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Character death can often prove to become a minor inconvenience in some campaigns once the adventuring party reaches a certain level, with spells being available to return fallen comrades from the afterlife with temporary setbacks, robbing a small element of danger, and threat to future conflicts and challenges within the story. If you wish to elevate the gravity of character death, you can introduce this optional rule.

If a character is dead, and a resurrection is attempted by a spell or spell effect with longer than a 1 action casting time, a Resurrection Challenge is initiated. Up to 3 members of the adventuring party can offer to contribute to the ritual via a Contribution Skill Check. The DM asks them each to make a skill check based on their form of contribution, with the DC of the check adjusting to how helpful/impactful the DM feels the contribution would be.

For example, praying to the god of the devout, fallen character may require an Intelligence (Religion) check at an easy to medium difficulty, where loudly demanding the soul of the fallen to return from the aether may require a Charisma (Intimidation) check at a very hard or nearly impossible difficulty. Advantage and disadvantage can apply here based on how perfect, or off base, the contribution offered is.

After all contributions are completed, the DM then rolls a single, final Resurrection success check with no modifier. The base DC for the final resurrection check is 10, increasing by 1 for each previous successful resurrection the character has undergone (signifying the slow erosion of the soul’s connection to this world). For each successful contribution skill check, this DC is decreased by 3, whereas each failed contribution skill check increases the DC by 1.

Upon a successful resurrection check, the player’s soul (should it be willing) will be returned to the body, and the ritual succeeded. On a failed check, the soul does not return and the character is lost.

Only the strongest of magical incantations can bypass this resurrection challenge, in the form of the True Resurrection or Wish spells. These spells can also restore a character to life who was lost due to a failed resurrection ritual.

If a spell with a casting time of 1 action is used to attempt to restore life (via the Revivify spell or similar effects), no contribution skill checks are allowed. The character casting the spell makes a Rapid Resurrection check, rolling a d20 and adding their spellcasting ability modifier. The DC is 10, increasing by 1 for each previous successful resurrection the character has undergone. On a failure, the character’s soul is not lost, but the resurrection fails and increases any future Resurrection checks’ DC by 1. No further attempts can be made to restore this character to life until a resurrection spell with a casting time higher than 1 action is attempted.

—  Matthew Mercer, in his homebrewed Resurrection rules
We need an understanding of levels

Folks out there act like there isn’t any intermediate and advanced witchcraft content available to them. Even 20 years ago most of what is easily available now was not at your finger tips. Because of all this availability it seems like people don’t realize what is basic, intermediate or advanced. Spoilt with everything available, they wonder what advanced even is. Everything listed down here can be found online, in distance classes, and in books that are for sale at modest cost:

The basics are knowing the major neopagan holidays, how to cast a circle, cleanse, ground, shield and follow spell and ritual instructions for simple goals like attracting prosperity, inspiration and a little luck. Easy to follow and clear cut ethics. The instructions for learning visualization. You can start elsewhere than neopagan but there will be similar basic practices, and there are hundreds of books of the same basic content and lots of sites and blogs too.

Intermediate material is setting up a daily practice, getting good with a divination method, getting very familiar with herbal, tree, stone or animal lore, writing your own spells and rituals using correspondences and standard patterns, some study of myth and folklore. Thoughtful understanding of gray area ethics and honor. A lot of self exploration and strengthening. Instructions for out of body experience.

Advance material will be communicating with various spirits and/or deities. The specialization in the arts of a particular path or role like priesthood, tool making, bardic storytelling, writing your own grimoire or copying your tradition’s book of shadows. Initiation into that path and optionally coven practice. Confidence in astral travel. More specific and targeted spell craft and ritual based upon your compiled experiences and those shared with you by teachers and peers. Ecstatic practices during ritual and spell work. Deep self knowledge, facing difficult demons and shadows and acting in full accordance with your own ethical compass.

Post advanced: learning the specialities of more paths perhaps becoming a leader, teacher, warrior, writer, or mystic in your tradition. Learning more depth and self knowledge through teaching or leading or even through deeper life dedication. It is not every person who has gone through the levels duty to teach, it takes extra talents outside of the craft like writing ability, pedagogy, and even the luxury of time and space to provide for others.

It all comes down to your own personal level of dedication and amount effort you can or will put in how far you can go. And one can have a very meaningful and impactful practice at any level dependent only upon satisfying their own drive for self knowledge and wisdom and truth of the spirit world, deities and/or nature. Everyone’s advanced path will look different though intro paths can be fairly similar, they all are unique too.

