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Hiii do you know anything I can do to attract a job? I've been applying like crazy but it's a year now and I'm using all the help I could get! Thank you x

Great question and I would be happy to help.  A bunch of my friends joke around about me being able to find jobs in a snap.  It is one of my “magic” powers.  

Before we get to any magic, might I advise a couple of different routes you may not be considering?  I always like to take a real world approach before handing out any spells.  I am not an old lady by any means, but I have learned a thing or two, and I think I might be able to help.  (Whether you like this type of advice is entirely up to you, but take it from me: the job market can be tough to navigate and sometimes it helps hearing this kind of advice from someone who has been down that road.)

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1.  Have you recently updated/revised your resume and cover letter?  Seriously, sometimes people do not hire you based on the content in your cover letter.  The wording could be off-putting, it could be too long (or too short), it could be not informative enough.  Cultivating your cover letter and resume is like crafting a spell; it needs to be worded correctly, express who you are as an employee in a concise manner, and make you seem as hireable as possible.  (You could also put a sigil on your cover letter and resume without anyone ever knowing using invisible ink or printing in white.) . A great website for formatting your cover letter and resume to make it look like THE BOMB DOT COM is CVMKR.

2.  Have you applied for every available job, including the ones that you may think you are “above”?  Listen, I have a BFA in Photographic Imagery; I didn’t exactly choose the most profitable and available field in the world.  I loved every bit of time I spent in college learning about art (and other various topics) and I am incredibly proud of what I accomplished.  I am still very passionate about my work, but the fact of the matter is that dream jobs are incredibly hard to come by.  There were plenty of times I had to suck up my pride and apply at places I thought I was too good for.  That includes fast food chains and restaurants, data entry, and even sales positions for companies I knew were absolute bullshit (the sales companies, not everything else.)  It took me years of gaining experience, freelancing, working for next to absolutely nothing, and busting my ass to get to where I am today.  So, if you haven’t gone down to McDonald’s or Walmart, you might want to lace up your boots and get to walking.  Money is money anyway you slice it, even if it means working at a place you aren’t necessarily are proud of.  I know that seems like tough love, but it is true.

My dad once told me, “You only get out of life what you put into it.”  I put in hours upon hours of literal blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights, going hungry and almost being homeless, paying thousands upon thousands of dollars back to student loans, and I have only JUST gotten what I would consider to be a dream job.  I believed in what I was doing every day.  I got up even when I didn’t want to.  You just have to keep trying, even when things seem grim.

3.  There are quite a few spells involving careers and money.  I am going to refer you to @urbanspellcraft and @flowing-to-the-ocean’s spells.  I trust their work to help you along the way, but just know that magic can only take you so far.  In the amount of time you would spend working during an average work day (8+ hours), you need searching and applying for jobs, calling employers for interviews, and going to temp agencies.  If not, you won’t find a job.  Take it from me, as someone who spent the better part of a decade struggling to find a career and finally–FINALLY–got her dream job.  You can do it, you just have to try.

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Babygate Masterpost: Important Evidence You May Have Missed...

On April 7, a Buzzfeed UK article was posted of Louis Tomlinson’s child “being a conspiracy theory” and how many fans believe that there isn’t even a baby at all. While the evidence was impressive… I could tell that many people weren’t taking this subject seriously. And most people loved blaming it on “deluded 12-year-old Louis girls who had nothing better to do.” I was insulted because: 1) it’s not just “Louis girls” who believe that babygate is fake and 2) we’re not all crazy 12-year-olds who have nothing better to do. 

After thoroughly reading the Buzzfeed article a few times (which was trending with over half a million readers in less than 24 hours) I found that the writer, Ellie Woodward, was probably low-key mocking Directioners as well. She led with “Fans believe…” or “Many Tumblr users have theorized…” and this is what makes it seem like we’re crazy.

So I’m taking matters into my own hands; I’d like you to read this post. It includes reasonable and more thorough evidence that Miss Woodward didn’t bother to include (and who can blame her? There’s so much!) in her article. No matter who you are, I’d like you to take this seriously… and you should be able to understand why this is serious towards the end.

You’re going to see why people are doubting Freddie Reign Tomlinson (Louis’ supposed “son”) and his existence. Please keep an open mind and just take all this into consideration before you decide to label me cruel things, such as a “psycho boyband-obsessed teenager.” 

I have tried to see both sides of the babygate argument: it’s real vs. it’s fake.

I have yet to find convincing and legit proof that babygate was “not planned” and how it’s “not another major publicity stunt.” I’m a very open-minded person myself, and I don’t often jump to ridiculous conclusions. 

Why would they plan babygate anyway?

  • Damage control
  • It’s all about keeping One Direction relevant… even on their break
  • Punishment for Louis (keep reading)
  • To diminish rumors of Louis being gay/bisexual 
  • Louis was also an easy target; he goes out partying and drinking so him getting a girl pregnant seems plausible 

How Louis reacts when the “baby” is just MENTIONED….

Babygate has been suspicious since it started from Day 1 back in July. But it was relatively quiet until Louis was forced to talk about it in interviews as the months progressed. One interview that stands out was when the boys were in Glasgow, Scotland back in October. Louis and Niall gave a painfully awkward interview that just adds to the massive amount of evidence which points to babygate being planned/fake. 

How is it “painfully awkward”? Well, if you’ve seen the interview and don’t understand (or if you haven’t seen it at all) I’d be happy to sum it up for you:

Louis and Niall laughing along with the reporter…. They’re having fun!

They joke around some more and they still appear to be okay…

The boys continue to share some laughs and give details about their upcoming album, “Made In The AM.”

Niall shares what he’s gonna do on break. Then Louis says he’s gonna enjoy relaxing…. but that’s when the reporter reminds him that he “has a baby on the way.”

Well, shit… That went just went completely downhill. You can tell this bothers Niall, too. If that doesn’t raise a red flag then I don’t know what else will. Louis starts to distance himself and nervously plays with his hands in his lap…

He’s forced to give a “satisfying” answer (most likely from management) so the reporter can move on. The whole setting becomes extremely awkward… The reporter seems to be the only one having fun now.

People have told me: “Well he only made it awkward because he doesn’t wanna give away details about his personal life!” … However, that’s the only “excuse” that the Briana Jungwirth “fans” and baby believers have given me. But when they choose to be ignorant of Niall and Louis’ body language, that’s just plain stupid. Sorry not sorry.

Like I said, this was just one of the first of many pieces of evidence. Anyway,  let’s move on…

How Louis reacts around other kids and babies…

Here we have Louis throughout the years, and recently, with children:

Here we have Louis around his baby siblings, Doris and Ernest, whom he is actually related to… Awww! So sweet! He’s such a good big brother…

I’ve never seen a genuine smile when he’s with Freddie. Hell, he doesn’t look the slightest bit happy with his “own son.”

Don’t believe me? Okay. Here’s how Louis reacts around “Freddie”:

Now with these three images you’re probably thinking two things: “What do you want him to do, smile all the time?” and/or “He’s only frowning because the paparazzi won’t leave him alone!” – Well, that may be so…. but if I was a die-hard fan of kids and I finally had my own baby (whether this baby had been planned or not) I’d be over the moon every time I was around him/her. Plus, in the first photo, it’s clear that he doesn’t even know there’s paparazzi. We have yet to see a genuine smile when he’s with this “baby.”

If the baby turns out to be real: Guys…. the media has told you that this is a grown man who’s “so sure that this kid is his” and who has “finally confirmed” that his baby is real but yet he doesn’t even smile or give a small grin around the infant? Riiiight. That’s very contradicting….

If they’re using a doll: I had to stroll around town with a baby doll in a stroller with people silently judging me I wouldn’t be smiling either. Hell, most of us would refuse to do this… but they’re pressuring Louis. That’s sick and inhumane. 

How Louis’ bandmates react…

Remember the Good Morning America interview about the baby back in August 2015? No? Well, go watch it…. 

These are the boys’ reactions when the interviewer congratulates Louis on “upcoming fatherhood”:

In case you can’t tell, here are their reactions up close…

Harry Styles with his “Do they actually believe that?” face.

Liam Payne looking at Louis like, “Are they serious, bro?”

Niall Horan’s expression reads something like: “You’ve gotta be shittin’ me…”

And none of them bothered to comment or show support for the news during the interview. They’re practically like brothers to Louis and they’d know if something like this was true or not. They’d also likely know if there really was a baby…

Also, let’s not forget Louis’ reaction the whole time:

He looks amused, to be honest. But he manages to keep a straight face. His expression could have several possible explanations… but you can’t rule out the fact that this isn’t exactly a face that reads “thank you very much.” 

Louis is careful with his words in interviews…

While we’re talking about the Good Morning America interview, it’s important to take note that Louis didn’t really “confirm” the news, nor did he deny it. That’s what gets most people; just because he didn’t deny it doesn’t mean it’s still true… 

Louis said: “Yeah…uh…it’s a very exciting time so… I’m buzzin’, thank you.” 

The interviewer then turns to Harry and remarks that he’s been “very quiet.” To which Harry looks like he knows something they don’t:

He pulls that face, the face he does when he’s about to tell or joke or when he’s about to laugh… Harry knows what’s up.

All he says in reply is: “Oh no, no, I’m having a great time!”

This is the look he has after he says that:

Silly, silly Harry. Oh! Look at everyone else, too:

How Louis’ family reacts…

Louis’ mother, Johannah, blocks people on Twitter who love to give updates on “Freddie.” She also blocks people who believe Louis and Briana are a “happy couple” that should be married (although this could just be internet trolls). Overall: instead of blocking people who ship her son in a gay relationship with Harry Styles, she’s blocking people who worship and “support” Briana and Freddie… even ones who aren’t harassing her. Sounds like Johannah is just as much done with this shit as her own son; this is a woman who should love hearing positive things about her own grandson but no, no, no. 

November 28, 2015: Johannah and Louis’ sister, Lottie, had to spend a day with Briana and her mother in Los Angeles. We got one fan photo of Lottie and Briana (who was actually cropped out) getting into a car to supposedly go shopping for baby clothes (it was never confirmed exactly what their plans were but this is what the media believed). That same day, before leaving with her mother and the Jungwirths, Lottie posted a photo on Instagram with the middle finger (”fuck you”) emoji in the caption. In the photo, however, Lottie is holding her fingers up, making the peace sign. The caption makes it seem like she was throwing shade at the Jungwirths; she resents them and hates having to go along with this babygate stunt (being forced to spend time with someone for the sake of publicity for her older brother). She’s a very sweet girl and likes most people connected to her brother, including his friends and bandmates… but Briana? Oh no. Even the look on Lottie’s face says, “I’m so done with this shit…” 

  • We should also point out that Lottie has never defended Briana or Freddie (her own “nephew”) and she’s been relatively quiet for most of babygate so far, avoiding most things that have to do with it. I mean, if I had a niece or nephew I’d be over the moon about it and I’d jump to their defense if people were calling him or her fake.
  • Pictures of Lottie with her siblings, twins Ernest and Doris, who recently turned two years old. They’re still babies and Lottie is so happy and tickled to be around them. Not to mention she loves talking about them, too. But “Freddie”? Nah. (1) (2)

The “Fizzy vs Ashley” Twitter Feud: Louis’ sister Felicite (aka “Fizzy”) is no stranger to slaying someone on social media. In the past she’s defended her brother from hate, particularly due to homophobic comments and slurs aimed in his direction. But in February 2016 she was slaying on Twitter for a different reason… 

It all started when someone tweeted a picture of a baby and claimed that it was Freddie. Fizzy liked it. 

