they can make it their goddamn self

the dumb fucks at blizzard decided that somehow, bastion was fucking useless, completely ignoring that the reason people generally don’t use him is because most players have some measley iota of respect for other people and he’s a garbage dump of a character NOT because of how useless he is but because of how utterly STUPID it is to play against him and makes it fun for no one

they decided that this walking gun was only not being played because nobody saw any practical uses for him as is, even though every single ten year old and their grandmother i’ve gotten locked in with has known that the strategy of shoving a mercy so far up this gun’s ass and putting the most senile reinhardt in front of them WORKS and it’s so painfully STUPID for both teams

but no, not only was bastion and his self-healing, infinite bullet-spitting ass somehow useless, they had to make him 

  • have 100 bullets added to his already hefty 200 magazine size, allowing him to spray for a few seconds MORE after he’s already decimated your whimpy ass
  • this chump fuck can heal himself while running away like the little coward he is instead of sitting there and receiving the death he deserves, allowing him to heal, run off somewhere, and thanks to his now conveniently larger magazine size, kill you with 25 bullets instead of 20!
  • what’s more, his healing is goddamn unstoppable. if you damage him, he just keeps fucking healing. it’s like dealing with roadhog, but at least i can feel something for roadhog, because he’s not a garbage can robot
  • and in case this wasn’t enough, this piece of shit is 33% more harder to kill because he takes less damage. say hello to teams exclusively laid out to protect their bastion overlord, that idiot fucking robot, and say goodbye to any semblance of love you have for humankind as a whole 

‘bastion should now be stronger and more flexible now, you’re welcome’. go to the trash compactor you smelly fucking hunk of junk. fuck you jeff kaplan. go to hell and take your garbage robot gun with you


Bucky x reader

Notes: WARNING! physical abuse, threats, protective Bucky, fluff. 

A/N: I found this little thing hanging around on my phone. It’s a little dark, but fluffy too. 

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1 new text message from Y/N, 10:23 PM:

‘Bucky, can you please come over?’

Bucky checked his phone when he heard the familiar sound of an incoming message. His brow furrowed at the sight.

“Gotta go” he mumbled hurriedly, and jumped up, grabbing his coat as he ran out the door to the elevator.

“Hey! Where are you goin’? Thought we were going out!” Sam yelled after him; but the elevator doors already closed.

“Don’t take it personally, Sam. It’s probably Y/N” Steve quipped with a smirk.

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do u ever cry over the fact agape was based on victor’s reaction to the banquet?? like the routine is true, pure love, one that makes you better just by feeling it, and it’s absolutely wild to me that victor created this dance based on how he felt for yuuri. after one goddamn night. victor became so incredibly infatuated with yuuri so fast; it reduced him to something innocent and yearning and desperate for this boy. 

victor said himself that agape is unconditional, self-sacrificing, and uncalculating. I can’t believe he told us from the beginning that his love for yuuri was completely unconditional, that he was willing to sacrifice everything, that none of his affections are a ploy, but true, honest-to-god love

poor yuuri for not remembering, and poor victor for not knowing he didn’t. 

(I know this is old news but it still really gets me, friends) 

Here’s the thing: Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a poor. She isn’t a woman of color. To my knowledge she’s not LGBTQ. She’s not the target of police brutality. She doesn’t have to worry about her family’s gravesites being desecrated and destroyed for an oil company. She doesn’t have to worry about being deported. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on when she tells people to “not riot,” and to “love racists no matter who they voted for or what they believe in.” Who the fuck is she to tell anybody that? She hasn’t mentioned NoDAPL, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, or the fact that the country elected a fucking sexual predator into office. 

She’s made millions of dollars starring in a movie that promotes and sensationalized rioting and rebelling against an oppressive government to the point of violence and warfare if it means achieving equality and justice. Hell, when Mockingjay Part 1 was released in theaters, the riots in Ferguson were still happening. How the hell is she going to tell the people who are living with oppression, inequality, and injustice every goddamned day that they’re wrong for protesting and not “loving thy racist fucking neighbor?" 

I’m not here for this patronizing, white feminist bullshit. I don’t know who the fuck this broad thought she was empowering but she can sit the fuck down.

EDIT: This post has blown up and if you honestly read all of that and your first goddamned reaction is to turn it around and make it all about you and your hurt white feelings, you missed the point and are probably a gross, self-important racist no matter how “liberal” and “progressive” you think you are. You’re doing nobody any favors with this false sense of advocacy. Get lost.

Bail (pre-apocalypse!DarylxReader)

Hi guys! Since I’m so ridiculously obsessed with the idea of young Daryl before the apocalypse, I’ve made yet another pre-apocalypse!Daryl fic where he’s once again up to no good. I think I might make this into an AU series, but idk. Let me know what you guys think!

Characters- teenage!Reader, teenage!Daryl Dixon, and Merle Dixon.



When Merle takes Daryl out with the intention to cause trouble, the two get caught, but Merle gets away and Daryl gets thrown in a jail cell. Not wanting to get his brother in trouble, he takes the blame. He doesn’t want his father to bail him out as he knows that he isn’t getting home without a beating, so the only choice he has is to get his girlfriend Y/N to bail him out. Y/N is ridiculously angry, as this isn’t the first time that Merle has gotten Daryl into trouble and Daryl has just rolled over to protect him once again. 

