they clean for your sins

So like, imagine an AU where Trevelyan, Lavellan, Adaar and Cadash never actually made it to the Conclave. They all got spectacularly waylaid – by each other – on the way there and ended up forming a clump of grumpy, teeth-gritted comradeship to survive the rather hostile road there because idk about you, but a Dalish elf, a Tal-Vashoth Qunari, a Carta dwarf and the 39th son of the 40th cousin twice removed from the royal family of the Free Marches would make the most fantastic, oddball adventuring party ever.

And it’s just like…yeah, I literally dreamed this last night so here, have some potential dialogue lines.


Adaar, very clearly a virgin: Oh yeah, I’ve had sex. I’ve had all the sex.
Cadash: Pffft. The only thing you’ve been bangin’ are the pots and pans–
Lavellan: Keep your dick away from our cooking utensils or so help me.


Trevelyan: Nobody here appreciates fine dining like I do.
Cadash: Yeah well, shit’s an acquired taste, as you would know.


Cadash: Just a quick question. Where did you get your admirable sense of humor from? The spite is just…riveting.
Lavellan: It is homegrown on a history of slaughter and slavery from the shem. I’m glad you liked it.
Trevelyan: Of course the dwarf would.
Lavellan: The dwarf has good tastes.


Adaar: How did your thought process go from ‘oh god what a huge demon on fire’ to ‘I’m going to whack it with my sword and hope that it dies’?
Trevelyan: Look, mate. My enemies were on fire once and they died when I whacked them hard enough too.
Cadash: It’s too bad he’s a human. He would’ve made the perfect kind of Carta.
Lavellan: Yes, the odor is identical to yours.
Adaar: You marked him?
Cadash: I rubbed my dwarfy little hands all over him while he slept, yup.
Lavellan: Creators, cleanse me from the evils my ears have borne audience to.


Cadash: Is it true Templars would sell an arm and a leg for a mouthful of lyrium?
Lavellan: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s rude.
Trevelyan: It certainly is! And it’s more accurate that they would sell their mothers, anyway.
Adaar: Andraste burning on the stakes wasn’t enough to clean you of your sins, I see.


Lavellan: You have no discomfort, traveling alongside a Dalish mage?
Trevelyan: Nope. I was born uncomfortable, anyway.


Cadash: Hey, we can lure [the bandits] down this tunnel.
Adaar: So all of us except for you can get stuck down there?
Cadash: Oh ye of little faith!
Trevelyan: Even if the Maker descended right now, haloed in everlasting lights with Andraste by His side and tell me to trust you, I wouldn’t do it.


When you’re in too deep but you want to keep everything nice and tidy… 💦

My ustadha said something really beautiful today. She said, “When you’re doing assignments on your laptops you can sometimes make errors, so to get rid of them you press the backspace. It would be as if you never made that error in the first place. And there’s no limit. No limit to how many times you can press it.

Repentance is just like that.

There’s no limit to how many times you can repent. And the most beautiful thing about repentance is that, just like the backspace, repentance erases your sins so that you have a clean slate again.”

So give yourselves to God. Stand against the devil, and he will run away from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you. You are sinners, so clean sin out of your lives. You are trying to follow God and the world at the same time. Make your thinking pure.
—  James 4:7-8

