they can be sitting around the campfire and singing


so i kinda have this headcanon/au type thing where a few of the objects have music jams and play songs. the other objects come to watch them. they usually do it at night and sit around a campfire.

ok so tissues can play guitar. he’s still learning how, but despite being sick 24/7, he has an amazing singing voice. its hard for him to sing, but he pulls through. he really loves all kinds of music.

fan can sing ok, but he’s better at playing ukulele. he saw some emo group that has ukeleles (like twenty one pilots) so he decided to find lessons on youtube, bc hes a huge fanboy. he really likes those indie bands that are really popular and he thinks they’re “"real music”“

lightbulb has a random pair of bongo drums, and she thinks they’re really fun. sometimes she can’t keep rhythm though, and ppl get mad when she drums randomly, and they have to calm her down. she can also sing and rap some pretty LIT rhymes. her music taste is really random and she likes a variety of things.

paintbrush actually likes to sing, but they’re pretty nervous about singing in front of people, but lightbulb always encourages them to join the music group, and painty ends up enjoying themself a lot. paintbrush likes older music.

marshmallow really loves singing, but can also play recorder. its the only instrument she can play bc she learned in elementary school. apple gave it to her as a gift :3 she can play pretty well. marshmallow really likes upbeat pop music and love songs and always writes really gay songs for apple

apple loves to play the triangle, even though she doesn’t know what triangle means. she occasionally sings, but she plays the triangle more. she found it lying around hotel oj.
soap can play guitar and sing. she has been doing music since she was a little kid, so she’s pretty good. apple still likes kids music and only knows the kidzbop versions of songs.

mepad can sing extremely well. he’s actually a slightly well known musical artist. his singing voice is very soft and gentle. he usually sings calming songs and is good at backup vocals as well.

soap has been doing music since she was five years old. she’s really good at playing guitar. she and microphone really like the beatles and usually do songs by them. soap practices guitar and singing a lot, and she’s very perfectionistic about it.

microphone plays bass guitar, and she sings pretty well too. sometimes she sings too loud so people sometimes get mad about that. when she sings, she’s very good at projecting her voice, and people choose to follow along with her if they don’t know a song.

sometimes mephone and toilet sing as well. they on,y come occasionally though.
the other contestants come as well, but they usually just watch.

so ther you have it!! my inanimate insanity music au

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How to Wake Up Early for School:

- ok so if you are anything like me you have the sleeping habits of the common North American Opossum, or (also like me) you might even suffer from Insomnia. Well kids why don’t you come sit around the campfire so I can sing y’all a lil ditty about my cure to terrible sleep habits -

Schedule: Ok so at the end of the summer especially and near big tests and stressful times my sleep schedule is shit. So I’ve found that the best way to keep my brain doing the blushy smile emoji is to resort to my fourth grade bedtime. yep. throw in the towel at 8:30/9:00. And going to bed this early gives you time to really take care of yourself. You don’t totally have to hit the pillow then, take a shower so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning, moisturize your skin and maybe have some herbal refreshments. I’ll cover  that more later.

Tools: So. for me personally I have a whole “pre-game ritual” to prepare me not only for a good night’s sleep but to ensure I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. Here is a list of tips and products that help me.

  • As soon as I head to bed I pick out tomorrow’s outfit, gym outfit, and make sure everything is in my backpack, it lessens stress in the morning.
  • SHOWAHHHHH. I always shower at night. always have, always will. I hate waking up in the morning only to have to get drenched in water. (I prefer a more subtle approach to my waking up routine).
  • Moisturize yo face. Make ur skin :). Maybe even try out some special nighttime skin serums.
  • Melatonin. OOOOK so. I have clinical insomnia so I take an off-brand melatonin supplement for that as well as to calm me down from my anxiety attacks (which doesn’t work for everybody btw) If you don’t want to take pills or meds or whatever to help you fall asleep then don’t. That’s chill man, u do u. Just to inform you though, melatonin is a hormone naturally created in our bodies and if you can’t sleep then you might just be running low on it and a pill MIGHT be the boost ur body needs. If you have insomnia then your body straight up does not make nearly enough melatonin and I recommend at least having a conversation with your doctor about it.
  • TEAAAAA! alrighty so if you reeeally don’t want to take a supplement for sleep then maybe try relaxing herbal teas. Personally Chamomile grosses me out and I can’t stand it but they have just regular old teas in the supermarket that send signals to ur brain to slow down.
  • Music. I have to listen to music to fall asleep. I use the app 8tracks for my nighttime jams (its also an app) its an amazing app where people make and share all sorts of playlists for all sorts of situations and genres and artists and songs and albums and basically anything. My favorite types of playlists are indie that include Arctic Monkeys, the Kooks, Bad Suns, the 1975 and all that fun stuff mostly because it has a really calming downbeat.
  • Alarms. So I used to only rely on the alarm that came with IOS but, as always, my unconcious self found a way to turn off the alarm, not just snooze it, without waking me up. But then I stumbled upon a lovely app called SleepTimer. This app is amazing, what is does is the phone stays under your fitted sheet while you sleep and documents your sleep patterns, like when your in your deepest sleep and when you’re just on the verge of waking up and you give it a half hour timeframe of when you need to wake up and the app wakes you up when you are in your lightest stages of sleep and then makes you rate your sleep experience and even plays white noise or calming sounds while you fall asleep.

