they come to my school

yall, my 2nd fav boy is back and he just can’t get his footsies wet
also i’ve made him a flower leafy crown

zoinko  asked:

Ok now you got me curious. How hot is it where you live that you get school cancelled??? Stay hydrated buddy!

(OOC: It’s gonna be in the high 80s tomorrow, which isn’t insanely hot, but it’s been in the high 80s and low 90s all weekend. The heat has accumulated, in a way, and my school does not have air conditioning in a lot of the classrooms. And we wear pretty hot uniforms. Sooo yeah, no school.
I’ll make sure to drink a lot of water.)



consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia

Does anyone else have this insecurity where you consider people friends, but you don’t know if they consider you a friend? Like, my super close friends, the ones I talk to every day, I don’t have doubts about, but like my friends in theatre or ones I just see at school, etc., like…do they think of me as a friend?? Like, I almost get the temptation to be like, “Hey, are we friends??” But that would be weird because if we are friends, why would I question it, and if we aren’t, then why do I think we are???


I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous 
Because there’s always the calm before the storm
Because I don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love 

mycherryqueen  asked:

Quick question what's your favorite shojo manga? For me it would rather be: Maid-sama( it brought me to the manga world) Suki desu suzuki-kun( so much feels in this) kamisama hajimemashita( pretty self-explanatory​)

monoLol the question may be quick but not the answer. I’m way to much of an shojo obssesed reader to choose only one.

Anyway I’ll tell you some of my favorites, I totally recommend them to people who doesn’t know them.

You have good taste btw

Bokura ga ita

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Kaichou wa maid sama

Hana kimi

Gakuen Alice

Fruits basket

Ouran host

Tonari no kaibutsu kun

Akatsuki no yona

Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai

Aoi Kiseki

Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita

Dear! (MITSUKI Kako)

Kedamono ni Lollipop

Kyou mo Ashita mo

Monokuro Shounen Shoujo

My Fair Neighbor


Sabaku no Harem

Sarashi Asobi

Seiten Kickoff

Tendou-ke Monogatari

Issho ni Neyou yo

Library wars

Kamisama kiss

Ravenclaw Headcanon

The only way a Ravenclaw isn’t going to go to school or work is if they’re on their deathbed. And even then it might take some convincing.

*watches entire kdrama within a day*

*googles lead and second lead and entire cast*

*searches for hashtag of said drama on tumblr*

*reblogs favorite moments for the rest of the life*

*watches every drama of pretty flower boy lead*