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Avengers Chatroom: The Other Quicksilver

Requested by the amazing @m-maximoffs

Pairings: Some Peter Maximoff x f!reader

Scenario: The Avengers watched X-Men Apocalypse. Reader really likes Peter Maximoff much to everyone’s dismay (*cough* Pietro *cough*)

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Steve, Pietro, Tony, Wanda, Nat, Y/N.

Clint: So, did everyone enjoy the movie?

Tony: It was okay.

Steve: I enjoyed it.

Pietro: It was terrible.



Wanda: He?

Nat: No! Why did you ask her!?




Steve: Can you two behave?!

Pietro: NO.


Wanda: Pietro it was just a movie. Calm down.

Clint: I think Peter is better. Can we recruit him instead?

Y/N: Yes omg yes a million times.

Steve: No, we are not recruiting him!

Pietro: I am right here, you know?!

Y/N: He has the cutest smile!

Y/N: and his hair is so

Y/N: i cant

Nat: She’s broken.

Y/N: He’s just so adorable!


Clint: He saved everyone from an explosion.

Pietro: Your point?

Clint: And you…

Pietro: Don’t finish that sentence.

Wanda: Pietro you know nobody can ever replace you.

Y/N: Okay but do any of you know if Peter has a girlfriend…?

Y/N: It’s for science.

Steve: I am surrounded by children.

Tony: That happens when you’re ancient.

Peter has joined the chat.

Peter: Has anyone seen my father?

Y/N: You live with your aunt…

Peter: No I live with my mum.

Clint: Nat, use your arachnid speak and find out what’s wrong with him.

Nat: Really, Clint?

Peter: You can speak to spiders? I’ve never come across a mutant like you before.

Nat: What?


Y/N: Peter?!

Peter: Yeeeees?


Peter: I believe so.

Wanda: Where is that screaming coming from?!

Nat: It’s Y/N. She’s “Fangirling.”

Pietro: IT’S YOU!

Peter: IT’S ME! Haha what game is this?

Steve: Wait so you’re not Parker?

Peter: No, unless my birth certificate is wrong.



Peter: Oh you were eating that?

Y/N: Hey. Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N. I can help you look for your dad.

Peter: My future wife is going to help me find her father-in-law. What a tale for the kids!

Wanda: Why did he have to say that?!

Tony: @god what did I ever do to you?


Peter: I like her!  <3

Steve: Y/N stay where you are! You can’t just go off with him!

Y/N: Please Steve!

Pietro: Should we not be capturing him or something!?

Peter: Catch me if you can!

Wanda: Pietro stop chasing him!

Magneto has joined the chat.

Peter: Hey dad!

Magneto has left the chat.

Peter: Maybe that was not the best time to tell him.

Tony: Who’s the freak outside?



Tony has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Wanda: I am so confused!

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Listen up kiddos. This is what happens when you try to bring two different movie studios together. Shit gets really confusing. Don’t do ice-cream now.

Y/N: You mean drugs?

Wade: I mean ice-cream. Brain freeze is a bitch!

Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: I was in my room and now I’m outside?! What the hell?

Peter: Picnic?


Y/N: I mean

Y/N: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Wanda: Pietro don’t do it.

Pietro has left the chat.

Wanda: Oh my god.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Nat your hair is different.

Nat: No it’s not.

Clint: I can see you right now.

Nat: I’m with Sam and Bucky in the training room. I don’t see you.

Clint: But

Clint: Then who is?

Clint has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: My friends. When did we get a hound? He is blue. Is this common for this breed?

Thor: It is quite large.

Thor: Like a man…


Thor has left the chat.

SpaMano Headcanons

-Lovino usually doesn’t mind with Antonio uses him like a pillow, or leans against him, especially during comfortable silences.

-Antonio isn’t that great when sensing the mood, so when Lovino needs his space, Antonio will take like it’s a joke and get snapped at. Lovino can’t get too mad though because Antonio just wants to cuddle.

