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Harry and Jane sibling headcanons?

- Harry is the adoptive son of the Fairy Godmother, and Jane is the biological daughter. Although they are DNA siblings, they are as close as can be.

- Even though Harry doesn’t have any magic, he loves watching Jane use hers.

- Jane told Harry that she wanted to try doing her own makeup but was nervous that she would look silly, so Harry does some thick eyeliner on himself but he actually likes it.

- Harry hearing that Jane is being bullied and flips out .

- While Jane tends to trip over air, Harry is incredibly slick and graceful. They compliment eachother well- Harry catching Jane whenever he’s around while Jane just pulls him down with her.

- Pinky promises and holding hands.

- Jane constantly helping Harry out of trouble because it literally just seems drawn to him.

- Protecting eachother’s secrets from the Fairy Godmother.

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ocean asks

  • sails: describe your perfect partner. 

ooo hmmmMM

  • taller than me
  • a Big Dork just. just a god damn nerd 
  • likes 2 hug me all the time
  • lets me steal their jackets?? Please im cold all the time. im cold right now  
  • likes the beach?? bc i love the beach and want to be there all the time
  • goofy silly Fun To Be Around
  • if they don’t like wendys its just not gonna work :///// bc wendys is my life

but if i can’t find anyone like that, this is my backup plan:

A kiss never forgotten

Chap 1:  A drunken night.

The night was cold as it usually was, Konoha’s leaves rustled in the constant passing wind. Naruto sat at the edge of the bed, tired, overworked and overall depressed. His life had become stacks of paperwork, late nights, loud children and a lack of joy. He often looked back at his younger days, wondering if he could take back the time when he was free to enjoy his youth and lack of responsibilities as the new Hokage and father of 2. Naruto saw himself getting more drained as the days went by; he dreaded coming home to a noisy house full of people wanted his attention, when he himself needed attention and love. He was overall not ecstatic with his relationship with Hinata, but he never hated it either. In a way he kind of felt dead inside, or didn’t really feel much emotion, he blamed this on his constant work schedule and intense house life.

“Naruto are you done changing? We are going to be late”. Naruto tied his shoe laces and started making his way out of the room, “coming Hinata”. He hated going to these reunions, he loved seeing his friends again, but it’s never been the same since everyone got married and Naruto became Hokage. He sensed his friends becoming more formal around him, which really ticked Naruto off, he missed how chilled out everyone used to be. Deep down inside he was screaming for things to go back to the way they were, everyone making jokes and being silly around eachother. “Huh”, this was going to be a long dinner.  

*At dinner*

Naruto stares at his salad and chicken, like his having some sort of glaring competition. Not paying an ounce of attention to the conversations around him, just twirling the lettuce with his fork, wondering when he can go home and sleep. He suddenly springs to life when he feels a tap on his shoulder. “Ohh Sasuke I’m sorry I didn’t see you standing behind me, did you need something?” Sasuke’s eyes seemed so full of love at that moment or maybe it was pity, fear or respect? Naruto wasn’t too sure, but all he knew were that his eyes where quite hypnotizing, a thing he automatically believed had to do with the ‘perfect Uchiha genes’. “Naruto, I was wondering if you would like a drink? Me, Choji, Kiba and Shikamaru where going to have a few beers seeming as the girls are talking about clothes, if you would like to join us.” “Oh, uh I do have to be up in the morning, but to be honest one beer wouldn’t hurt, plus I’m kind of zoning out anyways.” Naruto let a surprising happy Sasuke lead him to the restaurant’s bar area where he found the other guys chatting in a friendly manner. Naruto realized the minute they saw Naruto coming in their direction they all straighten up, and acted less loosely as they use to. He wished they could relax, Naruto knew drinking would help loosen his friends up.

*At the Restaurants bar*

“Oh hey Naruto, how is work?” Choji’s voice sounded so formal Naruto nearly chocked whilst chugging down his beer surprising fast. “Choji and everyone else, please stop being so formal around me, I am Hokage now, but it’s okay you are my friends. No need for all these formalities, please let me buy you all another round and we shall celebrate and talk about the good old days, huh?” Everyone slowly released a tensed breath, but overall seemed happy to admit they were acting to formal, and soon after 3 drinks Naruto was laughing and talking to all his friends like he was 18 again.

*5 drinks of beer later*

Naruto was started to have blurred vision, slightly loosing balance whilst he laughed hysterically at Choji’s jokes. Naruto felt his heart race a thousand miles per hour. He doesn’t know the last time he was so relaxed. The weird thing is Naruto was finding himself constantly looking back and forth at Sasuke when he smiled, the guy never smiled, so seeing Sasuke so relaxed and happy made Naruto swell up with joy. He never knew how much he valued Sasuke in his life, but having him here in Konoha it had seemed to Naruto that a part of his soul finally had returned. Naruto tipsily walked over to the girls announcing the movement of the group from the restaurant to an actual bar, so that the people eating here won’t be annoyed at how loud the boys where getting. Naruto also knew he couldn’t be seen in public getting too wasted so he managed to pull a few strings and get a private room in this fancy bar only 5 minutes away from the restaurant. He knew there he could relax, have as many drinks as he wanted and not worry about being caught getting wasted. Funny enough after 6 beers Naruto had completely forgotten about work, he was embracing this rare moment of joy with his friends.

