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I fell in love with you, but you don’t love me back. I don’t know what to do anymore. I live for you. Every morning I wake up, for you. I laugh for you, I smile for you, I do my best, for you. But I guess everything I did, for you, wasn’t good enough. Now I have two choices, I can give up and have my love for you die with me, or I can try harder to make you find some interest in me. Right now, one of those choices is more appealing than the other.
—  i’m thinking i should just give up

cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞

Hannah’s 1.2K Follower Challenge!

Okay, so here’s the deal… I’m not sure if any of you have participated in a writing challenge before, but I think hosting one for my follower milestone/one year fic-i-versary sounds pretty fun… I’m going to tell you about it, and then if I get enough interest, I would love to host this!

Here’s how it would work:

  • I would give you a list of quotes (probably CM related) for you all to pick from. 
  • You can write any ship, reader insert, or even no pairing from the Criminal Minds world if you want, but you would have to fit that quote in the fic somewhere.
  • Any genre is accepted - smut, angst, or fluff, just make sure to tag everything appropriately.
  • The due date for these would probably be sometime in June, so there would be plenty of time for you to finish these. 
  • You don’t have to be following me to be a part of this celebration.
  • This is meant to be a FUN activity!! Make sure to have fun with it :-)

I’m tagging some people below that could be interested or for signal boosting purposes - feel free to tag any of your friends who might be interested. LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DOING THIS, OTHERWISE I WILL PICK ANOTHER WAY TO CELEBRATE! :-)

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83 & 100 please ☺️☺️✨

83 :: “Enough with the sass!”
100 :: “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”

I’ve been feeling in a Monsta X mood (watch beautiful ) so writing a drabble about one of the members seems appropriate.

It was a pretty lazy day. There wasn’t really anything interesting to do; Or anything you wanted to do. Everything seemed boring according to you and your boyfriend, who kept suggesting “fun” activities, was beginning to get agitated with your attitude. You rest your legs on his lap, allowing your head to rest against the couch.

“Why can’t you come up with anything interesting?” You whine, stretching your arms and legs with frustration. All you wanted to do is something fun, was that too much to ask? Apparently so.

Minhyuk’s nose scrunches, his eyebrows furrowing in an offended expression. “Yes, because it’s certainly my job to entertain you.”

Enough with the sass!” You laugh whilst grabbing the pillow next to you only to hit him on the face with. Before you could hit him again, he snatches the pillow from your grasp only to hit you with it. “Even a pillow fight seems boring,” you whine once again.

Not even a cliche pillow fight with your boyfriend amused you. You lay back down on the couch, your eyes staring at the egg white ceiling.

“Ugh,” you groan, “I’m so bored I actually identified the color of the ceiling.”

Minhyuk’s hand rubs your shin, as if that could make you feel better. “Do you want to go out and eat something? Maybe that’ll help, my treat.”

“I don’t feel like going out,” you sigh, your eyes focusing on the texture of the ceiling. You glance at your boyfriend, who was scrolling through his phone while his other hand petting your shin. “Hey Minhyuk, it would be great if you made me a sandwich though… “ You trail off showing him a sweet smile.

“Yeah, no, you have legs use them,” he gives a single pat to your shin. You move so that your head is leaning on his shoulder, your arm wrapped around his arm.

“Come on, please?” You widen your eyes whilst fluttering your eyelashes. He didn’t even bat an eye to your lame attempts to get him to make you a sandwich, so you decided to up your game. You press your lips onto his cheek, “Min, come on, please?” You ask again, pecking his cheek again, this time closer to his lips. “I would appreciate it a lot if you made me lunch,” you lay your head on his lap.

He finally looks at you and you take the opportunity to flutter your eyelashes, “Please?”

When you hear his defeated groan a smile appears on your face, happy to know that you were able to wear him thin. You move away, allowing him to get up from the couch. You look at him with a small present smirk, “I knew that you could only suffer through my whining for so long until you got up and made me a sandwich.

Minhyuk only rolls his eyes before walking in the direction of the kitchen.

Drabble Challenge

Tales of zestiria the x

I’ve been ranting about this series to my best friend every since I saw the final of season 1 and the crap that is season 2 which no amount of sormik moments will ever fix.

