they can be the father


“Maybe I can’t be like father or you, but I want to become capable in my own right”.

Precious eyepatch!Ciel in chapter 132 

20 Autobot Leaders Rated by How Much I Want to Punch Them

Starting with the big guy, the granddaddy of them all, G1 Optimus Prime. He’s like a father to me. I can’t in good conscience punch him, even if he sometimes deserves it for bad puns. 1/10 punchability I just can’t do it 

Rodimus Prime ranks high in the punchability for some because when Optimus died in the original movie, it traumatized kids so much that all their negative feelings got channeled into unbridled rage towards the guy who replaced him. However, I hate those guys because they became insufferable as adults, so that really just lowers Roddy’s punchability for me personally. 4/10 punchability he still kind of deserves it though 

Grimlock led the Autobots for a length of time I can’t remember after Optimus died in the Marvel comics. His was a reign of terror. I can’t decide if his jughead crown is kickin or if i want to kick it off him. 7/10 punchability he gets some lenience for his childlike innocence

Another Marvel comics leader was Fortress Maximus, who was also Cerebros. He was also the leader in the Headmasters anime after Rodimus flew off into space forever but I don’t think he actually had a personality in that. He’s a matryoshka of Autobot leaders with each getting smaller and more punchable than the last, ending in Moody College Student Spike Witwicky, who is thankfully the first one on this list who I don’t have to climb something to punch in the face. 9/10 punchability I’m a very short person so I might have to climb something anyways but that isn’t going to stop me

Last Marvel comics character, I swear. Captain Picard Hi-Q binary bonded with Optimus for a while, then Optimus died (this was about the third time), and Hi-Q eventually turned into Optimus so we just considered Optimus alive again. Don’t think too hard about it. 3/10 punchability I really like Star Trek TNG so I probably wouldn’t punch him

Ginrai’s robot self looks exactly like Optimus Prime, but he isn’t. Why he looks like him is sort of hand-waved away in the anime. The real-life reason, of course, is because he was just the Japanese release of Powermaster Optimus Prime. Ginrai is really good because he talks like an American teenager even when his robot form separated from his human self to become the Autobot commander at the end of Super-God Masterforce. 0/10 punchability I just can’t really punch a guy wearing converse, skinny jeans, and suspenders

Star Saber makes me forget that the Autobots were ever good guys. I don’t think he even has a personality outside of “noble and heroic leader.” He adopted a human son and tried to send him to a Catholic school but he doesn’t even buy him a uniform. The kid barely even goes to school in the end. 9/10 punchability don’t adopt a human if you’re not prepared to care for him

Optimus Primal is a good Autobot leader because he never even set out to be anything more than a captain on one ship but ended up sacrificing himself to bring life back to the planet, probably sparking a religious following. He won the “Power of the Primes” vote so he’s got to have a pretty low punchability, but he also looks like his malleble gorilla face would feel nice on my powerful fist. 5/10 punchability when POTP stuff starts coming will his name change to “optimus primal prime”?

Lio Convoy being a cat makes me not want to punch him so much. However, he isn’t a good father. Don’t worry about the kid not really being his son in any sense of the term. Why is ineptitude at fatherhood a recurring theme for Autobot leaders? 8/10 punchability Lio Junior deserved better

I’ll admit that Beast Wars Neo is the only thing on this list that I haven’t seen or read any of, so Big Convoy is mostly here for completion’s sake. Hence I’m rating him entirely on his appearance. Mostly I wouldn’t want to punch a mammoth, because they’re extinct, but I think he could take it. It would be a good workout for both of us. 10/10 punchability no hard feelings, we’re just two dudes lovingly punching each other

In Japan, he’s known as Fire Convoy, continuing their tradition of Autobot leader names, but in the west he’s the first-ever reboot of Optimus Prime. I don’t have a lot of opinions on him as a person or leader, but his existence opened the floodgates of Optimus Primes to come, which I have mixed feelings on. 5/10 punchability I can’t think of a reason to punch him, but I also can’t think of a reason not to

