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Muse - Mother Hen

Before Stanford Pines, throughout the history of humankind, Bill Cipher struck countless deals with many great minds.
Some more memorable than others.

A/N: Here’s the tag I use for these oneshots.
Partly based on Bill’s backstory as detailed in Flat Dreams and Flat Minds.


Emmy Noether


14 April 1935

When the light in her Mindscape begins to slowly fade, turning all colors to gray, Emmy Noether is sitting on the couch with her hands folded on her lap. The chalkboard before her is completely empty, but she still looks at it as though she can read something on its surface that Bill cannot. Which is, of course, impossible. He sees everything.

And now he sees her end is not long in coming.

“You’re not gonna wake up again, Mother Hen,” he says. His voice seems to echo around them, as though through a vast and empty space.

The law of conservation of mass states that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed - but it can be changed beyond recognition, taken apart, shattered, and there is hardly any difference at all. Besides, this is not mass. This is a mind.

And soon it will be gone along with its owner.

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5 things to do at the end of a semester

Reorganize your desk and your computer

Whether you’re out of school for 3 months or just a couple of days, cleaning out your desk is the first thing you should do. Put the textbooks away and rearrange everything : you won’t think about school as much and it’ll most likely be relaxing. And don’t forget about your computer ! Delete the unnecessary documents and reorganize your files.

Store your notes and your exams

Buy a big binder or a folder and put all of your revision guides/flashcards/notes/etc in it. I don’t recommend ever getting rid of your old notes because you never know if you’ll need them later down the line. Also, if you have some of your exams, put them in there. They might come in handy someday !

Think about what you did

Think about your semester : what you did right and what you did wrong. Could you have studied more ? Should you have started your essay earlier ? Did you like your classes ? Your schedule ? Ask yourself some questions and use the answer to prep for next semester.

Start prepping

Make lists (things you’ll need to buy, things you want to work on), research planners and printables, buy some school supplies, try out some study schedules and new techniques (mind maps, apps, cornell notes). It’s never too early to start preparing for your next semester !

Treat yourself

Give yourself a break. Watch some netflix, eat some cookies, sleep in, stop drinking coffee for a few days, go buy yourself a new dress, do whatever makes you feel better !


Prompt/Idea: Dipper using his wings to play peek-a-boo with a baby.

Thomas, Elisha, and Agatha are @flying-guinea-pig and @ii-thiscat-ii’s Ocs, respectively.

On AO3 // On

It was mostly desperation, really.

But Agatha was only six months old, and the baby sitter had canceled on them at the last minute, and if Thomas didn’t go to this meeting today they were going to be short handed, something one really didn’t want when dealing with demons, and Elisha had to go to this meeting with the bank or risk not getting the loan, so…

“Seriously, I can handle this,” Tyrone repeated for the third time as Thomas and Elisha continued to fuss. “”I’ve watched Mizar’s kids hundreds of times, over more than one lifetime. I’ve raised kids, more than once. We’ll be fine.”

Elisha pointed her finger at Tyrone, so close his eyes crossed trying to focus on it. “That being said, if I come back and anything’s happened to my baby, I’ll find a way to exorcise you. I will do it.”

“Duly noted,” Tyrone agreed.

Elisha glared at him for a few more seconds before kissing her baby and walking backwards toward the door. She paused in the doorway, pointing at her eyes and back at Tyrone, before finally leaving.

Thomas closed the door after them, and Elisha kept tossing glances back over her shoulder.

“Okay, I know you trust Tyrone, but how are you so calm? We just left our baby with a demon for a babysitter,” Elisha said once they were in the safety of the Car.

“One, I was careful about wording the deal. Two, no matter what else he’s done, Alcor’s been recorded as never voluntarily harming a child or allowing one to come to harm. And three,” Thomas added, digging out his phone and waving it lightly at the driving Elisha, “nanny cam app. I can check in from wherever I want and save the video for later.”

The grin Elisha shared with her husband was both relieved and evil.

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How would turtles react to there s/o being really good at gymnastics. Like they watch there practice a bit


He’s impressed, even some of the stuff you’re able to do, he can’t do it.  He likes how limber you are when you do your tricks, completely comfortable when you perform them.  Believes he’d break something the moment he tries to do what you do.  He’ll give you a big hug and kiss after your little show to give you praise.


