they call it spelling for a reason

reasons why my grandpa is the best:

  • he made my wife and i (i’m a woman) a giant banner for our one year anniversary 
  • when i was pregnant, the baby was kicking and when he touched my belly, the baby stopped and he called him a little shit
  • he once called and left a voicemail asking how to spell styrofoam
  • he flipped a table bc he saw someone hit a dog
  • he beat skrim in 4 days
  • he served in the korean war and when he came home, he learned korean so if he ever ran into a korean vet, he could “give them the same respect he’d give an american vet”
  • my son has two moms and there was a “special guy in your life” day at his school for father’s day so my grandpa went and showed up in dress pants and a pressed shirt bc he “didn’t want to embarrass him”. also, there was a little boy who didn’t have anyone there and grandpa asked if he could be his “special guy” and the little boy beamed
  • he knows all of the secrets to the zelda games
  • he’s had 4 open heart surgeries and can still kick your ass

Given that I think “My Immortal” is a troll (with the reason generally being that author Tara references both Marty McFly and TOM BOMBADIL), I just reread it and I’m astounded by the effort put into it.

The spelling and grammar gets steadily worse over the course of the story, messing up simple words and even the main character’s name (variations on Ebony include Enoby, Enony, Eboby, and my favorite Enopby). The author gives frequent shoutouts in the A/N at the beginning of each chapter to someone called Raven, who she considers a friend and apparently functions as a beta. In chapter 16, Tara severs ties with Raven, expels/murders Raven’s character Willow, and changes Ebony’s full name to Ebony Dark’ness Dementia TARA Way. It’s suggested that they fought because Tara stole Raven’s poster of Gerard Way. By chapter 17, they appear to have made up and Willow is brought back with no further explanation.

The plot, of course, is just insane, but the story was obviously being read; Tara begins each chapter furiously ranting about “flamerz” leaving bad reviews, terribly misspelled. At one point, Ebony was referred to as a Mary Sue and she immediately tried to shut that down, citing “Satanism” and “depression” as flaws. She held each new chapter hostage, demanding a certain number (usually 5) good reviews before she would update. Assuming the spelling and grammar mistakes were intentional, the natural progression of them getting worse and worse is incredible. The difference between Tara’s A/Ns and Raven’s edited text is also astounding, although chapter 16, during their supposed rift, is not noticeably more poorly written than the chapters immediately preceding and following it.

The misspellings of character names and general slipups get worse and worse to the point that once, “Enopby” is referred to as “Tara”, and at another point, “TaEnby”, further to emphasize that Ebony is, in fact, the most obvious self insert in the history of literature. The reference to Marty McFly (he appears at the end of chapter 35 to spirit Ebony into the future) confounds me; Tara does not seem like she’d been aware of pop culture enough to have seen “Back to the Future”, given that she describes “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as this serious, depressing, Adult movie. She’s young enough to consider “he put his thingy into my tool” an accurate description of sex. Further, she references Tom Bombadil, a character in “Lord of the Rings” who I believe just shows up and sings for a while and is strongly implied to be God and then disappears, not really relevant to anything. He’s not even in the movies. Would Tara Gilesbie have read “Lord of the Rings” when she admits she’s never read the Harry Potter books?

Read through that lens (that this was an elaborate hoax), can you believe the rest of it was so organically terrible? Even now, 10+ years after the fact, no one can agree on whether this story is a troll, and until anyone finds out who Tara Gilesbie really is, it’s going to be impossible to know for sure. This is just crazy to me.

🌞🔮Here's to the Christian Witches. 🔮🌜

Who feel their God in all things.

Who weave beautiful magick despite what negative people spew.

Who have trust and love in their God.

Who perfectly merge their craft and spiritual beliefs together despite others saying it couldn’t happen.

You all are awesome and valid. Don’t let small-minded people get you down because they don’t get it (and how could they? It’s not their path.) You were called to your path for a reason, walk it with fire in your eyes.