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 16

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76.      Wizards MindBomb

Consumable, Uncommon

For centuries, deep blue crystals called “Brikken” were harvested out of the dwarven mountains, with no known use. It took a wizard, half mad from age and half from the consequences of failed concoctions to discover that when these crystals are put into a solution of Auroch’s milk and wyvern venom, it creates a sky blue frothy brew that can tap into the magical essence of anybody who drinks it.

A creature under the influence of this substance gains the following effects for 4 Hours:

·         The creature may cast a spell with a casting time of “1 Action” as a bonus actions if they expend a spell slot higher than the required spell slot to cast the spell.

·         Add half your spellcasting modifier (rounded down) to all intelligence skill checks. (Minimum of 1)

·         Once per dose when the player deals damage with a spell, they can decide to deal an additional amount of damage equal to their character level.

When the effects wear off, the player is left with a splitting headache, until they complete 2 long rests. As they recover they reduce their spellcasting modifier by 1 – and all intelligence checks are made with disadvantage, additionally one spell slot of the player’s highest available level is considered empty until the “hangover” is finished.

77.      Spinning Shield

Armour (+1 Shield), Rare

A rusty iron shield with an inner working of turning gears, despite its age – it’s craftsmanship grants it an additional +1 bonus to AC. The player can decide to make the shield spin at a rapid pace either clockwise (right) or counter-clockwise (left) at the push of a button. When a creature attacks, the player wielding this shield and misses, the attacking creature is pushed 5 feet in the direction the wheel is spinning.

78.      Automatic Dart Gun

Weapon (Blowgun), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

A large blowgun fitted to shoot darts instead of small projectiles, it’s made of sturdy metal and has a crank on the side that allows a strip of darts to be fed into the barrel of the dart gun at a brisk pace. A player uses their action hunkering down and prepping the dart gun. Once setup the player can’t move or take any other actions other than shooting the gun or changing direction until they spend an action to stop. On their turn the player may shoot a dart in the direction they are facing. The player forfeits their reaction, and instead gain the ability to attack or change direction at the end of every players turn in the turn order. At the end of the shooters turn, they are pushed 5ft in the opposite direction they are shooting. The darts deal 1d4+DEX (Max. of 2) piercing damage.


79.      Shield of Unmoving

Armour (Shield), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A sturdy wooden shield rimmed with iron, and a large domed boss placed in the center. When a creature attuned to this shield is forced to occupy another space – they can instead choose to stay in the same space. They also gain immunity to the prone condition.

80.      Roll-on Concealer

Consumable (Soap), Uncommon

A small brick of pressed moist powder that is completely odourless and has 1d4 uses. When this brick is rubbed on a creature that creature also becomes completely odourless using up 1 use. The substance can be rubbed over an inanimate object – requiring 1 stack for every 5 x 5 square it occupies. This effect lasts for 1 hour.

'Wanna One’ Hogwarts Edition | Slytherin

Park Jihoon:
• can speak parseltongue and control snakes;
• the one who discovered the Chamber of Secrets;
• extremely good at magical duels, because he can cast the spells faster than anyone;
• save Daehwi and Woojin from other Slytherins once, and since then call them friends;
• has a tense relationship with Gryffindors (especially with Seongwoo and Daniel);

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Bae Jinyoung:
• got Tom Riddle’s diary;
• became dependent of it because felt that they are similar;
• has become much friendlier and optimistic after Jihoon saved him in the Chamber of Secrets;
• spends a lot of time in the library;
• now wants to make the magical community is more tolerant to muggle-born, half-blood wizards and squibs;

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Lai Guanlin:
• usually very cold and discreet;
• ‘I did not come here to make friends’;
• but that just meaningless words, because in real life he is reliable friend;
• although he looks cool, he always gets into awkward situations;
• became the owner of the Elder Wand for a short period of time;

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((The RDM 60 quest text lore brings out something rather unexpected…

…the ability for ancient rituals to turn people into, functionally, aether-draining vampires. This allows them to wield spells well beyond the limits of their previously mortal form – specifically, using ambient aether. The cost of requiring them to feed on others’ life force. In this instance, the required conduit is blood; the target must be wounded to be drawn upon.

It’s worth nothing that the comments about the wielder being consumed are very similar to those of the Black Mage quests from 50-60. Channeling large amounts of ambient aether, without proper techniques or protections, is hazardous to a mage’s health. More importantly from an RP perspective, this dialogue underscores the similarities among the Disciplines of Magic and the fact that There’s More Than One Way To Do It – it being “cast big spells,” in this case.

Names have been redacted to protect the guilty. Also, @pale-eastern-star, relevant to our RP, sorta. :) ))

Alive | Harry x Reader

Hey guys! I felt bad for not posting in a kajillion years, so i wrote this as a little apology!