Armada Optimus Prime suffers from being Armada Optimus Prime. I think this was when they really managed to distill “Optimus Prime” down into its truest form. No longer was Optimus Prime a character, but a concept that extended beyond fiction and into our world. Optimus Prime means something. Optimus Prime is a figure for justice, honor, and liberty. 8/10 punchability I still can’t forget Energon though

Do I have to say anything. I’m not even somebody who vehemently dislikes Hot Shot, but for the love of god, why did he ever get to be a leader. 6/10 punchability I’d punch him but I wouldn’t put a lot of force into it, he’s not even worth it

Movie Optimus Prime is. uh. something else, all right. I can admire the movie taking the idea of Optimus Prime and going “okay, but what if he was also a murderbeast?” because I think that’s something we all really wanted to see play out. In practice it kind of scares me. 2/10 punchability I’m worried if I went for his face I’d no longer have mine

Animated Optimus Prime is a good boy. A baby boy. He’s trying his best in a world that seems against him. We all love him. 0/10 punchability I simply can’t bring myself to mar those luscious lips

I’m sure Animated Ultra Magnus did some great things during the war, but, yunno, seeing how Cybertron under him during peacetime is sort of a Stratocracy, I question his fitness to be the leader of a planet. They really gonna let the government run experiments on civilians? Okay. Alright. 4/10 I don’t want to punch him per se but I do sort of want to lead an armed rebellion against him

Hhh. HHHH. HOOGH. HHHAAAHH. HEH. HHhhhHHH. Just seeing Sentinel Prime’s face fills me with anger. If let loose, this rage could level mountains, sink continents, and incinerate entire solar systems. If there is any good in the cosmos, Sentinel Prime will not go unpunched. His face will be shattered into pieces with the sheer power of my unbridled fury. 10,000/10 punchability I have already punched him, spiritually, and I will do it again

I mean, alright. Prime Optimus Prime is kind of the distilled essence of Optimus Prime. If you took all the other Optimus Primes, and took all the things they had in common, and then took out a little bit of the anger because let’s be real here all the other Optimus Primes are quite a bit angrier than this one, you’d get Aligned Optimus Prime. Which is kind of how the Aligned continuity as a whole works. So, yeah, That Sure Is Optimus Prime. 3/10 punchability his soft-spoken words of wisdom would calm me down before I ever even raised my fist

Heatwave is the quintessential non-Optimus Autobot leader. He’s noble and courageous with a good sense of justice, but he was thrust into leadership without being the best and it and is a bit of a hothead. You can use that exact sentence to describe so many of the bots on this list. 4/10 punchability I don’t want to use violent methods when it comes to Rescue Bots but sometimes Heatwave’s personality warrants it 

I honestly can’t believe it took 30 years for a Bumblebee to be leader for reals. It happened so gradually that nobody was surprised when it happened, and yet it also feels like nobody can really accept it. I know I can’t. He doesn’t even look like any Bumblebee. Is this how longtime G1 fans felt when the Unicron trilogy started reusing names for different-but-not-wholly-different characters to keep the trademarks? 8/10 punchability we know you stole your schtick from Hot Rod via Hot Shot so stop trying to act like you’re so special 

Saturn in the 4th, Sun in the 12th, Uranus in the 10th, Sun-Uranus aspects the father’s presence may have been erratic and the individual lost faith in authority early. The father may have spent long periods away or been disinterested in the child’s personality 

Saturn in the 2nd, Cancer on the midheaven the individual may have grown up in money tight (often single parent) households, they are too early exposed to the sacrifices made by parent(s) and start feeling guilt from a young age 

Neptune in the 4th, Moon-Neptune aspects, Neptune in the 10th, Pisces midheaven one of the parents can be in need of salvation, the individual can be primitively exposed to emotional instability, addiction, or illness. It can make the child feel very unsafe or threatened because she realises her protective unit is not integrated 

Uranus in the 4th, Moon-Uranus aspects, Moon in the 12th the mother may have an inconsistent presence. In the case of Uranus the mother wants to keep in touch with her personal identity and interests not related to motherhood, with the 12th the mother may spend time away in hospital, rehabilitation, or mental health clinics 

