they can all be laughing at him

most underrated parts of Beauty and the Beast 2017

•  Maurice cuz he is just the best dad in the world and imagine his pain when he had to leave his wife for saving his baby daughter! 

•  Audra McDonald’s amazing parts 

•  How in the midst of all this sorrow Can so much hope and love endure? 

•  Maestro Cadenza loosing some of his teeth in the battle (appearing with all of them in the finale haha)

•  Forever can spare a minute

Beast’s look when Belle leaves to save her father. Gave me the fucking chills 

• The Prince’s laugh in the openning scene (I mean it’s Dan fucking Stevens and he’s gorgeous)

 •  Belle’s kiss on Beast’s forehead SHE KISSED HIM come on

•  When the master lost his mother, and his cruel father took that sweet, innocent lad and twisted him up to be just like him, we did nothing.

You bring the twins in front of me and you kill them over and over. My Ty, he doesn’t understand why I can’t save him. You bring me Dru and when she laughs and asks to see the fairy-tale castle, all ringed round with hedges, you throw her against the thorns until they pierce her small body. And you bid me wash in Octavian’s blood, for the blood of an innocent child is magic under the hill. And Julian, he is too strong to break. You try to break him on the wheel, and tear him with thorns and blades, but even then he won’t give up. So you bring him Emma, for the wishes of our hearts are knives to you.
—  Mark Blackthorn (Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare)

sana and yousef have the most banterful relationship and you can’t convince me they don’t

like he teases her so much (fondly, never ever hurtful, never pushing boundaries). and she just narrows her eyes at him and makes some sassy response and literally roasts yousef and it makes yousef’s head fall back with laughter because sana is just so funny and clever and where does this girl get her wit from

sana lowkey loves making yousef laugh. she loves making all her friends laugh

there is one time where yousef runs over and nudges sana’s hand while she’s applying some of her Dark Lipstick™ and that’s the only time she hasn’t said anything and instead runs over to him and swats him over the head (he ducks and tries to avoid it but you can’t avoid sana when she’s on a mission). and everyone around them is ????? what is happening???? but yousef is laughing so everyone guesses that it’s all good (sana is totally not laughing either she’s completely annoyed what do you mean the corners of her mouth are twitching upwards)

anyway they’re at this party one time and yousef is just chilling with his arm around mikael (mikael is playing with the fingers yousef has on mikael’s shoulder, trailing up and down them lazily). sana is there too, and it’s the first time yousef has introduced her to mikael properly. like, they’ve met in passing before, but this is the first time sana has met mikael as yousef’s boyfriend. and yousef is aware that sana has been eyeing mikael the whole night, been asking him pressing questions. and she’s been kind of tough on mikael, actually. 

(when she leaves to check vilde isn’t throwing up, mikael turns to yousef and says, “she hates me!” and yousef just rolls his eyes and shakes his head and says “no, baby, she doesn’t hate you” but he kind of wishes sana would chill just a little bit)

but yousef knows she won’t, really. because as much as sana and yousef joke around, they are like brother and sister, and sana would never keep quiet if yousef was with someone that she didn’t think was worthy of him

but she comes back and sits next to them and they start talking again and yousef tries to change the atmosphere to something more relaxed. it’s all chill, everything is chill, the vibe is good, even if yousef can tell that mikael is still a little nervous.

then someone accidentally spills a drink over sana and oh my god yousef tries really hard not to laugh - like he tries, tries so hard, but sana KNOWS he finds this funny so she turns to him and glares at him and that’s when he loses it, laughter bubbling out of him, he can’t help it

and he chokes out an, “are you okay?” even though he knows she’s fine, and sana just glares at him more and says, “is something funny?” and oh god yousef just laughs more and more until suddenly sana is throwing a drink over him too

and he scoffs, shakes his hair like a dog (splattering it all over mikael, thank you very much), and then he asks, “what was that for?!” 

sana just scowls and says “you know what that was for, yousef acar”

and mikael snorts and yousef turns to him, mocking offence, saying, “what, you’re taking her side now, baby?!”

and mikael just shrugs and says “you deserved it”, grinning like an idiot before moving some of yousef’s wet hair away from his eyes and asking, a little more softly, “are you okay?”

and something in sana’s expression softens because she registers the tone in mikael’s voice, the softness, the way he looks at yousef with so much warmth and admiration. and even though yousef is literally the biggest idiot on the planet, sana knows he deserves to have someone speak to him and look at him the way mikael speaks and looks at him. with care, with gentleness, with teasing grins and soft touches.

okay. okay. maybe she’ll give mikael a chance after all.