Firstly, long time lurker, first post ever. Secondly, I’m typing this from my phone, so I apologise for any formatting issue. Thirdly, English isn’t my first language, so please bear with any spelling or grammatical errors.

Now, this happened around 3 years back, when I was in my 6th semester at university. One of the lecturers from my department (who’s normally an ok guy but a douche in this story so let’s call him DL) informed my section and another that he’d be taking one of our hour long free periods to make up for a lecture that was missed for reasons I can’t recall. Fair enough. DL had course to cover, and missing one hour of freedom doesn’t really spell the end of the world.

However, the thing was, said free period was right before our lunch break, and most students were worried that DL’s lecture would cut into that, despite his assurances that it wouldn’t. You see, while some students eat at the cafeteria, a significant number head to their dorms mess, which has fixed lunch timings.

So, the hour comes and goes, and DL is droning on and on, with no end in sight. Students start to complain, but the DL says no one leaves until he’s done talking, or they’ll be marked absent (attendance held weightage in our grade).

So, as DL starts eating away at our lunch break, I decide to use the tools at hand to exact retribution on behalf of my dorm friends. From the mid row bench in the class, I begin clicking my ballpoint pen repeatedly. The guy next to me begin, and then the guy next to him, and so on, until DL’s voice was drowned out by the glorious chorus of around a 100 clicking pens. He stopped talking.

Tldr: Lecturer wouldn’t end the class on time. Buried him in pens.

Rant about recent Mystreet Comments

NOTE: Since the last rant I did ended with a ton of witch hunting and threats, I just need to say this, DO NOT TRY AND “FIND” ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. Witch hunting is disgusting, and the fact some of you sent threats to Jess and Jason last time was gross af and it didnt need to happen. So if I find out ANY of you have witch hunted these people down, I will NOT be happy. 

Last time I did a rant about Mystreet everything went way out of control so I’m not going to be going to deep about the series anymore.  

I’m not going to go into things such as “Omg it was everyone’s fault!!” because I don’t have time to go down that rabbit hole. I’m mainly here to rant about the comments on the recent Mystreet Episode; “The Break-Up”

If you all don’t know what this episode is about, Basically to sum it up everything that has happened leading up to this, Gene was getting suspicious of Zane getting “to close to Aph” and basically complained to Aaron. Aaron ignored him, His family got involved, MIchi blackmailed his sister about “Aphmau tripped and Zane caught her”. His sister showed him the picture, he THEN go suspicious. Cafe’ got burned down by Ivan, Aphmau assumed it was Aaron, Aaron is super emotional unstable at this point and is like “I need to go home” and they basically “break up”. 

Now normally I would be ranting about Mystreet but I’m honestly not interested in this series anymore, its the comments that bug me. 

Now before I show you some of these comments, I DO NOT want to see ANY comments about how “Omg they’re just kids!!” because that excuse is so stupid, you wanna know why? Because if your CHILD is online and is saying things “OMG MY FICTIONAL SHIP IS SINKING SO I WANNA KILL SOMEONE AND RIP OUT THEIR LUNGS” then idk, maybe you shouldn’t let your kids online.


This probably the MAIN comment on this video, the whole “omg aarmau is sinking so I need to kill Michi!” Like, I feel like I dont even need to EXPLAIN why these comments are messed up, and this isnt even one the worst ones. Just look at this next one: 

Do you see how psychotic these people sound? They are SO defensive of their ship they make comments such as “ILL RIP OUT YOUR LUNGS AND FEED THEM TO YOU” over a friken FICTIONAL PAIRING AND CHARACTER. Oh lets not forget the “Am I right guys?? :D” because ya know, you’re supposed to agree with that comment about this person wanting to literally dismember a fictional character from a minecraft series on youtube. Let also not forget the constant “MIchi is such a hoe!!” because that just makes things 10x better. 


I needed to just put this one in here because it honestly makes me go “???”

You all have to understand while yes, Aarmau is based off Jess’s and Jason’s real life relationship, just because a FICTIONAL pairing “breaks up”, this does not mean that their real life relationship is affected. Just putting that out there real quick since this is a common comment on this video. 


