they can be the father

I’m Pregnant

Summary: Jason learns he’s going to be a father.

Warnings: mentions of drug use, cursing

Word count: 701

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As soon as those two words left your mouth, Jason was beyond floored.

I’m pregnant.

After a few seconds of pure silence and shock plastered to his face, his lips parted. “I can’t be a father.”

His words felt like punch to the gut. However, you knew where he was coming from; this man once was a boy who grew up on the streets, fending for himself, while his own father was in and out of jail. And his mother? She was hardly a motherly figure, passed out on a chair, the whites of her eyes showing as the drugs raided her system.

Your hands find his face, thumb stroking his cheek. “You’re not them, Jason.”

“No you don’t understand, I’m a selfish asshole. I can barely handle myself on a daily basis, I’m broken. I’m in no shape to ever be a father and-”

“I know, Jason. I know you’re broken. I know who you are, and I have no doubts you’ll be a great father.” you watch as his eyes searched yours in a yearning sort of desperation, trying to believe every word. “You know how I know that? Because you’ve experienced hell, Jay. I know you want better for those you love than what you got, you fight for what’s right — even if it means they die.”

“I kill people, I’m not father material.”

“I know who I’m dating. I know your beliefs differ Bruce’s. I know you’ve suffered the greatest tragedy of having to live again. But you’re changing,” your hands find his, grasping them before placing them over your stomach. “and we both love you.”

Jason’s eyes searched your face for any sign of doubt, to find none. “Hell, if someone as serious as Bruce can do it, why can’t I? I’ll just have to work harder at it.”

With a grin, you toss your arms around his neck, pressing your forehead against his. “I love you, Todd.”

“And I, you.”

“Ooh! Look, guys! It’s the lady who swallowed a planet!” Tim’s voice rang out from the manor living room as you waddled in.

“Shut it, Drake,” you mumbled, shooing Dick away from your favorite spot on the couch. “Honestly if this baby doesn’t pop out within the next few days I’m gonna pull it out myself.”

“Ooh can I help?” Damian asked, earning a glare from Jason. “What? She’ll need assistance…”

“Touch my wife, and you’re fucking dead Demon Brat.” Jason hissed.

From the corner of the room, Dick snorted before his eyes trailed down your body. “Uh guys? Guys? Is that normal or did what I think I saw just happen?“

Before you could even blink, a sharp pain rang in your abdomen and that was when you felt it. The unnatural warmth between your legs that wasn’t unlike overflowing on a menstrual cycle.

“Fucking hell!“ you blurted.

Despite all the pain and agony, the sight before you was completely worth it. Jason clutched the small bundle in his arms, sitting in a nearby chair, staring into your child’s face with admiration.

With a tired smile, you took in the sight, fighting off the hormonal tears.

“She’s beautiful, just like her mother.” Jason said, looking up into your exhausted face. He wouldn’t have admitted it out loud, but he was completely and totally in love again with this tiny human. He knew he would search the corners of the universe for her, and give her all the happiness that was possible.

And God, was he smitten with you. For believing so much in him. For sticking around all these years.

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “Shut up,”

“No I’m serious,” Jason admitted, carefully sitting beside you when you scoot over. “How did I get so lucky?”

With a hum and small smile, you place your head onto his shoulder, watching the sleeping baby girl in his arms. “By being you, Todd. The world is repaying you for what you’ve done and survived.”

With a swelling heart, Jason pressed his lips to your right temple before you succumbed to sleep.

“All I ever deserved was you.” he whispered before turning back to the child in his arms. “I love both my girls.”

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Hi there! I'm a fairly new Pokemon trainer traveling through Kanto but I'm having some trouble that unfortunately my father can't answer because he only knows how to care for his and my mother's Pokemon. My starter Eevee (Scout) constantly runs a head of me and even though I keep telling Scout why this is wrong he won't stop. I want to put him in his pokeball but every time I pull it out he becomes fearful. What should I do? Thank you and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day.