[BTS]: GIF Reaction/Scenario to you fan-ing over another Member! (Laidback/Silly Ver)

{Recieved Ask}
{A/N: I’ve had this one in the works for a while. Look forward to a Serious Version which I will link here when finished! I hope you enjoy it!}-Admin Taebreeze


“Jagi? Why are you looking at him like that? I can do that twenty times better!!”

He proceeds to show out in front of the others as they laugh. It’s really funny for everyone involved, and there are no hard feelings. All in all, your attention is back on him now, is it not?

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 The dorky boy knows you all too well. He isn’t going to completely show out, but keeps doing silly, subtle things he KNOWS drives you crazy. He keeps a close eye on the other members and finds flaws in how they are fighting for your attention, and he fills in those flaws with expertise.

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He’s so competitive, but sometimes he pushes himself so much. He would be acting so hard to get your attention, he would probably slip up in the process. He would go from sexy and seductive to slipping and falling on his behind quickly. Though, he got your attention back on him, so that’s all that matters.

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Rap Monster

He wouldn’t be as obvious as Jimin, but he would try a bit harder to impress you. He might not even confront you about it. He would more than likely understand that you enjoy the other members and their many talents. So, he wouldn’t get too mad about it.

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He’s so whiny. He wants to be the best. He’s so loud and obnoxiously whiny about it, and you hear it around the other members. He wants all of your attention.

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Expect him to smile and cheese at you every chance he could get. “Jagiya… Pay attention to me~” He would even go as far to start doing “fan service” with you. Probably a little more ;)

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This competitive boy will stop at NOTHING to get your attention. Singing, dancing, backflips and front flips, This dork is the star of the show. Even if you’re laughing at him rather than fanning over him, he still has your attention back on him, and that is all that matters.

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Thank you so much for the request!

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  • literally the sunshine bf
  • whenever you’re together there’s always laughter and smiling
  • the king of cheering you up when you’re down
  • although he’s always so energetic and carefree, he knows when to be serious
  • he knows not every issue can be solved by cracking jokes and laughing
  • and so he comes to you when you’re upset
  • with blankets and pillows and some snacks, too
  • cuddles up beside you and lets you rant about what’s happened
  • all the while he’s nodding and making occasional comments, reassuring you that he’s listening
  • to him, you’re everything
  • you’re his favourite person on the planet
  • and even though he’s your sunshine, you’re his 
  • he tries to teach you how to rap
  • you fail miserably and end up in giggles together
  • fights are extremely rare
  • literally even if you do fight, it’s over nothing
  • it doesn’t stop him from feeling bad anyway
  • sex wouldnt be common??
  • but when it happens it’s amazing 
  • always fun, always trying new things
  • overall hoseok would be a wonderful boyfriend
  • you’d never be bored, never feel alone and would always feel loved

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You Have Carpal Tunnel [RFA+ V, Saeran & Vanderwood]

Hello everyone! I have carpal tunnel myself and it’s starting to slightly flare up again. I thought for once I’d indulge in writing myself some headcanons ^-^ enjoy!

