they could be long lost siblings

My Last PLL theory....ever

I won’t stop posting PLL or sharing my thoughts, but this will be my last every PLL theory, and it’s gonna be long so bare with me.

PLL Explained:

Lets start from the beginning. Well as far back as we can. It was 1980 something, Mary  hadn’t been out of Radley long but she was finally ready to get back to a normal life and go to college. She meets Ted, he’s sweet and just the kind of good guy a “bad girl” like Mary needed. They date. She gets pregnant. The first person she decided to tell was her sister Jessica, she had hoped this would bring them together as she wanted her sister to be a part of her child’s life. But we know Jessica she was born jealous. She makes up a lie to get Mary sent back to Radley. Mary wasn’t able to tell Ted she was pregnant. And now she was doomed to have her child in Radley. Jessica and her jealously of Mary getting pregnant first is what led to her affair with Peter Hastings. Ken was always away for work, making getting pregnant hard, but if she timed things right Peter could get the job done. And that is just what happened. Mary had Charles first he was taken by the state. About 6 months later Jessica delivered a boy too, Jason. She goes to visit her sister to rub it in her face only to learn that Mary’s baby was given to the state. Jessica, wanting everything of Mary’s decides to get custody of Charles making him her and Ken’s child. Once Jessica got custody of Charles the DiLaurentis moved far away from Mary and Peter to Georgia. The DiLaurentis family lived in Georgia happily for years, Even Mary was able to get her act together and was released from Radley. Jessica become pregnant again, this time with twin girls. Around this same time Mary pretends to be Jessica in Rosewood and meets up with Peter (who she knew was Jason’s father) and they have a moment. Mary ends up pregnant with Spencer. Jessica gives birth to two little girls in Georgia. Mary learns about this. She goes to Georgia to find Jessica, that’s when she realizes that Jessica has Charles. Mary is upset. She feels that Jessica stole Charles from her and decided to take one of Jessica’s babies for revenge. Jessica knows it was Mary who kidnapped her baby and she turns Mary in. Mary is sent back to Radley (very pregnant) but the baby was never found. Jessica and Ken decide to move back to Rosewood because they were “the people who lost a child” to all their neighbors in Georgia. So the DiLaurentis’ move back to Rosewood. Jessica tells Peter and Veronica what Mary did to Peter. Mary gives birth to Spencer in Radley and Peter and Veronica raise her.  Jessica and Peter even got all the kids together once so they could meet their siblings (the Campbell apple farm - the baby the boys met wasn’t Alison, it was Spencer) A few months later the bathtub incident happens, and Jessica and Ken (worried that Charles is more like his mother than they believed) send Charles away to Radley. All is well for a few years then one day while visiting Charles, Jessica meets Bethany and her father. Bethany is about the same age as Alison and reminds Jessica of her with her blonde hair and pretty eyes. Jessica starts to wonder if Bethany could be her long lost child. She starts to buy Bethany gifts (the yellow dress, a horse, etc) and show her a little extra attention when she visited Charles. One summer Charles was able to go to a summer camp and Jessica spent a lot of time with Bethany getting to know her and even developed feelings for Bethany’s dad. But Bethany did not like this. She felt her dad was cheating on her mom with Jessica and it made her angry. This went on for a few more years. Then one day Bethany comes up with a plan to get rid of Jessica for good. She sees who she believes to be Jessica standing on the roof, without a second thought she pushes her over the ledge. Only it wasn’t Jessica it was Marion. Distraught at what she had done she blames it on Charles. But of course here comes Jessica to cover it all up. And before Bethany knew it, Charles was gone. He had died. The next time Bethany see’s Charles, he is now Charlotte. But Charlotte doesn’t introduce herself to Bethany as Charlotte, she introduces herself as Alison DiLaurentis, Jessica’s daughter. Charlotte tells Bethany how much she hates Jessica and how she would love to get her out of her life. Bethany believed every word, until that day when Radley called Jessica to come get her daughter Alison, Jessica shows up and it’s Charlotte dressed head to toe in Alison’s clothes. Bethany overheard Jessica telling Radley that this wasn’t Alison, but Jessica leaves with Charlotte anyway. Now Bethany doesn’t trust “Alison” (aka Charlotte) or Jessica. (hence the tapes and drawings) But there wasn’t much Bethany could do from Radley and she needed a plan. A good one. 

Meanwhile. Alison’s twin is not Bethany Young. Alison’s twin grew up in Georgia, knowing nothing of her real family. Until one day a girl named Shana kept calling her Ali. The twin told her I think you have the wrong girl. Shana insisted not, that she looked just like her summer time friend Alison. So Shana shows the twin the picture. Twin can’t believe her eyes it was like looking at a picture of herself. So she asked Shana about this “Alison” girl and Shana told her what she knew. The twin made Shana promise not to tell Alison, and Shana agreed. When summer time came around Alison made her annual trip to go visit Grandma D. While she was there her twin watched her and studied her. She saw how Ali treated people badly. She even watched Ali play her mind games with Shana. Twin had enough, she decided to go to Rosewood to find out what was going on with the rest of her family. Shana even introduced her to a girl named Jenna who lived near Rosewood that twin could stay with. While in Rosewood she was mistaken for Alison a few times. Once by a girl named Mona. She played along trying to be a nicer version of Alison. After seeing how Ali’s life was, her twin decided she needed to know more. The A game starts. The twin starts watching Alison carefully and reaching out anonymously to others when she needed answers. That’s how she discovered NAT club. She is the one who paid Ian to film Ali and her friends. Twin decided that Ali doesn’t deserve this life anymore that she takes it for granted. So she plans to kill Alison and take her place. But her plans go on hold when Jenna and her mom needed to move to Rosewood (As Jenna’s mom was moving in with Toby’s dad) But Jenna told twin that should could stay at their place in Cape May. 

Flash forward. The first secret. Twin is now reaching out to Mona (Ali’s enemy) more often via anonymous texts and emails. She convinces Mona that now is the time to take down Ali. She tells Mona exactly what to do (send the voodoo doll, leave the A notes etc)… It’s Jenna’s first week in Rosewood and she is already invited to a Halloween Party. She heads to the costume shop to pick a costume when she see’s Ali. She knew it was Ali and not twin. Twin had already told her all about Ali. After Jenna’s run in with Ali she calls twin and tells her that she met Ali. Twin pushes her to steal Ali’s spot as it girl and suggests showing up dressed as the “better gaga” Twin is officially kicking off her plan with the help of Mona and Jenna. Only one thing didn’t go as planned. Twin had no way of knowing that Charlotte and Lucas had planned their own special treat for Ali that night. (Ali getting attacked in the house) This actually helped twin because once Ali knew it wasn’t Noel she became aware that someone really was after her.

