they can't stand one another

Agents of Shield 4.04

Me: Aw man, Daisy ditched Robbie, and it looks like they will both be doing their own thing. Guess that means there will be no Quakerider interactions this week…

Robbie, bursting in out of nowhere and catching a fiery chain to save Daisy: Bitch you thought!

Envy is a big struggle for me but it’s worse with Steampunk outfits because no matter how much I gadget and sew I still look like a badly wrapped present. Individual items are nice but put them all together and I’m still the one wearing them.

I’ve gone down the list of possible reasons… weight, age, cost, my insistence on comfort… all are factors, yes. But in the end, it’s the same as all my other clothing struggles.

I have no fashion sense. Out there somewhere is a person who could turn any aging lump into a Steampunk god and I can maybe dress a small child. Yeah, small children. You can dress them in rainbows and no one looks twice. Yeah. Easy stuff there.

I need Garanimals for adults, Steampunk edition.

               without offense meant to anyone, I reserve the right not to respond to messages that violate one or more of my rules. after all, my rules exist to inform people of my personal preferences and thus avoid awkward situations in which I have to turn people down for those exact reasons. in my opinion, it is quite rude of anybody to either fail to read someone’s rules before attempting to interact or to ignore them entirely and attempt to interact as if you will be the exception. I am not a confrontational person. my rules are a useful way to make my boundaries clear without having to step outside my personal comfort zone in order to keep my own blog as happy a place for me as I can. by failing to read or flat out ignoring my rules, you have already disrespected me in my own space and I do not feel I should be obligated to dignify that with a response.

people get mad about how anders will give you friendship if you return fenris to danarius like ‘oh that’s so ooc’ but i was talking with knightarcana about this the other day and honestly i don’t think anders even sees a person when he sees fenris: he just sees a symbol of everything he’s fighting against, all the anti-mage prejudice and negative stereotypes. and fenris is the same? i don’t think fenris see anders, he just sees everything that was done to him as a slave and the worst things that mages can become in a person package.

in short lbr: if you had the option to see anders made tranquil, fenris would give you friendship points just like anders does if you hand fenris to danarius bc they hate everything the other stands for just that much.


What do you want from me?
I want you to do what you do best, Lydia. I want you to scream.

“I don’t like Ward because he killed people!”

What do you think specialists do? Who do you think trained specialists?? Who do you think gave the orders to kill and assassinate??? 

You can keep tallying how many kills he made but that doesn’t change the fact he’s not the only one with red hands. 


  • Skye killed Donnie, upon Coulson’s orders. 
  • Coulson also recklessly left many lives of soldiers in danger when aiding the extraction of a gifted individual. Pretty much just assume lot a people died because Coulson could care less.
  • Victoria Hand abandoned FitzWard to essentially die on a sacrificial mission (while lying about an extraction team.) Also not the first time SHIELD left people to die after or during a mission. (Recall Garrett’s story?) She also ordered Garrett’s death without proper procedure or protocol. 
  • May is known as the Calvary for a reason. 
  • Fitz has 2 kills under his belt. 
  • Let’s not get started on Bobbi, Lance, and so forth. (Hello, agents, mercenaries, what do you think they do for a living??) 
  • Inhuman or Gifted/Index policies. (Again, Donnie, thank you.) 
  • And that’s just the beginning of it. 

Sorry, we’re not in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Your argument is very outdated and needs some updating. 

GOD. We haven't been this active in ages...

I just miss this part of the fandom so much. Can we keep this up until the finale?