they can't really kill him though...can they

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Why do you depict Chara as the villain here? In the game there is absolutely nothing to suggest that. Think about it. If they're really so bad then why did Chara reset the timeline so that you would be forced to go through again and most likely not kill everyone. Why would Sans be able to remember when Flowey can't and Flowey has the most determination seen in a monster. Oh wait, Chara warns him and communicates. They also do the dialogue. They translate froggits and make the thing easy.

Actually I think you may have missed a thing XD. It’s cool though. I shall explain best I can without giving away things-

This is actual Chara as depicted in this comic.

Chara doesn’t look a whole lot like this-

-red nightmare child, do they? However this  ^ 

Sure looks a whole lot like this kid we see here below. Like Frisk.

I have to be sorta vague for plot reason but just keep in mind in game Sans never sees Chara as we, the player, saw them. 

Better yet he never saw the player either, did he? >D

And where is he seeing this red kid?

In a nightmare.

But Chara, the leaf child with the locket, is nowhere near the villain of this story =U

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Can you write something where Jake is the huntsman and Ezekiel is a werewolf he captured but can't kill?

Hi there! I have to say, this was interesting to write because it’s not really like anything I’ve done before, but it was a heck of a lot of fun. Thanks so much for the request, and I hope you enjoy!!

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dude i’m super obsessed with the possessed!sans au and @sushinfood’s voice acting clip of it (found here: it was literally all i could think about all day so i drew this like a werido

i haven’t really posted a comic to tumblr before cuz i draw comics like a maniac and they make no sense unless i make a million individual pictures… but hopefully this makes sense and someone likes it :) 

Pitch Perfect {Sentence Starters}
  • "Not a good enough reason to use the word 'penetrate.'"
  • "I set fires to feel joy."
  • "Look, just so you know, I'm not a total nerd. I also happen to be super-into close-up magic."
  • "Well... sometimes I have the feeling I can _______, but then I think, mmm... better not."
  • "No, I'm not drunk at all. You're just blurry."
  • "Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that's what matters."
  • "I can't concentrate on anything you're saying until you cover your junk."
  • "I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously."
  • "Whomp, there it is!"
  • "Well, that's an unfortunate name."
  • "You're really drunk right now. I don't think you're gonna remember any of this."
  • "I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake!"
  • "Yeah, I did! And yet, maybe I didn't, because I got hit by flying Mexican food."
  • "I think I have something that could help us."
  • "I have a feeling we should kiss. Is that a good feeling or an incorrect feeling?"
  • "Excuse me b*tch, you don't need to shout."
  • "Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy."
  • "That's not a real word but keep trying. You. Will. Get. There."
  • "I've wrestled crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously."
  • "Leave it. It fuels my hate fire."


   he is the first thing lisa notices when
   she steps into a bar down the road, 
   ready to get  some drinks and leave
   ( for the firsttime, she’s actually not 
   looking for trouble ); the old lisa had
   feelings for him and goddamn it was
   disgusting. the new lisa, though,
   couldn’t really care less, but she’s
   already here and one can never have
   too much fun messing around with
   people. she takes a seat next to him,
   asks the bartender to bring her a
   glass of whatever best drink they had
   and then turns back to the guy next to her.

          “aww, come on. i really thought 
            this bar had better clients.”