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I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive this week – I’ve been sleeping too much after work hahaha eeeeee here are some wips :D

The D.Va pic was a sketch from last year that I decided to refine *__* i’m checking to see if I can go for further details with my current art style for more polished pieces ♥ ((i find it hard to go back to my old art style [[ like the pokego fanarts – i mean the drawing style is essentially the same but the lineart and coloring is so different ]] because i rarely ever finish pieces with that style ++ i take too long with it – besides, i’m having so much fun with my current style AAA it just feels so warm and free && i actually get to turn a lot of my ideas into finished art))

In my works I try to turn everydays into fairytales and sometimes reveal the sparkling fun hidden in ordinary life.

While working on my illustrations I used to write little childish poems in my head for my own amusement; latelly I’ve decided to let everyone know what’s on my mind so I started to write them down. The rhymes are mostly about life struggles me or my friends have experienced, but I think lots of people can relate to them on a personal level. So, I hope you enjoy them!

i. I know I told you this, but I haven’t heard from you in a while and I just wanted to remind you that I left the ball in your court. That I will sacrifice my happiness and give you another chance, all you have to do is reach out and tell me you don't want to throw this friendship away. 

ii. So by the looks of it you are having a lot of fun with your new friends, don’t get me wrong I’m happy you found happiness. But I just want to make sure that this isn’t you escaping your past and letting these new friends be a band-aid for old wounds. I am here if you ever want to talk.

iii. I miss you. I can’t believe this happened again, that after reconnecting you chose to put me second again. You hurt me more than I thought. And I know I told you that you were hurting me, and you said you were sorry; but are you?

iv. Do you miss me? Or have you replaced me enough to forget me? Because I worry about you every day, your state of mind and if you’re being kind to yourself. But when I picture how you’re spending your day, I can't imagine you missing me. 

v. I am no stranger to the notion of people leaving me. I have been told ‘forever’ only for 'forever’ to expire later on. This isn’t new for me, missing people is almost routine for me. But you linger more than others. You creep up on me. 

vi. I thought I would be able to move on, because you hurt me so bad. But turns out you too are a bad addiction of mine that I just can’t shake.

—  Texts I would text you if I ever got drunk enough and brave enough.

Monster!Robbie can’t fly, but he can sorta-kinda hover a little with those wings. Which he pretty much never does, because that’s just tiring. He’d much rather chill and eat whatever surgary things he can find.

With those hands and feet he’s pretty good at manipulating small objects, and he’ll sometimes look through people’s garbage to find old broken things he later makes little sculptures with. This monster loves creating things!

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Could you recommend other bts reaction blogs?

I tend to stalk the tag more often than I follow blogs but I can suggest a few, sure!! 

Some of these blogs do post more than reactions though, just a heads up!!

multifandom-hoes is a blog that’s a lot of fun to read, the admin is really funny and likes to chat with their reader’s a lot. When read things you like from them, try to reblog and add things into your reblog tags!! They enjoy that a lot!!

mintbunnytea is the place for high quality reactions like oh my god writing goals, they don’t post reactions as often but I reblog a bunch of BTS stuff rom them so they’re really worth checking out!! Their masterlist isn’t super up to date but this tag is where all their stuff is! >x<

btsmoons another blog all about that quality, not a lot there yet but definitely worth sticking around for to see where they go!!

tayegi not really reactions but quality self insert fanfiction!! Writing goals to the extreme they’re really friendly and are totally with me on the hyungline loving. If you want smut they’ve got it and can do it amazingly!! So saucy~

hwarangreacts all Hwarang all the time!! Yes I know I just promoed them but I’m doing it again because I love their writing a lot and I want everyone to check them out and also check out Hwarang it’s really good sorry but I love

kpop-preferencesxtexts really good writing really neat admins!! They do both scenarios and reactions which is really cool. They also do omegaverse which is a guilty pleasure of mine whoops– Don’t judge them by the theme like I did at first they’re top notch and seem to update pretty frequently!!

daebak-dreams they do a lot of yandere stuff which I know some of ya’ll are gonna be into. They do post other stuff don’t worry though!! Their reactions aren’t very long but they’re good!!

bangtan-army-canada a fellow Canadian and a kpop writer I am so happy!! Honestly though, they do some damn good writing and I cannot recommend them enough!! They also do ships so to the person who was asking if I did them in the past check this blog out!!

That’s all I have right now, hope you find some you like!!

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What do you like to see in a legacy?

