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When do you think Killian knew that he was in love with Emma? Not just feelings for her but actual love??

Honestly? I think it was the moment right after their first kiss. In the moment, when they were kissing, I think Hook was unable to really comprehend all of his feelings, like he just wanted to feel her and she was warm and real and she was kissing him so damn good and I think it’s one of those things where everything is happening so fast that he couldn’t process it all, but then…

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I mean, look at him. That’s not just some guy who had a really great kiss. That’s a guy who’s thinking, “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. I didn’t realize this was love. I am so fucked. What do I do. I thought I would never feel this way about anyone ever again. How could I feel like this. How is this possible. What has this amazing bloody woman done to my wretched heart. Shit.”

You remember his confession in the cave right? It was the kiss. His deepest, darkest secret. Of all the terrible things he’d done in his life, admitting that he moved on from Milah (not that he forgot her, or that he stopped loving her of course) whom he had literally spent centuries trying to avenge, admitting that that one kiss had exposed a part of him he’d long since believed had dried up and hardened with hatred, admitting that what he felt for Emma was not some fleeting fancy but real, solid feelings of love… that was his biggest secret.

There’s no way that I can see him still not knowing at that point that he was irrevocably and deeply in love with her. (But I believe a part of him had been in love with her from the beanstalk. He just didn’t know it. Or didn’t want to think about it.)

I'm 100% straight. . . Right?

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Plot: Natasha starts to question her sexually when the reader joins the team. After telling Clint about her feelings for the reader he tells Natasha to make a move before it’s too late.

Word count: 2511

A/n I don’t know if I like this one. I know this sound similar to one of my previous fics I’m so sorry about that. I’m thinking about doing a part two to this though with major fluff but also kinky kinky smut. Like Natasha tying the reader up smut.

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All her life Natasha Romanoff identified herself as straight female. That was until you came into her life. The day you walked into her life she start questioning her sexuality. At first she just thought it was just her mind acknowledging that you were a beautiful woman. But as time went on she felt herself wanting to kiss you and wanting to take you out on dates.

She would always ask if you would like to train with her so she could spend time with you. You’d always agree because you heard that she was the best person to train with because she never went easy on her opponent. “God I love when we train together, I always work up a sweat.” you smiled as you tried to steady your breath and walked over to your water bottle “lets hit the showers”. You hooked your arm with hers and made your way to the locker room where you proceeded to take off your sports bra and your leggings.

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My mini, tired meta about Olicity

I have not gotten over the fact that Oliver Queen thought he was going to die, and instead of telling Felicity he loved her, or what to tell Thea when she got back, he decided - needed - to tell her his secret. The thing that he had been scared to tell her for years. To him, that secret is real. He believes that’s what makes him unlovable, in so many different ways. 

And so that is what he tells her when he thinks he’s dying. Think about it for a second. If you were given half a second to live, what would you do? Say? Maybe give your spouse a kiss, hug your kids. But not Oliver. He didn’t want to die without telling Felicity that all of this…everything that she and Diggle plus everyone who hopped along had done…it was a lie. He told her enjoyed the killing. That the ‘crusade’ he put together was a cover up. 

And you know what makes me even more emotional about that? THIS was Felicity’s response to that:

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She didn’t shy away from him, or doubt everything that she’d done for him in the past five years. Oliver confessing his deepest, scariest secret made her heart warm up to him just a little bit more. Not that it needed anymore warming. But it got hotter, and it’s going to explode in a couple episodes. 

Oliver thought that telling her would push her away from him, and maybe, if he died, it would give her closure on that relationship, knowing that he wasn’t a good man and she deserved better. Instead, it just brought her closer to him. 


Class Appreciation Week || Favourite Episode || Detained

The whole gang is thrown into detention by Miss Quill. Locked in her classroom, they are terrified when an explosion propels them out of space and time: trapped, claustrophobic and floating in blackness with no way of escape.

Although a mysterious asteroid fragment may be their key to freedom, it forces the gang to confess their deepest, darkest secrets to one another. As ugly truths come out, fractures start to appear in the friendship group.

And then they make a chilling discovery. They’re not alone. There’s somebody in there with them.

New Beginnings - Chapter 4

Hey Guys, so looks like I didn’t quite get all my WIPs updated by the end of the weekend and I’m only a day late so, not too bad.

