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Found your blog off of Google images and I'm never going back! I loooooooove this so much. I have a request. Can you do one where someone spiked Shuu with a couple of five hour energy drinks and now he's wired and won't stop texting everyone insanely random things? Or worse.... Someone did it to kanato. Or both! XD I have add and I don't apologize.


he eventually managed to calm down

everyone blamed subaru for the mess


     You blinked bleary-eyed at the computer screen in front of you, the letters blurring together and the words losing their meaning. Your gaze drifted over to Dean on the motel bed. The mattress was covered in books and his whole body looked fatigued. You sighed and closed the laptop.

     Your feet padded softly on the carpeted motel floor as you made you way over to your boyfriend, watching as he sleepily rubbed his eye with his free hand. You sat down on the bed beside him and pulled a book from his grip. “I think it’s time we quit for the night,” you said softly, putting his book and a few other volumes on the ground.

     Dean pulled you into his lap pushed a strand of stray hair behind your ear. “That’s not a bad idea,” he mumbled, using the hand now tangled in your unbound locks to pull you closer. You leaned into his touch.

     “We should probably get some sleep,” you breathed.

     Dean pressed his forehead against yours and wound his free hand around your waist, pushing the hem of your shirt up just enough to feel his rough fingers graze the exposed skin on you back. “Probably.”

     His lips brushed yours when he spoke but they didn’t linger, the contact nothing but a fleeting touch that sent you spiraling with need. Instead, he trailed lower and barely skimmed the delicate skin of your throat as he went, eventually settling his sinful lips on the swell of your breast.

     Your eyes fluttered shut and your head fell back.

     His name tumbled from your lips like a prayer as he pulled your shirt over your head and ran his hands up your bare back, undoing the clasp of your bra with skilled fingers. It joined the abandoned books on the floor.

     After pulling you against his body, your uncovered chest pressing against his soft flannel shirt, Dean finally brought his mouth back up to yours. He hovered and parted his lips, a feather light kiss leaving your body tingling. It took everything you had not to pull him back down to you and crash your lips into his. But, mercifully, your attention was drawn elsewhere when you suddenly felt Dean’s lap fall away from beneath you and your back hitting the mattress. More books hit the floor with a sweep of his arm.

     “Dean,” you breathed, holding tightly around his neck.

     The green-eyed hunter smirked mischievously and finally connected his lips with yours, moving in sync with you and leaving you incapable of coherent thought, the kiss bruising and all-consuming.

     “Okay … maybe we can sleep later.”

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images. And I know the second gif doesn’t totally match what I wrote but I found it after the fact. Sorry!*

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There are a lot of different ways to create your own couple’s t-shirt, no matter what theme you want. Upon request, I’m using the idea of Peter Pan and Wendy. This video can give you a great base for making a couples t-shirt, just use your own ideas!

I found these two drawings on Google Images to start with. You can print them off with the size that works for your shirt, one shirt for Peter and one for Wendy. From there, you can do different techniques to finish the shirts:

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I was googling Goliath bird eating spiders and I found this image, and I know they’re massive, but do you know if this is genuine to size or do you think it’s edited/fake to make them look bigger (and scarier)?

AS: goliath bird eathers, both t. stermi’s and blondis can get that large, this is a picture of a particularly large one yes, they tend to have an 11in(27cm) leg span, the size of a dinner plate! I can’t wait till my t. stermi is that large!!!!

submitted by  lucillevictoriaxo

please only submit your own photos (this is a good exception though)

I found this on google images, so I have my counter argument-
Yeah, Phil can be weird, but honestly if you aren’t weird, there is something wrong with you.
Phil is sexy and adorable and cute and attractive as fuck.
He is not useless he brightens up my day and a ton of other people’s days as well with just a picture of him being his adorable self, or a video.
He is just as awesome as Dan. They are both amazing and wonderful people.
He isn’t pathetic or stupid. He is funny and smart. He is amazing and wonderful.
He is absolutely not hideous, he has a beautiful heart, cute hair, amazing eyes, and is like i said before attractive on many levels.
Dorky is a good thing, dorky is a lovable thing. Dan can be quite dorky as well so…
He is hilarious and my eyes can be streaming with tears from laughter just from watching his videos. He is absolutely not boring.
He is not unwanted or unneeded. He makes the world a better place with just a smile.
And for the rest


>> in two parts of 28 each.