Warnings- strong language, fluff, angst, a little bit of violence.

and also sorry Merle stans, but I made him kind of an asshole in this, but don’t worry, it’s all for the purpose of the plot and the Daryl feels



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“Who am I calling, son? Your parents?”

“No… no, God no.”

“You need to get someone to come and get you. You got a friend that drives? A girlfriend?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend drives. Fuck, I didn’t want her to find out.”

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anonymous asked:

ive always appreciated ur fandom discussions, but in this case, ur defense of the sup*rcorp fandom is misplaced. what the sup*rgirl cast did was unprofessional but u aren’t around 2 see how that fandom behaves. they aren’t ‘passionate’ theyr obsessive & terrifying. they’ve been harassing cast, writers, crew & press all season. its not advocacy its throwing a tantrum with threats & slurs. this isn't a response to ppl just shipping. the cast had no prob w/sup*rcat last year. what changed was fans

Do you really believe that your dislike for a ship fandom changes the narrative of my thread?

Are you trying to convince me that because certain people in a fandom are obnoxious that the mockery and ignorance being displayed in that video towards a non-canon queer ship is valid?

That the few people in that fandom who don’t know how to respect the line between fandom and actors means the entirety of that fandom (including the quiet folks, the folks who keep to themselves, the folks who freely share their art/stories, and the folks who are respectful despite whether or not you’ve witnessed that respect) is abusive?

Are you really going to sit here and tell me what I do and do not know about the pervasiveness of bullying and abuse across fandoms, both shipping and non?

“U aren’t around 2 see how that fandom behaves”?

Oh really? Please, tell me more about what I do and do not see.

Do you think that because I do not actively participate in a fandom or ship that I am ignorant to the dialogue that’s happening within it? Is my not ranting about something evidence that I know nothing about it?

You don’t know me as well as you think you know me if you thought you were coming into my Asks with real intel. I’ve been in fandom for over two decades, my friend. I shipped the OG non-canon relationship that set sail to the abbreviated word SHIP when it was still airing live, Friday nights at 9PM on FOX.

I know how fandom works. I know how fandom has changed. I have watched it change for more than twenty years.

If you think I don’t see folks crossing the line, throwing fits, invading people’s privacy, then you haven’t been paying that much attention. If you think that a Black woman in queer fandom has never seen a threat or a slur, the ignorance here is yours, not mine.

I’m glad you have appreciated my discussions in fandom until now but in this case, you’re allowing your personal bias against a ship overwhelm a very real and necessary discussion that I willing to have with or without your anonymous support.

This isn’t just about Supercorp. It’s about folks in entertainment not knowing how to interact with and within fandom. It’s about folks in entertainment constantly praising canon het ships (whose fandoms are just as if not more abusive for their pervasive homophobia) while sidelining, making a mockery of, and belittling queer ships.

It’s about people who want to call themselves allies, cite all their “gay” friends, and hashtag “Love Is Love” in June… but can’t see how their mockery of a subtext queer ship and a fandom full of queer folks perpetuates harm against queer ships and the very real queer people who enjoy them. Very real queer people, some whose only affirmation comes in the form of interactions with queer fandom.

Somehow Katie McGrath still manages to interact with this fandom just fine. (I see that often, do you see it?) Somehow, I know plenty of decent people in the Supercorp fandom, do you know them?

In your mind, this is the one and only ship in the whole entire entertainment world that has abusive people in it but no, I’m the one out of bounds?

Look, I’m going to tell you something. You can take it or leave it. I suggest you write it down.

Some people are just fucking rude.

Some people don’t know or care to respect boundaries.

Some people are stalkers, unabashedly.

Some people are racist.

And some people have the nerve to come into another person’s asks, presuming to know what that person does and does not know about fandom, while trying to silence their concerns based on something as ridiculous and inconsequential as a ship bias.

These people exist in all facets of our lives. They are everywhere. In everything. They even like the same things we like.

That doesn’t mean they have to represent us.

Your bias against Supercorp is not more important this conversation. I truly and honestly don’t give a fuck what you think about that fandom. I don’t give a fuck about shipping wars, period.

Queer folks are being made a mockery of and for some reason, in your mind, the existence of loud and heinous folks in a fandom is supposed to negate the validity of my concerns about how unprofessional and homophobic a show’s entire cast has presented itself to be?

Never mind my concerns about het fandoms using that mockery to further bully queer fandoms. Literally your only concern in this matter is that I have something to say about a show’s cast making a mockery of queer ships because YOU, center of the goddamn universe, have an issue with Supercorp?

I’m afraid this is one more discussion that you are not going to agree with me on, my friend. Because trust me when I say, I sure as fuck don’t give a shit what you think about what I have to say or which queer fandom is worthy of benefiting from it.

You can keep these trash ship war thoughts to your goddamn self.

