they can pay me in cds

Only Available at Target, this unique and exclusive 72-page Volume 1 Magazine includes:

•Taylor Swift’s New Album – reputation CD
•14 Photography Portraits
•20 Personal Photos
•23 Photos from the Creation of Her Latest Music Video
•2 Paintings by Taylor
•1 Target Exclusive Poster
•Poetry by Taylor
•16 Pages of Handwritten Lyrics on Her Watercolor Paintings

Please Help Me Out!

So, as some of you know… my car was stolen over a month ago. Well, it turns out it was being used with stolen WA license plates (the original are CA) and being driven around by some methhead who was living out of it.

It was ticketed for expired tags/parking(TWICE! THE POLICE ARE SO DUMB!!) while the thief had my car in their possession and now I need to contest the tickets in court.

It was ALSO towed because a towing company found it first (so they say, more like it was ticketed twice and taken away finally) even though I had SIGNED for it NOT TO BE TOWED if the police found it!!

The towing company charged me $250 to take out my STOLEN CAR. The battery was dead and the tank was empty and they only helped us jump it.

So, on top of the $250 my tags were expired, I am only the Legal Owner of the car (my dad is the RO) and I have to get it registered here in WA before I do ANYTHING which could mean another $100-150 I’m paying to clean up this mess!!

I have a bunch of shit I found in the car that I’m taking to the police: stuff with credit card receipts, an address, names and even a CD with pictures on it that was left in the car?

But while I do all this, I have no money for most of these things. I have to pay rent at the end of this month on top of all this so anything would be appreciated.

I should mention that whatever is donated will go towards food and supplies for my boyfriend and I and our two cats!

You can send me $$ over at PayPal with the email or

Alternatively, my boyfriend ( @buttg0d here on tumblr ) has a VenMo at buttgod

If you can’t donate, I appreciate even reblogged to signal boost this! Thank you guys.


Hi friends!! So in case you couldn’t guess by the title, I’ll be holding a giveaway in celebration of RM’s birthday!


I wanted to do this giveaway to not only celebrate Namjoon’s birthday, but also to support all the boys in their comeback, so the prize is one random, pre-ordered version of their upcoming album “HER”

The winner will receive

  • 1 CD (Random)
  • 100P Photobook
  • 20p The Note of ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’
  • 1 Photocard (Random 1 out of 28)
  • 1 Special photocard (limited quantity/not guaranteed)
  • Special Stickers
  • Folded Poster (pre-order only)


  • You must reblog this post to enter(you can like for reference and reblog as much as you want)
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  • Giveaway will end on October 12th
  • Open internationally
  • One winner

    *I will pay all costs: album, shipping, and any extra packaging*

    🐳Thank you all for continuing to follow me and happy reblogging🐳

How I Met Michael Jackson.

June 26th 2009. 

I remember it like yesterday. I was only 10 years old at the time and I was quite the early bird. I always liked to watch the news and be awake before everyone else. (now it’s the complete opposite) Anyway, I remember drinking my milk and turning on the news to see a bunch of people crowded on a grassy area near a hospital in LA. The headline had said that Michael Jackson had died.

At the time, I didn’t know who it was until my mother woke up and I asked her. (the only recollection I have of MJ before he passed was hearing “ABC” on a ringtone commercial back when I was way younger) I honestly can’t remember her reaction, it was blank. I’d soon find out later on that she was a fan long before I was. Sadly, my brother incorrectly informed me that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and therefore I should be happy that he’s dead.

So considering I knew so little, I happily chanted because that’d be a good thing if it were true. I still feel guilty for that. I know I was only a kid and that my family was ignorant but still. The next morning after that, “Rage” a popular Australian music video show was paying it’s tribute to Michael. That’s when I first saw him. They were playing “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”. I was in awe, all I could think was “wow this song is funky and boy can he dance!”

I had never seen anything like it. 

This urged me to go on YouTube and search up all his music videos. My first favorite song of his that I just couldn’t stop watching was “Rock With You”. My mother soon took notice in my growing interest and began to buy me best hit CDs, concert DVDs and tons of merchandise, some the merch I own was even sold for his “This Is It” concerts in London. I can’t even begin to imagine how much that is probably worth today.

At first, I was reluctant of Michael Jackson. I was a curious and naive kid who wanted to know why he turned white, why he had surgery and why he was accused of being a child molester. So I educated myself day and night with everything I could find. From magazines to Wikipedia to websites. Unfortunately, the first interview I ever watched was “Living with Michael Jackson” definitely not the best one to watch.

