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Hiii do you know anything I can do to attract a job? I've been applying like crazy but it's a year now and I'm using all the help I could get! Thank you x

Great question and I would be happy to help.  A bunch of my friends joke around about me being able to find jobs in a snap.  It is one of my “magic” powers.  

Before we get to any magic, might I advise a couple of different routes you may not be considering?  I always like to take a real world approach before handing out any spells.  I am not an old lady by any means, but I have learned a thing or two, and I think I might be able to help.  (Whether you like this type of advice is entirely up to you, but take it from me: the job market can be tough to navigate and sometimes it helps hearing this kind of advice from someone who has been down that road.)

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1.  Have you recently updated/revised your resume and cover letter?  Seriously, sometimes people do not hire you based on the content in your cover letter.  The wording could be off-putting, it could be too long (or too short), it could be not informative enough.  Cultivating your cover letter and resume is like crafting a spell; it needs to be worded correctly, express who you are as an employee in a concise manner, and make you seem as hireable as possible.  (You could also put a sigil on your cover letter and resume without anyone ever knowing using invisible ink or printing in white.) . A great website for formatting your cover letter and resume to make it look like THE BOMB DOT COM is CVMKR.

2.  Have you applied for every available job, including the ones that you may think you are “above”?  Listen, I have a BFA in Photographic Imagery; I didn’t exactly choose the most profitable and available field in the world.  I loved every bit of time I spent in college learning about art (and other various topics) and I am incredibly proud of what I accomplished.  I am still very passionate about my work, but the fact of the matter is that dream jobs are incredibly hard to come by.  There were plenty of times I had to suck up my pride and apply at places I thought I was too good for.  That includes fast food chains and restaurants, data entry, and even sales positions for companies I knew were absolute bullshit (the sales companies, not everything else.)  It took me years of gaining experience, freelancing, working for next to absolutely nothing, and busting my ass to get to where I am today.  So, if you haven’t gone down to McDonald’s or Walmart, you might want to lace up your boots and get to walking.  Money is money anyway you slice it, even if it means working at a place you aren’t necessarily are proud of.  I know that seems like tough love, but it is true.

My dad once told me, “You only get out of life what you put into it.”  I put in hours upon hours of literal blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights, going hungry and almost being homeless, paying thousands upon thousands of dollars back to student loans, and I have only JUST gotten what I would consider to be a dream job.  I believed in what I was doing every day.  I got up even when I didn’t want to.  You just have to keep trying, even when things seem grim.

3.  There are quite a few spells involving careers and money.  I am going to refer you to @urbanspellcraft and @flowing-to-the-ocean’s spells.  I trust their work to help you along the way, but just know that magic can only take you so far.  In the amount of time you would spend working during an average work day (8+ hours), you need searching and applying for jobs, calling employers for interviews, and going to temp agencies.  If not, you won’t find a job.  Take it from me, as someone who spent the better part of a decade struggling to find a career and finally–FINALLY–got her dream job.  You can do it, you just have to try.

* Spell to Get the Job You Want
* Spell for Job Seekers


- Memeish relationship 

  - but also really cute because he’s awkward 

- Loves seeing you in his clothes (probably doesn’t say it but you realize when he starts leaving his sweatshirts on the bed for you to wear) 

- Aegyo is the secret weapon to get what he wants 

  - and you can’t say no to him because he’s so adorable 

- Couple costumes in Halloween 

- Also craving pumpkins together 

  - which would be great because he’s like

  - *pointing to one of them* that’s you 

  - and starts laughing 

  - but acts like a hurt puppy when you do the same to him 

- Soft for you 

  - like you could be just cleaning or cooking and he’d be all like “yOU ARE SO CUTE COME CUDDLE” 

- Gets teased a lot by the other members, especially by Kihyun (boi), because

  - “our maknae finally found his other half” 

  - but Changkyun is no joke when it comes to being savage and he is taking no one’s shit so he’d probably answer like

  - “yes, and I did it before you, HYUNG” 

- But the boys are so supportive of you two, you’re all like a big family 

- But Changkyun would sometimes get annoyed or jealous when you pay more attention to the others because 

  - “hey I’m your boyfriend remember? Come love me” 

- Couple phone cases (*coughs* if he had one *coughs*) 

  - probably Disney themed, Mickey and Miney or something like that. 