Mars in the 10th the father (or mother) can encourage competitiveness and winning in the child, commonly through sports. Venus in the 4th can dearly admire the mother and the mother can be absolutely beautiful in their eyes. Saturn in the 5th can feel poked and prodded in childhood, being under a glaring watchful and critical eye and possibly forced into performing arts

Mars in the 4th the individual may have walked on egg shells as a child because they may have been the outlet for the mother’s rage or moods Moon in the 8th has a powerful, magnetic, and unbreakable bond with the mother. Psychic abilities have been inherited from her as well as her ancestral energies


PROMPTS - mudadweek

Hello everyone! Time to reveal this year’s prompts! We kept a few old favorites from last year and tossed in new ones!

Sunday - Age swap
Giorno is the adult mafia don, inheriting much of his father’s looks– and now has to look after young Phantom Blood Dio, at age 12. You can play this off as Giorno is his actual father, or that time shenanigans were involved!
Monday - Vampire Giorno
Giorno being either full or half vampire.
Tuesday - Young Giorno/Haruno
Any shenanigans with Dio as a parent raising a young Giorno.
Wednesday - Stands
You’ve got Dio and Giorno– what about The World and Gold Experience? Do any familial ties show up in those two?
Thursday - Alternate Universe
Any mudad AU you can think of. (A lot of good ideas can be founds here)
Friday - Extended family
This includes Jonathan, Dio’s three other sons and any of the Joestars related to Giorno. You can also throw Diego in there if you want.
Saturday - Domestic
Domestic A simple life at home to contrast their very extreme personalities outside. It’s hard being a parent of a Mafia don, sometimes, and sometimes it’s hard having a vampire father.

Hope to see you guys on the 24th!

draganchitsa  asked:

jon/dany - wwi au :3

He was aware of a woman’s hand, soft and warm, on forehead. A voice in halting English advising him to be still, be quiet, the Germans will hear, do not make a sound please please please. He was aware of the smell of yeast, of the cloying perfume of rich wine, of damp wood, of smoke, and a sweet, flowery scent that could only belong to a woman. To those soft hands.

“What is your name?” the soft, lilting accent of southern France. He’d vacationed there once with his family, with Robb and Father and—they’re both dead now. “Can you speak?”

“Jon Snow,” he managed to rasp over a throat as raw as dried tinder.

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anonymous asked:

i love headcanons so much but can i request some headcanons for parent!GOM and their kid or something omg i love parent aus

yes please send them in! I’m still accepting head canons if anyone was wondering! 

Akashi Seijuro: 

  • he definitely wants his child to play some kind of classical instrument. he’s played the violin and dabbled on piano, so maybe cello? but he’s going to let his child pick whatever they want to. 
  • he’s already training his child to be the best they can be, but being aware of their limits. he’s thankful his father had raised him the way he has, but he doesn’t approve of the way he was raised, so he’s making sure his child is happy all the time. 
  • also he dotes. a lot. tons. he’s the father figure he never had and loves to cherish his wife and child with weekly dates together, especially if his child is a little girl. 

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Kise Ryota: 

  • he sends pictures of his kids in kid magazines and often his manager requests the two (or three depending on how many kids he has) of them to model together and everyone is envious of the ‘perfect’ family
  • but really, they’re not perfect and you and Kise often do fight, but the happy memories overweigh the bad ones. you guys have family date nights and the go to place is a cozy restaurant you two had been going since even before being married, and afterwards to the mall or the movies.
  • you best believe his kids-his whole family actually-dresses like they just stepped out of vogue because they are popping even when they’re just buying groceries. 

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Midorima Shintaro: 

  • although he’s busy with his work, he tries his best to make time for his family and enjoys staying in eating his wife’s meal and perhaps a movie afterwards. 
  • he loves pampering his kid with lucky items. he prepares them every day, every morning for his little child. you try not to make him waste money on such trivial stuff but he prepares a long lecture about how karma is not trivial. 
  • his kids love wearing his doctors coat. the oversized coat is dragged around the living room floor while Midorima reprimands them lightly, but secretly films them because they’re just so cute. 