It took some time for me to understand everything but I’m so glad I did. When I realised that he was a innocent child inside just like me, I was drawn to him forever. I fell in love with his humanitarian side. He inspired me to be better and he became my ultimate role model. I had photos of him stuck to my school books and was always so conscious of my peers judging me and him.

I knew nobody who liked him except my mother and to this day, it remains the same. MJ fans are so hard to find in Australia, well at least where I live. My memorabilia is quite large compared to others. I have three whole boxes full of CDs, DVDs, along with posters, books, cards, figures, and other miscellaneous things. I’m so thankful I have a mother who supports the people I love. 

So whenever I look back on all the stuff I’ve collected, it brings a warm smile to my face.

Michael Jackson was the first proper musician I ever liked. Before that, I hadn’t really listened to real music yet. He was my first everything and I’m so glad I discovered him while I still had my childhood innocence because I just would’ve judged him like everyone else I know.

Just recently, I’ve managed to watch him live again for the first time in three years. I will admit to slightly neglecting him while taking interests in other bands and artists. And it honestly hurts because I can’t watch him without being reminded, I can’t help but well up in tears because this man was everything to me. Nothing else mattered but him. He still matters to me in many ways, his undying love for me is in my heart and it will never leave my soul.

I’ve loved other people like him and I’ve grieved massively. I’d love to be the super obsessive fan I was once and watch him everyday but it hurts too much. As I’ve grown up, I’ve become a extremely sensitive person and I’m very aware of the painful life he lived and it breaks my heart whenever I hear about it because he didn’t deserve it. I just can’t dwell. There’s so many things that piss me off and I’d love to chat and talk about it all day but I don’t feel like giving any assholes recognition for trying to destroy a innocent and loving man.

But what I can say is that I’m still a big and loyal fan to Michael Jackson and I always will be. I still defend the man at every chance I get because I love him and it won’t ever change. Seriously, I don’t care if it’s my family or even a stranger. If you don’t like the man and you continue to misjudge him, you can fuck off out of my life because he will always be there unlike you.

So that’s it, I’m sorry this is so long. I could on and on about this man and what love and strength he’s brought to me. So always feel free to message me. I have endless memories and joys of him. Nothing makes me happier than gushing over someone I love.

Sincerely Yours,

adorablepolyglot  asked:

Hey, what kind of self-study materials would you recommend?

I mainly use apps and websites so I would recommend: 

- Duolingo: one of the greateast apps/websites for learning languages. You won’t get fluent only by using it but you can still make great progress and it’s quite complete 
- Memrise: super useful for remembering vocabulary, idioms etc 
- AnkiApp and Quizlet: I personnally prefer Memrise but these are great too to make vocab lists 
- Clozemaster: this one is my favorite! You basically have to complete sentences, it’s like a game with different levels and it’s awesome for learning new words, conjugation, sentence structure and basically getting closer to fluency :) 
- Lang-8, Bravolol, Mundolingo… : you can find a lot of great other apps and websites out there, but keep in mind they are more useful for beginners 

Use textbooks :)  

There are plenty of resources on the internet with free textbooks, but you can also decide to buy some, they are not always that expensive. I personally really like the lovely planet ones, they are great for begginers :) 
You can also apply to programs for language learning in your country. I personally pay a French organism and they give me 80 hours of study material (textbooks, CDs…), so you may be able to find the same thing in your country :) 

Of course, you also need to talk to native speakers if you want to make some progress. Fot that, you can use: 

- The langblr community: talk to people on tumblr, most of the langblr community would be happy to talk to you in your target languages :) 
- HiNative: perfect app/website for asking questions to native speakers about anything you want !
- Italki, HelloTalk… : you can also find native speakers there 

And finally, you really need to immerse yourself into your target language: 

- Listen to music in your target language, try to translate the lyrics and ask for help if you need it
- Watch youtube, TV shows and movies in your target language 
- Listen to the radio and to podcasts 
- Read books and the newspapers. One of my English teachers a few years ago always told us to read 20 minutes of English every day, and I made a lot of progress at that time !
- If you can, talk to yourself in your target language, it sounds crazy but it’s worth it ! Search the words you don’t know how to say and write them on sticky notes :) 

Stay motivated, keep studying at least 5 minutes a day and you will make progress! Best of luck :) 

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ah hello!! i saw your drawing with "choromi" and i wanted to know how that was !! can you explain ? :0c also, i love your style so much!!!