Why I hate self-diagnosers:

  1. They will distort their experiences and use confirmation bias to put themselves on the same level as people who are actually disabled/non-neurotypical
  2. They act like they’re smarter than people who have studied the same thing for long enough to become doctors because Tumblr says so (or they think that their feelings and their teenage angst mean more than a degree for some reason.)
  3. They use the excuse that they “can’t get to a doctor” when 90% of these people live in the United States and there are free clinics around. If you're really concerned about your health you will find a way to get to a medical professional, but this leads me to my next point:
  4. They think they know more than doctors, right? So they don’t trust a diagnosis, so why are they pretending to have a disorder? To get medicine or treatment from people they think are stupider than themselves? These people are literally saying they want a disorder so they can avoid getting treatment based on whatever merit (OMG THE DOCTOR IS NEUROTYPICAL AND WHITE UGGHHH.) The only thing a disorder gives you is struggle, which means
  5. Self-diagnosers are more often than not out for attention/pity/brownie points/oppression olympics points from the Internet so they don’t have to be responsible for all the horrible in the world that they attribute to the even-moderately-privileged-people.
  6. They are literally taking a disorder and making it a cute little doo-dad they can slip on and off to fit in, meanwhile people like MEhave had to live with our disorders our entire lives and all the shit it entails (which, yes, is the ugly symptoms as well as the “cute” and “quirky” ones.)
  7. You people are obnoxious and you’re making me and my ilk look STUPID. I’m high-functioning and I don’t want people to see me after YEARS OF HARD WORK AND PROGRESS and think I’m one of you goddamn snowflakes just trying to be special. >:c
Let’s Make a Deal {Part I}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: This was so much fun to write! This spiraled out of control and ended up turning into a series.)

Mobster! Cassian x Reader

Plot Summary: 1954. All you cared about was earning money and surviving in the concrete jungle that we call New York City. However, ever since WWII ended, crime was rampant all around, and you managed to land right in the heart of it all. Cassian Andor was one of the local crime bosses, and the two of you managed to cross paths.

“I’m clocking out, Jaz.” You called, hanging up your apron and tossing your coat over your uniform.

“Bye! Be careful! Women walking at night spells bad news!” She called, wiping up a couple martini glasses.

You smiled, looking over to your coworker as you unfurled your umbrella. “Jasmine, we’ve got the drill, right?”

“If you call me to get milk, make up an emergency so you can leave. If you tell me that you saw Morei from our old Economics class, I’ll send a cab. If you say that you need to get a new comforter, call the police.” She recited, as you nodded.

“See you tomorrow!” You waved goodbye as you opened your umbrella, covering yourself up from the pouring rain.

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Better For Me (Part Two)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao

Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn

Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?

Word Count: 3011

Chapter Notes: Bucky apologises to Y/N but being the self centred prick he is, he makes her snap, making her push him to his breaking point. Does she really think he won’t go down until he’s pushed her to her breaking point?

A/N: The start is pretty filler-ish, all the nice stuff is near the end <3


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Ronan and adam both deserve each other. They’re great for each other & they’re on the same level of whatever makes them worthy for the other. Saying one deserves better than the other makes no sense because they treat each other equally and give & take the same amount from each other. If ronan pushes at adam he’ll push right back & vice versa and that’s what makes them work. They understand each others limits & boundaries but they also challenge each other’s doubts about the other and themselves. When ronan’s dealing with his grief and self doubt adam understands ronan needs to help himself because nobody can fix him. And when adam’s on the verge of breaking and in need of help ronan sees and helps in whatever way is best for adam. Not to sound cliché but their jagged edges fit together like a goddamn jigsaw puzzle so stop saying one is unworthy of the other or deserves better because it’s a false statement they won’t find a better other half than each other

So this family? I guess? Came in.. it was 2 separate orders but the granny (I guess? Older woman) didn’t separate her orders with a divider bar…

So halfway through scanning the first order I notice this ask if they’re together, they say no. I just pick up a bar and put it down. The granny picks it up and puts it back. So I’m kind of confused so I put it back and say, “I need this there.”

I do that to make sure that I don’t mix up orders… it might be obvious when you’re talking about it at the moment that the orders are separate, but sometimes there’s an issue and/or I get distracted with something and forget what’s going on, so I end up mixing the orders together when there’s no bar there to tell me we’re at the end of one. I need that bar there…

But even after placing it there a second time, SHE PICKS IT BACK UP and puts it back in its holder. So I stop and I explain, “I need that there so I don’t mix up the orders.”

Then she said, “you won’t mix up the orders, I’m making sure you don’t.”

I just let it go at that point but it rubbed me really the wrong way, a lot. I’m doing that for my own self, to help myself, it doesn’t have any fucking bearing on what you’re doing - so maybe let me do my goddamn job in a way that makes ME comfortable??? I don’t get it… it’s like customers take away any and everything they can possibly get their hands on that might make you more comfortable or easier on you. Like they have to control you and make sure you do things how THEY want…

It’s not like she was even being pleasant or explaining why she was doing that, she was just kind of like “I don’t want you to so you won’t because that’s what I decided” kind of attitude.

I get that it’s a small thing and I’m probably making too big a deal out of it but like… shit dude, really? You can’t just let me use my bars? Go fuck yourself…


from @mariana-oconnor‘s list:

Clint’s comic book collection. 

Clint was leaning back against the headboard, and Bucky was between his legs, low enough that Clint could rest his chin on the top of his head. Robot butlers - which sent Tony crazy whenever he said it, the gross oversimplification even more fun, therefore, to say - were good for a lot, but lowering the room temperature to ‘bearable when covered in Bucky’ had to be right up the top. 