However someone told Fizzy that she’d actually just liked the photo of a random baby and that it wasn’t Freddie. To which she responded with:

This got the attention of Briana Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley, who thought it would be a good idea to “question” Fizzy: 

That’s a damn lie because….they are….

Well, Fizzy didn’t take to kindly to Ashley’s lie. So what did she say?

The fact that Fizzy also used those specific emojis tells us that she knows something we don’t and that she’s throwing shade towards the Jungwirth family.

And don’t forget that Fizzy’s boyfriend, Rishi, liked this tweet:

Wow….. could this get any shadier? Unfortunately, Fizzy knew that trouble would brew since thousands of people had just seen her call out Louis’ (supposed) baby mama’s family for using fake baby pics. She then deleted her tweets about “Freddie” and her tweet to Ashley. 

Later, she goes on to act like nothing ever happened…

Lucky for us… screenshots exist and we caught the whole thing. 

Fizzy once followed an account that debunked babygate: While Fizzy is being brought up, it’s also important to mention that sometime in mid-January she followed this Instagram account that was dedicated to proving that Freddie Reign Tomlinson didn’t exist and that Briana was never pregnant. 

Need proof that she followed? Okay. Here you go:

And the comments…

I doubt anyone can come up with an explanation as to why Louis’ sister–his own flesh and blood!–would follow such an account; the username just makes it so obvious, and she knew what she was doing. As far as I know, Fizzy only followed this account for a few days. Right around the time “Freddie” was “born,” she unfollowed them and re-followed Briana. That’s totally not suspicious at all *sarcasm*

Let’s talk about Briana’s Snapchat stories, too…

This evidence is one of those “no fucks given” situations. 

We all know about Briana Jungwirth, the “baby mama” and “victim of Larry shippers.” She made a Snapchat account a few weeks ago and one of the first things she did was drag herself into the babygate mess to get attention.

Here’s how it went: First, Briana wanted everyone to know that she was going to Beverly Hills (where Louis was, with his family visiting at the time). She didn’t meet up with Louis at all. Later she and her friend Olivia went driving, blasting music (very loudly, might I add) and at one point Olivia took Briana’s phone to (purposely) show a baby car seat behind Briana (who was the driver). But the car seat was backwards and apparently not even strapped in… and they were still blasting music. Great parenting, Briana *yawns*.

There’s more! And this made me laugh my ass off: Olivia picks up three half-filled baby bottles–all of which were uncapped (that’s very unsanitary)–and says: “Oh my God, Briana! You have so much stuff I can’t even put my Starbucks in here!” And they were laughing and being over-dramatic on purpose. It’s like they’re shoving this in our faces to “prove us wrong.” Yeah, but the whole damn time you didn’t even hear a single baby noise. 

Then they get out of the car and Briana is “struggling” to put together the baby stroller together while Olivia films and laughs, neither of them taking it seriously. Shouldn’t Briana know how to put together a stroller by now? “Freddie” is almost three months old and she’s also had her whole pregnancy to learn something like this. Yeah… really great parenting, Briana *yawns louder*. Oh my God…. did they leave “Freddie” in a hot car? Or did they set him on the ground? Because the poor thing wasn’t anywhere in that video.

To finish it all off, they recorded the baby stroller being pushed for three seconds… still no shot of the baby or any baby noises; Olivia sounded like she was trying not to crack up. 

That same day… “Freddie” was reportedly spending all day with Louis and his friend Oli. So either Briana and Olivia are shading babygate… or they were lying for attention.

One Direction’s management would definitely do something like this, given their reputation…

Modest! Management has a bad reputation with their past and present clients. They signed One Direction back in July 2010 when they were on the X Factor UK. Here’s what you need to know:

X Factor UK 2010 finalist Rebecca Ferguson took them to court in June 2012 after a barrage of mistreatment. She claims they watched her faint during an interview– instead of asking her if she was okay or taking her to receive any medical treatment…. they handed her a can of Coke and told her to finish the interview. She also stated that they were “vile” and would not let her take time off to see her children under any circumstances. Even at one point she was so physically exhausted that she couldn’t walk and they still made her work. 

Screenshots still exist of these tweets because they can no longer be found (since they were deleted). After the court settlement a whole year later, Rebecca stated that she was happier and healthier. In September 2015 it was reported that she was currently with new management and working on her upcoming fourth album.

Evidence has also pointed to Modest! Management controlling their clients’ personal Twitter accounts. Because when Rebecca was taking them to court and tweeted about her children…. “Louis” decided to respond.

He’s very protective of his younger sisters just like Rebecca is protective of her children. So why does Louis seem to defend management’s actions in this tweet? Oh wait. It’s not really him…. Look at the time stamp on the tweets! She didn’t even tag him… That should make you raise an eyebrow. 

That same day, “Louis” defended management once again:

Babygate is punishment for Louis’ past actions…

Louis has had a history of standing up to management. Undoubtedly, this would have consequences for him. Modest! Management has a negative reputation for dragging their artists through hell, as shown above. Let’s not forget this interview that Louis and Zayn did in 2013 (that wasn’t shown on most broadcasts).

“Telling porky pies” is an English term; for example… “Don’t go telling me porky pies!” It means “telling lies.” You can ask most Brits and they might be able to confirm this. So, essentially, we have proof that Zayn and Louis called their management out as liars. Not surprising, however it was a risky move. 

This video is also important to notice. After hinting that their management has been lying to the press “behind their backs”, Louis and Zayn’s body language immediately changes. Zayn even looks off camera (possibly to someone from the management team) and then puts his head down, as if he knows he’s in trouble. Louis does a better job at hiding his regret for saying what he said, though you notice that he “stutters” for a moment. That stutter is probably nothing…but it should be noted.

Louis always warns us with a selfie… It’s a pattern

Every time “Louis” posts something about the baby on Instagram, what’s the previous post? That’s right… a selfie! This may sound ridiculous but it seems that’s the only way he can warn us anymore. Not to mention the last two only have a time gap of one day. 

The post on April 7 is damage control. 

Damage control- action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error

What was the error that day? The trending article from Buzzfeed that called “Freddie” fake. But given that Louis posted a selfie the day before (and I told everyone to watch out), they were probably gonna post a pic of “Freddie” anyway.

Only “Larry shippers” believe babygate is fake… this is NOT TRUE

Larry shippers- people who believe that Louis Tomlinson is in a gay relationship with his bandmate Harry Styles, and he has been ever since One Direction formed in 2010.

Yeah, one thing I continue to see since these “babygate is fake” articles have emerged is that everyone loves blaming this ‘conspiracy theory’ on Larry Stylinson shippers (who are also called “fake fans”) and no one else. I guarantee you 100% that if you were to dig around and ask most Directioners if they shipped “Larry,” they’d say “no” or “just as a friendship.” And I also guarantee you that these same people are also likely to believe that babygate is fake, since “Larry” has nothing to do with it… Here’s a survey:

Trust me…. there are way more comments like these.

Larry Stylinson and babygate are two very different topics.

Louis’ mental, physical and emotional health is suffering…

This one is very debatable; Louis has shown dramatic signs of unhealthy weight loss as well as sleep deprivation and emotional exhaustion. 

I’ve heard it all: “You don’t know what he’s going through, how can you know?” or “Ewww, do you like assuming things?” or “He looks fine! Everyone gets tired when they have a kid!”

But you can tell he’s lost weight… maybe not around the waist, but definitely in the face. Doctors attribute unhealthy weight loss in the face to eating disorders such as anorexia. Eating very little / skipping meals due to stress? That’s always possible! He’s gained the weight back… only to lose it again within the next few weeks.

I understand that in some of these photos it’s probably just a “bad angle,” the lighting, or he’s drunk… But with each photo you know he’s possibly not at his healthiest. I’m no doctor… but I am someone who’s very observant.

Why did he FINALLY do something after all this time?

Louis loves children to death and he is overjoyed to be around them. We’ve established that, yeah? So if he was “so sure” that he was going to be a father ever since the news broke back in July…. if he is “so sure” that Freddie is really his and no one else’s…. why, two days ago, did he finally “shut down rumors” that the “baby” was fake? Let me tell you what’s wrong with this:

  • Several people and fans pointed out that pictures of the baby only appear in black and white, with its eyes closed, and it’s “photoshopped.” Whoever is in charge of this stunt was paying attention, because “Louis” posted a picture of a baby IN COLOR… WITH ITS EYES OPEN…that appears to be REAL. Only one thing: it doesn’t look like the “Freddie” we’ve seen. Fail. A reverse image search found no results, so it wasn’t stolen… but why would they finally use a real baby? We should mention that this is the first photo “Louis” has posted of the baby where “he” isn’t holding it…. That’s weird, if he’s so desperate to prove it’s real (like every online article is saying) then wouldn’t he be in the photo with it, too? And the reason I say “Louis” is because he doesn’t have full control of his Instagram account either. 
  • If they wanted to prove to us that this was genuine and NOT fake, they would’ve had Louis shut down “Freddie is fake” rumors from the beginning when it first started. It’s also trended on Twitter before… and Louis still did nothing. All we got outta that was Briana’s family stealing more baby pics.

“There’s a video of the baby… why are you still in denial?”

First, I’m not in denial. If there turns out to be a baby that’s actually Louis’ then I’ll be happy for him…. But we have all this evidence that says otherwise.

Oh. That video that TMZ posted with the baby crying while Louis was pushing it? 

To management: I’ll give them props for finally using a real baby; at the same time that also makes them sick monsters. That baby still looks nothing like what we’ve been shown recently. The fact that they finally reached this level is actually really disturbing– because they’re running out of ideas and it’s down to the last straw.

Unfortunately, they can’t make Louis act like he’s happy.

“Well then if it’s real then who’s baby is it?” 

Great question. 

Although Buzzfeed already covered this, I do need to point out that SYCO’s Global Head of Media, Ann-Marie Thomson, had twins (a boy and a girl) a few months ago (although it’s not sure officially when). 