Moving on. Charlotte and Lucas continue to play silly games to make Alison look bad (the Radley stunt, etc) Twin takes notice and decides that she would like to recruit Charlotte (not knowing Charlotte is related) So she reaches out and asks Charlotte to meet her at Jenna’s. Charlotte who is half playing Ali, half playing with Ali, suggests that Ali stop putting up with Jenna and do something about it (this was Charlotte’s way to lead Ali to the person who was possibly after Ali) So Charlotte doesn’t show up that night, but Alison does and with the help of her friends (who thought they were after Toby) Alison throws the firework into the garage, blinding Jenna and hurting twin. The twin got away before the police came. But now she was super pissed with Alison and her friends. Putting most of the blame on Alison of course. Over the next couple of months Twin and Mona continued to torture Alison. And watched Alison slowly screw over more and more people. (Getting Charlotte kicked out of UPENN, the issues between Ian & Melissa, etc) Every time Alison ruined another life, twin reached out. Ian and Melissa were supplying the NAT videos so twin had knowledge of all the secrets. Charlotte was playing double agent and still pretending to have Ali’s back despite helping plan Ali’s death. 

And finally we get to that night. Charlotte had already convinced Alison that if she couldn’t figure out who was after her she’d have to go on the run (hence Ali saving up money, passports, etc) Charlotte just wanted Ali gone but had little faith that the mystery person would actually do it. So Charlotte sends Bethany the top with a note from Ali, knowing this would set Bethany off. Bethany comes to rosewood to find Ali & Jessica (really Charlotte and Jessica). Meanwhile, Twin has given Mona orders to take Ali out. But Mona mistakes Bethany for Alison and hits her, but she hears someone coming (Melissa) and takes off. Melissa who had just heard Spencer and Ali fight see’s a girl (appears to be Ali) laying on the ground. Assuming the worst of Spencer, Melissa pushes the girl into the hole (that Mona dug) and starts to bury her. Charlotte walks up startling Melissa, and seeing what Melissa was doing. They speak about it for a second before being seen by Jason. At this point they both run away, leaving the girl in the hole only partially buried. Charlotte comes around to the front of the house and believes she see’s Bethany, she hits her upside the head. It’s actually Ali. And Jessica has seen it all. Jessica buries Ali for Charlotte, and calls Wilden to take Charlotte away (presumably back to Radley) Grunwald comes along and pulls Alison out. Alison is later picked up by Mona. Alison tells Mona what happened. That someone hit her in the front yard and that her mother buried her. Mona knows the girl she hit was in the backyard, realizing she did not hit Ali. She did not follow orders. Instead of killing Ali at this point she talks Ali into faking her death and running away. Which is exactly what Alison did; Leaving the yellow top and her Ali bracelet with Mona. During that night when Mona left to gathering somethings for Ali (most likely from the DiLaurentis house) she returned to the grave to see if anyone was in the grave. She finds Bethany, dead. She puts the Ali bracelet on her then recovers the hole. She returns to Alison gives her her things and off Alison goes.  Mona informs twin that Ali is dead.

Now twin just needed to wait for the right time to take Ali’s place. It can’t be too soon because Ali’s family and friends might know its not Ali. So with the help of Mona, she learned how to act like Ali while also transforming Mona into an It girl and subsequently Hanna too. Finally the twin was about ready to make her move, Ali would come back from the dead, but things took a turn. The DiLaurentis’ decided to move away. Twin had Mona take the rest of Ali’s stuff. (When Maya’s family threw it out) Twin was going to need to learn a lot more about Ali. But then a body is found. Everyone finds out it’s Ali and now twin cannot just take Ali’s place. So with that plan being a no go. Twin decides to finish what she started and get back at the girls for being bullies and and blowing up Jenna’s garage. This is why Mona had no real reason for being after the liars, she was just doing the twins work. But during Mona’s reign as A the twin started noticing things. Someone who looked like Ali visited Hanna in the hospital. Someone saved Emily from that garage. Twin learned Ali was actually alive and that Mona had lied to her. So she made Mona out herself as A. She had hoped this would mean that with Mona locked up Ali would come home, then twin cold take her place again. But Ali didn’t come home. And Mona met a girl named Charlotte. Charlotte was the perfect pawn for twin. So via Mona she let Charlotte believe that she would be taking Mona’s place as A. Charlotte really wanted to play the game but couldn’t do that from Radley. So Charlotte leaves Radley and gets herself a place in Rosewood. For the twin the goal is to prove Ali’s alive, for Charlotte its about finding out the truth about her family. Eventually the twin tells Charlotte who she is, which makes Charlotte more on her side. Seasons 3 & 4 are the twin, CeCe, & the liars trying to find out if Ali is alive. Remember there were 3 redcoats in the sawmill in Ravenswood. Ali, Charlotte, & the person who led them to Ezra’s lair. The twin led them to this lair for a reason, this was to make Ezra look more guilty than Charlotte. Once the twin has confirmation that Ali was alive she tells Charlotte she needs to leave the country (because she is accused of murder). Charlotte leaves the country and Ali is exposed, just like the twin planned. This time she sends Shana to kill Ali (because Mona didn’t do it the first time) But instead the liars (Aria) killed Shana. 

So just to add things up: The twin is after the liars for the Jenna thing and the Shana thing. 

So twins next plan to take Ali’s place involves getting Ali and the liars put in jail. At this point (other than Aria) the liars haven’t killed anyone. So she convinces Mona to fake her death. Which Mona agrees too (the blood) The twin comes in and she and Mona fake the crime scene. Of course it looked like Ali in the surveillance video. Because it’s Ali’s twin. This is the first time Mona actually meets the twin (hence her being shocked) But don’t forget she was in on this. 

Once Ali was in jail. Twin just needed to get the liars to Charlotte’s dollhouse, and why not ruin their names in the process. The liars are arrested then kidnapped, making it look like they had escaped. While in the dollhouse, the girls were being tortured by several people. The twin, Charlotte, Mona, Noel, & Sara. The plan would be to keep the liars their permanently. Eventually cluing them in. But holding them captive none the less. Mona would be eventually released having no memory of her kidnapping or the faking of her death. This would clear Alison’s name. She would then be taken to the dollhouse and twin would replace her for good. But the twin didn’t plan for the liars to be smart enough to figure out about Charles… At first the twin decided to play along in their quest to figure out who Charles was. Having Noel stand in as pseudo “Charles” what she didn’t plan for was them catching the damn place on fire. She was literally leading Alison there that night to bring her to the dollhouse. Once the girls had escaped her plan was ruined and Charlotte would be left to take the blame. (Game Over, Charlotte)

