they called you

popgoes! man, i kinda missed this game… i’m kinda sad it’s over, haha

but the last episode has given us some… hints, shall we say. more like little easter eggs, but still. it’s something.

first off, the red and blue distortion on the main menu is actually not mark’s doing; i’ve checked other videos from other channels, and it is just the main menu. that’s not dark’s doing, unfortunately.

also can i just say that mark is fuckin amazing at this game good lord dude i can’t keep up

one thing that stood out to me, though, was what happens when you change your view of the security cameras: there’s a brief flash of static as the channel changes. where else have we seen static recently…?

food for thought, perhaps.

the biggest thing we got from this video, though, is that weird voice towards the end. not only can we hear it, but mark can too. 

that’s pretty concerning if you ask me. what’s interesting, though, is who the voice might belong to. and from what i’ve seen, i’m in agreement with everyone else - based off of the tone of voice, i think it’s wilford. it’s too “peppy” for it to be dark.

on top of all of that, the facecam briefly distorts right after the voice is finished speaking? 

now this is something that we’ve all seen before - that is a very clear indication that dark is either about to show up, or is already there. maybe we should be questioning if we’re even watching mark any more…

Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that tracing an artists work and claiming it as your own is TOTALLY not ok. Even if you are changing things about it. That is the artist’s blood, sweat, and tears you are copying and it doesn’t reflect well on you as an artist. It’s basically stealing! Please do your own work and be proud of i!

Anyhow! Just a friendly reminder to Be Yourself! Even in your own work! <3


I regret absolutely nothing. (Tom Holland is already banned lol)

somtimes I remeber there’s an actual diesel ninja princess in the legend of zelda video game series and the world is slightly better


Yooooo! Progress on the Rooftop costume!

I tried out mock paniers the other day, and things just looked a lot more right. So I should speed up and make actual ones, cause this dress so totally needs it. I have also added a gold piping on the skirt hem. What remains, you ask? Well, finish the gold ruffles for the bodice and sew all decorations on. They’re all just pinned on. And then the paniers. And then make the Rooftop cloak.

But then… but then, my friends, this monster of a project is done!

This photoset includes dresses that hugely inspired mine. First, Maria Bjørnson’s actual costume design. Though my hem is different, with the decorations set further down and the flounced hem skipped, I tried to remain as faithful as possible to it. The main fabric was inspired by the newer German dresses, with an undefinable pink/metallic surface created by putting a transparent embroidered fabric over a pink base. But the decorations has been more closely modeled after the US ones, cause the rosettas and pearl tassels are perfection. They also look a lot like the design. So a mix and match project.

Everything - and I really mean everything - has been made from scratch, from sandwiched fabrics to pearl tassels to double rosettas. Which is why this one has taken almost a year to make, give or take some months of inactivity!

Me: (starting Mystic Messenger again and aiming for 707)

Me: (says something to make 707 laugh and then ends up insulting Jumin on accident)


My day in a nutshell


“Do you have an appointment today?”


“Oh no! How about tomorrow?!”


“Oooh, but…” *launches into 25 minute story on why Fluffy MUST be groomed today that has no relation to Thanksgiving being two days away whatsoever*

We tell them fine, just to get them to shut up and because the dog sounds easy enough. They get there are like noon and we have 20+ dogs ahead of them, so we tell them to expect it to be 6:00.

“Yes, yes, of course! That’s fine! I totally understand! No problem at all!”

*phone rings at 2:30*

“Is my dog done yet?”










We tell you EVERY TIME…