Secretly he’s impressed, but he’ll stand all gruff and tuff with his arms crossed, scoffing and saying that he could easily do that.  He’s a ninja, and ninja’s can do anything like that.  He likes to watch you, smiling when you’re not looking, but will look like he’s not impressed when you do meet eye contact, but you know that’s not how he really feels.  There have even been times when he was in the dojo that he would memorize your moves and try them himself, but he’s had more pulled muscles and sprains than he has success.


He records some of your moves, to see if he can do something similar, it may come in handy someday.  But he gets really happy when he watches you, proud of how much things you can do and that it doesn’t hurt you at all to do them; some he knows will hurt himself, but that just proves how good you are.  He’ll clap every time you finish a move, making you smile in return; you were very talented.


He joins in and tries to do what you do, and usually it turns out wrong.  He’ll pull a muscle or knock something over as he misjudges the distances and such, but he has fun.  He’ll make dares with you to try moves that you had never even considered before, claiming that the one who fails has to punish themselves by doing something embarrassing or out of the ordinary.  And he likes to disturb you too, sneaking up to you and poking your ribs which results in you falling over, it then turns into a chasing game.  In other words; he’s very impressed and
proud of you.


I decided to get this tattoo last week. It, in case you didn’t know, is the pulsar map that was on Pioneer 10/11 as well as on the Voyager golden record. The lines and dashes represent binary code which spell out the frequency and period of the radio wave emissions (which is unique to each pulsar), and the longer line represents the distance from our star to the center of the Milky Way. Supposedly, if an alien civilization were to find the record they could find our solar system based on the 14 pulsars that have been mapped out. A tribute to Carl…and I suppose it will come in handy someday when finding my way back home.

Definitely a Dunbar ~ Stiles Stilinski

Request: A Stiles imagine where the reader just came to Beacon Hills and Stiles is attracted to her. They start dating and he comes to her house, only to find out that she’s Liam’s older werewolf sister.  

Actual Summary (because I blanked on the request while writing this): The reader is Liam’s sister and has lived in Beacon Hills all her life. Stiles meets her at a track meet and they start dating. He comes to her house, only to find out that she’s Liam’s older werewolf sister.  

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,003

Author’s Note: I messed up on the request, I’m sorry. I completely forgot to include that the reader was new to Beacon Hills. That is why this one was extremely hard to write for me. I think it was trying to fit in how Stiles wouldn’t know that Liam was the reader’s brother, but I tried. I’m putting this in the time frame of early season four, when Liam was first turned, and didn’t know Scott and Stiles very well because it makes the most sense. Liam wouldn’t know how to detect a werewolf yet, and Stiles wouldn’t know Liam enough to know he had a sister. 

Everything for you was normal. You weren’t noticed, but you weren’t invisible. You didn’t get the best grades, but you weren’t failing. You had friends, but only a few. You never stood out. 

Until some psycho animal bit you. 

You were just starting Sophomore year at Devenford Prep and decided that your little brother Liam wasn’t going to be the only athlete in the family. He was only in eight grade, but he was already a star when it came to lacrosse. 

To get more attention from your step dad, you decided to join the track team. The only downside was that it required training. Training meant getting up early, and staying out late to run different terrains. 

You had went on a run on a trail in the woods after dark, when a huge animal attacked and bit you. All of that extra running didn’t make you nearly fast enough to outrun it. 

You went to bed with a gaping bite in your calf, and woke up with it gone. With that came the heightened senses and reflexes. You made the track team surprisingly easily and thought nothing of it. 

Your life was turning around and everything was great. Until your first full moon. You couldn’t control your rage, it was worse than Liam’s and he had IED. You shifted into a beast right before your now glowing eyes. 

Luckily no one was home, and the only damage done was that you tore up your entire bedroom. It was something extremely hard to explain to your parents. Not that you told them you were a freaking werewolf, they would think that you were crazy. 

So you told them you needed a change and this was the best way for results. That of course was not the answer they were looking for and they sent you to see a psychiatrist. 

They did an evaluation on you and decided you had no anger problem. It was just an isolated incident. 

After that, you read up on all you could about werewolves. Deciphering fact from fiction by using yourself as an indicator. You figured out that you were most likely bitten by an Alpha, and he was going to come for you. 

You were definitely freaked out, but there was no one to teach you. If your Alpha came for you, he would teach you the ropes, but he never came. 

There was a calling in your head, but it was faint. Like the Alpha was distracted, or focused on someone other than you. 

You chained yourself up on full moons, despite the judgmental glares you got from buying the chains, and ignored the calling in your head until it went away. After all of the murders stopped, you stopped feeling the need to kill someone.

That was definitely a plus.  