-Antonio is smart, but he can be gullible and he goes by a “benefit of the doubt” philosophy. Because of this, Lovino often says, “You are too innocent for this planet.”

-Lovino can be a bit jealous, and doesn’t like it when other people flirt with Antonio, especially young cashiers or waitresses. 

-Lovino also doesn’t like it when other people flirt with him, and will mouth the words “help me” to Antonio while the person flirting with him looks away. Antonio thinks it’s funny, so he doesn’t help. In Lovino’s mind, Antonio likes to see him suffer in awkwardness.

-Antonio is a pun master, and he lives for the long sighs that Lovino gives after a pun has been made.

-”I will cancel plans.” Is Lovino’s threat, and Antonio’s is, “Don’t make me embarrass you.”

-Their Valentine’s Days are very weird. Antonio will take Lovino to a romantic dinner with nice music, delicious food, and fine wine. But, when they get home, Lovino always has something really kinky planned. This happens every year, but it still takes Antonio off guard.

-Their absolute favorite thing to do together is watch terrible B-rated horror movies. They yell at the characters to not go up the haunted stairs and laugh at the terrible acting, and finally go to bed. Antonio, however, is low-key a little spooked by the movie, so he just cuddles with Lovino while in bed so he can sleep. Lovino knows that the movies scare Antonio a little, but never brings it up because they both enjoy themselves. 

clearly-shady-bouquet  asked:

Can you do an EXO reaction to the reader (the person they like)reaching to hold their hand while they're watching a scary movie? Thank you in advance!

Let me say first I absolutely LOVED writing these reactions. I’m a fairly new EXO-L and these were pretty easy to write.


Xiumin/Minseok: He just freezes and looks at your hand, acknowledges what happens, and goes back to watching the movie. Whenever there is a scary moment, he squeezes your hand.

Suho/Junmyeon: He’ll link your fingers together slowly and slightly smile.

Lay/Yixing: He’ll be so happy omg. After a while of knowing you’re comfortable, he’ll move his arm to your shoulder and start stroking your hair.

Baekhyun: Literal ball of giggles. He would get so giddy and happy.


Chanyeol: THis sly motherf*cker. He just smirks at you at keeps watching the movie. He’ll probably start stroking your hand with his thumb, too.

D.O./Kyungsoo: He hates touching. HATES it. He’ll probably take his hand back when you grab his at first, but during the movie, your hands will slowly move towards each other again.

Kai/Jongin: He’ll look at you, shocked, but smile, and squeeze your hand tightly.

Sehun: smol bby omg. He’ll just keep looking at your hands and then back into your eyes, then look down, and smile.

Bts reaction to finding out you love gore movies:

Request: Can you please do a bts reaction to their s/o hating jumpscare movies but loving gore movies? Ty.


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Its seems like a huge contrast to his cute personality, but he won’t say anything. Yet don’t expect him to put on such a movie for your date night.


Originally posted by sugagifs

Poker faced but impressed, like he just said “cool” but inside he’s in awe that you could be a badass if you wanted.


Originally posted by bwipsul

“what? That doesn’t make sense…” So when you force him to watch a gore movie with you, he’ll keep distracting you by feigning disgust. Lots of Teasing to the point you wish you hadn’t told him.

Rap Monster:

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Will Google what that has to do with you personality and deep hidden meanings behind it. “Good to know jagiya”


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Infinite questions. “Why? how? what’s so interesting about it?” You’ll eventually have to yell at him to shut up and let you watch the movie in peace.


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I think I proved that most members will use this piece of information to tease you, and tae is no exception. “But you’re so cute, is that your gangster side?” A lot of nonsense too.


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“omg, me too let’s watch one together” gets really excited that his girl can be so cute but also enjoys some hardcore action with him.

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Do you have any Ushihina headcanons?