This is going to be the last comment I comment on because this entire thing is just gross and I want to be done with it. I know I am complaining about Aarmau shippers taking things to far but there is also a few “anti-aarmau” people who are taking things way to far. I’m not “pro aarmau” or “anti aarmau”, Im more “I dont really care for it anymore”, but this does not excuse these comments. Saying things like this makes you no better than the Aarmau shippers who are saying “KILL MICHI THT HOE”. 

This isnt the first time this has happened with one of Jess’s videos tbh. This has happened with Zane (ie. Kill zane!!”) Katelyn (shes getting in the way of my aphmau ship!!!), and even other ships as well (ie. Zanvis, Garmau, Laurmau, etc.), I think its just gotten out of hand and its just beyond disgusting. 

I also want to state this: If you are sending Jess and Jason death threats over Aarmau “breaking up”, I will not be afraid to call you out. Death threats are disgusting and you could go to prison from sending them, so think twice before you type something. 

Anyways, I’m done. Like i said before, I wont be commenting on the whole “its everyone’s fault they split up” thing because its exhausting and I have studying to do, so see yall later. 

The Law According to Dungeons & Dragons

By d20source:

Here are five reasons why you don’t want to live in the world implied by the Dungeons & Dragons rules - unless, of course, you’re an adventurer.

1. Theft is legal if the owner is already dead

Dungeons never belong to anyone. If they did, you wouldn’t need traps and monsters to guard your treasure - just an alarm spell that calls the police. Likewise, if you kill someone, it’s perfectly legal to take their stuff.

2. Orcs don’t have rights…

Neither do kobolds, goblins or ogres. You want to live in uncivilized tribes, you don’t get the protection of law. In fact, it’s considered polite to murder you on sight. The exception is if they’re an adventurer. If you’re a crazy enough orc to steal from dungeons instead of raiding caravans, the law begrudgingly accepts you as a good guy.

3. Adventurers pay no tax, ever…

Somebody must be paying for all these town guards, city walls, roads, abandoned fortresses and cultist-infested public sewers. The king evidently funds all of this with some kind of tax, but nobody ever taxes the adventurers. Impoverished farmers pay ten percent of their crop while millionaire dragon-slayers waste their savings on personal fortresses and marginally sharper magic swords.

4. Prices are fixed by the government

No matter where you go, a Magic Sword +1 costs the same amount. Whether it’s 2,000 gp in your kingdom or 360 gp, you’ll never get a better or worse price. Why? Clearly, the king is secretly price-fixing to control the supply of magic items. Otherwise, supply and demand would eventually let every peasant own a magic sword and the people would overthrow their tax-happy king.

5. Beggars are the richest peasants in town

If you’re a farmer, you maybe earn the equivalent of one or two silver pieces a day. A hundred gold pieces is more than you’ll see in a year. Imagine how much more profitable it is for the beggar in a major city, when a high-level adventuring party drops him 100 gold in “spare change”. All he needs to do is sit outside any tavern with adventurers staying in it, and he has a hard-working man’s annual salary. No wonder the peasants are fomenting rebellion.


some taz stuff from twitter bc new ep today!! and hey who else is super worried about the new arc being called The Suffering Game like have i not suffered enough griffin??? have these sweet boys not caused me enough pain already?? please be gentle

anonymous asked:

I hate the people who are like ''bouhou su discourse ruined su for me bouhou' wow must be great being you. You know what ruined su for me ? Telling me that as a fat woc, I will only be the friend. Telling me that if a relative call me an illegal immigrant I must be ok and try to change their pov by being nice to them. Using a clearly butch black-coded woman that had a speech similar to black lives matter movement being demonize for no reason. Basically, this show insulted me. SU discourse 4ever.


you’ll find lots of great altar kit DIYs on this site and elsewhere online that are super useful, especially for people who can’t have a larger permanent physical space to work in for whatever reason.  however, if you want a more permanent space to work in, i have a solution that might help, and that is…

within your spellbook/grimoire/BoS/whatever-you-call-it!

personally i have mine so it flips sideways and i prop it up with something like some other books or even a tissue box and looks like this.

