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Meeting Cosmópolis - Part XXIII - IV: Via Goumet

Academia Apolo (335 Via Gourmet): A small, frills-free gym with affordable prices for you who want to be beefy but you don’t want to pay so much for a “better, more expansive” gym ‘cause your money is low.

Brechó Fabulozzo (339 Via Gourmet): A relactively big low-budget thrift store. As you can imagine, the clothes are pretty cheap, but “too 2008″.

small summer self-care tips from one mentally ill person to another, based on ur hogwarts house


  • more books if you can, video games that are happy if you can’t.
  • find one project you love and chase it doggedly, even if it’s fanfiction. ideally, work on this project w/other friends that are working on projects, so u have accountability and community. 
  • set small goals and crush them, even if they’re managing to get rid of the Depression Water that’s been sitting on the side of your bed for three weeks with a dead moth in it
  • snack breaks 
  • whenever you hear yourself call yourself bad names, whisper “shut up, salasar,” and fix it. call yourself the most ridiculously pretentious and complementary titles you can think of
  • every time ur brain tries to kill you, tell it you will succeed out of spite
  • acrylic nails, regardless of your gender. sometimes they are 50 cents at the drug store. click click click


  • don’t get caught up in the wildness of summer, try to take a few steps back from friends when stuff starts getting dangerous. write down “we are about to do X” and decide if it’s something your mom would be okay with.
  • blanket cape + make urself a paper crown
  • for every liquor drink please drink 1 glass water. friendship hydration challenges are also a lot of fun, but as a warning, i will win them
  • roller coasters will make u feel awake for a bit and that’s fun but friendships shouldn’t make u feel like you’re trapped on one
  • courage is your crest. remind yourself of that when ur facing your demons. also, dye your hair a fun color.
  • you’re not too much for someone to handle just because you’re energetic or whatever. this summer relish in not toning it down. take your meds with water and bite anyone who makes fun of you for them.
  • give urself time to recharge. know your limits. sometimes courage is also saying “no thanks”


  • the sun isn’t out all the time. you don’t have to always be the cheery one. if you fall, your friends will catch you. keep yourself around your loved ones. they’ll forgive you, even if you’ve been gone.
  • cooking and baking for other people is actually so much fun, try and eat a little while you get it done
  • watch children’s movies and shows. it’s okay. take a little while and let yourself feel like you’re seven and the world isn’t as loud as it is.
  • dark scary makeup and instagram photos
  • be patient with yourself. okay you’re not getting better right now but that’s okay. the slope is very slippery. it’s a long climb to the top, but you got badger claws. start with washing your hair. you’ll get there.
  • when they are only hurting you, they do not deserve your loyalty. it hurts to say goodbye, but it will be better when they leave.
  • hard work does include dragging yourself into the shower after six days without it, good job, you


  • find something to be curious in every day, keep that mind working. it helps to slowly teach yourself something, even the anatomy of a bird wing.
  • you aren’t bad if you can’t focus. neither can i and i’ve been a ravenclaw all my life. 
  • it isn’t about being “smart” and you don’t need to fit some neurotypical version of that to be clever; wit comes in all forms and if you chase something unconventional at least you’re chasing something
  • tuna and rice is a good meal with a low price and v low production abilities. turn on TedED while it’s cooking and zone out to something vaguely educational. at least you’re learning?
  • you aren’t and you’ll never be only good at things because of your disease. if someone says you paint beautifully because you’re sad, paint them eating their words. also, peaceful coloring.
  • bird mouth from pringles chips. caw caw
  • go outside. catch breeze, draw leaves, eat fruit, discover small happy.

Now for the low low price of 5,000 gold, you too can have your very own Kor’kron Fidget Spinner! It spins! It’s made of pure iron! It powers a whole battalion of the Horde army! It’s even covered in spikes! Kids love spikes, folks!* Get one today!

*Kor’kron Fidget Spinners may occasionally** also explode. Not recommended for children under the age of 5 or gnomes.