Sure! I love UshiHina :D

  • They cook together a lot, since they can both cook(they even have matching aprons omg)
  • So Hinata has a little sister who’s like 5 or 6, right? One time, when he was pretty much half asleep, Hinata told Ushijima to “Say bye to the bus!” and Ushi just unthinkably did it. He’s never been more mortified in his life
  • Ideal dates consist of either going to the gym for hours of spiking practice or cuddled up on the couch watching movies after doing nothing all day. There is no in between. 
  • Hinata revels in the fact that he can crack Ushijima’s stoicness with a bad joke or pun to make him smile(he thinks Ushi’s smile is cute). Ushijima revels in the fact that he can carry Hinata with one arm. 

Thanks for the request, I hope these were alright! <3

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hc that whenever the first year boys get together to try and do something fun (hina and yams drag along kags and tsukki) hina and yams just end up dragging them everywhere, to ice cream parlors and to movies, and although tsukki loudly complains the entire time and Kags complains a bit and is scowling for the most part, they all have fun.

omg that’s super sweet! i really love the friendship hinata and yamaguchi have. in canon it’s not shown much and only ever really subtly, but it’s obvious they get along really well. i can totally see them going out, having fun, and dragging the others along. and tsukki and kageyama are definitely the kind of guys who pretend to be /so annoyed/ although they’re secretly having fun too :D

sleepover saturday

Selfship Prompts!


  • Your F/O meeting you in the real world / this current time / however that works.
  • Meeting your F/O’s friends for the first time (Bonus: Your F/o has not stopped talking about you to them.)
  • Comforting your F/O / helping them relax after a long day~~
  • Your F/o is worried about something! Reassure them!
  • Songfic for that One Song that reminds you of you and them.
  • Staying up WAY TOO LATE with your f/o
  • Gossiping with some of your other favorite characters!


  • Obligatory WALKING IN ON YOUR F/O SHOWERING PROMPT Or changing. Or whatever. Y'know.
  • Watching a scary movie together
  • Your F/O giving you googly eyes and getting all blushy and whatnot YOU DESERVE IT YOU KNOW THEY LOOK AT YOU LIKE THAT YOU CAN FEEL IT
  • Your F/O getting distracted by you doing something cute/sexy/being so darn charming & so freaking smart
  • Wearing each other’s clothes – either your f/o wearing your clothes or you wearing your f/o’s clothes or both, y'know
  • Falling asleep on each other

So surprisingly enough i wasn’t too sure to watch this movie, it just didn’t caught my attention but my mom really wanted to watched it and OMG was i really impressed, i love it!! I really identify with Buster and i can really identify with the song “I’m Still Standing” so i had to do something to put both things together (plus i really think that perhaps Buster could relate to the lyrics of the song too.

Dating Takahiro Moriuchi Would Include

- he’d sing for you on demand

- like whenever you can’t sleep he’d just hold you tight and sing/ hum in your ear

- cutest ball of fluff ever omg

- loads of back hugs

- so fucking rough during sex

- but would never hurt you

- neck kisses all day every day

- watching movies together whenever you have the chance

- watching from backstage at every show

- you’re his rock and he never wants to lose you

- hugs where he pulls your head into his neck

- goes down on you every time

- just because he loves your reaction

- you’d do the cooking, but he would try to help at every opportunity

- always made sure you knew that he appreciated you

- he always buys you clothes (even lingerie ;) )

- would be so affectionate in public and would make other people feel jealous of you both

- spoils you rotten with food, makeup and jewellery because he wants to treat you right

