they called him graveyard

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Talking to ghosts was never really easy, but Chae-seon was more worried than usual when it came to Elwin- his will gave a clear “fuck this town and everyone in it minus these four guys” vibe, and she didn’t want to piss someone right off the bat. Still, knowing that the afterlife was lonely, she hastily made a care package for him and tried to meet up with the blue apparition. She only saw a glimpse of him from across the graveyard, but she called out to him anyway. "H-Hey, um, Mr. B-Beaumont?"

Elwin had thought it a capital idea to haunt the graveyard. It was an easy task - just hang out above his grave. He had been looking at headstones and speculating on the way they died, and then he heard the voice.

Another medium?

The ghost perks up, a grin on his face as he turns to face the newcomer. “Why hello there!” He greets, uncharacteristically cheerful for a dead person he supposes. Ah well - when you’re happy to be in the unfeeling abyss, it’s hard to keep all that pep contained.

“You already know my name but I’ll introduce myself anyway. Elwin Neil Beaumont, dead Executioner at your service. How may I help you today? Here to find a helpful ghost? I may direct you to Mr. Jonathan if that’s the case.” He offers the woman a winning smile.

A Night With You - MakoRin

Every morning has been the same since Makoto moved in. Rin woke up early for a mornig run; then he’d come home, shower, wake Makoto up with breakfast and then they would sit on the couch to watch a tv show that they both decided held interest. Since they both had jobs they barely had much time together, so Rin would always look forward to the hour of peace they had together every morning.

The alarm went off, like it always does, Rin sat up to turn it off, and stretched before slidding his body out of bed. Today wasn’t going to be a uniform day like always, because today Rin was alone. It was 3 in the morning and Makoto was just getting off work. It was the brunette’s first night working late so Rin wanted to welcome him home. Normally Makoto worked regular hours during the day, but the other night his boss called and requested him to work the graveyard shift for the week.

The red-head stumbled out of the room of their one bedroom appartment and moved to the kitchen. He couldn’t wake Makoto up with breakfast but a late night snack would work just as well. Rin prepared a small dish, just simple veggies and dip because Makoto would probably be tired and want to go straight to bed. It was probably selfish of Rin to want to keep Makoto up for a little while after work, but he could sleep all day if he wanted. Rin had to work in a few hours and he wouldn’t be able to spend that peaceful hour with Makoto. This would be easier, Makoto just has to stay awake. Rin set up everything in the living room. The table was set with the food and some juice and the dvd was ready to be played, all that was left was to wait for the man of the hour.

Makoto stepped through the door, exhausted and ready for bed. He removed his shoes and jacket before stepping into the living room area and noticing Rin’s little set up. Makoto couldn’t help but smile, he was tired and his brain function was severly low, but emotion swelled up inside him anyway. He wanted to run over and hug Rin tightly with the intention of never letting go, this was all too sweet.

“Welcome home,” Rin said, still a little groggy. He patted the couch beside him, ushering his boyfriend to join him on the couch.

“Rin…” Makoto replied still smiling brightly as he moved oved to the couch. “You didn’t have to go through all this.” His voice was gentle and caring like it always is, perhaps slightly worried for the redhead who had to be up for work soon.

“There’s just one episode left in this season. Might as well just finish it now,” Rin mumbled trying to sound indifferent as he grabbed the remote and started the dvd. Makoto let out a defeated sigh and leaned against Rin, taking the mans hand in his. Rin wasn’t ready yet, he leaned foreward and set the remote down, then grab the food. Makoto was confused at first, thinking that maybe the red-head didn’t want to be touched, but Rin fell back against the couch and resumed cuddling into Makoto’s side with the plate if food on his lap. Rin laced his fingers through Makoto’s enjoying how perfectly his hand fit into his boyfriend’s.

They silently watched the show, Makoto fed some veggies to Rin inbetween the pieces he ate and noticed that beside the couch were some pillows and a blanket. Makoto instantly felt guilty. He didn’t want Rin to give up his comfort just for him, the red-head had already done enough tonght, this was crossing a line.

“Are you not coming to bed with me?” Makoto asked looking down at him. His plan was to guilt Rin into moving to the bedroom after this instead of staying out in the living room.

“Hmm…” Rin groaned sitting up properly. Makoto smiled, he knew he wouldn’t have to try to hard when Rin was already passing out beside him. “Oh, no. I have training and work in the morning. I don’t want to wake you.” Rin laid his head back down against Makoto’s shoulder, but he knew all too well that his boyfriend would be worried and beat himself up over nothing so he quickly added, “don’t worry okay.”

“Don’t worry about it?” Makoto repeated questioningly. He knew what Rin meant, but he couldn’t help feel guilty for making his boyfriend sleep on the couch. Makoto stayed silent, this was suppose to be the part where Rin inturrupted him by telling him to'just shut up’, but Rin was silent aswell. Makoto glanced down, a smile plastered on his face again as he noticed Rin had completly passed out. Makoto gently moved off the couch and brought the pillows and blanket back to the bedroom. “Unbelievable,” Makoto laughed quietly to him as he tried to carefully pick up Rin from the couch.

“W-where are my pants?” Rin mumbled softly as he wrapped his arms around Makoto’s neck trying to get more comfortable so he could sleep.

“You’re wearing them,” Makoto laughed, quickly trying to make his way to the bedroom before Rin woke up more awarely to see what was happening. Makoto wasn’t about to let Rin sleep on the couch. Once Rin was tucked into bed Makoto changed out of his work clothes and into some pajamas, then he gently crawled into bed. “Good night, Rin.” Makoto placed a chaste kiss to Rin’s forehead and he laid down beside him and draped an arm over the sleepy red-head.

“I wanted to sleep on the couch…” Rin whined, pressing his body against Makoto’s. Rin smiled to himself as he took in Makoto’s scent, he was glad that the brunette won this battle. Sleeping with him in a bed was alot more comfy than alone on the couch.