Now I am not really happy with this chapter but I have re-written so many, many times and I just needed to get it written and posted before it drove me insane, so I apologise in advance.

I think I kind of dug myself into a bit of a hole I couldn’t get out of and this is the result.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

“So I arrive at the house and all I can hear inside is screaming.” He was leaning over towards her, his elbows braced on the table, head resting on his hands listening intently to her story. “So I open the door and Juliet has just puked all over her brand new Louboutin shoes.” He was laughing out loud as she recounted her story of Veronica babysitting a 9 month old Juliet. Betty gave a snort herself, immediately clamping her hand over her mouth in embarrassment. “My darling daughter had just ruined a thousand dollar pair of shoes. And that was Veronica’s first experience of baby sitting.”

“So has she volunteered again?” He took a fry from her plate which she had already pushed towards him when he finished his own meal. A sheepish smile on his face as he accepted her offer.

“Yeah, but only if Archie is helping.” Betty rolled her eyes. Archie was so much more confident with kids. But she guessed that came with being a teacher. “And I never hear the end of how Juliet destroyed her favourite shoes.”

“They sound like good friends.” He envied her for a moment, having these people around her but given what that bastard had done to her she deserved all the friends in the world. How someone could abandon their child had always been beyond him.

“They are the best,” Betty smiled fondly. “They have been there for me through all the drama. Do you have friends back in New York?” She cast her eyes downward as she asked the question, not wanting to force questions too much on his past, but still wanted to know more about him.

“Not really, they weren’t ever really my friends. They were hers.” The text messages from them had all stopped shortly after he arrived in Riverdale, he guessed it was out of sight out of mind. He couldn’t blame them really he had never been the life of the party that had always been Louise. Now he wasn’t their problem anymore, that responsibility now laid with his sister.

“Oh” Betty seemed at a loss for where to go next. She desperately wanted to ask more about, her, but managed to hold her tongue on that subject. “But you have your sister right?”

“Yeah JB is one in a million, we have had to stick together. Our dad isn’t exactly on the up and up.” He admitted reluctantly. The last person he wanted to bring up tonight was his father.

“Sounds ominous.” Betty leaned further forward, inviting him to tell her more. He paused considering what to tell her. Your father’s criminal history and gang related activities was usually not something you volunteered on a first date. Especially not to a girl like Betty Cooper.

“Petty theft. Some other things, but I don’t want to scare your off.” Petty theft hardly even covered the amount of dodgy dealings and bad decisions that his father had been making all his life. It had been what drove their mum away. She had cut ties with all of them when he was eleven and JB was six. He supposed that he couldn’t blame her really for wanting out. He only wished that she had taken him and JB with her. It had made the two siblings each other’s only family that they could depend on.

“Please after the information dump I gave you earlier tonight, I think you would only be evening up the score.” Betty teased.

“Maybe another night.” Betty nodded.  She wanted there to be another night, she wanted several more nights. She had at first to be honest been attracted to his looks and then further enamored with watching him as a father. His interactions with Jackson showed a sensitive kind side. Now after the time spent together in this old booth at Pop’s Betty could feel that familiar tug in her heart when he smiled at her and she couldn’t resist smiling in return.

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Fic idea that's too crazy but you'd secretly love to write?

Okay. You asked.

I’m about to confess my deepest headcanon secret. Are y’all ready? Pull up a chair.

So no matter what fandom I’m currently in, or what pairing I’m currently shipping, or what character I’m into, no matter what actual fic I may be constructing about them, I always have a never-written only-in-my-head fantasy about them.

About them…dancing.

Not like a Dancers!AU. No, the actual canon characters (or people, if we’re in RPF land). I contrive some way in my head to get them into some situation in which they’re amazing dancers. Then when I’m tooling around in my car listening to the radio or whatever, I design whole choreography routines for them in my head.

This is just a fun little thing I do and have always done. The only time I came close to writing this was when I wrote it into my HP fic that Harry and Hermione had picked up a hobby swing-dancing in their twenties.

Sometimes I branch out into music-playing instead or or in addition to dancing.

Okay so it’s not really all that freaky. But there’s my Thing I’ll Never Write But Only Imagine.

