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Kenny Vs Jane

I’ve seen a lot of posts about people feeling conflicted as to what was the best ending of episode 5 so I thought I’d post my opinion.

Kenny and Clementine met when she was a naive child who mainly relied on Lee for protection, in season one Kenny lost his entire family and as he constantly made plans revolving around their wellbeing it was no surprise that he became quieter and unstable, he had lost the people he cared about the most in the world. Kenny finally found some happiness with Sarita and being reunited with Clementine finally gave him some hope, but that was short lived when Sarita was bitten during the escape. Clementine was the only person he had left and due to the time they had spent being apart in which Clem had became stronger and more independent, Kenny probably felt as though he had lost her to her new group.

When Jane joined the group she had the potential to be a great role model for Clementine as she handled herself well and taught her the importance of looking out for yourself, even if it means hurting those you love. But then the darker sides of her personality started to show, Jane was incredibly abelist, she felt that leaving her vulnerable younger sister to die was ok due to the fact that she was struggling mentally. She was also mean about Sarah and if alone wouldn’t have attempted to save her at all, she also refers to AJ as ‘it’ suggesting she sees him as nothing more than a liability. Jane clearly cared for Clementine enough to come back for her, the time they had spent together gave them the chance to bond and when Jane saw how strong she was she probably started to see her in a sisterly way. But lets be real here, if Clementine became depressed or badly injured Jane would most likely leave her and AJ to save herself (if she can desert her own biological sister, she could easily leave the girl she barely knows…again)

I understand that Jane was trying to show Clementine that if something happened to AJ, Kenny’s anger may put her in danger, but using the newborn as bait was unacceptable. Kenny was clearly struggling mentally after losing his family, AJ and Clementine are the only people giving him something to live for. He has previously mentioned how guilty he felt about Katjaa and Duck’s deaths as he felt he didn’t do enough for both of them, Kenny was determined to make sure he didnt make the same mistakes with AJ so obviously upon hearing that the newborn had been killed, it caused him to be temporarily blinded with anger and pain.

In my opinion, Kenny isn’t dangerous he is just over protective (which is understandable), if you chose to let Kenny kill Jane then you will see Kenny manage to get Clementine and AJ accepted into Wellington which shows how he is willing to go solo if it means keeping them two safe. If Jane had only intended to get Clementine to see what Kenny can be like then she would have told them the truth about AJ the minute the fight became life threatening, but she didn’t. Knowing Kenny, if she had just told him that Alvin Jr was still alive then he would have left her alone and rushed over to him. Jane had no intention of letting the fight end until Kenny was dead, she used Kenny’s mental health to essentially manipulate Clementine into thinking that she would be safer with Kenny dead.

Team Kenny all the way.