- teases you 24/7 but never goes too far to make you actually upset

- taka is just a cheeky fucking romantic tbh

Reasons Why Bebop & Rocksteady RULE OOTS
  • Yannow, our very first look at them you take em seriously.  They’re all chained up in the back of a high security vehicle, ready to be escorted to prison.  Rocksteady’s all grim and that ultra close-up on Bebop’s profile is sinister as fuck. These guys are dangerous! They’ve done some serious crime and now they’re gonna do some serious time. Why else are they being transported with the Shredder? Just the three of them?
  • Then they both sigh in relief he’s shackled up away from them. Okay, they’re knuckleheads. Dangerous knuckleheads, maybe, but knuckleheads all the same. <3
  • Rocksteady’s all fangirling and Bebop’s just supportive af of it. How many times has he listened to Rocksteady sigh and swoon over the Shredhead? Now the moment has come and he won’t let his man miss his chance.
  • That POP on BeBOP is cute af
  • omg they just slide right into a little banter easy as pie and holy shit they’re already having a fucking great time! you can see straight away nothing amuses these guys more than each other and they don’t give a damn if everyone else around them is baffled or bewildered. 
  • “My man!” “My man!” o m ggggggggggggggggg (●♡∀♡)
  • they can’t fist-bump so they foot-bump. Nothing will stop these guys showing their physical appreciation for each other! they’re in love and they don’t care who knows it!
  • wait, their truck is being bombed? explosions all around? mayhem and chaos and possible imminent death? Time to PARTAAAAY! they are all into it and loving every minute. This is the shit these guys live for and you can’t help but revel right along with them. Can you imagine when these guys first started dating? Say what you will, but they sure know how to show a fella a good time. ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭
  • They might not be that bright, but they know an opportunity when they see one.
  • And there’s some serious satisfaction in watching them bash the snot out of that bland, banal excuse for Casey Jones. or was that just me?
  • “Heeeeey, my name is Be BOP!” I LOVE that moment cos it really shows these guys are mad, bad and dangerous to know. That’s a nasty kick to the face and it’s done in a nastily gleeful way. The fun here is they’re so much damn fun but… you really should take ‘em seriously too. They’re bad guys. 
  • “Hi”. Ditto this moment. He kicks that cop right out the damn truck into the middle of a highway.
  • And the next thing you know, they’re sitting around laughing and toasting each other over it all. Make no mistake, these boys love what they do - especially the nasty bits.
  • Also, it’s so fucking adorable they just go right back to their favourite bar, no disguises, in broad daylight. Dweebs. <3
  • Every single damn thing about them is so boisterous and unrestrained and flamboyant and it is a beauty and a joy forever.
  • Bebop deathstaring the barkeep and cautioning him against making eye contact. It’s hilarious cos it’s hard to take him seriously, but the ironic part is the barkeep probably should…
  • ROCKSTEADY’S WISTFUL LITTLE DREAMY MOMENT OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGFGGGGGGGGGG IT IS SO SWEET THE WAY HE STARES OFF IN YEARNING AND DREAMS SO BIG!  (。♥‿♥。) er… even if his dreams are to start a major crime syndicate. it’s still cute af!
  • And Bebop is right on board with it all, spinning the dream into an even grander fantasy. We know they’re way too incompetent to ever get their shit together and make it happen, but they’ve got each other’s backs all the way. These two would stick together to the bitterest of ends.
  • The way Bebop polishes his knife is hot, shutup. 
  • They’re so very scared of Shredder and it’s so very cute.
  • Look at these dweebs; they’re thrilled to be on board with the big bad Shredhead. Look at his digs, they’re schmick af and what was that he was saying about ultimate power? They’ve hit the jackpot this time! 
  • Looming in the back looking all beefy and badass. If we didn’t know they were such utter dorks, they might even be intimidating.