The first photo she posted of them was on February 1. They look to be almost three months old in this picture. Three months old? That would put their birth around late November, two months before “Freddie.” In a tweet on December 3, 2015, Ann-Marie asked if there was a spa in LA where she could take her newborn twins to. That would mean they would’ve been a few weeks old, in fact making their birth around late November as I said. Also, in the same tweet, Ann Marie wants to know if the baby spa would be in areas such as Woodland Hills or Calabasas.

Guess who lives in Calabasas? Briana Jungwirth and her family. Wow. I wonder if that’s a “coincidence”? 

We need to compare photos of Ann-Marie’s babies to the ones of “Freddie” we got from TMZ and other media outlets, as well as photos in general from the last few days:

They used the boy for Louis’ photo…

On the left is Ann Marie’s photo (taken on February 8). On the right is what “Louis” posted on Instagram (April 7). 

The ears, nose, and little fingers look exactly the same. The two month difference would explain why the right photo shows the baby with more hair. But the photo that’s on Louis’ Instagram may not have been taken the same day it was posted (and that would mostly likely be the case). You can’t deny that both of the babies pictured above look almost exactly the same. 

Now, for the photos we got yesterday they used the girl…

On the left is from February 13. The right is from two days ago (April 7). Yes the angles are different but the girl is different from her twin because she has chubbier cheeks. 

But now let’s compare the Instagram post to the paparazzi photo…

No way that’s the same baby. 

But with another photo of the girl twin…

Now THAT looks like the same baby (these photos are two months apart).

It would make sense to use twins for this stunt. If one needs to rest or won’t stop crying, etc. they can switch them back and forth, and although these twins look alike they’re not identical, they’re fraternal– you can tell. That’s why there are noticeable differences and it’s easy to distinguish which baby is which. It’s scientifically impossible for there to be a pair of identical twins that are a boy and a girl. 

Oh hey! This must not have been the first time they used the girl twin.

See, I thought that was a doll because the sun was in its eyes and Louis was doing nothing to protect it. But I guess it was a real baby (since I had people messaging me that they met Louis and saw/heard crying from the stroller). A real baby…. but not “Freddie.” These pics were from about two weeks ago.

So now you must be like, “Wait, why would Ann-Marie allow her babies to be used? Isn’t that illegal?”

  1. She didn’t sign a contract, but yet she’s probably getting paid. 
  2. Since she didn’t sign a contract for her babies to be used (which would/should be illegal as hell!) the idea is that maybe Louis and his friends/family will “babysit” her kid(s) while she’s doing her other work or relaxing, while the media and everyone else thinks it’s Freddie. 
  3. She’s BFFs with Simon Cowell…. gee, that should sum things up.

And it seems like they used her for Louis’ younger sister to pose with:

I really do believe that they’re using Ann-Marie’s twins now.

Speaking of the TMZ video…

Wait until they (probably) read this and force Louis to give a shit. He would never ignore a crying baby, and because he did….you know something is up. Hell, the paparazzi were watching him and all he said was: “Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal!” A baby. Not “his” baby. A baby….

Last but not least…. why are his bandmates silent about it?

Niall Horan: He has a three-year-old nephew and loves kids just like the rest of his bandmates. Not even a public congratulations to Louis on “his kid”– and this is surprising because Niall is the most active on Twitter and Instagram, apart from Liam. Everyone else close to Louis did that…. except for Harry….and Liam….. hell, even Zayn Malik is avoiding all this. But remember…. the first time the “baby” was brought up Niall looked like he was about to laugh his ass off. Then the next time it was brought up he looked really uncomfortable.

Zayn Malik: Sure, he’s focusing on his music right now…but if he had the time to congratulate the boys when “Drag Me Down” came out, and also had the time to acknowledge Liam on the band’s five-year anniversary, why hasn’t he said a damn thing about Louis’ “baby”? Despite what tabloids tell you, Zayn was (and probably still is) very close to Louis and he would surely have a comment to make about this……..oops! No.

Harry Styles: This man adores babies the most apart from the others. He even acknowledges pregnant women at concerts…. however, he never acknowledged Briana when she went to at least three shows. Damn. She even had VIP seats with Louis’ family!

Liam Payne: Alright, alright. Calm down. There was a magazine that ran a story on Liam a while back and “he” (because you know how magazines love to twist words or write their own made-up shit) said he couldn’t wait to meet Louis’ kid. But this was before “Freddie” was born… and still we’ve gotten nothing about Liam meeting his best friend’s child. 

So, in conclusion, this is all the evidence I have provided for you on why babygate was planned. This is why I believe there isn’t really a “Freddie Tomlinson.” Now I’ve received a ton of hate and people demanding to know how I can call “an innocent child” fake. At least I don’t just say shit to say it. I support my beliefs with evidence. So you can call me crazy. Call me a bitch. I don’t care. Because unless you can explain everything wrong with babygate (yes, including what Buzzfeed posted) and have solid (really solid) proof that this wasn’t planned….. I may change my mind. Actually, wait, I don’t think I can…. because you can’t explain ALL of this. But thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it changed your mind or at least made you think.

(And Modest! Management, if you’ve seen this… and you decide to “fix” some more babygate mistakes…. we’ll all notice because I’ve pointed them out. I have the right to freedom of speech. If you take this down it just proves that you’re hiding something and then everyone will know the truth.)

Have a nice day! 

Their girlfriend has abs (GOT7)

JB: -he thought it was hot how toned you were. He loved your abs and you loved teasing him with them- “did you want to do something baby girl?”

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Mark: -he was one who liked when you bummed in a sports bra so he could like poke you and what not but you were all muscle on your tummy- “you know I like poking your abs”

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Jackson: -he saw it as a good time to get a gym buddy because then you two could be one of those gym couples- “we should start working out together babe. It would be very cool”

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Jinyoung: -it was a joke that your abs were better than his and he would find it rude but he knew it was true- “I mean they’re great but who says they’re better than mine?”

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Youngjae: -you were one who didn’t brag or anything about it so seeing your abs was nice- “you’re just getting more ripped. I swear”

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BamBam: -he would simply rest his hand on your stomach and feel how solid it was and pull up your shirt seeing them- “well you’ve been working out haven’t you”

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Yugyeom: -he knew you had good abs but everytime he would see them they always seemed to get better- “damn baby”

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It’s A Small World After All

Valentine’s Day Special #1

Pair : Jensen Ackles x Reader

7. You’ve never had a valentine in your life but your best friend wants to break that curse. She forces you out to a club/party and tries to find you a guy to spend the rest of the night with. But she fails when almost every guy there is either taken or a total fuck boy. Until she bumps into an old friend. Small world.

Requested by anon. 

Warning : Language. 

Word Count : 1,913

“Come on, smile!” Aria, your best friend nudged your side. “At least pretend like you’re having a good time.”

You watched as she took a swig of her drink, eyes glancing around the crowded bar.

“I-I just want to go home.” You muttered. Gently playing with your straw, feeling as though the night was nothing more than a waste.

“Look, we can go home after you meet your soul mate.” She smirked. “Or a one night stand mate.”

You rolled your eyes, adjusting yourself on the stool.

“Seriously Aria, it’s just not gonna happen.”

“With that attitude it won’t.” Aria leaned on her elbows and sighed. “Look, I made you a promise, and I don’t want to let you down.”

“Hey, you won’t ever let me down.” You stated. “But let’s face it, we aren’t-”

You were interrupted with cold drink running down your leg that was spilt from the dunk guy beside you.

“Shit! I’m sorry!” He slurred his words.

Taking the only napkin you had, you began to dab the liquid, growing annoyed.

The stranger was able to get a better look at you, and with all the alcohol in his system, he felt confident.

“Or maybe I’m not sorry.” He began. “Shit, I shoulda spilled my drink on you a long time ago. Damn you’re so fine.”

You only flashed a soft smirk, still not responding.

“What’s your name sweetheart?” He asked, hovering over you. “Do you maybe wanna get out of here? Have some fun.”

Clenching your jaw tightly, you glanced at aria, who knew exactly what you were thinking.

“Hey buddy, how about you stop hitting on MY girlfriend and go find someone who is too drunk to care about your ten dollar haircut.” She snarled, with a shitty grin plastered on to her face.

But of course, the guy was too out of it, he only focused on the word girlfriend.

“Wait, you two are lesbians?” He asked.

“Yes, so you’re definitely not needed here.” Aria continued.

The stranger tapped his friends shoulder, catching his attention. “Dude, these girls are fucking lesbians! That’s so fucking hot!”

You let out a sigh, growing impatient with the drunk. It was obvious you weren’t interested, but he didn’t care.

“How about you two make out, prove your lesbians.” The friend smiled.

Aria propped up to her feet, her shitty grin not once faltering. “Or how about you two make out. Give us one hell of a show.”

“We aren’t gay!” The friend cackled.

“Oh come on! It’s 2017! You don’t have to be gay to kiss someone of the same gender.” She exclaimed. “Come on, just stick your tongue in his mouth, it’d be so hot.”

The guys slowly took a step back, shaking their heads. “We have to meet up with the rest of our party.”

“Aw okay, well have fun!”

The boys turned without another word, obviously feeling uncomfortable of the situation.

You however couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Fuck, they were annoying.” Aria exhaled.

“Yeah, this bar seems to be filled with those kind of guys.” You stated.

Aria let out a long sigh, feeling defeated. “Fine, we can go.”

Your eyes lit up, the moment you have been waiting for. To finally go home.


“Yeah. It’s obvious you don’t want to be here. And these dip shits aren’t worth shit, so let’s just go.”

You pulled her in for a quick hug, flashing a soft smile. “Thanks for trying though.” You said.

The both of you started for the door, pushing passed the crowd, and forcing your way through.

But as you we’re just about to open the door, the door swung open and immediately you ran straight into broad shoulders. Almost knocking you off your feet.

“Shit!” You yelped, trying to stable yourself.

Suddenly, you felt an arm loop around your waist, keeping you steady.

“What the hell man! Watch where you’re going!” Aria exclaimed. “You okay?”

Before you could respond, the stranger apologized profusely, looking over you to make sure he hadn’t hurt you.

As your eyes met, you felt your breath hitch to the back of your throat. He was beautiful beyond belief. With taunting emerald green eyes, and lips so full, you could only imagine just how soft they were.

“I-I’m fine.” You whispered.

Aria glanced at the stranger, and immediately her anger subsided.
“Jensen?!” She said with her brows raised.

The stranger looked up to your friend, a smile growing by the second. “Aria!” His arm left your waist, and he pulled your best friend into him. Giving her a quick hug.

“Holy shit! Long time no see.” She chuckled. “You look good!”