I assume you’re asking where she comes from? :>

“Choromi” is the persona Choromatsu Matsuno takes on when he becomes an Okama bar Hostess in the second Doramatsu CD! An Okama bar is a place where one can pay for the company of a crossdressing male. Both Choro and Jyushi try their hands at being Hostesses, hijinks naturally ensue.

As you can see below, both Choromatsu and Jyushimatsu looks quite cute as bar hostesses.

16x8 #2: late bills

we can be like weed and Snoop
like a drop top on a coupe
I can be the potato in your stew
you can be the orange to my blue
we can be like Kesha and short skirts
like an excited utterance blurting
bumblings of broken sentences
words we found on last call
dancefloors and share the pain of
all-our-hurts band-aid our hearts
and send them back out to the playground
we can ipod-cd-walkmens then stop
playing around these questions
work answers paycheck to paycheck
until we save what they left of us
pay off the love of each other’s debt

I’m running from her
I’m running from me
You’re running from him
we trip and scrape knees
we get munchies
we can ask for a raise
find a new job
postmark checks for future delivery




Hello everyone! I’m amina du Jean and I’m Japan’s first non-half Black idol. I’ve recently joined idol group CHICK GIRLS which takes inspiration from Ariana Grande, AKB48 and Girl’s Generation. I’m from Detroit and took a keen to girls’ groups like The Supremes, Destiny Child and Spice Girls as a kid. Considering Western girl group culture has dwindled down, it only made sense for me to get completely immersed in East Asian girl group culture, particularly Japan’s idol scene. Thanks to a Tumblr post last year with 1,000+ REBLOGS I won an runner up award in Kodansha’s MISS ID. The contest started with 4,000+ applicants however I was one out of 13 to win an award. I am the only Non-Japanese and Non-Asian to have gotten this. My goal is to broaden the standards of beauty not only in ASIA but in the WORLD.

Here’s a video explaining my backstory and my life before moving to TOKYO:

Here’s my announcement Joining my group:

And my first day as a member:

This group has 11 members currently, and at the end of the year 7 of us with the most fan votes get picked by the producers to make a 5-member major DEBUT! Which means a major record company(SONY, AVEX, KING etc…) will fund our first CD and music videos.

Being outside of Japan voting is an uphill valley for my supporters however heres a very very easy visual guide(IF YOU ARE DOING FREE VOTES, I DONT THINK YOU HAVE TO INPUT PAYMENT INFORMATION).

You can vote DAILY for FREE. If you chose to pay money for point votes, I will get 50% back in my salary! ALSO - as of now merchandise isn’t available overseas HOWEVER the website is being updated.


GO TO This is the homepage with all member profiles.

STEP2: SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ME! I’m the very last member listed

Step3: Here’s my profile! My introduction is in Japanese however PICK THE BIG YELLOW BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM






STEP 8: press big blue to continue

STEP 9: information. 





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I feel the same like I literally had someone say “well you have a job so....” and I bought 4 copies (a digital each magazine and a physical cd) but like I’m in collage and have things I need to pay for besides Taylor stuff but I put a little bit of money aside each month starting in like August so when the album came out I could splurge a bit but some people don’t realize that sometimes it’s all a person can do to get $15 together to get one copy.

I feel like the ppl who say that get a shit load of pocket money from their parents lmao like I just do me but I find it sad how people think buying so many copies somehow fulfills life

[4/4] Enstars: B’s-Log December 2015

Unit Song CD Vol. 2: Knights Cast Interview

Comment from Mr. Kuwabara, the music director:

Voice of sword: It’s a unit that can dance the best, so I kept in mind to set the tempo suitable for dancing. Another point is that it can also be used to battle against UNDEAD.

Check mate Knights: I remember I said “Please let me do ballad, no matter what!” (laugh) I will be happy if you can pay attention to the beautiful melody and the lyrics that are typical of Knights.

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Not as easy as it Looks...

I have lost count of how many people ask me how much I make at my job because they are thinking about being a truck driver. I mean, “It’s just driving around! Easy job for easy pay, right?”

Not really, no.