Bucky shrugged his shoulder a little, and Clint obligingly turned the page. Superman’s heat vision was drying up a flooded city, steam rising against the violently blue-inked sky. There was a smear of chocolate just at the edge of the page; Barney’d borrowed this once, then. 

“I don’t get it,” Bucky said, and Clint snorted. 

“Hey, don’t knock the thing that made you famous,” he said, and even from the back of Bucky’s head he could tell the guy was scowling. 

“Yeah, as a kid, which is weird on levels I don’t wanna go into.” 

“So that’s your beef with the comics?” Clint asked. 

“No, I just don’t - I mean, this guy’s boring. He’s basically magic, he can superpower his way out of anything, what kind of interesting story comes outta that?”

Clint leaned in, grinning, and nosed up the back of Bucky’s ear. 

“That’s what a superhero is, genius,” he said. 

“…you know that’s bullshit though, right?” 

“Huh?” Clint shifted back a little when Bucky flailed around, hampered by the blankets and kicking them away as he rolled to kneeling in front of Clint, searching his face - for what, Clint had no clue. 

“Clint, you know -” Bucky examined the blank expression Clint was pretty sure he was wearing and tried another tack. “Okay,” he said, slow and careful, “what is it that you do?” 

“I - shoot things?” he said, uncertainly. 

“Okay. And Steve, what does he do?” 

“He saves people,” Clint answered, instant and sure. 

“And how is that different from what you do?” he asked. 

Clint frowned, honestly confused now. 

“He’s in charge,” he said. “He tells me what to do, I do it. Point and shoot.” 

“So I’m not a hero, then,” Bucky said, flat, and Clint reached out instantly, cupping his cheek in his hand. 

“No, Buck, of course you’re -”

“I save people, right?” Bucky said, a little frown creasing the skin between his eyebrows. 

“Absolutely,” Clint said. 

“And I follow Steve’s orders so we can save people,” he said, and he didn’t sound uncertain but Clint had to make sure. 

“You’re amazing, Bucky, you’re a goddamn hero.” 

“And I’ve got super strength, healing, eyesight, a kickass metal arm… So what would you call a guy without all that, who did everything I do?”

“I -” Clint said, stumped. “I guess…” 

“That’s what a superhero is, genius,” Bucky said, and leaned in to kiss his slack, surprised mouth. 

  • Aries: (Ultra Arrogant Bitch) Better yet call this sign the Ultra Bitchy Bitch cos this sign can be damn overbearing
  • Taurus: (Ultra Possessive Bitch) Oh man this sign tends to be damn possessive even to things that they don't even own
  • Gemini: (Ultra Lying Bitch) Lying is intrinsic to this sign, no wonder they do it without much guilt
  • Cancer: (Ultra Pessimistic Bitch) Their defeatism strikes at anytime anyplace and you can't do anything about it
  • Leo: (Ultra Demanding Bitch) This sign look demure but they have so many diva moments (And they're proud of them)
  • Virgo: (Ultra Critical Bitch) Their perfectionism is their disease and they won't approve of anything unless it's perf
  • Libra: (Ultra Flirtatious Bitch) Aphrodite + Zeus = This sign being so much of a flirt if they feel like being one
  • Scorpio: (Ultra Resentful Bitch) HAHAHA HAHA HA don't even get me started with how much unforgiving this sign can be
  • Sagittarius: (Ultra Tactless Bitch) They can be so goddamn inconsiderate and heavily self-absorbed, it can kill a life
  • Capricorn: (Ultra Condescending Bitch) Who's the sign who can be a judgemental elitist and proud snob? This one!
  • Aquarius: (Ultra Hostile Bitch) Weather's too hot? Stay next to this sign cos its heart is a frozen wasteland
  • Pisces: (Ultra Sensitive Bitch) Ayayay, even the tiniest negative remark can make this sign face a corner and sulk
Christmas Headcanons Megapost

So these are entirely SFW, but I do have something special planned for the next batch. Thanks so much to Admin Panini from @sportsanimehell-scenarios for writing about half of these and helping with the other half. 
~Admin Emma


  • Christmas morning is one of the only days where he skips his morning jog. He prefers to spend it cuddling with you until you both feel like getting out of bed to open presents. In fact, it’s one of the only days where he lets himself be lazy for once.
  • When Ushijima has kids, one of their big Christmas traditions is to go see The Nutcracker every year. It used to be a romantic thing for him and his s/o but now they take the kids along and it’s a cute little family outing.