1- everyone has no character development. Nothing which makes the characters what they are in the game. Moments where you emotionally connect to them were just.. removed

2- Alisha being shoved into every scene as often as UFO can do it making no sense to the story. Don’t get me wrong I loved Alisha in the game I like the fact she followed her own path and her own choice to lead her people instead of packing up everything, leave her people in the hands of someone else just so she can follow a man

3- Alisha armatizing why? For the love of god why? So it’s not enough they pretty much shoved a forced love interest into sorey , it’s not enough that she’s a princess, not enough she is a squire , not enough that she has a kingdom to lead now she can do something which didn’t make any sense in the first place??? Why not make her God and call it a day. If this is to appease Japanese fans well I’m sad to say MOST of us are outrage over this.

4- what the hell did they do to rose? She was my fav female character in the game. She was strong, choose her own path and knew while it wasn’t 100% right it had to be done. This rose is a horrible copy of the real one

5- all the seraphim… they all had interesting stories and personalities which made me love them. Mikleo,he always been important to sorey. The entire plot of zestiria had to do with mikleo and sorey but no… all of them get tossed into the peanut gallery and reduced to nothing more then being pretty wallpaper with mikleo yelling sorey! Every chance he gets. I just …. I don’t even know what to think about this. No amount of sormik fan service will fix this, they were basically reduced to fit the retarded plot which allows them to put Alisha in everything

6- sorey purifying a dragon…. what the actual fuck…. I still can’t accept this and I won’t and no he hasn’t grown stronger or anything he hasn’t done anything to become stronger he’s had no hardships and lessons in life to be the sorey we all know and love.

Before people go oh they did this because the fans want more Alisha I’m gonna say now no no they don’t at least the Japanese fan base doesn’t. We love sorey and mikleo we love the story that the game was with all the bugs and frustration with the battle system. Alisha’s merch doesn’t sell aswell as sorey and mikleos , in fact a lot of sorey and mikleos merch is really overpriced due to the fact the fans who line up for hrs to get their hands on it for themselves and to sell know it WILL sell cause there is a huge fanbase for it.

I could say more about the train wrack that is the anime but I’m so angry I can’t even put it into words

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I'm totally on board with all of these do-overs the show is doing. It's also kinda cool to see things that have been discussed for so long actually happening? I'm jumping like fifteen steps ahead here, but I wonder, where does this leave us once Cas does choose the Winchesters even if Heaven accepts him? Where can show take us? I'm genuinely interested in what people think might happen next?

Heh. Well, Crowley’s apparently ten steps ahead… so maybe 15 isn’t really pushing things too far? :P

I’m at the point where looking past whatever choice cas makes (and honestly, does anyone doubt his choice at this point?), I just… don’t care what happens after that?

I mean, I’m having enough trouble (and far too much fun) trying to wrap my head around everything that’s happening NOW in the narrative, you know?

There’s just too much.

I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

(no seriously Cas’s story doesn’t end once he makes that choice, it begins.)


*excited screech*

It’s time for Elek to get all sappy ;w; and DAMMIT I MISSED THE NUMBER AGAIN

Everyone, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your overwhelming support over the past year. There aren’t words to describe how grateful I am that people actually enjoy the stuff that I make, and I definitely have a lot of fun creating it too ^-^ I guess the only way to show how ecstatic I am right now is with more endless screaming lizards, because that’s only way how I can describe how I feel at the moment ( ゚ヮ゚) I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me and wanted to say thank you again for sticking around for the dragons, reptiles, comics, OC garbage, awful memes, or whatever it is that piques your interest here! I crai everytiem ಥ_ಥ

Because I can never say it enough, THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN SO MUCH!!!