We work a 70 hour work week. Typically the 14 hour clock with 10(11) hour driving maximum though some states (like Texas) has it on a 15 hour clock with 12 hours max driving (and that clock can be paused so you might work a full 24-48 hour shift depending on what you’re doing)

Driving is easy. You might have to learn how to shift properly and such but the basic mechanics of driving is indeed very easy


Allow me to get in depth here on the pros and cons:


We are driving what is classified as a weapon of mass destruction. I have never seen as much death as I have from trucking. Rollovers, cars cutting us off, cars braking right after cutting us off, Icy condition driving, A truck popped a tire right as they were approaching a bridge and ended off going over into the river thousands of feet below.

Of course there is the not so deadly dangers, wide turns, parking lots, residential roads. Some with more than one trailer attached. Some with more than two (poor souls).

Every day, the driver does a full inspection of the truck and trailer at the beginning and end of the work load (Pre-trip/Post-trip). For some drivers (like me), we are a part of a fleet that has us ‘slip-seating’ which means a new truck every day, so it is even more important we do these inspections since there are lazy people out there that half ass it. We also need to make sure we have the right licensing and registration paperwork and all up to date. (It’s a good sized binder full of papers for each state of what items we can carry and where.)

POLICE ahhhh the police. We are the mother-load for them if they find anything wrong with our truck, trailer, or papers. They can pull us over just because they can for a random inspection. Often, they are not kind about it either.
On that note:


A car ran a red light and hit your truck?
That is your fault because as a trained professional, you should have been able to predict that that car was going to run that light. (I am not kidding this happens)

An accident occurred in the fast lane, three lanes away from your truck and had nothing to do with you at all?
Officer can pull you over for a full inspection and because you have a running light out on the right side, that accident is your fault!


Not even the 5 mph over that is usually pardoned. You can get a ticket for 1mph over if the officer is particularly cranky. 

Also, the Loneliness can get to you. Most companies won’t let their drivers have a pet on board due to the nasty people that didn’t clean their trucks (Thanks a lot guys) so you get stuck by yourself. For hours. Music and CD books can only get you so far before you start to yearn for a bit more interaction. I am no longer in a relationship but getting a really great headset has really been a worth the price as I make a lot of calls so I can chat and hear the voice of my family and/or friend. It helps but I live for the days a friend or loved one comes on board with me. It really makes the drive easier with company.

Though these are just main highlights I think it’s times we see the:


The PAY is very nice. As long as you don’t get picky, and work well with your crew, you could make near $2000+ a week!
I wear out after my second-third trailer depending on the routes so I am pretty steady at the $800-$1200 range.
That is quite a bit compared to the warehouse workers or grocery store clerks that see this job as a godsend.

There is a freedom to being a driver that isn’t achieved in a cubicle. Everyday is a new sight, lots of people to chat with about anything, I can wear whatever I’d like (within reason) though some companies require uniforms. I take breaks whenever I need them as long as I arrive on time for my loads and 

NOONE can MAKE me drive if I feel UNSAFE.

See that storm picking up? Starting to feel nervous at the ice and snow?



Sure, the crew might try to coax you into going anyway but the decision is yours to make and you cannot be penalized for it. Sure it messes with your pay a little but I think ending up stuck in a ditch would mess with it more…if you survived.

Now let me make this very clear.

I LOVE my job. Very much. I just don’t want people trying to become a driver, wasting time and money, only to quit once they see how hard it actually is…or get killed as I have seen happen to many.


Hi guys!!! I am doing an amazing taylor give away in honor of taylor coming back to tumblr finally (we’ve been waiting for you!! - sorry had to quote WTNY)! Anyways, I wanted to do this giveaway to thank all of you (my followers) for just being amazing! I have made some amazing friends through this blog and tumblr and just the swiftie fandom. All of you guys have been so sweet and awesome to me, so thank you SO SO SO much. I love you to the moon and back!

**Must be following me. I will, of course, be checking.
**Reblog as as many times as you so desire.
Likes count too!
**Any blog is eligible! Not just Taylor blogs.
You can use a sideblog/giveaway blog.
**DO NOT EDIT TEXT. You will be disqualified.
**Shipping is on me (yes i’ll pay ☺️) And I will ship anywhere in the world, yes anywere!
**Giveaway ends January 1st. (Hopefully a good way to start off 2017!!!)
**I will be using a to pick the winner.

One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive All Of The Following:

If the giveaway reaches 13,000 notes I will draw a runner up who will win a TAYLOR SWIFT SURPRISE GIFT!!!!

If you have any questions, or you want to request more pictures, just ask me!!!!!

PS - everyone go follow @taylorswift because she is friggen amazing and let’s welcome her back on tumblr!!!