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I'm glad to see that others are shipping Zack/Melissa. Just binged all of the episodes (loved it) and I picked up on it. Had to join the fandom to make sure I wasn't the only one seeing this xD. Their banter is amazing

The way I see it is, if a guy pesters a girl with a stuffed badger and a terrible accent to make her confess her deepest secret to him and it actually works, and then she fantasizes about turning into a robot just to make him run away screaming out of their friend’s garage, there’s really something special there. I have no clue what it is, but it’s definitely special.

“A story to share: The best game of TF2 I ever had was a few days ago. This medic who was clearly new (he asked me how to uber and pick stuff up) pocketed me as a Heavy. It was Barnblitz’s final point and no one was really attacking, so I started the Kazotsky Kick he started laughing so damn much. Pyros showed up be we beat them. Later he played as Pyro and found a Rainblower and started laughing even more when he realized it shot rainbows. People like this make the game great for me.”

  • Them: Karamel
  • Me, an intellectual: Literally all I want is for Kara to be actually happy and loved and supported which is
  • why I gave Mon El chance after chance before realising that Kara was becoming more and more miserable and that I had so very shamefully supported something that had degraded her in that way. To Kara, I am so truly sorry and I just want you to realise you deserve more than that and I want you to be happy and fullfiled and unconditionally cared for by someone who loves you for you and every part of you. Someone you can talk to about anything, confess your deepest secrets to and trust that they will keep them because they're someone you believe in. Someone who will hold you when you cry like you're their whole world and someone you can trust to put you back together again during your darkest moments. Someone you can love without fear and without limits or restrictions because those things aren't necessary; because there is a mutual respect and a solid foundation of friendship, an honesty between you, always.

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can I get ships for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Marvel? I am 5'3 I have short dirty blonde hair. I can be shy around new people but when I feel comfortable enough around them I'm not so shy. I love sports, I mostly like watching them. I will play sometimes but just to have fun not to compete. I'm really close with my family. I have a good sense of humor and I like being sarcastic.


I ship you with James Potter!

Your relationship would be so playful and he’d love to tease you all the time just to see you blush at how bold his compliments were. It could get pretty annoying at times but all it would take is a sweet kiss and one of his famous bone-crushing hugs and your annoyance would fade away in a instant. I feel like one of the things he’d adore the most is your witty comebacks and the sarcastic comments you’d drop when least expected, shocking everyone as he looked at you with a huge grin plastered on his face. ‘That’s my girl.’

Bonus: You’d definitely be on the first row on every one of his quidditch games, cheering for him and making every other girl green with envy. He’d even give you his spare shirt with his name on it just so everyone knew you were his.


I ship you with Jon Snow!

Despite being too shy to confess his feelings for you, there would be so much meaning to every little gesture between the two of you. Ever since he returned home, you’d vow to stay by his side no matter what the consequences and although he knew the risk, he could never bring himself to leave you behind. He’d finally say the words before he left for Dragonstone, taking you by surprise but he had to say it in case he never returned. 


I ship you with Carl Grimes!

The daily chaos that defined your lives would probably bring the two of you closer and before you knew it, you’d feel comfortable in the boy’s presence; enjoy it even. It’d take a while for both of you to figure out your feelings but when it’d finally happen, you would never leave each other’s side. It’s all so complicated and scary but your relationship would be a source of comfort and sanity in that mess of a world.


I ship you with Bucky Barnes!

Bucky is a man that has gone through a lot. Winning his trust would not be an easy thing but he’d want to let you in, as crazy as that sounds. He wants someone that can finally make him feel and forget. It’d be difficult, it’d take time but it would be worth it when he had you in his arms. When he’d confess his deepest secrets to you and let you hold him every night to fight off the nightmares that always seemed to haunt him…Yes, in the end it’d all be worth it…

(A/N: Oh my God, I hope you liked this because it took me so much time to figure out, I don’t even know why. I’m sorry if I’m late you guys but I literally have 32 asks for ships and it’s kinda difficult as you can imagine.)

Chapter 5 of On Stranger Tides, (5/7)

The winter nights were quick to fall, and by the time Jace and Maia were done recounting the balcony scene to Isabelle, Luke and consors, it was pitch dark outside. Magnus was sitting on the window sill that gave on the small garden, the only one that didn’t have shutters, Madzie quietly sitting on his lap, both of them observing the starry night in silence.