But of course Charlotte couldn’t let the game go.when the twin didn’t want to play with Charlotte anymore, Charlotte tried to assemble her own team, (Jenna, Noel, Archer, Lucas, & eventually Mary) She still wanted to play with the girls. But she needed out of Welby first. Finally she gets released. The twin did not want Charlotte to interfere with the plan she’s been coming up with for the last 5 years. So after Charlotte was released, the twin killed her. Using the plan from Spencer’s paper. Already trying to frame someone. Mona is still working for her. After Charlotte is killed she starts tormenting the liars trying to get them to give up evidence that Ali killed Charlotte. It’s just like her plan with Mona only this time someone will really die. She literally plays the girls against themselves. She knows who killed Charlotte and she convinces the girls that it’s possibly one of them, to the point that the girls actually do start incriminating themselves. (Killing Archer) Meanwhile the twin has also taken over all of Charlotte’s minions (Jenna, Noel, Archer, Mary, Sara, Lucas) with the promise that they would be finding Charlotte’s killer, again playing them because she already knows who killed her. Lucas built the board game. Archer got the money. Noel was gathering information. etc… They all played their part. And they all die off once they’ve been exposed or have said too much (Sara, Noel) Jenna hasn’t died yet because the twin has a soft spot for her. But she’s still expendable if she doesn’t play along. Which is why she is holding something over Sydney to force her to play too. By the end of the game one of the liars will go down for Charlotte’s death and the others will be left suffering. 

But the twin never expects for the girls to figure things out. But I think this is actually going to end up being the case. One of the liars will figure out it’s the twin but she won’t be able to tell the others. Eventually someone from the twin’s minions will try to switch sides and help the liars most likely Mona. The twin will be caught and arrested but not before one or two people die in the cross fire (my guesses are one or two of these people; Lucas, Mona, Jenna, or one of the liars- Not Spencer) 

We’ll prob have a time jump of the liars finally living an A/AD free life and see how they are. Alison and Emily will prob be together trying to raise the kid. Spencer and Toby will be friends but not together. Ezra and Aria will probably get married. Caleb and Hanna will probably get married. 

Other things the twin was a part of:

The lodge fire, the twin was the person on the plane. She is the one who knew how to fly. Duncan never met the real Ali he had always met the twin when she was pretending to be Alison. The only time the liars ask Ali about Duncan is when Spencer drug-dreams her up. This was probably the twin at the time. And not actually Alison.

The girl outside the window when Hanna and Mona did the Ouija board was also probably the twin because it led to a pissed off Mr & Mrs D.

So that’s it folks. Ali has a twin and her twin is AD. Ali never knew she was a twin. It’s why she had so many baby pics (there were two of them) Jason was brainwashed to forget it just like he was with Charles. 

For more on how I deducted it would be her twin check this theory out!

psycho 05/taehyung

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warning and a note: this chapter has some sexual harassment/slight violence (knife) in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story

note: in this chapter i mention his brother but because I don’t know his name i put h/b/n instead which stands for his brothers name 

note2: sorry for any mistakes I will try and fix them later on

summary: it’s going to be okay I promise


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Random Headcanons no one asked for, Bonus Round

Star Wars

•Luke and Leia actually find out they share a birthday pretty early on, but considering neither of them actually has a reason to suspect that they’re long lost siblings, they don’t think much of it besides “birthday buddy!”

•Luke has never done much for his birthday while in the Alliance. He got the day off from chores back on Tatooine, and if the crops had been good sometimes Owen and Beru could scrape together enough to get some kind of cake. On his 17th birthday Owen somehow saved enough to get Luke a replacement part for the T-16. Celebrating without Owen and Beru, even if theirs were small and not terribly festive by some standards, just feels too weird for him.

•Wedge decides fairly quickly this will not do at all and organizes Giant Group Birthdays for the pilots, going by month. This starts to catch on with other branches of the Alliance, and bi-monthly birthday gatherings become a thing.

•After finding out they’re twins, Luke and Leia make a point of trying to spend every birthday together, even if it has to be via hologram.

•Poe Dameron has birthday parties for BB-8. C-3PO thinks this is precious and will not hesitate to say so. Leia is very tired of Threepio “hinting” that BB-8 would look very grown-up with shiny gold plating.

•Chewbacca can out-snark anyone, anywhere, hands down. Once he and Han ran across a gang of alien pirates whose leadership was determined by a Trial of Insults. Chewbacca got annoyed with their captain and accidentally ended up taking command of a pirate galleon. He and Han eventually absconded with a treasure map, but the pirates were too impressed by the Wookiee’s Snark Power to be mad.

•Lando writes poetry, but he’d be much too embarrassed to let anyone read it.

•Luke knows a lot of code-songs he learned from his aunt and uncle while growing up. (Because I like to imagine they helped slaves escape, much like in some of @fialleril ’s writings), and he teaches some of them to one or two Rogues, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca. The secret directions embedded in the lyrics save lives more than once.

•Maintenance crew on the Executor has an entire wall of tally marks for every training droid Vader had totaled. There’s a different wall for people he’s totaled, with names rather than tallies. It’s probably not safe to keep a memorial, but no one’s told them not to so far.

•Piett started out just drinking tea in the morning before starting his shifts. The longer he deals with the unique brand of weirdness living on the Lady Ex brings, the more calming tea (or occasionally strongly caffeinated tea) he requires. He’s up to four cups a day and steadily rising.

•For Leia’s twenty-third birthday, Mon Mothma gave her a hologram she’d been keeping of a younger Bail Organa with Senator Amidala and a young Mothma all smiling. There’s someone in the back that looks like a tall Jedi, but Leia can’t be sure. She and Mothma mourn a while, but the catharsis is good for both of them.

•Every time the Rebels move to a new base, Rogue Squadron makes sure to paint a rough portrait of Bhodi Rook somewhere in their assigned hangar, whether on a ship or a wall. There are memorials to all the members of the Scarif Mission, but Rogue Squadron always has an extra one for Rook. “Because he’s the pilot.”

The Trampoline

Summary: Dan’s very gay and very in love with Phil, who has always been 100% straight. Also, there’s a trampoline.

Word Count: 5.3k

Genre: smut

TW: underage drinking


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Being the Long-Lost, Younger Sibling of the Maximoff Twins Would Include...

☆ When they heard they had a younger sibling, they did everything they could to try to find you.

☆ When Wanda accidentally hurt you with her powers, she could barely even look at you without feeling tremendous amounts of guilt. You had to convince her you were completely fine multiple times.

☆ They’d make sure no one could hurt you. During battles, one of them would always be near you, protecting you.

☆ You had no superpowers, but Wanda and Pietro would help you train to become stronger, faster, and smarter when fighting a high powered enemy.

☆ Pietro would coach you on running. After training for a month, you had a higher stamina and quicker. Obviously, you weren’t as fast as Pietro, but he was a great motivator.

☆ You had both of their personalities. You were quiet like Wanda but sarcastic like Pietro.

☆ They refused to join the Avengers without you even if you were just an ordinary, strong fighter.

☆ You argued with them multiple times because they were too overprotective.

☆ There would a monthly family game night just consisting of you three. Pietro and Wanda were very competitive while you just enjoyed watching them have fun.