Jensen shrugged, “aw thanks.” He said. “How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since Mackenzie’s eighteenth birthday party!”

“I’ve been great! Just been working, what about you?! I see the show has been doing great.”

You stood there awkwardly, as they went back and forth. Your eyes couldn’t help but glance at Jensen. There was just something about him that made so captivated.

“Shit, this is my best friend Y/N.” Aria said, interrupting your thoughts. “Y/N this is an old friend, Jensen Ackles.”

You slipped your hand into his, and immediately you felt chills cover you.

“Nice to meet you.” He smiled, his voice creating your legs to shake.

“You too.” You forced out.

His gaze held yours for what seemed like forever. Almost giving the illusion that you two were alone.

That was until someone cleared their throat. Breaking the trance.

“Crap, this is my brother Jared and his wife Gen.” he muttered.

“Hi, nice to meet y'all.” Jared smirked.

“You girls want to join us?” Jensen asked. “I mean, it’d be nice to catch up and stuff.”

Aria glanced at you, then back to her old friend. “Actually we were just about to-”

“We’d love to.” You blurted out. “I-I mean the nights still young.”

Aria chuckled to herself, shrugging her shoulders.

“Let’s drink!” She exclaimed.


(A couple hours later)

A few drinks in, and you could feel your lips start to tingle and your mind begin to haze.

You sat there, listening to some great stories from the set, and getting to know the boys and Gen, who you absolutely adored. She was completely amazing with her quirkiness and kind heart.

Aria seemed to have a great time as well, catching up with Jensen and cracking jokes with Jared.

But even with all the fun and chaos, you caught yourself glancing at Jensen, and even slightly flirting with cute little remarks and facial expressions. It was hard to contain it.

Jensen felt himself slowly gravitate toward you. The way you smiled, and laughed and talked, drew him in and he didn’t want it to end.

“Come on, let’s go dance!” Gen pulled at Jared’s arm.

He only chuckled and did as he was told. Following his wife to the dance floor, leaving you with Jensen and Aria.

“So before we bumped into each other-” Jensen teased. “What were you girls doing?”

“Actually, we were here to find a valentine for Y/N!” Aria blurted.

You shot her a glare, pursing your lips. But she wasn’t paying attention.

“She has never had a valentine in her life.” She continued.

“Okay, thanks for making me look pathetic!” You forced a chuckle.

Jensen flashed a smile, seeing you grow embarrassed was somehow adorable to him.

“Well, I’ll be your valentine.” He said, still holding his gaze on you.

For a second, you froze. Until aria nudged your side.

“Y-You don’t have to.” You exhaled. “Don’t want you to feel obligated or anything.”

Jensen let out a laugh, as he began to shake his head. “Trust me, if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have suggested it.” He winked.

“Well shit! Now that she has a valentine, I need to go find one.” Aria cackled. “I’ll be back.”

Before you could even think of a response, she was gone. Now you were alone, with Jensen.

“Can I just say, you’re really beautiful.” Jensen said with a soft smile playing on his lips.

You looked up at him, feeling your stomach flutter from the compliment. He was buzzed, obviously it was just the alcohol, right? Whatever it was, you didn’t want to ruin it.

Who knows when you’ll ever see him again.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” You stated.

Something overcame you. Maybe it was the way he looked at you, or the way he made you feel. But somehow, you felt a spark ignite in you and suddenly, you leaned over the table and crashed your lips to his.

His hands tangled into your hair, pulling you in closer. Tasting you with his tongue.

All at once, everything around you seemed to fade into the distance.

It was perfect, like a scene from a movie. You didn’t want it to stop. And maybe you wouldn’t have, if it weren’t for Jared.

“Okay! Get a room you too!” He exclaimed.

You jumped back into your seat, feeling the heat radiate off you as you began to grow with embarrassment.

Jensen couldn’t help but giggle behind his hand. Most likely feeing the same thing you did.

“I mean, that was hot but not sure how other people feel about it.” Jared continued to tease.

“Shut up.” Jensen cackled.

“Usually, id take the girl out to dinner first.” Jared shrugged. “Just saying.”

Jensen glanced at you, his cheeks aching from smiling so much. “Want to dance?” He asked, ignoring his best friends comments.

“Sure.” You smiled.

His hand slipped into yours, and lead you to the dance floor. His body pressed against yours as your bodies began to sway with the music.

“Sorry about that.” He muttered.

“It’s okay!” You chuckled. “Jareds funny.”

Jensen shrugged, “eh, don’t tell him that. Or he’ll never stop.”

As the song went on, you were both lost in each other. The way his body felt against yours felt like you had finally found the missing puzzle piece. It fit perfectly.

“Sorry for kissing you.” You exhaled.

He scrunched his brows together, looking into your eyes. “Don’t be sorry for that.” He said. “Trust me, you can kiss me whenever you want.”

There it was again, that same spark you had back at the table.

“So I was thinking-” Jensen drawled out.

“Oh yeah? Don’t think too hard, don’t want to hurt yourself.” You teased.

Jensen chuckled to himself. “So I was thinking maybe I can take you out tomorrow?”

You swallowed hard, looking for bluff.

“Like on a date.” He continued. “I know we just met, but for some reason, I want to keep getting to know you.”

Your stomach was fluttering so much, it was begging to ache a bit. But you held on to every word, locking your gaze on his face.

“There’s just something about you Y/N. And I really don’t want to go on with my life thinking what if.” He stated. “So, would you like to go out tomorrow?”

Without a word, you propped up on to your toes and gently pecked his lips.

As you slowly pulled away, Jensen couldn’t help but smirk. Fluttering his eyes open.

“So is that a yes?” He chuckled.

Giggling along with him, you nodded. “Yes, I’d love too.”

The song continued playing in the background, making Jensen pull you in closer. His scent being the only thing you breathed in.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” He whispered.

Best customer interaction:

I have a really chipper voice when I’m taking orders at the Golden Arches, and customers often comment on it. This is part of the reason I’m always stuck on the drive-thru. Today, however, took the cake. A couple of kids my age (college-age) came to the window. They were both in uniforms that told me that they intimately knew the hell of customer service, so I knew I could throw a not-strictly-recommended joke in without getting in trouble for it.

Customer: Wow, how’re you so peppy? It’s almost midnight.

Me: I know. I get to leave soon!

Customer: Oh, and here we thought you just loved your job.

Me: Don’t be rediculous.

They laughed, I laughed, my (super chill) manager laughed. All in all, a great interaction and one of the little things that keep me sane in this job.

Novaturient: Part Three (Bucky Barnes)

Authors Note: I am so sorry that this is so so so late. I apologize greatly. I’m gonna begin brainstorming and writing for Part Four, but I really want to have 100 notes before I post it. Also send me in ideas and suggestion. As for people with requests, I will get to them asap but it might not be tonight. 

 Warnings: swearing, violence, terribly written fight scenes, sexual tension, implied smut 

 Word Count: 1833

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 You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. It was literally consuming you. You kept your eyes on Steve, who was explaining to everyone what exactly they were doing. 

 Steve glanced between you and Bucky,“You need to train with your partners and since Buck and (Y/N) aren’t very familiar with each other, they should be the first to train together. You guys have two hours tops before Nat and I take over, okay?" 

 Oh lovely, alone time. Something you and Bucky haven’t had since last week when you got drunk. Since the almost kiss. 

 Bucky cleared his throat,"Earth to (Y/N).” He complained,“C'mon, we need to get done." 

 "Got somewhere to be, Barnes?” You asked, a little smile in your face as you got into your fighting stance with your fists in front of you. 

Bucky rolled his eyes,“Why do you care? You turning into my stalker now?" 

 "No.” You answered, throwing a punch to to his gut which he easily blocked. He returned the motion with his own, trying to trip you but you easily predicted his move and jumped over his foot. You then landed a roundhouse kick to his chest, making him stumble backwards. Bucky lunged at you, blocking another hit before flipping you over and landing you on the mat.

 You quickly jumped up and shield yourself by manipulating what Bucky could see. Ah, sensory manipulation really was the best. 

 "What the hell?“ He said in confusion before you knocked him to his feet and uncloaked yourself. 

 "You see, I got this amazing thing where I can make myself where no one can sense me.” You said,“Can’t see, touch, smell, and all that when it comes to me. It comes in handy when dealing with cocky super soldiers." 

"I can’t believe this is our assignment.” Bucky huffed as he stood in front of the full body mirror and tied his tie before buttoning his blazer.“Are you ready yet? You’re taking forever." 

 You rolled your eyes before you unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out in the beautiful long dress that you had been provided. It fit your bust perfectly and hugged your waist. 

 "I’m ready, now calm your tits." 

 Bucky scrunched up his nose, sighing at her."God, I’m still not used to women saying things like that.”

 "Probably not used to them having rights either.“ You said under your breath, and Bucky’s head snapped towards you. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?” He asked in offense.“I may be from the 40s, (Y/N). But believe me, back then I was all for women having rights. I was a little old fashion but I wasn’t that old fashion." 

 "Yeah, okay.” You chuckled, glancing over at him,“What are our covers for this, by the way?" 

 Bucky shrugged, grabbing the file from the table and scanning through it."It’s says to infiltrate the formal, get Morozov…” He trailed off,“Our covers are James and (Y/N) Moreno." 

 You raised an eyebrow,"Brother and sister?” You asked hopefully. 

Bucky shook his head slowly,“No, um, husband and wife. Apparently we’ve been married since graduation from high school. Says to act like a married couple, touching and what not.” He informed you with a tone of distaste.

 "Oh great. This is just amazing.“ You sarcastically replied,"And here I thought I might get laid tonight." 

 "Seriously?” He ridiculed,“We’re on a mission." 

"It’s a joke, Bucky. Chill.” You replied. Let’s just go, okay? We got a job to do.“ 

 Bucky rolled his eyes,"You should learn to be more serious, (Y/N). Your mouth is gonna get you in trouble one day." 

 "With who?” You mocked,“You?" 

 You watched as Bucky mumbled something under his breath, something you could barely hear except for the word punish. If you were being completely honest, it sent shivers down your back to think of what he might have said. 

Focus, (Y/N). You reminded yourself, He might be your soulmate, but he doesn’t know that. Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by his..everything.

You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt an arm wrap around your waist,"We’re about to go in.” Bucky quickly explained, trying not to look all awkward. He cleared his throat,“Keep your ear piece in and on. Don’t think I won’t leave you if there is trouble and I can’t contact you." 

 You frowned,"Ass.” You mumbled as you walked into the huge, extravagant ballroom of the hotel.“Um, wow. Okay, I have never felt so out of place." 

 Bucky nudged you,"Don’t say things like that. You’re gonna blow our cover, idiot." 