  • YA/A Women
  • Not valid for random
  • Not recolorable
  • Pants

I found the images on google; and I apologize if any of these patterns are already used. Thanks, PLB for making them basegame.♥ 

  • No pay sites.
  • Credit when needed. 
  • You can add with your sims.


- S3P & Package+preview {both are in the rar file}

I’m sorry for the bad quality pv.. >>o<< - Click the images for a better view of the patterns. 

Death grins darkly, its teeth murky digits in the arithmetic of night…

Yesterday evening, a weird-ass bug raced across my living room floor, scaring the shit out of me. It moved like lightning, putting even the swiftness of cockroaches to shame. I hunted it down, moving couches and chairs and end tables until there it was in the corner, far too large, oddly orange, and…hairy.

Normally, I capture bugs and release them outside. It’s part of a capture-and-release program I’ve had going since my discovery of Buddhist philosophy and its noblest tenet, Ahimsa.

This bug, however, was different. I would never be able to capture it with an upside down glass and an unpaid student loan bill. It was just too fast. Also, it was creepy as hell. I decided to kill it, reluctantly. Whatever it was, I didn’t want it in my house. I grabbed a nearby shoe and approached slowly…too no avail. He spotted me immediately and zipped away.

Jesus H. Christ, what a fast bug! I am still marveling at its speed, some twelve hours later. It was the Millennium Falcon of bugs, easily able to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

I went to the internet to see if I could learn more. The only thing I could think of that remotely resembled it was a silverfish, so I started there. I knew it wasn’t a silverfish. It was too big. I did know, however, that it wasn’t an insect. It’s body didn’t look segmented and it had more than six legs. Some of those legs may have been hairs, though. I said before that it was hairy, but I wasn’t being clear. It had LONG hair. Very weird. I have heard of long-haired cats, but never long-haired bugs.

One thing led to another. I molested Google and fondled Wikipedia. I caressed image search and beckoned random bug forums with come hither eyes. Yes, there are bug forums, by the way, entire internet communities centered around bugs (both living and programming).

Eventually, I found my culprit: Scutigera coleoptrata. That’s him above. Say hello.

As you can see, those are legs, not hair. In the low light of my living room corner, I was mistaken. The one in my house is much more orange than this. Also, translucent—much prettier, in a terrifying way, than the drab motherfucker you see above.

Scutigera coleoptrata is a predator (a fucking bug cheetah) and feeds on spiders, bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, silverfish (!), ants, and pretty much all other household arthropods. They administer venom through modified legs. Scientists are still unsure who modifies Scutigera coleoptrata’s legs, but there is speculation that it is 3M. Conspiracy theorists, however, will tell you that it’s the Trilateral Commission. It’s always the Trilateral Commission. Duh.

So it’s a friend. Although I practice Ahimsa, I do not expect the predators who live with me here in my humble abode to do the same. The way I look at it, it’s just less bugs I have to catch with an upside down glass and an unpaid student loan bill. Scutigera coleoptrata is saving me time, making me more efficient.

The next time I see one dart across my living room floor, I will get down off the chair I jumped up on (screaming), and try not worry about it. After all, it is only an elf to my Santa, right?


a template has been made!
it can be found on google drive, where you should be able to download the .psd files so you can edit / fill in the text layers or fix the template as needed.

to download, click the “neocrossingtemplate.psd” image, it should pop up like this

and you just have to click the circled arrow thing !

a simple .png file is there too in case you don’t have a program that opens .psd (however firealpaca & gimp are both free art programs that can open these files / preserve layers!)

the template is pretty simple, but I figured if you wanted to add more information you could add it in the description of your post =u=


gliding in here to ask for your help bc you’re always very good at helping bc you’re all cool and fab

do any of you know where i can get these pictures of thranduil in high quality? 

i’d like the banner above with a height of 500px or more, both the google results i found doesn’t work for me due to removed content/blurry image, so im looking all over for a really good version of this one!! 

i guess this one is from some sort of annual or smth for bofa, and i got my hands on a hq legolas scan some weeks ago, but i still haven’t found thranduil yet in good quality D:

aNY HELP AT ALL, TIPS ON GOOD SITES TO LOOK, LINKS, ANYTHING IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED (you can also contact me on twitter bc im a twitter addict)

i hope you all have a great day yo