  • Kids in a candy store, messing around with Baxter’s undoubtedly super expenno and very important equipment. No matter where they are, or what they’re doing, these boys are focused on fun, fun, fun, the messier and naughtier the better. That childlike charm jars oh so deliciously with their thuggery and viciousness. <3
  • AND THEY LOVE IT! Instantly, completely, wholly and unhesitatingly embrace the ever loving fuck out of that shit.  I did NOT expect that, but it makes them all the more delightful. They’re ecstatic, amped up on the new power throbbing through their veins, thrilled by their new bodies. They completely accept each other’s new looks as well, laughing together as Rock squeezes Beebs’ shoulder, not grossed out or put off in the slightest, affirming how strong and deep their bond goes. They’re keen as mustard to find out what all they can do, roughhousing without restraint or rancour, just love, love, love, LOVE.
  • And hey, you wanna know what? I’ve just pegged onto what makes this duo so damn appealing. It’s love. Everything they do, everywhere they go and every dream they have, it’s out of love. Love for each other, love for violence, love for mayhem, love for what they are, love for fun. There’s no hate or spite or anger or bitterness to them. Just joy and amusement and sheer, sweet love.
  • Also their reactions are just so cute. Rocksteady’s waggly ears, the kiss he blows his own dick. Bebop’s dangling jaw and flickering ears, the huge grins they give each other and, of course, the delighted MY MAN. Ooohhh, and Bebop points to Rock. 🎶I know what they’re gonna do laaa-terrrrrr! 🎶 (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • “Check out my tail! Wiggle wiggle wiggle!” I die.
  • Pigging out on drums filled with spaghetti and meatballs and we can see just how easily they’ve adjusted to their new lifestyle. We all know these guys were slobs before and they’ve just embraced this opportunity to really just unleash their wild sides! 
  • Woah and if you look close, you see it now - Bebop looks upset and confused when it seems at first Rock is telling him he’s not fat! And a big smile just races up his face when Rock tells him he looks REALLY fat! Can these two get any more gorgeous?
  • But - but that means that Rock knew what Bebop wanted to hear and that kind sensitivity in his voice was to reassure his man he’s got nothing to worry about, he’s fat as fuck. OMG THEY JUST GOT EVEN MORE GORGEOUS.
  • Also that whole scene is so obviously foreplay. Slapping that belly, Bebop’s ‘blubby blubby’ sounds, the big grins, the cries of ‘my man!’ - it’s intensely erotic and if Shredder and Karai hadn’t interrupted them, this movie would’ve been x-rated.
  • Also can we celebrate the animation detail? All. that. jiggle. hnnnnnnnng.  ( ♥ ټ ♥ ☚)
  • I’m sure Rocksteady deeply appreciates the suction skills Bebop is showing off right there. *ahem* 
  • The way Beebs grabs Rock for them to charge that meteor shard together, it’s just so cute! <3
  • “Smash it” “That’s what we do!” - and you do it SO well. <3 But seriously, I love that everything they do can basically be boiled down to those two simple words. And I mean everything.
    (ie: each other’s butts)
  • “My speedo’s already packed!” - eeeeeeeee, don’t tease, I wanna see THAT! (๑ ิټ ิ) But omg all that excitement is just too friggin’ cuuuuuute!
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH they’re destroying the Amazon rainforest yet somehow it is so damn cute??? Bebop singing along to his tunes, the relaxed happiness on Rocksteady’s face as he joins in, their uninhibited and unrestrained joy as they live it the fuck up!
  • Oooohhhh that fistbump after they blast open the meteor is somehow sexy as fuck??? It’s just so casual, so second nature to them, swoooooon! <3
  • To say nothing of their huge, lumbering forms as they stride towards it.
  • The turtles first look at them. Lost for words. <3
  • Bebop smoothing his ‘hawk, and Rocksteady ain’t too impressed at Mikey’s dig about it either. They got each other. 
  • Their squeaks and snorts and growls and grunts are just <3 <3
