they can learn to forgive

Friends…. I have a confession to make. I’m sorry. It’s my fault that Barb from Stranger Things got eaten by that monster thingy in episode 3. I made a foolish mistake, that, looking back, I can see was impetuous and reckless. During the first episode I saw Barb with Nancy and I thoughtlessly muttered ‘that’s a lesbian right there.’ I can only surmise that the writers heard this and acted accordingly. In hindsight I can only apologise for what I have done. I doomed this poor girl mindlessly and sealed her fate with my rash words.
I only hope that you can learn to forgive me in time

listen as someone with ptsd its so fuckin important to me that keshas new album focuses on moving on and forgiving /yourself/, but not forgiving your abuser

theres so much out there thats like ‘forgive everyone!! you can  never be happy until you learn to forgive those who did you wrong!!’ and ?? cant relate to that at all?? so its so so important to me that someone who also suffered through trauma has stood up and essentially said: ‘no. you dont have to forgive them. some things cannot be forgiven. whats important is learning to love yourself and move on and be happy’  

kesha is learning to love herself and working through her own struggles and trying to help others do the same and i didnt think my heart could be so full of love for one person but here we are thank you kesha 

You may lose your best friend and feel lonely
You may lose the love of your life and feel lonely
You may never return to the city you call home and feel lost
But you will feel the most lonely when you lose yourself.
That’s when you’ve really lost someone worth fighting for.
That’s when you must accept all your mistakes and all your flaws
And that’s when you must forgive yourself.
Because the hardest person you will ever have to forgive is you.

12 Things Happy People do Differently

Happy people value and choose:

1. Love over Fear: People, who are truly happy, are less fearful and more loving. They perceive every moment, every challenge, and every person as an opportunity to learn more about themselves and the world.

2. Acceptance over Resistance: Happy people know that you can’t really change things by denying and resisting them. So when bad things happen, they don’t fight, get angry and complain. Instead, they ask themselves questions like: What can I learn from this? How can I do make this better?

3. Forgiveness over Unforgiveness: Truly happy individuals understand that it’s destructive to hold on to feelings of anger. Instead, they choose to forgive and let go, understanding that (in the end) forgiveness is a gift they give themselves.

4. Trust over Mistrust: They trust themselves … and they have learned to figure out the trustworthy people – and those they should avoid.

5. Meaning over Ambition: Happy people do the things they do because it adds meaning and purpose to their lives. They’re not driven by the need to gain acceptance, praise and approval from others.

6. Challenges over Obstacles: Happy people see problems as challenges, and as opportunities to explore new ways of seeing and doing things. That is, challenges are something that help them to grow.

7. Selflessness over Selfishness: Happy people seek out ways ways to give to others - of themselves, their time, of their money, and their gifts. That is, they’re not self-focused and self-absorbed.

8. Kindness over Harshness: Happy people are gentle and kind with themselves and others. They know the importance and power of self-love, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance - and they freely love, forgive and accept other people, too.

9. Gratitude over Ingratitude: No matter where they are, or who they are with, happy people have the capacity to see beauty where others would only see ugliness – and they’re quick to express their gratitude, as well.

10. Being Present over Being Disengaged: Happy people know how to live in the moment, appreciating what they have and who they are with. They are not constantly being dragged down by the past, or distracted by what could happen (or go wrong) in the future.

11. Positivity over Negativity: Regardless of the circumstances of life, happy people are able to adopt and maintain a positive, and upbeat, attitude and perspective.

12. Taking Responsibility over Blaming: Happy people assume full ownership for their lives. They assume responsibility for their life, choices, decisions, actions, reactions, beliefs and attitudes.

i literally dont understand how hard it is for taylor swift to just own up and apologize for the things she’s done like nobody has said that, for example, in the kanye situation that he hasn’t also done some bad things, but the things people are mad at taylor for are completely valid reasons that she either tries to excuse or never mentions at all. she’s going for this whole reclaiming her image brand but?? that’s implying she’s done nothing to deserve the image she’s gotten over the past year or so which is not true. when will taylor apologize for her actions that are basically the definition of white feminism like not understanding the struggles of black people (especially women) and being friends with lena dunham?? when will taylor apologize for constantly making herself the victim with her exes (even after we’ve heard the other side and learned she exaggerated) and everything with kanye that was literally recorded?? like @taylorswift nobody’s gonna feel bad for you because we know you’ve seen the snake comments and all the articles written. every lie you’ve told, every fan you’ve manipulated, every situation you twisted into your favor has led up to the general public realizing you’re not who you say you are. maybe people can learn to forgive and move on if you maybe spoke about it in a mature manner and apologized, but now you’re dedicating your entire album and promo to this instead of things you might actually want to create, and we’ve still not heard an apology. you literally wrote shake it off but apparently care so much about what people say you’re going the this whole thing is inspired by the hate i get route. can you really be surprised that no one wants to support you?? 