(i have some spells [in one of my conlangs & with some runes] woven into the knotwork, hence the asymetry.  the bottom half has symbols for the 4 classical elements.  of course you can decorate yours as needed)

i use little origami representations for the four elements (inspired by the tarot suits: cup for water/emotional, coin for earth/physical, wand for fire/spiritual, sword for air/mental), which are great because they flatten down and go in a little pouch i glued into my spellbook

as you can see in the first picture, i can use this space to consecrate or cleanse (small) items, or for focus.  i also use this for rune readings:

you can also do (small/simple) tarot spreads:

(i don’t have or use tarot cards in my practise but it is possible to read tarot with regular playing cards, just without half of the page & knight suit cards and the major arcana)

another tip is, if you have a familiar or other entity you want to work with, you can learn to make an origami version of them (there are plenty of origami tutorials online); for example, here’s my origami bear familiar representation:

you can probably find other uses for a little in-book altar space, but this is how i use it and i thought it might be helpful to share.  it’s kind of nice just being to open up your book and have a magickal space.

SALTWATER SCHOOL:  Casting a Circle for Beginners

Originally posted by thewitchystuff

Witchlings and Baby Witches, gather ‘round to learn how to cast a simple Circle.  You may be wondering, “Why do we cast Circles?” and that can be easily answered!  Most of the time, we cast Circles to create a sacred space where our spellwork and rituals can be conducted.  There are other various reasons, but you can discover that with time, research, and practice.  For this lesson, we are going to focus on creating that sacred space for you.


**Circles can be cast alone or with others.  If you are participating with other witches, you may want to print them off a “script” of what will be said and done that way everyone can participate.  Change “I” in the script to “we”, “me” to “us”, and so on and so forth.

**Circles can be cast indoors and outdoors.  However, I do caution you not to cast Circles without getting the permission of the person who owns said space, home, property, etc.  

**You can decorate and dress up for your Circle casting.  Using the appropriate colors, plants, stones, and meaningful objects can aid in powering your Circle.  This, however, is not necessary.

**Decide in advance what will be done in the Circle.  Make a plan of what you want to do inside your circle, whether it worship, prayer, spellwork, or meditation.  Don’t feel rushed and take your time.  

**Music may be used to accompany the Circle casting and rituals.  I typically choose songs that don’t have words.  (I get distracted easily by music.)

**Feel free to customize these words and tailor them to fit your own practices.  You can substitute “walls and floors” with “foliage, stones, and ground” if you are casting outside.  Names for Gods and Goddesses may be used in place of “Lord and Lady.”

**There is no right way to cast a Circle.  There are many traditions that different witches use.  Find what you like, experiment and customize your circle casting ritual.

**NOTE**  This is just one example of how to cast a Circle (one I used when I was just starting out.)


Candles, incense, matches (or a lighter), representations of the four corners, decorations, an athame (ceremonial knife) or wand. 


1.  Ground and center, and then lay out where your Circle will be cast.  This doesn’t have to be physically marked, but I have seen people use cord, chalk, and candles.  (Note: using lit candles can be dangerous.  Please take precautions when doing this.  We don’t want anyone or anything getting hurt.)  I used to create a small altar at the direction North with representations of the four elements.

2.  Light incense and candles, and make your announcement:  The Circle is about to be cast and I freely stand within to greet my Lady and my Lord.

3.  Take one candle in hand and begin walking the Circle.  Here, we are acknowledging the Four Quarters (North, South, East, and West.)  We will stop at each direction and call out the corresponding greeting found below.  For this, we will walk deosil around our Circle.  To move deosil is to move in a clockwise (or sunwise) direction.  Once you have finished acknowledging the directions, return to North.

–North:  I call upon Light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen the Circle.
–East:  I call upon Light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the Circle.
–South:  I call upon Light and Fire at the South to illuminate and warm the Circle.
–West:  I call upon Light and Water at the South to illuminate and cleanse the Circle.