Seventeen’s The8/Minghao chibi bean dump~
; v ; sorry for the long wait but hope you guys like it~ I’ve been working on this in between everything so it took like a month to accumulate enough Minghao drawings ahah XD Im going to do Jun next since i did the other members of the Performance unit
eyyy im planning on making a tiny sticker book thing so i can sell small square stickers. It will be fairly small but will have like 7 sheets and 6 stickers on each sheet (like its a tiny sheet). Im still in the planning stages but do let me know if you are interested ;;; 

The Signs Around People They Dislike
  • Aries: has some witty sarcastic remark to follow everything they say
  • Taurus: flat out ignores them, and doesn't give a shit if they notice either
  • Gemini: will probably play nice, then verbally slaughter them when they're out of sight
  • Cancer: acts normally, doesn't even really care enough to pay any mind to them
  • Leo: makes sure they talk REALLY loudly so that the person they hate can envy how interesting and articulate they are
  • Virgo: gets a bit uncomfortable, and avoids conversation with the person if possible
  • Libra: might try to converse with them to see if they can see where they are coming from, otherwise, expect nasty yet obvious "indirect" side comments
  • Scorpio: most likely to get up and leave
  • Sagittarius: will probably make nasty comments, but won't let the individual's presence affect them too much
  • Capricorn: a shit ton of eye rolling and dirty looks but usually nothing more
  • Aquarius: most likely to call them out right then and there if provoked
  • Pisces: will appear more nervous than aggravated, and politely move away from them

[Jason is about to head out on a solo quest. Remembering he left his backpack in the Zeus cabin, he heads back in only to discover Drew holding it, sitting on the bed.]

Drew(Winking at him): Hey, Jason. Heading out so soon? How about a kiss for lu-

Jason(Taking the backpack from her): Save it, Drew.

Drew(Insulted): WHAT did you just say to-

Jason(Checking to make sure everything’s still there): You heard me. I’m not interested. Enough is enough, and Piper-

Drew(Flopping back on the bed with a noise of disgust): UGH. Piper. What’s she got that I don’t?

Jason(Dryly): A soul.

Drew(Outraged): HEY! Just wait a minute here, Zeus boy, I-

Jason(Ticking off incidents on his fingers): Bully the other campers, bully your own siblings, set people up just to break them up for whatever weird reason… I can go on.

Drew(Scowling): But we’re the same!

Jason(Incredulous): How?! Because people follow both of us around?

Drew: YES!

Jason: I don’t WANT them to do that! Maybe you get some kind of power trip from people fawning over you, but I never asked for that. I work hard. I help whoever needs it. I try to be a good person-

Drew: I’m a good person!

Jason(Disbelieving): Drew, the way you treat everyone is not what good people do. You know that, right? 

Drew(Fists clenched): BUT I WANT YOU!

Jason(Sighing): No, you know what you want? You want everything that Piper has. And like a certain princess once said, ‘I am not a prize to be won’.

so I have really bad insomnia, so one thing I do is make up little sickfic in my head as I try to fall asleep. It’s something that’s interesting enough to keep me from being distracted (as opposed to counting sheep or whatever the fuck) but low-stakes enough to not cause me anxiety (as opposed to thinking about everything I have to do this week or reliving that one time I accidentally said “you too” to the waiter that told me to enjoy my food)

So you guys can expect this big bad whump fic in a few days, since I’ll need to think about it for a bit. So you can keep the asks ad reblogs coming on the original post! :D

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☘ : Does your muse believe in luck? How about fate?

- “I was lucky enough for Mister Ren to be interested in my candies.. Lucky enough Reylain let me back inside the estate because now i have a place to make my products. Can’t do everything in my dollhouse now can I. Fate, no I don’t believe in it.”

☕ : Does your muse prefer coffee or tea?

-”Unless either of those are spiked with blood then none.”

εїз : How does your muse feel about bugs and insects?

- “I love em especially when I send them with certain gifts.. They are very symbolic most of them. Others I use for wicked personal reasons. They are like my mini coworkers in my morbid creations.”

@acquisitive-adventurers / @renlavaye / @reylain-dawnsorrow


Cosplay time!
So we decided to go from Overwatch this year to the AX.

Going to try to make:
Reaper- WIP
Genji- WIP  WIP, WIP,
Zenyatta - WIP
Zarya - WIP WIP
Soldier 76 (just the mask, if time then the gun as well) - WIP
Progress: WIP, WIP, WIP,

- OH MAN, last day to finish everything. I still can’t say I have anyone 100% done, lol. T_T

- Zenyatta like a pile of trash on the floor right now XD
Sorry there are no progress shots for Zenyatta, I kinda just made his limbs like what ever, so I did not feel like the progress pics were good/interesting. It was basically just me making rectangles, since I ran out of time to make them more shaped.