Hi nonny,

Well there are lots of things, such as pretty images, well thought out storylines and characters, personal style is always great to see (like just looking at a legacy photo and knowing exactly who it is), I love friendly and good vibes from the person, and I love when I can see people enjoying the legacy most of all. When people have fun with their legacy it really shows. 😁

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hiya can you continue that secret dating trope? like maybe jumin and mc almost get caught like maybe theyre glancing at each other a second too long or always smiling at each other, and then finally jaehee catches them kissing or something in his office, but mc makes her promise she wont tell the rest of the rfa? lmao sorry im just such a sucker for secret dating and your writing is so cute omgomg

You’re fine darling I had a lot of fun writing it anyhow, I’d be happy to do another part to it!

I hope my writing continues to make you happy in the future! (♡ˊ͈ ॢ꒳ ॢˋ͈)♪


You arrived at the C & R building, a warmth budding in your heart as you opened the doors. 

Almost immediately you felt a buzz on your phone, and as you saw the message notification from Jumin you couldn’t help but smile. 

“Are you here yet love?” 

“Just got here. Be up in a minute.” 

“Do you want me to come get you?” 

“If I get lost I’ll call you.”  

He gave you a basic set of directions that would avoid most people, for you were both keeping it a bit of a secret.

You knew the trouble and confusion that could arise from many, especially though outside of the RFA.

It was purely out of caution, but it didn’t cause anything to be less important.

It had after all left a noticeable change in Jumin, smiles, and laughter suddenly decorating him like never before. 

Calls and such were delightfully constant, his harsh and tiring days seeming kinder and kinder as he heard your voice.

He would describe it as though you were the sun gently shifting winter to spring.

And as you approached his door you swore you were practically bouncing with each and every step. 

You heard pacing steps, switching closer and farther from you every moment. 

Was he…nervous?

You raised a hand and knocked quietly. 

It took seconds for the door to open, Jumin’s eyes lighting up at the sight of you.

Despite this he was at a loss for words, his lips parting as if he had so many things he wanted to say.

But the only thing he could muster was a few words.

“You came…” He let out a small bit of laughter, almost in disbelief. 

“Of course I did!” You beamed, taking his hand.

“Right…right I’m sorry.” He lead you inside, a grateful grin practically engraved upon his expression. “I’m sorry I tend to worry about things.” 

“You don’t need to worry about me,” You hummed, ruffling his hair playfully. “I’m not going anywhere.” 

He softened, weaving his arms around your waist affectionately. “Thank you, darling.” 

“How’s work been today?” You asked, raising your brows curiously. 

“It’s been…fine I suppose.” He muttered. “Nothing too exciting but I do have something planned that I think will be very fun.” 

“And what’s that?” 

“Well I’ll be done in a couple hours, and I may or may not have made plans for dinner afterward.” He chuckled lightly. “And I was hoping you’d join me?” 

“Really?” You pressed a tender kiss to his lips. “I’d love to.” 

“Would you be willing to wait here?” He furrowed his brow. “Unless it’s a bother, I’d hate to interrupt your day-”

“It’s not an issue.” You reassured him, cupping a hand to his cheek. “We’ll just have to be a bit sneaky-” 

Too late.

Jahee’s voice filled the office.

“Mr. Han, your father-” 

Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, her jaw dropping at the sight.


“Am I dreaming?” She blurted out, blinking rapidly as if her brain was playing tricks on her. “This has to be some sort of…odd dream.” 

“It’s not.” Jumin began, a deep breath escaping him. “MC and I are together.” 

His tone held a sort of protectiveness strangely enough.

He seemed almost afraid of this all being a dream.

Of you being a dream.

“And you can’t tell the others!” You exclaimed, twisting to face her. “Please.” 

“…Right…” She scrunched up her nose, frowning. “I would understand that if it were press or your father Mr. Han, but…I’m assuming we’re talking about the RFA. What risk would come from them?” 

“I doubt any of them would be accepting of the idea. We’d simply like to have a bit more time to ourselves.” 

“I um…” She bit her lip, thinking her words carefully. “I can’t say I didn’t expect this. You both seem to get along well.” 

“Jahee,” Your expression twisted to worry. “could you promise that you won’t tell the others?” 


“It would mean a lot to us, just to have a bit more time. Please?” 

At your pleading, she caved, sighing. 

“I-I suppose so.” 

“Thank you!” You nearly erupted with joy, dipping your head gratefully. “We’ll find some way to repay you!” 

“It’s fine…” She replied, looking towards you. “That’s what friends do, after all.” 

She smiled sheepishly, just the tiniest bit. 

“You know, I was beginning to think that it was just a miracle for your change Mr. Han.” 

He changed his gaze towards you, adoration drenching him as he spoke.

“It was.” 


Time for another request, this time a songfic which was a hell lot of fun to write.