☆ Hawkeye was always there for you if the twins had to go for a mission without you.

☆ After pleading for months, you were finally able to adopt a dog. They both fell in love with it. Pietro enjoyed going on jogs with it, and Wanda enjoyed relaxing with it.

☆ When Pietro died, you spent days mourning with Wanda.

☆ You furiously defended Wanda’s actions in Nigeria. You wouldn’t back down until Vision carried you out of the room.

☆ You were on Steve’s side with Wanda during the Civil War. You helped break Wanda out of prison.

A/N: I literally love the twins. #bringpietroback


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“Listen, we have very thin walls and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?”

Jughead Jones is technically homeless. Your family hates you. These are just facts of life. 

When Archie Andrews decided to take both of you into his home, and his father was okay with it, it astonished you both. 

You all quickly adjusted as roommates, with the two boys sharing a room and you rooming in the guest bedroom. The Andrews are so hospitable and you are so grateful for them getting you out of that situation, but there have been some long lasting affects you weren’t expecting.

It’s late at night when you get in the shower that all of these affects start coming down around you. 

You miss your dog, you miss your old bedroom, you miss the comfort of the couch in the living room. While your siblings and father definitely didn’t want you around, your mother seemed like she could stand her ground if she ever wanted to, so you miss her even though you think you shouldn’t. You miss privacy. Hell, you even miss your old dresser and night stand lamp. You feel as if this is all lost, like you’ll never be able to regain what you’ve left behind. 

It’s almost like you run away, but it’s worse because you still have a roof over your head, so you feel like you can’t be sad about it. You feel as if you have to be strong, like if you’re not then everything else will come crashing down around you. 

Before you know it, these thoughts of guilt and loss and loneliness come crashing down around you, and as the water hits your face you realize it’s not all coming from the shower head. 

You’re crying, and now that you realize you’re crying you begin to hyperventilate. You don’t want to wake anyone, so you try to keep the sobs quiet. After all, maybe a good cry is all you need. 

The next day, you and Jughead are alone in the lounge, sitting on the couch. He seems quieter than usual, more still. He’s got something on his mind, and you can tell. You two have been friends for ages, so you fold your arms and look over at him. 

“What is it?” you ask, plain and simple.

“What? Oh nothing.” he says, almost surprised, as if you talking has pulled him from his thoughts.

You sit there in silence for a few moments, content to accept that as your answer. You knew that when Jughead didn’t want to talk, he didn’t, so there is no use in you trying. 

You begin to pick up your bag when you hear him clear his throat.

You look over at him and raise your eyebrows. 

“Are you okay?” he asks you. 

It’s your turn to be surprised, as you’re not quite sure how to respond to that. It’s clear on your face, because he then shakes his head and stammers to try and explain himself.

“Listen, we have very thin walls and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?” he asks.

The sincerity of his tone makes your heart ache all over again, and you have to keep yourself from reliving the memories of last night all over again. 

You begin to nod your head ‘yes’, which slowly turns into shaking your head ‘no’. 

Then, Jughead does something surprising, he reaches out to you and wraps his arms around you. He pulls you into a hug, sitting on the couch. 

You’re stiff at first, not really sure what he’s doing, but soon let yourself sink into his chest, his heartbeat a comforting presence amongst the chaos of your brain. 

You’re determined to not make this first hug your last. 

Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler sentence starters

“This obituary is filled with errors - most importantly - I AM NOT DEAD!“

“The world is quiet here.”

“Strange as it may seem, I still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives, and even when it does it can be lost so easily.” 

“Our love broke my heart…and stopped yours.”


“I have a long list of things I’d rather not do.”  

“I was in deep denial, and I’m not talking about a river in Egypt.“

“Could it be that our ______ is unreliable?”

“Siblings that say they never fight are most definitely hiding something.”  

“…and that’s why we broke up.”

“The thing with your heart’s desire is that your heart doesn’t even know what it desires until it turns up.” 

“When we were together I felt breathless. Now you are.”  

“S/he gave me a hug and for a second I was embraced by a body that makes me want to go home and never eat again.”

“Sometimes words are not enough.” 

“Everyone tells you it’s all right to cry, but not enough people say it’s all right if you don’t want people to know.”  

“There is no easy way to train an apprentice. My two tools are example and nagging.”  

“But I must admit I miss you terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby.”

“You, meanwhile, are often dressed like a slob, and spend your days serving coleslaw.”

“Imagining the worst doesn’t keep it from happening.”  

“Well this isn’t too bad, I don’t have a left arm anymore but at least nobody will ever ask me if I’m left-handed or right-handed.”

“You don’t spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two.”  

”When something simple and true takes you by surprise, it hits you in the stomach.”

“It was a curious feeling, that something could be so close and so distant at the same time.” 

“Of course you can trust me - we read the same books.”

“You might be afraid of the _____, but the _____ is not afraid of you. That’s why the _____ is always close by.” 

“The way sadness works is one of the strangest riddles of the world.”  

“Someone can break your heart, leave you dead on the lawn, and still you never learn what to say to stop it all over again. ”

“They say love’s like a bus, and if you wait long enough another one will come along, but not in this place where the buses are slow and most of the cute ones are gay.”

“Anyone who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword has not been stabbed with both.”  

“But somewhere in the world there is a place for all of us.”

“The only thing that made sense of the world was you.”

“Once more, this is love: it rings and you open up…unless it looks like an ax murderer.” 

“I want you to love me in particular.”

“I would much prefer it if you were alive and well.”

“Sometimes even in most unfortunate of lives there will occur a moment or two of good.”

“No reality has the power to dispel a dream.”  

““Everyone, at some point in their lives, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world.”

“It is difficult, when faced with a situation you cannot control, to admit you can do nothing.” 

“Summer without you is colder than Winter, and Winter without you is even colder.”

“’Finders keepers’ is what they say, and I wanted to be kept.” 

“Nobody should feel pain all by themselves.”  

“We steal the happiness of others in order to be happy ourselves, and when it is stolen from us we voyage desperately to steal it back.”  

“He who wants the world must first escape from it.” 

“It is a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger.”  


Requested by anonymous [Part 1]

“I’ll get it” Stiles offered when you heard a knock on his house door. You’ve been visiting your brother for five days now and everything was going great! You had so much in common with your long lost sibling. You kind of wished you could take him back to Riverdale with you.

“Ah [Y/N]?” Stiles called from the front door “there’s a ginger guy here to see you”.

For a moment you were completely frozen but eventually you managed to run to the doorway and to your great surprise your boyfriend Archie was standing there. If you weren’t so shocked you may hugged and kissed him.

“Arch what are you doing here?” You asked breathlessly.

“When I got your message the four of us decided to drive up here on the weekend to see you”.
You were about to ask what he meant by the four of us but before you could you spotted Jughead, Betty, and Veronica standing behind Archie, smiling brightly at you.