also you should probably get someone else to design your album covers


the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)

Ok, but imagine Alex going to Earth 1 during “Duet”:

- Space dad J’onn carrying space daughter Kara across the portal with his other daughter Alex by their side because of course she would be there.

- Alex and Caitlyn Snow bonding over science while they both work to keep Kara and Barry alive

- any small chance of Alex singing

- Kara and Barry discovering Musical!Alex in a forbidden love affair with Musical!Iris/Millie

- seriously though, paralleling Alex and Iris makes a lot of sense as they both helped their respective superheroes heal and build new families after their very tragic pasts

- Kara can still learn the same lessons about love, which can help her forgive in a more realistic non-rushed way, or help her get over her heartbreak and move on

- Alex saving Kara with true love sister-style, ala Frozen

- Alex teasing Kara about always having to save her from her dream worlds

Since I know a lot of you are under 18:

• You’ve heard this a thousand times, but alcohol/smoking/doing drugs don’t make you cool. They can suck. Be careful please.

•Live for the small things.

• Summer school/night school/retaking classes/etc isn’t the end of the world. They’re actually really helpful and great life experiences.

• It’s okay to report things. Harassment. Crime. Look out for yourself, and look out for others if you can. However, if you feel unsafe reporting something then don’t.

• Your mental health is important. Seek help. From school. From family. From friends. From online communities. From anyone who you think can help.

• Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to move on even when it hurts.

• Be respectful. Educate yourself. Learn. Grow. Never stop.

• Take the time to get to know yourself. Learn to exist by yourself. Extend compassion to others but remember to do the same for yourself.

• Eat something, please. Your body needs it.

• Learn to support others even when their struggles seem less difficult than yours.

• Take it a day at a time, and do your best each day. It’s okay if sometimes your best isn’t as much as it usually is. It’s okay if sometimes your best is barely getting through the day. You did it. I’m proud of you.

• You’ll be okay. Everything will change. It will hurt. Things may feel unbearable at times. But you will be okay. You’ve gotten through every painful thing in the past. You will get through this.


Here it is, after 9 months of work, my diploma short ! I hope you like it.

Feyre's Theme
by me


So I’ve been working on this for the past few days. I am very much an amateur at composing - this is the first actual piece I’ve ever composed - so it’s very basic and I’m definitely going to go back and change some things, but I thought I’d go ahead and let you guys listen to what I have so far. Yes, I know there are a few parts that sound a bit wonky, but I hope you guys enjoy it! To my fellow music people, please send me your critiques. Like I said, I am an amateur and I want to learn more about composing. 

@acotarnetwork I hope you can forgive me for sending in my creation so late, Tumblr decided to stop cooperating with me for a while, or else I would have been able to send it in before. 

@verbumamantem @clockworkofbooks

I’m sorry about that other post.

I understand now that what I said was wrong, and I’ve learned my lesson, and I hope you can forgive me.

I apologize for this whole situation.

Lost Souls (Pt. 11—the finale)

Copyright © btswritingsforyou. All Rights Reserved.

Genre: Fluff ; Angst (a lot) (sorry) ; implied smut | Ghost AU + Soulmate AU

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Length: 7,400 words

Synopsis: You were what they called stuck between living and ascending to the afterlife. You spent your days wondering the city trying to find any help; just anyone who could see you. You finally did, except he had to be your soulmate, your other half you left behind in death.

A/N: Presenting the super long awaiting (a month in the making) part 11, aka the finale!

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There was only one person you could go to. She would be the only person you could ask.

“Did your forgiveness not go as planned?” A simply smile was on the shamaness’ face. It was not to mock you, no. It was a knowing and sympathetic smile because she knew. She had known it wouldn’t go well, she expected it.

You shook your head and took a seat on the bench, folding your hands in your lap. Of all time, you could still try to remain composed.

“You cannot say words of forgiveness if it does not come from the heart.”

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me: sees Dunkirk fans shit-talking the shivering soldier