Pacific Northwest Gothic

  • the fog is so thick, you can barely make out your hand in front of your face, let alone identify the shapes and shadows around you. Grotesque shapes and forms, could be a tree or something else. You cannot know for certain.
  • The mountains stir and shift. A hole opens in the ground, exposing the bowels of the earth. It calls to you, but who knows how long until it snaps shut once more.
  • “Another Grizzly attack” they say, tucking their hats down low over their eyes. “Sixth one this week, but we haven’t caught the beast yet.” They keep looking, but you know its not a bear that their looking for.
  • Single lane roads twist and turn so sharply, you cannot see beyond the sharp turns, cannot see what is waiting for you from the woods.
  • Not even the waters of the Missoula flood could conquer the Colombia gorge, why did mankind think that they could?
  • The ground rumbles and shakes beneath your feet and you smile and say “Another earthquake,” and pretend you do not know what is waking up.
  • Houses so deep in the forests, you wouldn’t know they exist if it weren’t for the post box and trail. 
  • Building the railroad through the mountains, who knows how many workers died up there, their bones left inside the mountains to be forgotten.
  • “There is something hiding in the woods,” the children whisper to each other, but you don’t try to comfort or correct them. It’s best they learn now to fear, than to learn later.
  • You keep your eyes up, not on the road, as you drive under suicide bridge. You can never be too careful.
  • Another girl drowned in the river, and they only look for her body halfheartedly, for decorum’s sake. You all know the river takes as good as it gives.
  • When they built the dam, the entire town let out its breath like a sigh of relief. Their secrets are buried under the water, now.
  • You’ve gone so long without the sun, it frightens you when you finally see it, exposed and naked in the cloudless sky. You shut the blinds and crawl back into bed to wait out the storm.
  • God only knows what happened to all those poor people on the mountain. We only ever found their cars, after all, their belongings still inside. 
  • There are meetings out there, in the woods. You know, you can hear them. They dance around a bonfire and sing to the forces older than the Gods you know, and this power is real.
  • They call the stretch of water the Graveyard of the pacific and they aren’t wrong. The Columbia Bar claimed more than 2,000 ships, the water is greedy here.
  • Migrant workers moving between town and farm and work, their dark eyes gleaming with secrets you could not even begin to comprehend.
  • The rain is so hard sometimes, you swear it feels like penance. God’s rain to wash away the devil’s weight, and you know it’ll be okay when it stops because the rain’ll be back right in time to wash your soul clean of sin again.

Same Jean. Same.

the hq ship ao3 tropes

kagehina: me??? like boy???? no…no me straight

tsukkiyama: gomen tsukki 

daisuga: teeth rotting fluff born from an angels tear 

kuroken: kuroo i fucking swear to god- 

bokuaka: aklggjHAAASHHhhhhIiii

 iwaoi: but if im hot…and you’re hot…then who’s driving the car 

asanoya: ashai… asahi stop crying no its fine you didnt hurt me it’s called a hickey, goddammit-

 kurotsuki: filth, absolute, 100% sin 

kyouhaba: *happy tail wagging* 

 bokuroo: bro…dude….b-bro… 

kenhina: only those who are clean without sin may enter this tag, for if not your skin shall burn in hell at the sight of something so pure 

kurodai: college aus cOLLEGE AUS COLLEGE AUS

ukatake: are you trying to seduce me?? 

yakulev: a tol smol and a smol tol

kiyoyachi: two words: mutual pining

matsuhana: *laughs @ oikawa while holding hands from a distance*

ennotana: ryuu no

tananoya: ryuu yes

Pride of Diligence

Pride requests You are always right.  

Humility knows others are right. 

Wrath becomes liquid acid. 

Patients is the neutralizer.

Gluttony consumes Energy for oneself. 

Temperance transmutes that to energy to others.

Envy is a crack on your foundation.  

Kindness restores and repairs the cracks. 

Greed hoards what can help others.

Charity gives what help they can. 

Lust compromises situations. 

Chastity cleans situations. 

Sloth slows your Flame

Diligence ignites the Fire. 


hi everyone this a official apology

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i. The summer after i tried to kill myself, i played hangman on the apple tree in our backyard / so Mama strung together a chrysanthemum necklace / to hide the claw-like marks on my neck / i envisioned a Picasso art piece / and tried to chop myself into chunks / so Mama dipped my cuts into salt water / and cupped my mouth when i whimpered / Papa shook his head / not again / i am one part sadness / two parts disappointment / five thousand and twenty-seven parts i wish she wasn’t our daughter


iii. Mama asks me: what is wrong? / but she doesn’t want to know / she stuffs my mouth with yellow flowers / coats me in yellow paint / YELLOW IS THE COLOUR OF HAPPINESS / she sews my mouth shut / that way i won’t speak / jagged upper lip to chapped lower lip / she pulls apart the blinds / and Mama tells me / some sunlight will do me good / she lets the sun burn me / scorch me / sear me / CREMATE ME / yew trees grow in my lungs / wingless crows take flight

iv. So curl me up in an urn, or a coffin / so drown me in yellow / so hide my pain for me / so lock up your shame / NOT MINE / so i am dishonour / SO I AM DISGRACE / so stifle my screams / so scratch out my wounds / so be blind / BE DEAF


Realisation (D.O Kyungsoo Scenario)

Genre: Angst / Abuse

Pairing: Do Kyungsoo / You

Rating: 12+

Prompt: “Jagiya, I’m sorry. Look at me please? I’m sorry.”

