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Aenor Harillen.

I wanted a Robin Hood type of character to finally romance Sera! I’ve tried so many times but I can never get past the part where she makes you choose between her and your Dalish faith - so this is Aenor: city elf, trickster, and thief. 

She was born into a Dalish clan but left to live in Redcliffe when she was fifteen. She tattooed her face with a Fen’Harel vallaslin to show her deep rejection of her old life. She’s gonna be really pissed off when she finds out about Solas haha

I’ve been slowly moving away from Tumblr. I joined because it was the only place I could find active rpers for the verse I started in, but I just can’t get past the fact that all my rps are public, and anyone can read them. It’s always made me uncomfortable, so I’ve been slowly gravitating towards mediums where my rps can be kept private.

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It’s great to read about your process! And tempting to do myself, but I can’t get past the conviction that when other people do things it’s Good and Interesting but if I do them it’d be Self-indulgent and Bad.

Thank you! I hope you do, I’d totally read it. Reading someone else’s “story behind the story” sometimes gets me rethinking my own processes, and it’s just fun and gives me a new appreciation for the story. But I know what you mean, I was feeling that Self-Indulgent/Bad vibe every time I thought about doing a chapter commentary. Then I decided what the heck.

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"Zero fucks given, next please" for Jack ~Guest Sorta

Sorry, I’ve been busy. 

Jack frowned as the demonic teens surrounded him, their faces locked in mockingly eager smiles.

“So how does it feel to be a halfa?

“Can you even do demonic things?”

Jack rolled his eyes. He hated coming back to the underworld. If it wasn’t for his grandparents and father, he wouldn’t give a second thought to this place but here he was, waiting the lobby of the palace skyscraper for his monthly family dinner and naturally demons did what demons do best: Be annoying jerks.

“Are you even fit to rule the underworld?” The slightly older demon asked, flexing his deeply scarred arms threateningly. 

“Eh, if i have to” Jack replied “We’ll see when we get there.

“I bet I can crush you into a little paste right here right now. You know in the old days the strongest was king. Maybe we should go back to those days instead of this stupid ‘modern’ society. Makes weaklings of us all.”

Jack shrugged “How would you know? Haven’t you always been weak?”

The demon’s nostrils flared, fury burning in his singular eye. He reached his bugling muscular arm back and….

It was hard to smell the burnt flesh of demon scales over the general stuffy, thick air of the underworld but Jack gave a self satisfied smirk as the previously menacing demon now whimpered quietly on the floor. 

Jack towered over his fallen foe, horns protruding from his skull, his fingernails razor sharp while his trio of eyes narrowed evilly at the demon.

“If you want to live in a time and place that no longer exists, be my guest but try and destabilize my father’s hard work and I will rip your scales one at a time and salt the wounds. Zero fucks given.” 

Jack eyed the other demon who shifted uneasily under the half demon’s gaze.


The demon shook his head fearfully, hands raised surrender.


the sound filled the now silent lobby as horns slide back into his skull, his third vanishing into the void as Jack gave a smug grin while he playfully patted the weeping demon’s cheek.


Jack perked up at the sound of his grandfather’s voice.

“Coming lolo!” 

and just like that, Jack strolled across the carpet floor of the building as if he was Lord CEO of the underworld. 

which one day, he could be. 

Cooking Personality Test - the recipe you’re making calls for six ounces of tomato paste, but you can only get tomato paste in 5.5oz cans. You:

  • Crack open a second can and skim 10% off the top
  • Use one can and adjust the proportions of everything else accordingly
  • Use one can and don’t adjust the rest because it’s really not that critical
  • Find the least common multiple between 5.5 and 6 and make eleven batches at once
  • Give up and order pizza

So this episode of Rick and Morty featured:

  • Logic dabbing
  • The meme siren noise
  • Rick wearing the Scumbag Steve hat

Conclusion: Someone on the Rick and Morty writing team decided to include all the memes for the season in one episode and I am living for it

Echoes of laughter. A fear submitted by Lisa to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! You can find Deep Dark Fears on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!