▪do whatever you want but please let him help you
▪since he’s studying to become a vet, he’ll look for anything useful in his textbooks
▪even if it’s how to build a brace of some kind out of twigs and sticks, you can bet that he’ll do it
▪when it gets so bad that you can hardly move your arms, he’ll go to the bookstore and pick up a stack of books that looked interesting
▪and he’ll read them all to you
▪he turns the temperature way down and lays with you, gingerly kissing your arms up and down
▪it upsets him seeing you miserable so Yoosung will do anything to make you laugh!
▪probably calls Seven and they put on a puppet show for you: The Adventures of Superman Yoosung and God 707: the cardboard ambassador! (In which God 707 is wearing a cape made out of a Honey Buddha chips bag)
▪you were wondering what was taking Yoosung so long to bring home tea and some chocolate, eventually falling asleep on his bed
▪you were awaken to the sound of swearing and the crunch of paper
▪all of the sudden, Yoosung and Seven began carting in a giant cardboard box with a window cut out of it
▪Yoosung had glitter glue in his hair and Seven’s jeans are covered in gold paint, but both have huge smiles plastered on their faces
▪the puppets they made are soggy & falling apart, sliding off their popsicle sticks, but it’s one the cutest and sweetest things anyone’s ever done for you
what nerds I love them so much

▪doesn’t hear you say it’s your carpal tunnel, he only sees you crying and holding your arm
▪this man is furious
▪he is ready to hunt someone down and end their laifu
▪but you just shrug and tell him you just want to rest
▪he will literally complain about how much of an annoyance you are while cooking you a giant pot of homemade chicken noodle soup
▪and it’ll be the best soup you’ve ever had, hands down👌👌👌
▪gripes at you how you shouldn’t have strained yourself while hand chopping and peeling carrots
▪if it’s a bad day he’ll let you win at Checkers and sit closer to you than he would on a normal day
▪but when you’re asleep he’ll secretly touch your hair and rub your wrists
▪you wake up and all of the pain is gone bless this tsundere babe

▪he knew you had carpal tunnel but never made a big deal out of it
▪if you were in pain he’d do whatever he could to help, but there wasn’t much
▪One day they hurt more than usual and you doubled over, nearly screaming
▪his heart nearly broke in two just from seeing the tears forming in your eyes
▪"Sorry,“ you hiccuped, “It’s my wrists”
▪Zen the Knight is here to spoil and nurse you back to health even if it means he has to skip practice
▪"I’ll be your Edvil! I’m here to heal you!“
▪Zen I am in severe pain please do not mock me
▪thankfully after a few day of wearing your braces it gets better, but he insists on getting you some kind of treatment
▪hopefully you’ll never have to worry about it again

▪he calls into work “sick” and asks you what’s wrong until you answer him
▪when you do tell him he offers to get you surgery to cure it, but you’re scared
▪what if it paralyzes your arms and you can’t move them ever again?
▪"I would ruin them, MC”
▪you think he’s joking
▪but he ain’t
▪buys you the best wrist braces he can find
▪and hides them in Elizabeth’s cat tree
▪"Hmm…MC, what’s that?“
▪He makes you get up and go pull the package out from behind the tree (which is very poorly wrapped bless his heart) that’s signed “from Elizabeth 3rd”
▪makes you his special strawberry pancakes and cuddles with you, lightly kissing your face, head, arms…anywhere he can reach
▪you can guarantee he’ll hire the best doctor to take a look at it and have the pain drastically minimized (if not completely cured)

▪the two of you were down in the café’s supply closet getting coffee beans when your wrist gave out and you dropped the bag
▪hundreds of small, tiny beans scattered across the floor and Jaehee stared at you in shock
▪you were usually so careful! What happened?
▪She tried really hard not to be stern with you
▪"MC, please be more careful next time”
▪She leaned down and saw the tears pouring down your face and the way you were clutching your arm to your chest
▪instantly calls you an ambulance (despite you begging her not to) and sits right next to you until they’ve at least given you some kind of painkiller
▪she will not let you do anything until you’re completely healed
▪Zen’s Limited Edition DVD’s always cheer her up so you’re going to watch them all until you’ve memorized every word and movement
▪early morning cuddle sessions while she massages your wrists?
▪oh yes
▪her massages make you feel like you’ve been actually touched by an angel
because she is one oops