  • Has a hand-knit Christmas stocking with his name on in. His aunt made it for him when he was really, really little and he treasures it
  • Really loves scarves because his cheeks get super wind-chapped in the winter. He always loses his or wears them out, so if you give him one (or better, make him one) he will be so weak? He feels so blessed


  • Get’s really embarrassed when he goes from the chilly outside to the warm inside and his glasses start fogging. He doesn’t know what to do–he’s tried everything, he can’t see shit without his glasses, and the air is too dry for contacts so basically the winter months=RIP Tsukki


  • Him and Saeko have a pact where if they’re both single on Christmas Eve, they’ll get together and get absolutely shitfaced. But not before she feeds her adorable baby brother with both of their favorite foods.
  • A Christmas Eve date with him is pretty rad–coffee, light shows, a bit of shopping, then ending the night with a movie or something. Low key, you spend most of the time in the back of the theater making out, so you don’t remember much of the movie, but it’s pretty rad either way.
  • Fuzzy sock king. So many fuzzy socks. He collects them, and he has dozens of them in different patterns. He also has dozens of beanies. And yes, he is willing to share with you. Low key it gets him so flustered to see you in his hats. 
  • Love Live trash (Eli is best wife, fight him, but he’s also weak for Kotori) and he is so weak for the Christmas costumes. Please don’t judge him, they’re just so cute!
  • Makes his own wrapping paper. He serious will handpaint wrapping paper and fold his own origami bows, and it looks fucking professional like, Damn Ryu! He’s super embarrassed by this fact, but if you show appreciation he will high key be so flustered but so happy.


  • He and you shared their first real kiss on a Christmas Eve date; it’s always going to be special, and low key, he’s the type who would propose on Christmas Eve. He takes the romance to a whole new level


  • Literally perfect at finding your size? Like, he bought you a pair of jeans and a sweater one year and they literally fit perfectly and to this day you have no idea how he did it. How do, Hayato?


  • Never buys gifts. He either makes them by hand, or he bakes something for you. He thinks it’s just more meaningful.


  • He and Makki throw a hell of a party every year. It’s fucking hopping from about 5pm on the 23rd and maybe (MAYBE) ends around 8 am on the 24th when everyone is too drunk to move anymore. No one remembers it but it’s always a good time.
  • He will legit buy you the nicest gift you’ve ever owned, and then he’ll nest it’s (probably small) box within progressively bigger boxes until it’s in a fucking refrigerator box filled with tissue paper and lies. Watching you get progressively more frustrated as you open is only slightly less fun than the look you get when you see what he got you.


  • Gets really into the Christmas spirit. Buys for everyone, bakes, calls all his friends. Everyone gets a gift. He’s grinning through the whole last few days before Christmas.


  • Hates holiday shopping with a fiery passion. He just hates dealing with all of the jerks that seem to crawl out of their holes this time of year. High key he’s had your gifts bought and wrapped since September because he really doesn’t want to deal with people.
  • The worst person for Secret Santa. He has accidentally given away who he’s buying for four out of the five times he’s done a Secret Santa but his gifts are always very thoughtful and chosen with care.
  • Refuses help when putting the star on the tree. He can do it. He is the man of the house. It is his job. No he doesn’t need a chair, what sort of man needs a chair!?!? (Please get him a chair)
  • His most precious Christmas memory is probably curling up in an armchair, watching the snow fall with you on Christmas Eve. You fell asleep like that, and woke finding his mom had tossed a blanket over you. He was high key flustered in the morning, but he’ll always treasure that moment.


  • Tries to find out what Iwaizumi is giving his s/o so she can try and top him and get you something even better. Spoilers: it never works, but it’s the thought that counts.


  • Tried to dye the front part of his hair like a candy cane once. It was supposed to be “festive” but in truth ended up Pepto-pink and totally fried. It was… a dark time.


  • Is at his most exhausted around Christmas. He will forget to take care of himself, including eating and drinking. You’re free to pick on him about it, but take care of him. He’s so tired, and all he wants is snugs.


  • Has a huge family with tons of kids, and always kicks it with his little cousins, nieces and nephews when he’s home for the holidays. He knows they look up to him, and he takes a genuine interest in what they do.


  • Working behind the scenes at the Fukurodani Christmas Party to make sure everything gets done and nothing gets set on fire. Everyone calls Akaashi the “mom” of his team, but everyone there knows better. Konoha is making sure Akaashi is hydrated and Bokuto isn’t getting too wild and that the presents are secured and the snacks are replenished and, if he has a minute, stops in to say hi to you.


  • Could care less about the present if it doesn’t come with a nice handwritten card. Since his parents are always gone, he’s used to receiving packages in the mail with short typed notes that say generic things on them. He really appreciates it when people take the time to write him notes. He keeps every single one in a box.
  • Likes the chaos and noise of the holiday season. It actually soothes him a bit, so he usually spends time with his team or your family.
  • Super weak for the classic Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. He’s a bit freaked out by the stop motion but he high-key cries at the end of Rudolph and he’s not sure why
  • Always decorates his own mini tree. He’s never really had a big tree before, but he’s always wanted one. He just can’t justify it, where he’s alone most of the time and he’s barely home as is.


  • Gets low key offended when people serve hot cocoa from a packet. He has a recipe that will literally knock your socks off, and if he can swing it, he’ll always add a shot of Bailey’s and a crushed mint leaf. You’re not sure what else he adds–the recipe is a closely guarded secret–but it’s a cup of hot, molten, chocolatey sin.
  • Your Christmas Card photos are always adorable. They always look like something out of a catalogue, and he always looks so beautiful. In 100% of the pictures you take, he’s always giving you the schmoopiest grin, and even if it embarrasses you, it’s so soft and affectionate you can’t stand to stay mad.


  • Has received an advent calendar from his parents every year since he was ten, but he can never control himself. He always cheats and eats more than one a day. You might have to buy a package of chocolates to put next to the calendar just to keep him in check.