Charcoal black was covered in thousands and millions of bright dots, joined in an endless void of light. It was breathtaking, the constellations and intricate patterns Ragnor had taught Magnus about shaping in the onyx sky and dissolving behind the hill that led to the shore.

Wherever Alec was, Magnus hoped he could see it, and that it brought him hope, reminding him of the nights they had spent together travelling on the royal ship, staring at the sky late into the evening by the window above their bed, confessing their deepest and darkest secrets in hushed voices.

Available on Ao3.

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Unnie, how do you think seventeen would act when they're drunk??? Like who would flirt, who would giggle uncontrollably, who would pass out, etc (this is purely for science ofc I would never think about drunk!svt on my spare time.....)

(i have already established some of this in my 7 Minutes In Heaven series but omg i love this idea so let’s go)

Jeonghan: becomes super cuddly and emotionally needy, gets whiny when he doesn’t get his cuddles, goes from mom to total 4 year old and needs to be supervised at all times, must be tucked in, can’t be left alone or he will start crying bc he thinks no one loves him, the claiming and “whose baby are you??” gets 10x worse bc drunkhan needs the affirmation 

Joshua/Jisoo: sober. (lmao kidding) the type to get heavily peer pressured into one drink, like it, (cause it’s probably the fruity tooty ones that don’t taste like alcohol) and then think it’s okay to have like 12, and end up very stomach sick or passed out, whiny about being sick the whole time, or gets a cute little buzz going on 2 little fruity drinks and gets all giggly and confessed his deepest secrets completely by accident, very very chatty, will sit and rub someone else’s back if they are throwing up drunk even if he is a lil tipsy, 

Woozi/Jihoon: actually gets very happy when drunk, alcohol makes him lighten up and relieves his stress, he gets very smiley, very social, enjoys talking to everyone and catching up, does some dancing - a happy medium when drunk, probably hits a tipping point when he just gets horny as hell and needs to bang someone like now

Seungkwan: sings loudly and badly (for once), very giggly, actually very flirty (mainly with Vernon), uses cheesy pick-up lines instead of actually being smooth, the type to get highly offended when people ask if he’s drunk/tell him he’s drunk, “no you’re drunk”

DK/Seokmin: his sun shines even brighter when drunk, he dances even harder, sings even louder, talks even more, somehow even though alcohol is a depressant it gives him more energy than ever, and he will dance and party and socialize until the second the passes out - which is in a moment’s notice, with Hoshi by his side the whole time

Vernon/Hansol: probably a paranoid drunk, his nerves just increase 20x when he’s drunk, he gets very un-blinking, shakes, startled easily and just very jumpy, should probably just be put to bed and left there

Mingyu: the clumsy drunk, cannot be left alone for two seconds or every fragile thing in the area will be smashed, gets nauseous and denies that he is up until to seconds before he is about to puke, causing his vomit to end up in the worst places, (aka in the back of the cab on the way home, in the middle of the sidewalk, in someone’s bed, that one time it ended up on woozi’s head), his eating food off the floor habit cannot be stopped, sometimes pukes on his own clothes and then ends up sleeping in them, basically drunkgyu is mingyew 4000x 

Wonwoo: probably a very grumpy drunk, his brooding and anger only increases when alcohol is involved, he goes over in his head everything that’s wrong with his life, wants to cry or ends up crying and no one knows why, craves the “hangover” type food, but won’t eat it unless someone else offers to get some with him, and ends up sobbing into his greasy ass cheeseburger bc he’s depressed af, in the morning he remembers none of this

S.Coups/Seungcheol: the frat boy drunk, gets kinda tipsy as quickly as possible and holds his alcohol very well, drinks to relieve his inhibitions because he just wants to fuck, uses this as his excuse to stop taking care of people and finally take care of himself (aka his dick), so from the moment he starts drinking he just looking for a good lay (basically don’t bother daddy when he’s got a drink in his hand)

Dino/Chan: gets very cocky when drunk, despite his body weight can hold his booze very well, this is the only time he has the guts to sass his hyungs or say anything out of the way to them, the only time he has the guts to flirt with girls, basically the brave drunk, would probably get way to cocky doing parkour and shit too and end up in the emergency room getting stitches 