Request:  Can you do a Sam imagine based on the song Coffee by Havelin or Sinners by Lauren Auquilina?

I chose the second song because it brought a story to me.

Song: Sinners - Lauren Auquilina 

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Length: 580 Words

Warnings: Angel!reader, it´s not my best work

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy


“(Y/N), please, don´t make this harder than it already is”, Sam said with a sigh.
“Harder”, you spat, “how could this possibly be any harder?”
Not only had he just told you that he was going to leave, but now he also expected you to just accept that.
He shook his head at your words: “You´re right. This is the hardest thing I´ll ever have to do.”
You still couldn´t believe he was saying this words: “Why are you doing it then?”, you asked angrily.
“You really want me saying it? Fine!”, he yelled rather harshly all of a sudden, “we can´t be together because you´re an angel and I´m an abomination. You know there´s nothing I want more than for us to be together but we just can´t.”
“It worked perfectly fine until now”, you stated, knowing that it was a lie.
“You very well know that it didn´t”, he pointed out, “every angel in heaven is looking for you, trying to save you. From me. I´m the devil´s true vessle after all. It´s not surprising that they´re pissed. We can´t be together anymore, it´s just not right.”
“Since when do we care what´s right?”, you whispered, suddenly drained of all your energy. Why did it have to be this hard?

“Since I heard them call you the ultimate sinner”, he replied after a while.
You remembered the last fight the two of you had with two other angels only a week ago and you vaguely recalled someone calling you that.
Shaking your head you stepped towards him: “That´s what this is about?”
As always, you could feel his aura reacting to your nearness and it made you even more sure that there was hope.
“Well, not entirly, but basically”, he declared, his voice firm but you heard that he was struggling too, “it just shouldn´t be that way. You shouldn´t be hated by your own kind.”
You shook your head: “But why not? Yes, I am an Angel and maybe you´re a synonym for the forbidden fruit, but I won´t let rules say that our emotions
don´t comply and I won´t let judgement tell me that our hearts are wrong.
Not when we are so lucky that in the search of silver linings we found gold.
You showed me feelings I have never felt before.
So what if I´m making enemies by being close to you. They´re the ones we´ll look down upon.
Hell, if I have to, I´ll defy the rules until I die.
And if that makes me a sinner, then being just that makes me feel like I´m back in heaven.
I don´t need them to take me back.”

It felt as if you had been talking for an eternity and you hadn´t even noticed that tears had started to roll down your cheeks.
Sam just stood there and stared at you, eyes wide open.
It was completely silent in the old cabin but you knew that you had said enough, you just needed to wait.
And you didn´t have to wait long til he dropped his bag and kissed you.
You kissed him back, physically feeling the love that surrounded the two of you.
When you parted you smiled up at him, face still wet from the tears but you were too happy to care because he was smiling too: “You are right”, he said and stroked over your face, “the world may disapprove, but my world is only you.”


After “Alex, the warrior” here comes “Alex, the damn epic funny badass nerd” I can’t with her, she’s so amazing it shouldn’t be legal. Whether you admit it or not, we all want to be just like her (or marry her, or both, whatever suits you…) Bring some Alex sass into your life!

I worked superhard on Sanvers vid for like two weeks, but of course youtube had a problem with the song copyright. So just to cheer myself up I spent last week working on this. It was harder than expected, but I had lot of fun vidding it so I hope you all will have fun too!

And again… thanks for the support on my last vid. I’m still speechless. You’re amazing guys! <3

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Softer World prompts: ShieldShock + 24, pretty please?

1.     I joined Plenty of Fish to find out who stole my bike.  A fun first date would be going to your house to see if you have my bike. (What a lovely home.  Do you have a shed?)

 “Well,” Darcy says, staring through the open door and into his garage. Steve cringes; this is not what he imagined would happen when he asked her back to his place for a ‘coffee’

“Umm- I can explain?”

“Really,” she says flatly. “Because that looks a lot like my bike right there. My bike which mysteriously disappeared about a month ago.”

Steve grimaces. There’s a strange look in Darcy’s eye, like she’s almost… victorious. “I uh- I had something of an emergency and there was nothing else around but the bike. I wanted to leave a note! I really did!” he scratches at the back of his neck and laughs nervously. He gets the distinct impression that he isn’t getting laid tonight. Not if the covetous looks Darcy keeps sending her bike are anything to go by. “But I didn’t have any paper, and I was fresh out of cash.”

“So you stole my bike.”

Steve cringes all over again. “I’m sorry?”

“My grandfather gave me that bike, did you know?”

“I’m really sorry?”

Darcy glances up at him, an artful eyebrow raised in query. “Why didn’t you just get an uber?”