  • Terushima has always wanted to go on a romantic Christmas Eve date with someone special, but he’s never been in a relationship stable or deep enough to get to that point. Usually they think he’s joking so he stops asking. Please ask him out for Christmas Eve, you will make his dreams come true ;u;
  • Trash for seasonal specialty drinks and desserts. If it has candy cane or gingerbread flavor he is 1000% there for it, even if it’s gross and overpriced. He wants it, and it’s a problem.


  • Prefers peppermint mochas to hot chocolate; not enough caffeine in the hot cocoa and he needs it to get through this year
  • Tries not to fall off the wagon as far as his training and diet are concerned, but Suga makes it so hard. Plus, if you can bake, he’s gone. He gets really self conscious if he gains a bit of weight over the Holidays, though.
  • Another member of the “is an actual goddamn space heater” club. He runs really warm and is actually a big fan of walks in the snow. Sadly, he tends to forget that not everyone can survive in blizzard conditions in a goddamn hoodie, Daichi.
  • Team “Couldn’t wrap a present to save his life, but he tries anyway.”
  • Really likes mulled wine? He’s not sure why–regular red wine makes him a bit sick–but he can literally drink mulled wine all night.


  • If he doesn’t have someone to spend Christmas with, he usually spends it with his team. He doesn’t like being by himself, so he’ll usually curl up next to a friend and watch movies, lamenting another Christmas as a single stud.


  • Hates being cold, and he runs so cold? He’s basically a blanket burrito wearing 18 sweaters from November to May.
  • Claims to hate Christmas Carols, but is always the first to pull up to the piano and start playing the classics. He’s played since he was a little kid, and it’s something he still enjoys doing.


  • Everyone assumes that he wants new games for Christmas but he actually wants cozy things like hats and scarves (and maybe baked goods). Bonus points if they’re handmade. He will high key wear them all winter long.
[fanfic] golden

Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairing: Viktor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
Word Count: 2,881 words
Details/Warnings: Smut with a sprinkle of Fluff, Welcome Home Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Silliness and Teasing, Daddy Kink, Established Relationship


“But don’t you think ours is a wonderful story to tell, love?” Viktor whispers, deliberately tickling Yuuri’s nape with his breath. He bristles in delight at Yuuri’s quiet gasp. “The sappy romantic and the sexy vixen.”

[Read on AO3]

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anonymous asked:

'after getting intoxicated at a part, you and your friends decide summoning a demon for 'fun'. it doesn't work. however, the next day when you return home from the party you find the demon on your couch' ik this is pretty weird and specific but you can change the details a bit but it's basically a gist of it ; pairing renison. you don't have to do this if u don't want to im just weird okay byeee

okay i am meant to be leaving these till AFTER my exam but i saw this one and had to IMMEDIATELY WRITE IT (and like…two sequels, also lmao) 

Rich white people get unbelievably stupid when they drink, that’s just a fact. Allison should really stop thinking of herself as an exception to the rule.

Case in point: they’ve been doing shots, and now someone is drawing a pentagram on the kitchen floor.

“Candles!” someone is yelling. “And, like, I’ve got some herbs and shit.”

Allison hates these people. She’s always hated them. Right now she should be calling the car company and going the fuck home.

Instead, she scoffs, “That’s not how you summon a demon.”

“How the hell would you know?” Trent, whose father is one of those mega-rich businessmen with a wife and two mistresses, demands. 

“It’s obvious. Dancing with the devil, you know,” she says, waving his tequila-breath away from her. “Someone, put on some music!”

So. That’s how she ends up dancing in a pentagram to Justin Beiber on her Saturday night.

The fucking paparazzi snap her on her way back to her apartment in last night’s dress and oversized sunglasses. That’s fine, because she’s fully made up – thank god for whoever invented travel-size Chanel – and she’s wearing Givenchy. Still, they’re assholes.

They can’t get past the front door of her building, but it’s not until she gets inside her apartment that she breathes out. Her life is a delicate balance between façade and the real Allison, and lately she feels more like the nicely dressed doll than the human being.

She walks through towards the kitchen, and then pauses mid-step by the living room door because there’s someone sitting on her fucking couch.

“Who are you?” she demands, hand flying to her bag where she’s got a bottle of Mace. The woman in her apartment looks back, unperturbed. She’s dressed in plain jeans and a blouse from a brand Allison doesn’t recognise but knows isn’t designer. Her hair is bleached to ash blonde and then dyed at the tips in a rainbow where it touches her shoulders.

She doesn’t look like a crazed stalker, but normal people don’t break into apartments and sit on the couch.

“You can call me Renee,” she tells Allison calmly. “You invited me here.”

“I would remember that,” Allison snaps back, because she wasn’t that drunk last night.

“You do,” Renee tells her. “You’re a good dancer.”

She stands from the couch and starts to walk towards Allison. Allison adjusts her stance, trying to remember what she learned in those self-defense classes she took, and says, “Don’t come any closer to me. I’ve got a gun.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Renee says, with a sweet smile. It’s really goddamn creepy. “You’ve got a can of Mace. It wouldn’t matter anyway. Bullets can’t hurt me.”