“Ah who is this guy?” Stiles asked confused.

“Oh ah Stiles this is my boyfriend Archie. Archie this is my brother Stiles”.

“Ah hey man?” Archie greeted shaking Stiles’ hand awkwardly. You could tell he was taking in the similarities between you two. You had to admit it was both cool and terrifying.

“Ah nice to meet you guys… come in I guess” Stiles said offering for your friends to come inside.


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What do you think will happen if Jon and Daenerys do get together or hook up at some point? Like how will his relationship with his siblings be effected?

Hmm this is a really interesting question! I haven’t seen many people talk about this yet, it’s mostly been about how the Northern houses would view Jon over this, so this is really interesting to think about!

I think his siblings would understand him teaming up with Dany because they’re all survivors and understand making unlikely alliances just to survive (Sansa may even be the one to push Jon to meet with Dany). But I just don’t think they’d like it. Jon is now the KitN and bending the knee to a foreign queen with dragons is bound to make any of the Northerners concerned/pissed, especially his siblings (who, tbh, DO all have a better claim to ruling the North, and might be bitter). Sansa and Arya know Cersei personally, and they might prefer a dangerous queen they are familiar with over a dangerous conquering queen they don’t know how to destroy.

I also just don’t think they’d ever trust Dany, and not just because she’s foreign/southern or because the Starks have (totally legitimate) trust issues. Dany has idealized, superpowered versions of each of the Starklings’ survival skills. Sansa/politics: she has experience with leadership and ruling. Arya/combat: she has an army and dragons. Bran/magic: she has the dragons and her whole latent, Unburnt thing going on. Basically, Dany is sort of unstoppable, and pretty terrifying. On top of it all, Sansa, Arya, and Bran have lost their three wolves, but Dany still has her three dragons. That could make them secretly envious of her (“why does she get three bonded creatures when I don’t even have one anymore?”). Even if they accept Jon’s alliance with her, I think this mix of fear and envy could drive the Starklings away from Jon, who’s more trusting than his siblings.

If Dany and Jon do hook up, I think that would just further drive Jon and his siblings apart, especially if it turns into a long-term romantic relationship that could end in marriage. That, plus him going south, plus the big Targaryen reveal… it could all severely distance Jon from his siblings. (BUT, to me this seems like a temporary problem because I don’t think Jon*rys is endgame, and I think any romance they have will only really appear in S7… but I won’t get into that now because this post is already super long!!!)

I don’t know if the show will go in this direction with the limited screentime left—they may just have Sansa make Dany a dress, Arya be made a Dothraki warrior, and Bran a dragonrider or something and call it Starks Bonding with Dany time. But I think this is closer to what would realistically happen.

Thank you for the question @swansansa!!

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any chance you're taking prompts? ‘we’ve been fucking with no strings attached but i just saw you go upstairs with another guy and im drunk and following you both upstairs to punch the shit out of him’ with drunk!Cullen? preferably not angsty with Dorian meeting with someone (Carver?) to get Cullen a gift.

wound up changing the roles since it seemed to fit better?

Dorian didn’t get properly drunk often. An upbringing where the sampling of lovely vintages was encouraged despite one’s age tended to cultivate a high tolerance, after all. But if he was meant to get through the entirety of this party without expressing too much interest in Cullen then he was going to need something else to occupy his time with.

It did an even better job at helping him ignore the far too pitying looks of his friends. He was halfway through trying to wrangle back the bottle Felix had snatched from his hands when he spotted something that made him freeze half draped over the back of the couch.

“Felix?” he said. “Who is that dragging Cullen upstairs?”

“What was that? I thought you didn’t know anything about… Ow!” Felix rubbed the spot on his head that Dorian had swatted, frowning as he cast his eyes over to the stairs. “Oh, that’s Carver. Looks like he has something that he needs Cullen to do.”

Dorian took in the way Carver’s hand had settled low on the back of Cullen’s back to push him upstairs, leaning in far closer than was necessary to tell him something with just the hint of a smile on his lips. “Or someone,” he muttered.

It wasn’t necessarily an easy feat to wrangle himself free from the couch, but he managed it, even if he did have to abandon any efforts on being stealthy about halfway up the stairs.

His stomach churned in a way that had nothing to do with all that he had drunk at the giggles emitting from one of the rooms. Except, even though he found Cullen on the bed with Carver when he spun inside, it wasn’t at all how he thought.

“I can’t believe that’s how you thought to tell Dorian.” Carver shoved at Cullen’s shoulder, shaking his head. “I mean, I’ve at least managed to come up with something better for Felix.”

“Sure you have. That’s why he’s still downstairs while you’re up here…” Cullen trailed off when he caught sight of Dorian, face splotching up with patches of red all at once. “Dorian? What are you—”

“Not punching someone apparently.” Dorian sighed when Cullen sputtered. “Not that I would have much right to anyway.”

“Good on you,” Carver said, pushing up from the bed. “You’d probably break your hand if you tried anyway. But…um…you might have more of a right than you think?”

Dorian was left blinking after the youngest Hawke sibling (who would have thought a boy that large could move so fast?) while Cullen shouted the man’s name after him.

“I… I feel a bit lost,” he admitted. “What other reason could you have for coming up here?”

“For privacy.” Cullen caught Dorian’s hand in his when the other man scoffed, tugging him in between his spread legs. “Wanted to try out a way to break the fact that I love you instead of ambushing you with it.”

“That’s ridiculous! How couldn’t someone take that as…” Dorian paused, managing two long blinks. “Ah.” 

In retrospect he should have provided a bit more warning before tackling Cullen to the bed, but it wasn’t as if the man was complaining between kisses.

Tired and Scared

Title: Tired and Scared

Pairings: Dean Winchester x sister!reader, Sam (mentioned).

Words: 1300

A/N: So, backstory is that the reader is doing some sort of a quest and it’s doing bad stuff to her, sort of like Sam and the trials.

Your name: submit What is this?

You could swear you just saw your reflection blink.

You were sure, you were going crazy. You didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t anymore. The boarder was gone, blotted out.

You had this darkness in you as well. It came with the craziness, and the craziness came with the mission. But you felt like you had these demons inside of you, and you couldn’t drown them, because they knew how to swim. And this presence, these voices, they were eating at you. It was like they were consuming all of your energy and leaving nothing to you. You felt empty, and tired.

You stared at your reflection, looking deep into your own familiar, but still very different, eyes. The more you glared, the worse they looked. You studied the rest of your face. It looked pale. Dark, purplish circles framed your eyes, and had the hollows of your cheeks sunken in, if ever so slightly? You didn’t look healthy at least.

And now you couldn’t sleep. You couldn’t relax, you couldn’t find peace. Even now, your breathing were too light, and your hands were clammy. Meanwhile, you were so exhausted, you really needed your rest. But just that thought diminished your ability of sleeping even more.

