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Coffee Brews Correspondence☕

these are personal correspondences from my own speculations and work with coffee, others’ personal experiences may vary. 

Dark Roast — introspection and heavy meditation. Precision and forethought, foresightedness and divination. 

Decaf — nullification, ending spells and winding things down. 

Latte — blessings, luck, and pleasantries. fertility and creativity. 

Macchiato — catalysts, movement and growth. technology witchcraft.

Cappuccino —   psychic protections, peace/balance spells. kitchen spells and pop culture spells. 

Espresso — protection and curse casting, awareness and clarity. 

Red Eye — curses and dispelling glamours, clarity, astral / divination. increasing intensity scale from Lazy Eye➡️Red Eye➡️Black Eye➡️Dead Eye.

Cold Brew — intuition and justice. level-handedness and impartiality.

Mocha — love magic. magic involving delicate feelings, friendship and forgiveness, budding romance.

Iced Coffee —  wealth and career spells. success and motivation. confidence and courage spells.

so i let my friend Alyssa roll a d100 for the age of my new d&d wizard and here she is!!! her name is Mildred and she’s 94 years old and i love her. 

Fun facts about Mildred:

  • She is a few levels higher than the rest of the party, but sometimes has to roll to see if she remembers how to cast a spell, or why she walked into a room. Might spend her turn recounting the time she fought a battle similar to this one in the summer of ‘45
  • She was essentially a free love hippie back in the day and has done SO MUCH Old Toby
  • Never married, but she has a lot of love to give and explored that love with just about every species in her heyday
  • She tends toward chaotic good but has been known to play tricks on youths she finds too haughty
  • Calls everyone “dearie”
✨ Broom Spell! ✨

It’s Spring! Which means many of us many feel inclined to clean around our homes, which is a great time to clear any negative energy and cast spells! If you plan on sweeping I suggest saying these quick words to banish negativity! 🌟“As I sweep, sweep the ground All negativity shall now be bound I banish from here all that is profane Only good and blessings shall remain! So mote it be!” 🌟 I hope you all had a blessed Ostara, and that you find light, happiness, growth and opportunity in the New Spring! Blessed be!

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Thank god this blog exist, i literally read everyday some fics who really inspire when i write, thank you! I also was wondering if you know some good fics as Stiles as an wizard/witch?


Aw. Thank you! So glad you’re finding lots of fics to read :) The only wizard!stiles fics I know are harry potter au’s and you can find those ones here But here are the witch!stiles fics I had saved. Happy reading! 

A Thousand Fiery Suns of Angst - Just Press Play by  apocryphal | 20.9K

All Stiles wants from life is to learn to control his magic, keep his grades up, and not die horribly while saving Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. It’s all going pretty well until Derek Hale, werewolf extraordinaire, has to go and ask him on a date. That asshole.

flint & tinder by  grimm | 43.5K

Casting spells, chasing monsters, wooing your coworkers and fucking them in their offices - it’s all in a day’s work for Stiles Stilinski.

Witching Hour by  Birdpeople (DeusExMachina) | 31.6K

The one where Stiles has been a witch for years, but Scott always thought he was joking, until Scott gets bitten and the supernatural becomes all too real for him.

Soulseeker by  alisvolatpropiis | 9.7K

Sighing, Stiles reaches for Derek’s big hands, cradled in his broad lap, his skin lighting up even more at Derek’s touch. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, preparing himself to look for Derek’s soulmate. Whoever you are, he thinks, you better be worth him.

One of Those Couples by  apocryphal | 6.6K

“Oh my God, my magic is seducing you.”

Derek shrugs.

“My magic is seducing you and it’s working,” Stiles says in horror.

Night Owls Early Birds by  Lissadiane | 24.3K

In which Stiles learns he’s a witch, but instead of a wand and a trip to Diagon Alley, he gets blood magic, a grumpy and reluctant owl as his companion, and an accidental blood bond with Derek Hale.