Most Important: You really have to want to wake up in the morning. Think about what you want to do the next day before you fall asleep so you have something for your brain to wake up for (like how you’d just magically always wake up early every christmas morning or easter if you’re catholic when you were a kid)


3. Cuddle Cabin

Just when you thought this show couldn’t get any campier, Tyra sends the models on a literal camping trip. Sitting around the campfire, Yu Tsai says he can “kinda” play the guitar; thankfully we are spared his attempts at singing in favor of a “true” ghost story. According to Yu Tsai, who used to camp in these woods “every weekend,” campers in the area would constantly go missing and the police would discover body parts around the forest.

Notice how they never identify the campground they’re at so you can’t verify this story. More importantly, though, if Yu Tsai really continued camping there every weekend while people around him were being murdered and dismembered, I think we just found our #1 suspect!

While some of the models are frightened by the story, Mikey is - surprised, surprised - aroused. He thinks camping will provide him with the perfect opportunity to “cuddle” with Mamé and make a move. Poor guy didn’t get his threesome before Hadassah left, but he’s keeping hope alive for a two-out-of-threesome.

Mikey knows that Mamé and Justin are an official couple, but he seems convinced that Justin would try to pull the same stunt in a reverse situation. Sorry, but no, not everyone is as scuzzy as you, Mikey. Pretty sure J Smooth can get ladies just fine without having to hound them either.

At about 3 in the morning, the models are sent to a freezing, unfurnished cabin where they must sleep on the ground. You can bet Erik Asla and “avid camper” Yu Tsai went home to sleep in real beds, so the only reason they’re having the models stay in these shitty accommodations is to mess with them… which I guess I can respect.

Nyle and Lacey immediately agree to cuddle together for warmth. Before Mikey can even make his move, Mamé suggests he sleep beside her. Mikey is ecstatic.

Meanwhile, Devin finds the best cuddle partner of all…

a bottle of wine.

Lacey reports that there’s a lot of movement under the covers going on between Mamé and Mikey. Self-appointed night watchman Devin hilariously checks on the potential hanky-panky with his flashlight.

Once dawn breaks, Devin sprints from the cold cabin as fast as he can. Mamé promises that she did not hook up with Mikey because Justin is “the one.” I’m not letting Mamé off the hook too easily on this one, though. I understand why the temperature may have necessitated cuddling, but why not join Devin or Nyle and Lacey or even the dismembering forest murderer… literally anyone before a creep who is actively trying to penetrate her. That’s not respectful to her boyfriend.

Still, I’m more frustrated with production on this show for continually inventing situations that force the models to share beds. The bed shortage during casting week, the bed shortage in Vegas, and now a freezing cabin… It may provide a cute moment for Lacey and Nyle, but it’s also extremely uncomfortable to watch a fairly predatory guy benefit from these circumstances. What’s next, providing him with roofies?

As the models depart the cabin, Mikey smirks while imagining Justin watching him cuddle his girl on TV. He adds with a chuckle that if Mamé is sitting next to him on the couch:

Yeah, she should run. It’s not Justin she needs to be running away from, though, you big creep.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 13

The various supernatural powers are gathering together in Chicago to kind of hash things out in the wake of the Red Court’s destruction and all the chaos in the world. So basically they will all sit around a campfire and tell stories and sing kumbayah and everything will be fine.
—  Jim Butcher describing Peace Talks