Writer: monicaexol (My name is Monica)

Originally posted by vampireksoo

He was going to be late home again. You sat patiently on your couch cramming your face with popcorn whilst you stare blankly at your screen, trying to fill in your void of loneliness without Kyungsoo. The day had dragged on ever so slowly, almost as though someone had turned your life into slow motion. You glance to the window and notice that it had begun raining, even the sky had been crying for you.

How dare he? You thought. Clearly he hadn’t learnt his lesson from the last time you were together. It was your birthday and he was late, yet again. To be honest, you weren’t surprised that he was late, but it still hurt that he didn’t manage to be on time, even then. You felt your palms become sweaty and slightly shaking, you shook your head vigorously to relieve yourself of the building stress. Regardless of how many times he had been - or would be - late, you were still eager to see him stroll through the door. Your anger was out of pure love, this is what you argued, all you wanted was his safety. Now, you mindlessly tapped your fingers against the empty bowl in your hands. The lights above your head began flickering and nervousness overcame your body. Suddenly, everything stopped. The ring of the doorbell punctuated the air.

Finally, you think. You get up, taking your sweet time to open the door. He made me wait, it’s only fair that I do the same. Your train of thoughts were interrupted with an annoying ring. You didn’t bother saying that you’re coming. Instead, you trudged in a zombie like state to the door and opened it, then, soundlessly turned around and moulded back into your previous position on the couch.

“Jagiya, I’m sorry. Look at me please? I’m sorry.” You felt a dip in the soft couch next to you. His soft doe eyes were boring into yours though you chose to ignore him and focus on the screen ahead. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N, yah, look at me please.” For a split second you turn your head towards him, letting him know that you’ve acknowledged him and his words. But you say nothing in return.

“I had a film shoot, you know this, they ran slightly over schedule and we had to practice our scene for next week. But I’m off tomorrow, we can go somewhere together okay? I’m sorry honey.” His velvety voice became deeper and deeper like he was waiting for your high voice to peep out and contrast his. The urge to simply forgive him and pull him into a kiss was becoming unbearable, but he had to know how much he’d hurt you, so you did nothing. Moments later, your heavy eyes wavered over his again, but still, a humming silence was all that could be heard between his and your heavy breathing.

He sighed.

“Irene Yuri… it was her birthday.”

He paused before he took an uneven deep breath. His eyes were also on the bright screen now, but he hadn’t noticed that your gaze had shifted on him.

“The staff arranged a surprise birthday party for her and they asked me to stay. I couldn’t just leave, it would have been rude. Please understand.” He looked back at you with pleading eyes, for a while your eyes finally met. The problem was that his were filled with love and guilt and yours were filled with anger and arrogance.

You stood up firmly and made your way into the kitchen, quietly muttering words to yourself, he instantly followed you in and sat on a stool while watching you move fiercely. You stopped threw him an aggravated look.

Do you even love me?” The words raced out of your mouth, your eyebrows furrowed deeply together and a long sigh left your mouth when the question ended.

“Jagiya, don’t do this again please. You know I love you.” His heart shaped smile tried to resurface the way it usually does when he reassures you, but this time, it wasn’t there.

“Hah.” You scoffed while you placed a carrot on the chopping board and strained your grip around the knife. “Yeah, you do, that’s why you were out with another girl I guess.” With that you started throwing your knife onto the carrot, mercilessly chopping the vegetable till it was nothing but shreds.

“Y/N, it was not a choice, I could not say no.”

“Really Kyungsoo? You couldn’t? Could it have killed you to say ‘Sorry but my girlfriend is home alone, again, because I’m too busy for her. I think I’ll go home’ ?” You now swiped your lifeless carrots to the side and brought down a cucumber to begin murdering. You didn’t even know what you were preparing, you just needed to release your overflowing anger at this moment.

“I’m sorry that my schedule has been so busy lately, that’s why I got it changed as best as I could. I’m off tomorrow and even the next two days after that. Let’s just forget this and plan what we’re going to do together okay?”

His soothing voice could be heard from where he was sat, it danced in the air and made its way swiftly into your ears. Then you hear the stool scratch the surface of the tiled floor, letting out a sound that resonated one of someone screeching. Slow paced footsteps could be heard making their way in your direction with the sounds regurgitating in every direction. All this did nothing but cause your simmered blood to boil even more. You felt a warm hand glide smoothly over your cold one, he slipped the knife out of your hands and then swiftly turned you around so that you were facing him.

Cautiously he brought his face closer to yours letting his hot breath fall directly onto your lips.

Then you did it.