 You just rolled your eyes before glancing around the room till you spotted the target. The host of the Gala’s husband. To the public, he was a generous businessman whose wife threw huge Galas for a charity they created to help children in need. However, according to Shield intelligence, Viktor Morozov was one of Hydra former agents and was currently running illegal weapon and information trade from the remains of Hydra. 

This charity of his was a big show to cover up what was really happening. "There he is.” You observed, discreetly pointing to the man in the classic tux with slicked back black hair and a little bit of stubble growing on his chin. 

You quickly got your phone out,“What the hell are you doing?” Bucky questioned, in which you just held up a finger as you clicked away dexterously. After a few moment of Bucky seething beside you, you slide the phone back into your purse.“Follow my lead." 

 "What are you doing? Tell me, what was all that?” He questioned you all the way until you approached the Morozovs. 

 "Дарья!“ You squealed,"How good it is to see you.” Darya Morozov looked at you curiously. You quickly elaborated,“We took the same class in secondary school, I was the girl in the back that everyone hated because of my father’s mass amounts of money." 

 Darya probably didn’t remember any of her schooling classmates, but as soon as you mentioned money, you were in. "Oh yes,.." 

 ”(Y/N),“You told her,"And this is my husband James.” You introduced him with a loving glance before looking at Viktor,“And this must be the famous Виктор." 

 Darya smiled politely, shaking Bucky’s hand before she nodded,"Yes, yes. This is my husband. He’s very busy, so he can’t really talk at the moment." 

 "Oh, well, I won’t take too much time.” You assured them,“I just wanted to tell you, Виктор. The art you picked out for the Gala is gorgeous. Tell me, is this art from France or did you make it yourself?” You asked. It seemed like a ridiculous question, and Bucky looked at you in bewilderment, wondering why the hell you thought this guy could have made all this art. 

 Viktor grinned as you uttered the code words,“Oh no, its transported from all over. It’s rare to meet another lover of the art. Would you like to see the art that didn’t make in the Gala?" 

 "Yes.” You replied, and just like you’re being led off by Viktor and followed by two men who you have already observed to have two guns each. 

 Once you traveled up the elevator, you leaned in to Bucky,“Get your gun ready.” You muttered very quietly. 

 Bucky nodded, starting to catch on to what was going on as you were welcomed into the top floor and into the penthouse. As soon as the door closed, you went to roam around the room.

“Виктор, this place is beautiful…If I was you, I’d take a moment to really breath it in.” You threaten as his back turn to you. You pulled your gun from your thigh holster and click the safety off.“Cause the only view you’ll be getting from now on is a prison cell.”

 Viktor turned around, his lips in a tight line as he looked at you.“Fucking hell, can no one do their fucking job to keep you people out.” He snarled as both the body guards had their guns pointed at you. 

 That’s when Bucky stepped in, placing two guns to back of their heads.“I would put the guns down if I were you." 

 For a moment, you thought maybe this was gonna be easy, but you thought too soon as one of the men turned around to disarm Bucky. 

Suddenly, the entire room had turned to chaos as you fought the three men. You dodged all of Viktor’s punches, until he threw a brutal hit that knocked you off your feet. You didn’t dare stay on the ground, flipping up on to your feet before kicking your leg up to hit one of the guards directly in the jaw and a crack echoed the room. 

One down. 

Two to go. 

 Bucky launched the second guard into the wall, and the man fell limp on the ground. Both of you now zeroed in on Viktor, who went to reach for the gun nearby. You reacted quickly, focusing on him until you finally mustered up enough energy to manipulate his eyesight.

 "What..” He breathed out,“I can’t see…What’s happening?” You could help it, but suddenly you were controlling all his senses. His ears were overwhelmed with a piercing noise and pain rippled through his body. He quickly went down, falling completely silent since you worked quickly to avoided attention. 

 "Is he?“ 



 "He’s passed out. He’ll wake in 48 hours.” You murmured,“Its a sensory overload. I just put him into a brief coma.” You explained as you handcuffed both the guards and emptied their pockets to make sure they couldn’t contact anyone.“Let’s go.” You locked the room before you left it, making sure no one else could get in. 

 As you approached your shared room, Bucky finally broke the silence.“I underestimated you." 

 You glanced up at him,"Oh yeah?” You smirked. 

 "Don’t get cocky.“ He replied,"But you’re kinda badass, (Y/N)." 

 "Why thank you.”

 "And, you look beautiful, doll.“ He added teasingly. 

 You turned to him as a flush creeped up on your cheeks. You were shocked at this comment,"And here I thought you hated me." 

 "Oh, I do, doll.” He whispered, taking a step closer.“Doesn’t mean in blind, though. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t admire.” His arms slipped around your waist.“Especially when someone so beautifully annoying is still my ‘wife’ for the night.”

 You looked up at Bucky with a mischievous smile,“Oh really?” You whispered as you slipped the hotel key into the door. 

 "The mission’s over. You said you wanted to get laid. Might as well, right?“ He teased. You walked backwards into the hotel room, pulling Bucky in by his tie with the door closing behind him immediately.

"Might as well.”

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Shameless - Tom Holland x Actor!Reader

this is a one-shot based off the song “shameless” by all time low (one of the best bands in the world, fyi). the reader is also gender/race/age/sexuality neutral – I don’t know who reads these, but I aim to be as inclusive as possible. 

it is directly based on the line: you talk like you’re famous // you’re shameless

bet y’all weren’t anticipating this – happy new year!!!!!!!! 

comments, feedback, requests: all welcome, all adored.

thank you for everything :) x

In a perfect world, Tom was still dating Y/N. In a perfect world, they are living together, sharing an apartment (maybe), and they have a dog and they have cutlery and china and all that fancy stuff. In a perfect world, they would still be America’s new “it” couple.

But sadly, perfect worlds don’t exist and Tom and Y/N broke up 3 months ago. 

And Tom would like to say he isn’t angry or that he isn’t kind of bitter about the whole situation – he understands that people grow apart and break up, etc – but the way Y/N handled the breakup made it seem like it wasn’t even real. Tom was angry because you made it seem like you took complete advantage of the breakup and boosted your image, while Tom was left sobbing on his sofa for a week. 

And Tom wishes he could say he doesn’t know anything about ‘fake Hollywood relationships’ – but that would make him a very big liar. He’s guilty of those, too – promoting a movie sometimes comes with having to go out to dinner with someone you shared the screen with. Sometimes you have to use those 'coincidentally borderline romances’ to have people talk about you and your movie. He knows that sometimes people will be in mutually-understood relationships like that – but he doesn’t understand why it feels like he was left in the dark about this one.

You dated for 10 months before you decided to call it quits – he knew that it was your decision to break-up (Tom thought things were going really well for you at the time – he even thought about getting a puppy with you in the new year) and everything just seemed to throw him off-guard. 

What with the chatter about your new movie coming out and the talk about you finally being nominated for an Oscar, you were set to have a crazy year – and you never mentioned to Tom anything about needing some time or needing a breather or needing anything really. You had spent the last two months of your relationship talking about how you and Tom were going to look like some high school juniors going to prom – you made jokes about Tom appearing like a trophy husband as you walked the red carpet. Everything was great – up until it wasn’t. 

Then things became confusing and terrible – you were pissed about things that didn’t need much attention; you were upset all the time and Tom tried to help but you always pushed him away; you were always trying to keep everyone away at arms-length. Tom wishes he could say he didn’t care or that he wasn’t hurt, but that would diminish everything he felt during those last couple of weeks. 

Everything he did suddenly became “the problem” of the relationship – staying too close or being too far away and he was suddenly the one trying to ruin the relationship. So when Tom finally suggested doing something about it – whilst holding pamphlets for couple’s therapy – that’s when you decided to call it quits. And that’s when you left.

And promo for your new movie started that same weekend. 

“So, Y/N, how is the single life treating you?” some snobby looking reporter asked.

“It’s good yeah – finally getting some time to myself. Been polishing some stuff up for my new book – I’m really glad I’ve got a great fanbase backing me! Things have been really incredible these last few months.” You tried to smile politely and you were hoping your discomfort wasn’t present in your tone of voice.

“Well, obviously one of the biggest questions we’ve had since the breakup is 'why?’” He smiled.

“It was just like all other breakups really… We just drifted apart – wanted different things – everything ended amicably, though." 

"So, no bad blood then?”

You smiled tightly, “No, no bad blood.”

When the short interview was over (your last of the batch), you posed one final time for the cameras. Considering you weren’t very well-known still, you figured they should have had enough photos of you by now. You smiled – your camera smile of course – and then thanked everyone and walked to the end of the red carpet with your head slightly bowed. 

You were definitely trying to keep your mind clear of all distractions at the moment – you didn’t need to be nervous about other things along with your nervousness for the movie premier. 

You caught up with one of your castmates – although you had never been part of a major movie production before this, you knew that it was normal to feel anxious about how the critics would review the film. All your other roles – all for smaller, amateur films (mostly done by your friends back home) – had never been anywhere near the scale this film had been at. Shooting on location – in Greenland of all places! – had made you very perceptive and had given you loads of experience for any other roles you were hoping of getting. You had even auditioned for a Nolan film last week – you’re also pretty sure you nailed it – if the writers’ reaction was anything to go by.

“Hey Y/N. How’re you doing?” Your castmate Alfred Enoch asked as you began moving towards the giant screening hall. “Press treat you all right out there?” He laughed his big belly laugh and wrapped an arm around you, squeezing your left shoulder lightly. 

“They’re animals!” you joked lightly. “All of them!” Considering you shared a considerable amount of screen time with Alfred, it was nice to be reunited outside of the set. You laughed at Alfred’s laugh and continued to walk to your seats, near the front of the theater

“Well,” he said, “let’s hope they got what they wanted.” You smiled and took your seat next to him. 




     Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t get any shadier – newcomer Y/N Y/L/N has managed to do some really gritty stuff. The youngster has managed to create more chatter on the web when they were recently seen getting cozy with co-star Alfred Enoch at their movie premiere last night. The two, who according to sources, were inseparable in Greenland – and it seems the magic continues to follow them. Look at the pictures from last night, here.

And remembering that it was Tom who got Y/N the audition for this movie, and ultimately the role, is Tom to thank for this new couple? 

     What are your thoughts on this new couple? Think Alfred was the reason for the Tom/Y/N breakup? Let us know in the comments below!

@YourTwitterHandle: Can’t believe people take a moment between friends and decide to flip it around

@YourTwitterHandle: Alfred and I have been friends since we started filming – insane to think that friendships are suddenly romantic relationships as soon as someone hugs someone else

@YourTwitterHandle: Anyways – go watch our movie in theaters now!

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tomholland2013: “you talk like you’re famous, you’re shameless”

He picked up on the third ring. 

“Hello, darling. How might I be of service?" 