drawing commission for Brittany

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hi- what is your opinion on GMOs? i have friends in bioengineering who seem to pretty much agree on the consensus that they are all around better than non-GMO strains, except maybe when it comes to soy. basically what I'm wondering is are GMOs: - healthier? - better for the environment? - more agriculturally efficient? sorry this question is so long, thanks a million for answering it! (if you do)

from a scientific aspect: 

the facts are, GMOs are the future and the key to increasing crop production for our increasing population if your goal is to keep up food production for more people. remember, the goal right now in agriculture- the key goal that we’re throwing everything into because big yikes fam- is to produce more food off less. so like, vertical farming? good, saves space. smaller plants with bigger yield? great, saves space, can plant more and get more food. plants that are resistant to drought? to high temps? to low fertilizer? amazing, it means you have hardier plants that you can put in places that regular plants wouldn’t be able to stand.

so are they agriculturally efficient? hell yeah, because remember, it takes about 10 years for a crop in testing- GMO or not- to reach a point in development where it can be submitted for approval by the USDA for the market (something I’ve learned in my current job). imagine doing all breeding without GMOs. you would literally be able to do one cross a year, maybe two if you’re in a warmer area (this is why a lot of soybean breeding has been moved to South America, where they can do twice as much breeding). with GMOs, you can develop and test stuff faster, so by a monetary standpoint it’s awesome. 

lets not forget that GMO crops can withstand more because of the pure amount of precision put into them. like, lets say your corn breaks a lot. you can spend 3-4 years meticulously cross breeding your developing strain with a break-resistant variety to get that trait in, or you can just cut and paste in the gene. and get this: it doesn’t even have to be from the break resistant variety. you can pull it from another plant that might be better at not breaking, and get an even better resulting variety. 

another thing that we can’t forget about is that new GMO tech helps us keep up with pests and diseases. at work, i’ve seen experiments involving root pests; plants infected had root systems destroyed down to a single tap root. imagine that happening to a farmer’s field. like, all of it. that’s the kind of thing we’re up against here; to stop infestations and to solve new challenges quickly by developing technology quickly, while still improving the plant to commercial level. 

when talking to the breeders at work, they told me that the industry as a whole recently upped its goal from creating a crop that would give each farmer a 200 bushel harvest (200 bushels has been the goal for the past 30 years; they’ve recently reached it and exceeded it) to 300 bushels per harvest. they have to do this just by modifying the plants. they have no control over how much the farmer plants and/or how many fields they have.

to give some perspective here, one bushel is 60 pounds of grain. they’re aiming to have each farmer that buys their products be able to reliably harvest and sell 18,000 pounds of grain per year

the moral of the story is that the breeding and agri industries are under a lot of pressure here, and they have to work fast, because the population is rising. 

knock knock

whos there?

dwindling nitrogen supplies in farmland and unsustainable farming practices but im gonna save that for another time

are they healthier? it depends on what you believe. like, what we’ve found so far is that GMOs don’t hurt you. some of them have added vitamins that can help you (lets not forget the famous GMO golden rice, which uses a daffodil gene coupled with a soil bacterium gene to make a rice variety produce a huuuuuge amount of vitamin A. this has been so effective in solving vitamin deficiencies and health problems in 3rd world countries since it was introduced in 2005 that its won awards and been used as a universal case study for the whole “GMO plants” thing) but most are just like. idk. kind of there? they help the health of the plant and help the farmer bring in income, so???? idk???

are they better for the environment? i have no idea. i suppose indirectly, because like. if you have a heartier plant you have to clear less land for agriculture?? (can anyone weigh in here?). But if these got out into the wild, the effects could be DEVASTATING, which is why the USDA and related government organizations (depending on where you live) make it so you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what you’re putting out into production won’t be crazy damaging if it magically gets out somehow.

ethically: i have no idea man. like im still super split on it. my scientist self says “you can literally buy everything to do it and modify plants to produce heat right in your own home right now” but then im like……………..idk man we just dont know. i dont want to hurt my plant friends. if this hurts our plant friends. idk

Can people please stop tearing Clara down while praising Bill? 

She’s been gone for well over a year now and was never the “mystery” or “Mary Sue” or “cardboard cutout” that she’s being claimed of being. She’s flawed and equal to the Doctor in every way, but it shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. And as shocking as it may seem, there are those of us who actually relate to her and consider her to be a realistic character. There are those of us who identify with her and feel like we share traits with her, and its these very traits that we share that seem to be constantly shamed and crapped on by the fandom. 

Yes, Bill is a breath of fresh air to the show and is bringing in something different, but Clara shouldn’t have to be torn down in the process of praising her. 

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