You learned how to control your shifts by using Liam’s anger management techniques. You knew having a little brother would come in handy someday. Your life then somewhat normalized, as normal as it could be for a teenage Omega. 

The beginning of Junior Year was when you met the most awkward brunette you now know, Stiles Stilinski. You met him at a track meet. Not the most romantic way to meet, completely covered in sweat. 

He had caught your eye from the beginning, and you had caught his. He was staring at you while walking and smacked face first into a wall. That was your opportunity to make your move. 

“Are you okay?” You ask, trying to suppress your laughter. “Yeah, this face has taken a lot worse.” He responds, pointing to his face.  

“I’m intrigued, care to tell me more?” You offer, slyly. “Only if you care to tell me your number.” He replies. 

You are slightly shocked at his straightforwardness. “Wow, that was terrible. I have zero game, I’m just gonna go.” The boy says, starting to walk away. 

“If you go, how would I give you my number?” You shout, making him turn around. If his eyebrows were raised any higher, they would be in his hairline.  

“Wait, really?” He asks. “Yeah. I’m Y/N.” You say, with a smile. “That’s a really pretty name. I’m Stiles.” Stiles replies. 

After that day, you and Stiles went out on a date. You two hit it off instantly. There were many dates after that, and you two made it official. 

It was hard to separate you. Except for the week where Stiles didn’t call. He came back apologizing, looking like he hadn’t slept in years, and said that there was some family emergency. 

You two had decided to wait until you hit the six month mark to meet the family. It was something you wanted to make sure you were serious for. That, and you wanted to put off Stiles meeting Liam for as long as possible. 

Even though he is 15, Liam is a strong kid. In the past he was very protective over you, and was aggressive towards the guys you brought home. Not that there were many guys, you learned your lesson after two. 

You wanted to make sure that there were no reasons for Liam to dislike Stiles, because you held his opinion in high accord. You couldn’t date someone your brother didn’t approve of, and you really liked Stiles. 

In the Spring, Liam had experienced one of his episodes, and he trashed his coach’s car. Liam had gotten himself kicked out of Devenford Prep and he had to go to Beacon Hills High. 

You hoped that Liam and Stiles would never meet.

Not that they would recognize each other by name. You always referred to Stiles as ‘My boyfriend’ when talking to Liam, and Liam as ‘My brother’ when talking to Stiles. It was just easier that way. 

After transferring, Liam got into some pissing contest with the captain of the lacrosse team, and sprained his ankle. The next day, he walked on it like it was nothing. 

That’s when you started to suspect that something had happened to Liam, something similar to what happened to you. But you couldn’t just walk up and ask him, “Hey did some psycho bite you? Are you a werewolf now? Because it’s cool, I am too.” 

In reality, you were probably just overreacting. Nothing like that has happened in awhile. No one would be stupid enough to bite two people from the same family, right?

You didn’t have time to worry about that. Stiles was on his way to pick you up for a date. Your car is broken, more broken than his Jeep, which is saying something. 

It wasn’t anything special. Well, every date is special, but there was nothing fancy planned. You were literally going to get some pizza, go to the forest preserve, sit on the hood of his Jeep, and look at the stars. 

This would be the first time he’d be coming to your house. You’ve always driven yourself, because you love the act of driving. 

The doorbell rings just as you finish applying the last of your makeup. You didn’t think anyone was home, and you thought that Stiles could deal with waiting for a few seconds. 

“What are you doing here, Stilinski? I told you and your friend to leave me the hell alone!” Liam yells. You had no clue that he was home. He must have gotten back before you did, and stayed in his room. 

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here?” Stiles shouts, clearly confused. You take that as your cue to go downstairs. 

“Uh, I live here.” Liam replies, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “You what? Do I even have the right address?” Stiles asks, eyebrows knitted in confusion. 

“Yes you do, I live here too.” You answer, sheepishly. 

“Wait, this is your boyfriend?” Liam asks, anger clear in his voice. You’re completely clueless as to how they know each other. “This is your brother?” Stiles asks, just as confused. 

“Yes and yes. I don’t see what the problem is here.” You say, raising your eyebrows. 

“The problem is his friend bit me and they kidnapped me!” Liam yells, eyes flashing a gold you’ve become familiar with. “Technically I aided and abetted. Scott did all of the kidnapping.” Stiles interjects. 

“Shut up, both of you!” You shout, trying to put together all of the information I just acquired. “Do it again.” You instruct, looking at Liam. 

“Do what again?” Liam asks. “Flash your eyes gold.” You answer. 