4.  Return the candle to its rightful place and raise the athame or wand into your hand facing North.  Call out:  I draw this Circle in the Presence of the Lady and the Lord that They may aid and bless me in my work.

5.  Lower the athame or wand and walk deosil once more around the Circle, envisioning a blue light shoot out from the Circle’s boundary.  Call out:  This is the boundary of the Circle, around me, through walls and floors, above me and below me as a sphere is the Circle cast and consecrated to the Lady and the Lord that They may work with and through Their child, (your name/Craft Name).  This Circle is charged by the power of the Ancient Ones!  Only love shall enter and leave.

Begin your ritual, spellcasting, meditation, or any other word you wish inside the Circle.  Within it, you will be protected.  However, a word of caution: if you are a witchling, make sure you do not over exert yourself inside the Circle.  Casting any magic can make anyone grow weary or tired, so be aware of how much energy you are expending.  Like any magic, it takes time and practice.  When you have finished your work, you will open your Circle.


6.  Take the athame or wand in hand both hands facing North.  Call out:  Lord and Lady, I have been blessed by Your sharing this time with me; watching and guarding me; guiding me here and in all things.  I came in love and I depart in love.

7.  Raise the athame or wand high in the air in salute.  Call out:  Love is the Law and Love is the Bond.  Merry did I meet, merry do I part, and merry will I meet again.  The Circle is cleansed.

8.  Kiss the flat of the blade or the tip of the wand.  Here, we will bid farewell to the Quarters and move widdershins.  Widdershins, which can be spelled withershins, widershins, widderschynnes, appears to come from German and Lowland Scottish. In German, widersinning means “against the senses”, that is “not the usual”, or “against the grain.”  For our purposes, it means to move counter-clockwise.  So, we will go from North to West, South, and East.  As you move, this would be the time to blow out candles if they are how you laid out your Circle.  Once you have finished saying goodbye to the Quarters, return North.

–Depart in peace, Elemental Earth.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Water.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Fire.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Air.  My blessings take with you!

9.  Raise your arms into the air with athame or wand in hand.  Call out:  Beings and powers of the visible and invisible, depart in peace!  You aid in my work, whisper in my mind, and bless me from the Otherworld.  Let there ever be harmony between us.  My blessings take with you.  The Circle is cleared!

10.  Take the athame or wand in hand, and move widdershins once more around the Circle, calling out:  The Circle is open yet the Circle remains as its magical power is drawn back into me.  The Circle has been cleared.  My ritual has ended.

11.  Place athame or wand aside, and take a seat on the floor (you may also lie on your back.)  Close your eyes and focus on grounding excess energy by touching your palms to the floor.  Let the magic in the room (or outdoors) disperse and settle.  Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and begin cleaning up your space.

I hope all of you find this helpful.  Again, Circle casting can be completely tailored and customized for your needs, and you don’t have to cast one this way.  It is meant to be a resource for those just starting out.  If you have any questions, you can reach me via ASK or by messaging me.

Blessings, little ones!

Other lessons in the Saltwater School series:  Making Your Own Tarot Workbook

Baltic Headcanons:


  • Teasing him about his crush on Natalya.
  • Unless he is in a relationship with you now, that is.
  • If you are together prepare for the talk with Feliks about how he is going to kill you if you hurt him.
  • Also prepare for Feliks giving you a makeover or helping you dress up for special occasions with Toris.
  • He gets flustered very easy so PDA is pretty much a no go .
  • Does not like being called Tori. Are you Tori Spelling because you got me under your spell.
  • He will fall asleep if you run your fingers through his hair.
  • Telling him glasses are sexy makes him blush so hard.
  • Comforting him when the Nordics don’t take him in.
  • Trying to get him in casual clothes (not a tie) is harder than Arthur..
  • If for any reason you found his blog he’d be so embarrassed.
  • He’d be more worried about Russia finding out about it from you than you knowing whatever he may have written about you on it.
  • Will not sing for you but sings when happy about life and your relationship under his breath.
  • You don’t tell him about his habit though. since it is the only time you can hear it.
  • Protect him. Scare Russia with threats of Natalya and make her stay away too.
  • Do not tease him for his height and he will want to be around you more
  • Boost his ego just a little. Even if it’s something like “Latvia has the most attractive accent of the Baltics, let me hear more of it”.
  • Don’t look down on him or Sealand..actually just be nice to both of them and he’ll be willing to get closer to you.
  • Try not to go full fledged mom mode and nag him for drinking. Just try to spend time with him more so he drinks less at times.
Critical Roll