While I admire your faith in Scout, you need to realize, as smart as he is, he, like all Pokémon, really cannot comprehend long-term consequences very well. As such, your warning that wondering is wrong just won’t be effective. What he needs is simple and immediate cause-and-effect situations to learn from. Don’t put him in his ball when your mad or scared (that’s what is likely causing the fearful behavior). Whenever he starts to stray, though, he goes back in the ball. No yelling. No threats. No scolding. No punishment. No fretting. No second chances. No “one more times.” No “I’m going to count to three.” No apprehension. The last is really important right now. If you act like putting him in his ball is the worst thing ever, he is going to learn that it is.

Now, if you really are reluctant to keep him in his ball (which is your prerogative; a lot of trainers dislike using Pokéballs), consider leash or harness training him. He will likely be squirmy about it at first, especially since he’s gotten used to moving free-range, but he’ll adjust if you persist. Good luck!

A few thoughts on Rumplestiltskin raising Gideon

- I’m 99% sure that Rumple doesn’t remember absolutely anything about the dinner at Granny’s at the end of 6x22. He was too busy looking at Gideon to notice anything else.

- Storybrooke is lucky that Rumple doesn’t like talking about his life, or you can bet that he’d turn into the kind of proud father that takes any chance to show you 342875690379564504769350237459 pics of his son, and talks about him  24/7.

- Imagine Rumple collecting rent with baby Gideon.

- Speaking of rent, Rumple probably has troubles collecting rent, because he can hardly stuff money in his wallet when it’s already filled with the aforementioned 342875690379564504769350237459 pics of Gideon.

- Rumple buying a smartphone with a fuckaton of memory so that he is ready to take pics and video of Gideon at any given moment. The sound of Gideon’s laughter is the notification sound for messages, while his ringtone is Tale as Old as Time.

- Rumple having to buy an external hard disk for his computer, because he has 700 GB of videos of Gideon, including hours of Gideon simply sleeping. 

- Belle and Rumple having dozens of notebooks on which they write basically everything Gideon does.

- Rumple babyproofing the house, the library, the shop and, in a sudden attack of overprotectiveness, accidentally babyproofing the entire town with a spell (Regina doesn’t know if she should laugh or strangle him).

- Someone almost getting killed for daring enter the pawn shop, making the bell above the door ring and waking baby Gideon.

Basically, Rumple being a father is the cutest and purest thing in the world, and I think about it way too often. 

by @calculatingthestars

Beta by the lovely @lunaswondrousworld, with additional thanks to my dear @dnteverdoubtme. All remaining mistakes are entirely my own.

Pairings, Characters: Alec Lightwood/Jace Wayland, Sebastian Morgenstern/Jace Wayland (one-sided), Clary Morgenstern, Valentine Morgenstern

Summary: Morgenstern Park is a bastion of what human technology has achieved—it is a place of leisure and adventure, home to hundreds of android hosts that exist to grant its guests their wildest dreams. When Valentine Morgenstern crosses the line and achieves true artificial intelligence, however, it changes the fate of his first and oldest creation: Jace Wayland.

Now a truly sentient being, can Jace navigate the maze of his father’s making and his brother’s obsession and achieve true freedom?

Rating: R-18, Mature readers only

A/N: PLEASE read the full list of content and trigger warnings in the beginning notes before scrolling down to the rest of the fic. This is not for the faint of heart.

Aesthetic sources: Base photos taken from WestWorld, Shadowhunters, 1883 magazine, and photomanipulated by me. Please do not repost.

(Read it on Ao3)


Marcia: Jacob. I have something I need to tell u

Jacob: ?? what is it?? nothing bad, right??

Marcia: no! at least, i don’t think it’s bad?? i mean, i hope it isn’t??

Jacob: ?? tell me

Marcia: …I’m pregnant, Jacob

Jacob: !!! !! are u fr????

Marcia: yes!! 