Your head hurt and your body ached while your legs were tingling. Slowly, and carefully you turned on the tap, just a little. Then, you brought your hands under the water stream and washed your face and hands with the cold water. It calmed you down a little bit, but not enough. You quickly dried your face on a nearby towel, and returned to stare into the mirror.

Only this time you didn’t just see yourself.

There was someone standing behind you in the doorway to the bathroom, you had left the door open when you escaped to the room to calm yourself down and drink some water. You could only see the dark silhouette, intently watching you.

You didn’t react as you were supposed to, not at all. As a hunter, you should fight for yourself, or try to run. In summary; just act. But this time, you completely froze. A gasp got caught in your throat, your eyes widened and you lost all capability to move your body as a wave of electrical fear rushed through it, all the way out to your fingertips.

The silhouette began to slowly move towards you, uttering something that you couldn’t comprehend. You could hear its voice, but you could neither place or understand the words. It felt far away. Instead, you began trembling, as you still were completely frozen. The silhouette only got closer, and you could only watch.

”Woah, (Y/N)! Do you hear me?” The voice started making sense. At the same time the silhouette came close enough to be reached by the fluorescent light; and you realized that it was Dean.

The gasp managed to escape, and finally, you could breath. Dean moved slowly, concerned and slight shock in his green orbs, he hadn’t foreseen that you would react like this. His hands were wearily outstretched towards you, showing his palms as he continued talking calmingly to you. You slowly relaxed, and Dean noticed this. For the last steps towards you, he picked up a more natural tempo.

As he reached you, he placed his large hands on your shoulders. His eyes met and locked with yours, although you’d rather just stare at the floor, you couldn’t break the glance.

”(Y/N), are you okay, kiddo?” Worry laced his words. ”What happened?”

”I d-don’t know.” Your voice was raspy.

”How are you feeling?” Dean asked again, as you didn’t answer his first question. He wouldn’t let it go.

You looked into his eyes, how much you just wanted to look away. Dean always had this ability to make you talk, it was something with him that always made you spill. Same went for Sammy. That’s why you tended to avoid them in these times. Because, although it didn’t really make sense, it was easier to keep it to yourself. To keep it locked down far away was easier than to put it into words. It was scary to share these things. Especially this; it was too dark. So you kept it inside, or at least tried, and suffered alone.

”I’m fine.” It was a complete and utter lie, and Dean knew this.

He let out a dry, humorless chuckle. ”Don’t you get it? I can see that you’re not — easy, in a long way.”

You slowly blinked. Was all the time you spent on trying to hide this lost, good for nothing? And if that case, how? How could he see it when you worked so hard to keep a strong — no perfect — facade up?

He saw the confusion in your eyes, and answered your unspoken question. ”Because I’ve spent most of life to over watching my younger siblings. (Y/N), I’m telling you, if there’s anyone who knows your patterns and… anything, it’s me.”

You realized he was right, and you had been foolish to think that you could hide this.

For the first time, you were able to break eye contact. Dean instantly tired to catch your gaze, his face coming closer, but you stared intently at the floor.

”So, I’m gonna ask again, and you’re gonna be honest; what’s wrong?” His tone was stern but still gentle.

”Uhm…” You didn’t know what to say. ”I’m tired.”


”I’m exhausted. And I can’t sleep.” You confessed, as you slowly looked upwards again.

”Do you feel sick? Hate to break it to you, but you don’t look too peachy.” His eyes scanned you, you saw something, you saw pain. Pain for your sake, and you felt horrible. But, the more you thought about it, it made sense. He loved you; of course he was suffering with you.

”Just drained.” True. ”But… But there’s this darkness. I-I don’t know how to describe it.”

”I know, sis. I know how you feel.” He nodded.

There was a moment of silence, before you spoke up again. ”Do you think I can do it?” You voice trembled, and was filled with disbelief.

”Of course. You’re my little sister, aren’t you?” He nudged you, and a faint smile pulled on the corners of your lips. ”No, but you’re crazy strong, both Sammy and I think that. And I believe in you, you’ve got this.”

You let out a deep breath and nodded.

”Come here, super girl.” Dean spoke, and pulled you into a tight hug, a hug that you apparently really needed.

He had his arms wrapped around you, radiating warmth to your now quite cold statue. You took in his scent and listened to his heartbeat. He placed his chin on top of your head, and rubbed his hand over your back.

You felt safe and relaxed in a way that you haven’t in a long time, and you concluded that no matter how old you got, you older brother’s embrace would always have this positive effect on you.

”Sam and I will help you feel better. And you don’t have to be scared, we won’t let anything happen to you. We’ve got your back, okay?”

”M’kay.” You responded, your voice muffled from speaking into his shoulder. ”I’ve got your back too.” You added, your words brave.

Now it was Dean’s turn to smile. It meant a lot to him.

He was severely worried about you, about your health and what awaited you. Nevertheless, he could feel the ache around his chest slightly releasing as you had a much more lighthearted tone on your voice. He had meant what he said, he wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.

You didn’t know how long you stood there, the time became fluent. It didn’t matter anyhow, because the hug felt relaxing, comforting and just great.

”Love you Dean.”

”Love you too, (Y/N).”

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I AM SO HAPPY RN!! the Rivamika ship isn't necessarily sailing but it iSNT SINKING EITHER (as of right now) haters can kissssss me sweet ass if they try to bring up the "iTs InCEsT" bs

I’m very glad Isayama decided to clarify that. I always knew they weren’t closely related due to the fact that they were both an only child, so they couldn’t have been uncle/niece like so many believed, or siblings. Plus, the way grandpa Ackerman spoke of them as a branched off family made it even more obvious they weren’t close, but at least we have proof for the people who aren’t easily persuaded. 

I do find it curious how Isayama made sure to confirm they were very distantly related though. If he wanted to, he could have made it so Mikasa’s father, Kenny and Kuchel were all siblings, or had him directly linked in some way to grandpa Ackerman or something, but he decided to split the line generations earlier. It’s actually very likely they’re even further apart than 3rd cousins like many of us assumed. Really, I think the Ackerman power is the only important part here so Isayama probably didn’t want to pull the “Oho I’m your long lost brother” trope. Or he wants the last remaining members of a near-extinct bloodline to repopulate the world with Ackerman’s and that’s why he made sure they were distantly related. Pretty convenient how there’s only one man and one woman remaining too when you think about it. HMMM

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Romanced Companions and Sole telling Shaun they will get a sibling :3?(Let's say Curie and danse are fertile)

Cait: She finds it tricky. How was she meant to know what to say? The fact that she was carrying Sole’s child was enough to think about, let alone telling the other lad about it. They both approach him carefully, Cait holding their hand and actually trembling slightly. She was terrified all the way through their little speech but when Shaun’s face brightened she managed a small smile. Thank God that was over with.