- Glove progress, that most likely wont be finished…but good enough.

- Yesterday instead of finishing anyone outfit I started working on Soldier 76′s gun, lol. Not bad for just a couple of hours. :D (Text books for weights.)

Cutting knife
Foam mats

Contact cement
Exacto knife
Hot glue gun
Heat gun
Pasti Dip
Craft foam roll
Extra stuff for Soldier 76
Red glasses
PVC cutter (not the model I use, but pretty cheep online)

  • “I have so many questions. Important questions!" 
  • "I need to get out." 
  • "I think we really have something here." 
  • "I imagine all that could have been, and all that is now lost." 
  • "The someday you’ve been waiting for is this day." 
  • "We will all find out soon enough." 
  • "They’re never going to believe this." 
  • "They have our best interests at heart. I’m sure of it." 
  • "We are eternal." 
  • "We will not last." 
  • "You will persist—ever so faintly, ever so slightly—on into perpetuity. Long after everything about you no longer matters." 
  • "We are eternal, but we will not last." 
  • "No one can make your destiny for you." 
  • "Now is the time, I’m sure." 
  • "Try to remember." 
  • "Everything seems to be in order—in that I am nervous and uncertain and feel an emptiness sometimes which can never be filled." 
  • "I have felt disconnected lately. My being has been split between the here and the now, and the there and the now." 
  • "And I’ve never felt more at home." 
  • "We were safe all along." 
  • "It does sound nicer than I remember." 
  • "But it’s hard to know how much meeting eyes or touching hands means until it’s gone." 
  • "What makes you you? How are you able to acknowledge that you are even a thing, separate from the rest of the Universe?" 
  • "But I don’t know. I can’t feel or see that, so—not really my problem now, is it." 
  • "That’s the best part about the future. Anything you want to be possible is possible. As long as you don’t think about it too hard." 
  • "It is a sadness, what we do to each other." 
  • "This is starting to freak me out a little." 
  • "This was supposed to be a fun and challenging exercise, but now I’m questioning everything about my self and my life." 
  • "Nevermind. That doesn’t matter.”
  • “Nothing exists for you outside of my voice saying it does." 
  • "But I miss—you know—touching. I miss this." 
  • "Is anyone even listening to this?" 
  • "Thank you for keeping me safe." 
  • "So that seems to be another crisis averted." 
  • "Perhaps we will never know anything. We have certainly never known anything yet." 
  • "It was you, wasn’t it?" 
  • "If only there was something I could do for you." 
  • "Is there any trace of your old self left?" 
  • "Well, uh, this is it. One way or another, here I go." 
  • "But I can’t help it; I just get all worked up about a lack of coffee!" 
  • "It’s fine. I’ll be fine." 
  • "I do not know where I am." 
  • "Nothing is as it seems. We’ve all been duped by God, all is lost, blah, blah, something, something, living nightmares." 
  • "I can’t wait much longer." 
  • "You’re not the only one who cares about her, you know." 
  • "For this, I am sorry. I will try harder." 
  • "We would never." 
  • "That wasn’t me." 
  • "This is the last time. Okay?" 
  • "What—what is happening to me?" 
  • "We’re sorry. We’re so sorry. But this is the only way.”

Amazing what you can find in the lockers at Gibraltar… don’t tell Mccree.

For realsies though Overwatch has been great so far Blizz is really hitting it home this year so far, and legion don’t look to shabby either. It was fun to play with textures and mark making here too. I’m also done with my hellish quarter of school so I should be posting more regularly again expect some fun stuff since I’ve been killing myself drawing crap for the past few weeks. I’m also open again for commissions if anyone is interested. If everything goes according to plan I’m hoping to have some fun stuff ready to post for this weekend if I can stop playing overwatch long enough to get stuff done.

She’s your manic pixie dream girl fantasy,
dyes her hair purple,
works in a coffee shop,
browses the poetry section at 
the Barnes and Noble
looking for Plath, Sexton 
and Bukowski,
sits in a cafe in the rain
and you think the 
fact that she’s sitting by herself
means she want company.