This a half-rant, simply because I’m tired and it’s fucking 2 in the morning. Anyways, I noticed that Critical Roll is top on Tumblr, as of right now, and I would like to say that while they are a good group of funny people that know how to play the game correctly.
Matt Mercer(?) (Idk how the last name is spelled) is not the greatest DM/GM/Storyteller ever. He is a good one. Because guess what, he isn’t the best.
Why is that u ask?
The reason is simple. He works well with his players. Y'all should realize that he is a good GM, because he knows how to work with HIS players. If I played a game with Matt, I probably wouldn’t have much fun. Because I’m used to my players.
(The only person that could be called the best is Gary Gygax, but I’m sure 80% of the critical Roll fandom doesn’t know who that is)

Sub-part: I find the fandom around critical roll to be annoying as all hell.
It honestly could just be because I dislike most people, especially those of my age group and younger.
I like to call them the “Hip-rollesters” since they jump into critical roll with no knowledge of anything TRPG based. And then feel they have the fucking power and knowledge to tell me how to play my games and who is the best.
Fuck u, u dirty scumbags.
Tell me what game helped pull the D&D u worship (it’s a good game, I have nothing against it) out of the fucking mud, and made it user friendly for all. Pathfinder. The same game that also sponsored the creation of fan-magazines and sells less successful third-party TRPGS on their site to help them out.
(It’s also the game CR played before the newest edition of D&D came out, which again, was written with the help of Pathfinder writers.)

If that’s not enough to test your endless fucking knowledge. Tell me what Dragonlance, Spelljammer, Darksun, Glorantha, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, Mutants and Masterminds, FATE core system, The Five Rings, and Gamma World are. Then u fucking say what u want to me and I won’t consider it baby talk.


percival graves is the reason of my never ending suffering (i love him)

(don’t tag as kin/me)

arafaelkestra replied to your post “pornyplothead replied to your post: …”

That is honestly pretty great. BTW Joy, you might know this and I’ve been wondering: is Pratchett’s tendency to spell pun as ‘pune’ in the Discworld novels some kind of strange Brit-specific gag? I’ve always kind of hazily assumed it was because the characters are generally not terribly well educated, but if it’s a pronunciation based joke or something deeper then I’ve utterly missed it.

So, the reason they call it a Pune and not a Pun, is because the founder of the Fools Guild in Ankh-Morpork was called Jean-Paul Pune. The fact that I know this without having to look it up probably means someone is about to appear and shove me into a locker.

Which, yea, there was a habit in ye olde times before the formalization of the English language to add an extra e onto things when writing them down—likely because of how regional accents work and also, well, if there’s no standard for spelling, why not? (You see him doing this a lot with the witches, who for the most part have no formal education up North—same with Carrot’s letter writing which while grammatically ballistic also has a lot of extra e’s in it, which cements the idea in my head that he was inserting regional accent spelling habits that would’ve made Samuel Johnson’s head explode back in 1755 when he first tried to piece English together as a cohesive uniform language instead of the collective clusterfuck that it actually is.)

its-rebekah-not-rebecca  asked:

I have book stories! In kindergarten I hardly ever slept during nap time because the teacher let me use that time to read books. By that point I was already on a 6th or 7th grade reading level; most of my classmates were still learning the alphabet and couldn't read anything more difficult than a spelling test list. By 3rd grade I was at an 11th level (I think 11.4). I was also in what our school called "the gifted program" and the teacher of the program had me write short stories every week 1/?