That Which You Cannot Undo by  uraneia | 28.1K

By twenty-eight, Stiles has resigned himself to a quiet life of working in his magic shop, selling Jackson Whittemore fart-inducing tea, and looking after his goddaughter. It’s a good life. But the quiet goes to hell when his sister, Lydia, shows up with a crispy werewolf in her trunk and a bite mark on her shoulder, because hard on her heels comes the hottest person Stiles has ever seen, and he happens to be looking for his uncle.

You know, the dead guy Stiles helped Lydia bury last night.

a simple day at college, attending high level grammar class with only four other students in the back room of a building turned greenhouse, seriously analyzing and beating to death we were supposed to bring in on the chalkboard. except these were half of the sentences:

1. “cash me ouside how ‘bout dah” and my professor goes into the structures that are and are not there and the grammar of memes

2. my sentence about demons casting spells over the walmart pa system as a family of goblins picks an ice cream flavor in the frozen food aisle

my professor five minutes into the analysis: “we can add the phrase ‘running over with blood’ here”

me: “no, they’re just trying to get their groceries”

im listening to taz nights and losing my goddamn MIND clint just cast a fourth level spell its episode TWO, he is Not level 7 by now he should know that spell level refers to spell slots not player level aND ALSO

turns out he cheated with the first time he cast zone of truth because thats a second level spell and he cast it in episode 5

Clint McElroy Yuo Are A Liar And

Healing FAQ

These are Frequently Asked Questions I get about healing. Please check this guide before asking me questions concerning healing! This will be updated regularly, as I receive more questions. 

Can healing magic replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO. No. Absolutely not. The origins/cause of physical/mental issues are mundane 99.9999% of the time, and thus should be treated with mundane treatments first. Even if you believe the cause is spiritual/magical in nature, it could never hurt to get yourself checked out through a mundane method.

Do I need to be born with the ability to heal?

No??? Not at all.

Do you have to have a certain personality to be able to heal?

Not at all, no.

Can some people heal easier than others?

Yes, the ones that practice healing more will have an easier time performing healings.

How do I become a healer?

  • 1. Want to heal stuff.
  • 2. Go cast healing spells/do healing energy work.

How long do I have to practice healing before I can consider myself a healer?

There is no minimum length of time you have to practice healing. You could call yourself a healer as soon as you cast your first healing spell. In my opinion, it is more about the intent/willingness to heal others that makes you a healer, than the length of time.

Can I do healings on animals?


Can I do healings on myself?

Yes, absolutely. When you get a bruise, does someone have to swoop in and heal it? No, your body repairs itself. Same applies to magic; you are perfectly capable of healing yourself magically.

Is it safe to try healing someone else?

Yes, as long as use your own caution, common sense, and communicate with the healing recipient, it will be. For minimum safety guidelines I suggest you ward and cleanse beforehand (yourself and the person you are healing/have them cleanse themself), and cleanse yourself again afterwards.

Can you heal spirits/entities?

Yes, though energy bodies will vary more than on Earth, so you will have to be more cautious.

Will it be alright to be a healer if I have issues myself?

As long as those issues don’t interfere with the actual sending of healing energy, and you cleanse yourself before and afterwards and ward , you should be fine.

What resources do you have on healing/healing-related energy work?

What types of energies are used in healing?

You can use whatever energies you want. Some people use white light, others like one of the four traditional elements (water, earth, fire, air); all types of energies can be used for healing. However, I recommend asking the recipient what types of energies work best with them, and what energies do not , or harm them. Energies that work best with the recipient are absorbed more easily and thus can usually heal more effectively. Energies that they do not work well with, however, can actually do harm, thus defeating the point of the healing.

What preparations should be done before healing?

These are not 100% necessary, but I highly recommend them for maximum safety: Cleanse whomever you’re cleaning/have them cleanse themself, cleanse yourself, ward yourself/your connections/link against possible parasites/the recipient’s negative energy. You may also want to gather energy, possibly through grounding and/or centering beforehand. Again, none of these are strict requirements but everything in the first sentence is highly recommended for maximum safety and ease of healing process.

How can you find beings to practice healing on?

  • Ask your friends/people you know well
  • Offer your healing services on tumblr. And do ask that people leave reviews, so that you are able to learn.
  • Ask your spirit guides/guardians/companions if you could practice healing on them. 
  • Heal yourself.

