they bros yo

Shout out to the verbally abused kids who are told it doesn’t count because there are no bruises.
Shout out to the abused kids who aren’t taken seriously because they were acting up/asking for it/there are no marks to ‘prove’ it.
Shout out to the manipulated kids whose parents guilt them into thinking they deserve those shitty words and actions they get.
Shout out to everyone and anyone who is abused or has been abused.
You are strong and wonderful and I hope that one day you can get away and be happy and have the life you want.
No one deserves that kind of treatment. I love you.


“When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky”


okay so we saw that Viktor was pretty much in love with Yuri pre episode 1 (which is one of twenty thousand reasons to love this episode), but you know what else now makes sense?

Why Yurio “hates’ Yuri. He totally lost in the dance off. Yurio lost to someone who not only placed last at the Grand Prix final, but someone who was drunk as shit. 


@RachelWhiter if the genders were swapped, who’d you choose to play usnavi??

@Lin_Manuel Oh, @HereIsGina would be DOPE.


Hey Gang!

Bro Tips launches today! You can watch it above. New Bro Tips will air every Tuesday and Thursday for the foreseeable future! Part of Yo Mama’s push to upload 6 videos and a live stream a week! 

Bro Tips are humorous advice videos given by Brody Foxx (Brock Baker). They are directed, designed, and animated by myself! We wanted to give the show its own flavor and I got to do my own version of the Yo Mama universe. There’s a lot of experimentation going on with the designs and I’m sure by Volume 2 the design theory is gonna be a lot different for backgrounds and characters. 

The show has a fast past schedule of 2 to 3 days for production per episode. Visually the show is animated entirely in Adobe Flash so I can make use of V-cam and reusable assets. Though the Intro was done with a mixture of both Flash and After Effects.

Hope you enjoy watching them, I’m pretty excited about this. I’m really happy with Bro Tip’s Brody model. And shout out’s to Max who does the audio, he makes the episodes so much more enjoyable! Let me know what you think! 



Well that only took forever to get off my butt and do. >>; Basically I decided to beef out my commissions sheet since my first one was pretty vague af. I tried to cover all the bases, though I wouldn’t be shocked if I missed a style or category or something since it’s easy af to forget some of the stuff I do sometimes. xD

AIGHT, in my mission to be organised, I’m gonna limit my comms to ten slots, and I’ll update it as often as I can. I’ll keep the list limited to the characters in the pic unless ya want me to keep it hush hush. If ya want your commission piece private/kept on hold until a certain date/etc as well, srsly, just ask - I’m totally cool with it. 


1) [CB] TMNT Horror Montage (2k12)
2) [CB] Raph/OC (2k3)
3) [LF] Leo/Raph (AU)
4) [LF] Donnie/OC (2k16)

BTW, while it’s only one pic per slot, I am more than okay if ya wanna bulk-order several pics (well, y’know, if the space is available). Beyond my list of ‘lol no’s, it’s safe to say I’ll pretty much draw anything, so hit me up. ;D

A major thanks to everyone who’s commissioned me so far and a major thanks to all y’all who’re gonna commission me in the future - y’all’re the reason I ain’t gotta live off nothin’ but freakin’ grilled cheese toasties any more and my taste buds couldn’t be happier. <3

EDIT: Oh! I totally forgot - either IM me here or email me at to commission me <3


SK = Sketch | SS = Shaded Sketch | SD = Sketch Dump
LI = Line | LC = Line/Single Colour | LF = Line/Flat Colour
CE = Cell | CB = Cell/Blend
PW = Watercolour Paint | PS = Digital Paint
CO = Comic | C2 = 2-Panel Comic | C4 = 4-Panel Comic
OS = One-shot