*At the bar*

“Hey everyone! I would like to thank you for all coming out tonight, it has been really great to loosen up and enjoy the company of real friends and loved ones”. “Cheers to that Naruto”. As everyone rose their glasses in the air, Naruto could see Sasuke in the corner of his eye smirking straight at him with the cutest grin possible. And for a second the whole world had stopped, Naruto’s heart skipped a beat and Sasuke’s eyes seemed to glow amongst the commotion of clinking glasses of beer and wine.  Shikamaru started laughing so hard at the other end of the table, Choji following straight after. Naruto’s curiosity got the best of him and he had to find out what was so funny, “hey guys what are you laughing about over there”? “HAHAHAH, Naruto are you sure you want to be reminded?” “Remind me of what”, “what is it”? Naruto started revaluating his most humiliating moments, and seemed to find nothing out of the ordinary. He had no idea what they meant, nor did he know what was coming for him. “Well Choji over here, was just reminding me of your first kiss”. First kiss? Hmm who was his…Oh Fuck. Naruto started turning bright red, as the whole table roared with laughter. Sasuke was suspiciously quite during this outfit of laughter, which concerned Naruto a little bit, but he was too drunk at this point to think. “Hey guys come on, Sasuke was a great first kiss, I’m just saying Sakura you got a good one there”, the whole table laughed and being the drunken mess they were started having crazy ideas. “ Hey Naruto, me and Sakura have a crazy idea, seeming as your Hokage now and we will probably not be able to get you in an embarrassing situation for a while, we thought we would take advantage of your drunk state”. “Oh god Ino, what the hell do you have in mind, and if it’s that crazy I demand we all take a round of shots”.

*After 2 rounds of shots and a couple of more drinks later*

“So Ino, Sakura what is this crazy idea of yours”? “Well we are thinking we might recreate your first kiss, but this time let us record it, so we can use it as black mail, in case you make us do terrible assignments as Hokage”. Naruto drunkenly started to think this over, he didn’t see why not, he obviously had Sakura’s approval all ready and by the smile and joyous laughter of Hinata it seemed she didn’t mind as well. He looked over to Sasuke who was weirdly taking another 2 shots of tequila after the last set of shots. Naruto thought he might just be nervous, because who gets this lucky they get to kiss their hokage. “Hahahah, okay I’ll do it, only if Sasuke and of course my wife don’t mind”.  Hinata gave him the okay in two seconds, though the minute Naruto turned around to Sasuke he saw his eyes drop straight to the floor. Naruto could have sworn he saw Sasuke’s cheeks turn crimson red, but thought that might be due to the 2 shots of tequila he just had. “Well Sasuke, what do you think, want to relive the old days”? “Hmm, if it has to be done dobe then I’ll do it”. With that statement Ino and Sakura started pulling out their phones with an evil glare on their faces; Naruto couldn’t believe how drunk everyone had gotten to get to this state. “Okay Naruto and Sasuke on 3…1..2..3”. Naruto leant in and heard flashes go off in the distance. But something was strange; he couldn’t really sense anyone in the room, it kind of felt like they were alone in this room full of people. He wondered if he had reached his alcohol limit and was going to pass out or something. But there he was kissing Sasuke, strangely it felt like heaven, Naruto completely blamed it on the Alcohol, but dam could Sasuke kiss. Time had stopped at this point and Naruto could have sworn he felt Sasuke dig his lips into Naruto’s, which Naruto strangely loved. Though soon enough time had to restart and they were forced to pull apart. The world came back to life and the roaring of laughter and flashes came back into Naruto’s hearing range. “Holy crap that was kind of hot” “Ino that’s my husband, but yer, I’m going to keep that one for later”. The room was lit with laughter, and everyone started to settle down from the show. Naruto was light heartedly trying to blend back into the group’s conversation, but everything in his entire body was pulling him back to Sasuke. When he finally decided to look over, Sasuke was slouched over and completely inattentive of the world around him. Naruto’s arms nearly bolted on their own when he saw Sasuke stand up. “Guys, thank you for a nice night, I’m going to head off first, I think that’s enough alcohol for one day, Sakura I will see you at home”. As Sasuke quickly left Naruto turned to see Sakura, who had a concerned face, Naruto wondered what the hell just happened. Why would Sasuke just leave like that, he didn’t even take his wife, or say good bye properly to the group. Naruto wasn’t left with much time to really think about it, Hinata had grabbed Naruto’s attention back into the conversation with Choji to her right.

(Ps: Chapter 2)