they call me vince

if ur not gay dont use gay slurs and especially dont use them in reference to your gay friends unless you 100% know for sure theyre comfortable with it. and ESPECIALLY don’t respond with a different slur when someone tells you to stop, like what the actual fuck would possess you to do that.

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name: Vincent
nicknames: pretty much everyone calls me Vince
zodiac sign: Scorpio
height: 6'4’’ or as per Google, 195cm
orientation:  heterosexual
nationality: Canadian
favorite fruit: Apples are good
favorite season: Summer and fall
favorite book: Right now it’s Escape From Freedom
favorite flower: Rose
favorite scent: food that’s cooking
favorite color: Green blue
favorite animal: Tigers
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea
average sleep hours: 7-9
cat or dog person: Dog I think
favorite fictional character:  Zhao Yun, though he’s not actually fictional
number of blankets you sleep with: 3-4
dream trip: Road trip through Europe, NZ, US, AUS
blog created:  beginning of 2016
number of followers: 156 and they’re all AWESOME!!

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1. How long have you had ACNL? Since it came out! 

2. How many towns do you have? Just the one! 

3. Mayor Name(s): Bramble 

4. Town name(s): Foxdenn 

5. Dream Address(es): 5C00-003A-F735 !

6. Favourite villager: Deirdre! 

7. Favourite non-villager character: I really like Brewster and Leif <3

8. Favourite flowers: oooooh that’s tough but I really like white violets and Jacob’s Ladders

9. Favourite time of day - 6AM! Especially when there’s a purple sunrise! (ditto to @soaringbeans)

10. Native fruit - Peachesssss. Vince always calls me a oeach (mostly because I bruise like one, haha)

 11. How would you describe your mayor’s style? Bram is cute and pastelly and loves purple, yellow, and the night sky!

12. How would you describe your home style? Mid century modern (both in game and irl!)

13. How would you describe your town style? Foxdenn kinda changes a lot. Definitely foresty, but has some places with established paths, too.

14. Are there any items you are currently looking for? Nope! I’m really happy with my characters and their houses right now!

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Sad Song tag

So I got tagged by @randomchachacha to share five (I went with six just because there were two I didn’t want to leave out) songs I listen to when I am sad.  And this was incredibly hard because my brain has been so inundated with k-pop recently that it was hard to remember all my old fall backs lol.  I will say, this list is a little more varied, but when I’m sad I also tend to listen to country music (yeah yeah I know, but I can’t help what my parents listened to when I was growing up) because you can get like the most depressing music ever out of it, total tear in my beer, I’ll never be happy again kind of stuff.  

1. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
2. When I Call Your Name - Vince Gill
3. Use Me Up - Hanson
4. Killing Time - Clint Black
5. Fool’s Gold - One Direction
6. King of Wishful Thinking - Go West

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A Very Supernatural Job(Part 3)

Words: 1069
Pairings: None yet
Warnings: None
Author’s note: I’m just on Season One, so I apologize if there are any plot errors ^^’ 

-Are you ready? –Cole asks as I pull up on set, at 6.45am.

-I’m sleepy, I can say that much. I spent most of my night going over the script, over and over and over again. –I mumble, getting out of the car.

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  • Alberto Del Rio: WWE is racist and made Mexican jokes about me
  • Ricardo Rodriguez: WWE is racist and made Mexican jokes about me
  • Sin Cara: WWE is racist
  • Mark Henry: Michael PS Hayes called me the n-word
  • Booker T: Vince McMahon said the n-word ON TV
  • Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods: We are literally black preachers
  • The Rock: *wins the WWE title*

Ugh I just love Vince Gilligan so much. He just seems like the most genuinely humble most down to earth guy who also happens to be a super genius. Also he literally referenced x files in every question he answered which is also good. And he seems so grateful for his time there and is sad that he can’t be part of the revival. I’m rambling but I don’t care.

Also at 56:50 you have the pinnacle of 2015 fluffy Duchovnyness when you hear him apologizing to Vince for his attitude during filming Je-Souhaite. Listen to this.

“I love Jimmy McGill in a way I never loved Walt.”
“It was tough writing for that character, because he was a very dark individual. If you have to put yourself in this guy’s head every day, it was a dark place to be. I’d be driving home at 11 o’clock at night, and I’d be like, ‘That son of a bitch just cut me off!’”Vince Gilligan