Hoshi/Soonyoung: a very giggly drunk, basically dumb and dumber with DK while drunk, just wants to dance and shout and scream, finds everything very funny, also loves “hangover” food and can go to a denny’s at 4am and eat his own weight in food, the social butterfly, tearing up the dance floor and when the night winds down is still wide awake and getting into everything

Minghao/The8: all of his sass and pent up anger comes out when drunk, gets a little rowdy, develops a hair trigger temper, the type of drunk to think everyone is trying to start a fight with him, if anyone is even looking at him the wrong way he’ll want to get into a fist fight (and will definitely win), so he needs to be kept on a tight leash 

Jun: the “lovey” drunk, constantly complimenting everyone, “did i tell you i love you?”, “i love you so much”, “i just want you to know… that i love you”, constantly hanging off someone, very touchy and affectionate

(this was such a fun post to write omg i can totally imagin seventeen at a party, they’d be such a fucking mess)


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Okay, so. YoungyetOld Obi-wan is freaking awesome!! What happens next? Is there a big reveal or does Obi try to keep things secret? What will Mace say? Obvs Obi will grab Ani when he's young enough to be trained and hopefully Shmi as well but how does Obi change things? What do Yoda and the Council do? Everyone felt what happened so Obi'll need some sorta explanation. How old is he now? What can he change? What deaths can he prevent? Oooo, I Love time travel fics

Obi-Wan makes a low noise as Qui-Gon slowly stands, shifting Obi-Wan into a bridal style. Yet he can’t bring himself to pull away from the safe grip that holds him. Not when he has Qui-Gon’s arms around him in a way he has not felt for decades and not when the Force feels warm and bright.

Instead he buries his face in the others collarbone and closes his eyes, taking in the smell of sapir tea, sweat and Qui-Gon’s preferred soap that smells of herbs and sets cantering emotions to peace. Obi-Wan is no fragile babe but at this moment, he could as well be.

Qui-Gon’s every step is rocking him but Obi-Wan fights the sleep that wants to claim him. He does not wish to sleep, not now, not when he has his Master back, not now when the temple is so warm and welcoming, not when Tatooine is far behind him.

Not when he can still faintly feel Anakin out in this wide Galaxy.

He feels more then he hears the steps hurry towards them and tightens his grip on his masters tunic.

“You found him.”

Mace, Mace voice, a voice he had not heard in so long either. Obi-Wan doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry and decides for neither as he buries himself more against his master’s collarbone.

“Yes. He was by the tree. He…I can’t even explain what he did.”

“Oh I felt it. Is he alright? Is the wound still there?”


Obi-Wan remembers no wound and shifts his head to look at Mace, his face a mask of tired confusion.

There is blood on Mace upper lip and Obi-Wan blinks at it and looks at the Korun Master who is staring hard back at him, his brow a rockwall of furrows.

“Yes, thank the Force. Not even a trace of the knife wound.” Qui-Gon breathed out and smiled at Obi-Wan.

“Wound?” Obi-Wan is so confused even as his master holds him tight.


This is no child.

And they all know it.

And Yoda mourns that as he observes the fourteen year old copper haired imp that stands in front of them, his head held high, green eyes full of confidence and power but lacking the fear that always lurked just out of hand when this padawan was usually in front of the Council. Mourns the years of mischievousness that seems to have melted out of him, mourns the way planets suddenly seems to have laid their weight on small shoulders.

No. Obi-Wan Kenobi is no child anymore, his eyes and his stance betrays the body he inhabits.

“Different you are, young Kenobi.”

Obi-Wan’s eyes sharpens, focusing on Yoda from where they had been watching Mace. “Yes Master.” He murmurs. Simple, no stammered explanation, no searching for words. A skilled diplomat in only two words, used to thinking on his feet.

There is a shift of discomfort among the council and green eyes flickers, taking it in before settling them back on Yoda.

The green troll hummed.

“Yesterday, you were stabbed through the stomach by a what I’d honestly call a blade but the wielder called a knife during a routine patrol of Coruscant. Said knife was the length of my forearm.” Master Windu, Master of the order and not Mace, friend of Qui-Gon Jinn, offered. “Said knife went through your stomach and out your back. Your Master used haste to get you back to the temple for healing after doing what he could. You died padawan Kenobi. Your heart stopped beating, you were gone, we who were in that room felt it.” He stapled his fingers together as Obi-Wan neither looked away nor flinched at the words.