Curie: Curie was very excitable. She couldn’t wait to see the look on young Shaun’s face! Sole has to calm her down a bit, just for her own safety and they both approach the young boy together. Sole and her stand there for a while, before Curie blurts almost everything out. Shaun looks confused at first and for a moment, Curie had this sinking feeling in her chest. Did she say it wrong? Sole reassures her with gripping her hand tighter and the boy grins in delight at the thought of a new sibling. Phew.

Paladin Danse: A few moments before Sole came into the room, Danse was sat on their bed, lost in thought. It still puzzled him how a thing like him could ever have a child. He always dreamed of it, he always longed for it - but since he found out he was a Synth he was almost certain that he couldn’t have a child. However, here he was, just about to tell Shaun that he is going to have a kid. Sole and him approach them together and Danse doesn’t join in the conversation, only throwing in small agreements or nods. He can’t help smiling when he sees Shaun’s happy face however.

Deacon: Deacon absolutely cannot wait to tell Shaun the good news. He had been wanting to be a father ever since he first settled down with Barbara. Finally, now was his chance to start anew, start a family of mini-Deacons. Deacon takes Sole’s hand and leads them out into the open, where Shaun was playing. They both approach him and Deacon tells some huge story about the facts of life and when Shaun finally kind of understands a small smile creeps across his face. The three embrace, excited and hopeful for the future. 

MacCready: He had this all planned out, first him and Sole would tell Shaun and then he’d set back out for the Capital Wasteland to get Duncan. They could be the little trio together, here in the Commonwealth, their new home with MacCready’s new partner. He lets Sole take the lead, Shaun was her son after all, kinda. The young lad seemed kind of disheartened, but once MacCready reassured him that just because they were having a child it didn’t mean they were going to disregard him, MacCready took great delight on seeing the happiness on Shaun’s bright face. 

Hancock: Hancock really did think he was the luckiest guy in the Commonwealth. He had already told the entirety of Goodneighbour, and now one person remained. How was he going to tell Shaun? That his mom and this random ghoul just decided to have a kid? He hoped to god he didn’t feel like he was gonna be replaced. Sole and him do approach the kid in the end and he hangs back, letting them explain slowly, before joining in after a while. Hancock wasn’t expecting him to take this news well, but he did. Thank God.

Preston Garvey: Preston is utterly terrified about telling Sole’s Shaun about their expected child. He couldn’t bring himself to it. What if the kid didn’t want him to be the father of their sibling? What if he screwed everything up? He tells Sole that he’d much rather them have a heart-to-heart conversation with their son without him. He would just cause too much trouble.

Piper: She couldn’t believe she was pregnant. Heck she couldn’t believe she pregnant with Sole’s child. And telling Shaun? This was gonna be hard. She didn’t want to feel like she was replacing Sole’s wife from before the war and she definitely didn’t want to completely ignore Shaun whenever the baby did arrive. Sole and her do tell him eventually and in the end she is glad they did, it lifted a lot of weight from her shoulders.

X6-88: He really wasn’t aware that he could produce another piece of life with a human partner, let alone another Synth. He admits, the situation wasn’t planned, but he was slightly. What was the word? Excited. About being a father. He didn’t particularly understand why the Synth “Shaun” needed to know about Sole’s and his child but if it satisfied Sole, he was happy to say whatever was needed.

Best Friend Jeno

this is for @jfcwhatevenismylifeanymore , thanks for requesting love 💜

  • i miss this sunshine so much honestly
  • and i see some of y'all sleeping on him so im not gonna allow that
  • kidding dont smack me im smol
  • okay let’s start !!

  • you’d known him since you were kids because y'all were in the same kindergarden

  • even when he was younger , he was so goodlooking and cute you lowkey had a small crush/infatuation with him once
  • but all that faded away when one day in primary/elementary school y'all got partnered to do a math project
  • jeno being the sweetheart , he contributed a lot to the project and did like at most 80% of the work
  • but he still credited you and told the teacher ,
  • “ Y/N did most of the work !! please give her good marks ”
  • and like that you were touched and the both of you started to hang out even more ,
  • from joining each other during break time
  • and visiting each others’ houses when you had the time to
  • and you realised that both of you had the same interests and likings , everything instantly clicked
  • fast forward to now , y'all are still in the same school , same class
  • the thought that both of you were actually long lost siblings actually did cross your mind once ,
  • since the both of your personalities fitted each other and y'all could hardly ever be seperated
  • most of the time he just laughs and smiles a lot at the things you say ,
  • making small comments like
  • “ you’re so stupid haha ”
  • “ why are we friends ”
  • “ i can’t believe i’ve known you for more than 10 years already ”
  • the next moment he’s posting on social media how thankful he is for you
  • he saved your contact name as ’ tomato face 🍅 “ because he keeps teasing and reminding you of the time where you got all embarrassed in front of the whole class as you were told to present alone , and you were blushing like mad , when you were like 8
  • and you saved his as ’ unnecessary eyesmiles 🌙 ’
  • lowkey suggested by donghyuck
  • but also because he’s always smiling with his eyes even when there isn’t a need to
  • but again he looks cute whenever he does so you don’t say anything
  • honestly the type of best friend to help you no matter what
  • one time one other guy was harrassing and getting too close to you ,
  • jeno noticed and ran straight up to you , his arms slinging around your shoulders,
  • ” let’s go babe “
  • and when you stare at him in confusion , he’d nudge you
  • ” y-yeah let’s go jeno oppa “
  • and right after he acts like a mom & asks you if you’re fine
  • but after he laughs it off and teases you about the face you made when you were shocked previously
  • and after that incident people around the school started speculating and making rumours that both of you were a couple
  • and some even said that y'all had been sweethearts since young
  • like one junior suddenly came up to the both of you one day and mentioned about how much she supported the relationship
  • and both you and jeno would just be there staring at each other confused and awkwardly
  • it became such a huge matter your parents had to personally go down to the school to prove that y'all were just best friends
  • because the teachers heard from one student that he saw both of you making out in school one day
  • what is with these people y'all two are just smol kids im-
  • he loves disturbing and teasing you when you’re busy doing something ,
  • because he doesn’t like it when you get too focused and gets stressed
  • so he uses this as a way to cheer you up
  • and he’d purposely keep your stationery away from you when you were doing your homework ,
  • as he giggled and flashed you his eyesmile again
  • for once you thought he was innocent from those eyes
  • he’s so supportive of your decisions ,
  • like when you told him you found out you had feelings for mark ,
  • he got excited with/for you and literally wrote a long list on mark’s likes/dislikes all for you , so you were able to know him better
  • and with the help of donghyuck , he managed to save your number into mark’s phone and he also texted you with it ,
  • ” hey ? “
  • ” oh im sorry , who’s this ? “
  • ” it’s mark here “
  • and you’d stare at your phone screen in horror ,
  • but another text comes in
  • ” i don’t remember saving this in my phone but it says ’ qt tomato 🍅 ’ , may i know who this is ? “
  • and when you yelled at jeno to complain , he’d just laugh it off and apologise
  • but thanks to him you slowly got closer to mark and according to jeno too ,
  • he said that mark had feelings for you also
  • he wouldn’t mind skinship at all but he knows his boundaries ,
  • and he didn’t get too close to you as he was afraid the rumours would start again , and that it’ll only affect you and mark’s relationship
  • hugs and linking arms are normal though
  • and he loves to play with your hair when he’s bored too
  • when he’s in a good mood he treats you to meals ,
  • and would also treat you like he’s your older brother ,
  • getting you things want
  • at the end of the day he’s always grateful to have you as a bestfriend ,
  • just as much as you are
  • he’s such an innocent and fun person to be with , who wouldn’t want to be best friends with him tbh
  • i miss lee jeno
  • i hope y'all enjoyed this !!
Your younger child asks one of the members about lost virginity because their older sibling mentioned about it but your child doesn't know what the word virginity means and the member tells him (BTS)

