similar to Method 1. The writer just starts writing, and it might be a bunch of rambling stuff that’s actually not that important to the story. The writer is just trying find the beginning of the story. When she discovers it, she chops off the starting, where all the rambling is.

Method 3
If you want to start with a good first sentence right off the bat, think of some sort of hook you could begin your opening scene with. The first sentence usually needs to grab the reader somehow. Keep reading for how to do that.

A Great First Sentence

The main elements of a story are character, setting, conflict, and theme. Pick one of those elements and come up with an interesting first sentence to introduce it.

The best first sentences usually promise conflict or intrigue us somehow. A lot of people think they need to start with something life-threatening, like a bomb going off. That can work, but I’ve navigated a fair share of submission piles and can say that can technique also get old, if it’s not told in an interesting way, like this:

The bomb blew apart the grocery store down the street; Grandma Smith listened to the sirens and went back to knitting with a smirk.

The opening sentence doesn’t have to contain life-altering information to be a great one. It just has to be interesting and make us want to learn more. One way to do this is to create interesting contrasts. Here are some examples I came up.

Mom handed me my Birthday present, and my stomach dropped.

We usually associate Birthdays with happy emotions, but the narrator feels sick about this present, so immediately, we want to know why, so we keep reading. It’s an interesting contrast.

I took twice as long as usual to brush my teeth because Dad always preached the importance of looking your best at funeral.

The contrast here is that we start with something mundane and boring and relate it with something life-altering.

You can grab attention by opening with an intriguing description. One of my favorite sentences comes from Dashiell Hammet’s The Maltese Falcon. He opens his story with a character description, and while this sentence wasn’t THE opening sentence, it would have worked brilliantly:

[Samuel Spade] looked rather pleasantly like a blond satan.

Okay, there are several great things happening here at once. First, I would never say that looking like Satan was pleasant, so I’m curious to read more. Second, the main character is being compared to Satan–I’m interested to know more about him. And the qualifier of “blond,” just makes me more curious.

You don’t have to use the contrast technique, but I think it probably works most of the time. Sometimes just a poignant description works. Here is how Eragon by Christopher Paolini opens:

Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world.

One more technique: capture your character or narrator’s voice very well. A great voice is one of the first things that grabs editors’ attention. Here is the opening of Harry Potter:

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.

Can you hear that interesting voice in “proud to say they were perfectly normal, thank you very much”?

Openings to Avoid

I have gone through thousands of unpublished stories, and I can’t tell you how many times I see openings like this:

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internraven  asked:

I'm working on a novel now, and I've got everything planned out- outline, characters, a playlist, etc. I just can't find a first sentence. Do you have any tips for coming up with a good first sentence for a novel?

@internraven, Outline, character, playlist—awesome!

Coming up with a Good First Line for a Novel

Method 1
For some people, it’s easiest to just start writing and come back and look through what’s been written to see if any of it would work as a good first sentence. Then the writer rearranges the first few pages to accommodate that. He finds his first sentence by writing.

Method 2
This is similar to Method 1. The writer just starts writing, and it might be a bunch of rambling stuff that’s actually not that important to the story. The writer is just trying find the beginning of the story. When she discovers it, she chops off the starting, where all the rambling is.

Method 3
If you want to start with a good first sentence right off the bat, think of some sort of hook you could begin your opening scene with. The first sentence usually needs to grab the reader somehow. Keep reading for how to do that.

A Great First Sentence
The main elements of a story are character, setting, conflict, and theme. Pick one of those elements and come up with an interesting first sentence to introduce it.

The best first sentences usually promise conflict or intrigue us somehow. A lot of people think they need to start with something life-threatening, like a bomb going off. That can work, but as someone who goes through submission piles, it can also get old, if it’s not told in an interesting way, like this:

The bomb blew apart the grocery store down the street; Grandma Smith listened to the sirens and went back to knitting with a smirk.

The opening sentence doesn’t have to contain life-altering information to be a great one. It just has to be interesting and make us want to learn more. One way to do this is to create interesting contrasts. Here are some examples I came up.

Mom handed me my Birthday present, and my stomach dropped.

We usually associate Birthdays with happy emotions, but the narrator feels sick about this present, so immediately, we want to why, so we keep reading. It’s an interesting contrast.

I took twice as long as usual to brush my teeth because Dad always preached the importance of looking your best at a funeral.

The contrast here is that we start with something mundane and boring and relate it with something life-altering.

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These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Ten

A/N: Hello my lovely little lemon drops! I hope you all have had a fabulous week so far, and will continue to have a joyous week into the weekend. I’m so happy that I was able to get this chapter to my liking, let me tell you.

This right here is quite a pivotal game changer in the story. Things experience quite a shift after this chapter, and so it’s obviously a highly important one. And earlier…oh my goodness me; I just could not get the emotion to my liking!

But after taking a break, napping, thinking on it, and later coming back to attack it, I was able to achieve exactly the feeling I was looking for. So thank goodness, here it is, in all of its TWAAL glory.

Big thank you to anyone and everyone who sends me encouragement and comments. Your words mean the absolute world to me, and give me the confidence to continue on with this story. I appreciate each and every message, so truly, thank you.

And a thank you to my partner in crime as usual, catching-dandelions, as her reaction spurred me on to continue writing today lol! A special thank you goes to hutchhitched as well, as she offered some much needed advice.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooo…

I find myself standing in a dark hallway, the void of shadow nearly overwhelming my surroundings. All except for the rather enticing light which glows softly ahead, beckoning me towards it.

Like a moth drawn to an illuminated object, I find my legs carrying me over to the source, walking without a true idea of where I’m going.

Just when I near the light however, just when I think I’m about to capture it and drink it in with my body, it expands, allowing me to waltz through it entirely. And the moment I do so, a scene suddenly materializes in front of me, one that’s all too familiar and at the same time confusing.

The SBNN Game.

I blink once, puzzlement rolling through me in waves, and throw a glance back over shoulder at the tunnel from which I came.

This is all too strange; I could have sworn I was just here, bathing in the pleasure of watching Josh, and later suffering from the consequences that followed. But perhaps that was just some type of sick nightmare, some type of odd illusion, because the action before me looks more enticing than the last time.

Basketball players run up and down the court almost in a synchronized dance, their bodies glistening with sweat and effort as they continue their competitive fight. Media and press hop from person to person, chattering and allowing the words to flow about mundane topics and questions. Fans buzz around like bees drawn to honey, absolutely honed in on the activity around them.

I stand still for a moment, taking it all in myself. Somewhere in the back of my mind, there’s a red flag going up, telling me that I need to hide and prevent anyone from noticing my identity. But as I swim through the sea of bodies, I push that warning to the deepest crevice of my brain.

Because people are actually treating me like a normal human being.

Even without the slightest bit of cover or concealment, my presence goes virtually unnoticed. Anyone who does manage to catch a glimpse of me simply offers me a smile or a hello, and goes back to their business. It’s almost like my celebrity status is non-existent. And it’s wonderful.

I cannot help but smile myself, a content, happy breath puffing from my nose as I continue to walk around.

While everything about this situation is perfect, and makes me thankful that I decided to attend in the first place, there’s just one little element missing, one absent piece to the beautiful puzzle.

The actual drive behind my motive; Josh.

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