Jacob: i can’t believe i’m going 2 be a father!! and that we’re having a baby!!! aaaaaaaaaa!!

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Okay I hate myself for thinking of this but anyway. Think of when Yousef knows Sana is his one and only & wants to propose but not just any proposal will do. After he gets Sana's father's permission, can't you just see him along with the rest of the balloon squad doing a choreographed dance for Sana (like 2pac's "All about you") and then Yousef proposes to Sana after? Like she would be all embarrassed but at the same time she wouldn't be able to hide her smile. This is all i want.


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Can you draw small kid primarch Roboute studying under his adoptive father?

It is sketch and it is messy, but at least it has cute doggo on it?

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your dad knows the truth, that nightlife is the single greatest song ever written. all you can do is just accept the fact that your father is a music master

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I think the trade off here is having your period foR THE REST OF ETERNITY. And if she had it more than once a month?? She'd probably follow Edward right to Volterra and beg for death

Haha right?! Talk about a ‘curse!’

Presumably she’d run out of eggs eventually, though? Unless she keeps making them (human women do not). I mean male vampires keep making venom-sperm even though the females of their species can’t conceive and the odds of them fathering a child with a human are next to nothing (since the human is only likely to conceive if she smells especially delicious, and he’d be more likely to eat her than procreate with her, and he might accidentally kill her anyway even if he tried). So in SM’s world … maybe poor Nessie does have her cycle forever and keeps replenishing her eggs, or maybe she’s just born with way more than human women are. Or maybe hybrid reproduction is totally alien and doesn’t work the way human reproduction does at all. 

Two Things

A Supernatural Fic
Set in 2x1 In My Time of Dying

Sam has a serious debate with himself over not taking the bag of items from Bobby. He imagines himself walking back into his father’s hospital room empty handed - the biggest ‘screw you’ he can think of. He knows, though, that his father would most likely just call Bobby, or someone, to get those ingredients. Possibly even check himself out of the hospital and go get them himself. If he lets his father leave, Sam isn’t sure when he would come back. Or if he would come back, for that matter.

Why is it everyone around him seems ready to give up?

Bobby on the Impala. Saying there was nothing to save - even suggesting selling her for scrap. As if Dean would ever forgive them if they did. Sam isn’t sure he would either.

He doesn’t have memories of things his friends at Stanford talked about. He doesn’t have backyard barbecues, or learning to ride his bike in front of his house, or birthday parties with kids from his class wearing stupid party hats.

What he does have, though, is the memory of falling asleep to the rumble of the engine and the pounding bass of a cassette tape. Of Dean reading him the same book five times as they sat in the backseat, waiting for their father to come back from wherever he was at the time. Of playing with little green army men across seats and windows and air vents, and carving his initials next to his brother’s.

His father​ on Dean - because what other reason would he be more concerned with the final showdown with Yellow Eyes than on finding a cure for his own son? Expending energy on making a list of supplies needed for a summoning spell rather than making calls about possible healers? He had sounded about as resigned as the darn doctor about his fate. The doctor he expected, but his father he didn’t. Maybe he should have, though. After all, he hadn’t been much help the first time Dean was dying either. It had been on Sam to find the cure then, maybe it was on him now, too.

If Sam is honest, he can’t recall… No, if he is honest he can recall the last time he put his faith blindly in his father. His belief that he would always be there if he needed him died on a christmas morning and a failed attempt by his brother to mask another broken promise. It ended on a paper wrap gift being transferred from one recipient to another, and - since he’s being honest - his trust along with it. Because Dean didn’t let him down when it counted most. Not then, or in the years that followed.

Even when things were at their worst between them - two years of silence before he came to get him at Stanford - he still transferred Dean’s numbers to his new phone. He didn’t transfer his father’s, certain he would have new numbers at that point so it would be pointless. He had been equally as certain, though, that Dean would keep at least one. Had known beyond all reasonable doubt that if anything did happen, he would pick up. He would come.