What are some simple ways to practice healing?

  • Heal yourself after a hard day at work/school.
  • Heal yourself after watching a show/movie or reading a book that had a sad scene and made you cry.
  • Do a healing on yourself at regular intervals, maybe once a week, or once a month.

How can I get better at healing?

  • Practice, actually do the healing.
  • Ask your spirits/entities/guides/guardians if they could help teach you healing.
  • Ask people you know that do healing, for tips on how to git gud at healing.
  • Ask for feedback/reviews when you perform healings.

What healers do you know on tumblr?

I know @duskenpath and @spiritvexer offer healing services, however check if their services are open before asking them for a healing. 

There is also myself, though I do not heal for free.

Anyone who would like to get the word out about their healing services is free to IM me so I can edit them in!

What do you know about Reiki?

I know that it is a type of healing energy work, using the energy of the Universe. It was founded by Usui, and you need an attunement to be able to send reiki energy. I do not use Reiki so I am no expert on it, however Duskenpath has resources on it and offers reiki healing (though check that her healing services are open first).

Can healing magic replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO. No. Absolutely not. The origins/cause of physical/mental issues are mundane 99.9999% of the time, and thus should be treated with mundane treatments first. Even if you believe the cause is spiritual/magical in nature, it could never hurt to get yourself checked out through a mundane method.

Is it morally okay to heal people if they didn’t ask for it, or they said no?

Morally, that is up to the practitioner.

Logically/rationally however, consent allows the healing energy to reach the healing recipient with more ease; without consent, the healing energy could be blocked by a person’s wards or other protections. Additionally, without consent you will have no way of communication; you cannot ask about pre-existing conditions, if they went to the doctor/psychiatrist already, if there are certain energies they do or don’t work well with, etc. So logically/rationally, not having consent puts you at a major disadvantage for healing.

How does healing physical ailments versus mental versus emotional ailments work?

Physical ailments: The person should REALLY REALLY go to the doctor first. If the origin is mundane in nature, healing magic will be absolutely ineffective unless the person is already receiving physical treatment for their physical issue. For physical ailments, healing magic can do nothing but cover up the symptoms until the person receives mundane treatment for their mundane physical issue.

Physical ailments are tied to the physical body first and foremost, and the energetic system second, IF they actually show up in the energetic system. That’s right- a physical ailment might not even show up in someone’s energy system because of that fact. This is why I stress so, so hard to go to the doctor for physical ailments.

While miracles are possible, they are few and far between, hence the term, “miracles”. If you want to use magic for physical healing, rather than trying to put healing energies on the physical wound, it would be more effective to cast spells that encourage going to the doctor, such as summoning a trip to the doctor, or a spell to make the trip to the doc smoother/more effective. Of course, be sure to actually schedule an appointment and go.

Mental: Same as above, please go to the doctor/psychiatrist first if the issue is severe. Many mental illnesses are due to chemical imbalances in the brain, and thus cannot be effectively treated with magic alone.

Emotional: Again if your issue is severe, please please go to a doctor/psychiatrist first. However, being slightly more often non-physical in origin, these issues are more likely to show up in someone’s energetic system. An emotional issue can show up in nearly all points or energetic flowpaths.

Astrally, is it possible to use healing to replace lost limbs?

Yes, though that is rather advanced healing magic, and will take some time if you want to learn healing that far.


Again, please check this FAQ before you ask me any questions concerning healing, please ^-^

Commander of the Week

Saskia, the Unyielding 

Saskia is one of my other favorite of the commander 2016 decks, she is the more aggressive of the five and she is not blue, which is always a bonus. Saskia is a ¾ with Vigilance and Haste for 4 mana she also has the ability to choose a player when she enters the battlefield and then any combat damage that is dealt to a player by creatures that you control is dealt to the chosen player as well. I thought this would make a great commander for a punishment shell. 