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Aomine Daiki: 

  • he takes his kids to all the basketball games, but his kids are mostly interested in the food than the actual game. in the end, after the game, he takes them down towards the court to meet his friends. (aka the gom, kagami, kuroko, and his senpais)
  • he loves having time with his kids and always plans outdoor activities for the family. he’s loved going outside since he was a little kid, so it’s not surprise he’ll want to spend it that way with his children. 
  • he’s the type to never get mad at his kids. you and him have an agreement where you are the one who takes care of the scolding while he is their escape. 

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Murasakibara Atsushi: 

  • this candy loving giant has a candy loving family. every time they go to Tokyo, they visit Harajuku for all the crepes and the candy they have at Takeshita Doori. 
  • the family frequently visits Himuro’s house for dinner and their kids are the best f friends. Secretly, you ship him with Himuro’s kid. They would make the cutest babies
  • he has plenty of kids. five at the most because he had grown accustomed to a big family. he likes having people around him because even though he’s a big giant he has a soft heart. 

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Final thought on Prometheus

Also, I like how Shaw thinks David doesn’t care about why the Engineers want to destroy humanity because he’s a robot, but, in truth, he doesn’t care because his creator treats him with hostility all the fuckin’ time. A creator viewing its creation with disdain? Where has he heard that before? Meanwhile, Shaw, whose father loved her, can’t even begin to fathom why a creator would turn against its creation.

Idk, I just think it illustrates the divide between an abused child and a loved one really well, even though I’m sure that wasn’t Ridley Scott’s purpose.

When I die I wanna be cremated.  Partly, of course, so that my soul can be quickly spirited up on the wind to dwell forever with Father Sky, that goes without saying, but mostly because I don’t want some dumbass archaeologist misgendering my skeleton.

@ archaeologists in the future:  If you find my kurgan and break it open and misgender my bones I s2g my ghost is gonna claw its way up out of the Land of the Dead and haunt the fuck outta u 

Superhero Uncle

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Colton (OC)
Word count: 702

Part 6 of Stoic

Over the next couple years, you continued to send updates to Bobby and Dean. You never mentioned Sam by name, almost afraid to.

Before you knew it, Colton was getting ready for school. He had two weeks, and you were nervous. Finally, you broke down and sent Dean a pleading note.


I know we agreed it’s safer that you don’t know where I am, but I need you. Colton starts school in 2 weeks. It’s a special day. If he can’t spend it with his father, I want him to spend it with his favorite superhero. If you can get away, and see us for a couple days, please come. I’m including my cell number. Call me to tell me, and then burn it.



Dean was staring at the paper, in complete shock. He could see you for the first time in years. Meet his nephew for the first time! He programmed your number in his phone under ‘Delta’, and burned the paper with your number on it. He shoved the noted into his pocket, and put the picture in his wallet.

Sam was nowhere to be seen, so he hit dial, and held his breath. What if you changed your mind? What if you didn’t answer?

“Hello?” Your voice was like music to his ears.

He grinned. “It’s me, sweetheart.” He had tears in his eyes, threatening to fall.

“I’ve missed you, Dean.” You sighed. “Are you coming?” Your voice was quiet, like you didn’t want someone to hear.

“I’ll be there in a few days. I got time to make up for.” He assured you. “Does he know you asked me?”

You chuckled. “No.”

Dean heard Sam come in and got up to walk around. “Good. It’ll be a nice surprise.” He wiped his eyes, taking a deep breath. “Sure you’re good with this? Putting up with my annoying habits for that long?”

“Oh, are you sure you can deal with an excited five year old who thinks you’re the greatest superhero? You’re up there with Iron Man and Thor.” You teased.

“Do I need to buy a cape?” He asked as Sam walked in, looking at him funny, so Dean went with it. “I know you’ll just love it.”

You chuckled. “It’s not me you have to impress, Dean.” In the background he heard a ‘mom, mom! I’m hungry!’. “Alright, I need to play chef. Call  me when you’re almost here.”

