they can't stand one another

((istg the boys could be celebrating their 10 year anniversary and they’ll still say “remember when woozi cried during our first win ?”))

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Why can't readers separate the writer from their work?

Honestly, I want to know. Why do readers, or just audiences in general, think that fictional writing reflects who the writer is and what they believe in? There’s no logic in that! A writer has to portray so many different characters with different personalities, and for some reason people think that all of that somehow reflects their opinions and what they believe in. Can I write a character who’s straight? Definitely. Am I straight? No. It’s like comparing two completely different people and trying to say that they’re the same. Like, just because this one character hates oranges doesn’t mean that I hate oranges. I know, I’m using little examples, but that just shows how ridiculous it is. I’m tired of people thinking that a piece of fictional work defines who the writer is as a person. I’m tired of people thinking I condone the bad things that happen in my writing or that I agree with the villains, that I’m like them in some way. Yes, writers pull inspiration from themselves, and that’s just fine, but most of us don’t recreate ourselves through an entire work! I write some really dark stuff, but that in no way shows who I am in real life. In real life I’m a pacifist who wants peace and tolerance, and maybe even spiritual enlightenment. I don’t like actual torture, death, disease, or disaster of any kind. But fiction is fiction. It’s not real. I’m allowed to like all those things in fiction and I’m allowed to write it. I am not my characters and I am not my story.

Agents of Shield 4.04

Me: Aw man, Daisy ditched Robbie, and it looks like they will both be doing their own thing. Guess that means there will be no Quakerider interactions this week…

Robbie, bursting in out of nowhere and catching a fiery chain to save Daisy: Bitch you thought!

What Being a Pirate Means to Luffy
  • Rob Lucci: Is this your Justice?
  • Sabo: No. It's Freedom.
  • Me: Luffy thinks the Pirate King is the freest person in the world and the one thing he can't stand is when another person takes someone's freedom away. Be they marine or pirate. That's why Luffy is no hero. He does what he wants based on selfish desires and if he happens to do some good then that's just a bonus. That's why his crew is loyal to him, not out of fear but respect, love, loyalty and friendship. Things that no money can buy and no prison can chain.

people get mad about how anders will give you friendship if you return fenris to danarius like ‘oh that’s so ooc’ but i was talking with knightarcana about this the other day and honestly i don’t think anders even sees a person when he sees fenris: he just sees a symbol of everything he’s fighting against, all the anti-mage prejudice and negative stereotypes. and fenris is the same? i don’t think fenris see anders, he just sees everything that was done to him as a slave and the worst things that mages can become in a person package.

in short lbr: if you had the option to see anders made tranquil, fenris would give you friendship points just like anders does if you hand fenris to danarius bc they hate everything the other stands for just that much.

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“I don’t like Ward because he killed people!”

What do you think specialists do? Who do you think trained specialists?? Who do you think gave the orders to kill and assassinate??? 

You can keep tallying how many kills he made but that doesn’t change the fact he’s not the only one with red hands. 


  • Skye killed Donnie, upon Coulson’s orders. 
  • Coulson also recklessly left many lives of soldiers in danger when aiding the extraction of a gifted individual. Pretty much just assume lot a people died because Coulson could care less.
  • Victoria Hand abandoned FitzWard to essentially die on a sacrificial mission (while lying about an extraction team.) Also not the first time SHIELD left people to die after or during a mission. (Recall Garrett’s story?) She also ordered Garrett’s death without proper procedure or protocol. 
  • May is known as the Calvary for a reason. 
  • Fitz has 2 kills under his belt. 
  • Let’s not get started on Bobbi, Lance, and so forth. (Hello, agents, mercenaries, what do you think they do for a living??) 
  • Inhuman or Gifted/Index policies. (Again, Donnie, thank you.) 
  • And that’s just the beginning of it. 

Sorry, we’re not in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Your argument is very outdated and needs some updating. 


What do you want from me?
I want you to do what you do best, Lydia. I want you to scream.