In a sudden move you slapped your hand against his face. You left him so that he was turned to the left with his hand pressed against his fuming skin. A single tear strolled down his cheek and he shifted his hesitant doe eyes to yours. He moved his hand away from his cheek closed the already small space between you both.

Without you realising, he slithered one hand around your waist and one onto the back of your head, pulling your hair roughly enough to make you gasp with shock. In a quick move he smashed his plump lips against yours and forced his tongue into your mouth. You wriggled uncontrollably trying to get ourself out of his grasp. This kiss was not sweet, it was rather bitter. He harshly bit down on your lip and tears came swarming out of your eyes as you blinked furiously at him. Hopelessly, you tried your best to pry his strong arms away from you. Your head moved in ridiculous motions but he counteracted this by tightening his grip around your waist causing you to squirm back to his face in discomfort.

He unwrapped himself from you and looked you in the eyes, both of your eyes were now red. Red with pain, anger, confusion and now, newly found hate. Your body was shaking, you hadn’t ever felt this way before. This was not the Kyungsoo you knew, he was different.

“How do you feel? Violated? That’s how I feel each time you slap me.” His words came out harsh and stung at your ears, you looked at him with a guilty look and lowered your gaze.

“You’ve slapped me on many occasions before and all I’ve ever done is… is forgive you. You yell at me for things I don’t mean to do. Do you think that I’d want to stay out this late working?! Do you… I just… Wouldn’t I rather be home resting after all the hard work that I do to feed and clothe us both?!” The words continued to pour out of his mouth on a rampage, each word almost crushing the other with levels of increased volume.

“I loved you with my whole heart, so I faced your abuse thinking you would realise it’s wrong when I explained it to you each damn time. But I was wrong. You’ll never change. I pity the man that you next meet… or if you ever do for that matter. Now, I want you out of my house. Leave tomorrow morning.”

You fell to your knees remembering each time you had slapped him. Realisation struck you and images of you abusing him creeped into your brain repeating over and over and over.

“Honey I’m sorry -”


“You know I didn’t mean -”


“I’m trying to let you know that -”


You sunk your head in shame at the amount of times you’d abused your boyfriend. Guilty, ashamed and sinful were words that couldn’t even hint at how disgusted you felt at yourself. You spent that night lying on the kitchen floor, he didn’t come to get you and neither did you expect him to. You deserved everything he had said to you but you didn’t deserve him at all. Without making a sound you woke up early that morning, you cleaned the entire house making the least noise as possible.

You were finishing moping the floor when you hear his bedroom door open. He was wearing the same clothes as last night, he looked scruffy, eyes still red. Your sight fell upon his cheek and immense guilt overcame your body, there was a small bruise right where you had slapped him. He stepped out with a confused look on his face. You had already managed to get into his room and pack your belongings into your bags. Tidying up was almost a way of apologising, almost a metaphor to try and clean your past sins.

“I don’t think words are enough to apologise for the way I’ve been towards you. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, I know. But still I want to say sorry and ask that maybe somewhere in your heart, you’d forgive me.”

He didn’t say anything, instead his gaze moved from your eyes to your bags. You followed them and trailed back to your bags picking them up. You left the things he had bought for you, clothes, shoes, jewellery, anything. You realised that you’d been feeding off him, noticing how light your bags were.

You wanted to say more but feared that he would pity you, console you and ask you to stay. So you left a letter on the kitchen counter with some brownies that you baked for him. It had been a while since you made any sort of sweet gesture towards him.

Then you were out of the door. Out of his sight and out of his life. You walked out of a relationship with a heart full of regret and a mind trying to find peace. If there’s anything you’d learnt, it was that each relationship required not just love, but understanding, patience and respect. Three things that you lacked.

That’s all he left you with… realisation.

Decisions, Decisions (Part 6)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content…?

Word Count: 3882

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings​ - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13​ imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child. Texts are in italics

Tags: @wordacadabra   @frenchfrostpudding @lisssays @cocosierra94  @staceycasey123 @lucianightwolker @tacohead13 @queen–valeskaxx


The next day, you slept in, then went to the gym, grabbed some iced coffee, then went home to relax for a day off. But you couldn’t help but think of James. You toyed with texting and calling him or leaving him alone. Finally, you caved.

I’m sorry about last night. Could we talk about this, please?

No response happened for five minutes and you sighed. What were you going to talk about? You knew you wouldn’t confess everything, but maybe you could buy a tiny bit of more time, then no one could be hurt. You thought maybe, just maybe, you could have one more date with each of them, and then you’d decide.