So Sam isn’t giving up. If he has to fight every black eyed or yellow eyed demon, he will. If he has to find a way to cheat death, he’ll do it. The world has given him two things to hold onto - that car and his brother - and it can have them back only after they’ve pried them from his dead, cold hands.


Written for @spnhiatuscreations Week 1-

“The only thing we had in this world - the only thing, aside from this car, was each other.”

Because apparently the season 12 finale wasn’t painful enough, after a week of being unable to figure out what to write my muse was all: “Hey, we can write something from Sam’s POV during In My Time of Dying. You should go rewatch it.”

That did not help my poor shredded heart, Muse. At all.

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Bonfire, Mist and Hurricane? Xx

Bonfire: What’s one thing you lost that you want back?

“My dad.” Scott’s answer is short and soft but entirely heartfelt. He’s knows it’s highly unlikely and getting unlikelier still with each month that passes yet he can’t help hoping that one day he’ll see his father again. It can’t be the last time he ever saw his father, one random morning and a random greeting before the older man took off on a flight that was supposed to be just like every other flight.

Scott can’t even remember his exact words. He knows there would’ve been a smile, a squeeze of his shoulder and a reminder to watch out for his brothers if they got called out but the words are lost and Scott would give anything to hear them again.

Mist: Do you like fairytales?

Already answered but thank you for sending <333

Hurricane: If you had to save one thing, what would it be?

“I’d save Virg.” Scott answers mischievously, “Between us we’d have the resources, skills and the dashing good looks needed to save the rest of the guys, or the world, or whatever was in peril that day.”

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"Miss Solace, it's time for your next round of meds." Mama patted Will's hand, kissing his cheek. "It's going to be okay, Will. One thing to remember: the sun rises anew each day. That is something your father can do." She smiles at him. "Go get some sleep, Will. I love you." He kisses his mom's cheek before leaving. He has little choice but to head home. Once in the empty house, he goes around to turn on every single light before crashing in his childhood room. "Goodnight, Nico. I love you."

Will thinks that maybe if he paid more attention, he would’ve thought to set an alarm. As it was Will was incredibly groggy when he woke up, blinded by all the lights that were on in the house. The sun was high up in the sky, and Will had been woken by the telephone ringing. By the time Will realized that he could have very well slept through Nico’s tests, he was already half way to the phone. His stomach jumps up into his throat with the realization, and he thinks he might just be sick. He had no idea what time it was and if it was even the right day or not. What kind of boyfriend was he? He picked up the phone with trembling hands, praying it wasn’t the hospital. “Will Solace?”


i am the hedonistic millennial
i was blessed with a delicate, untainted shell
and to show gratitude to my dear mother,
i damage myself, with her as my only witness

i am the hedonistic millennial
when my father notices my youthful greed,
i can only mock his ill-timed irony
for you are part of me, and i am part of you

i am the hedonistic millennial
if my brother could look upon me without pity,
his repulsion might finally manifest itself
but only because i collapsed into ruin first

Rise Up Like Glitter and Gold

Ao3: by Prince_Ofluff

Words: 13704

Chapters: 8/8

Jack Crawford is sent to Sleepy Hollow following the three strange and obscene murders that have taken place. He brings with him his adopted son Will Crawford (Formerly Will Graham) to assist him. Secretly, known only to him, his son is a witch who can see into killer’s minds and helps further his father’s career.

The Lord of this small community is Hannibal Lecter whose family has secrets of their own.

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Yes please *sigh* well as you know that fathers day is coming and I don't have a father to celebrate that day with that's why I'm upset I miss my father

You can still celebrate Father’s Day by honoring his memory.

Losing a parent (or both) is very very hard and sad, but, just think about what would make them happy and proud of you.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast.

- Ephesians 2:8-9

Father, thank you. Just … thank you. And forgive me for having such low expectations of what you can do and how much you want to bless me. Teach me to receive with joyful anticipation and gratitude whatever you want to give, for you really are the best gift giver ever.