“Gold? What gold? I didn’t see any gold. Maybe it was a reflection.” Stiles suggests. His heart is beating way faster than normal. Then it finally clicked, Liam said Stiles’ friend bit him. 

Stiles knows about werewolves. “This isn’t a reflection.” You say, letting your eyes bleed gold. 

Both boy’s eyes go wide at the sight. “Holy shit, my girlfriend’s a werewolf.” Stiles mutters, looking more excited than terrified. Your eyes return to their normal color and the atmosphere of the room changes. 

It goes from one full of anger and spitefulness, to one of curiosity. You then take the time to explain what happened, and then you let Stiles explain why he kidnapped your brother. 

“Just don’t get her thrown off a roof, and we’ll be fine.” Liam says, trying to look as intimidating as he can. “I think I can manage that.” Stiles replies. 

Liam then goes back into his room, leaving you and Stiles alone. “I don’t suppose it would be too late for that date, right?” You ask, hopefully. “I think I can afford to come home late at least once.” Stiles responds. 

You make your way out to his Jeep, and he sprints to open the door for you. “M’lady.” Stiles says, doing a slight bow. “Why thank you kind sir.” You reply getting into his Jeep. 

When you pull into the preserve, it is just the right amount of dark for you to perfectly see the stars. You both hop up on the hood and appreciate the peacefulness of it all. 

“So, me being a werewolf, won’t change anything between us right?” You ask. “No, not in a bad way. It doesn’t make me love you any less.” Stiles answers, putting his arm around you. 

Your eyes go wide and so do his. Neither of you have said that before. You both knew it, but had yet to put it in words. 

“You love me?” You ask, turning your whole body to face him. You can see the way that his whole face crinkles up in embarrassment. 

“I do, I totally do. I was going to tell you in a super romantic way, but then I had to go and Stiles it up.” Stiles admits, debating on whether jumping off the cliff in front of you was a good way to go. 

You let out a slight laugh. “You just used your name as a verb, and it actually makes complete sense. That is why you’re you, and that’s why I love you too.” You confess. 

“Really? Yes!” Stiles whisper shouts, pumping his fist. You take that moment to grab his face and put his lips against yours. Stiles gets into the kiss as well, and you both melt. 

His tongue slides against your lips asking for entrance, and you gladly oblige. Lips are moving feverishly, teeth are clattering, and then hands start roaming. That’s when you break that amazing kiss. 

“I’m all for that, but not in the woods. I do have some class.” You say, breathlessly. “Later then?” Stiles asks, hopefully. “Later.” You agree, with a wink. 

For a few minutes you sit there trying to normalize your breath and heartbeat. 

“I just realized something.” Stiles says. “And that something would be?” You ask. “That my girlfriend can totally kick my ass.” Stiles answers. 

“I could probably do that even if I were human.” You joke, trying to fight the smile that was consuming your face. “Ha ha, very funny. Everyone just loves to pick on Stiles.” Stiles says. 

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for the drabble! 27 and sizzy!!

I got this prompt like 3 times so here u go u crazy Sizzy loving rascals, I made it extra long

#27 ~ “I’m pregnant.” 


Simon bent down just fast enough to avoid being hit in the side of the head by a plastic sippy cup. He slowly straightened back up in time to see Alec hurrying out of the kitchen, his tired eyes wide and apologetic. 

“Sorry.” He hurried over to retrieve the empty cup. “She won’t stop throwing things recently. She’s thrown like, half of Magnus’s potions across the room. Again, sorry.” 

“No, that’s totally fine.” Simon shrugged. “It’s good practice. If I dodge enough of Jessie’s stuff I’ll be better at dodging demon claws and stuff.” 

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i think ben paul is an idiot but i don't blame him for 'murder' or anything. manslaughter maybe but ive never blamed him for murder :0

He’s a kid. A TEEN. He’s nervous and obviously socially impaired. His only friend was Travis and he had to watch him either get ripped apart by zombies or watch him reanimate and be killed right after. That’s enough to traumatize ANY kid his age, especially with him being terribly awkward already. 

He thought the bandits had his friend. I mean, he was taking a chance. He didn’t know if they had him or not. But he was risking it. That takes ALOT of balls on his part and Ben really doesn’t get enough credit. Technically he wasn’t the reason behind the attack. LEE was the one that removed the bag. However, Ben, by this time, realized that the Bandits were lying. But was he supposed to risk telling the truth and getting kicked out? KNOWING he wouldn’t survive on his own? Or keep giving them what they want in order to keep the group safe? 