- Acting all manly when you go on the high attractions on the theme park but being actually crying inside 

  - and getting jealous when you hug Mickey mouse because 

  - “you don’t hug me like that :(” 

  - “no, but you get other things better than hugging ;)”  

  - and now he’s all flustered 

- Feeds you 

  - and expects to be fed in return 

- If you weren’t able to use the chopsticks well he’d make fun of you 

  - but on the inside he’d be all flustered because 

  - “she’s adorable alsmakdka” 


  - he wraps all his limbs around you 

  - and when I say all I mean all 

  - you can’t move (neither breathe barely) 

  - because he like has both his arms wrapped around your chest and his legs intwined with yours you don’t even know whose legs are who’s anymore

- Likes it when you play with his hair 

  - a lOT 

- Also loves it when you hug him from behind 

  - but loves even more hugging you from behind because he can rest his head in the crock of your neck 

- Idk why but I see him kissing your hand because he’s a “gentleman” 

- But also forehead kises 

- Always holding your hand when you go out 

- Sings you to sleep (with that low voice of his tho damn Tamara wyd) 

  - also holds you on a certain way so your head is resting on his chest and you can hear his heart which 

  - “beats only for you babe” 

- Kisses the top of your head when you’re like that 

  - and you kinda cry inside (and outside if you’re like me)

  - because what have you done to deserve such boyfriend, you love him so much 

- Honestly Lim Changkyun is so bae material I don’t understand how such boy still exists

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If everyone who calls their gay ships in Overwatch a “sin” or something like “I have made a sin, lolololol” … if ya’ll.. if ya’ll could just… stop that??? Thatd be great.

Being gay and loving your s/o isn’t a sin, stop fetishizing gay couples and calling their relationship a fucking “sin”. Honestly I’ve really only noticed it in the m/m tags… if I’m wrong, and its in the f/f ship tags as well please tell me, I’ll add that in the tags

Dont even try that “lolol its a fandom joke” b.s on me, stop that.

Your all mature adults, or at least I hope you are, since the “sin” tag is followed with the “nsfw” tag.
So please, sit down and think about it, you can always change this habit and you’ll grow from it. You will never be the same person you were yesterday. So maybe tomorrow you’ll have really thought about this and be better for it.

Now this isn’t hate directed towards the ships, its hate directed towards some of the people I have seen doing this shit.

Hope ya’ll have a nice day, evening, and night.

(The formatting in probably bad, im on my phone :p)

Heart Attack (Taehyung)

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as requested by an anon, here’s a drabble based off the song/mv Heart Attack by AOA!

Genre: volleyballs aren’t fluffy

Word count: 2716

Rating: is G really the lowest rating that exists. is there anything under G.


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“What did you just call me?”
You tried to make it seem like it didn’t hurt you, but you failed. Before Draco could respond, you already had left the Great Hall.
Once you had left, you went into an abandoned classroom. You didn’t cry, but just sat there. After a couple of minutes, you heard the door open. Of course it was none other than Draco. 
“What do you want Draco? Thought I was just some mudblood.”
When he didn’t respond, you looked up and saw him looking at you. 
“Gosh Y/N you are stupid.”
The way he said it was more joking than mean. When he realized you still didn’t understand, he said,
“Y/N, I love you”
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@therealjacksepticeye Happy Birthday, Seán!!!! You’re 27?! What?! I could’ve sworn you were 7!

Jokes aside, I hope you have a great, laid-back and relaxed day. You definitely 100% deserve it.

You’ve helped me through so much within the last couple of years. I’m so incredibly thankful for you each and every day, and will continue to be as long as I live. You’ve made me laugh when I’ve been crying. Just listening to your voice helps me get through my panic or anxiety attacks. You’ve helped me get through days I didn’t think I could. You’ve quite literally saved my life. I’ll forever be in your debt. I would do anything for you because you deserve everything. You deserve all the support you get everyday as well as all the subscribers.

I’m sorry I don’t have an edit or any fanart to show or give to you, but I just wanted to wish you the best day ever with your wonderful girlfriend @wiishu. Relax and eat a shit ton of cake. You BOTH deserve it.

All the love from Las Vegas xxx

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#10 with Stiles Stilinski

#6 - ‘You dropped your book.’

You hurried out of Slughorn’s class, just wanting to get to the Great Hall so that you could see your best friend – he’d been injured in the last Quidditch game, and you were determined to make sure that Mitchell Wood hadn’t injured himself too badly… also, there were a few choice jokes that you wanted to make towards him.