Okay, and she’s insane, apparently. Allison says, “I’m calling the cops.”

“When they get here they won’t be able to see me,” Renee replies. “You’ll just be the delusional rich girl insisting there’s an invisible person in her apartment. Won’t that make a good headline tomorrow? Your parents will be ecstatic.”

She’s close enough to touch Allison now. Allison is frozen in place. She whispers, “Who are you?”

“You still haven’t figured it out yet,” Renee says. She sounds a little disappointed. “Do you really think a woman like you dances like that in a pentagram and doesn’t earn some kind of attention?”

“You’re trying to tell me you’re a demon?” Allison asks, galvanised by the sheer level of insanity this girl is spouting. “No. No. You’re crazy. I don’t know how you know what happened last night, but I’m going to call the cops-”

“No you aren’t,” Renee tells her, almost gently, and grabs Allison’s arm to stop her from opening her purse. Her hands are hot, and it takes Allison’s brain a moment to realise what her nerves are telling her – that they’re burning her. Allison yelps and tries to pull away, but can’t. Renee is too strong.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Renee tells her calmly, like Allison isn’t fighting her grip at all.

Allison can’t shake her. She opens her mouth to scream, praying her neighbours are home, but when she tries her voice stops in her throat.

“Shh,” Renee tells her, and then Allison suddenly can’t move at all. It’s like her body has frozen in place. At least the burning has stopped. The hand that was holding her steady strokes her forearm. “Listen to what I’m saying. You called me here, Allison. Now you have to do something for me to make the trip worthwhile.”

Allison stares at her. She thinks her eyes might be trying to bulge out of her head. She can still breathe, though, and after a moment she tries to speak at a normal volume. The words come out. “What do you want?”

Renee smiles. “Well. How about I write it down for you?”

Updated YumiKuri Fic List

So some of you may remember that YumiKuri Fic list I made for the anon a week or so ago. Well, I decided to update it with a few more one-shots and I added in multi-chaptered fics. The * indicates new fics added in the One-Shots section. Multi-chaptered fics have their own section towards the bottom of the list and each multi-chaptered fic has their status listed next to them. Will update when new fics come up or I find old ones I’ve missed/forgotten.

Notes: List updated as of October 3, 2016. It back. Everyone go yay. As usual, everything new is marked with an * in front. Feel free to message me to add a fic, be it your own or someone else’s I may have missed. 



* You’ve Got My Eyes

* We Got That Milf Money

* Lullabies

* The Dreams

* I’ve Got A Cat Up My Sleeve

* Stroke of Luck

* Let It Fade

* Anything For You

* Hymns for the Weekend  

* Unexpectedly Flustered

* Yes But Can Ants FEEL


Blame It on the Downpour

What Death Could Never Take 

Let Them Wonder How We Got This Far

Rock My World

Honey, You Were Not Born Yet, Chill

From Paper To Dreams

Cold Weather


Morning Light


Funeral Flowers

Friendly Advice


Reactions to the Explicit

Save me, not them!

Difficult Position


South African Sunset

Tears and Freckles

Nothing But Time

The Geek Emerges

Mistaken Identity


My Goddamn Nuts


Get Your Head in the Game


* Into You


Self Defense

This Time and Place

How Do You Want Me?

Work Me Out

My Saddle

My Head in Your Mouth

Why You Never Make Christa Angry


Adrenaline Rush


Massage Me


The Chase


Torture Me Softly

It’s Just Dinner



To the Window; To the Wall

Shawdy Levels are Dangerously Low



You’d Better Believe I Like it Rough

Flower Shop


How to Solve a Problem Ymir’s Way

All that Makes Us

Quiet in the Library, Please


Christa’s Birthday Present

Smut Futa (Shhh, don’t tell anyone)

* Freak Like Me

Our Forever Started Here

That Danced Upon Her Skin

Her Little Angel’s Consolation


Take Me Down

Devil and a Saint

Topping the Boss

Retalious Stupidus

A Certain Kind of Mood

The Truth

That Holiday Spirit

Hormonal Issues

Fishing for Trouble

Totally Worth It


Alone Time

Candy Cane


* Go Reiss Lightning! (Ongoing)

* Yes, I’m a Great Believe in Angels (Ongoing)

* Good Job Ymir (Complete)

* Another Lover Hits The Universe (Ongoing)

* The Saltwater Room (Ongoing)

* H.E.L.D (Complete)

* Sun and the Ocean (Ongoing)

* Everything Stays (Ongoing) 

* Howl (Ongoing)

Goddess of Rebirth (Onhoing, short stories)

Falling in the Falls (Complete)

Flirting-with-Death (Ongoing)

Sometimes I Wish For Falling (Ongoing)

Nostalgie De La Boue (Complete)

Bad Dog III (Ongoing)

Head Over Converse (Ongoing)

* Sometimes When You Win You Lose (Ongoing)

* The Mercy File (Ongoing)

Crimson&Clover (Ongoing)

Queen of Hearts (Ongoing)

Christa and the Big, Bad Gays (Ongoing)

The Maid - A Ymir X Krista AU (Complete)

Schadenfreude (Ongoing)

Reditus (Ongoing)

Hallelujah (Hiatus)

She Painted War In His Eyes (Ongoing)