▪he’s really upset
▪oh no this will not do at all
▪calls around looking for the best doctors in the area
▪promises to at least have you checked over to make sure nothing is seriously wrong
▪when you admit that it’s because you strained yourself too hard trying to work for the both of you…he wishes there was something he could have done to prevent this
▪partially blames himself but wastes no time making sure you’re comfortable
▪snuggles you and kisses your head, eventually falling asleep against your hair
▪just being in this man’s presence could cure you of anything
▪your skin is clear, your crops are thriving, there’s a route for V and Saeran, your grades have risen, and you are cured

▪he’s new to this thing
▪he was sick all the time as a child but since he was practically on his own for it…he has no clue how to treat you
▪probably just leaves an extra carton of ice cream in the freezer with your name on it, but you’ve run into a problem
▪your hands hurt so bad that you can’t even lift the spoon or dig into the frozen goodness
▪he ends up feeding the entire thing to you, spoonful by spoonful, bite by bite
▪honestly you were expecting him to complain but he hasn’t said anything what
▪even lets you fall asleep on his shoulder
▪You’re feeling better already :“’))) what a cutie pie

▪he already knew
▪the almighty God 707 knows everything about you
▪even about that time you wet the bed at that sleepover?
▪Mmmhmm he knows
▪anyway, he’s already prepared
▪he has the best painkillers stocked in his cabinet and enough Honey Buddha Chips and PhD. Pepper to feed a small country
▪insists on doing everything for you, which gets a little annoying
▪"But MC what if you slip and hurt yourself in the shower?“
▪Saeyoung I will be fine, I’ve literally been bathing since I was born and not once have had a fatal accident
▪yes I understand that but my answer is still no
▪buys Campbell’s chicken noodle soup in a 32 pack and tries to pass it off as homemade
▪as there are empty cans on the counter and in the trash
▪he thinks he’s really slick
▪but you humor him and eat every drop

Save me Part Four (Loki x Reader)

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Word Count: 1053

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one, two and three here

You had been friends with Loki for a few weeks now and it was strange yet the best time of your life. He had showed you his magic and often pulled small pranks on you that caused you to get mad at him for a short period of time before you’d cave in and laugh at the situation. Just yesterday he made all the furniture in your room move to the ceiling causing you to almost faint at the sight, but that mischievous demigod had somehow found a place in your heart.

He’d teleport you both to random beautiful locations to have lunch or dinner. Just last week he teleported you both to Paris and you almost threw up when you realized where you were, not really wanting to think about the details behind your body appearing there. But never the less you’d really been enjoying Loki’s company and didn’t think you’d ever want it to go away.

Currently you were watching star wars with Loki on the couch in your apartment and it was a harder task than you’d originally thought it would be. If he could ever shut up about how the movie wasn’t accurate and that aliens didn’t look like that it would be a blessing. “Loki it’s not real, it’s not meant to be real so just shut the hell up and enjoy the movie.” You grumbled at him annoyed, throwing a piece of popcorn at his face.

He let out a loud groan as he laid on his back, staring at the ceiling. Deciding to use this moment to have a good look at his features yet again, you turned your head taking in his silky dark hair and pale-wait. Why was his skin blue?!

“Loki you’re blue.” You muttered out accidentally, hoping you hadn’t upset the boy with your careless words. His eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at your statement as he quickly sat up, inspecting his skin to confirm that it was in fact the blue colour you said it was.

“Oh no no no no, this is not happening. Not here…not right now.” Mumbles you couldn’t quite understand rambled from his lips before he abruptly stood up and sprinted to your bathroom, closing and locking the door shut behind him. His actions caused worry to spread through you, standing up and making your way over to the door quickly. You pressed your ear against the door, attempting to hear something but you were met with the same mumbled words he spoke moments before. “I can’t believe this is happening and in front of her.”

You caught the last bit of his sentence causing your stomach to drop at his words, you didn’t realize he cared for you so much. Gently knocking on the door your voice came out in a gentle tone. “Loki…what’s going on? Please talk to me, let me in. I’m not afraid I just…I wasn’t aware that you, you know, turned blue and all that.”