  • That clothesline Beebs floors Leo with is BRUTAL.  It’s not fat, it’s POWER.
    Okay, it’s fat too. 
  • And Rocksteady bodyslams Raph like it’s no big thing. Woof!
  • “Woah, MUMMMMYYYYYYYY!” I’m sorry, but it’s beyond adorable that Rock calls for his mum when Raph chucks him across the hull.
  • That little chuckle as he climbs up behind that machine gun! <3
  • “Dude! Seriously?” That’s the closest we ever get to seeing one of them cranky at the other, and he sounds irritated more than anything else. Nothing comes between these two.
  • OMG Rocksteady owns his fuckup like a man. That is a rare thing to see. Hell, not even the tmnt are capable of doing that 90% of the time! Between this, the body positivity, and the unstinting emotional support they show each other, these guys are just about the most adorably social justice warrioring violent, ruthless villains around! ヽ(o♡o)/
  • “This pig is flyinnnnnnnng!” - it’s sheer, solid, 24 carat gold. Bebop, you chubby delight.
  • He just fell 30,000 feet out of a plane and Bebop is still laughing and rearing to go. That bellyflop is the most adorable thing ever. <3
  • Rocksteady is having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE riding that tank down the river, firing the cannon, punching the sky. That is some fine living.
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the way Rock catches Beebs, “thanks buddy!”, Rock’s hand on his shoulder, Beebs fixing his ‘hawk, the adoring way they gaze at each other, the fistbump, just, just, just, EVERYTHING, god, how are they so fucking perfect??? ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
  • BUT HERE’S A GOOD POINT: Beebs and Rock work amazingly as a team. They don’t beat the turtles here because they’re as smart, or as skilled, but because they know how to work together and they’ve always got each other’s backs. From the start of the film that team work has been in effect and serving them hella well. It’s yet another key indication to how functional and actually healthy their relationship with each other is - at this point in the film, more so than the turtles have got!
  • H O L Y S H I T those two big fat boys on their big fat boys, help me, I’m swooning so hard the world is topsy turvy Σ_( ♡ ཀ ♡ 」∠)_
  • Bebop flipping cars easy as that. The mighty power of all that brawn. Hubba hubba. 
  • Rocksteady kicking Casey clear across the room. POW.
  • “Get over here, little boy. Put down that popsicle stick”. (✽´ཫ`✽) *panting heavily*
  • Rocksteady charging whilst Bebop follows close behind on his bike.
  • Rocksteady charging. I mean, WOW. I mean, that’s fucking awesome. I mean, I need a cold shower.
  • The looks on the faces when they realise that’s one of their own damn grenades! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • And that final “my man”, complete with the unmistakeable slap of Bebop’s hand on Rocksteady’s shoulder. Even here, when they’re outsmarted, blown up, trapped and defeated, they’re not bickering or blaming each other. They’re still just as affectionate and supportive. The ultimate power couple. <3
  • In conclusion, Bebop and Rocksteady steal a truck, steal an artifact, steal our hearts and ultimately steal the show. They’re two dangerous and vicious criminals who’s idea of a good time is destroying shit, kicking butts and crushing skulls, who show no signs of remorse for any bad deed they’ve done and yet they’re also insanely supportive of each other, totally loyal and devoted, celebrate each other’s bodies, are completely at ease with themselves and easily embrace the dramatic changes they undergo, love to have fun, work brilliantly together as a team without having a single serious squabble or fight, look out for each other all the way and are all too obviously truly, madly, desperately in love. They’re a glorious study in healthy, happy romance and light up our lives every second they’re onscreen, sharing their joy. They’re a precious, precious gift we must all remember to treasure forever, because Bebop and Rocksteady remind us all what it means to live, love and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and thank god for that. 