He was doing what he THOUGHT was right. He was basically between a rock and a hard place. He gets too much shit for what he was doing. He’s. Just. A. KID. And a kid that wound up dying,… It’s the sad fact that will come with the eventual end of the world. You can say that it won’t happen but the Bible DOES say that the world will basically fall into darkness and man will destroy the world. 

If you’re not Biblical then let me tell you: You should be gearing up for disaster. Nuclear war could come soon. And if that’s not convincing: There IS a virus/parasite that scientists have discovered that could cause the eventual zombie apocalypse.


Now, imagine that you’re a very awkward, very socially impaired teen with NOBODY but a bunch of strangers to depend on. You either A: Tell them what you did and HOPE that they forgive you, when you know that they won’t, and get kicked out on your own, which is a immediate death sentence or B: You sneak around to keep the group safe and the bandits at bay. What would you do? 

Don’t tell me you’d beat it. Don’t tell me you’d take them on yourself. Even our heroic Lee would probably do the same because they’d kick him AND Clem out. However they might be more lenient given that hey, HE’S THE HERO. Pfft.

It took the TWD survivors months to adapt. So like, unless you’re Daryl fucking Dixon, you’re bound to fuck up. People need to pay attention to this shit. You need to learn from the mistakes people make on these shows. As silly as it sounds, it MAY save your life someday because the end is coming, people. I can only hope you’re in the right place so you’re not left behind. Or, that you have very good survival instincts.

People who say they’re excited about the zombie apocalypse are naturally gonna be the first to go. They’re MORONS. 

I’m thankful for shows and games like TWD/TWDG because someday, God forbid, this stuff could come in handy. 

Ben wasn’t a killer. He didn’t directly cause those deaths. 

Someone was going to die anyways.

sehun x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Sehun (EXO) x Reader
Rating: PG
Comments: This is my oldest request, and it’s so long overdue, man. I don’t know quite how much I like it because I had a hard time coming up with a premise for it, but hopefully this works for all of you. c: Sorry for taking so long on it.

Summary: “Can you please do a scenario, where you are part of a rookie group under SM, and all your sunbaes like you and your band mates, except Sehun, he it’s always mean and all, and you like him. Cute ending, pretty pretty please? Kekeke i adore your scenarios” - Anon

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Florence dealing with Freddie’s shit & accusations again. You gotta love Idina’s expressions :3

Also because I sincerely did not know which one fit best x) … (I must stop with the Frozen reference xD … But it’s so tempting !)

And no, I don’t only have gifs of Idina x) Others will be coming, someday ~ But at the moment she’s inspiring :D And these could be very useful one day.

I apologize for the quick blinking of the text, it appeared slower when in Photoshop. Guess it was lagging…

Chess in Concert

Howdy! I don’t think anyone’s ever talked about this before and I think it’s fairly cool and insightful and important!!!!

Basically, for my sixteenth birthday, my grandmother got me this book, entitled Dear Me: A Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self. And I didn’t really think much of it until I got bored and started flipping through it.

It’s basically what it says it is; a letter, from celebrities, to their sixteen-year-old selves. Hugh Jackman is in here, Stephen King, Pattie Boyd, Garth Brooks, Suze Orman, Stan Lee, Trischa Zorn-Hudson, William Shatner, Ricki Lake, Alan Rickman, Sarah Ferguson… and like fifty more people. It’s ridiculous. It’s a wonderful insight on who they are and who they were at sixteen.

So above, basically, is J.K. Rowling’s letter, which you might not be able to see, so here it is:

Dear Jo (16),

I’m forty five. We’re forty five! And, believe me, that is far from the strangest thing that has happened to us.

This must be a lot weirder for you than it is for me; after all, I know you. I also really like you, which you will find impossible to believe, given that you are racked with insecurity and self-loathing. Jo, give yourself a break. You’re not the only one who feels small and inadequate; you’ll realize eventually that everyone is the wizard of Oz. Time spent dreading and regretting really is time wasted (whereas time spent daydreaming, inventing words and writing stories is time very well spent. Keep that up.)

There’s so much I could say to try to prepare you for what I know is coming, both the wonderful and not-so-wonderful. The trouble is that the more I think about it, the more I realize that you need to just plough straight ahead and make all the big mistakes, because out of them will come your greatest blessings. Just know that there has never yet been a situation so awful that we haven’t been able to wring some good out of it (and that is about the proudest statement I’ve ever made in my- sorry, our- life.) Everything you most want will come to you; some of what you most fear will also happen, but the world will keep turning, and you will be fine.

