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re: the wonho in the purple sweater that i submitted, u should look at the twitter @monstaxpredebut they have so many pics of predebut wonho wearing bunny things 👀👀👀 it really is a Thing with him he's always been a bun

IM YELLING was this…….. a bunny themed photoshoot i can’t believe……….. it’s been going on for this long……….. also he looks like such a NERD im gonna push him into the lockers i can’t believe he had like, a preppy phase AS WELL as an emo phase gybe this is rly c*te

Hey there!

I’m not sure if this is the place for this, but I wanted to share this all with you!

My Deed Poll arrived today! This means that from tomorrow onwards, my name will be my name in a legal capacity too! I changed my name and title! I am now officially Mx. :D I’m so happy about this and I wanted you to know that it can happen!

You will be called by your true name! Keep holding on!

-Mod Mim

Toujours Pur - Part 4

Druella gushes over the diamond that glints on Walburga’s hand.

She sighs, exchanging a glance with her fiancé.

Druella: Oh, you make such a lovely couple. And to think Wally, you won’t even have to change your last name! 

Orion guides her to a quiet corner of the room, wary of the dangerous look in her eye.

Orion: These people are here for you. Enjoy it.

Walburga studies the people that fill Grimmauld Place, laughing and drinking. She wishes they were gone.

Her mother moves to stand silently beside her. They both watch the party.

They stand in tense silence. Then, it is broken.

Walburga: What? Of course! I love him.

Irma: And does he love you?

Walburga: You don’t think it will work, do you?

Irma: As I said. He is a good match.

Irma: I’m proud of you.

Walburga says nothing.

She moves away, leaving Walburga alone with a burning space inside her chest. She ignores it.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Urgent: I'm 16, in NC, graduating in May. Is there any way I can change my name before may do you think? I'm not allowed to use anything but my legal name and I can't graduate with that name...

Kii says:

Maybe? Start your name change process ASAP, and tell everyone that is assisting you that you have a deadline, and they might be able to rush your paperwork. 

Name change

I would like to go strictly by Katya on here

I am thinking abt changing name to that but I want to see if its right for me first

It’s okay to change your name! It’s your title, the word you hear everywhere you go. The word people identify you with. You should get a nice word!
It’s not betraying your parents and the word they picked– You’ve grown up now and your title is your choice. Be what you want!

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I never really considered that Weiss could fail in her attempt to break free until now. When she summoned that knight, I just assumed she would succeed but like you said, the longer she's there the more possible it is that something happens to her. I just want Weiss to get out of there ASAP.

Yeah the longer she’s there, the more likely it is that something will get in her way. So I’m hoping when we cut back, she’s gotten her favor from Klein and is preparing to leave. I don’t think her story is about her in that place. She wants to change the Schnee name, as a huntress. She’s no longer the heir, so there’s just nothing left for her. I think Weiss’ journey is about making her own name and doing things her own way. Setting a new standard, just like her grandfather did. 

She’ll encounter her father (and brother) again I’m certain, but that should come later, when she’s rebuilt her own foundation a little. 

one of my new years resolutions is to watch a movie a week (lmao) bc i love film right,,, and i want to incorporate into my life ok,,, so im on track so far (nice) and the reviews that i am writing are suddenly turning into philosophical analyses of life itself

mod name change

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that I won’t be using the name Delton anymore; instead I’ll be using the name Valentine (rhymes with teen). My friends mostly just call me “teen” or “teener” so feel free to call me that as well.

When I joined this blog I had about 8 or 9 names in use simultaneously (for many different reasons), but recently my name situation has stabilized, and I would prefer to use a name on this blog that I actually use irl. Thanks for understanding! :^)

-Valentine (formerly known as Delton)

RETCON TIME, possibly

What if I changed Sphinx gf’s name from Ozuma to “Maar”. Volcanic feature that sounds a bit like a kitty noise? Pretty perfect for a cuddly demon sphinx lady, I’d say.

Dunno, thoughts?

am I named after my fursona or is my fursona named after me

what came first

the answer is kinda both, I dont recommend it bc its confusing 

I always felt like If i could pick my name it would be Jack, so thats what I called my fursona, and made my username, then people started calling me Jack, then I realized I COULD pick my name, and ofc I still like Jack. I always wanted Jack. 

I don’t wanna change my fursonas name and I dont want to change MY name.

So my fursona and I are both Jack. 

Sometimes to avoid confusion I refer to my fursona as The Vulture. 

Alright, guys ! (list for the insect team)

so guys, for the insect team, we have already: (the names of the blog can change)

-Already taken:

-2 engineers: @ask-the-engie-bee / @butterflygineer

-1 scout: (ask-smol-moth-scout, waiting to be created)

-1 pyro: (ask-moth-pyro, waiting to be created)

-1 soldier: @ask-the-soldier-bee

-Empty places:

  1. -demoman
  2. heavy
  3. medic
  4. sniper
  5. spy


  • for the class:
  1. the engineer are closed because we are already two !
  • for the insects:
  1. the bee are closed (’cause we have already two)
  2. the moth are closed (’cause we have already two)

bee original ! :p

but don’t be sad if you wanted to be a bee or moth ! 

You have a lot of other choice ! 

firefly, cricket, fly, dragonfly and more !