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Pros and cons of dating Kai please? ❤❤ thanks in advance!

I’ve been waiting to do this since I saw it in my inbox so I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DOING IT YAY HERE GOES


  • literally the best of both worlds
  • you’ve got super sexy kai smirking at you 
  • and then you got cute adorable jongin that you just wanna cuddle with all day
  • he honestly seems to be a real softie tho
  • very sweet, thoughtful and kind personality 
  • can u imagine kai hugging you and just how secure you’d feel in his arms omg 
  • he’d care for u like a princess
  • really affectionate 
  • raising dogs with kai :)
  • watching movies together and reading books 
  • tall
  • very hardworking and puts his 110% effort in everything he does 
  • manly and dorky at the same time how 
  • when he bites his lips omg
  • when he dances <333 
  • can u imagine stargazing with kai and making a wish together when there’s a shooting star omg
  • or like watching the sunset or sunrise together 
  • or him giving you a big bouquet of roses 
  • and he’s in front of you in a real neat black suit with his hair up omg i cant do this anymore 
  • moving on yes
  • when you guys are very close and comfortable i think he’d be able to open up a lot and he would be willing to show his vulnerable side to you 
  • he’d cry in front of you and be very sincere 


  • seems a bit closed off and cold at first but we all know once he warms up he’s a total sweetie 
  • he might find it hard to express his feelings properly at first which could lead to misunderstandings 
  • has a short temper
  • tends to overwork himself so u gotta be there for him and tell him to rest 
  • krystal you are so lucky
  • i ship kaistal to the moon and back tho tbh 

Lmao yes it’s quite obvious that I used to spend a great deal of time reading Kai fanfics ^^ I hope you guys enjoy this! 

BobbyWatch: Go Now Part 2

*~*Spoilers and Curse Words Abound*~*

  • Oh no. The dropped hammer.
  • Yay MORE LOVE SCENES. Tongue. Teeth. *siiiiigggghhhh*
  • Aw, moving in together. He comes out to watch her drive up and he’s so freaking excited you can see the anticipation prickling on his skin.
  • OMG HE WAS SINGING i mean it was brief and quiet but oh my god.
  • Okay but the amount of Bobby touching and kissing in this movie is too fucking much.
  • What. What’s wrong. Why do you look so scared and sad what is it?
  • Uh-oh I sense a fight, the way he was looking at that car that dropped her off. Aaaaand yep, he’s jealous but he apologizes and she teases him about shagging Charlie and seriously they are so adorable. Stop it, movie. I already know this is going to hurt, stop building me up like this.
  • Seeing double. No. Bad sign. No. But good boy going to the doctor when things are weird - so many people ignore symptoms.
  • HE IS SO ADORABLE IN GLASSES the guys need to shut up
  • Oh god he doesn’t feel the scalding water oh god
  • So wait, she can ask the doctor about his health information without him present? The doctor can discuss his personal information without his knowledge/permission? That’d get the doctor fucking sued in the States.
  • “I haven’t screwed anyone because I love you, you fucking prick.” If that’s not a prompt for a Golden Lace fic I don’t know what is.
  • The numb leg. The car crash. “There’s somethin’ wrong with me.” Oh God here we go.

anonymous asked:

omg i saw the one where beau plays woth ur hair can u do one where he wants u to play with his hair? luv ur writing btw

ugh this one is bad and super short. sometimes my writing sucks, apologies.


“You know what I love?” Beau said out of the blue as you two were lying in bed together watching a movie.

“What, baby?” You said looking over at him from the TV. You thought he was going to make a move on you because he was getting a little handsy earlier. Instead he surprised you when he said,

“I love when you play with my hair. You know, like run your fingers through it and stuff.” His face turning a little red.

You smiled at how cute it was, “Do you think you could play with my hair?” Beau asked you.

You smiled at him and said, “Of course, love.”

He scooted over towards you and put his head on your chest. You wrapped your arm around him so your hand landed softly in his hair. You started to card your fingers through his hair and you felt his body relax into yours. He put his arm around your waist and let it lay there lazily. He wrapped his legs up into yours and got himself comfortable.

“Like that?” you ask him a few seconds later after he has settled down and stopped moving.

“Mmm, just like that.” He said sleepily. “I love you. Thank you for being so amazing.” You heard him say quietly, already drifting off.

You reached your head down and kissed his hair gently as you smiled and turned back to watch the movie slowly drifting off to sleep yourself.

More Combined Requests!!

Request: The reader and dean have been friends a long time and they always joke and play around and wrestle. sam, cas, and Gabriel see it’s obvious they like each other and try to set then up. And when they kiss can you make it really sweet and detailed and cute. *awkwardly smiles* thank you so much keep up the great work 👍✌️

Request: helloooo! can you do one where Gabriel thinks the reader and Dean would be cute together even though they deny it so he puts them in a ton of romantic movies and by the end they get together and its all super duper fluffy? <3

Request: Omg im in love with your one shot based on the french mistake! Could you possibly write one based on changing channels? Like gabriel sends the reader & team free will in a bunch of tv shows like soap operas and reality shows or cartoons? Thank you (:

Request: hi! can i get an imagine where the reader is an archangel and she and sam like each other but they’ve never said anything ((think destiel)). so gabriel puts them in a bunch of tv shows and won’t let them out until they confess their feelings. can gabe also be protective like “"if you hurt my sister i’ll kill you”“ thank you so so much!!!