A few pieces of advice that I think I can give, without upsetting the cosmic balance:

  • Bright red, baggy dungarees from Miss Selfridge will be a bad idea, even in 1983.
  • White-blonde hair, while a fantastic look on Debbie Harry, will not work on you.
  • Do not have your ears pierced by a hippy at a music festival. That was one nasty infection.
  • Never bother trying to impress anyone who thinks that other people ought to try and impress them.
  • Stop smoking NOW.
  • Stick up for yourself a bit more.
  • Forgive yourself a lot more.
  • Avoid bass players. All of them.

In a year’s time, one of the best friends of your life will arrive in that porta-cabin they use for the sixth form. You will know him by his Ford Anglia, his love of Elvis and his ability to make you laugh until you are unable to breathe. You might want to persuade him to hang onto the car. It could come in handy for, say, a film.

Never cut short a ‘phone call with your mother. Never forget to say ‘I love you.’

One last thing.

One day, you will not only meet Morrissey, but he will know who you are.


Underneath she wrote “someday this will make sense to you” with an arrow pointing to the deathy hallows what a sweetie.

I just thought it was kind of important to share. I like to read it sometimes.

I think it’s important to remember some of the things that she wanted to tell herself. I think it’s a lot more personal and relevant than just saying “it gets better.” She truly inspires me.

anonymous asked:

Ahnyeong! Can you do EXO's reaction to them finding out you have their super power in real life? Kamsahamnida! <3

Okay I want to say sorry to the anon who requested this for taking me so long to do it but I didn’t paid attention to the requets and I thought it was how would exo react if they had the power and I didn’t had any idea for that one so sorry again!

Sehun: Do you wanna have some fun?Oh Sehun’s way!

Kai: Did Lay hyung put weed in the cookies again?

Tao: Ooooooooooooooooo so that means you can travel back in time?Wait on a second to see when we filmed that ep with the haunted house! This time Taozi won’t make a fool of himself.

Kyungsoo:  Now I can start the world domination with you by my side!

Chanyeol: Oh my god you’ve just got 10 times hotter! Did you get it? 10 times hotter…..cause you’ve got the fire?

Chen: Guuuuul if you’re trolling me let me tell you that….*thunderbolt* Is that all you can do?

Baekhyun:Should I start wearing sun glasses when I’m with you from now on?

Suho: Why is God so mean with me?That’s my power…..I wanted to play with the water.Imagine how fun I could have in the bathtub!

Lay: What? I’m not the only unicorn anymore? This is so absurd!

Luhan: Not bad. not bad at all! This could come in handy someday!

Xiumin: If you ever feel cold I know a way to heat you up!

Kris: Just once, come on just a small distance! I want to fly too!

Only Fools Rush In

Prompt: Phil misses Dan a lot because of all of these trips and work stuff where they can’t be “together”. He misses eating breakfast together, watching shows together, (or w/e you want) and having someone to blather to so when Dan calls him at night he like explodes from everything he missed telling him.

Summary: For two people who live together it seems as though Dan and Phil rarely see each other any more. Sometimes Phil wonders if they won’t end up complete strangers by the time it’s all said and done even with the daily Skype calls, but it would take more than simple distance for that to happen.

A/N: Thank you so much to the anon that sent this prompt. And to any of my friends who’ve had the misfortune of Skyping with me and had to put up with my rambling, this one goes out to you.

Word Count: 1,687

    Phil was an introvert by nature. The moment he was forced to speak in front of a crowd it was like his tongue had stopped working. While he genuinely did enjoy meeting the viewers, sometimes it was all a lot to take in, and it had taken him a long time to get used to being up on stage in front of thousands of people.

   Parties were a dynamic that he tended to avoid completely. Sure if need be he could attend social gatherings and manage to enjoy himself, but usually Phil prefered nothing more than to crash on the sofa with an anime or a good book. Alone time was about the only way that he knew to recharge and recover, and generally that meant that he didn’t want anyone else around.

    When the topic had first been broached about he and Dan moving in together Phil had been hesitant–not because he didn’t want to move in with Dan persay, but because he’d grown accustomed to living alone, and he hadn’t been sure how well it would work being around another person constantly.

    He shouldn’t have worried; a routine had fallen into place by the end of the first week that was a natural as it was easy. By some coincidence Dan also happened to be an introvert, and it was quickly established that while the two valued the other’s company, alone time was needed for the both of them.

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