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Kinda random byt really important. I know that everyone is excited for reputation but please when you go to shops and see it do not move it (if you are not buying it) or do not spread it all over the shop! Cause when 1989 came out I’ve seen so many people do it! Especially in big companies cds are in that spot because someone payed for it! Like literally every space is payed and if you move it to take photo or to be funny it’s so not cool! Because people who work there will get in trouble!

Also very often with big releases people who work in the shop need to check every hour if they have right amount of cds (basically check if someone didn’t steal it) and if you move it and they can’t find it it’s awful. Trust me I’ve been there. It’s not cool guys. Please spread the news! Lots of love!

Okay people, take this into account when going to stores…

☆.。.:* selling kpop cds .:*・°☆

- every price is negotiable but i won’t go lower than 10€
- the price of the shipping is “fixed” (it’s the 4€) but it really depends on the weight and where it’s going to be sent (if you pay extra i will of course give the amount of money back)
- transactions via paypal
- will send it as soon as i can
- more cds will be added eventually
- any questions, tumblr message/asks are open!

Originally posted by saliechelon255

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm new to this whole hate Juliet Simms campaign and at first I thought people (you in particular) hated her because she was dating Andy, but then I read why you hated her. Can you give me more info on what she has done (like elaborate on what she has done to make her be hated) and if you can me some story, or example because I never heard of this allegation.

Honestly, just look through my blog. My PICTURES section has a lot of proof of Juliet calling people “horrible” and “bitches” and “scum” for no reason at all.

This post in particular shows many examples of Juliet being rude to people for absolutely NO reason.

She has also pretended to be engaged to Andy

External image

but then she deleted the post from her IG because she was getting a lot of questions about it and hate and people were tagging Andy. She then later makes a tweet saying it wasn’t her hand

External image

She has also been scamming people into giving her money. She charges insane prices for her NTIO jewelry and many people who bought from her line have complained about the jewelry falling apart, giving them rashes, leaving marks, etc etc. Plus, the amount of money it takes to makes these items costs less then $2 (on average) and she’s selling them for $25 a piece. There’s a difference between making a profit and scamming people.

Proof #1

Proof #2

She also scams people for her pledges on PledgeMusic. She is charging too much money for these shitty pledged!



External image

You only get to ask 20 questions and she won’t even answer through the phone. She’ll answer through email and then you get like 5 minutes to talk with her. $125 mother fucking dollars for that!?

External image

$60 for a CD that was already released? Extremely limited? Fuck no

External image

You’re paying $100 for her to write the lyrics to a song on a sheet of paper? You can do it for free!

External image

$200 for a signed CD that was already released?

External image

$200 fucking dollars for a 60 minute guitar lesson? Bitch please! I took private guitar lessons and for $200, I would’ve been able to pay for 8 hour long lessons. WITH A PRIVATE INSTRUCTOR! Juliet is NOT that famous for this price

External image

She’s asking for $400 for a fucking ring. A RING. That NO ONE was able to see while she was on The Voice.

External image

So let me get this straight. You have to pay $2,500 for the reservation, PLUS travel money, PLUS clothing money (because she’s not buying it for you), PLUS food and drink money. All in all, the new price could be well over $4,000!

External image

You’re paying $5,000 to have your name written on a CD cover?

External image

A cap. For $1,000. Go to Party City and get one for $20.

External image

You get HALF the credit and it doesn’t even say she’ll actually record it and release it. You’re just writing a song for $1,000

These are just a few examples but I thought these were the most Ripoff. You can check out all her items on her PledgeMusic.

She has talked shit about so many artists that are WAY more famous than she is. She’s even copied the artists she talked shit about. She said she hated Cee Lo Green but as soon as she got on The Voice, she kissed his ass like no tomorrow.

That’s all I’m going to write for now. Check out my FAQ and take a look at this post right here


A little teaser for my next translation project lol. Here’s the full 2nd track of Hosoyan’s Kiss x Kiss Collections CD… 

I just want to say this… HOSOYA YOSHIMASA IS WAY TOO CUTE 

Hahahaha! How’s that?! Did you see that?! As expected, I did it wonderfully, a hat trick shot! Well then, will you fulfill your end of our promise? Don’t play dumb! Didn’t you promise that if I shoot a goal in today’s game, you’ll do anything that I’ll request?! You’ll have to follow my orders for each of my 3 goals!

Heh! You should’ve been obedient from the start! You’re such a sore loser, that side of you is not cute at all! Seriously not cute!