"I know your Instagram caption was aimed at me, you shady asshole.” You were absolutely fuming – Tom did not have any right to attack you, especially through an Instagram caption.

“I’m great! Thank you so much for asking – how are you?” He spoke in a condescending manner.

“Cut the shit, Holland.” You didn’t want his sassy bullshit. “I want to know what you were trying to say and I want you to tell me what your problem is.”

“My problem?!” You could tell that he was no longer playing the coy card. “My problem is that everything I ever did was to help you – that movie role was my doing. That book deal was me too.” He was definitely not messing around anymore. “A large percentage of your "fanbase” comes from me – so that’s my fucking problem.“

"So you’re mad that I went and stole some of your fans – is that your problem?!”

“My problem…” He sighed deeply, almost trying to hold back emotion. “My problem is – I did so much for you – nearly ruined my own credibility as an actor – so that you could star in a film when no one knew who you were. I got someone on my team to get publishers to call you. I did so much for you – I fucking created you – and you act like you did it all without me. Without any help.” He mumbled a bit but continued. “You honest to God, talk like you’re famous. Like you built this on your own – but you didn’t. That’s my problem with you right now." 

”…“ You were left without any words. "I di– I didn’t thank you, di-did I?”

“…No, you didn’t.”

“Tom… Tommy…” You could hear his anger slowly dissipating. 

“I’m the worst person in the entire universe…” You sat down on the nearest flat surface and thought about all the months following the audition. “I didn’t thank you – and you did so much for me.”

“No, Y/N… You don’t have to say anything.” You could hear him shuffling stuff around on the other end. “I didn’t mean that I wanted you to feel bad or anything – I was just spewing shit because I was angry. I’m so sorry darling." 

"Tom,” you were nearly whispering into the phone. “I’m so, so incredibly sorry.” Tears were falling from your eyes, but you wiped them as they fell. “I– I didn’t even thank you… I’m such a horrible person Tommy – I’m sorry I never told you how thankful I was…”

You heard Tom try to say something, but you continued talking.

“I was selfish and I never thanked you for everything you did for me. You did so much– and I broke up with you because I was stupidly in love with you – and you were angry throughout the whole thing because of me.”

Tom inhaled and sniffled, “You loved me?" 

"Yes…” you whispered.

“I loved you, too.” He laughed a bit, “Fuck– I still love you.”

You sighed and Tom took that as his cue to continue, “I shouldn’t have said that – I’m sorry. You and Alfred are probably trying to keep things low key and I’m over here ruining everything again." 

"You didn’t ruin anything – ever, Tom.” You hesitated for a second before you continued. “And I’m not dating Alfred or anyone else for that matter.”

“That’s, that’s good – or well, I mean, unfortunate for you. I mean, that’s– that’s if you even wanted to date anyone anyways…”

You laughed at him, feeling good about how naturally awkward Tom tended to be when he was trying to be nonchalant. “Don’t hurt your pretty little head, Tom. I get what you meant.”

“You think my head is pretty?”

“The prettiest.” You smiled and imagined Tom rubbing his hand over the back of his head – which was exactly what he was doing when you said that.

“Thanks,” you could feel his shy small radiating through the phone. “Well… I guess you’ve gotta go get stuff done…”

“Yeah…” You didn’t want to hang up, but you had a plane to catch soon. “Hey, Tom?”

“Yeah?” You hoped you weren’t imagining how hopeful he sounded.

“I miss you…”

“I miss you.”

You smiled and figured things would be okay. 

“We should meet up soon – you know, in the new year and stuff…” You bit your lip.

“I…. I definitely agree… New year, new us, right?”

You laughed, “You’re a dork, Holland.”

He laughed too, “I’ll see you soon, then, yeah?”

“Yeah – bye, Tommy.”

"Bye, Y/N. Happy new year.

"Happy new year.”





    “One of the greatest things to happen to me this year is getting back together with Tom [Holland]. We finally figured out how to get things done, how to be independent, while still being in a relationship. I’m forever thankful for his love and his support.” said the youngster about Spider-Man. 

Considering we’ve seen Y/N’s humbleness through all recent award nominations, we’re sure they’ve managed to gain a new perspective post-breakup. What are your thoughts on their rekindling? 

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My Favorite Signs Together and What They Remind Me Of
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Cancer-Taurus:</b> Cuddling by the fire // longing gazes // sly winks across the room // being perfectly happy with each other<p/><b>Libra-Scorpio:</b> Laughing until crying // literally no secrets between them // can be in the worst situation but will still laugh<p/><b>Gemini-Leo:</b> the secret passion they have for each other // over the shoulder glances // teasing<p/><b>Cancer-Aries:</b> adventures every day // so many jokes // relaxation // that feeling you get when you just take a warm, fuzzy blanket out of the dryer<p/></p><p/><b>Taurus-Capricorn:</b> always finding each other // that feeling of the breeze passing you and you just feel so peaceful // side hugs<p/><b>Sagittarius-Aquarius:</b> playful glares // talking about the future // loyal<p/><b>Gemini-Pisces:</b> Bad boy, good girl feel // blushing // going out of their comfort zones together // the feeling you get when you achieve something you didn't think you could<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Virgo-Capricorn: great minds think alike // borrowing clothes // acoustic music listening sessions

When we shine from our cracks

Summary: You’re frow ravenclaw and always tease Draco, but he’s surprisingly at a loss for words every time, but little did you know he is hiding a giant crush :D

This was a follower request, so shoutout to that. Also I might have made it a bit too fluffy, whoops! Enjoy xx

The relationship between the houses has always been absurdly stereotypical, especially that with the Slytherins and the rest of Hogwarts. They are rude, arrogant and incredibly annoying. However, being a Ravenclaw had its perks. For the Hufflepuffs they had no mercy, with the Gryffindors it was an everlasting war and rivalry, but with us it was always strangely reserved behavior and an expression of… respect?

So one day I sat in class thinking about exactly this. The thing that was peculiarly getting on my nerves was the fact that such a poor excuse of a teenage boy is strutting around, making kids’ lives miserable. And naturally, it was never my thing to shut up about my opinions. So I took it upon myself to slowly, but surely make Malfoy regret ever opening his mouth.

I started making jokes about him in front of everyone, always evoking this flushed and tongue-tied Draco. Then one day my friends, with me as their leader, came up with a marvelous prank executed in The Great Hall. It was truly amazing, the look on his face without a doubt worth all the trouble we could have gotten into.

After that it was almost like I got addicted to serving Malfoy some justice. To be honest, I am still always on my toes, expecting revenge or at least a couple of swear words back, but all I ever get is chocked words, insults murmured into his chin and death stares which, to be honest, can be pretty much terrifying.

My back hits the chair with a hollow thud as my eyes search the room. Young witches and wizards are mostly sweating over their cauldrons, trying to brew the perfect potion. Slughorn is sat soundlessly behind his desk, buried in books and papers as the chatter around me buzzes. Suddenly, as one of my classmates passes, she grazes a bottle on my desk and knocks it down, glass shattering all over the stone floor. With her eyes wide, she looks at me for a couple of seconds, then her mouth explodes with apologies. “It’s fine, really. Don’t worry about it,” I tell her pulling out my wand to repair the damage. I notice the sounds o people talking have died out a tad, so I use this opportunity to embarrass Malfoy.

“Wow Amelia. Wait ‘till my father hears about this!” The room blows up with giggles as Draco turns around with such force that I take a few seconds to make sure he didn’t snap his neck. His eyes narrow, his fist clenching the wand in his hand. I raise an eyebrow at his sneer and he turns around saying nothing.


I step out of the shower feeling my whole body slouch from fatigue. I missed another dinner due to a prolonged Quidditch practice. After putting on clean clothes, I leave the dressing room and head for the Ravenclaw dormitories. A warm feeling fills my whole body as I think about being snuggled in the covers of my bed.

I’m taken by surprise as I’m abruptly showed aside, right into the nearest wall. My hand immediately reaches for the wand in my pocket. “You are going to stop your little game right now,” his voice is cold and dead serious.

My eyes find his as I discover the same angry expression that I’m wearing. His hands are squeezing my shoulders a little too harshly, keeping me pressed to the wall, his tall figure towering over me.

“Is that an order, Your Majesty,” I spit out. “I’ve had it with you. You are going to pay for this, mark my words.” “Oh I’ll mark your words, coward! I’m not scared of you! You can’t even say a word to me when there’s people around!”

His breath is fast and I can tell he is thinking hard, the cogs in his brain turning. “Maybe you should be.” I follow his gaze to where the sleeve of his shirt reveals the Dark mark.

“Am I supposed to be intimidate by that? You couldn’t kill a fly if you wanted to. I can hardly believe you are doing this without your dumb-ass friends.”

I’m expecting him to continue, to try to convince me how dangerous he is, but all he does is stare into my eyes, before dropping to my lips. Suddenly I can’t help but notice how good he smells or how hypnotizing his eyes look this up close. Draco opens his mouth to say something but stops and he is… LEANING IN?

I back up into the wall the little distance I can with a look of terror on my face. “What are you doing?!” There’s this confused and scared look plastered on his own face.

“I…um I-,“he’s stuttering and blushing uncontrollably, releasing his grip on me. He starts walking away. “Draco,wait!” He stops, but keeps his back to me. It feels as if I could touch the cold silence between us if I reached up. “So? Go on, make fun of me.” I start stuttering myself, not even sure what I want to say and before I know what I’m doing he’s turning around and I’m shooting forward, seizing the distance between this gorgeous boy and me and planting both my palms on the sides of his face. I don’t know who leans in more eagerly and suddenly we’re kissing and it’s the best human touch I have ever felt. He knows what he’s doing as I melt right into his slim body.Draco pulls away, this look of pure joy sparkling in his eyes. “Let’s go.”

‘Where,’ I want to say. ‘Wait.’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘What am I doing?’ But I can’t squeeze out a single word, my heart beating out of my chest. Why am I so helpless and more importantly why do I like it this much?

He takes me up the stairs and down endless hallways, but I can’t seem to memorize any of them . The same thought keeps spinning in my head over and over again: “I am a total fuzzball for Draco Malfoy.”

We finally reach a crossroad of hallways and he let’s go of my hand an starts striding in front of this completely empty wall. Heat starts rising in me-anger, disappointment, fear? I finally start doubting this whole scenario, something I probably should have done a while ago.

“ What the hell are you trying to pull?”

“Shut up,” is all he says, but suddenly a small carved door is on the wall and I’m all sorts of confused. Was that here before?

“Come on,” his voice is imperious and I couldn’t disobey even if I wanted to. I step over the doorstep and we’re in this room I have never seen before. It’s compact and cramped, a bed, a spacious rug and a nightstand being the only objects here.

