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Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup


Jonsa AU: Sailor Moon

Sansa as Usagi Tsukino, Jon as Mamoru Chiba
“Why can’t you keep your stupid shoes on your feet, Odango?”
“Why do you have to be where my shoe lands?”

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂


30 Day Coloring Challenge- Create a coloring for gifs. Specifically file size reduction. {13/30}

I was in the mood for some fluff. I’ve always headcanoned Nico as being a really good drawer idk. And this revolves around that hc. So, enjoy!

An afternoon sun lit up his skin and made him shine even more than usual, the wind was messing up his hair, the heat had dropped and he was a little chilly, but not too much to be really uncomfortable; it was a relief after the day they had. His duties for the day were over and that meant he had time to do what he wanted. Which was Nico. Okay, that came out wrong. (Not that he would mind, exactly.)

Right now, Will Solace stood in front of the Hades cabin that belonged to the dark-haired, Italian kid. Also known as Will’s boyfriend, which made him feel giddy inside whenever he thought of it.

He lifted his left arm and knocked on the door.

‘Come in’, he heard Nico answer and Will pushed the door open. Nico looked like he might have been lying down before Will arrived, but sat up when he heard the knock. The sheets were rumpled and his hair was mussed. But that wasn’t particularly surprising; Nico’s hair was always a mess.

‘Sunshine’, Will said as a way of greeting while closing the door. He pecked Nico on the lips and sat down on the bed, next to him.

‘I still think that nickname’s better suited for you.’, Nico said.

Will smiled. ‘I don’t. That would be too predictable.’

‘So? Who cares if it’s predictable or unpredictable? Who are you trying to impress?’

‘I don’t know. The world.’ They had moved and now they were leaning against the head-board of Nico’s bed, his head on Will’s shoulder. Nico had made a few changes to his room after the war, which had involved getting rid of the coffins and getting one enormous bed instead.

Will continued. ‘Anyway, we can’t both be Sunshine and since I came up with it, I get to use it.’

Nico huffed, but smiled lightly. ‘Whatever. You’ll just have to settle with ‘loser’ as nickname, then.’

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the face of realization:

oh shit I forgot my plums

my favorite thing about john tucker must die is i remember when it first came out and my friends and I were so obsessed with it and they were like omfg jesse metcalfe is sOoOoO hot and i was like yeah he’s okay my fave part is when brittany snow and sophia bush kiss and that kid is like holy jamalama kiss her again that part is great haha like ?? i was so gay why didn’t i know WHY DIDN’T I REALIZE THEN

Okay, Titanic came out in November of 1997, right? Dean and Seamus would’ve been in 6th year… no doubt Dean’s sisters would’ve been obsessed. I just imagined them watching it together in Dean’s living room and doing the “I’m flying” bit and laughing like idiots and falling into a pile of boy. Cutest image ever omg.

*edit* I just realized this would’ve actually been during… 7th year? math is hard. they could just as easily have watched it after the war too tho <3

Find out what horrors await in the next volume of Sankakukei.


Once Upon A Time: An Untold Story

Ya know what? I actually don’t care. I don’t care who Lucas ‘picks’. All day I’ve been getting mad because of what everyone is saying, but I just realized that I don’t care anymore and I don’t need to care.

It does not matter who Lucas chooses because even if he dates one of the girls, they will eventually break up. The endgame never was Lucas with anyone.

Lucas may be canon with someone, but canon doesn’t mean endgame. Look at R*cas, they were canon for three episodes, but that ended.
Doesn’t matter if Lucas dates them, they won’t stay together.

In the end, the only thing that will matter is Rilaya and that is all I need to set my mind at ease.

So good luck to every shipper who ships Lucas with Riley or Maya because I know it’s gonna be tough for you guys to get through it when your ships crash and burn because Rilaya has always been superior to them.