GOD. We haven't been this active in ages...

I just miss this part of the fandom so much. Can we keep this up until the finale?

anonymous asked:

A Bellarke "Life As We Know It" AU would be awesome! If you haven't seen the movie, it's basically the parents of an infant die and the godparents (the parent's respective best friends) are in charge of the baby, but they can't stand one another. I thought Bellarke would be perfect for this scenario

“I know, I know,” Clarke murmured sympathetically, but Georgia kept screaming.  Clarke bounced up and down, patting Georgia’s back to no avail.  Tears welled in Clarke’s own eyes, because Georgia was crying for her mother and father and that was the one thing Clarke couldn’t give her.  Clarke walked back and forth across the pink and green rug Maya had so lovingly picked out for Georgia’s room and cuddled her goddaughter close.  This wasn’t the life she had imagined for herself, but when she got the news about the car accident Clarke was willing to give it all up if it meant being able to care for a little piece of Wells.

The week after the funeral Clarke quit her job and found a new one in the Emergency Room at Arkadia General— although this small town’s ER saw far less action than her old one— and moved into the guest room in Wells and Maya’s tidy colonial.  She knew she was in Wells’ will as Georgia’s guardian but she didn’t realize that Maya’s college friend was in there too.  And she never expected he would join her, steadfastly refusing to let her do it alone.  She had only met him once, at Georgia’s christening, and all she remembered from that was thinking that he looked nice in a suit.

He probably still did, but her opinion of him had changed entirely.

Bellamy had found a job at the local high school three days after Clarke started hers, but that was about the only thing that went smoothly about this transition.  They didn’t see eye-to-eye on almost anything, and every conversation with Bellamy was a battle.  He criticized the way she made formula, and Clarke felt he was shockingly lax about washing off Georgia’s pacifier when it fell.  They had managed to agree that Clarke would work nights to keep Georgia out of daycare as long as possible, but even that had taken far longer than it should have.  It was just too much— losing Wells, moving, and becoming a mother-of-sorts in two weeks was exhausting without having to negotiate every single thing with someone else.

Clarke pressed her cheek to Georgia’s soft dark curls and blinked back tears.  “I know, I miss them too,” she whispered, and when she turned she saw Bellamy standing in the doorway, his arms crossed as he leaned against the doorjamb.  “Sorry, I can’t get her to settle down,” she said, entirely too tired to deal with whatever fight they’d find themselves in this time.

“It’s okay,” Bellamy said with surprising gentleness.  “She misses them.  Here,” he offered, and cuddled Georgia into the crook of his neck.  She kept crying as Bellamy swayed from side to side, shhing her softly.  Bellamy met her eyes across room, his expression hard to read in the dim light cast by Georgia’s star-shaped nightlight.  “I miss them too,” he said, and Clarke saw a tear track down his cheek.

Suddenly, none of the shit they’d fought about— the brand of her diapers, her bedtime routine, her nap times, all of it— mattered very much.  Bellamy held out his arm and Clarke stepped into his chest, the tears she’d been fighting since Georgia woke up now flowing down her cheeks.  The arm that wasn’t holding Georgia encircled her tightly and he pressed his lips to the crown of her head.

If nothing else, they could miss them together.

Mainstream Indian Dramas:
  • Fans: Okay so what are you going to go for the next track?
  • CVs: Oh something amazing, it's so original, nothing like other shows...
  • Fans: What is it?
  • CVs: Forced. Marriages. Perfect right? The two of them can't stand the sight of one another, but they get married under circumstances, and at first they hate each other but then they start to fall in love. ISN'T IT GREAT!?
  • Fans: But we've already se-
  • CVs: AHH. And to make it even better lets do a *insert meaningless time span* contract marriage! They can't wait to be apart, but they when time comes, they won't want to leave each other. We can do a re-marriage too. Well?
  • Fans:
  • CVs:
  • Fans: *sighs* Doing it for the otps.