If she has issues with her father,
isn’t looking for commitment,
then she’s vulnerable enough for the
womanizing guy in sitcoms to 
deem fuckable and
perfect for taking advantage of. 

Needs attention,
needs affection,
wants intimacy,
that must mean she’s crazy,
everything you don’t want your woman to be.

You make her out to be broken,
now you’re falling in love
thinking you’re the only one who can save her,
not realizing she doesn’t need your help to be 
put together.
Maybe you should try looking in the mirror. 

She’s telling you she’s not interested
and you’re not listening
because you’re still convinced she’s playing hard to get.
After all, girls like her need boys like you to complete them.

 You realize she doesn’t want you now
you’re telling all your friends that she was a bitch.
She had emotions, made her too complicated,
complexity made her mysterious,
had needs, made her too human.

God forbid a woman should be human.
God forbid she be anything other than 
your one dimensional, projected, sexualized
image of perfection.

She was your manic pixie dream girl fantasy,
she was everything you ever wanted her to be
because the girl you saw never existed,
she was all in your head.

jfc oAo

Oh. My. Good. Lord - I just noticed I hit another milestone which I really just can’t believe I actually did. A bit more then a year ago I had for 3 long years all together 186 followers. 

I used a different url back then as well - an url which I changed to start a new after I went through a heavy loss. Seeing how far I got is really inspirative and touching for me. I not sure I can use English well enough to really thank for this much support and encouragement. 

You can’t imagine how much this can push me forward when I fail and feel like not wanting to move forward and just give everything up, including art. But then I just see how many of you interested to see more update from me, and it can pull me back and make me still keep going. I can’t disappoint this many people to just let the bad days defeat me and just quit everything. For this I really thank for every one of you. 

This is a huge inspiration. I am incredibly touched and only can hope my future artwork will repay this to all who following me and won’t disappoint any of you ever. ;A;

While I will appreciate a story that goes out of its way to avoid an overused cliche of the genre (like say, a love triangle in a teen romance novel),

I will be 110% more intrigued if the author actually manages to use the cliche in a unique enough way to make it interesting again (like say, turning that love triangle into a story that ends in healthy polyamory)

Honestly stories that avoid cliches can be so boring. Everything is cliche if used often enough. And things are only used over and over again if they worked before. So put a new and positive spin on it. Renew people’s love in the cliche

Breakfast- Outlaw Queen Fanfic

This is for my sister, my love, my soulmate, my psychologist, my friend, my anchor, my person, my everything basically adi-dion . It seems like there aren’t enough words in this world I can use to say how much I thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you in those last couple of months, or how greatful I am for having you in my life, to have the best older sister in the entire world.   
I hope this fluffy fic makes a good enough thank you.

And for Zoo mysterious-song, who suffered half an hour of OH MY GOD I CAN’T FIND A  PROMPT I WANT TO WRITE I HATE EVERYTHING me.  

This takes place the morning after Robin and Regina reunite. 

There is a stupid, annoying alarm going off in Regina’s dream, just as it starts to get interesting (and hot, if she may add). She tries to push it back; tries to focus on Robin’s arms exploring her half- bare body, but all of her attempts fail miserably.

When she forces her eye lids open the alarm doesn’t stop. It seems like it gets worse, stronger, and only then Regina understands that it invaded her dream. This sound, however, is very real, yet she is too foggy to be worried about it.

She covers her head with the pillow, tries to gain a couple more precious minutes of sleep and prays to whomever up there who might listen to her that this noise stops. Apparently there is no higher force who hears Regina Mills’ wishes, and she will have to roll out of bed and sort this thing through herself.

What an excellent start to her Saturday.

When she is about to pull the covers up and away from her body she finally notices that the other side of the bed is warm and undone, as well to the fact that she is very much naked under the sheets. She remembers him, Robin, his return, and their late night’s activities from yesterday mix up in her mind with the ones from her dreams (she can’t actually tell which of those were dirtier, nor which actually happened).

And then it strikes her. The awfully annoying alarm sound she hears is the actually the fire alarm going off.


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