they came to rob las vegas

From Con to Con (Part Eighteen)


Part Seventeen

A/N: I’ve been gone for awhile with a lot of things going on but here is the latest chapter! Hope you enjoy. :) 

Words: 8,659

Warnings: making out, boners, fluff, language, drinking, some angst 

You heard some music faintly playing in the background but you couldn’t recognize it at first as your dream shifted. It took a moment for you to realize that the music was getting louder and you slowly opened your eyes, turning towards the music. Rob made a small groaning noise and his arm moved away from around you making you sigh in disappointment. A second later the music stopped and you felt Rob’s arm came back to your waist as he kissed the top of your head.

“Morning (Y/N),” he said sleepily. You made a dissatisfied noise and tried to snuggle more into him, not wanting to wake up and get out of bed just yet. Rob chuckled at you and pulled you closer against his chest, his fingers lightly stroking your back.

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