Better not cast spells 

My first thought was we use legendary creatures with abilities that punish people for casting spells such as Ruric Thar, the Unbowed and Kambal, Consulate of Allocation. Painful Quandary also may stem the flow of spells that your opponents wish to cast. Ruric is the main win condition, which means that it’s probably better to run mostly creatures to avoid his devastating ability. So I’ve tried to find creature substitutes for most utilities such as Avatar of Slaughter rather than True Conviction and Dragonlord Kolaghan instead of Fervor as well as Aegis of the Gods instead of Witchbane Orb

…Another One

Since I’ve tried to keep non-permanents to a minimum, I thought that Genesis Wave and Primal Surge could be fun as another possible win condition to cheat out creatures such as Craterhoof Behemoth or Pathbreaker Ibex and just mow down players. Courser of Kruphix, Burgeoning, Exploration and Oracle of Mul Daya could also be used to play lands quicker. 

The Few that aren’t creatures

As well as Painful Quandary and those mentioned above, there were a few enchantments that I thought that the deck couldn’t do without. Cathar’s Crusade will take advantage of the the large number of creatures. Gravity Well can account for the lack of flying Creatures in green and red  Warstorm Surge can take advantage of some of the larger creatures. Equipment such as Fireshrieker, Hero’s Blade and Sword of Feast and Famine are also useful noncreature spells. Of course then there’s the usual removal such as Beast Within, Path to Exile, Chaos Warp or Dismember

Putting the Screws on ‘Em

This deck won’t be as punishing as the Kaervek or Mogis deck that I built earlier, there won’t be any targeted land destruction. Ob Nixilis, Unshackled is a great way to punish your opponents for searching their libraries especially when combined with Maralen of the Mornsong as it forces everyone to search their libraries and your opponents lose 13 life while you only lose 3. Mogis, God of Slaughter and Kaervek the Merciless will also both be in this deck as they both have punishing abilities. Then there are aggressive creatures such as Decimator of the Provinces, Zurgo Helmsmasher and Exava, Rakos Blood Witch combined with Overrun abilities such as Triumph of the Hordes, Overwhelming Stampede and Champion of Lambholt that can really bring your opponents to their knees.  

And Finally… 

 I thought that Murmuring Bosk, Rakdos Carnarium and other two color lands, Krosan Verge and maybe relevant tri lands (such as Nomad Outpost) could be a good start, I have a tendency to make my mana bases with more basic lands anyway because good nonbasic lands such as shocks and fetches can be expensive and don’t seem much good in four color decks. I do hope you find this both fun and helpful and until next time, Happy Deck Building.

me and a friend of mine were talking about stuff the other day and we came to a the thought that one way to end the Starco/Jarco conundrum is for Marco to simply end up with neither of them (and go with tom…or die or something). So I imagined this scenario that would make things more “dramatic” as compared to Marco just kind of talking things out like a regular human being.

consumed by guilt, Marco asks Tom, the only other magical being he knows to cast a spell on both Jackie and Star to make them forget he exists.

there we go…no more ship war =D


A name that caught my attention. Because Ginnugagap appear consecutively on the last 2 games that I played. Those 2 games are Etrian Oddysey: Untold 2 the Fafnir Knight and Fire Emblem: Fates. On Etrian Odyssey, Ginnungagap is a sacred dungeon, that deep inside caged a horrible and super evil creature called Calamity. While in Fire Emblem, Ginnungagap is a tome to cast a spell.

I wonder, what is Ginnungagap actually? After reading Wikipedia, I think to really understand Ginnugagap, I should know Norse cosmology first hmm. 

My first grimoire (the non-fancy plain Moleskine notebook) was mostly filled with spells and potions and mixtures and pre-written things that contained obscure herbs and roots and things. And I thought, “someday, when I am able, I’m going to obtain all of these fancy herbs, and then I’ll be able to cast really powerful spells.”

These days, the things going into the non-fancy grimoire volume 2 (same kind, only light blue instead of black) are witch tips and theories, suggestions on what offerings certain spirits do and do not like, short missives on certain spell components and how they can be used.

I’m just shy of nine months into consistent witchery, and that’s the biggest difference I notice between me as a baby witch and me as a toddler witch. That shift in mentality of caring mostly about how things work, rather than ‘what to do’.