“I may have lost my phone,” he confesses. She snorts. “It was a really bad day.”

“I can see that,” she says. “So am I allowed to take this back, or are you deciding to keep my bike indefinitely?”

“What- no! No! Of course- take it, by all means.”

“Good.” She smirks up at him, and Steve feels a sharp pang of regret; why oh why did the bike have to be hers? Darcy is beautiful, and witty, and smart. They’d clicked. “Man, Jane is gonna be so pissed when she learns my plan worked!”

“Wait- what?”

“What, you think I stumbled across the guy who stole my bike by coincidence? I mean- sure, okay, so maybe there’s a little coincidence, but it worked! I found it!


Darcy grins up at him, her wicked smile blinding enough to make his heart stutter in his chest. She takes a step towards him, gaze darkening. “Next time you think it’s okay to steal someone’s bike, you leave them a note, you got it?”

Steve nods mutely and the intense, mildly terrifying look on her face disappears. “Great!” she says brightly. She fishes her phone out of her handbag. “So… movies tomorrow?”

Steve blinks at her. “Um.”

“What?” Darcy scoffs at him. She takes a photo of her bike with a victorious grin. “You think I’m going to let go of a catch like you for some measly bike theft? How does eight sound to you?”

“Eight sounds great,” Steve says faintly. Darcy smiles at him approvingly.

“Good,” she hums. Her phone disappears back into her bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

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Okay I'm a sucker for Selina Kyle and I really like the idea of her and Tim getting along. When Red Robin is chasing after Catwoman she throws fruit snacks at him and tells him he needs to eat more, when Ref Robin needs backup Catwoman has a habit of showing up before the bats, and when Tim Drake wants to talk to somebody Selina Kyle is a great listener

I think Selina is always a great resource for the birds. She’s got the cunning, skill and understanding of Batman but also is more fun and kidly to them than Bruce can be at times. There have been so many nights when she’s sat on the roof and listened to various Robins complaining about Batman, life and everything in between. She knows those kids have a lot on their shoulders and sometimes just lending an understanding ear can help them out immensely.

Rory got a much deserved raise and I just finished a mock budget to show him and talk about when he gets home and I’m really excited for it!
Making budgets and crunching numbers is something I really enjoy. I think the thing I’m most excited about is getting to increase our food budget from $480 a month to $600 a month! I can actually buy meat that isn’t chicken or ground turkey on a regular basis now! 😁
Another thing I’m excited about is a timeline for the credit card to be paid off. If things go according to plan then it should be paid off by May. 🙌🏻
For the first time since moving I feel like we might actually be able to start saving again. I know how I must sound, but growing up with parents who made awful financial choices, not having a lot of debt is important to me. Having enough to help others is important to me. Being able to budget fun things in for the family is important to me.

Also me and that boy were trying acro yoga last night before bed and it actually worked really well!! I was able to move from pose to pose and he was strong enough and steady enough to allow it to happen! We will have to give it another go so i can take some pics and show you guys, it is a lot of fun and we seem to work well together at it. Plus then he put me on his shoulders and started squatting me which was quite impressive because i am not a small human haha

Daveed Diggs Imagine - 1

Kisses and Cuddles? Kisses and Cuddles.

Warnings: None, just fluff

A/N- Extremely short and probably bad but please give it a shot. Just something I wrote when I was bored, and maybe listening to the Rubber Duckie song.

“Daveed? Can you come here?” You laughed. He came into your room to see you watching the Sesame Street video again. He shut your laptop. “Hey!”

He spun you around. “Why were you watching that horrible thing…..again?”

“Because it’s my two favorite things! You and rubber ducks.” You stood on your tip toes and kissed his nose. “Rubber duckie, you’re the one! You make bathtime lots of fun!” You sang. He rolled his eyes, so you continued. “Rubber duckie, I’m awfully fond of you!” 

He laughed a little before saying, “What do I need to do for you to stop?”

“Kisses and cuddles?”

He picked you bridal style and kissed your forehead, “Kisses” -kiss- “and” -kiss- “Cuddles.” -kiss.- He plopped you down on the couch and wrapped his arm around you. “What do you want to do now?” He said with a suggestive look.

“No. ONLY kisses and cuddles. Okay?” He nodded and kissed the top of your head. You tilted his head down and pecked his lips. “But we can watch Netflix. Or Sesame Street.”

He kissed you again and then said, “I’m never listening to that song again. Netflix it is! But first, you have to kiss me again.”

“I’m not going to complain about that.” You whispered before connecting your lips to his again then pulling away. “I wuv you Daveed.”

“I wuv you, too. By the way, Y/N, I hate the word ‘wuv’.”