Pairing: Harry Potter x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Angst.

You stood beside your brother, Draco, hands clasped in front of you and your head bowed as Bellatrix questioned the Granger girl about the sword the snatchers had discovered in their belongings. You flinched as Hermione let out another scream, your aunt mercilessly torturing her for answers. Draco grabbed your hand comfortingly from beside you, knowing you hated this. He did, too, but it was worse for him to watch his younger sister struggle through this. You turned your head into his shoulder, scrunching your eyes shut tightly as you tried to block out Hermione’s screams.

Shock jolted through you at the sound of someone casting a spell. Your head shot up, and your mouth dropped open at the sight of Ron Weasley and the now recognizable Harry Potter running to the rescue of their best friend. Your heart pumped at the sight of Harry, thrumming harshly against your ribcage - beating so loudly in your ears you feared he could hear it. 

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"You don't have to say it"

You Don’t Have To Say It

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: After a truth spell was cast on you by a witch, you accidentally admit to Sam that you love him. But as soon as you say it, you say, “You don;t have to say it back, don’t worry.” What will happen?

Send me a title for a fake fic, and I’ll write a fake summary!  No More, please!

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First baby with Remus headcanons? Like super fluffy :-)))

Ok let’s do this! 

  • You come home from the maternity ward at St. Mungo’s to find that your living room is almost completely full of packages of diapers, washcloths, toys, etc.
  • Remus scratching the back of his head looking sheepish because he may or may not have sent his Muggle mum out to get some things and then he may or may not have told his dad to put a charm on everything so it duplicates itself
  • It would take both of you to change diapers because neither of you feel comfortable casting any spells around the newborn so you have to figure it out by hand
  • Taking turns whenever the baby wakes you up with its screaming, and arguing sleepily into your pillows when you can’t remember whose turn it is
  • “I did it last night, you go.”
  • “No, Rem, I just got up an hour ago!”
  • He’d be so obsessed with his kid do not fight me on this
  • Finding both of them asleep on the couch, lil baby Lupin lying on Remus’s chest and rising and falling slightly with each breath 
  • You singing to the baby in an old rocking chair next to the crib and Remus watching from the doorway with a soft smile because he’s just! so! in love!
  • As the baby gets older and you’re trying to potty train him, Remus is reading in the living room when the baby makes that face you guys know all too well
  • Holding the kid out in front of him and running to the bathroom saying “don’t poop don’t poop don’t poop!”
  • Your toddler wondering why dad takes “business trips” every month but Remus plays it off perfectly every time and even comes back from transformations with a little present from Diagon Alley so your kid doesn’t catch on before he/she is old enough
  • Him taking toddler Lupin on special “dates” to Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlor!!! Omg help me my heart is so full just thinking about this
  • Buying Remus a shirt that says “Most Magical Dad” as a joke but he wEARS IT IN PUBLIC

my heart <33333

Cait :) 

any headcanon requests??

why does pathfinder have like 5 paragraphs describing how to counterspell

why not like

Wizard 2, Witch 3, Magus 2
V, S, M (A small lump of lead)
Immediate Action
As a creature casts a spell, if you succeed the Spellcraft check to identify the spell, you may roll + caster level. If the result is greater than 10+ the spell’s level, negate it. The spell has no effect and the slot is still spent.

Charging/Activating Sigils

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(Copied from my grimoire)

  • Place on paper, burn it
  • Draw on bread, toast it
  • Trace with crystals
  • Use your own energy (touch, breath, proximity)
  • Sew on clothing, wash them
  • Place in front of music speakers
  • Let it sit in a sunny place
  • Bury in the earth*
  • Use prayer
  • Dissolve in water/hold under running water
  • Set as phone lock screen, charge phone
  • Tape to window on full moon
  • Meditate
  • Hold near fire
  • Throw into wind*
  • Add a drop of blood*
  • Carve into candle, let it melt
  • Draw with honey at the bottom of a mug, activate with hot drink
  • Draw on flag, leave in wind
  • Trace in dust, blow it away
  • Use crystal grid
  • Draw with cooking oil, cook
  • Draw on foggy windows/mirrors
  • Trace using water, let it evaporate
  • Carve in soap, wash body
  • Utilize storm energy
  • Use light
  • Draw on beach, let the ocean take it
  • Use charging board
  • Draw on rock, throw it in a river*
  • Carve into wax, melt it (for wax melters)
  • Draw on self, take a shower
  • Use glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Place on shoes, utilize the energy of walking
  • Draw in the air with energy, push through it
  • Take a picture, charge device
  • Hold to your pulse point/s
  • Speak to it
  • And many, many things I did not list here.

*Make sure you are being safe and/or eco-friendly!