Now then! What should I order you to do… Ah– !! Hey! What are you doing?! That’s dangerous! Aren’t you the team’s trainer?! Your job is to care for the players’ bodies! Where’d you see a trainer inflicting violence on a player?! What if I get injured?! Seriously!

Ah! Oh yeah, I’ve thought of something good for my first order! Heh! It’s something chic and girly for a violent trainer like you! Are you ready? Ooh, so you’ve made up your mind? You’ll do anything huh… Well then, kiss me! This is my first order.

Huh? Don’t joke around? Who said that I was joking around? I’m being serious. You haven’t had a boyfriend until now, right? That’s why I’m helping out someone as pitiful as you! Maaaan~ I’m so thoughtful! I’m so kind~! Such a hunk!

So? Come on! Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts? Even though you said that you’ll do anything… are you scared~? Huh? Wrong? Then if I’m wrong, you can do it, right? Come on~! Come one~! So you really are scared! You were just full of tal …!!!


Ah … n-no! That wasn’t my first kiss! Y-you didn’t steal it from me! This is annoying! You’re pissing me off! You’d better remember this! I’ll make you pay for this! YOU DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!

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name: Sabrina

gender: Female

star sign: Capricorn

height: 5'8

what images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: My desktop is black with a bunch of cute ass little ghost, it’s been since Halloween of LAST YEAR because it’s just so good and I’m a spooky mf

have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: YES, Mr. Kasprzak, 7th grade, ya boi was crushing hard. He could play guitar on his lunch breaks, and we would regularly trade CD’s. He introduced me to Depeche Mode, Joy Division, all the post-punk shit. Once when I wasn’t paying attention in class he made me write Green Day lyric’s on the board. He would also make Evil Dead references ALL THE TIME, which is my favorite horror film/s, so you can understand why I was crushing.

what was your last text message?: “obviously” Sent to my dad because I’m sarcastic trash and he sent me the same thing three times.

what do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: Honestly, no idea. I’m crap at making long term goals, and I learned pretty young that sometime things are out of your control so I never have long term plans.

if you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: Jellyfish Lake, or London. Both two places I want to go some day.

what was your coolest halloween costume?: This year one of my roommates and I dressed up as Cher and Dee from Clueless. It was spot on aside from the fact I couldn’t find the freakin’ hat!!

what was your favourite 90s show?: Anything on Nickelodeon, this question is impossible.

what was your last kiss?: My niece gave me a kiss good by, she’s a cutie patootie

have you ever been stood up?: No

favourite ice cream flavour? : Coffee or Butter Pecan, I live for old lady flavors.

have you been to las vegas? : I WISH

your favourite pair of shoes? : I have a pair of shiny silver metallic oxfords that I love to bits, also shout out to my Adidas.

what’s your favourite flavour? : Wtf kind of question is this

what is your favourite book? : Johnny Got His Gun, I don’t have a favorite but that is is up there.

what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?: In middle school I tried to purposely break my arm by jumping out of trees and landing “wrong” just so I could get a cast. I wanted a cast so fucking bad, still low-key pissed about it tbh.

I also accidentally set my pants on fire once, honestly I could fit a lot into this section. I was a weird ass kid.

which loser? : Richie obviously (weird ass kid remember?), though I love all my children dearly.

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I’m like kind of cheesed that rep won’t be on apple music like i totally get why she did it but its frustrating to pay for apple music / spotify and then also have to buy an album so idk how I’m gonna listen to it but also if i can’t listen to it on thurs night / friday then I’m for sure going out to get drunk on thurs sdsdkhskad

I still buy CDs of new music I want to own. Why would I want to pay money for low-quality digital files with built-in nanny software that dictates how and where I can use them? Yes, I do use digital files, because they’re convenient to load on my phone and take with me, but I still want to have access to high-quality versions for when I really want to hear the full orchestra. The only time I actually bought digital music files was when I bought the HD FLAC version of the Jurassic Park soundtrack, and was rewarded with percussion that I had never heard on any other reproduction.

(Granted, the fact that I listen to mostly orchestra probably makes this a more critical issue to me than most people. I don’t imagine that Popular Pop Artist #82 is packing so many levels of discernible sound into his music that high-quality recordings are worthwhile.)

Also, I don’t use mp3 files as my convenient digital music file format of choice. I convert my CD tracks to ogg files, because they’re less lossy while also having a smaller memory footprint.

Yes, as a consumer of commercial music, I’m the equivalent of the weird people who make their own soap.