Anyway, I started reading Harry Potter in 3rd grade and for some reason found it incredibly boring, I didn’t pick it up again until 7th grade. I never did stop reading in between, I actually ended up working as the school librarian’s assistant in 5th grade and then again in 7th and 8th grade. The librarians had never let a student do that before, but I was in the library so often that they knew I understood the organization and let me do shelving and check in’s/out’s. Now I hardly have time 2/3

To read at all and have been sitting on the same two or three books for the last couple months. I managed to race through the Grisha trilogy a few months back and Six of Crows as well as a couple other, but that was all in December. I read more books that month than I had in the year leading up to it…. Wow, I rambled a bit there. Point being, I love reading and really wish I had more time for it! I check out your writings when I can because they’re always so well done but quick! I love them!

Thank you! I love short stories personally because you can finish them in a reasonable amount of time, easily fitting them in your hectic schedule!

And, funnily enough, (and some people disagree with me!), the Harry Potter books are not written in the most interesting way. They’re written very well, of course, but they’re not urgent. The language is very simple and Rowling takes on the tone of the classic storyteller. There’s a distance between the reader and the narrator that a lot of people love and a lot of people don’t love very much at all!

Now, I’m a total Potterhead, but, for me, the only reason I love them is because the story is breathtaking! Any other story written in that style tends to  either do something to catch my attention within the first ten pages or suffer the worst fate of all–gathering dust on a bookshelf!

Anonymous asked:

Do you think using petal as a name for a currency is silly?

Not at all! But, I do think it might be a good idea to have a reason why it’s called this. Most currency names and nicknames aren’t random. For example:

In the 1500s, there was a Bohemian silver mine in a town called Sankt Joachimstal. The coins minted there were called “joachimstaler,” which was eventually shortened to just “taler” and then “daler.” These coins began circulating in Britain’s North American colonies. So, when it came time for the colonies to choose a name for their own currency, “daler” was a good choice. Only the spelling was altered to “dollar.” 

Then again, some world building details don’t require an explanation. So, if you don’t think such an explanation would add to the story, don’t worry about it. Although, it might be fun for you to know in your head. ;)

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ok but what if the tkc world actually has an extensive and complicated history since it encompasses literally the whole world (even Antarctica)? The different Nomes probably all went to war with one another at least once for whatever reasons before the books take place, so what if there’s still leftover tensions? Do certain Nomes have imperialistic intentions, did some absorb neighboring Nomes? Are there struggles over who’s going to be the next Nome leader? What if magicians have purist sects, where they believe that intermingling with mortals risks the so-called “pure” blood of the ancient Egyptian magicians? Extremist organizations? I imagine that the magicians belonging to certain Nomes specialize over a specific type of magic in order to better live in their environment. Do the different Nomes have special, unique magic styles, spells, or disciplines, tailored to the local culture and their needs? Do the magicians have an enormous secret society and culture hidden underneath the mortal world (like in Harry Potter)? What about magical creatures? How does magic get passed down the generations? Magic genetics? Magician gadgets? Sports? Entertainment? I have so many questions and none of them have answers.

Classicaloid theory: End of the world?

Some say the world will end in fire

And some say ice

But for this theory, come along

I believe in Classicaloid

The world will end in song

Greetings! New episode tomorrow so before it’s here, let’s talk more theories! And for me that means we’re gonna talk about Bach’s main plan

Which could spell disaster for the whole world

Spoilers for episode 18 and anything prior!

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Navy has been a great name for a while, but I don’t feel like myself when I see it anymore.

I was thinking about people I knew in elementary school. One of them was named Leslie. I always thought it was a cute name, but not for myself. I prefer going by one syllable names.

‘Les’ sounded much better.

Sometimes when I think things, my brain messes up the letters and pronounces it different. When I thought it, it sounded like “less”. For some reason, I felt a bit of a connection to it. It just makes sense that I would spell it the way it sounds. So call me Less now.