**Due to goblin engineering, “occasionally” is a pretty flexible term here.

(Taken from this Reddit post)

Guys! Did you know that there’s a weekly Dungeons and Dragons show called Dice, Camera, Action! feat. ProJared, Commander Holly, Anna Prosser-Robinson, NateWantsToBattle, and infamous Dungeon Master Chris Perkins? And that it’s live every Tuesday evening at 4 PM PT on And that you can watch it for the low, low price of having your still-beating heart ripped out of your chest and crushed before your very eyes???

In all seriousness, if you’re a fan of D&D at all, please do yourself a favor and watch this show. You can find the VODs on YouTube to catch up if you want, or you can just jump in and see what you think. It’s a highlight of my week for sure.

And let’s be honest, it’s not like I was using that heart anyway.

For The Low Low Price Of All Your Earthly Possessions And Just One Soul Binding Blood Pact: You Too Can Earn The Lofty Title Of ‘Honorary Council Member’ And Receive The Following Perk’s

  • Owls Probably Wont Attack You On Sight
  • Th
  • All Thease And More With This Incredible New Offer
benefits of being my friend

-“low-maintenance”; 90% of the time, i’ll be too afraid of saying the wrong thing to talk to you at all!
-“similar interest”; because i’ll mirror tf out of you
-“excellent conversationalist”; You’ll know all about my trauma in no time!
-“full of excitement and spur-of-the-moment ideas”; emotional instability! splitting! intrusive thoughts! self-destructive impulses!

All of This, and Much More, can be yours for the low low price of All of your time and energy!
Serious Inquiries Only, please.

anonymous asked:

So now that we know how to BE a girlfriend, how does one obtain said girlfriend?

this is the hard part tbh

first u gotta get gf bait which u can probably find online from amazon but they totally jack up the prices so i would recommend going to your local witchcraft supply store

then u gotta make sure u go gf hunting at the right time u gotta look out for the phases of the moon, high/low tide if u live near the ocean, weather (not too cold unless u are looking for a Wintery Snow GF!), and time of day. ideally, it would be either full, crescent, or new moon (gibbous is for cryptid hunting with said gf, which is another post all together). ocean GFs come out during low tide, and dawn/dusk are the best time for GF hunting imo. (some will say solar noon is best, or whenever the moon is directly overhead, these are excellent times if u are looking for a sun or moon gf, but not as fantastic for other types of gfs)

location matters too. want a tree nymph nature gf?? u better be around some trees or a forest or a park or something!! want a goth gf? it might be helpful to hunt near a hot topic or a cave with bats living inside it. think of where ur gf type would live.

its worth mentioning here that if u are looking for a rare gf (i.e. cryptid gf) you probably wont catch one of the first try. bigfoot is busy! she appreciates ur hard work but she is shy and needs to warm up to u first. its okay. give her time. be patient. she will come around. the same can be said about the loch ness monster and the jersey devil. patience is key!

once uve got a plan for ur gf hunting, u need to perform the gf ritual. pray to mother sappho with all the gay shit you’ve got (rainbows, flannel, docs, etc. Don that gay apparel ladies!!!!). again, depending on the type of gf u are looking for, the ritual will vary. sappho can help guide u thru it

NEXT comes the actual acquiring of the GF, which is the hardest part. set out your bait but do not put out a box or net or any other kind of snare to trap her. She will be wary at first, but thats okay. bringing along ur cat or dog to intrigue and soothe her might be a good idea. perhaps some vegan ice cream to help calm her nerves.

once ur gf trusts u, the two of u must return to where u prayed to mother sappho originally, where she will bless u. ****Do NOT skip this step!!!!!**** we must all remember to thank mother sappho for her blessings always.

the final step is to cherish ur gf. just as u put in a lot of work to catch a gf, u must put a lot of work in to keep her. do gay things like take her to pride. tell her u love and appreciate her. cuddle with her and bake with her.

good luck!

the-masked-m0g  asked:

My local Spanish bakery/cafe does great food and coffee at low low prices, so of course it's popular. It's also right next to the tube station, so it gets BUSY. The staff are always nice, professional, hard working. Yesterday I was there at about 8:30am (it opens 6:30), long line of people ordering at the till, and this one woman literally screamed at Lourdes because she "made her late to work". Like bitch you can't just waltz in at rush hour and not expect to wait for your fucking flat white...