But as you were climbing the stairs you didn’t see the other figure coming down them. You collided with them, sending books and supplies everywhere. You heard a few jeering comments from those leaving your class, a couple of people were leaning down to try and collect up things before they ended up rolling back towards the Dungeons.

‘I am so sorry,’ said the boy you’d walked into, standing up hastily before offering his hand out to you. ‘I should have been looking where I was going. But…’ he paused, his attention flicking towards the smile on your face.  You recognised him as Remus Lupin, one of the infamous Marauders.

‘You dropped your book,’ you said, handing him the thing. It had fallen open at a page about Animagi. ‘You know, there’s a theory about that…’ you started, but he snatched the book off you, a blush burning up his cheeks.

You were slightly affronted by the motion, and he appeared to notice.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said anxiously, ‘I just worry – because it’s a library book and all.’

You nodded understandingly. ‘Yeah, Madam Pince is a scary woman,’ you agreed. ‘Though, if you do want to know more about them then there’s a book by – what was his name again?… That was it!’ You clapped your hands as the name came to you. ‘Adolphus Formia. He’s got a book about them which has got pictures and stuff. A little gruesome, actually, but does the trick if you’re interested.’

A wide smile slipped onto his face. ‘Thanks,’ he said, sounding genuinely surprised.

You shrugged your shoulders dismissively. ‘Don’t mention it. If you need any more help though, just come find me – I’m sure there’s a few other books I could recommend,’ you said, climbing a few steps.

‘How’d you know so many?’ asked Remus, furrowing his brow slightly.

You winked at him. ‘Now there’s a mystery to leave you on,’ you said, smirking as you climbed the stairs, already hoping that it was enough to get him to talk to you again, because you wanted to get to know him more than his reputation.

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one gifset per appearance → visit to north wales: towers residential outdoor education centre [4/4] (20/11/2015)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then visited the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre in Capel Curig. Mountain Rescue Chairman Mike France, 63, said: “William asked us if we could help some of their vulnerable children from WellChild, ChildBereavement, Place2Be and Centrepoint, which we were delighted to do. It’s been a really fun day and the couple had a great time.” They also met young people from a local school who have all undertaken anti-stigma and discrimination training, to increase their awareness of how to face mental health problems among their peers. There, the royal couple tried abseiling and climbing. As they abseiled down the 40ft drop, the Duke and Duchess joked with each other. Instructor Phil Blain, 64, who helped the couple abseil, said: “If that was Kate’s first abseil she did fantastic. And that was probably the first time she’s held the life of the heir to the throne - and her husband - in her hands. At the bottom, William tried the more difficult climb first but sadly he slipped off almost half way up as it was very wet. He was on a rope so he was fine but he chose the easier side afterwards.”

Catherine also revealed how much she missed living in Wales: “I love it here. I really miss being here, being outside and in the mountains.” Pauline Hallett of Ogwen Mountain Rescue said: “William used to fly us around when he lived and worked up here and I was telling him about the new helicopters. Catherine then said how much George loved them. He knows all the different colours and asks her about all the parts. She laughed and said she tells George to ask Daddy as she has no idea.” The Duke and Duchess’ visit to Wales finished in the town of Denbigh, where William and Kate shone a spotlight on the mental health and wellbeing of young men. The royals heard about the work of the Men’s Shed movement – a nationwide initiative that is recognised for helping thousands of men across the UK.

the day i thought i was going to be responsible

so i woke up early today which was a surprise since i sleep in a lot. i also took a shower before noon. cool i’m getting my shit together. life is looking great. then i decided to start working on chores for a couple of hours. sweet. getting the house clean. then i went to go down to the store to scout out some items for grocery shopping on sunday, taking my friend with me. which was a mistake. i was being responsible i got down to the store and wrote down what they have from my list and complete it in a short amount of time. my friend started grabbing things from the shelves. more and more. i knew i shouldn’t have taken them with me. then they somehow convince me to grab something and together it become more than a couple of items. another mistake. we check out and started walking home when the weight of what just happened hit me. i am regretting what has been done. to add on on the way back to the house we walked around aimlessly as my friend was playing pokemon go. twenty minutes go by and we had not caught the bulbasaur they needed. i can’t believe they convinced me out of my responsible streak. now if you’ll excuse me i need to go wallow in my self disappointment. there is so much junk food and the only thing not food is a pack of batteries. and the only thing they are saying is “at least we got dinner”