they come to my country

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I've propably never felt as sad as I do right now. Because I was really excited for H going on tour, and I was already saving up to buy a ticket. But now he isn't coming to my country at all. And I'm just so disappointed because of that... :(

I know lots of people who are in that boat with you, angel. It’s so, so disappointing, and I’m so sorry. But honestly, he’s coming again. This is just the beginning. I know it’s a sucky feeling that you won’t get to see him the first time around when it feels like everybody else is going, but he is coming again. He’s got two more albums, this is JUST the beginning. In the meantime? Keep saving. Keep at it, and get yourself the ticket of your choice when he finally makes it to you. And try to look forward to all the other goodies he’s got in store. xx

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Why are all these youtubers coming to my country? Like... Amsterdam is literally my back garden. Can we hang? We need to hang.

I think VidCon was just happening there! I’m not there, I wish I was!!


A couple of years ago every single magazine and newspaper thought it was cool to say things about me that weren’t true, and things about me that were mean, and things I couldn’t correct them on. But you did. And I just want you to know that I’m never going to forget what you did. That you showed up for me when my hands were tied behind my back and I couldn’t say anything to fight back. You fought back, and you kept showing up, and kept filling stadiums, and here we are. And in those years while you were sticking up for me, I was writing a new album called 1989

Shit is going down in my country right now.

I’m fucking afraid that a fucking revolution is going to blow up. The goverment violated the Constitution and people are not happy. There are protests all over the place.

I’m sorry if this not place, but I’m afraid. 

You will not be informed about this, because Paraguay isn’t a relevant country (It’s not Europe or North America). 

I’m sorry, i needed to vent :( 

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How's it going with the ASEAN summit there?

I will lead the ASEAN in to greatness!


M!A: Male Phili [19/8]

The ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) is like our version of the EU, except it has more limitations. 

  • Member countries have a non interference policy of each others’ internal affairs. Members must respect each others independence and sovereignty. Disputes must be resolved peacefully.
  • One idea behind ASEAN is strength in numbers. When deciding on policies, everyone must be on board. When one country disagrees, no decision will be made. But when have we ever agreed on anything?
  • The Chairmanship in the ASEAN is on a rotational basis and 2017 is Phili’s turn to rule. 
  • It so happens that 2017 is also ASEAN’s 50th founding anniversary, so things are pretty hectic. The big party is gonna happen around November.