Stores don’t cater to your individual schedule. Either wake up earlier or go fucking hungry because no one fucking cares. -Abby

           If you like memes, asking for healing, shrugging edgelords, Jeff Kaplan and more, then this is the group for you!

A discord group for lovers, players and roleplayers of OVERWATCH where you can come to chat, plot or even talk strats! And all of this could be yours for the low, low price of liking or reblogging this post — one of the moderators and creators of the group will IM you with the link to join the Discord Group!
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Marriage of Convenience - Chapter 13 - RunWithWolves - Carmilla (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

A fake engagement political best friends Hollstein AU

*coughs and starts announcer voice*

And for the low low price of free, you too can read Chapter 13 of a Hollstein fanfiction that some people probably enjoy. It’s got Hollstein kisses. It’s got adorable moments. It’s got Laura Hollis speeches. It’s got fluffy feels moments.* 

Did I mention the Hollstein kisses? Cause it’s got those and I know you folks enjoy that wonderful shipper high. Not convinced? Read these comments from some other happy customers.

“First of all. You monster”

“Ahhhhhhh did you want to kill your readers with feelings?” 


“fuck. you.”

“Excuse you. You made me cry. Good Gay Content™”

You too can join these happy happy readers in this third act turning point of a chapter because we all know that the third act is the happiest place in the story.** So what are you waiting for? buckle up creampuffs, read the story and enjoy this feel good family friendly… gif

Originally posted by lexaisgayaf

*fluff feels may be accompanied by other feels varieties. The author is not held responsible for any tears, flailing, or otherwise negative emotions that arise and are not resolved during the current chapter offering

** it is not. in fact, one might call it ‘the low point’

Have you ever wanted someone to draw your favorite Pokemon? Your muse? Your Pokesona?? But in a really minimalistic vaguely-crayon-y style??? Look no further than sometimes-poorly-drawn-mon!

I will draw any Pokemon doing anything you want for the low, low price of free! Just send me an ask! If you want me to draw an OC, make sure I can access a reference picture!!

You can send me one request! You can send ten requests! Please don’t be shy!!


“Band, ready, set”
You’ve been called to attention. It’s 102 degrees outside, you haven’t had a water break in what seems like hours, and you’re sweating buckets. You know you’re not allowed to move or else you’ll have to run a lap. What… what’s that feeling… it’s… your glasses…. they’re sliding down your nose… either you fix them and run a lap (and die of heat exhaustion) or you let them fall to their death… those are your only two options… right?

“Well Gee wiz what other choice do I have?”

I’ll tell ya. There’s this stuff called Nerd Wax. It’s made out of beeswax and it’s the bomb diggity. Just smear a little of the stuff on the inside of the bridge of your glasses, put your glasses on and voila! They don’t fall! It’s sweat resistant, so it would keep your glasses in place even if you were marching through the hottest pits of hell.

“But I don’t want beeswax all over my fingers because then it’d get on my instrument.”
Well I’m glad you don’t want that because you’re not gonna get that. It comes in a little tube just like cork grease or chap stick. It’s small so you can carry it with you in your pocket, in your dot book, even in your cleavage if you want.

“Ugh. I want it but I bet it’s super expensive”
Nope nope nope. It’s only $10 for one tube that will honestly last the entire marching season.

“It won’t last the whole season. I might lose it”
Well, if you do, just buy two! When you buy two you get another one for the low low price of FREE. And it’s shipped right from the factory to your front doorstep for not one dollar, not two dollars, but zero dollars. Yes friends, buy two Nerd Wax, get another one free and get it all shipped absolutely free!

“Sweet! I want it! But where do I get it?”
Well, you open up your Internet and in the address bar you just type

That’s all there is to it!

anonymous asked:

You should charge more for your comissions. You are underselling yourself. ;)

You’re very sweet dear Anon, but I prefer keeping my price relatively low for 2 reasons.

1- I’m no professional artist, I’m still very amateur. I’ve never been in any art school and I’m still pretty young to ask bigger prices. Plus, I would feel bad to ask more than what it’s worth in my opinion.

2- I want my prices to be low so anyone can ask for a commission. I know some artists who are really talented but ask a HUGE amount of money that not everyone can afford to pay. So, I thought that if I kept my prices low, even those who don’t have much would be able to commission me if they want to. :)

anonymous asked:

Looking back at when you first opened commissions, is there anything you would have done differently? Your prices were very low, for example. Was this deliberate or part nerves about doing commission work? Any advice for artists who want to start commission work?