He closes the door behind me as I say:“What is this?” “The Room of Requirement.” I look around. “The Room of… Does it grant wishes?“My eyes connect with his and there’s this devilish smirk plastered on his lips. “Exactly.” I shiver in the dim light of the place, barely able to see anything but his dismal blue orbs.

His hands are on my hips as he leans in and kisses me again, this time somehow better than the last one. I tangle my hands into his hair and moan.

Suddenly he goes: “Lay down.” I sit on the bed for starters and reach up to unbutton his shirt. “I said. Lay. Down.” And I do, watching him discard the shirt of his own, then crawl on top of me. We kiss again, a lot rougher this time and I wrap my legs around his waist. I think to myself how right this feels, how we fit together better than the pieces of a puzzle and how I had no idea I was craving human touch this much.

Keeping one hand next to my head, he sneaks the other one to the top of my shirt and unbuttons it. His lips are warm as he starts tracing my jawline, my neck, my chest-I start breathing heavily- my stomach, stopping a couple of times to kiss my skin, then comes back to connect our lips. Draco’s hand creeps up my thigh, stopping at the hem of my skirt for just a moment before going under it and over my panties. I bury my head into the crook of his neck and moan his name softly. He lets his fingers sneak into my underwear and rub me exactly where I need him. It goes on for a couple of minutes and I can feel him looking at me throwing my head back and squeezing my eyes shut. He loves being in control,he is so dominant, but so careful and I want to do something to make him feel as good as I do, but I know he won’t let me.

He sucks and nibbles on my neck, I wrap my legs around him again. I take my chances and reach down to unbuckle his belt. When he doesn’t protest, I continue, sliding my hand into his boxers. He inhales harshly, giving me a sign to continue, so I start rubbing him up and down. Both our breaths are quickened, twirling and sharing the same air, whispering each other’s names.

Draco stands up to take of his pants, then gives me this lustful look before reaching under my skirt and taking off my panties. My heart is pounding and I feel like it’s almost spelling out ‘I need him now.’ I raise to my elbows as I watch him slide his underwear off as well. He’s on top of me again and I bite his lip as he grinds down on me, the touch of his bare skin driving me absolutely crazy. His eyes find mine and he’s soundlessly asking me for permission. “Go ahead,” I whisper, not daring to go any louder, afraid my voice might crack mid sentence. Then he’s pushing into me, making every inch and every corner of my body drown in heat. I’m crying out as he stretches me, eliciting an electric, tingly feeling in me. I open my eyes and search his face, exhilarated to find, or hope, that he feels as extraordinary as I do.

“Say my name,” he says, his eyes on mine now, his voice demanding, but desperate. I moan, but say his name, then do it again, rocking my hips in rhythm with his. “Fuck, Malfoy,” I scream it out now and I can see he likes it, so I do it one more time. He surprises me by kissing me mid this unreal ecstasy and after a couple of moments I whisper into his lips that I’m close.

He then buries his head into my neck whispering my name followed by a couple of profanities as he comes into me. I follow right after, dragging my nails over the pale skin of his back.

For a moment we’re just laying there, breathing each other’s air, Draco propped up on his hands placed next to my head. Our gazes are connected and suddenly he smiles and so do I and I grab his face, kissing him slowly.

He lands on the bed next to me, the both of us staring at the ceiling. “Wow,” I say. “Indeed,” he laughs. We lay in silence for a long time. Just as my eyes start batting shut, he says:“The amount of time I had spent fantasizing about this is really alarming.” I turn to look at him, at the goofy smile on his lips he’s poorly trying to conceal. “Really?” “Are you serious? You’re telling me you didn’t suspect?” My eyebrows are furrowed. “Not a thing.” Silence.

“So um… you like me?” My voice is a whisper.

“Oh yeah,” he says up to the ceiling. And I smile. I smile because I have the biggest crush on him as well, I smile because that is all I can do, because I can’t speak, not right now. So instead I reach over and disappear into what we seem to do best-kissing.

What Did He Say?

Title: What Did He Say?

 Summary: When Kili decides to say something to you in Khuzdul, you have no idea what it means.  But that doesn’t stop the fallout that occurs with Fili, causing you to have to seek out some extra help.

 Warnings: None?

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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 You were laughing at the story that Bofur was telling, completely entranced with the narrative.  Bofur was always an amazing story teller, you loved it when he would share stories around the fire.  You leaned back a bit and bumped into Fili, who was sitting next to you.  “Oh, sorry.”  You said as you shifted.  “Didn’t mean to bump you.”

“No worries, lass. Doesn’t bother me.”  He said back quickly, giving you a soft smile that made you want to melt.  Those blue eyes, those perfect blue eyes, you couldn’t think when they were looking at you.

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RFA ( Requested ) Headcanon ♡

A/N: Oh God, Anon, I’m so sorry I got to this so late! School’s been so stressful to deal with lately and I never had time to get to this until now :( Sadly, next week I have exams so I might not be as active until Christmas break which is obviously starting the weekend of that week. So I’m really sorry for not being as active! I’ll get to as many requests as I can whenever I can to make up for it!

Extra: In some of the headcanons, you have a sibling and in one of them, I used “Y/S/N,” which means “Your sister’s name.”

‣ Luceil Choi/Saeyoung/Seven

  • For the most part, he was pretty calm and confident in himself!
  • Until he saw the look on your dad’s face when he had answered the door
  • 707.exe has stopped working
  • Is he alright?”
  • “He’s fine. Just give him a second.”
  • Your little sister pestered him with questions when he had entered the house
  • “Is your hair naturally that color? Do you really need to wear glasses? Or do you wear them just ‘cause?”
  • Seven allowed her to continue asking questions as he sat with your dad in the living room when you and your mom set the table and got dinner ready
  • Your sister LOVES his 707: Defender of Justice bit!
  • Your dad thought it was a bit odd, but that’s not important
  • Nonetheless, your dad liked him to some degree
  • During dinner, he cracked a couple jokes here and there to lighten up the mood (which your mom loved)
  • ((( poor thing almost said some very inappropriate jokes )))
  • “He’s good with little kids, Y/N. And he has a great sense of humor! I think he’s a keeper!”
  • “M-Mom!”

‣ Jumin Han

  • You know how calm and composed he usually is?
  • Not this time
  • Almost fainted when seeing your parents at the door
  • Stuttered a lot
  • Did I mention he was nervous?
  • You had to pull him into the bathroom so he could calm down and get a small pep talk from you
  • “Jumin, you don’t need to be so nervous, okay? I’m 100% positive they’ll like you!”
  • The pep talked worked
  • He was his usual self and was very open about himself to your parents (surprisingly enough)
  • ((( though he still had his awkward moments )))
  • “Daddy, can you pass the salt?” *both Jumin and Dad reach for it*

‣ Jaehee Kang

  • Calm and confident on the outside
  • Screaming internally
  • Luckily, you were able to book a reservation to a nice restaurant on a day where Jaehee wasn’t working so she wouldn’t be too stressed
  • but poor little baehee was still nervous
  • “They’re… okay with… us, right?”
  • Though, she composed herself nicely and was very formal with your parents (like she usually is)
  • Your parents were so supportive of you two (which made jaehee beyond thrilled)
  • They even put in some money to help with the bakery!!
  • Your parents absolutely adore her and Jaehee loved them!
  • “Y/N, is it alright if we get together with them again? I really like them.”
  • “Anything for you, Jaehee~”

‣ Yoosung Kim

  • Boys usually don’t have to worry too much about what they wear, right?
  • *cue donald trump voice* wrong
  • “Honey, just wear something casual! We’re not going to a five star restaurant.”
  • “U-Um… Is an LOLOL shirt okay?”
  • “Maybe not that causal…”
  • “He cleans up well, huh, Y/N?” (mother speaking)
  • Nearly fainted when your brother came in and glared daggers at him
  • Long story short, your brother is very protective of you
  • Literally scared the shit out of Yoosung
  • However, your parents came to the rescue and lightened the mood a bit by separating the two
  • Yoosung ended up going with your mother in the kitchen and she got to know him as they cooked together
  • Your brother overheard their talking and nearly flipped when he heard Yoosung say he played LOLOL
  • Because he plays too!!
  • Yoosung probably exchanged numbers with your mother and brother so they could talk more

‣ Hyun Ryu/Zen

  • Joked around to hide the fact that he was nervous
  • “Shouldn’t they be the ones being nervous? They’re meeting THE Zen!”
  • Zen was right
  • Your mom and older sister were really excited, yet very nervous, to meet him
  • Your dad could care less about his popularity tbh
  • Upon entering, your sister played it off like it was a surprise to see him
  • “O-Oh wow! I thought Y/N was joking when she said she was dating you!”
  • “Y/S/N, I told you loads of times about him. I even showed you pictures!”
  • Your dad wasn’t too fond of him riding a motorcycle because he sees it as a way for you to get hurt
  • But he liked Zen, for the most part
  • And, of course, your mom loved him since she was a huge fan of him
  • ((( this lead to some jaehee level fangirling here )))

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,261

A/N: this one had an aspect that was requested by someone who I’ve forgotten - rookie’s mistake. Moral of the story, she asked for the main character to be short!! Whoever it was message me and let me know if this was okay xxx


Sitting in the crowded room, the air filled with the scent of alcohol and colourful Christmas lights reflecting around the room, I sit across from Shawn. We had decided that it would be a whole lot easier to just pretend as if we weren’t a thing tonight because neither of us had the patience to deal with our drunk friends making drunk remarks about the situation. I glance over at Shawn, wanting to keep a distance as I didn’t trust myself. He’s sitting there listening intently to his friends with the biggest grin on his face, looking unintentionally adorable. Deep down I just wanted to shout from the rooftop that Shawn was finally mine, that I could finally have him all to myself. But I knew it wasn’t the right time. Our friends always used to joke about us getting together and how our height difference would be the laughing stock of every outing. Little did they know that a couple years later it would be a massive turn on for me or that we’d actually end up together. The fact that Shawn is 6”2 while I’m only 5”3 really was not a pivotal aspect of our relationship anyway. I’m broken out of my trance as I hear someone call my name. Great. It was Shawn’s group. I couldn’t go over there and sit next to Shawn without caving or feeling extremely uncomfortable trying to pretend I wasn’t head over heels for him. “Y/N! Come on, come sit over here!” yells one of my most beloved friends who both me and Shawn have known since second grade. I stand from my seat, focused on the ground ahead of me as I walk into the danger zone. As I walk towards the end of the sofa, next to Shawn, I accidentally brush my thigh on his hand, making my leg tingle. I sit next to Shawn, trying not to touch him as I turn to my friend. “Hey what’s up? Why’d you call me over?” I ask, attempting to come across as calm and collected. “Oh, Shawn was just telling me a hilarious story about this girl he got with and she was too short to reach for his hair when they were making OUT!” He finished his sentence, getting louder with each word. My face feels red hot as I try to not make my laugh sound fake. If you haven’t guessed already, that girl was me. As my friend bends over in hysterics, I quickly turn my head to Shawn, shooting him a look that was a mixture of confused, angry and pissed. He just shrugs with a dirty smirk on his face, bringing his hand to rest beside my leg. What the hell is he doing? I think to myself, does he want people to know?