The Worst Romm-mate (Ongoing)

The Cries Of The Creeps (Ongoing)

Reservation Red’s June Challenge (Complete)

Better Dig Two (Ongoing)

The Princess and the Queen (Ongoing)

Historia in Wonderland (Ongoing)

Fucked Up Heroes (Ongoing)

Drink the Water (Ongoing)

Belle Machiavel (Ongoing)

Dream Catcher (Ongoing)

AdOPteD (Ongoing)

Spirans Tenebris (Ongoing)

Rule Breakers (Ongoing)

Codename: Hannibal (Ongoing)

UltraViolet (Complete)

Operation Pied Piper (Complete)

The Curl of Your Lips (smut compilation, futa)

You Are My Road (Hiatus)

My Secret To Keep (Ongoing)

Below the Surface (Complete)

Against the Tide (Complete)

Bad Dog (Complete)

Bad Dog II (Complete)

Distant Dayz (Complete)

Once Upon a Dream (Ongoing)

Reuinited (Ongoing)

Lover, You’ve Gone Cold (Ongoing)

A Good Change (Ongoing)

Hit the Ground Running (Ongoing)

Blossom // Yumikuri (Ongoing)

Demon I Have Become (Complete)

I’ll Bring You the Sun (Ongoing)

Cold Blood (Ongoing)

Vanilla (Hiatus/Rewriting)

Triwizard Romance (Complete)

You’ve Got Mail (Complete)

willsomeoneholdmyhand  asked:

So can I get some meta on Loki trying to calm himself after nightmares or panic attacks? Maybe about Frigga's death or what he underwent with The Other. I feel like as much bravado as he puts on he's got awful self soothing skills and when he's alone and in his own head it's most likely awful for him because his mind just won't shut up. I think that also contributes to why he probably reads so much, its an escape and get's him out of his head.

oh man, I feel like it’s been a long time since I talked about Loki and anxiety but I also feel like I talk all the time about Loki and anxiety. Which is not to say I won’t do it now! I’m always happy to talk more about these things. :D :D Especially because I just tried to go looking for any specific posts about it and couldn’t find any.

So I’ve long headcanoned that Loki in general, unrelated to anything else, has some kind of neuroatypical Issues including anxiety, both of the catastrophizing variety (everything that can go wrong probably will!!!) and of the obsessive, “brain won’t shut up” variety. Which often coincide and it’s fun for everyone. 

So that’s kind of been a long term issue that gets exacerbated by…everything that happens in canon. I have headcanons specifically about Frigga helping get Loki through anxiety attacks when he was a kid (possibly anxiety!Frigga? I’ve thought about it), but I don’t think his coping mechanisms were ever particularly strong. Or particularly healthy: I think Loki’s relied a lot on aggressive repression, too. And denial. 

(I know I’ve written before specifically about how much being in solitary prison in The Dark World is a bad, bad situation because of this - because being alone with his own head and not much to do is a quick road to anxiety spirals. Like…this is an embarrassing comparison and Loki would hate it but it’s like one of those smart dogs that when they get bored will tear up your whole apartment. This is why I think Loki’s so borderline manic when Thor lets him out, because at least now he has something to fixate on and he does, frantically.)

But yeah - basically, Loki’s coping mechanisms were never spectacular, and when things fall apart those do too. He more or less loses all ability to deal with anything, and so I think the only thing he can figure to do is just keep moving, because if he stops, even for a second, he’s going to have to think and that’s going to lead to…total meltdown. 

Easy Self Care Tips

Here’s a few easy self care tips for those of us that suffer with depression and other mental health issues that i’ve learnt in my 37 years, 20 of those years with mental illness.  They’re all really simple and easy.  They may feel like a mountain to climb to start with, but trust me, you’ll feel a fuck ton better afterwards:

  1. REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDS. Set an alarm for them, use a reminder app, keep them in dated pill boxes.  Whatever you need to do to remember to TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDS.
  2. EAT. Remember to eat at regular intervals, even if you’re so fucking depressed that you can’t be bothered, EAT SOMETHING. Drag your depressed ass to the kitchen and make some fucking toast or something.
  3. Stay Hydrated.  Tea, coffee or water, just make sure you drink it often.
  4. Take a shower.  Seriously, don’t wallow in your own filth for more that 24 hours. You stink and you know you’ll feel better when you’re shiny and clean.
  5. Brush your teeth twice a day. Kinda goes with point 1 really.  Skanky teeth with make you feel skankier.
  6. Open your curtains.  Let the sunlight in and stop sitting in the dark.
  7. Change your bedsheets.  If you’re going to wallow in bed, then change your bedsheets regularly.  It’ll help you feel cleaner and fresher.
  8. Do your laundry.  If nothing else, it’ll get you out of bed for a bit and means that you won’t run out of clean undies.
  9. Unfuck your habitat.  Do some goddamn housework. If your habitat is a mess and dirty and disgusting then you’ll feel the same.  Pick up your goddamn stuff and put it away. You’re not an animal so stop living in your own filth.
  10. Go for a walk.  Now this is only for those of us that can actually make it out of the house.  If you don’t feel up to it then that’s ok.

That’s it. Those are the 10 easy self care tips. They’ll be little victories, but they’ll be victories nonetheless.