It was silent for a moment before you heard the sound of the lock clicking, the door swinging open to reveal a very much blue Loki. His eyes were red and puffy showing that he’d let tears fall and you noticed his eye colour had now changed to red. Maybe you should have been afraid but you couldn’t be, this was just Loki. The demigod you’d grown to love and trust over the past month, he was now one of your closest friends.

He couldn’t keep eye contact with you as he stared at the ground in what appeared to be shame and disgust for himself. You were about to open your mouth but were cut off by his own voice. “This is what I really look like Y/N. Long story short i’m a frost giant that was raised by the king of Asgard. I will never truly belong anywhere and I will forever be an outcast. I don’t expect you to stick around now and I won’t blame you, I get it. I mean look at me, i’m horrific. Everything I touch freezes, I could literally kill someone with my touch. I’m-i’m a monster.”

You took a few steps closer to the boy, yet cautious not to step too close after hearing his warning of being able to kill people with his skin and all that. “You’re not a monster Loki, far from it. You’re one of my closest friends and I have so much trust in you. And what are you talking about you’re not ugly. You kind of remind me of that movie avatar or a smurf but i’ll explain that to you another time. But you’re not a monster.”

“Please don’t pity me, I don’t want yours or anyone’s pity.”

“Gosh Loki could you just stop for one moment alright. I don’t pity you I lo-” You cut your sentence short before you almost blurted out those three words so stupidly. Sure you had learned to love the prince quickly, he spent almost every day with you ever since you went on that date. But you didn’t think he’d be ready for such…commitment so early into whatever you called the relationship you both shared.

His skin started to go back to it’s pale colour as warmness spread through his body at the words you almost spoke. He was fairly certain you were about to confess your love for him. “What were you about to say?”

You didn’t even get to respond before you felt a pair of lips press against your own. Loki placed his hands gently against your waist as he pulled you into his chest as you melted into the kiss, reaching up and tugging on the ends of his hair. You felt a spark as you kissed, unlike something you’d ever felt before. You knew that this was right, that this was meant to be, this was fate.

You both pulled apart, Loki looking deeply into your eyes before brushing a small strand of hair behind your ear. “I love you too Y/N.” You smiled up at him and he suddenly let out a chuckle. “I can’t believe I fell in love with a mortal, and I used to pick on my brother for that.” You laughed at his words before pressing your lips against his once more.


Omg fonduelefou and I were talking and we came with this really funny idea. I have this head cannon where Elsa from frozen has a twin brother Christian (a prince she’s the older twin so she’s queen) and they visit franceGaston and lefou never really tell lefou they love him in words and then elsa and hr brother visit and lefou gets close to christian  and they (Stanley and lefou) get jealous  like the brother could be really nice to lefou and they could spend a lot of time toghter and then gaston and stanley hear that christian actually invited lefou to go to arendale with him and elsa which leads to them running to the docks and giving a passionate speech about how much they love lefou and at the end lefou is all ‘I wasn’t gonna go.“

And gaston and Stanley get all blushy and stuterry and lefou just laughs and hugs him both but can’t resist being all “So you two cant live without me huh?

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The Larries are literally taking Harry's promo video and saying it's symbolizing him coming out and I'm sitting here laughing I never knew this many people could all have their heads so far up their asses at once

Larries can suck my taint and I will give them a straw to do so.

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"We bonded, Percy," Grindelwald said joyously, clapping his chained hands. Graves glared, giving a growl to shut him up, but it had no effect. "It was a mistake," he said. "You forced me. We'll get it annulled." Grindelwald laughed. "You can't annul your own biology," he said. "You're a salve to it. It's what caused all this in the first place. You'll grow restless and feral without my scent to soothe those Alpha instincts. You'll become the very beast you claim not to be. It's in your blood..."

im so in love with this AU who are you anon

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Hi, Do you have any prompts for a princess and a prince falling in love after their arranged marriage? Prince deals with severe anxiety and depression as well just for some background. I love your blog BTW!

aww thanks anon! I’ll try my best :)

“Having a troubled past doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk all the time, we are married after all.” She said, her eyes cold.