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If I were dating you <3 I would love to take you out on an ice cream dates maybe we could even have picnics (If your down)We would watch anime or any movies together and we can talk to each other about anything on our mind. I love to draw so I'll probably do some drawings for you. Finally we can be weirdos with each other. I hope you have a nice afternoon :)

Omg~~~ That is so cute!

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Thanks~ I hope you have a good evening!

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fun fact: Geordi and Data once spent a few days off together watching all the Star Wars movies and every time BB-8 showed up in tfa Geordi pointed to him and said "that's u"

“Geordi, I do not communicate with a series of beeps in varying tones, nor do I have a spherical ball for a torso. I do not roll.”

I can see it now omg 

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merry christmas angel hope ur havin a lovely holiday !!! yoonmin + under the mistletoe drabble thank u 💖💖💖

that’s a classic, so i tried to vamp it up a little hehe. and thank you, merry christmas to you too!!! enjoy the drabble!! it’s a little rough since i wrote it in 40 minutes hehe.

I’m feeling festive today, so send me your favourite ship + Christmas-themed AU and i’ll write a drabble based on my favourite ones from the lot!!!! have a happy holiday!!

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can you please do a luke blurb where he wants you to stay the night for the first time and you think it's cus he wants to have sex and you're not ready but really he just wants to cuddle? :) xx

babe omg

so, you and luke would spend a lot of time together at his apartment, just watching dumb movies and eating and occasionally making out on his sofa. he would always treat you well and spend long afternoons and evenings playing with your hair and telling you how pretty you are, which would make you giggle a little and probably blush. so when you come over one evening and find yourself in his lap as he kisses you and nips at your bottom lip, you’re perfectly content, just spending time and being close with him. he would grin and kiss your nose and rub your hips and ask you if you’d like to spend the night, which would make your stomach a little jumpy because the two of you have never had sex and you yourself have never had sex, and what else does ‘want to spend the night?’ imply? so you would hesitate because on one hand you’re nervous to say no and potentially embarrass yourself, and on another hand if you’re not ready than you’re not ready and that’s final. luke would be looking at you with his pretty blue eyes and be getting nervous the long you don’t answer him, his fingers loosening their grip on your hips in case he’s done something wrong, and he would tell you that you absolutely do not have to stay if you don’t want to, but he was thinking maybe the two of you could watch a movie and curl up on his mattress, and maybe it’d be nice to cuddle with you and fall asleep with an extra bit of warmth. your face would get red and you would you would stroke his cheek a little and ask in a tiny voice 'so…you don’t want to do anything, right?’ and he would get a little nervous and fidgety and admit that that’s not what he had in mind, but maybe another time when you don’t look so terrified and you’re ready. and you would nod and kiss him and snuggle against his chest.

The signs dating Sagittarius
  • Taurus: Can u like, chiiiiiill
  • Gemini: You're pretty fun and you laugh at my jokes. Cool.
  • Cancer: Can you please stay in one spot, pls. It's making me feel unstable.
  • Leo: We're gonna have so much fun together.
  • Virgo: Can we just sit down and enjoy a movie? Why do we always have to go out and spend money? D;
  • Libra: Reckless as hell. Hmm...I dig.
  • Scorpio: We've already been to that park six times. Let's just have some more SEX. SEX. SEX. SEX.
  • Sagittarius: ADVENTURE.
  • Capricorn: Hold up. Lemme take a breather to keep up. *panting*
  • Aquarius: So...I have like, ten museums for us to go to next.
  • Pisces: Can we go to the aquarium?