Ida was busy with her job, otherwise you would’ve reached out to her, but you didn’t want to bother her or distract her. You felt so alone in that moment and you knew it was your fault. Watching James walk out the door last night hurt you far beyond what you thought was capable.

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Title: One Long Night (pt.1)

Words: 3,923
Rating: T for Teen (death mention, swearing)
Pairing: Bea x Mae, Gregg x Angus
Summery: Life had seemed to change in the quiet little town of Possum Springs. To Mae Borowski, the changes in the town seemed to have been for the better, especially after that one night in the woods. She had just gotten a job over at Taco Buck, and her two friends Angus and Gregg seemed to have also move to settle down over in Bright Harbor as well. The only thing that hasn’t changed was her friend Bea, who still continued to work at the Ol’ Pickax. One visit however, would ultimately give Mae the impression that perhaps change was going through to her childhood friend as well…

Author’s comments: Gosh dang, it took me long enough to get back into writing… I’m going through an artist block anyway, so I thought I’d continue this story from where it was… I hope I can continue this one as well cause that would be really amazing, but lets see how it goes shall we?

Enjoy my friends~!!

[no secondary parts as of yet]

Honorable mentions: @j4m-ch4n​ (Who was my editor for the most part… Thank sis~!). @cryssalia​ (who is still an inspiration to me, and also I think that perhaps she would maybe like to read my stuff too ). And also @werelupewoods , cause like… I haven’t wrote in a while and I thought that maybe you could read this little thing im doing that is totally different from my neo stuff lol. (>w<)b

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anonymous asked:

After a long day at work you come home to find Jefferson has poured you a bubble bath in the claw foot tub. You lean back in the water he sits outside the tub cleaning your body, which turns into him fingering you under the bubbles. After making you delirious once he strips off his clothes and joins you. He drapes one leg over the edge of the tub and holds one high above his waste as he thrusts into you. After both of you are spent a majority of the water is in the floor, but neither of you care

“I was supposed to get you clean” he mumbles with smirk, nudging your nose with his.

Sinful Sunday™

5 unexpected Satan facts!

Anonymous asked: I’ve been wondering what is the devil’s full story, because some preachers just say anything and everything wrong is the devil’s fault, but never go much into detail of why he is “pure evil”, or what his motivation is. Thank you for any help! [edited for length]

Unka Glen answered: Sure thing. Let’s start with Revelation 12:7-10, where we read that Satan rebelled against Heaven, and was cast down to Earth. We also read that Satan wants to lead the whole world astray. And that he is the one that accuses us day and night.

In Matthew 4:8-9 we find out what Satan was rebelling against in the previous verse: he wanted to be in charge instead of God. Satan takes Jesus up “to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. ‘“All this I will give you,’ he said, ‘if you will bow down and worship me.’”

In John 8:44 Jesus points out that Satan was “a murderer from the beginning”. And he is “not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

In 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 we get a sense of what Satan lies about: “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light”, and “his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness”.

Put all that together, and we end up with a picture that may be a bit unlike what most people think of as Satan. And in misunderstanding him, we leave ourselves vulnerable to his attack on our lives. So let’s look at 5 things we can say about God’s enemy:

1. He doesn’t necessarily want you to sin more, he just wants you to stop following Jesus. If the Lord wants you to go and help your neighbor, and you stay home and read your Bible, you’re not following a Lord, you’re practicing a religion.

2. Satan’s main approach is to sell religion. If you stay home and read your Bible, you’ll feel holy, even as you’re blowing off the Almighty and doing whatever you please.

3. His three favorite attacks are fear, shame, and guilt. You ever notice how guilt always seems right and godly? After all, what are you supposed to do, feel good about your sin? What are you gonna do, ask God if sin is bad? You need to clean up your act and then you can come before God, meanwhile, stop bugging Him and go away. Just like that, you’re running from God and you’re listening to The Accuser.

4. Knowing the truth from the lies is the key. Christians are good at being in denial and calling that faith, and they’re good a judging people and calling that “standing on the Word of God”, but they often struggle with basic discernment. They struggle with simply going to God and letting Him show them right from wrong, and good from evil.

5. He always attacks our weakest link. And he’ll keep that attack going until it stops working. In this way, the enemy points us to weaknesses that we would otherwise ignore, and he keeps up the pressure until we turn those weaknesses into strengths. If we rise to this challenge, then even these attacks are made to be a source of insight, and inspire us to rise up and overcome these areas that would otherwise hold us back.