“You wouldn’t understand.” He said, turning his back on her. He knew this was a lie, she would understand no matter what.

“Of course I wouldn’t, I have no clue because you never talk to me.” She let out a sigh of defeat. “You can talk to me. I’m here for you.”

“I love you.” He barely managed to say, his anxiety about this moment practically strangling him.

She sighed and gave a small laugh. “You know you don’t have to say that for the sake of our loveless marriage.” 

His heart fell. He had actually meant it this time.

“This was always a joke to you, you never cared about love, you cared about status, but somewhere along this stupid endeavor,” She paused, her hair whipping around her face as she looked over the edge of the terrace. “I fell in love with you.” 

His throat seemed to close up. No one had ever said that to him before. And what scared him most was that he wanted to say it back.

I hope these were what you were looking for! They were fun to write! Happy writing! - adi

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omg. Is it bad I want more good guy Brock Rumlow? And him helping make Bucky jealous for Steve? Imagine something like that in a ABO verse, Bucky and Steve being mates before the fall but now Bucky doesn't want to hurt him or thinks he doesn't deserve him, so Brock tired of seeing a sad Steve decides to do something.

There is nothing wrong with liking good buy Brock Rumlow! In fact, I wish that they’d kept him as actually being good. 

I can so imagine this happening. Bucky sees red when Steve is with Brock, laughing and touching like friends do (but in Bucky’s possessive, alpha mind it’s something more) and wants to claim Steve all over again. 

Brock’s plan worked out in the end. 

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Can I has a ship for any of Eddies characters? ;) thanks Sin I love you sm my dude thanks for dealing with my weird horse shit and in general really awkward weirdness 😂

I love you mosttt~

I ship you with Newt!

I’m really feeling this ship out of all his characters lol

I think he’d be totally entertained by someone like you. You could probably get him to laugh often. He admires the way you talk about your horses, knowing exactly how that feels to love your creatures unconditionally. He can see you have a strong spirit, and it’s something he adores about you.

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100 years later . . .
I missed the opening. I’m way behind everyone. I was sleeping. Now I’m laughing. Either way, I’m Maarit and I’m the writer behind Bhin! Bhin is a 28 year old hunter who rarely ever smiles so whoever manages to make him smile, you deserve a sticker in the future. I’m excited that this place is finally opened because man have we all been waiting COUGH Iloveyouadmins. So you can read a little about Bhin here and I have a small plot page here but if you’re interested in creating a plot from scratch don’t hesitate to talk to me

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*


I never liked the idea of Will’s dad being a jerk, (like he is in ALL fics) I always thought he was just a guy that didn’t know how to express his love for his son in more open ways, after all Will never talked in a bad way about him, and even some of the things he loves are things his dad taught him.

I ended up joking over twitter that his dad was Ron bc they share many hobbies and the way they live, and well a joke led up to this…(Hannigram are still on the run tho  but Ron doesn’t watch tv and lives in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t know/care his son-in-law is a serial killer) 

Hannibal will never let Will live down that his dad accepted him officially, Will regrets it so much

Bonus (how do you know what human meat tastes like wtf?!?!)


Look at that man with the blue suit, and the girl beside him.

“Well seems someone drank more than they shoud….”

Then we have who I’m guessing is Sara. She looks ready to record the moment.

“Oh it’s Yuuri!”

Then we have Mila.

And the poor girl just can’t hold it anymore…

And now even Victor has to take some photos, he doesn’t even care he is talking with other people at the moment.

“Ok just wai-… I only need one photo of this… Ok done!”

Also JJ…

“Don’t worry, we are cooler than that.”


They are feeling it….


“Oh no… now there’s another one.”





“OK now… who brought the pole?”

can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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loves chat

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so much?????

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like just?????

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i don’t know?????

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where you guys are getting this from??????