they could be good for each other in other circumstances


GoT meme | Relationships [5/9] → Sansa Stark & Tyrion Lannister

 “I know I am not the sort of husband young girls dream of, Sansa,” he said softly, “but neither am I Joffrey.” I could be… I could be good to you.” [dedicated to alayneestone & sansalayned]


"and also because you hoped
      his hands were trained enough
              in taking away the numbness ”  
                         (credit to queergladers​ for poem)

anonymous asked:

would u say you loved ur ex? ever been in love? what is love? how does sex work into love?

Well, aren’t we being deep. 

A. I’ve had two exs in my life. One was the kind of younger dating that was more surface and I say we liked each other but we did not love each other. She was a very good friend.
My second ex, I was with for a pretty long time. I would say at one point I might have loved him. I don’t really know to be honest and I could say a lot of things about that relationship and about the circumstances that caused it to end. 

B. I don’t know. Romantically I really don’t know but I like to think I haven’t.

C.  Love to me is about quite literally trusting someone enough to let them into your mind further than anyone else. Being able to trust someone and missing them when they’re away. One of your best friends in the world that makes you feel great inside when you’re around them along with these other weird emotions you can’t quite make out. I describe it as someone who keeps you mentally stable, just that other force in your life that you want all the time because you feel like they are another part of your brain all by themselves. 

D. Sex is a way to get closer to someone you love. It’s a very vulnerable place and you have to be able to trust someone that you love to work with you. You can tell a lot about a person from sex that you couldn’t tell before (This does not count for lust and just sleeping with people for the sake of sex even though that is valid.) It can be one of the closest points you can get to your partner. Not everyone likes sex or thinks this way. Personally, I find it to be a very large test of trust and closeness that intensifies a relationship. 

Jfc I sound corny as hell

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Flik Odessa. Alternatively Tir Odessa.


The ship is my: ehhh not really an OTP. I have never shipped it with a passion.

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I think they very definitely had a lot of stuff to work out that they weren’t able to before The Thing happened. 

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

Who has time and availability for kids? Not the leader of a rebel army.

General Opinion: I think they tried to be good for each other, and in a lot of ways they were. Their relationship could have been something really great if the circumstances were different. ….This is kind of the same way I feel about Jowy and Jillia, come to think of it, but Odessa and Flik did have a lot more going for them than those two did. 


Why couldn’t he just get it? They had known each other for years, there were good times and bad, it didn’t matter the circumstances neither had left each other before yet Shintaro wondered why she stayed by his side?

Kisaragi Shintaro was in essence a pretty shitty person all around, snide, egotistical at times, didn’t know boundaries that should simply never be crossed. But at this point, all those things about him that annoyed her had blended with those few good traits he had to make him seem like a normal guy. She could handle a conversation with him, she might even say she liked him the tiniest bit. But he couldn’t see that.

Why do you think I’m here? To entertain myself with this sort of behavior you seem to be known for? You will never be okay without me if you’re like this.

His words annoyed her more than they ever had before. Those lies were exactly why he needed her.

I’m not leaving. I know I can leave, I could have at any point. But I don’t want to. You need me, Shintaro, even if you don’t want to admit it. I may have only known you for a few years but that doesn’t change the fact that, no matter how much you deny it, we need each other. So I won’t go. None of your idiotic comments on how you ‘don’t need me’ will change my mind.❞ Sure he was a burden, that was the one true phrase to come out of his mouth. But he was a burden she had taken upon herself of her own free will, and she wasn’t giving up on him.