He couldn’t stop grinning. “I will. I can’t wait, sweetheart.”

“Bye, Dean.”

They hung up and Sam was watching Dean. “Hot date?” He asked, taking a bite out of an apple.

Dean shrugged. “Kinda. I’m heading out in a couple days. I’ll be gone for a bit.” He told him. “What? It can’t be one really long date?” He smirked.

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Growing Up (Damien Haas)

A/N: An anon requested this based off of Growing Up by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ed Sheeran. This is the first one that I’m writing from Damien’s view, so I hope y’all enjoy! Let me know if y’all like things written from Damien’s view. 

Sometimes I question why I’m here, I just wanna be a good dad. Will I be? I have no idea.

i try to live up to expectations. I don’t know if I can live up to being as good as a dad my father was. I want to be but learning that my wife is pregnant now was exciting but ultimately scary. 

‘Cause your mama’s the toughest person I know. I wanna raise you to be like her.

I watch her look excitedly at the sonogram. I hope you look exactly like she does; grow up with her determination and playfulness. 

“Look, that’s the head right there. Can you believe it? We’re going to be parents,” Y/N said softly, smiling up at me while pointing at a spot on the picture. 

Your mom’s favorite thing right now is to look at the first sonogram of you. It’s just a quiet Saturday morning in bed when she decided to pull out the sonogram. 

I kissed her forehead and placed my hand on her stomach. You were in there. 

Seeing her excited made this only a bit easier on me. It let me know that it was us two together for you. Together we’ll be the person who grounded you and loved unconditionally. It would be hard without your mom, she’s going to try and give you the world that you deserved. 

“Hey, are you okay? You haven’t said anything this whole time,” Y/N gave me a concerned look. 

I’m still tryna figure out who I am. I don’t wanna mess this up or do this wrong.

“Yeah, I’m completely fine. It’s a lot to take in. I’m going to be a dad and you’re going to be an amazing mother. I just don’t want to do this wrong,” I exhaled. “It’s hard not to think about what I might screw up.” 

“Hey, you’re not going to screw anything up. We’re in this together and you know that. We will mess up together. I know we’re not going to do everything right the first time and that happens,” she turned and faced me. Her voice stayed calm while handling my anxieties. 

Please become that person who knows who they are and knows how to control others. It will make it easier in life if you can somewhat handle others. 

Who am I if I’m the person you become If I’m still growing up.

Sometimes it feels like a child is going to raise up this kid. I think I’m part man and part child. I don’t know if that will be good enough to this specimen that you have in you,” I scratched my neck in nervousness and turned onto my back. 

“Hey it’s all nerves. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous too. I’m so worried that I’m going to turn to every parenting book in the world but still feel like crap afterward,” she exhaled while turning on her side. 

Tell the truth, regardless of the consequence and every day, give your mama a compliment. 

“Well, I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again, you’re going to do absolutely wonderful as a mother, and I will clumsily be the dad,” I chuckled. “This child will think I’m learning to walk with them.” 

“Now that’s the truth,” your mother has the best laugh I’ve ever heard. I remember hearing it for the first time and instantly falling in love with it. “Now I need to get up before my body revolts against me and eats me to death.”

“I love you,” I turned to your mother and gave her a kiss. If it wasn’t for her, it would be hard to think about raising a child. 

“I love you too, but really I have to get up. This child and I need to eat,” she giggled and then got up. 

I can’t wait to meet you, I’ll be ready for you once you’re born. 

I’ll be patient, one more month. You’ll wrap your fingers 'round my thumb.

lovesaikochan  asked:

Thanks! I love read things about Saiko XD. Btw, do you think that Saiko brother will be appearing in the future? If he do, i wonder how... I mean, we only know that he was in the academy with Saiko, we don't know where is he now...

That’s a good question. I am honestly not sure. He was really only mentioned that one time, when we get Saiko’s backstory. It’s entirely possible he, much like whatever happened to Urie’s mother, simply isn’t going to be relevant.