Hmm. I don’t know if I would’ve done anything differently. My prices were indeed low, but I felt like I needed to grind it a little bit before I could raise them. I think that the quality of your work + how fast you can work on them is a big factor, but your popularity also determines just how much people are willing to pay for a commission from you (for better or worse, that’s just how it is). So, in short, I think charging low prices back then was the right thing to do because I was a fucking nobody. That said, a couple pointers when you start doing commissions:

• If you’re seriously considering leaving your day job to dedicate yourself to commission work, please consider either having enough saved for rent/living expenses for about two or three months, or grind it and work both your day job and a few commission slots a month. When you gain enough notoriety and you get commissions often and consistently, it’s time to leave your day job. I did neither and just left my office job after my first rpg gig and it was an excercise in stoicism, to put it in generous terms. Don’t do that unless you think you can handle it mentally and you really want to do this for a living. Again, this is very much up to what you think works best for you.

• Make a good-looking price sheet and include examples of each type of commission, be sure to cover the most basic info as well as your e-mail, and just reblog it everytime you open until you decide it’s time for a change in options and/or pricing. 

• That bit about starting charging low prices? There’s a limit to that. IMO if you need to make a million commissions just to make ends meet, you need to increase prices. You should consider things like rent, utilities, and food as the basic things you should cover first, and how to cover them doing the least amount of commissions at the best of your ability without burning out. 

• Always add one or two days to your delivery timeframes. Don’t get me wrong, you should still try to deliver at the timeframe you set for yourself. Those extra days are just in case something happens. Maybe you hurt yourself, or you get sick. Maybe your cat goes missing or one of the pipes in the bathroom breaks, and one day’s worth of work just went down the fucking drain. Cover your ass. 

• Always find some time to draw for yourself. On paper drawing for a living sounds amazing, right? Well, the second you start getting paid for it, it becomes a job. So you treat it like a job. You set a daily schedule, and you do what you gotta do. This will take some joy out of it, I guarantee it. And the only way you can recover that joy is always doing something for yourself. Draw shit for your D&D campaign, or start a webcomic, anything. Have a passion project, ‘cause if you only draw what other people tell you to draw for a living, you’re gonna be burnt out and dead inside in no time. 

For fuck’s sake, rest on the weekends. Go outside. Draw whatever you want, get together with friends who also like to draw and draw for fun. Run a marathon. Play rpg’s. Watch a movie, read a book, get high as fuck, have sex like a rabbit. Play as hard as you work.

I think that covers the important bits. This is very general, so if you have more specific questions about commissions, shoot me an ask and I’ll reply as soon as I can. 

so it looks like I might have a chance to go my convention to actually meet most of the Persona 5 cast?? which is a huge deal?? but I’ve been labouring under the idea that I had little chance of going and thus my funds are low low low so if I could get just a couple writing commissions, that would help out a lot!! 

I also make plushies and pillows, too fam if fanfiction isn’t your thing

✨ Prices

$5 for 500 words.

$10 for 1000 words.

Basically just increase in increments of $1/100 if you want a longer story.

Interactive stories (like Persona style choice fics) will be slightly more pricy, because they’re a little more complicated.

Minimum is 200 words, maximum can be discussed.

✨ Payment

Payment will be through Paypal.

After the fic is finished (but before it is posted) I will send you an Invoice.

Once paid, the story will be sent first to the commissioner and then posted to AO3/Tumblr or posted straight to either if the commissioner has no objections. If you want a private commission, let me know.

I reserve the right to turn down anything that makes me uncomfortable.

No emeto, gore, super hardcore NSFW etc because trust me I’m no good at that.

I am great at fluff and angst though that’s kind of my specialty.

✨ Fandoms

Final Fantasy XV          Kingdom Hearts

Persona 3                     Persona 4

Persona 5                     Dragon Age series

Tales of Xillia/2             Tales of Zestiria

Sherlock Holmes          Star Trek

Alice in Wonderland     White Collar

Houdini & Doyle           xxxHolic

Tsubasa                       Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters

Supernatural                Cabin Pressure

Captain America          Hamilton

Merlin                          Free!