Sorry for the long title!

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/Y/S/N: your younger son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/Y/D/N: your younger daughter’s name

Namjoon: -he was planning out in his head how in the world he could tell you that apparently your younger son over heard his older brother mention that he lost his virginity. Hoseok said that your little boy asking him what losing virginity meant- “so either I tell Y/N or I get our older son to actually tell admit he hasn’t been going to soccer practice and sleeping with his girlfriend instead”

Originally posted by xchiiban

Jin: -he wasn’t pleased to hear from Jeongguk that your baby girl over heard big sister talk about losing her virginity to Taehyung’s son. He was worried also about your little daughter’s issue with privacy but also the fact he’d have to kill one of his best friend’s children- “Does Taehyung know about this? I have to tell my wife and that’s going to be harder than talking to Y/D/N and then Y/Y/D/N about privacy”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Suga: -your son was 20 and your daughter was 4 which meant she looked up to her older brother. Jimin happened to be the one who got asked if he lost his virginity because her brother had. Jimin told Yoongi that Y/D/N heard the conversation Yoongi and Y/S/N were having- “Y/N going to kill me. I’m supposed to have a clean mouth when my baby girl is around. We were having a father son moment”

Originally posted by asdfghobi

J-Hope: -his mind shattered at the thought of his baby girl losing her virginity but it took til Jin mentioned it to him that your son asked him where he could find his sister’s virginity because she lost her’s. Jin watched poor Hoseok’s face when it all sunk it- “what are you talking about Y/D/N is a virgin she would have told Y/- oh my god that actually explains so much”

Originally posted by hugtae

Jimin: -he was dying because your son didn’t really hid it but he didn’t mention it in the presences of his little brother because he repeated everything he heard. Namjoon came walking in holding the 5 year old’s hand til he got to the room where the 3 of you sat and told you son to repeat what he said. Which was about if he lost his virginity would he be cool like Y/S/N. Which made you look at your oldest who was looking everywhere but at you. That’s when Jimin lost it- “come on baby it was obvious he isn’t. He got the smirk I got when he got home after prom”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

V: -he never wanted to hear that your daughter wasn’t a virgin after your older son got busted. You didn’t have to worry about the 3 year old quite yet. But it didn’t help that he over heard his big sister who stole a condom from his and your stash. So when Yoongi heard Y/Y/S/N bring it up to him he asked what virginity was and also a condom. So his melt down infront of Yoongi was something Yoongi found hilarious- “no no no my babies are all corrupt. No 3 year old should know about his dad’s stash of big boy balloons are neither should his daughter. Didn’t she learn from Y/S/N’s mistake it isn’t safe”

Originally posted by taestylips

Jungkook: -in one hand your son was 13 and your daughter was 6 but the other’s had much older ‘cousins’ thanks to the boys. So the word virginity and being asked if Y/S/N was one or not. by the end of the day Y/D/N managed to get more than one of her cousins in-trouble that evening. All because she asked uncle Taehyung if he knew what a virginity or that more than one cousin wasn’t one.- “Y/D/N can I enroll you in for spying, you’d be helping appa a lot if big brother or cousins are doing bad things” 

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The doctors said last Thursday he only had hours…maybe a day at best to live. My grandfather once again always loved to prove his doctors wrong, he finally passed away at 1 AM this morning, my mother holding his hand as he left. She said it was very peaceful-he felt no pain-which I’m grateful for.

I lost count how many times this old man had a brush with death and the doctors said he wouldn’t make it only for him to bounce back as if nothing happened. My mom said he lived to spite his doctors probably, haha.

We knew he wouldn’t make it this time however, I’m just glad he held on for 6 more days so my Mom’s siblings could all fly in and be with him for as long as they could. She said he wanted it that way-so happy he could at least see all his 7 kids together one last time (I have 2 aunts and 4 uncles from my mom’s side).

I’ll be flying out tomorrow to be with them, the funeral is this weekend.

I wish I could express how much I loved this old man. But no words can really do justice how wonderful he was. He lived a long life but a good one. I’m at least grateful he won’t be in anymore pain, and he’ll get to be with his own family again. He was the youngest child in his family, all his siblings and both parents are gone-they’ll be reunited again. He’ll even finally get to meet his oldest brother he never got to know-who died when he was a baby. It gives me comfort to know he’ll be with his loved ones and no longer in pain.

Grandpa, I am so grateful you were a part of my life. I love you so much, it will be sad and really hard but things will work out.

Rest in peace and God be with you til we meet again.


THE FLASH | 3.08 | Invasion!

We knew you would come.

A Good Villain

Trying to keep your villains from being too two dimensional?

Here are five tips for trying to write a good villain:

Your villain is a person too: A good villain needs to be relatable, and they need to have a good backstory. You want your readers to be able to synthesize with the villain in your story, but not enough to agree with what they’re doing. It should be clear why they have their “evil plot”, but it should still be portrayed as a negative thing that was brought on by their backstory.

A hero of a different story: When you’re writing for a villain, you need to be able to see things the way they see things. A villain always sees themselves as the hero of the story. Villains are rarely 100% evil. They way they see things needs to be a skewed version of reality, twisted to fit their cause.

A good Match: Your villain should match your protagonist at least enough to make a good story. It’s important that you don’t give them the same characteristics. If your hero is physically strong, make your villain’s mind stronger.

Give him a personal connection to your hero: You want your protagonist and antagonist to connect on a certain level. You could have them start off working together, or if you want to be cheesy about it, make them long lost siblings separated at birth. (That was a joke. Don’t actually do that.)

Give them an actual plan: Your villain has to have some motivation. Why would you make a villain who doesn’t have a reason for his evil plan? Give them a good background. Have them seek revenge, a better life, a better world, or a way to save someone they care about.