they can form a tribe



@cypsiman2, I guess this is what you meant by “bigger issues”. Yeah, that’s a pretty big complication to a relationship right there. ^^;;;

Still, I guess maybe her pointed ears should have been a clue that something odd was up with her. I just wrote it off as a strange design choice for an Amazon. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS NOW THOUGH.

So is her tiger actually one of her tribe that came with her instead of a pet? Can all of her tribe take on human forms when they want to or is it just her? Was the guy in charge of the Seven Stars just wandering through a jungle one day and was like “That tiger looks like it would be good at playing card games. I should recruit it to my cause.”

so add brain but. im shading that commission and thinking about chaotic art, and card art im gonna have to do for my own creatures, and ‘wow ive come really far in art’ and then i somehow got around to tribes and like

actual reason this post was made; when a creature changes tribes. do they get new card art? like. all the ones i can think of have other card art for different forms/tribe stuff(like assimilated ‘danians’ for example) but again, those are physical changes. What if there is no change other than the tribe. would the new scans of the creature be the exact same but with a different border colour/symbol?

or would they get entirely new ones?

i know this is stupid but humour my add who thought this was some sort of amazing revelation