That being said, the fact that he’s in the academy with Saiko might indicate that he could show up at some point, because unlike with Urie’s mother (in which case I think we can reasonably infer that she died, perhaps before Urie’s father even because he blames his father for leaving him) that detail alone makes him seem more relevant. That being said, he really hasn’t been mentioned since, and for all intents and purposes, Saiko seems to view the Quinx as her family and specifically as her siblings, with Kaneki as her “maman” in place of her biological mother (who frankly is a terrible mother).

However, Saiko herself hasn’t had much of an arc so far, and so when she eventually gets one–and I think it’s coming soon–and thereby when she gets her turn as the Quinx the manga focuses on, it is also entirely possible that her family might become relevant. Mutsuki and Urie have no living family members and they are only relevant as ghosts haunting Mutsuki and Urie, but Shirazu still has his sister whom I’m sure will become relevant when he’s revived, and Saiko has both her brother and her mother. I do wonder if we might see her brother, because it does stand to make you wonder where he is when the CCG is becoming a “slaughterhouse,” to quote Saiko herself. Did he drop out? Is he happily participating in all this? Clearly they’re not close, but I’d like to see it  explored when Saiko gets more of a focus, instead of being a dangling plot thread.

Thank you for the ask! :D

anonymous asked:

But the moment Kaneki catches Margarita with her boyfriend…hell breaks loose and not in a good way at all. Oh the drama. => gimme the drama, I wanna know what happens

Mod S:

Let’s just say that it ends with a huge fight against Kaneki and Margarita’s ghoul boyfriend. It gets nasty. The poor guy doesn’t stand a chance against Kaneki and Margarita just can’t believe she saw this side of her father and it frightens her, making her run away. But this was Margarita’s boyfriend’s plan all along…

anonymous asked:

They honestly treat the kid like a king, trying to be the best fathers they can. They do pretty much anything he wants, so long as it won't be harmful. They always make his fav meals, and desserts, and they have family nights all the time, and they pretty much compete for the "best parents" award with Natasha and Pierre

y e s

JT Anon

wait, so she may be at the screening? so she is so fragile and weak that she can’t read the book or script, else she may fall into fits and the peace in the house will be ruined for ben (because, separation of work and home of course) but she can go to the screening and watch the father of her children search for a child on screen? how is that not more traumatic? i cannot believe we are discussing two adult people like this. i know some people get upset, but jesus christ

its just so weird. she can dress up and pose for cameras, she can use her marriage to promote her work, she can be featured in media and get media mentions off of bens name, but she can’t actually take an interest in the actual art of his work? she can only participate in the media and photo ops, but no work? hmmm

i’ve said it before, ill say it again. you couldn’t pay me millions and millions and millions to be sophie hunter or have anything even mildly resembling her life. my god.



JT, as you know my Twitter / Instagram illiteracy is very limiting to my research powers…

Anyway, there’s a bunch of Nans at the screening tonight, and none of them mentioned Weirdo as far as I’m aware of.  The one account that mentioned her being there doesn’t seem to belong to a person who’s actually in the room, but they’re promising HQ pics soon, so… I have no idea what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Ben only posed with the cast and crew of The Child In Time for Getty, so since he didn’t pose with Wanda and Tim (who a bunch of Nans mentioned being there), it’s very likely that if Weirdo were there, he wouldn’t pose with her either.

Having said all of the above, I’m sure that if Weirdo was present for the screening, we’ll find out about it shortly, and we’ll get shaky sneaky pics.

The real question as far as I’m concerned is not whether Weirdo is there or not.  The real question is whether the quotes used on The Telegraph were real or not.  And why The Telegraph is the only publication who published them.  Twice within the space of a minute.

Because I’m with you 100% JT:

“I cannot believe we are discussing two adult people like this.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think if Kylo and Hux's son told them he was seeing a ghost (idk Han) they would realize it is Han or assume it was Snoke?

Stars, imagine how scared they’d be if they thought it was Snoke, trying to get inside their son’s mind and scare him. But when their son describes the man, Kylo wants to break down and cry because he knows it’s his father but he can’t see him.