“And then the Force rose up. It screamed and when it screamed, so did you. You woke up. You were dead and then…you were not.” He left it on that note. Padawans responded to that tone, they confessed their deepest secrets to that tone in fear of what it would mean to their futures as Jedi.

Yet all Obi-Wan did was tilt his head then look up at his Master who was watching Obi-Wan closely, worry and affection in his eyes.

No. He was no longer a child. He was not even a teenager for all he was still on the cusps adolescence. The eyes betrayed the body. The spirit did not match the physical.

Obi-Wan looked down at the floor, not in shame but in thought before he looked up again, meeting their eyes with more knowledge then they dared to seek. “Perhaps Masters, I should take it from the start?”

“A beginning, appreciated it would be.” Yoda grunted.


Obi-Wan let the racket pass and flow around him. He knew his edited story would make disbelief rise over the dim, knew they would call out, think him delusional.

He would have done the same.

They expected him to get angry yet all he did was slide his hands into his sleeves and let his mind float, let his own quiet presence show that things were different. He surrendered the peace he felt inside him for them to latch onto, the noise steadily dimming.

Even then he did not speak, he let the Force fill him, let it whisper to him. He let the cosmic Force trickle through him like a steady stream.

“It is possible that young Obi-Wan has had a powerful Force vision.” Plo offered diplomatically.

“Force visions should not lead our lives, small differences changes the outcome so much we can’t rely on that alone.” Ka-Adi-Mundi argued.

“For a Force vision, it was certainly long lasting. And there is also the fact that young Obi-Wan’s heart stopped.” Another argued.

“Young Kenobi is by body. But spirit does not follow the body, not anymore. A man of his fifties he feels, wise and aged.” Yaddle argued in turn, looking at everyone.

Obi-Wan smiled a bit at that. Off by a decade she may be, but Yaddle was right.

The Force nudged him, whispering again and Obi-Wan tilted his head, giving a low sigh that seemed to echo before he raised the Force to his vocal cords. If they needed proof then he would give them it.

When he spoke, he spoke with Mace Windu’s voice, same lit and same tone. “Computer, activation phrase, alpha-gorun-delta-fu-nom. Password, Ghosh Windu. Raise the shields.”

In the deadly quiet of the room the telltale sound of ray shields rose at the closed doors. “Shields raised Councilor. Force be with you Councilor Windu.” Obi-Wan meet the Master’s stunned eyes before looking up, bringing the Force to his vocal cords again.

Plo’s voice came from him. “Activation phrase, fu-mi-kad-uma, galaxy hologram, Outer-Rims.”

“Acknowledged Councilor Koon.”

The room lit up in blue and Obi-Wan ignored the burning eyes on him even as he reached out towards the planets, moons and stars that filled the Council chambers. “This is Tatooine. My padawan is about to be born there.” His fingers hovered only millimeters from it.

“Its dry, run by hutts, slavery is a way of life and the womp rats taste good in soup.” He smiled a bit at his own joke. “He is nine when he was found, to old, to full of emotions for the Jedi order and to lost by the cruel words delivered in this room. Yet he became a Jedi through the hardship. We should have had more compassion for him.” Obi-Wan tilted his head.

The Force whispered a warning about going to far and he held his tongue, it was not time to talk about change yet. “I can not control what you believe, but I know what I know. I sat on the council in war time, I lead armies for the Republic and I died alone by the hand of someone I love. I do not wish to see the temple desecrated again. Little ripples changes big things. My request is simple, I wish to travel to Tatooine. I wish to bring home the nova I once had at my side and let him become the Jedi I know he can. But to do that I must free his mother, for she is a slave and so will he be, for Gardulla the hutt.”

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What about a new family member coming out to the batfamily as trans? Ftm if it matters. I love being able to get such a good input on these ideas. It helps me write the characters better

Hi, sorry if this took a while to post! I had to do some research because I didn’t want to come off as discriminating or even offend anyone. I read stories about people coming out and even watched videos too. I hope this was alright enough? Hope you enjoy.

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