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was the one who requested Amy sister. It was something along the lines of being Amys baby sister and Tyler having a crush on her and asking Mark what he should do and Amy finds out and gets protective(:

ahh!! thanks for re-requesting, this was such an adorable ask! tysm!

Amy’s Sister

You’d come into town last week.

Everything was going well. You got to meet Amy’s boyfriend and all of her other friends (but you did take a special liking to a certain Chica) and you’d been having so much fun learning how Amy does all of these cool video edits. Mark even let you edit a section of one of his videos, with Kathryn and Ethan’s help. It was ridiculously hilarious trying to work with all of these funny people in the room. Tyler was the only one who didn’t edit very often, but he was always in the videos you were editing.

Considering you were staying with Amy and Mark, you all got together a lot and talked over breakfast or went to the office to help out and have some fun. They always invited you to join videos, but you politely declined each time. A little bit camera shy.

There was a point in your visit when Amy’s mood changed a little bit, and so did Tyler’s. You’d find yourself alone in rooms with him a lot more often, silences ranging from comfortable to awkward. It was a tiring process, waiting patiently for him to say something or trying to think of something to say. Eventually, you’d just start watching TV “together”, as in you’d talk about the show.

He was still friendly towards you when other people weren’t around, too. When you were cold, he offered his hoodie because he was always warm. When you guys were watching videos, he’d make casual conversation. It was actually really pleasant to be around him- and he was really cute, too.

Amy had changed in a sense of she’d make an effort to sit with you and talk to you. Of course, you were sisters, so you shared a lot of the same interests and had lots of fond memories. It was really fun to tell those with her, even if they were embarrassing. You really did miss seeing her before she moved out and you got a job.

She made really avid efforts to let people know that you were her baby sister, too. Which was cute and endearing at first, and got a tiny bit annoying. You both were practically the same age, and she was determined to make it seem bigger than that.

The only time you ever noticed her really protective was when you and Tyler were watching a movie while she was filming in the other room. Tyler had put his arm up on the sofa behind you, and you were sitting somewhat close so you could talk. You’d been really getting to know each other, and hearing him laugh at the comedic moments made you laugh, and you guess Amy heard, because she came over and sat by you.

It seemed whenever you and Tyler were together, you guys got a little closer, and Amy seemed more and more protective.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” you said, standing up from the couch one day where you’d just been sitting with Tyler. He’d gotten up because Mark needed him. “What’s gotten into you recently? You’re like a little bloodhound on me lately. In the most flattering sense,” you laugh.

Amy laughs too, but seems tense. “You’re just my little sister, and I want to make sure you have the best experience possible here.”

“I am! Tyler’s shown me some great horror movies, Ethan’s been teaching me how to edit, and Mark is hilarious. Kathryn is also super sweet, she feels like she’s my sister, too. I love going to lunch with her.”

“Yeah, it’s been really fun having you around again. I’m just a little… I dunno, protective?”

“Amy, I’ve lived with you your whole life, I know how you get. What are you trying to protect me from? I’m a grown-ass woman,” you chuckle to ease the stress. It works.

“I guess… just… from Tyler?” She sounds unsure, and scootches over to you, looking somewhat guilty. “I just really want you both to be happy, so I guess I’m just protecting you from… your own feelings, which is none of my business and never has been.”

“It’s okay,” you say, honest and smiling. “You’ve always been this way with boys.”

She giggles, just as Tyler walks back in. Amy gives you a wave and leaves, and for the first time in a while, you and Tyler are alone to watch a movie.

“Amy’s positive that we’d make a great couple,” you joke, feeling him tense up. You’re somewhat leaned on him because horror puts you on edge. “But I think that’s silly. I think that we could be a power couple, yeah?”

“Oh, totally,” Tyler grins, putting his arm back around you. “That’d be fun.”

“And maybe then we could go to an actual movie theater.”

“Couch cinema is way more classy than putting up the armrest at a theater.”

“Whatever you say, loser,” you tease, which makes him laugh.

“So, is it a date?”

“I dunno, what movie are we watching?” You joke.

“Anything that makes you laugh.”

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I Hope You Never Find Me

Summary: When people meet their soulmate they see colour, fall in love, and get married.  But Dan’s terrified of the colours and of being a disappointment to his soulmate. (Or where Dan is ace and doesn’t want to be forced into anything)

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: None that I can think of

When people told Dan about how beautiful the colours were, and how wonderful having a soulmate was, he would always force a smile.  When they told him not to worry, he would find his soulmate eventually, and they would get married just like this universe had planned, he would pretend to be reassured.  Though his world was only monochromatic, he was terrified of the colours.  That someday he would bump into someone and they would instantly want everything Dan couldn’t give them.

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First sight

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Young Derek POV

I was running back and forth across the basketball court, dodging, shooting, passing etc. It was about thirty minutes into practice and we were going a scrimmage against ourselves. It was still zero to zero with a minute left. I stole the ball and made my way down court. As I was about to shoot my eye caught someone standing in the doorway of the gym. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Bright y/e/c eyes, flowing hair, rosy cheeks, just completely perfect. I stood still and blocked out all the screams at me as I dropped the ball and walked off the court. My coach and team yelling behind me. I made my way over to the unbelievably attractive girl. 

“Hi, sorry. Not to sound weird but are you new here?”

“Uh yeah.” she tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“I thought so, I’d remember a beautiful face like yours.”

“Thanks.” she laughed a little.

I couldn’t figure out what it was but there was something pulling me to her. Obviously she was gorgeous but her voice was music to my ears and her laugh made my heart beat a million miles per minute.  

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” she smiled. “And what about you handsome?”

My heart took off like a race car. She called me handsome! A grin the size of the great wall of china spread across my face.

“Derek Hale. Nice to meet you Y/N.”

“Uh Derek don’t you have a practice to be at?” she asked me. I turned around and faced my team who were all yelling at me wit angry faces still.

“Uh nah.” I waved them off. “Your more important.” 

“Is that so?” she giggled but I nodded. “Okay well I better go.”

“No, you should stay. Practice is almost over anyways.”

“I can’t I have to finish touring the school before tomorrow.”

“Well then I’ll show you around. Just wait five minutes I have to shower than I can take you on a tour.”


“I’m not taking no for an answer so wait right here I’ll be right back!” 

“Uh okay.”

I ran off towards the locker rooms but my coach stopped me.

“Hale what are you doing!”

“Hey Coach sorry but I have to leave practice early today, sorry!” I said than made a beeline for the locker room. I showered in record time and got dressed in my sweats and a sweatshirt before I ran back out and found Y/N waiting for me by the door.

“Thanks for waiting.” I smiled.

“No problem.”

I led her around the school purposely putting my hand on her back whenever I could. I made a couple jokes because I loved her laugh. I really liked this girl. After the tour I took her back towards the parking lot. 

“So Y/N, I hope you have a great first day tomorrow and remember if you need any help at all, I’ll be around somewhere.”

“Thanks Derek see you tomorrow!” she started to walk away and I got the courage to ask what I’ve been wanting to ask since I saw her.

“Wait Y/N.” she turned and hummed. “I know we just met and this is really sudden but I can’t help but like you and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go on a date with me this weekend?”

“I would like that Derek.” she smiled and kissed my cheek.

She walked to her car and let me standing there with a giant smile on my face. I never believed in love at first sight but….this felt a hell of a lot like it.

Hope you like it, I was bored so this is what I came up with :) KEEP REQUESTING!

things I noticed about the stans...

chanyeol: meme queens lol always ready to fight anyone even pcy himself. they never really keep quiet tbh. will cry everytime chanyeol picks up a guitar

kai: kai + kai stans = relationship goals. they spoilt with sweet boyfriend v lives and High Quality magazine spreads and photoshoots. they’re loyal af and in return well fed mashallah

yixing: protective af. usually >:c at yixing bc he can be the most stubborn person to stan. sometimes might seem like they hate the rest of exo but no really they just been through The Most and are very protective over yixing.

xiumin: the sweetest stans??? happily married and always stay in their lane. quietly support their mans. softies

baekhyun: gif makers™. have giffed baekhyun from every angle possible. always 😣 because baekhyun is the most beautiful man they have ever seen

sehun: constantly n*tting over his one-liners. will die for the sebooty. hard stans but some are real softies and are great mothers to vivi

suho: the most supportive wives. will cackle at all his lame ass jokes. couple goals tbh

ksoo: *constant heart eyes*. he could film himself staring at a blank wall for 6 hours in 144p and call it a film and they will still watch it. they are just :) so in love.

chen: always 😏 cos they lowkey know their mans the mvp. talk about his eyelashes at least once a day. she’s dreaming is the only song that matters.

Brush (Soulmate AU)

Summary: You know who your soulmate is when you first touch them.

Word Count: 2,923

Warnings: Smut. Canon divergence around season 6. 

A/N: @jensennjared, hope you enjoy! @glitterliam,, I still owe you the Poe one!

“Where in the ever-living hell have you two been?”

Dean pauses mid-step as he looks at you with those green eyes of his, the ones that set girls’ hearts racing, the ones you could read in a matter of seconds. Immediately, you knew something had happened. After all, Dean has just come back from hell and two days ago, no one knew how. But then they went off the radar and you’re left a worrying mess until just a couple of minutes ago.

“Angels,” he says.

“You’re pulling my leg.”

“No, dude, angels,” says Sam, voice serious.

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God of Destruction

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There are many words that could aptly describe Kim Namjoon. Brilliant, caring, warm-hearted, loyal, and friendly have all been tossed around but the most frequently used word would have to be destructive. His nickname, God of Destruction (most widely used teasingly by friends after another of his outlandish accidents), reflected exactly just how destructive Namjoon could be.

Wherever Namjoon went, destruction followed and everyone knew it. However, it was also widely known that Namjoon never meant to cause any harm. He just happened to be an awful mixture of clumsy, unlucky, and easily excitable.

Despite that dreadful mixture, Namjoon was one of the most wonderful people anyone could ever hope to meet. He won the hearts of all who encountered him with his charm and general good nature. He had a comforting air about him and drew people in like moths to a flame.

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Heart Attack (Taehyung)

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as requested by an anon, here’s a drabble based off the song/mv Heart Attack by AOA!

Genre: volleyballs aren’t fluffy

Word count: 2716

Rating: is G really the lowest rating that exists. is there anything under G.


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