they could be good for each other in other circumstances

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“I understand. Good luck. I hope we’ll see each other again.”

Mass Effect Sentence Starters [Accepting!]

“I’ll be back before y’can even start t’ miss me,” she said, smiling as best she could given the circumstances. There were some battles you simply had to fight alone, no matter how much other people wanted to help. At least Malcolm understood that.

“Take care o’ yourself while I’m gone, all right?”

Ginger Morgan is an 11 year old patient in the Medical Ward. She has been diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, and looks a lot like Kendall Vertes.

Maybe they’re hiding

Ginger and Hunter had always been close, especially for siblings. They were 5 years apart, a brother and a sister… most siblings under those circumstances didn’t have much in common, but these two did. They grew up on the outskirts of a small town, where the houses came few and far between— going to your neighbours could easily be a 30 minute bike ride— so they learned to become friends with each other, if only out of desperation. Though they shared a lot in common, it was nothing compared to their biggest similarity: their disease.

We hope they are playing a game

She looked up to her brother, and they were really good friends with each other. Neither one of their parents were especially tall, but Ginger grew, being fairly long and lean. Her proportions seemed a bit off, but her parents brushed it off at first as the signs of a healthy and growing girl. When she was 10, Ginger watched her older brother get sicker and sicker. Hunter went to the doctors, and came back with the news: he had been diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. Ginger didn’t totally understand what was going on, but she knew it wasn’t good. About a year later, she went to her parents and told them she was having a some back pain. After several tests, her diagnoses was clear: she too had Marfan Syndrome.

But this is is really happening

It all became very real to her, very quickly. Ginger’s form of Marfan Syndrome seems to mostly affect her skeletal system and central nervous system. She began to develop dural ectasia, which is the weakening of the connective tissue around the spinal cord. She is often in pain because of this, and experiences frequent head aches. It’s hard for her to be exerting herself for long periods of times because of this, which makes Ginger sad, since all the other kids get to do fun activities, and Ginger is left laying in bed. She knows she could be at risk for scoliosis, which is a serious concern for her. Now with 2 children suffering from the disease, their parents begged Serenity to take them, if only to give them a chance to feel normal. Serenity agreed, and so the pair arrived.

Connections: Younger sister to Hunter Morgan

Fortunately, Ginger is OPEN!


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My character shows yours a mysterious button a stranger gave them and told them not to press it under ANY circumstances. If your character couldn’t resist the temptation, send me ◉.
5. our characters can now read each others minds, no matter the distance, but only each others

Luise snatched the box out of GIlbert’s hands the moment she saw him press the button. “Gilbert!” she scolded him. What did I tell you about that!” She examined the box. It didn’t look as if pressing the button had done anything to it. Thank goodness, she thought. That could have been awful. Honestly, sometimes he acts like he’s five.

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hi :D , how are you ? my question is : do you think astrid could be friend with elsa? and why? (because their both different from each other but there's some similarities between them) anyway i love all your posts ;) and have a nice day

Weeeellll…….  I suppose they could be friends, under the right circumstances, but they also have the potential to be on not-so-good terms due to their personalities.  Astrid is very competitive, sometimes violent, and doesn’t care about stuff much, whereas Elsa is more reserved and gentle, but would definitely give others a piece of her mind if they were acting rudely.  I’d say their possible friendship would be on thin ice (geddit? XD).