Yuri on Ice                   Fantastic Beasts

orrrr any other fandom you know I’m in or want to ask if I’m familiar with!

Even just three mid length fics would pay for my ticket!

Signal boosts would be super appreciated <3


EDIT: you can find examples of my writing on my AO3 HERE

anonymous asked:

I been meaning to ask for some advice and help on creating a shop where people can commission myself. It has been a thought in the back of my head for such a long time and now I really want to make it a thing. Then I thought I do not know how to start or what to do, I am so clueless. Can you maybe please give a beginner any tips on how to start a store selling their own art?

Hello, Lovely Anon!

That’s a good idea! I’m no expert in this field, but I’ll just share whatever I think might be useful! Okay so, let’s go through a couple things in no particular order:

- run a blog or some other place people can view your work: Maybe not a Must-Have, but it’s certainly helped me, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t suggest it! Have a place where you share some art of yours, so people can find it and find out who you are, and where they can easily find examples of your work. For me personally, all my commission work basically happens through social media sites , except for official illustration jobs, for which I will go into a bit more detail in another segment here. But yeah, if you offer commissions, it helps to have a blog that you update whenever you can so people can find you. Be patient with this and keep at it, okay? 

- have an easy-to-read commission page: So if you offer commissions on your blog for example, I’d suggest splitting up your commission post/page into two parts. In the first part, have a couple of visual examples (not too many, I’d say about two for each type of picture you’re offering), along with the prices and a very brief description of what you are offering (for example, “colored single pictures”, “black and white sketches” etc), and put your contact somewhere on there (your E-mail address, for example). With this, your potential client very quickly knows what you are offering, how much it costs, where to talk to you and gets an idea of what your work looks like. 
In a second part, in a Read More for example or just in a text below (depends on where you’re posting it), have your rules (what will you draw, what won’t you draw, what can be discussed, how many slots you are opening etc) so people know if what they’d like to have from you is something you’re actually willing to draw.

- make yourself a paypal account: It’s easy to do and most people have one, online commission work is usually paid through this. 

- own a website: Highly recommending getting one, it’s much easier and more comfortable for everybody involved if you have some sort of homepage you can refer people to if they are interested in your work. I’ve been meaning to make one forever and haven’t gotten around it yet and it’s made things pretty complicated before, so if you can, have some place outside of social media websites where you can present your portfolio etc. If you apply for a job or are asked about examples for a job, I really really suggest you refer to a homepage. A blog is totally fine for commissions online, but please get yourself some sort of homepage too.

And this is less for how to get started and more “things to keep in mind”:

- for the love of god, don’t do unlimited slots with low prices: if you are like me, your insecurities and low self-esteem may dictate you to start off with low prices, to test the waters. And honestly, I think that’s an okay thing to do, it certainly helped me to get a bit more secure and see if I’m made for this. However, if you want to start off with low prices, only take a few slots at a time. Open 5 slots, for example, and only reopen them when you are done with all of them. That way, you don’t overwhelm yourself with work and you can adjust prices. And you probably deserve higher prices, because art takes time and you’re putting hard work into it, it’s okay to set yourself an hourly rate or something. (because look, I made the combined mistake of asking for very little money at first because I was too terrified to raise prices and also having unlimited slots, and I’m still to this day working that list off even though I closed commissions like a year ago. Give yourself the chance to raise commission prices if you feel like you should, don’t be me and overwhelm yourself with work) 

- ask for payment before you finish the piece: How artists go about payment differs from person to person, so I’m just gonna share how it works for me and why. I like to take commissions, send out rough drafts to the clients and ask for payment once they are happy with the draft. That way, I know they’re happy with where the picture is going and I don’t have to constantly worry that maybe they hate the idea, the client knows that I am actually working on their piece, and I make sure I am getting paid for the work. I don’t think it’s a good idea to finish the commission, send it to the person who commissioned it and then ask for payment, because while most people are good and, you know, not scumbags, you always hear about people who took the commission and never paid. 

I think that’s it for now! I really hope this helps and/or gives you some idea where to start, and if not, please feel free to come by again! I wish you the absolute Best of luck for your commissions!